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Old friends and new enemies


1 Thessalonians 3:12 ~

And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows


Old friends and new enemies

To catch up, and discuss a plan to stop the sirens, the girls took Korra, Twilight and Spike to the Sweet Shop Cafe as they all drank smoothies. Rainbow gave Korra one of her baseball caps to cover her pony ears. Korra had taken the time to inform the girls about herself. After along talk, the two princesses managed to explain everything to their friends, as well as Twilight's burned wound. And to be honest, they were all completely taken away by what they had uncovered.

"So, let me get this straight." said Applejack, "You actually come from a world were humans can control the four elements and you're the Avatar, the only one who can control all four at once?"

Korra nodded, "That's right."

Rarity asked next, "And you and Twilight are somehow bonded soul sisters who share the Elements of Harmony and united her pony world with your human world before they both disappeared off the face of existence?"

Rainbow began, "And you latter got wings and a crown after you defeated your crazy uncle from taking over the world, some scary mask dude, a mad-man who poisoned you, and a power hungry centaur bull from stealing all the magic?"

"Technically, I only got the wings after I defeated my uncle and I stopped that mask guy before hand but, yeah. That about sounds it up."


Korra chuckled, she was experiencing a serious case of dejavu. Sunset was very interested in what Korra had just revealed to them. "So, now ponies have the power to bend as well?"

"Yeah. It came as a surprise to everyone."

"What's your bending power, Twilight?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, I can bend fire actually." just as she said this, she gestured with her hands as if she were firebending, but to her surprise, a magenta colored flame appeared on her hand. The others gasped in shock as Twilight diminished the flame. "Wow! I still have my bending."

"Wait, if you still have yours them…" Korra gently waved her hand in a swift motion, which caused the liquid from her cup to move at her command, wowing the girls. She slowly lowered the liquid down. "Amazing! We still have our bending powers."

The girls couldn't believe it. Twilight had just created fire out of thin air and Korra levitated liquid from a cup. Sunset was the most surprised. They were just like her.

"That is so cool! Only, why is Twilight's fire purple?" Rainbow asked.

"Probably to match my magic." said the alicorn princess-turned human. "It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I guess I can consider myself a pro now. Thanks to Korra, of course."

Korra simply shrugged, "Eh, you're okay I guess." she smirked at the former pony who playfully flicked a bit of her smoothy at Korra's face. Everyone else could tell just how close the two were with one another. Like sisters. With very different personalities.

"Oh, I do hate that you had to return at a time of crisis." Rarity said with a frown, "There's so much catching up to do!"

Applejack smirked as she sat on her chair, which was backwards, "For starters, a certain blue-haired guitar player was just askin' about you."

Twilight was sipping her smoothy until she spontaneously spit out the liquid from her mouth. She had completely forgotten about the human Flash Sentry. And by the sound of A.J's voice, he had not forgotten her one bit.

"Flash Sentry was asking about me?!" she asked in complete shock. She knew she felt drawn to the human Flash, however deep down she knew it wasn't true love, he simply, in a lot of ways, represented the one pony who would steal her heart at some point. She just didn't think it would be so soon.

After all, her friends were indeed mirror versions of her friends in Ponyville. Right down to the names and personalities. However, their backgrounds were slightly different, so of course there would be some differences in character. But none the less, they became her friends and accepted her almost in no time at all just as her pony friends did. The same rules applied to the human Flash.

Her Flash was sweet, chivalrous, a bit awkward, shy and incredibly loyal with a sense of right and wrong and the human counterpart was the same. But as similar as the human was to the pony version, they were not 100% the same still. In all the time Twilight was with her pony Flash, not once did she think of the human Flash. It wasn't that she didn't care for him, she just knew where her heart was. All in all, human Flash did embody the pony she loved.

But he was still not him.

Boy, how was she going to tell him this? Should she tell him? She cleared her throat before speaking again. "Isn't that nice?"

Sunset arched an eyebrow, "Is there a problem?" she asked, "I thought you liked Flash Sentry."

"I did. I mean, I do, it's…it's just that…"

Korra placed a hand on her shoulder and answered for the others, "Twilight has her own boyfriend back home."

Right on cue, Pinkie Pie spit out her own smoothy in shock…before going back to sipping it again. Sunset cringed at the news.

