• Published 2nd Apr 2016
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Canterlot Get's Chaotic - Fear Ripper

Chaotic is a popular card game known world wide. People of all ages play and have fun together. The same could be said for of Canterlot High, and out seven main characters. See what happends when they see that it's not a normal game.

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Twilight's battle

"Choose your attacking creature."

Twilight looked at Klay with a determined look.

"Najarin attacks: Barath Beyond!"

Twilight touches the card on her screen, and the screen disappeared. This confused her, but it didn't last long as her body was then surrounded in blue code, along with Klay. When the code disappeared, in place of Twilight was Najarin!

Also, Klay was replaced by Barath Beyond.

(A/N: In battles the characters will be referred to by the name of their creatures they are playing as.)

"AHHH!" Najarin panicked as he looked at his body, while Barath Beyond just snickered at this. After a few seconds, Najurin calmed down. "Did I just Become Najarin?" he asked himself.

"Hahaha!" Barath laughed, "That's right newbie. I'm feeling generous today, so listen up. This isn't like back on earth where it's a measly card game. Here we become the creatures and Battle that way."

Najarin's eyes widened in realization, "So this is what Brave meant when he said, 'Play the game for real'."

The moment Najarin said 'Brave' Batath's eyes narrowed, "Brave? You wouldn't happen to be friends with a player named Brave Heart, would you?" He asked, venom seemed to drip when he said his name.

"Um, yes, do you know him?"

"Hahaha! Yes I do, and now beating you will be all the more sweet!"

"The Battle will commence, now!"

The Chaotic logo in the center of the room started to spin at high speed, and the room was surrounded by bright light.

Najarin could be seen wondering in what looks like a study made of stone. He looked outside of a near by window and saw that he was in a tall stone tower surrounded by a lake.

'I can't believe it!' Twilight thought, 'I'm actually in Najarin's tower in Lake Ken-I-Po!'

Najarin stood in front of a near by mirror, "And I actually became Najurin. Highly fascinating! Chaotic is an amazing place." Najarin said to himself.



A fiery explosion occurred behind him and knocked him to the ground. Najarin looked behind to see Barath Beyond standing in a gaping hole in the wall.

"Found you newbie!" Barath said, preparing to attack.

"Wait!" Najarin waved his arms up in defense, "I don't have any attack cards. How do I attack?"

"Like this! Ember Swarm!" Barath thrusted his hands forward and shot out a swarm of flaming rocks. The attack made contact and blew Najarin against the wall.

'That hurt! But not as much as I thought. The game must have a pain limiter.' Twilight thought, 'So we just call out the name of our attacks?'

"Power Pulse!"

I thrusted out my fists and green fist shaped energy shot off them, knocking Barath away.

'I need to get some distance!' Suddenly, the image of the door in the room leading towards a stair way flashed in her mind. Najarin swiftly made his way towards said door, and went down the stairs. 'How did I know those stairs were there?'

Najarin heard foot steps behind him. Thinking fast he stopped and turned around.

"Sludge Gush!"

Green slime shot out of his hands and covered the stairs behind him. After that, he continued down the stairs.

Many stairs later, I reach the bottom of the stairs that lead to the bridge connected to the smaller tower.

'Alright, I got more room to fight now. How do I see our energy levels?' Twilight thought. The image of the immediate game board flashed in her mind. Najarin currently had 25 energy left while Barath Beyond had 30.

'Still have a sufficient amount of energy left, but Klay still has more. I got to find a way to finish this fast.'

"WHOA! OW! OUCH! OW!" Yelling could be heard from the stair case behind her. Obviously, Barath falling for his trap and falling down the stairs. The body of Barath Beyond fell our of the castle and face planted on the ground.

He got up with an angered expression, "You're going to pay for that newbie!"

A Pyroblaster materialized in his hands and shot fierce flames at Najarin.

'I need my Battle Gear!' Twilight thought.

Suddenly, the Aquashield appeared in his hands. Najarin quickly used it to block the flames.

"That Aquashield won't protect you forever." Barath stopped shooting and made the Pyroblaster disappear.

"Squeeze Play!"

Barath's right hand grew ginormous and grabbed on to Najarin, making him drop the Aquashield in the procedures. He started slamming Najarin on the ground over and over, making him groan in pain.

"Hahaha! I'll make this defeat slow and painful! Beating down on you will be pay back to that loser friend of yours Brave Heart!"

The moment he said that, something in Najarin changed.

"Iron Balls!"

As the name implied, iron balls shot out of Najarin's eyes directly at Barath Beyond. In turn directly hitting him and released Najarin from his grasp.

"Power Pulse!"

The next attack knocked Barath back even farther.

"I can tolerate your rudeness." Najarin said with a harshly stern voice, "I can tolerate your nasty personality, I can even tolerate your snotty attitude. But I will not stand it, when any one insulsts my friends! Iron Balls!"

Barath frantically dodged the attack, but then got hit with a barrage of Iron balls. Barath Shot a Torrent of Flames at Najarin, only for him to dodge by levitating high up in the air.

'How am fighting so well?' Twilight thought, 'It's like my body is moving on it's own.'

When you are in a battle, you aren't 'you' anymore. Act and battle like the creatures you choose. If you can accomplish that, then victory with be yours.

Brave Heart's words rang in her head.

'I understand now! Najarin is a creature that upholds respect and justice. When Klay had insulted Brave, my feelings must have resonated with how Najarin would act. Najarin is in control! And I am Najarin.'

"Flash Kick."

Najarin sent his attack crashing into Barath, making him very angry.

"This ends now newbie! Paral-eyes!"

A yellow beam shot out towards Najarin, who couldn't react fast enough to dodged. The results were Najarin being paralyzed and now frozen on the ground.

"Ha! You're just as much of a loser as Brave Heart! Spouting garbage about friendship! You'll never make it in Chaotic if you think like that. It's survival of the fittest here! Lavalanche."

A wave of lava barreled towards the paralyzed Najarin,

'This is bad! If this attack hits I'll lose! Both of our energy gauges are at 10. I need to do something. I need... mugic!"

"Song of Reversal!"

A music tune played in the air, until it became a large symphony. Two pillars of light shined on both Najarin and Barath Beyond. The light disappeared, and showed that the two creatures had swapped places.

"What!?" Barath yelled as his own attack was heading towards himself now. "NOOOOOOOO!"

The second the attack hit, his body exploded in the familiar blue code.

Klay and Najarin appeared to be back in the battle drome. Blue code surrounded Najarin and was replaced with Twilight.

Klay was simmering mad, "Hey! She cheated! There's no way a newbie could beat me!" He yelled

"She used your own attack against you. That's not cheating, that's strategy."

"And my name's not 'newbie,' It's Merlina!" Twilight yelled, using her Chaotic name.

Klay turned around and stomped out of the battle Drome.

"Merlina, congradulations on winning your first Drome Battle. Welcome to Chaotic."

Twilight smiled as she retrieved her scanner and walked out of the Battle Drome, with a little extra skip in her step.

"I can't wait to tell the others!"

Author's Note:

That was Twilight's battle. The others will come to. Im sorry for font difficulties. Im still trying to figure out how this website words so pleas bear with me.

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