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The Little Pony Legend: The NightMare's Return - MaggiesHeartLove

Before Korra stopped Kuvira, she had to confront another friend who has turned to the darkness. But will her compassion, for once, be her downfall?

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The NightMare's Return


James 2:17 ~

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.


The Little Pony Legend: The NightMare's Return

In centuries, Equestria has never looked more beautiful. While it still maintained its bright and alluring colors, it did look a little different. But none the less, everypony was happy.

Where they different now? Yes. Where they good changes? Absolutely!

A group of young fillies were happily walking along the town of Ponyvile, when a blur of tan and blue flew right above them. It was the newly crowned Princess Avatar Korra flying up high with her beautiful wings feathered wings which created a gentle breeze, making her brown locks dance.

"Good morning, everypony!" the princess said happily as she waved at the ponies, who happily waved in return.

"Good morning, Korra!"

She winked and saluted them before flying off. In a lovely field, the Mane Six, Spike, Tenzin and his family, Mako, Bolin and Asami where preparing a nice picnic. Fluttershy brought some lovely flowers while Jinora arranged the plates with Asami's help. Flash Sentry placed a nice mini blanket for him and his girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle to sit on together. Mako looked up at the sky and smiled when he saw his girlfriend soaring high above his head. He had never seen her more content and free. It was as if she was always born to have wings…literally.

Korra finally landed on the ground near her friends and family and placed the basket near two more. Everybody brought something to the picnic; the ponies brought fresh apples and fruit, Pema made her famous home cooked meals while Korra had just recently purchased some cakes and sweets from Sugar Cube Corner.

"Korra, you finally made it" said Tenzin

Korra placed the box near the baskets, "I got the cupcakes." she tells them.

Pinkie Pie jumped happily, "Yay! Cupcakes"

Just as Pinkie was about to take a bite, Asami stopped her, "Easy Pinkie Pie, wait until you've eaten your meal first"

Pinkie lowered her ears in disappointment. Korra sat down next to her boyfriend and smiled, "This picnic brunch was a great idea, Rarity." she said.

The unicorn was wearing a lovely sun hat and a pair of elegant sunglasses, "I couldn't agree more, darling. It is nice for all of us to spend some quality time together."

Asami agreed, "No kidding. I've been up to my neck in paperwork back at the office."

Spike walked over with a plate of apple slices on toothpicks, for which Asami graciously took one, "Well you don't need to worry about that" said Spike happily, "Today is all about us having a nice relaxing day."

Twilight agreed, "Spike's right. And it's such a beautiful day."

Jinora relaxed on the grass as she looked up with a content smile, "Yeah, there's not a cloud in the sky."

Rainbow Dash flipped her mane proudly, "All in a day's work" she said with a confident smile.

They all turned to see Pinkie Pie carrying a phonograph and started playing some upbeat music, "And what's a picnic party without music?" she says.

Mako happily placed his arm around Korra's shoulder, who rested her head on his shoulder. Bolin stretched his arms before laying on the grass with his arms behind his head, "Everything's just right" he said with a happy smile.

"Yeah. Just perfect." his brother agreed, his eyes locked with that of his girlfriend's as they both smiled blissfully.

"Absolutely" Korra agreed, before kissing Mako's cheek.

Twilight levitated some tea into some two cups and handed them to Tenzin and Pema, "Thank you, Twilight." Tenzin said as she and his wife graciously accepted the beverage.

Ikki was admiring the beautiful flowers, when she spotted a bug crawling up the picnic basket. The young girl gently took the insect with her hand and placed it back on the grass, "There you go, little friend."

Asami was about to take another bite of her sandwich when she noticed a bug on the top of the bun, "Ew!" She quickly flicked the thing away with her finger. Meanwhile, Rarity was sipping of her tea, when she noticed it suddenly tasted a bit 'off'. Her eyes widened in horror as black beetle-like bugs began crawling right out of her drink. Rarity instinctively spitted the tea out of her mouth and dropped the cup.

"EW! What is in this tea?!"

Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy were sipping from their cups as well. At the sight of the bugs, they all simultaneously spitted out their drinks and dropped their cups.

"What gives?" Rainbow asked.

Bolin remain on the grass. His eyes closed, taking in the spring fresh air. When he suddenly felt something crawling on top of his nose. The earthbender opened his eyes and saw another one of the black bugs and screamed in horror as he began frantically waving his arms to shake the creature off.

"AAHHHH! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!"

