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The Little Pony Legend. - MaggiesHeartLove

Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra!

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And the Winner is...

And the Winner is...

Korra smiled in triumph as her water attack tore apart the picture of Tahno hanging by clothespins, suspended by a rope. She and her teammates were hard at work, practicing for the championship tournament. All three benders happily burned, broke or soaked the images of the arrogant waterbender with the oily hair. The tournament was only a day away and the teens were more determined than ever to win and show Tahno they meant business.

As they practiced, Twilight sat on a corner writing down some numbers on a notebook while observing the players. She smiled proudly at the team's progress. As she worked, Rarity was sowing some emblems into three different colored sashes. Bolin's earth disk teared through one picture while the second got completely incinerated by Mako's fire blast. Korra's water bullet tore off a large portion of the third image as she jumped in triumph while raising her left hand.

"Man, I got a good feeling about tonight." she said optimistically, smiling confidently as she wrapped a towel around her left shoulder, "I don't care if we are the underdogs, we can take those pompous wolf bats!"

Mako removed his helmet and smiled her wait, the sweat dripping from his hair, "It's gonna be our toughest match ever. But I think you're right."

Bolin wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulder, exclaiming loudly like the announcer, "Introducing your new champs--", Bolin and Rainbow Dash finished the last part together.

"The Fantastic Firrrrrrrrrre Ferrets!" The two high five/hoof each other.

"Ya'll have come so far. I'm so proud.", Applejack said with a smile.

"Thank's Aj." Korra said happily.

"And to commemorate the occasion, I took the liberty of making you three, these good luck sashes!" Rarity said as she levitated each of the three benders a different colored sash: blue for Korra, red for Mako and green for Bolin. Each of them had a charm sewed on to them, Korra's was a blue heart shaped gem, Mako's was a flame shaped ruby, and Bolin's was a green gem shaped like Pabu's head. The three teens graciously accepted their gifts.

"Wow," said Mako.

"These are awesome!" Bolin said happily.

"Thank you, Rarity." Korra said.

"And that's not all." Twilight said with a wink.

"We also made a cheer just for you guys" Pinkie Pie said happily.

Rainbow Dash pointed toward the dragon, "Hit it, Spike!"

Spike saluted and took out a minnie drum and began to play as the ponies jumped, flipped and flew in acrobatic movements as they cheered,

"Two, four, six, eight!

Name a team that's really great!

Come on now, give a cheer

For a team that shows no fear!

South, north, east and west

Three benders who will beat the rest!

Go, go, Fire Ferrets

You're the best!"

As the ponies all formed a pyramid, Pinkie Pie shoot. confetti out of her party cannon. Bolin and Korra applauded, "That was great you guys!" Korra said.

"Totally! A real confidence booster!" added Bolin.

However, Mako was the only one not applauding, or smiling. It was plainly clear that the only person in his circle of friends who could not understand the ponies was him. He couldn't hear their special cheer. Korra noticed his sadness, "What's wrong, Mako?"

"I just don't get it." he said, "You guys can hear the ponies, Tenzin can hear them, even Asami! Why can't I?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out." Korra said to him.

"Maybe you're just not 'believing' enough, bro!" Bolin said, as he placed his hand over his heart for emphasis.

"I do believe!" said Mako said defensively, "I believe they are magic, I believe they do come from a parallel magical world, and I believe they can speak like normal people, problem is I can't hear them!"

The ponies all looked at him with pity as the young man slumped his shoulders in disappointment. Korra placed her hand on his shoulder in sympathy, "I understand. I feel the exact same frustration when it comes to airbending. I tried everything I could think of but so far, nothing."

Just then, the radio scratched with the sound of static and they all heard a familiar voice, "Good morning, citizens of Republic City. This is Amon."

"Amon! GAHHHH!" Spike quickly ran and hid behind Korra's legs while Fluttershy flew into Korra's arms for protection. Everybody listened as the rebel leader continued his speech.

"I hope you all enjoyed last night's pro bending match…because it will be the last. It's time for this city to stop worshiping bending athletes as if they were heroes. I am calling on the council to shut down the bending arena, and cancel the finals. Or else…there will be severe consequences." the radio turned off and Amon's voice disappeared.

"That guy's got some nerve." Bolin said angrily.

"I'll say! He interrupted my jam!" said Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy whimpered in Korra's arms and the Avatar stroked her mane gently, "Calm down, sweetie. It's gonna be alright."

"You think the council will give in?" Mako asked.

"I'm not waiting to find out. We need to get to city hall."


