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Doctor Disco

Fear makes strangers of us all.


Luna, Princess of the Night and Moon, has been taken by sickness.

Celestia, of course, visits her at the end of the day to cheer her up and make her feel better with a little soup, a few jokes, and some snuggling.

Written for the Cuddlefic Contest!

And I attempted at ALL EIGHT PROMPTS. I tried guys.

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Rarity needs a present that really means something for her sister, but with the hustle and bustle of every other Hearth's Warming event she'd taken part of, it had completely slipped her mind! Now in the throes of inability to come up with anything, she takes the better part of the day to think. Friends will be met, conversations will be had, and ideas, ideas, ideas!

After all, quality takes time.

I guess this takes place the day after Best Gift Ever?

My first ever Rarity fic ever. I hope you enjoyed it! Please tell me what you thought!

Also, my first real anything in months. Sorry about that.

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A reckless narrator, a careless Twilight, and the foretold apocalypse walk into a bar.

Where the heck is the punchline?

Please read the whole story in the voice of the narrator from the Stanley Parable, as it makes it that much more amazing. Thank you.

As always, I would like to thank my editors: Doctor, Disco, Doctor Disco, and incompetence.


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Fluttershy has always loved Pinkie Pie's parties, even if she dislikes the mass of ponies that always comes with it. Even more so when her friends are there, having fun with her.

But when it gets late and the music starts to slow, she wonders why Rainbow Dash is still there. She usually takes off when everypony starts to leave.

What makes tonight different?

My first real foray into the romance genre. Expect lots of cheese. And I mean lots.

Many thanks to the ever-witty JackRipper and splendiferous Curify for editing! (Yes, I know it's not a word but I have my rights!)

Props to Famous for pre-reading and offering his two cents!

Art by bedupolker

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Death is the end of everything. Unless you're Pinkie Pie. In which case, Death will do anything to keep you from dying, so he doesn't have to deal with you. Ever.

Unfortunately, it's never that simple.

Oh, hello there. First comedy one-shot in ages that is quite original. At least, I hope.

Do what you will, I think it was a great idea.

Oh, and you see the cover art? Yeah, I did that in about a minute. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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It's Spa Day, and Tempest Shadow has been invited!

It's not like she can't remember the last time she relaxed or anything.


An entry into Aragon's "Comedy Is Serious Business" Contest. Check out the rest of the stories entered!

Edited by the glamorous Not Enough Coffee!

Pre-read by the amazing FamousLastWords and outstanding Wand3r3r3!

Any other mistakes, please PM me, so as not to clutter the comments section. Thank you for reading!~ :heart:

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After waking up to find a freezing Derpy still delivering mail to doorsteps, she forces the mailmare to warm up and wait out the brewing blizzard outside.

Originally written as a Secret Santa Jinglemas present from me to Pascoite.


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After a run in with Somnambula, Scootaloo quickly realises that something is wrong. Enlisting the help of her fellow Crusaders, she knows for sure that they'll be able to help put a real smile back on Somnambula's face.

After all, what's Hearth's Warming season without some friends?

Thanks to Not Enough Coffee for helping proofread.

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As Starlight mulls over Starswirl’s words about being a villain in the castle gardens, she runs into the last pony she would have expected to be thinking about the very same thing.

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Hey, I didn't ask for any of this!

I didn't plan for any of this to happen. I didn't die or anything to get to this land filled with talking techni-coloured ponies called Equestria. I have no idea why I'm here, or how I got here. I don't even know where here is!

I just popped into Daring Do's body and now I'm hearing nothing but her yelling at me and blaming me for everything. Let me just set that straight, because you don't know what I know.

I Pinkie Promise by all that is holy, this was all Daring Do's fault!

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