Twilight and Flash both got up from their blanket once they realized that more and more bugs began crawling all around them. They climbed onto the picnic blanket and Pinkie Pie was about to 'inconspicuously' sneak a cupcake, when the box opened and more bugs came crawling out. The pink pony was furious.

"Hey! Where are the cupcakes!?"

Mako proactively held Korra close and Pema held Rohan tightly while the kids huged their father as the bugs continued to multiply. Everyone and everypony all stood up and backed away from their once beautiful picnic.

"What is going on?" Pema asked.

The bug then started to craw up their legs. Applejack tried to shake them off and keep them away from the air nomad family, "Where are all these littler critters comin' from?" she asked.

"I don't think I've ever seen those kinds of bugs before" said Fluttershy.

The bugs keep on coming, pretty soon the entire picnic was one big crawly black goop. But that was only half of it: They all gasped in horror as the bugs all merged together as one, their gross legs crawling all around, as they all rose up to take shape. Red markings suddenly appeared on their shells forming into and all too familiar pattern as the swam rose up, and took on the physical shape of an old foe….

"Vaatu!" Twilight cried out in fear.

Korra shook her head in disbelief, "No! That's not possible!"

Vaatu laughed maniacally as he launched towards Korra who shielded herself from the impact. Everything went dark….

Korra slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry at first but soon adjusted to the environment. She looked all around to find that all of her friends were gone. "Twilight? Tenzin? Mako! Where are you?" she cried out but nobody answered. She then took a better look at where she was. The place looked vaguely familiar to her, "Where am I?"

The walls were old and made of stone, it was clear she was not in her world or in Ponyville. She then noticed two regal looking thrones in front of her. One had an image of the sun above it, while the second had an image of the moon.

"Wait, this is Celestia and Luna's old castle." she said, having visited the place before.

"Not another step!"

Korra gasped as a shadowy figure suddenly emerged and walked out and stood in between the two thrones into the dim lights that emitted from the broken old windows. The young Avatar sighed in relief once she saw who it really was.

"Asami! Thank goodness it's you. Where is everybody? Where did Vaatu take them?"

However, Korra noticed there was something wrong; Asami did not look happy to see her. The raven haired woman looked down upon the winged avatar with green eyes filled with anger and envy, which was very unlike the young heiress.

"Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all bask in your precious glory?!"

"Precious glory?" Korra asked in disbelief, Asami had never sounded so cruel before.

"You don't deserve that crown any more than you deserve to be an alicorn!"

"Asami, why would you say those things? We're friends, remember?"

"Are you insane? How can we be friends after everything you've done to me in the past!"

"What? I thought we were pass this."

"There can only be one princess in this new era. And that princess will…be….ME!"

Asami stomped her foot hard onto the stone floor, and from that impact, a dark and sinister mist emerged, surrounding Asami as her eyes suddenly began to glow bright white.

Korra cried out in pain as she felt sharp jabs on her back and arms. She fell to the ground and surrounding her, she saw the familiar green orbs of the equalists. Behind them, emerged Vaatu. The fears Korra had felt one too many times in the past all came hurling back at her like a powerful tsunami.

The dark spirit laughed wickedly, "The night shall last….FOREVER!"



Korra gasped for air as she sat on her bed, cold sweat dripping from her forehead. She looked at her surroundings before sighing in relief. She was in her bedroom. The Avatar wiped the sweat from her forehead as she removed her blanket and swung her legs to the side of the bed. It was only a dream.

"Korra? You okay?"

The alicorn princess Twilight rubbed her sleepy eyes as she magically removed her blanket from over her. Even Spike was woken up. Ever since their experience with the Red Lotus, Korra had moved in with Twilight. The two were still haunted by nightmares of the poisoning and the beatings received by Zaheer, Ghazan and Ming-Hua, but not only were they getting weakly therapy sections with Queen Leilani, but being around one another helped ease their nightmares. Knowing that there was someone else who shared each other's situation was comforting, and since then the two have been even more inseparable than ever.

"Yeah, Twilight. Just another bad dream."

Twilight sighed sadly, "This is kind of starting to almost feel second nature to us, hu?"

Korra smiled kindly at her fellow princess, and tapped on the side of her bed, telling her to come over. Twilight flew out of her bed and laid beside her Avatar foster sister. Back when they still lived at Air Temple Island, the girls would share the bed Korra slept in, often with the rest of the Mane Six. Korra also asked Spike to come up as well, which he did. He viewed both girls like his big sisters.

