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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.


Three years after Korra met her pony sisters, united two worlds, and became a princess, her life has been looking up.

Until she mysteriously disappeared.

Now, Korra is lost in her own self- misery while her friends are doing everything they can to find her, and when they do Korra will need to move on front the past in order to stop a power-hungry dictator named Kuvira and restore balance to her home. But will Korra be able to overpower the curse placed upon her, and will she have the courage to put her own feelings aside to stop Kuvira, who was once her friend.

Friends and foes, old and new collide in this epic conclusion to the epic saga. With new songs and new faces and surprises around every corner.

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Awesome first chapter like before. What a bummer you couldn't get the song.

This set of stories keeps me glued too my seat I am glad that it has finally started looking forward to more.

AWESOME START! By the way, my computer can't access Fanfiction, so could you tell me at least what song was supposed to be in this chapter? I'll give you a mustache.

You have seamlessly combined my two favorite worlds.

You are a god!:trollestia:

Friendly word of advice, link to the previous stories.

Wow it seems something from the time of the Rainbow Rocks story might be affecting her something leaked into her turning her into a non alicorn/human/avatar because of both Zaheer and the Sirens she has too over come that or the world might be in big trouble with Kuvira and her ponies *Snorts about them*.

Prince Wu is seriously crazy.

Getting better with every chapter :pinkiehappy:

Excellent work. You are an inspiration.I'm starting to think the Dazzlings are manipulating Kuvira, but to what end? Who knows? By the way, you know what this might need: a song especially for Kuvira, such as Very Important Creature from Land Before Time or Things Are Not What They Appear from Pocahontas 2 or Ursula's Revenge from Kingdom Hearts 2. Food for thought.

Awesome chapter. Glad to see Korra's got her mojo back.


You're not going to believe of what I had already saw in the end. I can't believe that Adagio and Aria are crying for Sonata!

5511817 Please don't spoil anything for discordneal14. Can't activate fanfiction.net on the laptop! Please don't spoil the ending for those who haven't read the rest! I want them to be surprised!

Another great chapter. I can't wait for the next one.

Awesome chapter. It's sad how Korra wasn't able to defeat Kuvira, but the war has just begun and I know Korra can stop her.

All kinds of awesome right here.

Sweet chapter. I loved seeing them back together. Now they need Bolin to complete the team.

Ah, reunions. Always a happy moment.

Where's the rest of the chapter?

Awesome flashback stories. I can't wait to see next time.


What was that song Melody was singing that Varrick joined up in? It's driving me crazy!

Great chapter. I love seeing Zaheer really reformed.

Kuvira as a siren is a very dreadful thought, but it's nice to see they rescued Su and the others.

Kuvira willing to sacrifice her own love for her selfish conquest! I hope she pays dearly and regrets her actions.

Poor Hiroshi. Looks like he won't be making it to that wedding after all.

The war is done, and now for the Weddings!

I can not wait for the ending.

The way the sierns used Kuvira was pure genius. I like where its going

A fathers love is worth every sacrifice

Love is definitely in bloom. Well done.

I'll always remember this work of art.

This story will be my favourite for years to come thank u for makin an amazin story

Hey, I just finished my latest story and I think you'll just get excited at the ending. Actually, I KNOW it! :pinkiehappy:

I for one, absolutely love the Prince of Egypt, it is one of the best movies that was ever made. And the song "The Plagues" was the song that made my heart sink, to see two brothers put against one another.

I love the Victorius mention.

5497377 Just be glad he wasn't singing I just can't wait to be King.

To his redemption.

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