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I'm a dragon of many talents. We'll see what those talents are cause I have no idea.


Spartan III Theodore-G172 Wyvern-Two
Status: MIA
Last deployment: Reach, Orbital Defense Platform Power Station Delta
Mission: Defend ODP Power Station Delta from Covenant Ground forces
Mission Status: Unsuccessful
Equipment: Modified SPI-ES Armor, BR55 battle rifle.
Wyvern Team status: MIA
With the fall of reach many Spartans were active in the beginning and end of the defense. Many lost their lives in the hope of saving the planet. They failed.

The Changeling hive launched a desperate attack on Canterlot to save themselves from extinction. It failed. With the whole world now knowing about them they have no choice but fight for their very survival. Outmatch and outnumbered, they have no hope of survival. They fight for precious land to give the hive more time for an effective solution or war ending strategy that will save them. With Equestria hell bent of the destruction of the hive this seems unlikely. All seems hopeless. They need something to deliver them hope.

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Really good first few chapters, I will be waiting for another chapter.

The Changeling hive launched a desperate attack on Canterlot to save themselves from extinction. It failed. With the whole world now knowing about them they have no choice but fight for their very survival. Outmatch and outnumbered, they have no hope of survival. They fight for precious land to give the hive more time for an effective solution or war ending strategy that will save them. With Equestria hell bent of the destruction of hive this seems unlikely. All seems hopeless. They need something to deliver them hope.

So what? Instead of making a diplomatic peace visit to the Pony Princesses/Mane Six for their assistance. But instead of the peaceful solution, they resort to a hostile invasion and violence.

I really don't blame the equestrian's for being piss off at them. Because the changelings are obviously the villainous aggressors here.

Are you sure it's wise for our Spartan for protecting the wrong side!!??

After all, what makes Chrysalis NO different than the Prophets themselves from the Covenant?

( Unless you make the Pony Princesses and even the Mane Six to being OOC basterized, so the Spartan Protagonist has no moral excuse to fight them!? Hopefully, it won't end up like that. )

Love the chapter. Hoping for more chapters soon. Plus don't let the bad criticism and dislike of your story discourage you, just because they prefer ponies more than changelings. It is rare to find these types of stories so it is gold for me. Not everyone will like it but there are those who will love and support it. Can't wait for the next update!


I admit that I criticized the direction on siding with the Changelings, but I didn't put a dislike. And I'm not against Changelings. I ain't 100% "pro-pony". Heck, I'm mostly against ponies where they are the obvious OOC antagonists in most stories I read.

It's just that it is really obvious on who's fired the first shot in this new pony-changeling war, and it ain't the ponies that did it this time.

Plus, I don't want our Spartan to blindly trust somebody like Chrysalis. For all we know, she will be no better than the Prophets that likes to cause devastating war/conflict, by lying their soldiers/subjects to keep themselves in power.



Its possible that our Spartan will end up shooting Chrysalis in the head and insist that Thorax or Pharynx take over after the Changelings have fought Equestria to a reasonable stalemate.

Don’t worry, I didn’t take your criticism badly, I actually think it helped me understand and hash out the reasons for this war other than food to survive. I’ll admit that I probably painted one side as more of the good side while that was never my intention. I want both sides to be in a moral grey area. Now on to the comment about hope, hope comes many different ways. Thank you!


I still don't know on how Theo will solve this? Spartans aren't great diplomats after all.

honestly I thought this was gonna be similar to 'crimson' a story where a spartan helps changeling. I wasn't expecting the spartan to be a changeling tho.

I'll be looking forward for the next chapter keep up the good work

It is alright and no hard feelings. Everyone has their opinions, likes, and dislikes of certain things. It is as I said, "It is rare to find these types of stories so it is gold for me". The combination of Halo, Humans and Changelings, Human turned, Pony-changeling war, and Pony Princesses/Mane Six as potential antagonists have piqued my interest to read this story and follow it for future updates. Plus, so many stories nowadays of "Human turned or not" that have sided with Changelings to protect and save them from starvation/genocide/racism from ponies and other species with Chrysalis being either portrayed as a villain or a good guy and victim are either on hiatus or discontinued.

could u link me to that story, i searched but couldn't find it
i love the idea of this story but i'm here for HiE and the spartan being a changeling kinda kills it for me (no shade to the author ofc)

I think this is the story he was talking about, and to each their own.
I have my own personal tastes about characters, especially humans, that I like.
I really love transformation stories.

yeah that's the one, I haven't read it in along time but that what your fic reminded me off

Will there perhaps be at least some ponies who side with Leo?