"Oh…Well, that's great…not for Flash but, great for you, he, he."

Yeah, she felt pretty bad for the guy. He seemed so smitten with Twilight, it was almost painful of the idea of that sweet guy getting his heart torn. The others were thinking the same thing. Flash was a good friend to them, always sweet even before he met Twilight. They decided to change the subject.

"Perhaps you would give us just the slightest bit of gossip from your world?" Rarity asked before taking a sip of her tea, "Besides nearly being poisoned and killed by a ferocious monster and being accidentally burned by your best friend." she gestured to the burned mark on Twilight's arm and Korra blushed in embarrassment.

"They've got official titles now." Spike said as he sat on Fluttershy's lap and imitated fanfare with a dog biscuit, "The Princesses of Friendship!"

Sunset Shimmer smiled at this, though she did feel a bit down. She wasn't jealous, but hearing this news only made her wish she had learn more from Celestia. She had realized a while ago she did not deserve to be a princess on account of how she acted.

"Wow, that's really impressive." said Sunset, "Guess you really were Princess Celestia's prized pupil."

"They've even got their own castle!"

Rarity's eyes bulged open as she took Korra by the collar, accidentally spilling her smoothy on her shirt. "A castle?! You have your own castle?!?" the proper lady calmed down and helped clean up the mess she made on her new friend's shirt, "Eh…Ooh, uh, lovely."

"Well, enough about us," said Twilight "what's new here?"

"You know, besides your school becoming the target of dangerous magical creatures from Equestria bent on taking over the world?" said Korra.

Rainbow Dash rummaged into her bag and took out her smartphone. Korra had never seen contraptions like this. She bet Asami would have love them, she was always eager to make new technologies.

"Yeah, so, that isn't exactly the only strange thing that's happened since you left." Rainbow showed the princesses the screen of her phone, which replayed a video of Rainbow herself playing guitar, and as she played, she grew pony ears, wings and extension hair to look like a tail. She looked a lot like the Rainbow Dash Korra knew whenever she became anthro. Once the video ended, the two could not believe what they had seen as Rainbow leaned back, resting her feet on the table.

"Pretty sweet, huh? It happens to all of us when we play."

"Can I take a look at that?" Korra asked and Rainbow handed her the phone. The Avatar began fiddling with the buttons like a curious little child. "This is so cool!"

"You don't have smart-phones where you're from?"

"Not really. I bet Asami would love this!"

Korra was having fun playing with the phone, until Twilight had to forcibly remove it from her hands before she broke it. Twilight began to ponder on what they had just uncovered.

"Hmm. My crown was returned to Equestria, but some of its magic must have remained here at Canterlot High. Now that we're all back together, we can use that magic on the sirens. Just like when we were able to use it on Sunset Shimmer when she turned into that horrifyingly awful winged monster!" Twilight's eyes bulged open in realization and looked apologetically at Sunset. "No offense."

"None taken." Sunset said disgruntled, "Heh. I'm used to it."

Rainbow Dash stood up from her chair, waving her fist into the air. "They'll never even know what hit 'em!" she began doing some karate moves and yells. She threw a punch, which was blocked by Applejack.

"We've got nothin' to worry about now that Twilight's back. And with Korra on our side, those Dazzlings won't stand a chance."

Korra agreed, "Yeah. I mean, how scary can they be now that they're three teenage girls? Trash talk, slam your makeup? Please, I've faced criminals who were ten times worse."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure I could find something to worry about." Fluttershy said as she held Spike, "But it won't be the sirens."

"The sooner we do this, the better." said Twilight, "Any idea where the Dazzlings might be?"

Rarity and Sunset booth shrugged and shook their heads in 'no'. Pinkie Pie tapped in Twilight's shoulder to say something, but first took a few good, long sips of her smoothy before sighing in satisfaction, "There's a big party tonight for all the bands who signed up to be in the showcase! That would include the Dazzlings."

Korra stood up from her seat, taking the lead. "Looks like we've got a party to crash."


The Mane…Seven, I guess we could call them now, and Korra were all walking down the halls of Canterlot High.

"I never realized how much I missed this place." Twilight said as she walked down the halls of the school.

