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First Blog! And just curious. · 6:13am March 8th

Hello there fimfiction users who actually bothered to follow me XD. I've never posted a blog before, but I wanted others opinions on something.

What do you guys think of a humanized AU MLP and Future Card Buddyfight crossover? And when I say AU MLP I mean a setting like Mauroz's Friendship is magic comic. If you're not familiar with his work here's a LINK to his deviantart page. REPRESENT!

Post in the comments below. Thanks XD

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Thanks for the fav

2445788 well its not just be. go to this group to see all the stories.

>>>Fear Ripper
I like your story, but you you blew my mind because of the multiverse story that Zeke even had an harrem to Toriel, well that's all hoping more chapters to come and also waiting for the Alexie love couple to be one (Alex-Pinkie)

2414052 Oh, I was replying to Harms Way. He mentioned these stories called Forgiveness and Training Session

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