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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.

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Mortal Kombat Legends: Legendary Defenders ORIGINS: Keith · 8:53am February 12th


Within the open fields of Earthrealm, night had blanketed the beautiful prairie. But suddenly, a portal opens in the middle of it, revealing three warriors stepping through it. They were Galra warriors, sent to patrol Earthrealm to see if it poses a threat to the next tournament. The leader of the group examined the area and saw nothing around. “We must be long ways from the populations… perhaps we should portal ourselves there.” He suggested.

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Oh yeah and sorry for spoilers but the girls are probably going to have a really hard time trusting Alice again when it's revealed that not only was she the spy for masquerade but she was masquerade himself. And this is spoilers for season 2 and it's a big spoiler and it involves the deaths of the 6 legendary bakugan soldiers. And when Solaria hears about the death of the 6 legendary bakugan soldiers especially the death of her former partner bakugan Lars Lion she'll probably experience grief and great sadness over the death of her Life long friend but also anger and hatred at the vestals for causing her death. But I think you might have a scene where the bakugan soldiers show up to her in spirit and talks to her one final time before they go to whatever afterlife bakugan goes when they die.

Yeah dude It's annoying when people constantly pester you about when the next chapter is going to be. Some people don't know how to be patient.

I’m not interested right now, so please stop.

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