Korra's eyes sparkled as she looked around her, "It's amazing." The school was indeed large with a gorgeous structure and designs on the walls, balconies and stairs. It was like a modern fairytale school.

As the girls made their way to the auditorium, where the party was being held, they passed by two male students who were arguing with one another. "Watch where you're going!" the tallest said before shoving the shorter one into the locker, and he glared at his assaulter.

The scene triggered something in Twilight's memory. She once again saw Ghazan and Ming-Hua attacking her with their bending attacks, showing absolutely no mercy. Twilight gasped as she came back to the present and started to sweat. Her heart was beating fast. Korra placed her hands around her shoulders to calm her down.

"Breath, Twily. Breath."

The girl did as Korra instructed, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Twilight finally managed to calm herself down. "Yeah. No big deal. I'm fine." she walked on ahead to the gym, while the others looked at Korra, silently asking what had happened to Twilight.

"Is she okay?" Sunset asked with concern.

"Let's just say, the fight with Zaheer, took a pretty big toll on both of us." The girls grew more concerned, but Korra forced herself to smile. "Don't worry, we're working through it. But, promise me you won't mention it to her. When she wants to talk about it she will. Okay?"

The girls looked at one another, but agreed with Korra. They just hoped she would be all right to stop the sirens.

Inside the gym, all of the students were arguing with one another. And if some weren't arguing, others were simply ignoring or scorning the other. As Korra looked around, she could see so many of the humans looked uncannily similar to the local ponies from Ponyville.

She saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Bulk Biceps, Snips and Snails, Photo Finish, Derpy, even Trixie. Wow, it really was a mirror world. But seeing everyone so antagonistic towards one another, truly was a heartbreaking sight. The girls stood by one of the tables by the punch bowls and plates of cookies. Snips and Snails were arguing with Flash Sentry who frustratingly took his cup and walked away.

"I'm gonna get more punch!"

As he headed towards the table he glared at Snips, and was blind at the person who was walking in front of him. She too did not acknowledge him.

They finally noticed the other once they crashed. The cup fell and Flash instinctively grabbed Twilight by the waist, preventing her from falling. Their eyes met once again and Twilight's heart began beating fast, not from feeling flustered…but anxious and scared.


Flash couldn't believe it. She came back. She really came back. For the first time all day, he smiled. Twilight blushed. The human version of her boyfriend was standing right in front of her…holding her waist. This didn't feel romantic at all. It felt weird on so many levels. She was so grateful her Flash wasn't around to see this. Twilight was so nervous that she stammered with her words.

"Eh, bumped, into, always, doing?"

Flash Sentry, being the gentlemen that he was, helped her stand up straight. "What are you doing here? You came back for the big competition, right?"

"Something like that."

"Huh. Not that there's gonna be any real competition. No one here wants this as bad as my band does!"

Twilight bit her bottom lip nervously. "Well, good luck with that." Once the words came out of her mouth, Korra face palmed herself.

"You look…different." he said. Then, he noticed the burn mark on her left arm. "What happened to your arm?"

"Hu? Oh, that? Just a, little fire accident, but I'm fine." to try and make the situation less awkward as possible, Twilight grabbed Korra by the arm and forcibly dragged her towards her and Flash. "Have you met my friend Korra? Korra, this is Flash Sentry. Flash, Korra. Korra, Flash."

It was kind of weird to see the other world Flash standing before her. But Korra was polite none the less. "Nice to meet you Flash." she said as she shook his hand.

"Likewise. So, you from out of town too?" he asked while using air quotes. He and pretty much the rest of the school were well aware of Twilight's true origins, so he figured Korra was just like Twilight. Sort of speak.

"Yeah, you could say that." she answered, "So, Twily tells me you're a musician."

Flash smiled rather smugly, "Yep, and my band is gonna wipe the floor at the Battle of the Bands. Just you wait an see."

The doors opened and Rainbow Dash saw their main competition enter the gym. She quickly took a chocolate chip from the cookie Pinkie was eating and threw it at Twilight's head, catching both her and Korra's attention. Rainbow nodded her head to her left and the princesses spotted three suspicious looking girls.

The Dazzlings no doubt.

