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We've all wanted to at some point shout and start throwing food. Sonata has that thought and a reason Adagio and Aria are gonna help her.

That adorable blue psycho is about to start a war and how will it end? I don't know but we're about to find out.

(Warning: this contains a fair fight. Please do not get mad at me if your best pony is harmed. I love'em all, so let it never be said I hate somepony.) (Not that Gilda the griffin counts, but she is not in this story.)

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Also, poor Sunset she got in trouble for doing nothing:applecry:

So this is a well thought out food fight.

Excuse me I must write up plans now.

Every pony nose that food fights are bad just look at this one http://youtu.be/uROQ9nplxIY

Damn Sunset!:twilightoops:

(Not that Gilda the griffin counts, but she is not in this story.)

u wot?
are u being a cheeky cnt m8?
Gilda is a sexy beast!

5684946 Enlighten me about that. Show me how that is true.

5685002 I don't see Dubs the skrub anywhere do you?

Do I look like Eris to you? I'm not THAT easy to freak out.

Cool little story you have here. :twilightsmile: The comedy was pretty great, and the premise was very cool. However, there are many sentences in this story that are missing some commas. Here are some examples, to name a few.

"Hi there big and handsome."

"Dagi do I need to mention-"

How about a little makeover Little Red Riding Hood."

But, actually, there are more grammatical errors as well apart from the missing commas.

5686038 I remember in the past I was much worse.

But, thanks for the advice I've been getting better and I'll have to check for comma usage more often. I'll refresh my mind of it soon. Thnx.

Entertaining enough, it gets a fav. :twilightsmile:

"I have an idea!" Sonata shouted.
"We can't fly by shaking soda and putting it on your back." Aria replied.

Aw, I wanted to see that. :rainbowwild:

its most definitely better then the movie that's for sure

Trust me that isnt the full Review

Hey Sonata From the Taco Tuesday group Since Grievs Buzy with the Animation I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this story it was short and funny and I really like this universes Sonata and how she's not just an air head.

7609036 IM super excited this is the first review im actually getting to write out....But i dont have a voice so Griev's reading it out

7634944 :raritystarry:

Thank you so much for the feedback and I'm happy to see the animation with Sonata so happy.

*Skimmed through said food fight* Ah, I see Flutters avoided taking any damage.

Would make sense. I can’t imagine her wanting to cause much havoc herself XD

Thing is, you said it'd be a fair fight and to not complain if someone's best "pony" was harmed so I expected Flutters to have gotten hit during the opening skirmish or get found by a Dazzling or someone just as unsavory and get something dumped onto her. Seeing that she came out unscathed means one thing......you couldn't do it, could you. BP

In-universe though......yeah, at the first sign of trouble, she'd have taken cover if not made a run for it if an opening showed itself.

That is a good point. But if I remember back, I was making sure not to have an entire story of everyone just pelting one person with food for the entire gag.

Guess it’s an unintended goof up on my part :rainbowlaugh:

Eh, goof or not, it fits pretty well with Fluttershy's character; she's not a confrontational type, least not for the heck of it.

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