• Published 2nd Apr 2016
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Canterlot Get's Chaotic - Fear Ripper

Chaotic is a popular card game known world wide. People of all ages play and have fun together. The same could be said for of Canterlot High, and out seven main characters. See what happends when they see that it's not a normal game.

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Enter the Game

Author's Note:

This is only like a beta or what ever you call it. So some things will be vague. and I have yet to figure out to add links to the words. So when I learn how to do that I will do it.
Also I don't own anything but my OC

It was a beautiful day at Canterlot High School. The school day was over, but there were still students hanging around the campus. Either for clubs, detention, or any other reasons they would have.

In the Cafeteria, there were multiple students doing whatever it is they do, but we zero in on one spot specifically. There were two students, both with laptops, sitting straight across from each other.

One was a boy looking to be about 17 years old. He had short black hair that reached to his ears, and shining silver eyes. He stood at about 6.3 in height. He wore a black assassin style hoodie with grey outlines, and the zipper off the the right side of his torso, also with a red under t-shirt under it. Along with dark blue denim jeans and black sneakers.

The boy sitting across from him was also a guy of the same age. He had short orange hair, green eyes, and freckles were littered on his face. He was about the same height as the black haired boy. He wore a red, plaid jacket with a brown collar with two green apples on the corners of said collar, along with a white T-shirt underneath. He also wore bright blue jeans and brown cowboy boots.

On the screens of their laptops they appear to be playing an online card game. Both screens showed cards with unique looking creatures, but the black haired boy had cards with blue rims and the orange haired boys cards were brown.

Obviously, they were playing the popular card and online game known as Chaotic. It had gotten popular ever since it came out. Kids of all ages play the game globally, as exampled by the two boys.

"You ready to lose Braveheart?" The orange haired boy said with a challenging grin.

The black haired boy, now known as Braveheart, just smirked, "Come on Big Mac, we both know how this is gonna end. Let's just play this match with some dignity."

"Let's get Chaotic!"

The two of them began their online battle. Card after card began to disappear from both sides. The battle ended with Brave's Overworld card took out Big Mac's last Danian.

"Gosh Darn! Lost again." Big Mac slumped in defeat, "I thought I had you when I used my last hive ability."

"Don't feel down Mac, you would have had me if I didn't use my Song of Geonova mugic at the last second."

"That was a great match." A female Voice said.

Braveheart turned to see seven of his friends.

The first girl was the same age as the he was. Her hair was a dark purple color with a pink stripe on her right side, also tied into a bun. Her face adorned square, black rimmed glasses covering her violet eyes. She wore a dark purple sweater vest over a light blue, long sleeved dress shirt with gray cuffs. Her skirt was a purple plaid skirt that reached her mid thigh, along with purple knee socks with blue frills on the end.

Second was a girl with long blond hair tied into a braid, and a brown cowgirl hat on top of her head, and green eyes. She wore a white and green collared shirt, with a blue jean skirt and a belt with an apple in the center. On her feet were brown cowgirl boots with red apples on each of them.

Third was a girl with rainbow schemed hair along with light violet eyes. She wore a short sleeved, dark blue, button up shirt with the it unbuttoned, revealing a white t-shirt with a storm cloud with rainbow lighting. She also wore blue sneakers with rainbow socks, and a maroon and white skirt.

Fourth was a girl had long, curly, dark purple hair down to her waist with a three diamond hair clip. She wore a long sleeved, sky blue top with a moderate purple skirt with the same three diamonds like her hair pin. Finishing off with dark purple boots with a single diamond in the center.

Fifth was a girl with dark pink, curly hair down to her back, along with blue eyes. she wore a blue shirt over a dress with a white top with a heart in the center. The skirt was pink with three balloons on the side. On her feet were sky blue tennis shoes with white laces and pink bows.

The sixth girl had long, light pink hair with a white butterfly clip. Her top was a plain white tank top, and her skirt was a light green with three pink butterflies. Her boots were also light green, her socks were dark pink with white polka dots.

The seventh and last girl had red and yellow hair along with cyan eyes. She wore a black leather jacket over a sky blue dress. Underneath the dress she wore blue skinny jeans, on her feet were black, high heeled boots with silver buckles.

These seven were Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer, Braveheart's first friends he made since he had transferred to Canterlot High a little over a month ago.

"Oh! Hey girls! And thanks Twilight."

Rainbow Dash then walked up to him, "Okay, now that you're done with that match. I Challenge You!" She said, as she thrusted a red device that looked like a touch screen phone. But there was a single D-pad on the bottom middle. This was a scanner, a necessity for all Chaotic players.

"If I remember correctly, we're tied at sixteen wins each." Brave said.

"That's right! Let's break this tie and settle who's the best Chaotic player in school!"

"Whoa-ho, hold up there sugarcube." Applejack spoke up. "You may be the top Underworld player, but top Danian player belongs to me and my Odu Bathax. Plus I'm tied with you with six each, and tied with Brave with ten." she held up her scanner to show her Odu Bathax card.

Rainbow Dash gained a cocky grin,

"Hah! You may use those Danians well in a match, but you can't possibly think your bugs can beat my Takinom." She showed her Scanner to them.

Before the two began to argue, Rarity cut into their conversation. "Oh please, you are both being ridiculous. Everyone knows an Overworld player has to be the best, because they go through battle with beauty, finesse, and grace. Just like my Intress." Rarity said showing her scanner to the others.

With that being said, the three of them started to argue about their tribes.

The others sighed, "There they go again." Brave said.

Wanting to change the mood, Pinkie Pie decided to speak up.

"Hey guys, since we're on the topic which tribe do you guys like? I like the Mipedians! They remind me of Gummy, I especially like Jorre." She said.