Korra pouted once she saw them. They didn't look so tough. In fact, they didn't look like they could even take a punch. They seemed to spend more time at the salon than at the gym. Though she had to admit, their outfits were pretty appealing. If only those cloths were worn by nice people instead of these monsters. Twilight turned to Flash, "Could you excuse me for just a minute?" she quickly zipped away and Korra waved once more at Flash.

"Nice meeting you. Later!"

Rainbow gestured to the others to follow the princesses while Pinkie Pie shoved a few more cookies into her puffy hair, with one cookie still in her mouth.

Adagio smiled wickedly as she watched the students arguing with one another, which was somehow starting to sound louder and louder as it went on. "Oh, no! No one's mingling!" she said in mocking surprise before reverting back to her wickedly self, "It's like there's some kind of underlying tension that could bubble to the surface at any minute!"

"It's the fruit punch, isn't it?" Sonata asked as she held a jar of juice, which was really apple. But she was far too dumb to tell the difference, "I knew I used too much grape juice!"

Adagio scoffed in annoyance, "It's not the fruit punch! It's us!"

"But the punch is awful, too." Aria said, making Sonata angry.

"What do you know about good fruit punch?"

"More than you!"

"Do not!" Sonata swatted Aria's face.

"Do too!" Aria swatted Sonata's face also, messing up her bangs in the process.

"This is just the kickoff party, girls." Adagio said, "Imagine what a tizzy they'll be in by the time the Battle of the Bands starts."

"There isn't going to be a Battle of the Bands!"

The Dazzlings turned their attention towards Twilight, Korra, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, who still had a cookie in her mouth while in a karate pose.

"We're gonna make sure of that!"

Sunset smiled proudly as she watched her friends, ready to take on the sirens.

"Alright, girls, let's do this!" Twilight took Korra's hand and the rest of the girls held hands with one another, feeling the power of their friendship within them. But for some reason, Korra felt that something was off. While the others looked determined, Korra looked on with uncertainty. Something just wasn't right. Twilight exclaimed with great pride,

"Friendship is magic!"

……Nothing. Nothing happened.

Korra suspected it. There didn't appear to be enough magic to really unleash. Which was odd. They were all together, but nothing happened.

The Dazzlings simply shrugged, also unsure about what was going on. Sunset was just as surprised while everyone around simply watched in an awkward silence. Rainbow Dash opened her eyes, realizing the complete lack of anything exciting.

"Uh, weren't there rainbows and lasers and stuff last time?"

Twilight was just as confused by this. "I don't understand. We're all together again. Why isn't this working?"

"This doesn't feel right." said Korra. "I don't think just holding hands and shouting is enough. There's something missing."

Twilight had to agree. She too felt something was a miss, but she simply shrugged it off. She should have listened more. Things sure didn't seem to be going well, now everyone was looking at them like they were nuts, while the Dazzlings smiled smugly. Their smiles were enough to make Korra's blood boil.

Spike jumped onto Twilight's back, "You, uh... really need to go ahead and do that whole "magic of friendship" thing now." he whispered.

"We're trying, Spike. I thought all of us standing together against the sirens would bring out the magic we needed to defeat them. That's what happened before."

"Talk about throwing down the gauntlet!" Adagio began, "This group is obviously serious about winning! A little cocky though, aren't they? Claiming there won't really be a battle. Seems they think they already got this thing all locked up."

This was enough to ignite the already burning competitive and greedy desires among the students.

"Not if the Great and Powerful Trrrrrixie has anything to do with it!"

"Whatever, Trixie!" Flash exclaimed angrily, "We're the best band at CHS!"

Apple Bloom stood up, "No! The Crusaders are gonna win!"

Now, every single student argued with one another. Their cruel words growing louder and louder, meaner and more cruel as green mist manifested around them. The mist was absorbed into the red gems around the Dazzling's neck, which gave them even more power. It was delicious.

The constant arguing rang loud in Korra's ears. All the hate, all of this negativity, it was all so strong. Too strong. She had seen this kind of attitude hundreds of times in her world. And she hatted it. She had to do something. Anything.

"SHUT IT!!!!!!"

Korra's loud banshee scream echoed in the walls of the gym, silencing everyone. The Avatar looked at them all with a stare only an upset mother would give. "What is the matter with all of you?! You're letting this stupid competition turn you all into complete jerks! For crying out loud, you're yelling at your own brother and sister! Is any of this really worth it?"

