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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.


Next Story · 7:14pm June 21st

For my next story, it will be a Bakugan related story. I plan to start from Season 1, and work my way to Season 5 or 6, I lost count on how many seasons there were. and I might change the timelines a bit. The stories will have kind of "The Little Pony Legend" feel to them. But they will be kind of different when I work on it.

I'm also considering on making Bakugan partners for the Mane Six, just to make sure they aren't feeling left out of the battles Dan and his friends face. I even thought of their Elements and the names of their Bakugan Partners for the story, but I haven't come up with names for all of them, like for example.

Twilight: Pyrus Tiamat (or Bahamut)

Applejack: Subterra Centoria (no relation to Cerea from Monster Musume)

Rainbow Dash: Ventus (Unknown at this point)

Fluttershy: Haos Elvia

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