Korra didn't waste a second to push the large golden doors open. There stood the entire council, surprised to see the children, and the ponies barge in. Among there were Tenzin and Tarlokk. Tenzin rose from his chair, surprised to see Korra and her friends in the room.

"Korra, you shouldn't be here, this is a closed meeting."

"As the Avatar and a pro-bending player I have the right to be heard!"

The ponies and Spike all stood beside her, standing as proud and determined as Korra, well Fluttershy, though standing tall, had a very scared look on her face. She haven't been in front of such important older humans ever since she and the others first came to Republic City.

"You can't cancel the finals!" the Avatar cried out.

"I know winning the championship means a lot to you," Tenzin said, "but as far as I'm concerned we need to shut the arena down."

"What about the rest of you?" Korra asked, gesturing to the elder waterbender, "Tarlokk, there's no way you're backing down from Amon, right?"

"Actually, Tenzin and I agree for once." said Tarlokk as he too stood up.

Applejack shook her head in disbelief, "There's a sentence I'd never thought I'd hear."

"The council is unanimous, we're closing the arena." Tenzin stated.

"No!" Mako exclaimed in protest, alongside his brother. "You can't!" Bolin also stated. They had both come so far, who could they give in now?

"I don't understand," said Korra, "I thought you of all people would take a stand against Amon." The ponies all nodded in agreement.

"While I am still committed to bringing that lunatic to justice, I will not put innocent lives at stake, just so you and your friends can play a game." said Tarlokk.

Mako stepped forward in an attempt to convince the councilman to reconsider his choice, "Pro-bending might only be a game to you, but think of what it means to the city. Right now the arena is the one place where benders and non-benders gather together in peace, to watch benders--"

"Beat each other up! In peace!" Bolin pointed out with great enthusiasm, spreading his arms wide dramatically for emphasis, "It's an inspiration to everyone!"

Rainbow Dash smiled proudly as she flew beside Bolin, "You said it brother!"

"Preach!" Pinkie Pie cheered, raising her hooves up in the air.

Twilight rolled her eyes and hoof palmed herself, shaking her head. "Oh, boy."

But Tarlokk was still not convinced. "I appreciate your naive idealism but you're ignoring the reality of the situation."

"The reality is if you close the arena you let Amon win." Korra stated.

"Yes, exactly what she said, yes!", Bolin agreed as he pointed at the Avatar.

"I'm sorry, but our decision had been made." Tarlokk said, looking at them all seriously. "This meeting is adjured."

Just when Tarlokk was about to officially close the meeting by hammering the gabble, Twilight raised her hoof to stop him, "Wait!"

Then, to everyone's surprise, an extension cord came shooting out of nowhere and breaks the gabble in Tarlokk's hands. There stood Lin Beifong by the open doors, looking as dignified and tough as she always did.

"I can't believe I'm saying this… but I agree with the Avatar."

"You do?" Tarlokk asked in surprised shock.

"You do?!" the ponies asked, also in shock.

"Yeah. You do?" Korra said. Even she couldn't believe it.

"I expected this kind of cut and run response from Tenzin," she said as she gave a brief look at the air nomad, who looked indifferently at her.

"Ouch!" said Spike as he clenched his chest.

"But the rest of you? Come on show a little more backbone. It's time that the benders of this city displayed some strength and unity against these Equalists."

"I'm really beginning to like this lady." Rainbow said with a smile.

"We must prevent the conflict between benders and nonbenders from escalating into all out war." Tenzin said.

Twilight pondered on the situation. She agreed if they closed the arena Amon would win, it would show they were afraid. She had seen this man in action before, she knew what he was capable of. They would be giving him power if they agreed with Tarlokk. For once, she agreed with the grouchy metalbender. But, just how would they be able to protect the arena from Amon? The only solution she could come up with would be a force field protection spell, but that would mean…unless…

Twilight quickly tugged on Korra's pants leg, grabbing her attention just as Tenzin was about to make his final statement. "The council is not changing its--"

"Wait!" They all looked at Korra who had her hand raised up, "I…think I have a solution."

The other council members all looked at her with curiosity, especially Tenzin. Korra slowly lowered her raised hand as she nervously grinned. Twilight flew up whispered in her ear what she had planned. The Avatar's eyes widened at what she had just told her.

"What?! Are you nuts? No!"

The council and Lin, minus Tenzin, all looked at the Avatar with strange looks as she appeared to be negotiating with this strange little creature.

"Korra, it's okay." Twilight said with a confident smile.

"No, it's not! There's no way I'm going through with this." Korra said as she crossed her arms stubbornly.

