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After nearly escaping Zaheer and defeating Tirek, Korra and Twilight will never be the same again.

Thinking a change of scenery is needed, Korra decides to move in with Twilight at her new palace, but their relaxation is cut short when they receive a message from Sunset Shimmer in Canterlot High, informing them that three new students have suddenly arrived and plan on taking over not just the school, but the world.

The Princesses travel through the magic mirror and Korra meets the human counterparts of her bonded ponies for the first time, as well as mentally scarred Sunset Shimmer, who is still struggling with letting go of her past and is plagued by nightmares and visions of her monstrous self. The girls band, The Rainbooms compete in the school's Battle of the Bands in order to defeat the three girls, The Dazzlings, before they turn the whole school against each other.

But, will Twilight be able to get her mojo back in order to make the counter spell they will need to defeat their foes? Will Sunset Shimmer relinquish her past in order to move on and help her friends?

Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems...is by helping someone else with theirs.

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Sunset Shimmer a Firebender....Makes sense to me. :pinkiehappy:

ALRIGHT its out here now! AWESOME!

Spectacular opening. I really did like this opening in the movie.

You're on a good track with still keeping Korra in her traumatic persona.

I truly felt sorry for what Sunset Shimmer was going through. I know she did a lot of bad things, but at least the five are giving her a chance.

Even though those three were evil, I myself was entranced by their cafeteria song.

Looks like Korra turned into her Anthro form. I can't wait to see how things go now that Korra's added to the mix.

Sweet. Nice to see Korra could get through to the students, even if only temporary, and nice to see her and Twilight teaching Sunset how to Firebend.

Loved the bonding moment between Twilight, Korra, and Sunset.

Aladdin reference! YAY!

I loved seeing Spike get a bigger part in this by getting rid of the saboteurs of the Rainbooms, and giving Sunset that pep talk. I can't wait to see how thins turn out for the Avatar and her friends at this point

That was an awesome fight between Korra and the Dazzlings. I can't wait to see how Spike gets them all out of their situations. I also wished there was more Spike love in the movie like there was in the first one. Plus the defeat of the Dazzlings was neat, it was still dismal that they just ran off to parts unknown. Unless there's going to be more to their defeat than there was in the movie. Whatever the case I can't wait for next time.

Awesome job, I loved this battle of the bands. And looks like the Dazzelings not only lost their musical charm but their bending as well. Now they're going to be on janitorial duty for some time.

You did an excellent job with this. And I can't wait to see what happens next, especially involving the next Legend of Korra season where they take on Kuvira.

Keep up the gud work. Im a fan to bpth Avatar an ponies. I gotta say both stories r very linked in many ways.

Is this the sequel to something? If it is then you should really link to the previous story...

Still a HORRIFYING design. but, love the series non the less. :pinkiehappy:

Will you be making side stories of this saga based in season 5?

Dude, did you add sunsets song after initially posting this? Cause that would be awesome.

About time Spike got a much bigger part in this.

Aw, so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH NO, HERE IT COMES BLAA:flutterrage:AAAAAAAA:pinkiecrazy:AACH! HMPH! That's what you get for writing such a good story. :twilightangry2:


Just finished reading this, and while I enjoyed it, there are a few glaring problems. The first and biggest is the strict adherence to the Rainbow Rocks script. Too many of the scenes don't fit in this AU, even with the slight ptsd bits that were added (though they did help quite a bit). Too many times, it felt like the AU was completely pointless, with the most glaring examples being the part where the Rainbooms go off on Sunset, the part where Twilight and the Rainbooms get trapped, and every time Korra had an impact (seriously, everything she did was completely ignored in the next scene, except for the parts where she encouraged Sunset). These aren't canon Twilight and Sunset, nor was Korra part of the original script, so even if scenes end up going the same way (many of which shouldn't with how different Twilight and Sunset are, plus having Korra there should really shake things up), the dialogue should be different. There was too much time spent describing character appearances as well, with it not spaced out well. There were too many times when there would be multiple paragraphs in a row doing nothing but describing character appearance, and it got worse as the story went on (it was much better spaced out in the earlier chapters).

The next issue is with the way the AU is set up. It was just a massive history dump that stated what happened almost immediately after writing out the intro to Rainbow Rocks. There was no flow or emotion to it, just a massive blurb of a rather awkward AU (the AU could work really well, but it needs to be properly fleshed out). If this is a sequel or based off of another story, link that in the description and only explain the relevant bits (especially convenient when the CHS crew has no clue about any of it, giving an easy place to explain relevant backstory and mechanics). If this is the first story, than spread out the AU details. Give some of the backstory early on (explaining what Korra is and that the worlds are bridged for example), then give more as the story progresses. Instead of just saying that Korra and Twilight had ptsd, you could just show them suffering from it, then have them explain why to someone later (Sunset would be the perfect candidate in this case), or just show it through the nightmares.

There were other smaller issues as well. The bible verses were very distracting and immersion breaking. They don't fit this story at all as the Avatar world has it's own spiritual stuff and it doesn't fit MLP as well, instead just making me wonder why they're there (yes, they are for the most part relevant quotes, but honestly, there are many more fitting quotes from famous people, shows/movies, literature, and Eastern religions). The action wasn't all that great either, primarily due to there being no real tension (as the story sticks too closely to the movie script). It also didn't help that there was no real indicator of how powerful any of the characters were and the lack of the martial arts part of the bending (every demonstration made it seem more like elemental magic than bending). It also seemed like Sonata and Aria didn't even know they could bend, as they didn't know what Adagio's ace was (and they couldn't learn that fast).

The story did have a few major strengths as well. While there was too much direct reenactment of the movie, the scenes were well done. The Korra and Twilight dynamic was interesting, and made even better when adding Sunset in as well. The scenes that Korra did something in were particularly well done. The ptsd was also utilized well, adding weight to the characters' struggles and helping explain why Korra and Twilight didn't just curbstomp the Sirens. Frankly, if so much of this story wasn't just Rainbow Rocks with a few extra bits thrown in, had more original dialouge (the Sirens could've had another plan to do with their tie in to the AU backstory, or maybe an ally from either universe), and focused more on the characters and their interactions (maybe with better quotes to lead into the chapters, or drop them all together), this story could be great to amazing. As it is, it's decent enough, with moments of brilliance and plenty of parts that drag the story down.

Edit: Just saw that this is a sequel. Please clarify this in the story description.

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Sonata looked at her with worry, "Oh, boy. She's cracked. She's gone nuts." she approached Adagio, tugging on her shirt to get her to her senses, "Adagio. Adagio! Get a grip--Ah!" Sonata shrieked when Adagio took her by the collar of her shirt. "Good grip."

Aladdin Easter Egg.

Did you write a sequal for this, you're really good.

Thank you. And yes, you can read the entire series on my stories page. Enjoy! 😊

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