Everyone was silent. This girls words were strong and powerful. They could clearly see the passion behind them.

"Well? Is it?"

Instead of arguing, the students were now chatting with one another. Asking if there was some truth to her words. Why were they behaving like this? Were they being so caught up in the competition that they said and behaved in a way that was out of their character?

The Dazzlings knew what was happening. Some way, somehow, this girl was weakening their hold on the students. Adagio had to come up with something. And fast.

"Bravo, newbie. Bravo. Using the old guilt trip to give yourself a higher advantage. My, how low are you willing to go?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

Adagio was taken aback by her firm response. This girl didn't look even the tiniest bit intimidated.

"Besides, what was wrong with the musical showcase anyway? Why does it have to be a competition?"

"To prove who is better of course." the blond said arrogantly.

"By being cruel to everyone? What's the point of being a winner if you're nothing but a monster?"

Adagio was slowly beginning to lose her cool as some of the students began wondering the meaning behind this new girl's words. Adagio's anger slowly grew. This girl was not backing down so easily. She approached Korra and sneered at her, doing her best to intimidate her. But then, she realized something. This girl seemed so…familiar somehow. There was something about the way she glared, and the way she stood so protectively before her friends. She knew she had witnessed this kind of behavior before, she just couldn't figure out exactly what it was.

"You think you're so tough, don't you?"

Korra simply narrowed her eyes. She knew what this girl was trying to do. But she would not allow it. She would not let her bitterness towards this girl cloud her better judgment. Even though she was technically an evil magical creature, she did not frighten her one bit, she was just another selfish and greedy bully in this world. Sunset took Korra by the arm, "Korra, let's just go."

"Oh, surrounding yourself with the School's bad seed, are you?" Adagio said in a mocking tone, "Yeah, that'll really help with your band's chances of winning."

"You leave her alone!" Korra ordered.

"Why? Because she "changed"? Ha, nobody ever really changes."

Sunset's anger towards the sirens only grew, and her hands began to feel warm. At the corner of her eye, Twilight noticed this, and even Korra. But unbeknownst to Korra, Adagio noticed this too. She knew she had seen something like that somewhere before. The Avatar took the red/yellow haired girl by the arm and led her and her friends away from these creatures.

"Come on guys. We're done here." The Mane Seven and Spike followed Korra to the doors, when Adagio spoke again.

"Oh no, sweetheart. We have barely begun."

Korra simply ignored her and left along with her friends as Adagio's evil smile remained on her face.

"I think we may have found what we're looking for. Or rather, it found us." By the looks of it, Sonata had no idea what was going on. Aria slapped herself in frustration and Adagio yelled, "Magic!! Don't you see?! Everyone else has fallen under our spell. But not these girls. These girls are special. Especially that new one. We better keep a sharp eye on her."


Outside of the school, at the plate of stair near the entrance, Twilight was pacing back and forth, trying to come up with a solution to their problem. Korra was silent. How could she had blown up like that?

"That was a pretty bold move, Korra" Sunset stated.

"I'm sorry but…you know what? No. No, I'm not sorry I spoke the truth to those students. Not one bit." the tone in her voice was strong and powerful. "I've seen way too much hate and animosity back where I'm from, I couldn't stand to see it here. I just had to say something."

Twilight's eyes widened in realization and founded her fist into her palm, "That's it!"

"What's it?"

"When you spoke, the students listened. Whatever grip the sirens had on them, you somehow weakened it."

"But, even so, I don't think an inspirational speech is going to be enough to weaken their spell."

"What I don't understand is why we couldn't create the spark that would help us break the spell completely. That's how it worked when I was here."

Sunset Shimmer stepped in saying, "But to defeat me, you drew magic from the crown I was wearing. The sirens' magic comes from their music." she pondered, "So maybe you have to use the same kind of magic to defeat them."

Both Korra and Twilight shared the same surprised looks and Sunset lowered her head in shame.

"Or… maybe not."

Korra smiled at the former bully, "No. I think you're onto something."

"Really?" Sunset smiled.

"It's when you play music that you transform now, right?"

Applejack nodded, "Yup. Ears, tails, the whole shebang."