"Korra, think about it: We came to this world because of a magical book, a book with your picture on it. Then, so far, you've managed to return to us two of the Elements of Harmony, and each time you did we got a new bending power. Not to mention the people who can hear us and those that can't."

"Where are you going with this?"

"Don't you see? Maybe the reason why we came here was to help you stop Amon! What if that's our purpose here?"

"But to let everyone know the truth about you? The real truth?"

"I think they should. This place is wonderful but it appears to be lacking the most powerful magic of all. They have to believe in it, they have to believe in us…in you."

Korra thought about what Twilight had just said for a moment and quickly realized the she may have a point. Not to mention she could sense the pony was incredibly sure about this choice. She finally nodded with a smile and Twilight lowered down next to the others. Korra stood before the other council members with confidence.

"They can help." she said while gesturing to the ponies.

The council members all arched an eyebrow as the ponies all stood tall and proud, "Are you implying that these, things have the power to defeat Amon?" Tarlokk asked unsurely.

"Well, not on their own, but I believe they can be a great deal of help to us to defeat him"

"And just how are they suppose to do that? You said so yourself, they are completely harmless"

"Well, that's not entirely true". Korra winked at Twilight who winked in return. The alicorn flew up into the air, her horn glowing bright, astonishing the councilmen, who watched in awe. The creature managed to create a magical sparkling magenta aura all around their pencils, notebooks, pens and hats, which began to float and fly all around them, being controlled by the creature, who had revealed to actually be supernatural in nature.

Not only that, but the rest of the Mane Six began displaying what they were capable of doing as well. Twilight magical manifested rocks, from which Applejack took possession over before hopping on top of them, spiraling all around the council, astonishing them as she controlled the rocks to her whim.

This creature could earthbend!

One of the female council members suddenly felt her hair change shape. Rarity had used her magic to give her a makeover, styling her hair in a much more elegant, and somewhat younger looking style. The woman never knew she could feel beautiful again at her age.

Rainbow Dash flew at super fast speed across the room, leaving behind a rainbow trail behind her. And finally, she unleashed flames of fire from her mouth, astonishing the group, but even more so when Twilight and Rainbow Dash both demonstrated their firebending. For four legged creatures they were indeed talented.

Finally, Pinkie Pie rolled herself into a ball, and began jumping and bouncing off the walls like a cannonball, before rolling to a stop and unraveled herself, perfectly fine. The council had never seen such physical insurance before. This pony was indeed stronger than she appeared.

But while they were all performing their strengths to the council, in order to make them believe they were indeed magic, Fluttershy remained hidden from view. She didn't know what she could do to impress them. She wasn't as fast as Rainbow Dash, as savvy as Rarity, as courageous as Twilight, or strong as Pinkie Pie and Applejack. What could she have to offer? While she had come to learn she had her own strengths and talents, even that wasn't enough for her here in this world. Each of her friends had come to be stronger and bolder than ever and she was still as frightened as ever.

For the finale, Twilight unleashed a fire blast up to the ceiling creating sparkles that fell all around. The council had never seen anything more beautiful in their the lives. Even Tarlokk couldn't believe his eyes. Tenzin was the only one who remained unfazed. The ponies all gathered around Korra once they had finished and the council members all rose from their seats and clapped.

"You see? These ponies are special." Korra said, "They may not seem like much at first but they are special. We didn't tell anyone about their gifts because we were worried about what might happen if everyone found out."

Tarlokk was still rather stunned by the display. He then shook his head to clear his mind, "….I'll admit, I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. And I had no idea two of them could also bend. It's remarkable."

As impressed as they all were, Tenzin couldn't let Korra and the girls go through with this. "I, however, and not convinced" he said, catching the Ponies and Korra by surprise.


"Korra, I admire you have a strong faith in your ponies and while their powers are indeed outstanding, I fear a few magical tricks and flying sparkles isn't enough to defeat Amon."


"I have another suggestion." Lin added, "If you keep the arena open, my metalbenders and I will provide extra security during the championship match. There's no better force to deal with the chi-blockers. Our armor is impervious to their attacks."

"Are you saying that you will, personally take responsibility for the safety of the spectators and the arena?" Tarlokk asked,

"I guarantee it." she says with much confidence.

Twilight then got another idea, "Wait! Korra I can generate a force field to protect the arena"

"Are you sure?"


Korra once again rose her hand and spoke to the council, "Hold on! I know you think they're just a bunch of cute little creatures with no muscle."

"Hey!" Twilight exclaimed.

"But I can prove to you that they are as strong as I say they are."

"How?" Tarlokk asked.

