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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.


A new Age has begun, and so have the adventures of Korra and the Mane Six.

After saving both the human, spirit and pony worlds, Korra has gained her wings and transformed into the very first human alicorn Princess! However, just because she has a crown now, that doesn't mean her job will be any easier. Magic and spiritual energies now flow across the human world, creating enormous spirit vines, granting ponies bending and anthro forms, and airbenders popping out all over the Earth Kingdom. But while Korra has her hands full, Twilight Sparkle is unsure about her role as princess in Equestria or if Korra really needs her now.

When the group heads out to find more airbenders and re-establish the air nation, they soon realize that three criminals from Korra's past are on the hunt for her. Questions circulate their motives as well as the mystery of the Harmony Chest, which has yet to be open, as well as a blossoming possible romance between Bolin and Asami. But will the new girl Opal get in the way of that? Will Korra manage to defeat these new criminals, or will they prove to be her most difficult and most terrifying foes yet? Or will another foe prove to be her toughest?

Get ready for yet another epic Pony-Fied retelling of a Legend filled with music, fun and adventure!

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Oh s**t. When I got the notice that this story came out, I totally forgot about book 2 :twilightoops: :rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh: well, time to get back to reading book two :twilightsmile:

Three books. Each totalling over 100k words.

...I better get started from the top, aint I?

Excuse me? What song is Zaheer singing, or what parody is the song off?

5301281 The Dazzlings singing Battle of the Bands from the Rainbow Rocks movie.

5302826 The fanfic version of this story is completed and the Rainbow Rocks fic is posted on Fanfiction.net.

I love this, and I can't wait to see you continue the Legend with it's next story.

Dang, you update really quickly...

5313461 Technically, she's pasting this from her fanfiction.net account. So, it's actually pretty easy for her at this point.

As for this chapter, I've had...mixed feelings about your crossover material, in part because it just felt a bit odd, since despite all the other ponies and the like, the battles seem to be just as difficult as before. Though, I will say that you've made some interesting character choices. Now, as for this chapter, this felt great because you gave yourself to analyze our leads here. That in this "in between" space, the two of them can breathe and be free of the plot to just react to their pain. And that's a great writing choice.

Nice song from Frozen! I love it!

I love that song! It is my favorite song! I never expect to find it here! THANK YOU! I ALSO DO LOVE THE PRINCE OF EGYPT!

She rubbed her head as Meelo, Daw, Zaheer, and another male airbender looked on.

Hmm, I think you just gave away who that mysterious new Guy Yurro really is.

"…..You guys are an ancient secret society known as the Red Lotus who separated from the White Lotus after the thousand year war and you guys wanted to kidnap Korra when she was little so you could be her elemental masters so she would one day release Vaatu just like Unalaq planed, who was once a member of the Red Lotus but betrayed you and let you end up in jail and now you want Korra for I don't know what so you can take down world leaders and bring chaos into the world!" she ended the whole thing with a wide smile. *SQUEE!*

Ghazan had his mouth wide open and Ming-Hua was utterly speechless. Both looked over at Bolin, hoping for an answers as to how she knew about all of this. The young man simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, I never could figure her out either."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! :rainbowlaugh: I almost busted a gut when I read that part! You, my friend, are a master of implanting MLP parts with LoK parts!

You've actually done better with the songs in this fic. There were some that didn't feel right, but I can tell it's a great improvement. Looking forward to Book 4.

I was in the middle of the "Beginnings part 1" chapter of Spirit's of courage, and noticed you chose the following direction: not to over extend the makorra masami issue. I did some digging by reading the descriptions of your other stories and skipped the rest of Spirits of courage and started with this chapter. I applaud you for not emphasizing the love triangle in book 2, but I don't agree with the decision to make Makorra an item again. I always thought that the love plots in Korra were pointless, outside of OpalxBolin, and did not add much to the story outside of season 1. It almost seemed that bryke added pointless love subplot for the purposes of pointless subplot. I think adding in the love subplots again prevents the characters from growing to the great heights as they did in season 3 and 4. The character development in seasons 3 and 4 are not possible with a love story in the background.
We don't get
1: a Mako or asami who is defined beyond whatever relationship they are in. In my opinion, Mako did value his job above all else and it is out of character in the Sting of the Heart for him to want after korra again.
2: an Asami who is just a good friend first and foremost to team Avatar. She seems like she is still third wheeling if she doesn't develop a good friendly relationship with Korra. I saw in one of the descriptions that Asami is confronting Opal/herself about her feelings for Bolin, which I think is a disservice to her character. She can be more than a damsel looking for love like Bryke showed.
3: Bolin having to learn what a real relationship is like with Opal, and not because of some girl trying to steal him from Opal. His relationship issues stem from his own mistakes, which is a parallel to real life. Most relationship mistakes are due to our own failings not some outside schemer.
I was interested in reading this series but after reading ahead i'm a little teetering.

Yeah, I'll freely stick up for the romance in Book 1 (the worst about it is that it needed more scenes to make it less bumpy) but in Book 2, you could easily cut it out without affecting the major plot.

Mako didn't "value his job above all else." He did value it but mainly because he finally had a steady career after years of poverty. When confronted by the president, he was basically afraid of losing it all over again.

The love subplots aren't exactly pointless in Book 1 when it comes to the characters themselves.

You just went and turned Luna into Rafiki the monkey from lion king. :pinkiegasp:

And Lin into Simba :rainbowkiss:

"The Misty Palms Oasis." Twilight said. "I read about it. Most people go there for a relaxing getaway. Though after the thousand year war, not so much."

hundred year war

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8105993 not too bad, but it does get very dark during the second to last climax

Yeah, why is it that every time I see that scene where Korra breaks out of the chains in the Avatar State, I'm always reminded of this?


The feels were good in this chapter.

My list of Avatar characters that I hate continues to grow.

Lion King reference!!!

"Yeah, Flash is our honorary brother and a pony. Bro. Pony. Brony! Clever, right? Bet nobody's ever thought of that."

Sure, Bolin. Few years late on that one.

That is the good news.

The bad news is that Luna was about to mention Tirek !!

And what relationship will he have with Zaheer?

Spike jumped onto the driver's seat. "I'll drive!"

"Can't reach the pedals." Asami said.

"You'll drive!"

(That is the most funniest reference ever! XD [made from Lab Rats])

At long last, somebody got that reference!!!! 🥳

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