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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.


What if instead of a chest, The tree of harmony gave Twilight a book with strange writing and a heart shaped gem on the cover. After reading a mysterious rhyme: "When the time is right. Underneath the same light. A bond will ignite. At very first sight." The Mane Six, and Spike, are all magically sucked in and they travel to a world with no ponies or magic, but humans and...bending! People who can control the four elements of nature. With no way to get back home, they stumble upon a new friend: Avatar Korra, a fiery but big hearted young girl with an extraordinary destiny. Upon first glance, the Ponies all feel an instant connection with the young girl, who might also be the key to them returning to Equestria and uncovering the secrets of the book, while at the same time help Korra to defeat an evil masked man named Amon who vows to rid the world of bending with his mysterious and terrifying powers.

Now the ponies will need to adjust to their new environment: a whole new world where people seem to loose sight of friendship almost too easily, but Twilight sees that there is hope, as they show Korra the ways of Equestria and with that, the ponies and avatar start to change their world for the better, by helping everyone see that Friendship is exactly the kind of magic that this world truly needs.

Featuring new parody songs of all of your pony favorites. Experience a whole new side to the Legend and a whole new side to the Magic!

Read the one shot story “Cutie Troubles” staring Mako and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and “Tales of Equestria”, a retelling of season 4 of MLP

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WTH!? This story was so far along, and all of a sudden, my favorites say it only has one chapter! It was getting so good too!

Again, :flutterrage:WTH!?:twilightangry2:

4849705 Again, RELAX!! The newest chapters will be up in a few, in the mean time check out the new edited chapters. I believe you will like them.

"When people start bursting into song in random moments at the drop of a hat."

Too late Mako.

Comment posted by MaggiesHeartLove deleted Jun 14th, 2017

How long did it just take me to read JUST the first chapter? Anyways, you have so small typos here and there but it's OK. Oh, and Fluttershy's tail drags on the ground.

I can only imagine what would happen when Bumi and Discord meet.

So... the Unicorns can firebend. More than likely, that means the Pegasi can airbend, and the Earth Ponies can earthbend. Or is it just Twilight who firebends since she's an Alicorn? That'd mean Rarity will probably waterbend, then.

Plot convenience, Mako. Plot convenience.

Asami lead Mako away, she gave Korra a sincerely smile before the two disappeared into the crowed, leaving a very disappointed Korra behind. The ponies came over to her as they too watched the couple leave. Rarity huffed in annoyance, "Hmp! I don't like her. Love her hair, but not her!"

(Me) Uhhhh you may want to take that back Rarity.

Couldn't help but tear up a bit over the Tarlokk singing and forgiveness bit. I approve. :pinkiesad2:

That was a really a great crossover. One kind of crossover I really love (one that focus on character interaction).

That said, there was quite a lot of typos that made it quite distracting (tolled should've been told, lier should've been liar). I can point them out if you want me to (but only if you want to:twilightsheepish:)

I seriously can't wait for the rest of Book 2 (already read the first chapter).

I'm just wondering, did you ever thought of writing a midquel detailing Korra's first time in Equestria (and how she met the other characters)? That would be interesting.

4944438 Wow, I'm so glad you loved it! Thank you so much! And I am SO sorry about the typos. I swear, I check every chapter but somehow one or two always manage to escape my vision, it's annoying! Then again, I also type REALLY fast sometimes so there's also that.

And yes I can't wait to keep continuing the sequel, and I would appreciate you pointing out the typos and which chapters they are in. I'm a good speller, just a too of fast typer and my vision plays tricks on me sometimes. Thanks for the comment and the assist.

4948141 Oh dear. I got my work cut out for me. :twilightsheepish:

I'll go through it another time whenever I get the time to do it. But take note of the two I've already shown (tolled -> told, lier -> liar). I couldn't help but notice that these two were the most frequent (I noticed them more than once in at least each chapter) so just starting with these two (the "find and replace" function on your word processor (not sure if you're actually using one) is very handy in those cases.

One more thing. I wonder if you intended your songs to rhyme (like the originals did). If not, you might try to use line breaks (I think it's the right term) in between each verse to make it easier to follow. You do it in the ending song, but you don't seem to do it with the others.

And, I don't want to force you anything, but part of me would love to see the ponies to interact with the "Last Airbender" characters (imagine combining Pinkie Pie and Sokka). I have a certain preference on Avatar The Last Airbender over the Legend of Korra and I kind of been waiting for a crossover with these two. I know that due to how your story is structure, it's kinda impossible, but I wonder if you ever thought of it.