"Twilight Sparkle is incredibly gifted with the arts of magical spells. She can generate a force field to protect the arena tonight."

Tarlokk looked down at the little creature curiously. "Can she really?"

"There is nopony else who can." Korra said with much confidence. Lin on the other hand, was not convinced. "I still think my metalbenders are a better option." she tells them.

"I think so too" Tenzin agreed,

"I don't see why we can't have both." Everybody turned their looks over to Tarlokk as he spoke somewhat scornfully and sarcastically, "It is hard to argue with Chief Beifong's track record, and the Avatar appears to have a highly strong amount of faith in the power these ponies posses which may I add is remarkable." The ponies all smiled proudly at the compliment, "If they are both confident that Lin's elite team of officers and the pony's force field spell can both protect the arena, then they have my support. I am changing my vote. Who else is with me?"

The rest of the council members, minus Tenzin, all raised their hands in agreement.

"The arena stays open. Good luck in the finals"

The group of friends all jumped and cheered with glee at the news!

Bolin, "Alright!"

Mako, "Yeah!"

Korra, Thank you!

Tarlokk bowed to Lin and the ponies, "And good luck to you, Chief Beifong and Starlight Twinkle"

"It's Twilight Sparkle!" the three teens corrected the councilman.

"Of course."

Twilight and Korra both arched an eyebrow at him.


Bolin couldn't stop jumping for joy once the group exited the building, "This is great! We're gonna play in the finals!"

Mako kneeled down to Twilight's level and looked at her with much concern, "Twilight, are you sure you can generate a force field that big, and keep it up for the entire game?"

Twilight nodded and 'neighed' in response. A response Mako, sadly, could not hear.

"She'll be fine." Korra said with a confident smile, "Besides, I'd think you'd learn by now that these ponies are way tougher than they look." to empathize her point, the ponies all gave daring and fierce poses…minus Fluttershy, who stood ideally by and lowered her head, her mane covering half of her face. Mako looked at the little pegasus with concern.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna go say thanks to Beifong. I'll see you boys tonight." Korra said as she turned around a corner of the halls to catch up with Lin.

Bolin waved at her, "Latter."

"Hey, everything alright there Fluttershy?" Mako asked with concern. The pegasus whimpered and started to cry as she flew out of the room in a hurry. Mako called out her name, "Fluttershy!"

Rainbow Dash hoof palmed her face, "Not again." The ponies flew and ran after the pegasus as the boys followed them. Fluttershy landed outside of the building where Naga waited.

"Fluttershy, what's the deal?" Spike asked.

"I choked." the pegasus answered sadly.

"What do you mean?" Bolin asked.

Fluttershy turned around to face them, her voice somewhat higher than usual, "I choked! You all did amazing performances back there, but all I did was hide like I always do. How am I supposed to help Korra stop Amon if I can't even do one mizly flap in front of a bunch of older humans?"

Twilight looked at her with sympathy and smiled in reassurance, "Fluttershy, it's okay. Besides Korra has taught all of us her combat moves and you've learned them all so fast."

Rainbow nodded in agreement "Yeah, don't worry about what those old guys think."

"You have more than enough strength to fight." Rarity assured her.

Despite what they were saying, Fluttershy was not fully convinced, "Well…if I want to be a true fighter then…I-I need to train harder!" she flew up and looked at them all with a determined look on her face, "I'll see you all latter." with that she quickly flew away into the sky, leaving the others behind as they called for her,

"Fluttershy, come back!" Twilight called out, raising her hoof, but Fluttershy ignored her calling and just flew on ahead.

"What was that all about?" Mako asked his brother, he couldn't understand a word Fluttershy said.

"Fluttershy said she needs to train harder if she has any chance to help Korra in defeating Amon." Bolin explained.

Then Korra came running out of the building and approached the group. "Hey guys! You'll never guess what I just figured out! Tenzin and--hey wait," she started counting the ponies, and Spike, by color and species, "Dragon, purple, white, orange, pink, blue, no yellow, where's Fluttershy?"

"She said she had to train some more." Bolin said.

Korra's eyes widened, "What?!"

"He said that she said she had to train some more." Pinkie Pie explained.

"I know what he said, I just meant "what" as in "what" why did she say that?"

"Well, it wouldn't kill ya to be more specific next time."

"She thinks she ain't tough enough." added Applejack.

Korra shook her head in disbelief, "That's ridiculous! Then again, this is Fluttershy. Did she say where she was going?" They all sadly shook their heads and Korra sighed, "Okay, don't worry, she couldn't have gotten very far." he turned to the two brothers, "Me and the ponies will check the air temples, you guys go back to the arena and give me a call if she's there"

The two brothers simultaneously nodded.


