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Stalin with Da Spoon

Greetings, I am comrade Stalin, a man with swag and a giant spoon who smokes weed, here to make fan-fictions like dumb shitposts, random crossovers, and references. Enjoy the show, and stay swaggy.


After the Grangeville uprising and the assault on his garrison, Colonel Von Krieger and the remnant of his forces barely managed to escape the town and flee into the countryside, as they hoped to hide out for the duration of the war. After hours of travelling and encountering other remnant forces, including displaced german citizens, the platoon decides to take a rest, but in the morning find themselves to be in the foreign land of Equestria, within the region of Germaney.

Little did Krieger know... This would be the start of a grand adventure ahead of him, one that would end with the birth of the greatest empire Equestria had ever seen.

The empire of the Germaneian Kaiserreich.

Crossover with 'The Long Long Holiday', first chapters are set before season 1 of FiM.

(Note, this story is not meant to support Nazism or similar ideals.)

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looks good so far, nice read! honestly the only thing I can say against it so far is that it doesn't have ponies lol, but it is only the first chapter.
another small thing is this,

meanwhile High Command was so certain that there would be no attack, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel rode off back to Germany to celebrate his wife's birthday, on the day right before the attack.

the field marshal in charge of D-day wasn't overconfident in that there wasn't going to be an attack, he even pushed back the celebration, it was that he waited until the clouds and rain were so thick that no-one could lnd in those conditions. but the british and americans were freaks lol

An interesting idea you got there

My guess is that the dislikes are from people who judge the cover of the book. This is good so far, but I think it would be more convenient and less tedious to read if you reduced the amount of German in the story. Constantly translating every sentence kind of ruins the pace. Other than that I have no complaints. Keep writing friend.

Looks nice , glad you like LLH:eeyup:

And the Canadians were absolute beasts there, geez!

Don't worry, the German will indeed be reduced.


I really like this idea, and you've definitely got my interest, so I am going to watch this with interest.

Also, good work as always.

This is really an interesting concept, Comrade Stalin! I love The Long Long Holiday, one of my favorite shows. I'll sure be looking forward for the story's progress


There's no MLP content here; stories must have MLP content at the time of submission. So, you'll need to write further chapters in order to get ponies involved somehow before resubmitting.

Also, readers shouldn't be required to translate half your story just to figure out what's going on. I get you want things to be accurate to reality and the characters, and unlike a movie you don't have visual and audio streams of information to subtitle things the audience is listening to. But this is an English site with an overwhelmingly English-speaking userbase; the story needs to be readable by said userbase. You might want to take a look at other books/stories that frequently use foreign-language dialogue, and study how they go about solving this problem - either by providing parenthetical translations, writing German-language dialogue in English but then clarifying through narration that the characters are speaking German, or... some other method I can't think of at the moment.

Naturally, the occasional random German word or phrase is fine, but it can't reach a point where the audience needs a translator just to understand what's going on. At that point, you might as well just write the whole story in German and post it on a German-language website.


Danke schön. Best of luck with the story.

They are fleeing, cowards! Best go to the Alp redoubt unless ye be counted as yellow gutless worms!

"That is because we are not of thine imagination. We am Princess Luna of the night, and protector of all dreams. And we have seen your previous memory... How you and your 'Komarades' barely escaped with your lives... we suppose this is a memory as well?" Princess of the moon, huh? Might as well entertain his insanity.

I don’t think it should be “we am” but instead “we are”

Thanks for the correction, Kamarade.

Interesting potray of him, being human and caring. Some believed he was like that actually, not really "evil"

Why oh why, in every portrayal of a "sympathetic" german, does he act like a damn dissociated personality, almost like he was written by some post 1980s child who grew up in an Allied country.

Its like if during the Southern War in 1860s the Yankee soldier would go "Ain't no way I'm supporting those democans(or maybe reprats) and their evil crazy crusade, I think I will just head off to... China or something.":pinkiecrazy:

It simply is an ignorance of the beliefs, feelings and understanding of the German troop, officer and entire folk.

good fic so far hope to see more soon and if anyone hasn't seen the long long holiday watch it

To be honest Krieger's portrayal here is giving me Clean Wehrmacht vibes which isn't a good thing. The majority of Wehrmacht soldiers and officers gladly followed the orders to kill partisans which had been German policy since the 1870s. Also, the Wehrmacht was very eager to participate in the Holocaust plus in the show, the Colonel has no issue being brutal so this whitewashing of him is very iffy.

