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Friendship can bring even the darkest heart back into the light.

After she nearly survived the Red Lotus and Tirek, Korra is finally feeling like her old self again. But while she is joyful at long last, her friend Asami is still struggling with her feelings for Bolin. When Korra and Twilight receive invitations to the Crystal Empire Winter Ball, Asami sees this as the perfect opportunity to make her move.

But not all is well when Korra and the others begin receiving nightmares from their pasts and Asami begins to behave uncharacteristically harsh and bitter. The celebrations are put to a horrible end when Asami suddenly becomes possessed by the spirit of NightMare Moon, takes Twilight Sparkle hostage and vows to plunge the entire world into an eternal dark winter!

Now Team Avatar must venture into the spirit world to find Wan Shi Tong, who has taken the Prophesy Book, which contains the answer to saving their friends before time runs out. But they will need to face their own worse fears before they can conquer the darkness.

Will The Magic of Friendship prevail, or will it, for once, be their greatest downfall?

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Awesome! I was wondering when this would happen. I can't wait to see how this goes, plus I can't wait for the other miniature story arcs like Varrick learning about the true gift of hard work from the Apple Family. Why I'd like it if he was present at the Apple Family Reunion.

Okay I am happy to see that you have made another entry back into The Little Pony Legend I have been chomping at the bit for more.

Is Discord going to appear here?

Great chapter, but something's definitely wrong with Asami.

Splendid chapter once again

Things went from bad to worse for Asami.

They've got to help Asami and Twilight!

I can't wait to see them meet Wan Shi Tong

It was nice to see Iroh again

I wonder what did happen in that fog to make Korra have faith in Unalaq

Brrr. That's chilling. This is just like Season 2!

That being said, it's kinda funny the way you use dreams to foreshadow and explore the plot. The asami dream was funny, also the way Mako and Flash respond to it was a laugh, especially in the way they needed to step outside. I wonder what bolin was thinking in that moment? "Oh boy, now they're laughing but they don't want me to see it."

And some oddly specific foreshadowing about asami. Is she turning evil, and the spirits are giving the ideas to Korra as a warning?

Well, let's see what's to come in the crystal empire.

Hmm, so a lot of this chapter is just foreshadowing and buildup with some surprise cameos and the like. However, I think the biggest surprise for this chapter was this line. Opal felt pretty hurt by her words, but she refused to give up. "I'm breaking up with him."

This changes everything we thought before, because it shows that Opal saw something different in how Bolin and Asami were, and wanted that to grow rather than feel resentful about it.

Great chapter. I hope Korra will be ready to help Asami by fighting her.

I'm ready for the next chapter

I was wondering about how she got the castle in the fourth book and now I know and so the last chapter takes place after Rainbow Rocks.

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