At the arena, the boys walked inside the corridor of the building, shouting Fluttershy's name.

"Fluttershy!" Bolin called out.

"Fluttershy!" Mako also called out.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"Come on, sweetie!"

Bolin looked at his brother with a weird expression, "Did you just call her, "sweetie"?"

Mako slightly blushed, "She brings it out of people."

Suddenly, they heard the sound of soft grunts coming from inside the gym. They both stood at the entrance and saw Fluttershy punching and kicking a dummy. She did it so hard that the dummy bended backwards and hit the pony right in the face, making her fall onto the floor. She growled, got back up and continued to punch. Mako and Bolin looked at each other concerned.


At air temple island, the girls and Spike all gathered near the quad. "Anything?" Korra asked hopefully.

Spike shook his head, "Nope."

Applejack lowered her ears, "Sorry."

Rarity lowered her gaze in sadness, "We struck out."

An air acolyte approached Korra, "Avatar Korra, a young man is on the phone for you."


Back at the arena, Korra and the ponies all ran inside and see the brothers standing outside of the gym, "I got your call, where is she?"

Mako pointed his finger to the inside of the gym. Korra silently gasped when she saw the poor pegasus training herself to death and constantly getting hit again with the dummy. Pinkie Pie lowered her ears as she watched her friend.

Korra then angrily slapped Mako's arm, "OW! Hey!"

"Didn't you guys do anything?!"

"We tried to get her to stop but she won't listen!"

Korra sadly looked at the pegasus still trying so hard to kick the dummy, and getting hit back, which resulted to her landing on the ground. She turned once again to face the brothers, "Can you guys give us a minute?" her voice sounded soft and almost…motherly.

"Sure." Mako said.

"Let us know if you need help." Bolin tells her.

Korra smiled and nodded, "Thanks."

The boys both left the girls alone to talk to their friend. Fluttershy landed on the ground once again while breathing heavily, sweat streaming down her forehead. She was exhausted but she was determined to prove herself.


"Not now Korra, I almost got it!"

But before she could make another attack, Korra grabbed the pegasus and placed her down. "Sweetie, please stop." the young woman kneeled down to her level and removed strands of pink hair from the pony's sweaty face, "Why are you doing this?"

Fluttershy looked down at her hooves, "I didn't show the council what I was really made of. Everypony else got to show them all of their skills, but I didn't. All I did was hide. I guess that's the one thing I'm good at."

Korra lifted up her chin to look at her, "No, you are great at a lot of things." she said kindly, "You have an amazing talent to communicate with animals, you always know when to help someone in need. And even if you don't always see it, you can be incredibly fierce when you want to be."

Fluttershy turned away from the Avatar, "Yeah, but most of the time I'm quiet and shy. We finally have a chance to help these people and I don't want to be the cause of any mistakes. If there is anything I've learned while being in this world, is that I need to be even more assertive and tough!"

Korra could not believe what the pony was saying. The last thing she needed, or wanted, was for somepony as kind and selfless as Fluttershy changing who she was. Korra lowered her gaze and then smiled at Fluttershy.

"You are strong. You can be assertive, but you don't have to stop being you. This world of mine is messed up enough as it is. The last thing I need is you getting caught up in that." To prove just how much she believed in her friend, Korra began to sing.

(Parody of "Smile, Smile, Smile from MLP)

Oh, sweet Fluttershy

Why can't you see?

That way down deep inside you are

As strong as can be

It doesn't matter when

You're feeling scared or shy

Because to all your friends you are

So much more than meets the eye


And I love you just the way you are

Yes, I do

Your loving heart is your greatest strength

Yes, it is

Cause all I really need is you as you

So don't ever, ever change


I love the way that you

Bring the good in everyone

You never stop giving long after the day's done

That's right!

And when the animals fight

Or don't want to share

You stand your ground and show who's boss

When you give them the Stare

And We love you just the way you are

Yes, we do

You make all of us proud everyday

Yes, you do

You're perfect exactly as you are

So don't ever think you're not

It's true some days are never easy

And you want to hide

But your friends are here to help and be your guide

You say you can learn a lot from me

And maybe that's true

But I also believe that I can learn a lot from you!

