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Perspective: A Modify NaNoWriMo Goal for 2018 · 3:41am November 1st

Well, it is that time of the year again. In a few hours, (or none) it will be November 1st. The annual time to start writing for National Novel Writing Month. For those uninitiated, the goal is to write 50,000 words or more for the month of November. The point is to get writers to write the minimum amount of words required for a novel, the 50K count. As an aspiring novelist and avid reader, the NaNoWriMo as always fascinated me. So, you think I would be brimming with joy for this month. But I

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Thank you for reading Canterlot Adventures.

Thank you for adding An Apple a Day to your favourites. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading An Apple a Day. I hope you enjoy it, and there's more to come.


Aw, thank you. That means a lot to me, truly. :)

Oh, I am! :twilightsmile:

I usually don't favorite a story until I completely read the story but Eliza is such an interesting and well-developed character that I felt that it was necessary to do so. Definitely my favorite character in the Friendship is Optimal Verse.

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