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So worlds coming to an end and I don't particularly care. December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the end and I still don't feel like sweating it. Still I'd rather not run away from it. Unfortunately my own ways worked against me and I met someone powerful who decided I was worth saving. Imagine that. Got new powers in the wing and I can only hope nobody will try to force me into their problems. I'm hoping the other ones who decided to forgo their world won't mind my attitude too much.

May cross over with others when I feel comfortable enough. Story needs to stand on it's own before I decide to do that.

Sex tag mostly for jokes I may make because from time to time I'm probably gonna let the innuendo comments innocently fly by.

Rule number 1:
Never trust others on first sight. Trust is earned never given.
Rule number 2:
If you save someone don't expect them to be grateful for it. Ego is the first killer of the naive.
Rule number 3:
Never use Saix's power at night. There is no control, only madness.

Inspired by:
Life of a Nobody,
A Wielder and his Students,
Keys of Harmony

Extra tags: Drama, Comedy
Featured: 2/18/19

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8105944 Thanks. I'm gonna be honest... It's hard to write 1st person stories. I've been so inclined to write in the third person throughout everything I've ever wrote and it can be hard to change that on a whim.

Yes please because the trend!

8117991 Um... Okay then. I'll fit that in later.

Gotta say I really like this one so far, has some good pacing and world building compared to some of the others. I look forward to the next one.

8120926 Thanks. I'll admit I was reading the other stories and noticed the pacing was like I was here but now I'm there. I'm taking my time with this and while I will try to crossover with the others I'll do it at my pace and make it work well rather than fast.

Some things I need to get better at before I reach writing those parts...
-Work on giving bad guys more screen time and I mean the normal everyday jerk
- Fit in the Nobodies and adapt them to this story rather than take the ones we know and use them.
-Since BioQuill has the X blade work in the Unversed eventually.
-Romance wise make it actually be romantic rather than what is portrayed in any other story.

I'm thinking of him visiting a world based on Ori and the Blind Forest. As for a reason for him being there, the heartless would go after that world like crows longing for a defenseless corpse. Most likely he'd reach that world after the forest has started dying.

8126944 I didn't even think of that. I'm glad you gave me a really good reason as well. I'll consider that world number two to go to. I already have world one and world three as well. I'll keep those a secret for now.

When I looked behind me at the statue of the elements I noticed several dark tendrils pulling me towards a portal while this very large alicorn wearing blue armor fitted with crescent moons was standing near the portal. She grinned, showing off the fangs in her mouth, and laughed evilly. I remember seeing same eye that had been watching me throughout the nights leading up to this moment. I don’t know what possessed me to say what I said next but I’m sure it would be one of the weirdest moments I have ever had in the history of the universe. That or one of the most embarrassing moments that Nightmare Moon ever had.
“So… are you the whorse who hid the leather saddle and bit in their room or are you just into being whipped like you were once before when they sent you to the moon. You're probably the worst voyeur in the history of voyeurism since even though you saw me you were still screwed over by three other mares I met before hoof.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody regardless of what they are get that angry. She instantly slammed me into the portal of darkness and came flying straight after me. At least I have her attention though I will have to work on my diplomacy later.

He is a braver/more foolish person than I am.

8129003 I wouldn't say he's braver or foolish. I would say he's impulsive. And the first thing that came to mind was the leather gear he found in one of the Princess' bedrooms. He didn't know which one but he decided to roll the dice in this case and let fate take him to his goal. That goal sent him into a hellish nightmare portal of ultimate doom. Fun times for the whole family.

opened the Lexicon and searched through the book finding exactly what those particular heartless were. It actually terrified me when I found the right entry.

Demon Tide

A core of darkness surrounded by a conglomeration of shadow heartless. Employs vicious attacks which could change the very foundation of reality. The core can be affected by increasingly high levels of magic.

Demon Tower

A core of darkness surrounded by a conglomeration of shadow heartless. Due to the high density of the heartless that incorporate this form it is forced to stay mobile with a link on the ground. It has severe strikes due to the high density and are cowardly by nature.

those boss heartless are among the nastier pureblood heartless

8131099 Yeah I needed a way to break his delusions. Believe if he had fought someone like Discord and still couldn't see his wounds.

I'd say he's lucky to feel that pain.
Wings do help on the gummie ship...Ok, I admit that I built a ship that had more weapons on it than any other block type. But it was a cool ship. It was called OverKill, very fitting name.