Fluttershy responded first, "I don't think any tribe is any better than the other," she said softly. "But if I had to choose my favorite creature, I say Tangath Toborn. His courage stats are one of the highest, and he's a noble lion."

"I'd have to agree with Rainbow." Sunset said, "The Underworld is my tribe, especially with Nivenna by my side."

The last to speak was Twilight, "I'm with Rarity and the Overworld, and my favorite creature is Najarin the best Mugician around."

They continued to converse, until Braveheart spoke, "Hey, by the way girls, why are you all here? I thought you would all be headed home by now."

"Well we were actually playing some matches in the classrooms, but them Pinkie suggested we go to the Cake's shop and we came to invite you along." Twilight responded.

"Really? It must have taken you some time to find me. You didn't have to go through the trouble."

Twilight and the other three just giggled, "Don't say they Brave, you're our friend. Of course we'd want to invite you." she said.

In response, Braveheart's curled up into a warm sincere smile, which made the four girls blush.

"Thanks girls. Let's get going then." Brave said.

Just as he was about to get out of his seat, the sound of multiple phones simultaneously giving out alert noises. The sounds drew the entire group's attention. It even broke up the argument between Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash.

"That's strange. All of us got an alert at the exact same time?" Sunset questioned.

The seven girls took out their phones, and saw that they had the same E-Mail.

"Chaotic Mail?" Rainbow Dash asked.

When they opened their E-Mail's, all that appeared were seven digit codes with random numbers and leaders.

"Codes?" Rarity asked.

"Looks like it, but what do they mean?" Applejack said.

Suddenly, Braveheart shot out of his seat and rushed to see all of their codes. His eyes widened in shock.

"Did you all happen to win all those matches from earlier?" He asked.

They all looked at him mild surprise.

"Yeah! How'd you know?" Pinkie said nonchalantly.

Braveheart suddenly gained a giant smile, one could see he is physically shaking in excitement.

"I can't believe it! It's finally happening! I thought you would all get your codes one by one, but you all getting them at the same time is unreal!"

The girls looked at him in confusion, a lot of it.

"Whoa, calm down sugarcube. Do you know what these codes mean?" Applejack said.

Bravehearts smile hadn't faded as he looked towards his friends.

"Of course I do. Let me just say first that those codes are really important! They are your keys that allow you to evolve as a Chaotic player!"

Even more confusion filled their minds, and it showed on their facial expressions. Seeing this, Braveheart sighed exasperated, "Look, it's better to show you then try and explain it and make you girls think I'm crazy. So now, all of you enter those codes into your scanners. That code is only valid till midnight today so you should just do it now. But don't hit enter until I say so." The girls did as he instructed and typed in their individual codes, while Braveheart "Now I must warn you, once you hit enter, Chaotic with change forever. The adventures shall be great, and danger even greater, so be prepared to face them."

The girls looked at each other in caution and worry, hearing the seriousness in their male friends voice.

"Alright, enter your codes, Now!"

On cue, they all hit the enter button on their scanners. Once they did, the codes on their screens started to warp around, until the screen completely shut off.

Silence plagued the group, the girls looked at their scanners confused. 'Were they broken?' 'Did the code have a virus?' These such questions buzzed around their heads.

"So…" Rainbow was the first to speak, "What now?"

Braveheart, with a smile still plastered on his face, placed his hands on his waist. "Now, we wait!"


The girls, bar Pinkie Pie, face planted.

"Wait!? What do you mean Wait!?" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"After that whole speech all you can tell us to do is wait!?" Sunset said.

The other girls, still bar Pinkie, were just as irritated, but Braveheart just kept his cool.

"Look girls, I know what you're thinking. I'm a weirdo, I'm insane, I'm probably crazier than Pinkie. But trust me, all of what I just said had meaning, you just don't know it yet. First of all, your scanner will seem broken for a while, but that's normal so don't go and throwing it away like a lot of other players do accidentally. Also your online deck will be unavailable too, just until your scanner starts to blink. When the red light blinks on your scanner, press it immediately. Now, you girls wanted to go to the Cake's shop right? Let's go!" Braveheart walked off.

Still in a state of confusion, the girls followed him to the shop, still thinking he is insane.


"Now I must warn you, once you hit enter, Chaotic with change forever. The adventures shall be great, and danger even greater, so be prepared to face them."

The girls looked at each other in caution and worry, hearing the seriousness in their male friends voice.

"Alright, enter your codes, Now!"

On cue, the girls all hit the enter button on their scanners. Once they did, their vision became surrounded by bright blue code until everything went white.

The the white disappeared from their vision, and the next thing they knew, they were transported to a totally different place! They appear to be outdoors considering they can see the sky and the railing that was near them. But when they looked at more of their surroundings, they saw that they were inside of a large silver room. There were multiple people, mostly teens their age, walking around the whole place conversing like it was normal. There were multiple tables and strange floating robots serving some of them food. Large jumbo screen T.V's hung from the ceiling and the screen showed it flipping through what looked to be Chaotic creatures.

Many emotions filled their minds, and the first thing every first time Chaotic player does.


"Where are we!?"

"How'd we get here!?"

"What is this place!?"

"Why is everyone acting like this place is normal!?"

Though their questions were unanswered as the other teens there just looked at them and snickered. They all heard the word "newbies" repeatedly as the other teens passed.

"Hey girls!" They heard someone say. They all turn around and saw Braveheart with a big smirk on his face. "What's the matter? You look like you haven't ported before."

Immediately, the girls rushed to him and hit him with a barrage of questions. He held up his hand to silence them all. Without a word, he walk towards the railing and signaled the girls to follow him.

"Girls. Welcome, to Chaotic!"

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