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If you stumbled onto this group, chances are you're wondering who the heck Blaze is and why she looks so familiar. Not much is known about Blaze aside from having a similar design to Spitfire, the main differences being a darker mane that's one color instead of two and purple eyes. What's also known is that she's a Wonderbolt and appears in a few episodes, even getting some dialogue and a mention in Rarity Investigates. Blaze's other appearances, however, depict her as having some pretty rotten luck:

This sums up Blaze's life:
-Got her butt kicked by Spike
-Placed near the bottom in the Wonderbolts Derby
-Magic stolen by Tirek, complete with crash landing
-Gets confused with Spitfire a lot
-Enslaved that one time

A pony who's gone through so much deserves a small group, right? She may not have charisma or notoriety, but for those who'd like to join a group about a character who could use a little more appreciation in the fandom, this place might be for you!

The usual FiMFiction rules apply. Anyway, enjoy the group about an often overlooked pony!

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I think I may know how to initiate this mare into my work.

Reporting in.

In my universe, Blaze is the half-sister of Spitfire and is known for being very loud, rambunctious, overly-excitable, and very foul mouthed. She often likes to prank new recruits by pretending she's Spitfire, but her inability to speak three words without swearing quickly gives her away compared to her more serious, dutiful, and not to mention taller big sister.

Part of Top Elite Wonderbolt Squad 2 along with High Winds, Wave Chill, and Silver Lining.

Because why not?

I wholeheartedly support this :twilightsmile:

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