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Stalin with Da Spoon

Greetings, I am Comrade Stalin, a soviet with a spoon who has discovered the art of writing fan fiction. Now, I have embraced chaotic comedic crossovers to further communism and memes. Stay swaggy.

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At the end of the war, after Team Prime defeated Unicron and restored Cybertron, Shockwave had become wanted a war decepticon criminal for his various cruel experiments and creations during the war, including the Predacons, the Forged, and generally became a fugitive all over cybertron. Knowing he would eventually be found out, Shockwave retreated to his lab to activate an old project of his, a space bridge off of Cybertron that lead to an unknown world in the far outer reaches of space. Running out of options, Shockwave uses the space bridge, and winds up in a strange new world filled with strange new creatures. Now, Shockwave has the ability to study these creatures and experiment in peace, and potentially... Even befriend them. Of course, as long as it is Logical.

7/29/22: Featured boyos.

Note: This story includes lore from the Transformers: Prime series, Transformers: Cybertron Trilogy, and IDW comics.
I do not own Transformers or MLP.

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Join Hoot, Anon, and the rest of task force 420 "Anon's Prankster's" as they save David from the wrath of the Mane Six, and then unleash their own pranks against the mares.

Hoot: https://www.youtube.com/c/HootMain
Based off of Pulling Pranks With Ponies by Godiswithus3.

Random little shitpost I felt like making while on vacation so I didn't feel totally useless.
Currently on Hiatus till I touch up on my other stories.

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Shortly after General Kalani and his sentient droid soldiers managed a desperate escape from Agamar and fled the system, the super tactical droid soon made the decision to try and re-build the separatist alliance, this time not influenced and dominated by the sith or the corrupt business leaders, instead serving it's true purpose, a bastion of freedom and liberty, free of corruption and suffering. Kalani, now dead-set on his goal, set course for the planet Bracca, having located a scrapyard filled with confederate vessels, and after arriving, activating a large dormant army of droids and the Providence Class Dreadnought Blade of Serenity they were aboard, Kalani ordered his newly activated droids to set course for a new world to hide from the empire and build their forces... And upon finding this world, Kalani observed the natives, and determined that this world, would be the first building block, to rebuilding the Confederacy.

This story is heavily inspired by Logic and Friendship. Roger! Roger!, as well as Ponies and Lasers and Clankers, Oh My!

6/29/22: Featured boys, let's GO!

7/27/22: AYO, Featured again? YOOOOOOOOOOO-

I do not own MLP or Star Wars.

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Meet Ken Tucky, and his friends Jerry Jones, AKA the breaker, Daniel Dan, Fingle Dan, and Anne Droid/Rob Otte, all of them master gas station robbers of Los Santos, working together as a gang called 'The Bitches'. After accidentally driving off a cliff which causes them to somehow wind up in a new city by the name of Maretropolis, a city of walking talking anthropomorphic ponies, they react the way you would expect them to. They rob everything, and cause chaos that rivals even discord, as the power ponies work to stop Ken Tucky's gang and their attempted robberies.
Emphasis on attempt.

ken tucky was created by the mad lad Charborg and this video.

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UpIsNotJump. Famous for his 'This Is Why' series where he reviews all types of knowledge and facts, along with video games. And now, he has wound up somewhere new. Where exactly? Equestria.
What follows is the Main 6 being confused by his antics, as he causes chaos, and accidentally sets everything on fire. Soon, the british man of chaos shall bring both good buys and bad guys to their knees, as he curses the sun, draws his blade, drinks his coffee, and explains why My Little Pony is a nightmare.


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One day while going through some books with her friends, Rainbow dash shows Twilight a certain shape, and everyone suddenly starts hating on the hexagon. Of course, CGP Grey senses it all the way from earth in his universe, and ain't having none of it, as he teleports to Equestria just so he can explain how the hexagon, is the bestagon, using facts, logic, some stern words, and a little thing called SCIENCE!

