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The party don't start till I log in.

Current Projects

Spitting Fire - Chapter 3: Outlining!
Two-Faced Charade Submission - Writing (~3k in)!

Other chapters and projects will be listed here once I start getting into the groove of writing again. Seems odd to say, but focusing on one story for now will help me make sure I'm not overwhelmed.

Music Box

Dangerkids :)

I have never heard such a beauty before. Sickest band to ever touch the planet with twenty minutes of pure fuckery. Wonderful riffs, intense drumming, and moving violin sections. If you don't listen to this band, you're missing out.

Breaking Benjamin. Yes.

All of my yes.

Recent band I've been listening to. This song got me hooked.

Tilian's vocals. My god.

Hey, it's a picture of your weiner leaving, oh.


New story being posted! · 11:14pm Last Monday

I really hope that you guys and gals enjoy it.

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Report Curify · 14 views · Story: Luna's Woe · #blog #Luna's Woe #Luna's Coffee #Curify

Curify's Favorite Shitpost

Curify is such a piece of shit. I can't believe he still posts his garbage stories on Fimfiction. I mean, does he even proofread, let alone get editors? No, he's such a lazy fuckwit that he can't even reach out to more proper, articulate, human beings to rework his massive landfill he calls his story collection. If he had an ounce of brain cells left in that hunk of IQ, he would ensure that his stories were well-written and within canon, but no, this waste of oxygen decides its a great idea to post absolutely disgusting trash that is so OOC, it hurts to even read the first paragraph of each of his stories. I hope he grows cancer tumors so that no one has to suffer through reading one of his poorly written fanfictions.

Fuck this guy.

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Hey there, thanks for the follow and stuff.

Crazy trains are fun to watch!



Thanks for hopping on board the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

I don't even remember tbh. I just got back.

2063930 Any reason in particular for all of the sudden no comments and like 4 stories are gone?

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