• Published 2nd Apr 2016
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Canterlot Get's Chaotic - Fear Ripper

Chaotic is a popular card game known world wide. People of all ages play and have fun together. The same could be said for of Canterlot High, and out seven main characters. See what happends when they see that it's not a normal game.

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Applejack's battle

Author's Note:

Hey guys! I know i said this before but I'm still figuring out the whole picture link on words thing, so i will go threw my past chapters and edit them to add them eventual. anyways here is Applejack's battle.

“Players. Dock Your Scanners”

Both Applejack and her opponent began to set up their side of their fields. Her opponent was a player called, Peytonic Master. He was a heavy set teenage boy with brown hair, he was wearing a green jacket with a yellow t-shirt underneath and brown cargo shorts.
“Yo!” He greeted, “How’s it goin bra? The names Peyton. You know when I heard I was facing a newbie called Jack Hammer, I thought I would be facing a big burly dude. Not a blonde hottie, like yourself.” He said slyly.
Applejack rolled her eyes at yet another flirt she had to deal with.
“Sorry to disappoint ya’ partner.” She said blandly, “and the name is Applejack, not ‘bra’.”
“What say after this, you and I go to the port court and grab a bite?”
“Sorry, I’m meeting up with a few friends after this.”
“Really? What’s their names? Maybe I know them.”
“I doubt that. We’re all new here. Well except for Brave Heart.”
As she said her piece, Peyton could be seen shuttering at the name and his eyes widened in surprise.
“B-B-Brave Heart?” He stammered, “His screen name wouldn’t happen to be Fear Ripper, would it?”
“Yeah actually.” She said surprised, “Never understood why he chose that name though. Why? Do you know him?”
“*Gulp.* Yeah I know him. He is pretty famous around her so I’d be surprised if someone didn’t know him. Even battled him once, still the scariest thing that ever happened to me.”
“Scary? A nice guy like Brave? What’s so scary about him?”
“Oh that’s right, I forgot you’re new here. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Players. Lock your decks.”

They locked their decks, the battlefield was Applejack’s Odu Bathax Vs. Peyton’s Siado.

“Jack Hammer will be the first attacker because of her new status as a Chaotic player. Activate your location randomizer.”

Applejack looked around on her screen confused.
“Um, it’s the spinner bra.” Peyton said.
“Oh, I knew that.” She spun her randomizer until it stopped.

“Mount Pillar.”

“Choose your attacking creature.”

“Odu Bathax attacks, Siado!” They were both covered in blue code. In their place was their creatures.
(Odu Bathax)
“What in tarnation!?” Odu Bathax panicked.
Siado laughed audibly, “That never get’s old. Seeing newbies freak out. I hope you’re ready Jack Hammer, because it’s time to get Chaotic!”
“The Battle will commence now.”
Then everything turned white.
(Scene change)
Odu Bathax could be seen wandering the inter-working caves of Mount Pillar.
“Play the game for real huh? Never thought it’d be like this.” He said to himself. He flexed his top arms around, and moved his bottom arms along with them.
‘So this is what it’s like to have four arms.’ Applejack thought.
Suddenly, the antennas on top of Odu Bathax’s head started to twitch, which meant he heard something. It sounded like soft foot steps.
‘He’s trying to sneak up on me. I wish i had my battle gear.’ The Plasma Pounder materialized in his arms,

‘Well that’s convenient. Now, I’ll wait till he get’s closer.’
The footsteps slowly became louder.
And louder.
Odu Bathax quickly spun around and readied his battle gear, only to see that no one was there.
“I’m sure I heard ‘im. Where is he?”
“Wind Slash!”
A sudden strong gust of wind blasted him hard against the wall. Odu Bathax quickly got up and readied his gear.
“Where are you? Show yourself coward!”
“Hahaha,” He heard laughter as if it were right in front of him. “Coward?” Siado suddenly appeared out of nowhere, “I’m more of a snake in the grass, bra!”
Odu’s eyes widened, “How’d you do that?” He asked.
“Mipedian’s have the natural ability of turning invisible. Like chameleon’s blend into their environment.”
Without warning, Odu Bathax shot out green plasma from his Plasma Pounder, which hit the unexpected Siado. After getting hit, Siado reverted back to being invisible. Odu Bathax began a relentless firing of his Pounder in various directions, in hopes of hitting his opponent.
An invisible hit to the face disoriented him, making him stop firing. Multiple blows forced Odu Bathax to back peddle as it was happening.
Siado appeared on his right side,
“How ya gonna fight me,”
Disappears, and reappears in front of the Danian,
“If you can’t see me?”
Another punch to the face for Odu Bathax, and Siado once again turned invisible.
“I won’t have to!” Odu Bathax raised his arms up high.
“Rock Wave!”
He crashed his arms down on the ground, and spires of the earth shot out in all directions like a wave. Eventually, Siado was hit by the attack and thrown against the wall, while also becoming visible again.
“There ya are ya sneakin’ varmint! Pebble Storm!
Odu Bathax shot out a barrage of pebbles, damaging Siado further.
“Looks like the tables have turned ya slippery snake! Iron Balls!
The attack shot towards Siado until, “Melody of Mirage!” A Mugic tune played thru the air and a pillar of light shot down on Siado. The light cleared and Siado was nowhere to be seen, and Odu Bathax’s attack hit the wall where he once was.
‘Gosh darn it! He slipped away. I better not let my guard down. I need to lead him somewhere he can’t run away.’ Applejack thought. Suddenly, various images of Mount Pillar flashed in her mind. Odu Bathax smirked. ‘Be the creature huh? I’m startin’ to get it now.’
Odu Bathax ran away from the scene and down one of the many caves of Mount Pillar.
“You runnin scared now, Jack Hammer?” Siado said, reappearing.
Siado ran down the same cave as he saw Odu Bathax ran down, and found himself in what looked like a prison. Cages ran far along the walls as well as some bottomless cages hanging in the air by some chains.
“Who’s the hiding, coward now?” Siado taunted.
“Who’s hidin’?” Odu Bathax’s voice echoed.
Plasma shots flew toward Siado, making him dodge in various directions. Once the attacks have stopped, Odu Bathax dropped from who knows where, standing across from Siado.
“I got tired of your disappearing act. So it’s time for me to bring the hammer down!”
He pointed his Plasma Pounder and shot, only for the attacks to nearly miss Siado’s head.
“Ha! You missed!”
“Did I?”
The misfired shots hit a chain attached to the wall. In turn made a hanging cage fall, which so happen to be above Siado. Being too slow to react, Siado was trapped in the cage that dropped on him.
“Too bad for you, Odu Bathax is the Danian Battle Master. Which means he knows every inch of Mount Pillar, and how to use it to his advantage. I just needed to lead you down here.”
Siado’s eyes widened in realization.,
“So when you were blasting me before!”
“I just needed you in that specific spot. Now I use my Song of Symmetry!” The Mugic tune played, and two pillars of light covered both of them. “This mugic gives me 10 energy, as well as take away 10 of yours.”
“But I was already at 15 energy!”
“Now you’re down to a measly 5. It’s over! Rock Wave!
The final attack hit, turning Siado to Code.
(Scene Change)
They returned to the Battle Drome as their normal selves.
“Yee-haw! I won!” Applejack cheered.
“Dude! That was a sick play!” Peyton said excited, “It is mondo cooliyo, especially since this is your first battle. You’re going places bra!” With that, he left the Drome.

“Jack Hammer. Congratulations on winning your first Drome Battle. Welcome to Chaotic.”

“Thank ya kindly. Now to go rub it in Dash’s face!” She said and walked out of the Drome.

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