When you put it like that comrade, I do believe a slight re-write is in order.

very good, and that they don't tolerate that

I just had a thought, if you know about Centurion Pikewall and his story called The Broken and The Damned you will know that when a foreign language is spoken he will type it in English and highlight it as a way of indicating that it is not spoken in English. Food for thought.

Indeed comrade, that is what I am doing actually, if you read the author's note in the first chapter.

Well to be fair, most militaries take the "better off dead" approach to combatants that hide amongst civilians. And legally they're clear due to the laws of war only applying to those that openly bear arms.

And the Wehrmacht was... inconsistent. Some did as ordered no matter what, others made it clear that they would follow the laws of war and to hell with what the Nazis wanted.

Nah the majority followed orders that involved atrocities. Several holocaust historians have pointed this out. Like Christopher browning and Omar Bartov. In fact the SS admitted that they wouldn’t have been able to have killed as many Jews they did in the East without the enthusiastic help of the Wehrmacht

Two jews told me the jew's enemy was naughty.
The pushed narrative of the "good" war is collapsing under the weight of its untenable lies.

Bartov is a jew, Browning looks jewish; they have an agenda, a self interest in seeing someone or group who opposed their group blackwashed.

As for lies, why did the Germans declare war on Poland?

I didn’t expect to get a response from a legit antisemite here on this site

Not Anti-semite, tis too tame, jew hater is closer.
But your Pavlov like knee jerk reaction is understandable. After all at who's foot have you studied? Whose God do you follow? Who's morality plays do you watch? Whose religion do you profess?

But enough of that, you do not have the courage, steadfastness or morale fiber to even take a peek at who's ethnicity runs your life, neochristian.

You have not answered the question; why did Germany declare war on Poland?

Cuz hitler wanted lebensraum for his ‘Aryan master race’ and saw slave like Poles as inferior and deserving to either die or live as slaves.

Have you actually read or listened to Herr Hitler's speech, of why he declared war?! Do you speak only Bigotry?

I suppose the German lands stolen from Dutchland, by the Poles, the active low intensity extermination being waged against them(and other minority groups in Poland) was not a cause for concern?(Despite guarantees against such abuse of said minority by the Polish Goverment.)

The constant raids, on the border by Poles(going to interrupt the radio station because this supposedly happened after the goverment planned to invade but postponed by Herr Hitler).

The literal Blank check the war mongering Brutish Empire gave to the Pole Dictatorship?

Herr Hitler quite literally ordered the German Press to not report on the atrocities being comitted by the Poles on the German Minority until sometime in 1939? A perfect excuse to spread manifest Dest-*cough* Aliyah*snerkt* I mean living space! And he specifically ordered the Press gag! Did not press for South Tyrol, Elsass, Lothringen to be returned!

Because at the end of the day Herr Hitler did not want war with well probably anyone other than maybe the Soviet Union because he wanted to raise his Folk up and create art! Not war, after all it was the All-Lies who pressed for the most wicked deed unlimited surrender and Herr Hitler who offered more than nineteen peace proposals, both during good and bad times.

You do know that the radio station attack was a literal Nazi false flag to justify their invasion. Huh never thought I would meet a Neo-Nazi on the site but here we go

Mama-fuckin mia, what did I just witness? Well, I can definetly say I recognize that false flag attack because they based a mission off of it in a game called 'Iron Harvest', so ye. Forgot the name of the incident though....

Da. re-write is needed, but please Comrade Stalin Spoon, continue the story.

I love it, I need more

Ah Yes,the Germaneian Coup de'etath

An interesting scene you did here, that he dealt with corruption before

nicely done! love the part of Pierre not looking down on him

love this story so far i need more

What ze schnitzel!?!

:rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss: wait, what? :rainbowlaugh:

They need to ration the use of fuel until a alternative can be avaiable

oh, they will be in for a surprise

Who is the guy in the cover art, and why is he drawn with the same art style as the characters from Doug?

That is Colonel Von Krieger from a show called 'The Long Long Holiday'. It has similar art style.

Based Krieger destroys the c*ribou menace.
Added to my long list of tracked stories.

short but good, loved the interaction

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