But I'll still be waiting for the rest of Book 2 (and maybe Book 3, who knows).

That was the most beautiful part of the entire story.:fluttercry: It makes Tarrlok's redemption 9001% cooler.:rainbowkiss:

Alright! Finally finished it. This was great. It had been a while since I saw the actual episodes of Book 1, but I still remembered a great deal. You did a really good job integrating the ponies into the story.:pinkiehappy:

Now... I'm afraid I cannot start on your sequel just yet. Thing is... I've never actually watched any of the Book 2 episodes!:twilightblush: But I'll be back for the sequel after I've gone and watched them! Until then, keep up the good work!:yay:

Korra smiled and blushed at the compliment. While this creature did look very sophisticated and girly, she could tell that underneath, this stylish and elegant girl had a sassy and fiery side…just like herself.
Come on bro we all know korras fire is not inside its kinda all over the place.
As for the song not really a fan didnt like it.
The breathing thing should be reworded try "-korra saw twilight performing a breathing technique the same technique she had learned from cadance the rule o the crystal empire-"
Oh and finally I think the hole Instant friend thing kinda ruins the bond after all half of a good friend ship is becoming friends in the first place when they just boom friends there's no bonding no special bond forming its kinda just like here you go there friends enjoy.
Oh and one final thing there were some misspellings might want an editor to look over it.

"That'll defiantly come in handy in case we ever run into that Adon guy" said Rainbow Dash. Applejack arced an eyebrow "You
mean, Amon?"

Hey had to stop and comment on this a soon as I read it so since when did the ponys learn about Amon? That is a very important peice of information don't jump the gun on things and don't leave out critical details like this one ok it just makes confusion and can punch holes it story's it happens so you know it's whatever just a tip for the futur or edits if you plan on fixing.

I would laugh if pinkie did the One Man Band(or One Pony Band):rainbowlaugh:. Who was that guy and is he neared the Tree of Harmony?

Comment posted by MaggiesHeartLove deleted Jun 11th, 2015

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil.

Do no evil.

Reviewing Chapter 1 here. Over all a really good story/intro/first chapter. :twilightsmile: It shows a lot of promise and potential! I did notice quite a few minor spelling/grammar errors though, such as whenever you used the word "Huh?" it was typed out as "Hu" instead. Also

Pinkie Pie jumped happily, "WOAH! She really was supper!"

Supper should super. A bunch of minor things I'm just pointing out these things because I love both of these series and want to see this story succeed :twilightsmile::twistnerd:
My suggestion would be to go through the chapter and read it aloud to yourself. You'll notice a BUNCH of tiny errors you didn't notice before! :eeyup:

That was beautiful,I love it!:pinkiesad2:

Well this story so far has a lot of promise to me. There are a good bit of errors, but well I can sort of get past them because I really want to see how this story goes. I also realize that you are turning out chapters quickly so that means you probably don't have as much time for editing, so I take that into account as well. I can also understand this. You get on a roll with a story you can really lose that momentum quickly if you spend too much time editing.

:pinkiesick: Unfortunately I had to go and spoil part of it for me with a random sneak peek in one of the future chapters of a future book.

Just mostly me ranting below...

I really detest Flashlight... I really do... To a huge degree... Not because of the whole "Twilight is my Waifu!!" rage deal either. I don't care if she is romanced, but he is a horribly done character forced on us as Twilight's "love Interest" (Still thankful Trixie saved us from it actually happening in Rainbow Rocks.) I will keep reading for now, but if he is first introduced and he degrades Twilight's character into nothing more than a gibbering crushing school girl that will be it for me. I am going to hope that maybe you will give him some character that goes beyond just being "Twilight's Boyfriend". I am going to hope that maybe you will make him more than, "Hi my name is, Cliche High School McCool Guy. I have a band and used to date the super popular mean girl here. Want to hook up innocent girl next door new comer?"

End of my ranting and start of actual thoughts about the story so far.

Apart from that bit I like how the story is so far. It is a little too canonical for me at times. but I am only on the second chapter and you do at least have enough interaction with the ponies and the others that it makes up for the canon copying so far. Plus this seems to be a sort of for want of a nail fic, so things will probably and hopefully start to change at some point.

I also like how you are doing the songs. I usually hate songs in fics (mostly because people hope using a popular song will somehow make their story better and they want the increase in length a song gives the story), but you are actually putting in original songs that are a fun read. You also do say what it's a parody of without telling us we must listen to it.