Fluttershy began to see the truth behind the words. With newfound confidence, the pony flew upwards,


I'm feeling pretty good now

Your words fill me with glee

You all say I'm strong then I must be strong

It's time I don't disagree

Cause you love just the way I am

Korra and ponies;

Yes, we do


Your loving hearts are what give me my strength

Korra and Ponies;

Yes, it does


Cause all I really need is to be me

So I'll never, ever change

And Korra I love you as you are

Promise me you'll never change

Everypony I love you all

Promise me you'll never change

Ponies and Korra;

We will never, ever change

Let our loving hearts give us our strength

All we really need is to be true

True to who we are inside


Yeah all I really need is to be true to you and me

We're exactly as were meant to be

Korra and ponies;


Love you




Korra and Fluttershy;

Don't ever change

Don't ever change

Fluttershy flew up with confidence, "You're right Korra, I can be a fighter. If you guys believe in me, then I can believe in myself too."

Korra smiled proudly at her little pegasus, "That's my girl!" they all huddled together into a warm group hug. Unbeknownst to them, a certain firebender stood by the doorway smiling at the scene.


The Lieutenant approached his leader, "I just got word. the council defied your threat. They're keeping the arena open."

"Perfect. Everything is going according to plan." said Amon as he watched his fellow equalist loading cargo into their trucks, "Soon, the Avatar will know true fear."

"Sir, what about those…ponies?"

"Do not fear about them. I have something special planned for them." in his mind, he recalled the time he saw the ponies display such courage, and power unlike any he had seen. But suddenly, he thought about the Avatar, how the mesmerizing colors danced in her eyes. That warm sensation he felt, he hadn't felt that emotion since….

"Ah!" Amon quickly placed his hand on his masked face as he stepped back a few feet.

"Amon! Are you alright?" his right hand man asked with worry.

"Eh! I'm fine. Get the cargo ready."


That night, the arena was packed full of people anxiously waiting for the first round of the tournament. It was the biggest night in the Fire Ferret's lives and they were determined to win! Outside of the arena there were police airships and boats scattered all around the bay, ready for any sneaky attack Amon had in mind for tonight.

"All clear, Chief." said one of Lin's officers. Lin stood at the entrance with her arms crossed as Tenzin approached from behind. He was accompanied by Twilight Sparkle.

"How is the security sweep going?" he asked.

"Fine." she replied rather quickly and bluntly.

"They've checked underneath the stands?"

"Yes." The Chief answered in the same manner as before.

"And you have enough officers to cover all points of entry." Tenzin asked.

Lin finally turned to face him, "I have the skies, the bay, and every nook and cranny of this place covered. All little miss Pony Princess needs to do is make that magical force field and we're done. Now leave me alone and let me do my job."

Tenzin sighted sadly at Lin's angry response to everything he said. Twilight was well aware of their, 'history'. She had learned from Korra that the two were once a couple but had a falling out since, well we all pretty much know how. Tenzin looked down at the pony next to him.

"Twilight Sparkle, why don't you go tell Korra and the others--"

"That Lin's got everything under control? Good idea! Bye!" The alicorn quickly flew out of there, wanting to avoid the awkwardness. Tenzin fixed his Air Nomad cloths, having been slightly blown when Twilight flew off.

"Lin, with so much on the line it would be nice if we could help each other out, at least for one night."

The usually grouchy woman turned her head to face him, her expression softened, "Like old times?'

"Like old times."

"Okay, I'll try to be less abrasive than usual."

"I would appreciate that."


"The anticipation is palpable as we are just moments away from the championship match." said the announcer.

The teens were in the lockers getting ready, while Bolin was giving a pep talk, "Now I know there's a big crowed but don't be nervous, you're gonna do great. I believe in you."

He was actually talking to Pabu and Spike who were both wearing white shirts with the Future Industries logo on them. Spike did not look amused, "No amount of dumplings is worth this."

"Aw come on Spike, you look adorable." Korra said as Rarity used her magic to tie the sash she made around the Avatar's waist.

"You sure do, Spikey-wikey!" the unicorn said in a cutesy tone.

Spike smiled a cocky grin, "Well, well, well I guess it is starting to grow on me."

Rainbow Dash couldn't stop herself from flying all around. As Mako placed his gloves on, Rainbow Dash flew over his head, leaving behind a rainbow trail. Mako was getting seriously annoyed, for the speedy pegasus had already nearly knocked his head off…twice. She flew over him one more time and the firebender ducked.

"Hey! Rainbow, mind watching where you're flying? I like my head where it is, thank you."

"Sorry, I'm just sooooooooooo PUMPED! Oh, man I can't believe it! Tonight's the night! If you guys win, which I'm pretty sure you will, you'll become champions!"

"I know it's exciting." Korra scratched the back of her neck nervously, "Though honestly, I'm a little nervous too."

"You're nervexcited!" said Pinkie Pie as she unexpectedly lowered down from the ceiling.

