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One day just as ponies are celebrating the Summer Sun Celebration a giant metallic star falls from the heavens depositing a small pink puffball in their midst. That pink puffball is known as Kirby.

Join Kirby as he meets the ponies in this mish mash of a world combining both Equestria and Dream Land as one. He will face countless foes and make numerous friends as he changes the way ponies see the world one fight at a time.

Every hat available and multiple partners to be made. Truly this is one grand dreamland.

Chapters (13)

Long ago two immortals sealed away power within the forms of several star shaped emblems. Those emblems came to be known as an Asterisk. Each one contained a special set of skills that would give any being power beyond the norm which is why they were sealed away. While the two beings were transporting them to a secure location... something went wrong. Those Asterisks were flung to the peaceful world of Equus corrupted by some unseen force and forced into hooves of these unsuspecting ponies. Though some have fallen... as long as there is hope, heroes shall rise...

Collaboration story with two other authors (Xinrick, and Fear Ripper)

Crossover of Bravely Default/Bravely Second

Chapters (2)

Long ago in the Magical Land of Ponies I wound up being struck there by buying something from a con. I shouldn't have done that at all. Now I'm the reploid known only as X.

While stuck in a past filled with strange little ponies I'm forced to deal with a strange chimera with a propensity for mind control, several miscommunications, denizens of a shadowy realm of evil and trying desperately to keep the lack of a heart beat from driving me insane due to a disconnect of my humanity and the robotic body I now possess. I hope to whatever god that lives here that I survive longer than a week.

Season 7 Finale Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Editor: FTR2017

Chapters (35)

So worlds coming to an end and I don't particularly care. December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the end and I still don't feel like sweating it. Still I'd rather not run away from it. Unfortunately my own ways worked against me and I met someone powerful who decided I was worth saving. Imagine that. Got new powers in the wing and I can only hope nobody will try to force me into their problems. I'm hoping the other ones who decided to forgo their world won't mind my attitude too much.

May cross over with others when I feel comfortable enough. Story needs to stand on it's own before I decide to do that.

Sex tag mostly for jokes I may make because from time to time I'm probably gonna let the innuendo comments innocently fly by.

Rule number 1:
Never trust others on first sight. Trust is earned never given.
Rule number 2:
If you save someone don't expect them to be grateful for it. Ego is the first killer of the naive.
Rule number 3:
Never use Saix's power at night. There is no control, only madness.

Inspired by:
Life of a Nobody,
A Wielder and his Students,
Keys of Harmony

Extra tags: Drama, Comedy
Featured: 2/18/19

Chapters (75)
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