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Chaotic is a popular card game known world wide. People of all ages play and have fun together. The same could be said for of Canterlot High, and our seven main characters. See what happends when they see that it's not a normal game. With a little help of a new friend.
Read and Review. But no flames be cool.
If you don't like don't read.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 16 )

Not bad so far partner. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

Interesting. I saw a few grammar mistakes, but overall pretty cool. The rewind part just totally confused me.

7088321 yeah, I didnt know how to portray a rewind scene in words so I tried my best.

Nice job. I love how you've captured the spirit of Chaotic, and merged it with EqG.

I remember I alway enjoyed Chaotic. I'm interest to see where this story goes.

Comment posted by Whiteeyes deleted Feb 7th, 2018

This is human Twi, why is she giving friendship speeches like she was the pony one?

7100611 This is only a beta idea I had. To answer your questions this is eqg after friendship games. And Braveheart is a work in progress character, but in my he is significant when I get his backstory down and how he first meets the girls, and further original arcs I have.

7100631 Again, what purpose does he serve plot wise that none of the huge cast of already existing characters could not do?

7103565 im still working out the kinks. When I do I will edit some things, I just posted these chapters to see how people would react to it and if they liked the idea. Testing the waters if you will.

Finally! I've looking to see if anyone had done a Choatic Crossover.

Read and Review. But no flames be

If you don't like don't

What he said. What were you trying to say? This seems incomplete.

Wow, how'd I miss that?
Thanks for pointing it out for.me. My computer went wonky so I guess it cut out some stuff.

Nice to see another chapter from this story.:pinkiesmile:
Honestly thought that it was abandoned for a time.:fluttercry:
Glad I am wrong.:twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see the next chapters.

Hi so I really like your story it's awesome and amazing so I was wondering when will be the next chapter

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