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Greetings, I am comrade Stalin, a man with swag and a giant spoon who smokes weed, here to make fan-fictions like dumb shitposts, random crossovers, and references. Enjoy the show, and stay swaggy.

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This story is a sequel to TheRussianBadger and the gang topple King Sombra's Empire

After Badgers last adventure with his friends in Equestria, helping to beat Sombras ass to a pulp and overthrow his empire, he discovers the Fall of Equestria series exists, including all of it's degenerate lore and weird ass fetish shit. Badger is obviously, just like every other sane individual that read this god forsaken series of cringe fanfics, quite pissed off. As such, he reacts the only way he knows how. By getting his friends together, hopping in an inter-dimensional travelling AC-130, and sending a 105mm shell up Danin's ass, while their Arma expert friends send in the Helldivers and Space Marines to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Due to supply issues they are all out of gum.

[If it wasn't obvious, this is very much an april fools shitpost. Expect somewhat low effort.]

Chapters (1)

Inspired by 'Shouldnt have enslaved humanity', written by NoobMaster69, as well as a Hearts of Iron 4 mod called 'Beyond Earth'.

Special thanks to karnazom for proofreading.

"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plain of dignity and discipline." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Humanity is surprising in many ways. When most expected it to die out from infighting and chaos, it somehow survived, and now, it thrives. Global conflicts, economic and ecological disasters, near-extinction level events and collapses, all of them overcome, all thanks to the undying spirit and will of Humanity. Every challenge thrown their way has been overcome, and they have endured.

However, when a cataclysmic event of immense proportions approaches Earth, Humanity must find a way to preserve their race. And when they re-emerge from the remains of the old world, they find a world not just foreign and unknown, but hostile to them. But like the legendary Phoenix, through it's ingenuity and unity....

Humanity shall once again rise from the ashes.

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It was supposed to be another simple and run of the mill switch-a-roo, where Black Spy thinks he has beaten White Spy once again, but gets the tables turned on him as always. This time however, the tables were turned on both of them, and they're both stuck in a magical technicolor world! Not only that, but this world actually has... Morality, peace, and order? That's impossible! And for once, the two spies finally agree on something, something of utmost importance that has to be done. This world is far too peaceful...

It's time to go MAD and show these friendly little ponies some true mayhem! And maybe kill and sabotage each other while they're at it...

Based on the MAD Spy Vs. Spy Tv Show.

Chapters (12)

After the Grangeville uprising and the assault on his garrison, Colonel Von Krieger and the remnant of his forces barely managed to escape the town and flee into the countryside, as they hoped to hide out for the duration of the war. After hours of travelling and encountering other remnant forces, including displaced german citizens, the platoon decides to take a rest, but in the morning find themselves to be in the foreign land of Equestria, within the region of Germaney.

Little did Krieger know... This would be the start of a grand adventure ahead of him, one that would end with the birth of the greatest empire Equestria had ever seen.

The empire of the Germaneian Kaiserreich.

Crossover with 'The Long Long Holiday', first chapters are set before season 1 of FiM.

(Note, this story is not meant to support Nazism or similar ideals.)

Chapters (12)

At the end of the war, after Team Prime defeated Unicron and restored Cybertron, Shockwave had become wanted a war decepticon criminal for his various cruel experiments and creations during the war, including the Predacons, the Forged, and generally became a fugitive all over cybertron. Knowing he would eventually be found out, Shockwave retreated to his lab to activate an old project of his, a space bridge off of Cybertron that lead to an unknown world in the far outer reaches of space. Running out of options, Shockwave uses the space bridge, and winds up in a strange new world filled with strange new creatures. Now, Shockwave has the ability to study these creatures and experiment in peace, and potentially... Even befriend them. Of course, as long as it is Logical.

7/29/22: Featured boyos.

Note: This story includes lore from the Transformers: Prime series, Transformers: Cybertron Trilogy, and IDW comics.
I do not own Transformers or MLP.

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Join Hoot, Anon, and the rest of task force 420 "Anon's Prankster's" as they save David from the wrath of the Mane Six, and then unleash their own pranks against the mares.

Hoot: https://www.youtube.com/c/HootMain
Based off of Pulling Pranks With Ponies by Godiswithus3.

Random little shitpost I felt like making while on vacation so I didn't feel totally useless.
Currently on Hiatus till I touch up on my other stories.

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"Ponies with magical powers? And I thought the Jedi were weird..." - OOM-5264

Shortly after General Kalani and his sentient droid soldiers managed a desperate escape from Agamar and fled the system, the super tactical droid soon made the decision to try and re-build the separatist alliance, this time not influenced and dominated by the sith or the corrupt business leaders, instead serving it's true purpose, a bastion of freedom and liberty, free of corruption and suffering. Kalani, now dead-set on his goal, set course for the planet Bracca, having located a scrapyard filled with confederate vessels, and after arriving, activating a large dormant army of droids and the Providence Class Dreadnought Blade of Serenity they were aboard, Kalani ordered his newly activated droids to set course for a new world to hide from the empire and build their forces... And upon finding this world, Kalani observed the natives, and determined that this world would be the first building block to rebuilding the Confederacy.

This story is heavily inspired by Logic and Friendship. Roger! Roger!, as well as Ponies and Lasers and Clankers, Oh My!

6/29/22: Featured boys, let's GO!

7/27/22: AYO, Featured again? YOOOOOOOOOOO-

I do not own MLP or Star Wars.

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Meet Ken Tucky, and his friends Jerry Jones, Daniel Dan, Fingle Dan, and Anne Droid/Rob Otte, all of them master gas station robbers of Los Santos, working together as a gang called 'The Bitches'. After accidentally driving off a cliff which causes them to somehow wind up in a new city by the name of Maretropolis, a city of walking talking anthropomorphic ponies, they react the way you would expect them to. They rob everything, and cause chaos that rivals even discord, as the power ponies work to stop Ken Tucky's gang and their attempted robberies.
Emphasis on attempt.

ken tucky was created by the mad lad Charborg and this video.

Chapters (3)

UpIsNotJump. Famous for his 'This Is Why' series where he reviews all types of knowledge and facts, along with video games. And now, he has wound up somewhere new. Where exactly? Equestria.
What follows is the Main 6 being confused by his antics, as he causes chaos, and accidentally sets everything on fire. Soon, the british man of chaos shall bring both good buys and bad guys to their knees, as he curses the sun, draws his blade, drinks his coffee, and explains why My Little Pony is a nightmare.


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One day while going through some books with her friends, Rainbow dash shows Twilight a certain shape, and everyone suddenly starts hating on the hexagon. Of course, CGP Grey senses it all the way from earth in his universe, and ain't having none of it, as he teleports to Equestria just so he can explain how the hexagon, is the bestagon, using facts, logic, some stern words, and a little thing called SCIENCE!

Chapters (3)