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They Mayans predicted that the world would end on 2012. Most of humanity replied with Chaos and violence , but some treated it like a normal day.
Such as a group of friends who passed the test of god and earned the right to an amazing adventure.
Follow this rag tag group of friends as they continue the legacy of the Foretellers.

Crossover with Equestria Girls and Kingdom Hearts.

Takes place before the first movie.

Collabs with:
A Wielder and His Students by Golden Flare
Balance by BioQuillFiction
Keybearer by Chaos Nightmare
Life of a Nobody by Xinrick
Keys to the Harmony by Lancerot

Chapters (36)
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I's Alive! It finally posted!

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Mar 28th, 2017

7995206 if you talking voice actors or characters?

Lan: Johnny Yong Bosch, as Yu narukami from persona 4.
Kira: Hilary Haag, as Lingyin Huang from Infinite stratos.
Jenny: Idk. Let's go with MARISHA RAY as effie from fire emblem awakening
Alex: Todd Michael Haberkorn as natsu from fairy tail.
Dan: Vic Mignogna as junpei from persona 3

Here's an interesting question what are they doing at school its four days till Christmas?

7995623 nah, they arrived about a month before the fall formal. Different dimension, different time.

7995651 I ment in 'our world it was four days till Christmas why where they hanging on the schools roof speaking like they had school that day?

7995655 I felt like they would go there for the heck of it sometimes. I mean Roxas and Axel meet on the clock tower all the time.

I laughed many times in chapter. Good job.

When will you have them meet Zeke? Also great story so far

That was...something that's for sure.
Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

8009506 is that a good thing?

8009552 it was a good thing:twilightsmile:

8009557 Kay alright thanks! :rainbowdetermined2:

I don't like stories like this or the "displaced" but i'm curious as to what your going to do with it. I have yet to see anyone use unchained as a crossover.

"MeTube" :rainbowlaugh:

"Mares and Men" I see no reason to change this from the original "Mice and Men" I understand that your trying to ponify it but "Mares and Men" would be something we'd see in the pony world and would likely be "Mice and Mares" so there wouldn't be a reason to change that for the EQG universe.

Also something I thought about and should've commented on it earlier. There's no reason to gender swap Invi's or Aced's outfit. It's a neutral robe outfit. The only change you'd notice either way would be no boobs.

8014216 eh. I just thought the name chenges would be funny.:moustache:

Don't know the game reference but all I thought of was James J. Braddock from Cinderella Man. Also IT LIVES!!! Keep up the awesome work.

Ummm... You might wanna look through it... I just found out before I posted and hoped you saw...

This house was her asking also, it’s the mansion from Twilight Town,

So now this is a Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door crossover?

(told to deal with it)

..... Alright.

8084933 yeah I was stuck on what to put on the end card.

“Then Core has connections to Earth too! I knew Huxley’s wish wouldn't be effective.” Jenny slammed her fist on her chair.

Why you do dis?

And we were only fighting a cheap knock off of the real Josh Ventral.” His fist tightened. “How are we supposed to fight him as we are now?re only fighting a cheap knock of the the original Josh Ventral.

You should explain what's happening in the other stories that this story crosses over with, so that people won't get confused.

(Reads Alex's section)
Pst, :rainbowlaugh:

8205059 ya...Alex doesn't surprise me at all.

...I freaking love The Master of Masters. he is Kingdom Hearts Deadpool. :rainbowlaugh:

Gotta admit the polygamy system DOES work...so long as the women are the ones giving the OK with one being an alpha. And not the guy just going around choosing multiples himself.

I'm curious about what story Cript comes from. I can't seem to find it listed anywhere. :rainbowderp:

You could find all of our groups stories on our group page. And it's on dishonered.

Ah ok,just checked the page a bit after finishing this story and found that one.

Also, thanks for faving and the like. It really means a lot!

A few spelling errors here and there but over all it was a great chapter

Fun question...we all know what happened when diamond tiara changed time with her keyblade and made a new reflection from birth by sleep....but what would happen if she stopped the war from starting...? :derpyderp1:

That's a good question, but you'd probably have to ask bioquillfiction about that one.

Why does everyone like keyblades so much?

We all started this cause we loved kingdom hearts, plus we all had a story to tell. our group doesn't always have keybearers, but its just a common thing we like.

Meh just not my cup of tea

This story won't have a "Sonata is just misguided/misunderstood retcon", right?

i dont know what that is. what is it?

I wonder why adiago thinks they don't have much magic to use normally?I mea...she treats her hoodie like a tardis....seriously,how else would she hide so much hair under a hood without magic?lol

Sidenote:guess ur not doing the Anon-A-Miss plot?

Wow...good sirens...that's a twist.:rainbowderp:

Pure awesome...except for the part where dan didn't get the movie, seemed kinda obvious to me.

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