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Taking place 3 months after the destruction of the doomseye, and the federation's victory against the space pirates, all has been quiet in the galaxy, and now the federation have discovered a new uncharted world, rumored to have a space pirate phazon mining operation on it. When they send their resident bounty hunter, Samus Aran to investigate the world, they expect her to return with good news. The thing is, she hasn't returned back at all... Knowing the danger the pirates still pose, the Federation has decided to send the best men they have. Prime squadron, the very mechanized combat team responsible for beating back the space pirates and destroying the doomseye, perfect for an operation like this. Of course, they have big hulking combat mech's, but it should be fine. Luckily, their mech's have got a few special upgrades and new equipment to test.

However, when the team lands in Equestria, they soon see why Samus has not returned... And the team is ready to save this world from the space pirates and other threats, or die trying. Preferably not die, but still. This is the story, of Blue Atlas, the cheery, motivational British commander, Red Ivan, the brutish and tough, but benevolent Russian giant, Green Roger, the tech headed, by the book, American patriot, and Yellow Jacket, the wild style, destruction loving Australian elite. This, is how they helped save not only Equestria, but the entire galaxy!

"Prime Squadron, you have your mission. DEPLOY!"

Character tags shall be added as I go.
This story also takes place in an alternate universe, where the events of Metroid Prime Federation Force take place between Metroid Prime 2 and 3, before the destruction of the corrupting world, Phaaze.

This story is heavily inspired by Metroid: Ghosts Of Harmony, written by Flammenwerfer.
Link to Story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/486171/metroid-ghosts-of-harmony

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Grand Admiral Jack Roberts, leader and commander of Redwood Industries, and his faithful crew, have been assigned to the special operations ship Tigris, as they have warped into an uncharted system after detecting an unknown signal and are ready to investigate, until they are attacked by an old enemy long thought destroyed... After fighting off their aggressors, the captain orders an emergency landing, which devolves into a crash landing, leaving the crew stranded. Meanwhile, Aaron and his crew of engineers turned bounty hunters have come to investigate the signal as well, falling to the same trick and crashing down into the planet. Elsewhere, Captain Shack and his comrades W4stedspace and Morphologis, make a desperate escape from the drone infested Planet Bob, only to find this new world, and learn they were followed. Soon, every skilled and talented engineer team in the galaxy is flocking to Equestria for the signal, and as all the teams are left stranded, they will encounter the planet's strange local lifeforms, make uneasy alliances, work together to stop a looming danger, and save not just Equestria, but the entire galaxy!

Note: I do not own Space Engineers or My Little Pony. Captain Jack, LastStandGamers, and all the other space engineers youtubers I bring in here have their own youtube channels here. Also, this takes place after the events of Colony Lost.

Captain Jack: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRttXyDY0A8Ym3HEdtSlpFg

LastStandGamers: https://www.youtube.com/c/LastStandGamers

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When Grand Duke Mark Sayadi Salemsky, Tarkhan of the fleet, emerged victorious in the battle for Khiva and successfully captured the cities nuclear reactor, it began to behave erratically, emitting high amounts of radiation, yet having no effect on the health of anyone nearby, instead it seemed to be charging something... And before anyone knew it, a massive burst of energy was released from the reactor, enveloping the fleet and sending them far away, to the land of Equestria. Now in uncharted territory, completely stranded with no way to contact the romani empire, the duke orders the fleet to set course to locate any potential civilization. Upon discovering the planet is dominated by talking magical ponies, it is decided peace negotiations should begin between races. But that would have to wait, as rebel forces have followed the tarkhan, and they are set on conquering this new land. Of course, the Grand Duke ain't having none of that, as he prepares for a war in unknown skies.

Note: I do not own Highfleet or My Little Pony.

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In a last ditch effort to save equestria from the legion of doom and stop them from taking over and destroying harmony, Celestia uses a very unstable summoning spell to bring forth legendary warriors from another dimension to come to their aid. What she doesn't expect is these warriors are more chaotic than even she could've predicted, and when it comes time for them to face down the villains, lets just say the turns will be tabled.

Note: Had to censor the title because people get pissy when the R word gets flung.

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