And so, for the rest of the evening, the three friends slept soundly in Korra's bed. However, outside of Twilight's new rainbow palace, a strange sparkly blue mist grew from the ground before flying away into the wind.


The next day, Republic City was bursting with sound and joy. It had been three months since Korra and Twilight confronted the sirens in the mirror world, and defeat Tirek three weeks prior, and so far, nothing out of the ordinary has happened since. Everything was so peaceful, even the two Princesses of Friendship couldn't help but feel the joy that surrounded the place. They did the very best they could to enjoy the simple happy moments, and due to their current state, that wasn't always easy. But non the less, the two sisters happily flew around the city, waving hello to all they greeted. They flapped their large majestic wings, catching the wind beneath them.

Korra wore a new shirt, but it was still a very similar in design as her previous ones. It was similar to the one she wore at the south pole, only it was split in light blue, in the front, and dark blue, on the back, with decorative patterns on the front and her friendship necklace adorned her neck. Her long arm warmers reached her shoulders and revealed her fingers. Her fur pelt was slight purple in culler with white fur lining and a heart-shaped stone around the belt. Her pants were slim and had brown boots with purple diamond shaped at the top and her cutie mark was sowed onto the left side of her pants. Her hair was done in a low ponytail, with the cut edges of hair flaming both sides of her face.

Twilight wore a different outfit as well. Hers was a purple sleeveless shirt that reached past her waits with aquamarine outlines and was closed up by a star broach similar to her cutie mark. She wore dark blue pants and the same boots she always wore and arm warmers on her arms, one covering her already healed scar. Her burned mark barley looks like a scar anymore. The skin was already healed, but the form of the burn remained, looking more like a tattoo styled into a flame. Her new bangs were styled to the side of her face, giving her an edgier look.

Korra loved her wings, she loved flying, she loved feeling this free. And best of all, she loved having the energy to use them again. After she was poisoned, it took her a while to get herself back into shape. She was still rusty with fighting, but always felt at ease whenever she and Twilight hung out.

A nearby shop keeper happily waved at the two, "Good morning, your Majesties!"

"Good morning, Mr. Chung." the two greeted and waved in union before flying off again. The two marveled at the beautiful world they had created, and they could still hardly believe their eyes. Despite the bumpy ride that came before hand, their victories were evident in the smiles of their many friends.

(The Song of Life, by Mandy Moore)


There's a rhythm of this world…in every nation

Korra briefly flew away from Twilight for a moment while she was looking in the opposite direction. Twilight abruptly stopped in mid air, looking for Korra.

A never ending son

A celebration

(A celebration)

The Avatar giggled as she hid behind a billboard, created a snowball from her hand and hurled it at Twilight's head. The alicorn spotted Korra laughing before flying away, with an annoyed Twilight in pursuit.


A song that dances on the wind

Singing through the trees

It's opened up my world and sky

Made them new for me!

The two girls continued flying across the city, bypassing more happy folk who sang along.

Singing to the song of life!


Moving to the heartbeat


Singing to the sun and sky


I'm flying


Singing to the song of life


Living every moment


Singing to the day and night


I'm trying hard to believe it's not just a dream

Singing the song

Korra and Twilight:

Living the song of life!

Mako and his new partner, Flash Sentry, were scouting the streets. Mako rode on his bike while Flash Sentry flew beside him. The two boys spotted their girlfriends flying above them. Mako stopped his bike and removed his goggles while Flash landed beside him.

Hearing her boyfriend's voice, Korra and Twilight lowered down, but still hovered a few feet above the ground. Mako got off his bike and hugged Korra while Flash and Twilight did the same.


Sailing on the summer night flying high


Dancing to the beating of our hearts

In paradise


I hear the song of the moon and stars

I hear the children sing


It's a celebration of every heart


Of every living thing

As the couples continued to sing, the boys followed the princesses as they continued to sing along with the merry people, spirits and even ponies of Republic City.


Singing to the song of life

Korra and Twilight:

Moving to the heartbeat


Singing to the sun and sky


Oh, oh, oh, I'm flying


Singing to the day and night


Oh, oh and every moment


Singing to the day and night


Whoa, oooooooohhhhhhhhh!

The singing continued as the four sang all their way towards the park, where more and more friends started to sing and dance.


Singing to the song of life


Singing to the sun and sky


Oh, oh, oh, I'm flying


Singing to the sing of life


Singing to the sun and sky


Singing to the day and night


I'm trying hard to believe

It's not just a dream


Singing the song


Living the song of life!