8140282 Yeah he is lucky I knew making him suffer for that chapter would work out for the best.
We all made sure to put as many weapons on our ships cause we knew we would need to firepower to get every type of blueprint. So now begins the next arc.

He didn't lie but he left out most of the details of what his job is. Half truths are the safest method for now.

I've been enjoying this story, good characters and plot with nice steady pacing. Always looking forward to a new chapter.

Heartless Kill Count

Shadow 686
Soldier 7
Large Body 1
Bit Sniper 10
Darkball 360
Neoshadow 75
Invisible 16
Demon Tide 1
Demon Tower 1

That's quite a horde of heartless killed.

I'm guessing the "final battle" is a boss rush.

8145076 Eventually he won't need to be so secretive but today is still not the day.

8170242 I'm glad you're enjoying it. I wasn't sure at first but people do seem to be liking this story.

8177817 Kind of. I was looking through the pureblood heartless and I found which one would fit best and realized that my character is way too underleveled to even handle that. Maybe when he gets a party. I mean seriously it would have been a Darkside, then the Earth Core, Water Core, Flame Core and finally the Dark Hide heartless. He wouldn't have survived.

The poor moogle almost died from shock

Not bad. This has caught my attention.

8194713 Don't worry the Moogle will survive.

8195743 I'm glad you are enjoying it. Next chapter will be coming out soon.

now will he live through the first heat season

8198324 Good thing that isn't until Hearts and Hooves day... Shit... I probably need to get him back to the library.

8129003 as Gandalf once said "Fly you fool..."

Ah..a small part survived...planning for nightmare rarity in the future?

8203127 Its going to come back two more times. I'm setting up the second one now and Nightmare Rarity will come up as well. I'm gonna try tying in a lot of things. See how well that goes.

I enjoyed it, I’d say you handled the dates pretty well and I look forward to the others.

Seriously...I like this fic more than the others simply for the shipping intensity.:ajsmug:

Well here is Fresh Coat and Vinyl Scratch up and ready for your perusal.
It's not that great. I'm glad you like it though. Romance writing was never my strong point.

Compared to the five other keyblade fics where God and Aztec Calendars are involved...yeah,the shipping is hardcore in this.Your actually building relationships...the others just ended up with 5-12 wives by being a badass,saving them from enslavement,waking up in bed with five nudists,etc....

I like that yours actually is dating them and exploring how he feels about them.

Thanks. Well I'm glad that you find it interesting. I wasn't sure I could actually portray romance well so I'm really just winging it right now.

Weren't they going to talk more while painting? You made a big deal about that then seemed to completely forget about it when the scene came around.

Crap... I knew I forgot something. Writing until past midnight does make me forget things. I'll have to add some parts later.

Just for you I made sure to add a small scene while they were painting. Thanks for reminding me. You are awesome.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

I would say the darkest it gets is around chapter 19. We go into Gray's backstory which he was a cop so there is some death but its not that graphic. It's just heavy on implications.

Here comes a Fabulous Nightmare....:raritywink:

The pony and dragon both collected gems until Rarity saw one of the most unique gems in her life. It almost seemed to be alive.

not only is it alive but it's EVIL!

I'll try to make sure that she speaks fabulously
EVIL! EVIL EVIL EVIL! Wha hoo-ey /climbs over a piece of coral muttering things about evil.

Not really..THIS is evil...

"Rainbow Dash is ALWAYS Fabulous." Gen3️⃣

:rainbowderp: "Celestia, please burn it with fire..." Gen4️⃣

Gotta say this is easily my favourite story in this universe. I love that it hasn't gone off the rails, not that doing that is a bad thing as I find the other stories fun to read. its just nice to see someone approaching the whole idea differently.

Thank you. I want to take my time with this and make it interesting and comprehensive. All of season one will be split between going to different planets and time on Equestria so no one gets suspicious. Then so on and so forth.

Have to admit,I like your world choices...I recognize some..

Atlantis :The lost Empire
Tarzan II ?
The Black Cauldron
The Sword in the Stone?

And the giant mountain behind a barrier... Fantasia:Night on Bald Mountain?

Btw,here is a very strong punch in THE FEELS.

the second world is most likely Ori and the blind forest.

The last one is undertale, I bet.

Cool stuff.

Also I can’t fix your perceptions so you have to take your wounds seriously.

Wow... That is gonna bite him in the flank later.

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