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Replicated Wanderer Crossover · 8:07am Yesterday

So here we are... crossovers. An actual crossover with other authors. It's been a long time coming honestly. I'm sure all of you were like What story is he gonna crossover with? or Will it actually be good?

So who is the lucky story I'm apparently going to crossover with. I'm hoping these two authors talked about it before hand.

TA Passing Through Kamen Rider
A young man goes to a convention and finds he has the powers of Kamen Rider Decade in a world of ponies and monsters. Can he rise up and fight evil?
thunderclap · 131k words  ·  83  16 · 2.3k views

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It is sad when a fic is never continued. Still I will do my best to not abandon my stories. It may take a while to write but a new chapter comes out.

Replicated Wanderer is the only MegaMan fic not abandoned and a great one too, but I miss the Blue Reploid: There Will be Peace and the Red Reploid

Ah that was a fun scene. I am going to do something with all the founders.

Unfortunately no Sombra in this fic. At least any time soon. This is still before he was even born. I do have an ending planned already but since that would be a big spoiler I can't say it.

Got links to those fics? I would like to read them. If they are mature just send them as a private message.

My pleasure also favorite moment has to go to the scene where he first meets hurricane and goes full robot. As for the missing sombrero kinda figured that discord would corrupt the current leader of the crystal empire and force him to become sombra.
As for the crossover I figured that the two robots would make an excellent combo for replicating attacks with metal giving chaos overdrive and cruger giving x a temporary spd mark and pop that cherry. Also cruger's one of the most popular displaced on the sight save Ben and gunvolt

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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