Once the song came to a close, everybody clapped and cheered before returning to their daily routines. Korra and Mako hugged while laughing. The young firebender was so happy to see his beloved so content and at peace. Even though it had been a while since the events with the Red Lotus, the memory of how depressed and distant Korra was still haunted his thoughts from time to time. Even the memory of when Twilight was in the exact same state was hard for him, and for Flash Sentry. But thank the heavens above the girls were finally getting their act together.

"That was fun." said Flash Sentry, "It sure is good to see you girls acting like yourselves again."

"Thanks, sweetie." said Twilight Sparkle, "We feel great!"

"Guess Leilani's therapy sections are paying off, hu?" Mako asked.

"It was a bit tough and go for a while, but overall, yeah." Korra smiled at her boyfriend, making him even happier. The group took a moment to look around the park, seeing humans, ponies (anthro or otherwise) and even some spirits around, playing and living in perfect harmony.

"I still can't believe it." Korra said, "It's been nearly eight months since Harmonic Convergence, and look at everyone."

"It's so nice to have humans, spirits and ponies living together in harmony." said Twilight.

Korra couldn't agree more. She then clapped her hands together when a thought crossed her mind, "Oh! I just remembered; tonight we're having a little get together at Air Temple Island."

"Oh, yeah!" Twilight exclaimed excitedly, "We've got a big surprise for everyone!"

"What is it?" Mako arced curiously.

"We can't tell you now or we'll spoil the surprise."

"Come on, just one hint?"

"No." Korra chuckled, only to have her boyfriend give her the pouty lip and puppy eyes, "The puppy dog face isn't going to work on me." she said.

"You sure?" he kept on the look and even began whimpering like a puppy, before showering her with kisses on her cheek, making her giggle.

"You're gonna have to be patient, lover boy."

Mako soon gave up on the attempts on getting his strong-willed girlfriend to talk, but he respected her wishes, he just wanted an excuse to make her smile. "All right, we'll wait."

Korra hugged him in gratitude, "Thanks! Be sure to tell Bolin, okay?"

"No problem. I'll tell him once he gets back."

"Back? Back from where?"

Mako took a brief moment to collect his next sentence, while scratching the back of his neck, "Well, he said he was….going to visit Asami latter today."

At the mention of this, both Korra and Twilight smiled widely with glee. "Really?!"

"Yeah. In fact, he's kind of been seeing her for a while now."

Korra's smiled grew and her wings flapped excitedly, lifting her a couple of feet off the ground. "Are you serious?" Mako couldn't help but smile while he nodded his head in 'yes', which only made Korra even happier. "Yes!! I knew they still liked each other!"

"Now, hold on Korra." Mako took Korra by the shoulders and lowered her down back to earth, "Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. Remember, he's still with Opal."

Korra's excitement died down, "Oh…right." she had nearly forgotten about the sweet airbender. She and Bolin had been going steady for a while now, but even so, judging by Mako's description, Bolin's feelings for Asami had not withered. Like Mako in the past, he was confused. "Has Bolin said anything about this to you?" she asked.

"No. Believe me, I've tried to talk to him but it seems even he's not completely aware of his feelings, so he's pretty clueless whenever I try to bring up the subject. I don't blame him, he's never really been in love before so this is all very new to him."

"True. He can be more oblivious than you are at times." said Twilight.

"Exactly….hey, wait a minute!"

Korra placed her hands on his chest, "Mako, I think it's time you confronted Bolin about this. Directly, I mean. Even if it throws him for a loop, he needs to know. And who better to tell him than somebody who's already been down that road?"

It still amazed Mako at how intelligent his girlfriend was. Maybe he was being a bit too patient with his brother out of fear it would confused him even more. Maybe now was the time for Bolin to receive a wake up call.

"You're right, Korra. All right, I'll talk to him."

Korra smiled and embraced Mako, who hugged her back, with Twilight and Flash joining in as well.


Meanwhile, a certain young heiress was stuck in her office, up to her neck in paperwork. She had been so busy redesigning the city's infrastructure and the task was a nightmare for her to handle. She loved her work, but at times it could be infuriating. Lately, she had been feeling even more irritated for some reason. She believed it was simply the stress. She would talk to someone about it but she didn't want to bother anyone else with her problems. Especially with how everyone was a tad more focused on Korra and Twilight's well being. While the two claimed to be getting better, their friends couldn't help but worry and be concerned for them. Stubbornness was a trait they both shared.