"NO! In the face of extinction, we have an undeniable right to defend ourselves, every option will be considered, and every option is on the table. Right now, our options are to fight like hell and give the Covenant one hell of a bloody nose! Hell, I would even destroy every damn settlement, ship and factory if I had the chance! So no, private first-class Millipede, I won't stand back as this Covenant destroys everything I know and everything my brothers and sisters died for! To many have already died for this cause, what is one more to the growing pile!" I downright yelled at him. That made him back up against the wall. He looked downright terrified. When did I get so close to him? With that I turned around and moved to the other side of the cave opening to keep watch, "Have the medic check you for wounds to get stitch up. We move at moonrise."

Um, I hate to tell you. But the Covenant AIN'T here! You realize that not only you died, but you are somehow revived as a Changeling Royal ( Still don't know why you change his humanity like that, author? ), but you're in another planet with new and different species and circumstances.

And pony kind is definitely NOT like the frickin Covenant of all things. Unless you count the zealots and xenophobic/racists, then maybe they are no better.

Another great chapter to add to the collection.

Not quite a royal, a noble class is more of like governor. A royal would be a Monarch. This is to show his mindset on war, that anything must be done for the survival of the race. This was due to him being a child soldier and the Covenant committing genocide. He is basically saying to the changelings to stop hiding and fight till the last man. Again, this is due to his conditioning as a child soldier. He knows he isn't in UNSC space but doesn't truly grasp the concept that he died.


Alright. Hopefully, he can learn that the Master Chief eventually kick the Covenant asses.

And as for the ponies sake, they SHOULDN'T make him a enemy. :twilightoops: :pinkiecrazy:

I hope that Spartan Theo will not get tempted to join with the equestrian side because it looks like it is either join them or be destroyed by Celestia. I also hope he will find more powerful allies to side with him and the changelings because it looks like Celestia is using an entire race for her own gain.


Seriously? Aren't you forgetting that it was the Changelings ( led by Chrysalis ) that attacked FIRST ( Canterlot Wedding, ring any bells? )!?

Plus, their is another issue with the Griffons, so can you really blame Celestia for trying to find herself some frickin potential allies, if the worst case scenario comes? Besides, Celestia CAN'T be worse than Chrysalis, right?

Theo has to eventually start thinking of the bigger picture here.

Eh debatable.

But let’s be honest here Luna is at least better than both of them.

Plus she manipulated twilight so she could retire.

Plus the changlings did attack canterlot for survival. If they did try diplomatic solutions than okay I can see why if not then yeah bug queen needs to be brought down a level a bit.

Also celestia controls the sun I mean have you seen daybreaker.

Well based on the story's intro summary, generally speaking, the changeling hive did attack Canterlot in the series led by Chrysalis but in this story, the changeling hive attacks Canterlot in a desperate attempt for food to survive, not specifically stating it was Chrysalis' plan for power. We cannot say this is canon for sure because even if it isn't, the intro states there is another conflict with Griffons and other races, also other changeling hives exist than Chrysalis' hive that isn't mentioned in the series. The ponies will just run for the hills and turn their backs on them even if the changelings ask the Equestrians for help, the ponies will see them as nothing but beggars to be ignored, worst being exterminated like bugs.


Touche. Also, Celestia hasn't turn "dark" ( As of yet, so we'll see. )


Well, what the heck will Theo do, hmmmm? He is basically be against most of the world. He has "big hooves" to fill then.

Sure, he is a Spartan. But one, he isn't in his original human form anymore. So, he still needs to adjust his changeling elite form ( Still didn't like that he changed anyway, but whatever author. ).

And two, where the heck are his weapons!? ( His original Human/UNSC/ONI guns, and hopefully the Covenant's plasma weapons. ). It will be a whole lot easier if he somehow has them back, author!?

Sure, he still has his Spartan superior strength, speed, agility, and a lot more war/battle experience than any pony solider/guard combined. BUT, that will only get you far by using your bare hands/hooves against many potential enemies with primitive, but still deadly weapons. Even if he has a combat knife, that will only get him so far. And how can he fair against magic!?

Especially IF he faces Alicorns like Celestia for example? He needs a frickin Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, or Spartan Laser at least.