Twilight Sparkle continued, "So maybe the way to use that magic to defeat the sirens is by playing a musical counter-spell!"

Fluttershy was intrigued as she removed the hair from her left eye, "You mean like a song?"

"Uh-huh. And Korra can sing it."

The Avatar's eyes widened in surprise, "Me?!"

"Her?!" Rainbow asked, equally surprised. And slightly offended. "Like, as in, lead singer? Cuz that's usually my gig. This being my band and all."

"It's our band!" Applejack stated, "And, of course, as lead singer. You saw how powerful her words were back in there, imagine how powerful they'll be singin'."

Rainbow Dash tried her best to brush it off, "Okay, yeah, that's cool. I'll just use this as a chance to hone my already insanely good lead guitar skills." she said while playing air guitar.

Korra was willing to do whatever it took to stop those sirens. "Well, okay, I'll do it. But only one condition…you have to sing with me, Twilight."

Now it was Twilight's turn to be surprised, "Me?!"

"Our magic is more powerful when we're together. I need you. We all do, right girls?"

The rest of the friends all nodded in agreement and Twilight decided to give it a shot. "All right then. Now, in order to fully free everyone who's been exposed to the sirens' spell, we'll need them all to hear it."

The girls all pondered together, thinking on ways to get the entire student body to hear their song. That's when Rarity stood up gasping. "The band competition! That's the next time we can be certain everyone will be in the same place at the same time."

"Guess the Rainbooms are the band to beat." said Applejack as she smiled at Rainbow Dash, who returned the gesture. Rarity extended her hand towards Twilight and Korra.

"And I believe you, ladies, just became the Rainbooms' newest members."

Five of the girls happily giggled and cheered for the two, while Sunset Shimmer simply sat there, once again, feeling left out of the loop.

Pinkie Pie appeared next to Twilight unexpectedly, "So what do you wanna play? Triangle?" she asked while playing a triangle, "Sousaphone?" she blew on the instrument so hard it made both Korra and Twilight's hair bellow in the wind, and nearly tipping off Korra's hat. "Theremin?" she played the instrument's haunting melody. "Soooo magical." she said dreamily.

"I might take a little too long to learn how to play something with these." Twilight said while wiggling her fingers, "I'll just stick to singing with Korra."

Rainbow Dash huffed at this, "Great, two lead singers." she said bitterly/sarcastically. Korra should have known that even the mirror Rainbow Dash wouldn't like sharing the spotlight.

"Relax, R.D. It's only temporary." said Korra, "And we don't have to win the Battle of the Bands. We just have to perform during the first round of the competition."

Rainbow Dash decided to be a good sport and get her head in the game. "Well, okay, whatever. Now, let's get to learning that musical counter-spell!"

"Uhhhhh," Korra tapped the tips of her index fingers together and looked at Twilight, hoping for a response.

"Well, that's just it. We don't know any." Twilight confessed. This caused the rest of the girls to grow depressed.


"But I'm sure we could figure out how to write one."

Spike walked up to Twilight, tapping her leg with his paw. "Totally! Twilight can write a spell like it's nobody's business and Korra's got pipes like you've never heard of. That's pretty much how they got to become princesses."

"Technically, I helped finish a spell." Twilight stated, "And there was a little more to it than that, Spike."

"Yeah, and I didn't become a princess by singing." Korra also stated while crossing her arms. "It was by tapping into my inner spirit and uniting two separate worlds."

"Yeah, whatever."

Noticing the slight worried expressions on their faces, Twilight smiled with all the confidence she could master. "We've got this." she said before picking Spike up in her arms and started walking back to the entrance of the school. "C'mon!"

"Where you going?" Korra asked.

"Well, last time we were here, Spike and I spent the night in the library."

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me." Korra said rather jokingly. Pinkie Pie appeared and hugged the two so tightly they almost couldn't breath.

"Are you crazy?! We're besties now! Slumber party at my house!"

Judging my the smiles on their faces, it was clear that a slumber party was a great idea!


Before the slumber party, Sunset led Korra, Twilight and Spike to her place, which in reality was a very small apartment room. The place didn't have much, minus for an employer's uniform on the side of the wall, hung on a hook. Twilight always did wonder how Sunset managed to live in the human world for so long without a place to stay. Apparently, she made herself a pretty decent living.