She was awoken from her thoughts when someone entered her office. His happy-go-lucky smile brightened up the room. "Hey, Sami! How's my favorite CEO doin'?" Bolin walked into the room, his hands behind his back, being cheerful as usual. His cheer was so contagious it eased Asami's stress.

"Good…drowning in paperwork with apparently no end in sight, but good."

"Weeeeeellll, maybe this will help cheer you up. How's about I treat you to lunch at Narrok's?"

Asami blinked, "Really? Sure Opal won't mind?" she asked, trying her best not to let her jealousy show.

"Why would Opal mind? Besides, she's been so busy off training with the airbenders, Mako and Flash are at work, and I've got nothing but free time on my hands. Besides, out of everybody I know, you deserve a break. And maybe a friend to keep you company."

Asami couldn't help but feel her cheeks turn red and her heart speed up. After many days of questioning her feelings, Asami finally came to the obvious and undeniable conclusion a few days ago…

Her heart was set on this enthusiastic young earthbender.

It didn't matter he had a girlfriend, it didn't matter if it was strange or didn't seem to make sense. She had fallen for him. She was so annoyed with herself that it took her this long to realized it. But even so, there was no way she could tell him how she felt. He was with Opal, there was nothing she could do to change that. Unless she bluntly confessed right then and there, but Korra had advised her not to go down that road. And she would know.

So, for now, she was stuck in the friendzone. But even so, she couldn't help but feel the smallest tug of hope that he might also share her feelings by his kind and thoughtful gestures. But maybe it was just wishful thinking.

"I would like that. Thanks."

Bolin rose his fist into the air in victory, "All right!!" he caught notice of his enthusiasm and composed himself, "I mean, let's go."

As the two exited her office, Asami briefly stopped for a moment, "Could you give me a sec, I'll be right out."

"Okay, sure."

Once he was out, Asami closed the door, clapped her hands over her heart and silently squealed with delight.


The two teenagers walked down the streets of Republic City, while small little transparent spirits hovered overhead. Despite the city air, it was still very nice to get out of her office and simply enjoy the scenery. The two eventually stopped to rest at Narroks for some noodles.

"Thanks again, Bolin. This break was exactly what I needed."

"No problem. I really don't get how you can stay in that place for so long."

"Yeah, well it's just the life of a business woman, I suppose."

"Seems like it can get kind of lonely at times."


"Hey, chin up! You're one of the lucky ones, you've got a whole network of friends behind you. And me."

Asami's eyes slightly widened, "You?"

Bolin's eyes snapped open in realization, "I--I mean, me another friend. Yeah, that's um, that's what I meant."

Asami eyed him suspiciously as the earthbender sipped on his drink, trying to act casual. She wondered why he was spontaneously nervous for a moment. The waiter arrived and placed the noodles on the table.

"There ya go, Bolin. One bowl of Narrook's famous home-made seaweed noodles for you and one for your lovely date."

"It's not a date!" Bolin and Asami both exclaimed in unison, before blushing in embarrassment while the waiter arched an eyebrow in confusion.

"Oooookay. Enjoy!" as he walked off he muttered under his breath, "Teenagers. Always so dramatic."

Bolin chuckled nervously, "Ha, ha, that guy always…with the jokes…funny."

"Yeah…funny." Asami's cheeks felt so red and began tapping her noodled with her chopsticks while having an internal conversation with herself.

"Why did I agree to this? He's with Opal I shouldn't even be here. But still, he's so sweet and cute and he's always been there. He's the best friend I could ever ask for. Ugh, why does this have to be so complicated?"

Little did she know, Bolin was having his own struggle as well. "What's the matter with me? Get it together Bolin, it's just Asami. No, no she's not like other girls. She's so nice and brave and pretty. I can't stop thinking about her and--wait, what am I saying? I'm with Opal, what's wrong with me?"

For a few moments, the two sat there in complete silence, both trying to find something else to say.

"Maybe I should stop beating around the bush." Asami thought, "I should just fess up and tell him. But, what if he doesn't feel the same and I ruin our friendship. I can't let that happen."

"Why is she so quiet? Did I do something wrong? Do I have something on my face?"

"Come on Asami, you never know if you don't try. Okay, deep breath. Here goes nothing." she released a sigh before speaking, "Bolin, there's something I…I've been meaning to tell you for a while now."

"What is it?"

"Well, you see" her heart rate speeded up and she could feel her hands shaking due to anxiety, "I…I…"


A voice caught both teens off guard and Asami could feel her spirits drop. Standing near their table was none other than the tan skinned, green-eyes airbender wearing her orange and yellow outfit. Bolin stood up from his chair to hug her.