Korra arched an eyebrow, "Nerve-what?" she asked as Pinkie Pie landed on the ground.

"You feel like you just want to scream from the rooftops and say YAY ME!…but you also want to curl up in a ball and hide at the same time." she rolled up into a ball and then unrolls, "We've all been there."

Twilight burst in through the doors, "Okay, everyone's accounted for. Police officers are posted on each entrance, across the bay and above the arena, now all I need is to conjure up the force field and we are good to go."

"Great!" Korra said happily.

Twilight could feel her heart pounding from the nervousness, which matched Korra's, "Wow, this is it." said the alicorn.

"Yeah." Korra said as she nodded.

"You're going to do great out there."


"Just forget about the fact that there are a billions of people watching you, anxious to know if you'll win, which I know you will."

"I really appreciate--"

"Of course there is also the fact you're going to be facing the three year champions, but don't let that scare you." the alicorn's voice began to shift from supportive so somewhat nervous and doubtful.

"I wasn't going t--" Korra was interrupted again when Twilight's tone began to get even more frantic and even started to talk fast.

"But I did read somewhere that the Wolf Bats like to play dirty. Of course, I thought it was just a rumor but what if it turns out to be true? And if they do play dirty, what if you get hit in the shoulder like Bolin did last time? You fall out of the ring and the guys get distracted because you fell and then they get knocked out and you lose the finals and--"

"Twilight Sparkle! Pull yourself together, woman!", Korra quickly grabbed Twilight and roughly shook her to her senses. Twilight quickly shook her head and Korra released her. They both simultaneously did their breathing exercise and Twilight finally calmed down.

"Sorry, got carried away. Good luck."

Applejack affectionately nudged Korra's arm with her hoof, "Show em who they're messin' with!"

"Yeah. Oh, I almost forgot." Spike jumped from the bench he was standing on and took out something from behind the lockers, which surprised Korra. "I found it at the park, and I wanted it to be a good luck present."

Korra accepted the lovely gift. "A fire lily? Spike, that's so sweet. Thanks.", she lifted Spike up and kissed his cheek, making him blush even more. Once she lowered him down, Spike saw both brothers look slightly annoyed/envious. But Spike simply smiled arrogantly.

"What can I say? Ladies love the little guys."

Mako was then startled when Twilight used her magic to create words out of thin air. The firebender read the words out loud, " "Wow, even a dragon is more of a ladies man than you are. Rainbow said it, not me. P.s. just cause I didn't say it doesn't mean I don't agree with it"?!--Hey!"

Twilight, Rainbow and Applejack giggled, while Mako lowered his brows in a glare, "Very funny ladies. Very funny."

The bell rang, signaling the start of the first match. "That's our cue!" Korra and Twilight both said at once, "Jinx!"

The two giggled before Twilight flew over the very center of the arena, hovering over the ring as all lights fell on her. As well as every single pair of eyes inside the building. The alicorn gulped nervously, she wasn't always one who liked too much attention. She slightly flinched and squeaked once the announcer spoke.

"Before we begin we would like for you all to direct your attention to the pony flying in the center of the arena. I assure you it is something you have never seen and I don't think you ever will again."

Twilight took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, her horn glowed. The crowed gasped in wonder as a magical beam shoot from her horn, reaching up towards the ceiling and extending to outside of the arena. From the skylight, the audience all saw a magenta colored force field begin cover-up the entire arena from the outside. Everybody watched in awe at the incredible sight, including Lin. Twilight's horn stopped glowing and she breathed heavily.

"Now don't be alarmed folks, this adorable little cutie had just created a force field to protect all of us from any crazy scheme Amon has in store. That masked menace better watch out now because the Avatar has some real special friends by her side, and with that kind of power he doesn't stand a chance. Please give a big round of applause for Twilight Sparkle!"

The entire stadium cheered for Twilight who blushed and smiled while waving at them. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew upwards on opposite corners of the arena to keep an eye on things as Twilight stayed high above.

"Let's see Amon try and mess with us now!" Rainbow said with confidence.

"Now let's start the show!" the announcer exclaimed with excitement.

Pinkie Pie was wearing a Fire Ferrets t-shirt and waving a mini flag, "GO FIRE FERRETS! GO FOR THE WIN!"

"Introducing the challengers, the Future Industries Fire Ferrets!"

