• Published 2nd Apr 2016
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Canterlot Get's Chaotic - Fear Ripper

Chaotic is a popular card game known world wide. People of all ages play and have fun together. The same could be said for of Canterlot High, and out seven main characters. See what happends when they see that it's not a normal game.

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Rarity's Battle

"Rare Jewel, your opponent will be..."

The other door opened and relieved a familiar face for Rarity.

"Coco Pommel. Chaotic code name: Coco Crusher."

Rarity's eyes widened in surprise, "Coco?"
"Ms. Rarity?" Coco said in equal surprise.
"Oh hello darling! I'm so glad I see a familiar face."

"Players, dock your scanners."

The two of them began choosing their cards.
"I didn't know you were a chaotic player Ms. Rarity. When did you get your entry code?"
"I actually received my code earlier today. You will be my first opponent."
"Is that right? Then I'll give you a great battle for your first time, and I hope you take this defeat gracefully."
Rarity's brow twitched at her comment, "Oh my, confident aren't you?"
"Apologies for sounding rude, but I've been in Chaotic for a while now and you just received your code. Along with the fact this is your first Drome Match, your chances of Winning are slim against an experienced player."
"Oh please, how different could a card game be in here than back home? This "Battle Drome" is a bit dramatic if you ask me." Rarity could see Coco trying to contain her laughter, "What's so funny?"
"You'll see in a minute."

"Players, lock your decks."

They both locked their decks and the screen showed Rarity's Intress,

Vs. Coco's Kinnianne,

"Rare Jewel, because you are a new player, you shall have the first attack. Please activate your location randomizer."

Rartiy spun her randomizer,

"Kiru City."

Rarity bit her thumb nail, 'Drats, not much of an advantage since we both have Overworld creatures, but I'll make dew.'

"Choose your attacking creature."

"I choose Intress to attack Kinnianne." The moment Rarity touched her creature, both Coco and Rarity were surrounded by code. The code had settled, revealing their creatures.
"What on Earth!?" Intress yelled as she examined her body.
Kinnianne smirked at this.
"Do your best Rarity. Now, let's get chaotic!"
(Scene Change)
In Kiru City, Intress could be seen swiftly jumping on top of various rooftops with incredible speed.
'This is amazing! Not only am I in Kiru City, the Overworld capital. I also became Intress, as well as gaining all of her traits.' Rarity thought, as she stopped running and landed on a random roof.
"Alright, now how do I do attacks?" Intress said to herself. "I know I equipted my Torrent Krinth, so my water attacks should be stronger." Suddenly, the Torrent Krinth appeared on her left wrist.

"Marvelous! This is such a large jewel."
Intress was so indulged in admiring her battle gear, she didn't notice Kinnianne land silently behind her.
"Arbor Smash!"
Kinnianne launched a large log of wood towards Intress, which hit her hard in the back. This forced her off the roof and land onto the city streets.
Kinnianne jumped down from the building and stood across from Intress while she recovered from the hit.
Intress glared at Kinnianne, "It isn't right to attack someone from behind."
"Apologies Rarity, but this is a battle. Take any advantage you can get. If you hesitate, then victory will be out of your reach." Kinnianne summoned her battle gear, which was a Cyclance, and began to fire at Intress.

Intress took a few hits before evading the attacks, and firing one of her own.
Intress shot out a jet of racing water that threw Kinnianne back a couple feet. Not wasting anytime, Intress jumped in the air and dived towards Kinnianne ready to strike her down.
Before Intress could strike, Kinnianne rolled out of the way avoiding the attack. Kinnianne quickly recovered and tried to deliver a spin kick to Intress's head. Only to be blocked and countered by Intress.
The two Overworlder creatures continued to trade blows hoping to trip up the other to gain the advantage.
'This is incredible! I was never able to fight like this before, how is this happening?' Rarity wondered, but she recalled what Brave told her and her friends before. 'This must be what Brave Heart meant. If I'm fighting like this due to Intress's likeliness, could I let her take control?'
A sudden instinct clicked in Rarity's mind.
Kinnianne was going for a right hook on Intress, but Intress grabbed Kinnianne's arm and flipped her over head. Sending her to the ground.
"Vine Snare!"
Long vines grow out of Intress's hand and wrapped themselves around Kinnianne, trapping her.
"So this is Intress's nature. Beautiful yet feirce at the same time." Intress said with pride and confidence, a bit too confident. "Now time to finish this!"
A series of Vipers were launched towards Kinnianne, ready to end the battle.
"Aegis Airia!"
A mugic tune played threw the air. The next moment, a golden ray of light shot down from the sky and blocked the incoming Viperlash.
"What!? Mipedian mugic? But Kinnianne is an Overworlder!" Intress said in shock.
In the midst of her shock, Kinnianne freed herself from her vine prison and stood apposed to Intress with her Cyclance in hand.
"Kinnianne, being the Mipedian ambassador for the Overworld, has the ability to cast Midedian mugic." Kinnianne explained. She immediately started to fire her Cyclance opponent.
Because of her shock, Intress wasn't able to dodge the blast, which decreased her energy by a significant amount. Kinnianne ceased fire of her Cyclane.
"Rack Wave!"
Kinnianne sent the rock wave towards Intress.
Thinking fast, Intess Jumped high in the air to evade and counter attack.
"Iron Balls!
Intress attacked shot towards Kinnianne, but the moment the attack made it's impact it evaporated into dust. Which caused no damage.
"Squeeze Play!"
Not giving Intress time to react, Kinnianne's arm grew gigantic and stretched to grab Intress in mid-air.
"I-I don't understand." Intress struggled to say as Kinnianne's giant had started to squeeze the life out of her. "My attack hit first. Why did it not affect you?" She asked.
"My Aegis Airia mugic not only negates your immediate attack, but it also reduces your next attack damage to zero." Kinnianne explained.
"It's game over now, Rarity."
She raised her enlarged fist high up in the air, only to send in barreling towards the ground. The moment her fest, and by extension Intress, hit the ground, had turned Intress to code.
(Scene Change)

"The Winner: Coco Crusher."

Back in the Battle Drome.
Rarity could be scene on her side of the Drome with a defeated expression, and Kinnianne had reverted back into Coco.
Coco removed her scanner from the slot, which made the screen and and slot disappear, and walk towards Rarity.
"That was a great match Rarity. Thank you for being my opponent." She said with a smile.
Rarity, seeing her friends expressing, forced a slight smile on her face.
"Yes it was darling, and thank you for being my first opponent." She said.
Now Coco, seeing her expression, decided to say more.
"Listen Rarity, I won't apologize for defeating you. All I wish is that you don't let this one defeat define you as a Chaotic player. This is your first battle. Now use this defeat and get stronger, so in the future you may be able to defeat me." She said with a serious face.
Rarity was surprised by her normally timid friend. She held on to every word said and took in her message. Now a sincere smile snuck onto her lips.
"My, my Coco, I haven't seen this side of you. Truly, thank you. I guess that will teach me to get over confident." She said sheepishly.
"I've been able to grow a bit since we last met." She said before she turned to leave. But before she exited, she turned to face Rarity once again.
"Welcome to Chaotic, Rare Jewel." With that said, she left.
With a sigh, Rarity turned to leave as well.
"Yes, welcome to Chaotic. Now time to meet up with the others."

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Nice to see another chapter from this story.:pinkiesmile:
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Hi so I really like your story it's awesome and amazing so I was wondering when will be the next chapter

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