And three, he has finite supply of his "calm his nerves" drugs. That will eventually be a big problem if he is eventually ran out of them. He NEEDS to somehow find more of it, to keep his head in the game, author.

And fourthly, don't be extremely biased with ponykind, or lose full hope on them. What about the Mane Six? We still haven't see them debut yet, or see their opinion on this?

I love a good pony bashing...

It seems a bit... uncouth to fight an enemy after accepting their offer of medical aid and amnesty for the rest of your party. I hope the Spartan doesn't decide to just blindly follow the Changeling side of the conflict.

No Human guns or weapons, as they would make Theo just one shot everything with MA37 or BR55. There would be no tension. With how I envision how magic shields work the guns would shred them like paper, unless you have great magical capability. With more primitive weapons it would require a learning curve as while he is trained in hand to hand, he isn't in magic sword fighting. Plus, he doesn't have hands. He has a magical horn now.

Yes, he does have to find some of that good stuff :pinkiecrazy: or something equivalent.

We'll see how he might fight powerful beings, I won't tell you who the main antagonist is sorry, if there is one. That is for you to guess right now and me to write in properly. Now I have to get back to work

We aren't the only ones with instability. I learned this information by captain Chitin, of the 482nd infiltration brigade, who claims to be a reformer. The reformers are very much like the Sunset Republicans but with a few minor differences. One of them being that they don't want to get rid of the monarch but have a parliament run alongside the monarchy to keep its power in check. This isn't a small group either, it is said to be around a fifth of their population and is growing.

Yeah democracy baby

Well that a relief at least cadance is on the side of the changlings.

And yeah remove shining armor from duty for now or put him on leave.

Nice chapter
I really like when a writer create the background of its story, I don't think you need another story, perhaps you can explain more of the lore in flashbacks as memories or found documents (books, diaries, etc...).

Your comment on if there were there perhaps at least some ponies that have sympathies kind changed the entire story. The Reformers were added when I thought upon this question, and now republicanism has spread throughout the bloodline. I have a blog post about my thoughts on this comment.

Nah, I had a little debate on the merits of the statement and found it enticing. I like those little comments, may make me deathly tired with how I like to think too much on the topic given but worth it in my opinion. I like being challenged; it makes me want to do better. I actually encourage you to write more of those small little comments.

"You know I have trusted your judgement ever since you saved the kingdom from the republicans and then the Griffins. We are currently in a three-way war, not to mention on how the changelings supported us during the last war."

Hey author can you explain about the republicans faction in this universe

Yes, the Sunset Republicans will be explained, mostly as they are a faction at play for Equestria to deal with. Let’s just say they don’t like each other for now. Plus their leader is Sunset Shimmer, that is a different story all together.

Ah got it.

Wait why do I get the feeling that twilight going to fall in love with the Spartan changling.

Not that I mind of course

Equestrian magic is very much capable of bringing down any UNSC personal weapons. The problems are only fews are able to cast combat spell at all. And even then it's slow to deployed when compare to UNSC's tech that work instantly.
And equestria's scanning spells are shit.

Bro...U did great with this chapter.👏 I think you've gotten my full attention to this story.

a spartan burning a whole army and ended with riding some kind of transportation. classic.

wondering just how much are spartan here can tech rush them

go go! notmasterchief!

Alright, definitely an interesting start, and a unique premise. Good writing style to add to it.

Overall it looks pretty promising so far, good job! 👍

I don’t know what to comment anymore, but it most likely would be something positive. At a total loss of words over here, but in a good way…:scootangel:

"Who know you were a gentlestallion too? Well thank you," Millipede said on his way in. I follow in quick succession. If there was any talk in the cabin before now there wasn't now, everyone's eyes were on me. Soldiers and the few remaining civilians' eyes held something that they didn't have before, hope.


Overall great chapter! 👍

"That is not why you did it blockhead; you did so I won't be killed. For a being as old as you are, you still fear death," I responded.

Wow, Celestia might be the older one here, but that veteran just handed her her ass and kicked it into orbit… I like that guy, a respectable elder… 🫡

"To hell with the mission, the civilians are our main priority," I yelled back.

That punched straight into the feels…

Great chapter!

Today I craved for Halo content and what was my surprise when I came across this fic. It is without a doubt the best and most original HaloxFIM crossover that I have had the pleasure of reading. Your world-building abilities are something to behold. I look forward to seeing how Theo finishes this fight. See if he and Millipede will make it.

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