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Future Arcs · 5:02am June 7th

So as far as the poll goes for story arcs I'm closing it now. The story arcs will go as follows:

  1. Thestral
  2. Deer
  3. Griffon
  4. Minotaur
  5. Zebra
  6. Hippogriff
  7. Diamond Dog
  8. Yak
  9. Buffalo

Changelings will be integrated at a certain point. There will also be an arc of the Pony of Shadows and one of Discord. Truthfully Discord will have multiple but that's pretty much obvious.

I'll add a title list for the arcs later.

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Good to know. Returning to something is always an endeavor in itself.

Thanks. And don’t worry, he has assured me that he doesn’t plan on abandoning the story. It’s just getting back to it that’s the problem.

I'm happy to see it fully edited. Just make sure you get him to update the story. I liked it and am glad it's more comprehensive now.

👋🏻 Hey there.

All of the chapters of The Samurai Called Jack are now completely edited by Yours Truly.

What do you think?

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