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An editor that sometimes gets referred to as Curly Fry, even though it clearly says Cur-if-y.

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Why I Love Editing Stories

1. Let's me meet new people. It's not that I'm lonely, it's just that every person I edit for gives me a new perspective on writing. It's a win-win, honestly: I pick up on new words that people use, or new techniques to use in writing, and they get an editor who will not stop at just changing a few words. Prepare yourself coffee, because editing is a conversation, and I do talk jaws off.

2. I learn how another author approaches writing. Everyone has their approach to writing. They may sit down and stare at a blank screen for an hour in hopes that words pop up on it, or they'll have this ritual where they walk around the house brooding over the story idea before writing the first glimpses of it in a gdoc.

3. Learning new ways to approach the same idea. It's like that big brain meme, where a basic thought turns into a menace of purple prose, only in this context, this same idea has a purpose to the story. I get to view how an author makes an idea have an impact, and how they use significant tension to bring a character to life. It's quite an amazing process to be a part of, so don't hesitate to take a knock at editing (as long as you're good at seeing errors appear on the page, that is).

Currently editing for the bros FamousLastWords, Seventh Heaven, B_25 and Listener. These lucky fucks get to hear me say that their stories need more work.

Music Box

Dangerkids :)

I have never heard such a beauty before. Sickest band to ever touch the planet with twenty minutes of pure fuckery. Wonderful riffs, intense drumming, and moving violin sections. If you don't listen to this band, you're missing out.

Breaking Benjamin. Yes.

All of my yes.

Recent band I've been listening to. This song got me hooked.

Tilian's vocals. My god.

Hey, it's a picture of your weiner leaving, oh.


A Slave's Freedom Is Out! · 3:29am May 3rd

Now go read it, please!

Spike Hates Himself's next chapter should be out next.

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The party don't start till I log in.

Yeah, then the party is about as exciting as a fucking book club. :rainbowlaugh:

That bookshelf title. :fluttercry::heart:
Thanks for the add. Just wait until the story keeps going. :trixieshiftright:

Many thanks for the watch!:heart:

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