"So, what did you want to talk to us about?" Korra asked.

Sunset Shimmer fiddled with her hands nervously, unable to look at them both in the eye. "I didn't want the others to know about this."

"Know about what?"

"Well…about what you said of ponies inheriting bending from their ancestors that once lived in your world."


"Well…" with much hesitation, Sunset Shimmer closed and opened up her fist…creating a flame! She quickly diminished it, still being completely new to this power.

"I knew you were hiding something!" Twilight exclaimed, "But, why didn't you tell us."

"I was scared. It all happened a couple weeks ago. I was near the school and the portal started to glow. I saw these…I don't know, northern lights and they swirled all around me. Next thing I knew I had these powers this…this bending."

Korra and Twilight's eyes winded in awe, "Harmonic Convergence." Korra said in a slight whisper.

"But, how is that possible?" Twilight asked, "Harmonic Convergence happened almost seven months ago."

"I guess time really does move differently here. That would explain how the Sirens reappeared after so long." Korra turned to Sunset, "Do the others know about this?"

"No. I was afraid to tell them. I thought that once they found out they would get scared of me."

"Sunset, bending is nothing to be afraid of. Look, if you let us, Twilight and I can teach you the basics."

Sunset smiled with excitement, "Really?"

"Of course. We're pretty much masters at this so you're in good hands."

Sunset smiled graciously. She was so relieved that they understood her situation. "Thanks. That would help a lot."

Korra and Twilight walked to the very center of the room and got into a firebender stance. "Okay, take your stance."

"Wait, you mean right now?" Sunset asked confused.

"Sure, what better place to practice?" said Twilight, "Besides, I don't think we'll be able to firebend in public."

Sunset chuckled, "Yeah, you make a good point." she stood beside Twilight as she instructed her.

"Just place your feet apart like this." Twilight positioned her feet and Sunset mimicked her action, "Good. Now, take in slow deep breaths." Sunset did as Twilight instructed. "Relax. Clear your mind. Now think about something that ignites you. Whatever thrives you. Focus on it and unleash it."

Sunset's eyes twitched as she tried to focus. But sadly, there was nothing that thrived her. Instead, all she was clouded with were visions of her past monstrous self. Sunset screamed and stood a few feet back.

"Sunset! You okay?" Korra asked with concern.

Sunset shook it off. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Let's try again."

Korra knew that Sunset was not right. Not right at all. The poor girl looked so anxious and tentative. Emotions she was far too familiar with herself. "Let's…do something simple. Try making a small flame like you did before."

Sunset extended her hands, clenched her fists and opened them again, unleashing a very small flame.

"Not bad. Now, see if you can make it just a tiny bit bigger."

Hesitantly, Sunset inhaled and exhaled slowly as Korra instructed her though the process. "Relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Keep your eyes on the flame."

Her cyan eyes were locked on only the dancing red and orange fire in her hand. But, the more she looked into it, the more and more she could see the image of her past self. It was so clear in her mind. Sunset immediately lowered her hands and the flame diminished as she got on her knees, covering her face in shame. Twilight and Korra both kneeled beside her, comforting her.

"It's okay, you did good." Korra assured.

Sunset Shimmer stood back up, not even looking at either one of them. "I'm sorry. I can't do this."

"Sunset Shimmer,"

"No matter what I do I can still see that monster! Korra isn't there some way you can remove these powers? I don't want anything to do with them!"

Korra sighed sadly, "I"m sorry but I can't do that. Your powers are a part of you. You don't have to be afraid of them."

Sunset only lowered her gaze. But Korra was not giving up on her new friend. "Look, I know what it's like to go through a traumatic experience. The memory still stays even long after it happened and you wish it could just go away but, for some reason, it just can't. But you know, a very wise friend told me that moving on doesn't mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living."

"She's right," Twilight began, "You may have made some bad mistakes in the past, but you survived that. You can create a new path for yourself, even if you're still scared."

As wise and comforting those words were, for Sunset Shimmer it was not that simple. Korra decided to burry all of this under the rug for the time being. "Why don't we put this all aside and have some fun tonight?"

"I'd like that." said Sunset as she slowly smiled.


Author's Note:

Remember, I also will Korra-fy season 5 of MLP.