I really got a kick out of how Korra joined in with them and Mako more or less shot himself in the foot during his conversation with Bolin right afterwards because of it. It looks like you will use Mako how he is in the show most of the time. The straight man and often times only sane man to everyone else, which is something I like about him, especially in the early part of Book Four.

I can see why people are saying the friendship seems rushed, but I have a feeling there is more to it that I haven't read yet. Plus you had to get them together as friends somehow and have done a fairly okay job building it after that, so it doesn't bother me. I find the fact that some people can understand the ponies and others can't kind of interesting and hope we find out why.

If my fear doesn't come to pass this could very likely be a really good read in my books. Also the fact that after I foolishly incompletely spoiled something for myself and found something I hate and yet want to keep reading this story, really says something. Now to go back to reading it. :twilightsmile:

Aside from a few recurring missspellings like "tolled" instead of "told" and the fact that I have trouble with Korra using words like "Baby" and singing, I highly enjoy this story.

5314831 I'll be fixing this mistakes latter on when I have the chance. Thanks for mentioning and glad you like the story

I thought Twilight's name was Uptight Snootal

This story deserves SOOOOOOO many more views. I mean, this has to be the longest story I have EVER read!!! Seriously, why isn't this guy working for Hasbro yet?

How did Fluttershy gain her airbending powers?

Edit: Scratch that, why is it a repeat of When Extremes Meet, and why did Asami hated her father when it was revealed in When Extremes Meet the next chapter.

5329800 Sorry about that. It was a mix up with the chapters. It's fixed now.

Lol, Brony person, I know that Dr. Whooves reference. I admit that episode was a bit confusing

Comment posted by justarandombrony deleted Dec 21st, 2014
Comment posted by justarandombrony deleted Dec 21st, 2014

Awesome story! I found myself singing along to all of the songs too, I really enjoyed it!

I'm this story's 100th like. Triple digits. I just really love your series. :pinkiehappy:

5468780 Thank you! That really means a lot to me! God bless!

This story just keeps getting better with every chapter :pinkiehappy:

"No bender is safe!"
Look up on urban dictionary the British slang 'bender'

Browsing for comedy stories see this "Hmmm"
*reads summary* "Twilight reading off a spell without thinking of consequences and getting her friends involved in it.... seems legit! I'll read it!"


Look i tried reading this but just copying the lines from show feels really lazy to me, l literately just watched the show's scenes on youtube instead of reading them, you even named the chapters the name of the episodes:facehoof: so i kind of all ready know whats gonna happen which makes this story really predictable.:ajsleepy: I mean it would be nice if the ponies made some bigger changes to story to make it more interesting, but it just feels like they are there for moral support.
The promise of them getting powers does sound interesting, but if your just retelling the whole korra series with ponies added in it just doesn't work for me unless there's gonna be some major changes coming up. i may or may not continue reading this :unsuresweetie:

5578702 I refuse to read it for the same reason. If it's just a retelling of the show, then there isn't any real reason to read it... Unless you're obsessed with ponies.

That was even cooler than I thought it would be and I was VERY exited in the beginning. And the part where celesta and luna come that was so unexpected and awesome. You did a great job working the ponies into the Korra episodes . :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry: Over all IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

This is an interesting story. But you forgot to end the bold, had tons of spelling and grammar mistakes, and to tell the truth, I dislike having songs in anything Avatar/Korra related.

Otherwise, good form.

I have just finished reading this. And I am impressed.

While there were tons of spelling and grammar errors, not to mention lack of line breaks, I found this to be a wonderful read. Definitely set on putting it in my favorites. I even stayed up 'till 2 in the morning and had to pry myself away so I could get some sleep.

If I can make one suggestion, work on either minimizing or removing the songs. It might be just me, but I think it would be best for the ponies to sing in private. I can't imagine a tomboy like Korra or a tough guy like Mako singing. The concept of Avatar/Korra has cemented the fact in my mind that some characters shouldn't sing because it would seem out of character. But that's just me.

I will be looking forward to the remaining three books and I do hope Korra will visit Equestria (I can imagine that Twilight's Castle will have a dojo for her). I also hope Korra will meet her polar opposite: Discord, soon.

Excellent work.

This looks as if it could be made into a YouTube series. Also wouldn't hurt if you found an editor for the mistakes.

You need an editor for this.

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