"Opal! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I ended practice early and was in the mood for some of Narrok's noodles. I didn't expect to find you here." she then noticed the heiress next to her and waved with a smile, "Hey, Asami."

Asami forced a smile and waved as well, "Hey, Opal."

"Hey, now that you're here, we can all hang out." Bolin suggested with a smile. But Asami was already upset enough, she didn't need to be constantly reminded that she did not hold Bolin's heart. She stood up, maintaining the strongest face she could give.

"Actually, I should be getting back. Thanks for the break, Bolin. It was fun."

"But, you haven't finished your noodles yet."

"I'll take them to go. See you guys around. Sometime." with the bowl in hand, Asami walked away from the couple. But even as she left, she was unaware of the worried and even saddened look on Bolin's face as he watched her. A look even his girlfriend noticed.

"Everything okay?" she asked with concern.

"I'm just worried about Asami. It seems like she's been working too hard." he said with sympathy…but Opal noticed that there was something else.

"You sure seem to have been thinking about her a lot recently."

Bolin's eyes bulged open and started to stamper nervously, "W--What? That's crazy? Besides, you're my girlfriend." he emphasized the point by hugging her. But to Opal, the embrace still felt pretty empty.

"Uh-hu." was all she said.

Asami strapped on her seatbelt and ignited the engine on her car. Never had she felt this angry. Mainly at herself. "What was I thinking?" she looked at herself in the review mirror and sighed in defeat, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" she turned the wheel and started driving way, but the bitter feelings of jealousy, anger and sadness still remained.

As she drove off, the blue sparkly mist attached itself to the wheels, sinking into the vehicle.


It all happened so quickly. The flames, the screaming, the fear. He watched helplessly, his baby brother clinging closely. He was only eight years old while his brother was six. He told his brother to hide, looking away from the events before them. Only he stood to watch, he wanted to make sure they would come out alright.

He was wrong.

Right there in front of his innocent eyes, his world came crumbling down. Blood spilled, flesh was burned, and voices fell into silence. They were gone. The two people whom he admired and loved the most…were now gone.


And he was to blame. That monster with his wicked smile, the shadows hid his face, but his white teeth were as visible as the red in his eyes. He had no regrets for what he did. None whatsoever.

"See this, boy?" he spoke, his voice echoing through the open space between them. "This is life. If you don't toughen up, you'll end up just like your folks."

The little boy shed tears, "No…no!"

"Oh, yes. You'll never find happiness again. Ever!"



"NO!" Mako panted as sweat dripped from his brow and nose. His pony companion placed a hand on his shoulder, making him flinch.

"Dude, relax. It's just me."

The firebender looked at his surroundings. He was in his office at the police station, eyes looking at him with both confusion and concern. "What happened?" Mako asked.

"You dozed off. You're lucky Lin wasn't here or she'd murder you."

"What?!" Mako flinched once more and Flash placed his hand in front of him in surrender.

"Whoa, whoa, it was just an expression. What's with you, you've been jumpy all week."

This was true, Mako had been jumpy for a while now. He had a hard time sleeping and an even harder time keeping focus at work. It started only a few days ago and at first he believed it was just stress or he was in need of a vacation. Work did have him pretty swamped. But deep down, he knew it was maybe something else. Something he hadn't spoken about in a long time. He only spoke about it once to Korra, and no one else. He placed a hand on his forehead, taking in slow deep breaths to ease his anxiety.

"I'm okay. I just need a break is all."

"Mako, is something bothering you?" when his friend didn't respond, Flash placed both hands on his shoulder, "C'mon, you can tell me."

Mako was lucky to have a friend like Flash Sentry around. He was brave, considerate and honest. Maybe it would be okay to talk about it.

"It's my parents." he began, "It's been eleven years since they died. Every now and again I would have nightmares about that night. But I haven't had them in a long time so I don't know why it's happening now."

"Have you told Korra?"

"No way! She's already had to deal with enough, I don't want her to worry about this."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Hey, I've managed to work thought it before, I can do it again. Please promise me you won't tell Korra or Twilight."

Flash still didn't think it was wise to keep this a secret, but maybe he would give Mako the benefit of the doubt. If he wanted to talk about it he would in given time. Besides, this was something Flash could relate with, not having parents and all.

"Okay, I'll let it slide. But if you ever feel like talking about it, don't hesitate. Cool?"


Author's Note:

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