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Princess Celestia has one last chat with a good old friend.

Written for randome284's The Sun's Final Rising contest.

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Seriously though, this story is heart breaking to read; I cannot conceive of a fate more tragic, than the loneliness of outliving ones own friends and family.

I have read a few other stories of this kind; and they all hit my like a loaded freight train, this story was no exception.

These kind of stories are always a good read. They bring out the feels.

Story Approver

Beautiful picture. :scootangel:

Very sweet story!

Right in the feels...
PS quick joke...
Extended name: Hello (darkness my) old friend

Great story! Thats about it.

This story is absolutely beautiful. I hadn't a case of the feels this bad since I read (my little dashie).

This... hits hard. I'm not the most emotional person, but this almost brought me to manly tears. Just thinking about Celestia's position in Equestria, alone. The cities that housed thousands, gone. The Elements and her sister, gone. I'm sure I would've gone mad within the first week of solitude, but Celestia held it together, like a true ruler...

Awesome story, lad. I need to go plan out my future... :fluttercry:

This is truly powerful. I'm in tears. This really did hit hard for me. This is a masterpiece; a truly amazing one-shot story.

Also, it would be funny to name the chapter 'The final chapter of the story' since it is literally the first and last chapter of this story but can also be taken in a metaphorical sense, meaning that the 'story' of life in Equestria has ended.

Holy wow! ... But... One thing is confusing me. Weren't we all told that Alicorns were basically immortal??? Or would you say that the pony-sonification of Death bends that rule somehow???

Anyway, this was extremely well-written. :twilightsmile: You seem amazing at describing imagery! That's something I think I have problems with at times.

What happened to Discord? He's the most immortal of them all, thriving on chaos.

Also, if the world is otherwise still habitable, why is everything dead? Life tends to cling on even in the most inhospitable of places, and this is hardly more harsh than any temperate clime.

This review is brought to you by the group, "A for Effort".
Name of Story: Hello Old Friend
Total Score out of 10: 10
Pros: Paced well. Celestia seems content, but also bitter that she was alone for so long. And a decent OC.
Cons: This is a pretty common trope, and has seen a lot of popularity recently. But that's not much of a con.
Additional Notes: I noticed you're an admin of the group. Hello! Anyway; I liked the story. I have also favorited it.

Celestia is often compared to a deity... but with so many ponies awaiting her, it seems like here she's being compared to a Messiah, especially with some of the prophetic language.

Comment posted by Doctor Disco deleted Jun 19th, 2017

hope you don't mind me doing a reading of this if it hasn't already been read yet.

8246566 I wouldn't mind at all! Just please tell me when you've finished it so I can hear the work you've done :twilightsmile:

thank you also it;s my first reading so forgive me if it doesn't sound perfect I'm not good at voicing celestia and I don't have any voice actors with me so I'm gonna be doing the narration and voicing the characters also I'm a guy so forgive me if my female voices sound a bit off I can do female voices but I can't impersonate many characters but I will do my best

A beautiful picture and a very sweet story. :twilightsmile:

Hello Old Friend Reading I've already showed this to the author of this story and he enjoyed it so I thought I might share it with the rest of you all this is a reading I did of this story it's actually my first fanfic reading hope you guys like it

Even after the third read through, I'm still in tears. Well done my friend, well done indeed.

I'm glad you've enjoyed it this much! I just wonder what you truly like about this to have read it three consecutive times. In any case, thank you so much for reading. I 'ppreciate it :twilightsmile:

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