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Leonidas and Sibella Casterwill-Lambert. The children of Lok Lambert, Champion of Casterwill, and Sophie Casterwill, head of the Casterwill family. The two of them were renowned seekers in their generation. While on a mission together, they discover the world full of mysteries that are yet to be discovered. How will Equestria fair with these twins on the scene? (Not the best description, but I digress.)

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Oh man, I remember watching Huntik on Netflix... Still think it's an awesome show!

And thanks for the like

Ah man, and I was almost done the first chapter for my own Huntik story. My thunder has been stolen.

In all seriousness, it's nice to see Huntik get some love, maybe I'll make a group for it

I'd join that group XD

That settles it, making a group

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