The three benders walked onto the platform, Spike was on Korra's shoulders. The light beamed down on them as The Ferrets received the praise from the crowd and waved in return, all wearing happy smiles. Even a trio of Fire Ferret cosplayers cheered for them. From a v.i.p seat, Asami sat with her father Hiroshi Sato. As she watched the benders approach the ring she blew Mako at kiss, for which he returned. Both Korra and Spike gagged at the scene in disgust. Once they reached the ring, Bolin whispered to the ferret on his shoulder, "You're on, Pabu"

Pabu began doing tricks by moving on his front paws. Korra whispered to the dragon on her shoulder, "Spike, that's your cue"

He jumped down from her shoulders and did a few one claw stands, back flips and lastly shoot green fire from his mouth. The ferret did a backflip and jumped on the dragon's head who did the final pose.

"Yes, nailed it! They're so talented" Bolin said proudly.

But only a few people applauded. Spike pouted, "Everybody's a critic."

The lights dimmed a bit and a spotlight shined over their opponents on the other side of the ring as their name was announced. "And their opponents, the three time defending champions, the White Falls Wolfbats!"

The Wolf Bats all walked out wearing bat masks and purple capes howling while fireworks went off all around the arena. Fan-girls howled along while the Fire Ferret cosplayers booed. The ponies all also booed at the opposing team;

"BOOOOOOOO! YOU STINK!" Rainbow Dash cried out from above.

"Send them wolves packin' guys!" Applejack shouted.

"Here, here!" Rarity cheered.

"Make them eat dirt!" Shouted Pinkie Pie. The others looked at her with weird looks. "What? Nobody likes to eat dirt."

Bolin scoffed at their flashy entrance as he petted Pabu's head, "Pfft, they got nothing on us, buddy. Anybody can howl." he let out a very weak impersonation of a howl, "Hm, whatever."

Tahno took off his mask and cape as he smiled arrogantly at the ferrets. Spike, back on Korra's shoulder, scoffed, "Show off"

Korra angrily pounded her fists, "I'm gonna knock Tahno's stupid hair off his stupid head!"

"The champs and challengers face off at the center-line and here we go!"

The bell rang. The match began, but once it did the opponents quickly moved toward the Fire Ferrets and Tahno attempted to uppercut on Korra with his waterbending but she quickly dodged it with a backflip, only to be hit by another water blast.

"Tahno tries to clean the Avatar's clock with some dirty water boxing" the announcer explained.

The ponies quickly realized that Tahno was already playing dirty. But not just him. Mako was forced back to zone one when the Wolf bats' earthbender kicked him with more than just a few earth disks. The firebender of the opposing team flipped while Bolin kicked some earth disks at him, one of which bounced off the side ropes and hit the opposing firebender, knocking him against the fence. The ponies all cheered from the sidelines at Bolin's lucky move.

Tahno, out of furry, waterbended a stream of water at Bolin forcing him into zone three. This act was suppose to guarantee a fowl for Tahno and his team, but to the ponies and Fire Ferrets' shock…they didn't!

"What's the big deal, ref?! That was a housing foul!" Mako shouted angrily at the referee who signaled to Mako that it was not a fowl, making the firebender scowl in anger. The ponies did not like the looks of this, there was obviously something wrong but the refs seemed to be ignoring the whole thing. Even Tenzin was shocked by this, "Oh come on, refs! There was some funny business in that last play!" the air nomad shouted angrily. Lin smiled in amusement at this different side of Tenzin.

"Wouldn't have guessed you knew the rules of pro-bending."

Tenzin cleared his throat before saying, I've been brushing up. That Wolfbat blatantly bend a disk outside of his zone."

Twilight watched from above with worry, "I was afraid of this" she said to herself.

"The Ferret brothers are backed up to zone three and the Wolfbats smell blood."

The wolf bats continued to play their dirty tricks: Tahno froze the water when Bolin jumped back, causing him to slip and get hit by a fire blast and fallout of the ring. The crowed booed in response.

"Looks like Tahno snuck in an illegal icing move but once again there's no call."

Next, Tahno and his earthbender both attacked Korra and Mako but they rolled out of the way from incoming earth disks and Mako attempted to fire blast back.

"I don't know what match the refs are watching but it's obviously not this one."

The two opponents attacked Korra, who got pushed back into zone three.

"Oh…a splash-and-crash sends the Avatar to zone three as well."

Out of anger, Mako stood in front of Korra to protect her from the incoming threat from the three opposing benders, but in the process they were both pushed out of the ring….and right when the bell ran.

"NO!" the ponies and Spike shouted.

"It's a knock out! The Wolf Bats win the championship for the fourth year in a--hold on a second folks!"

The ponies were shocked, yet happy, to see Korra hanging onto the side of the ring while holding on to Mako's shirt.

"Scratch that! The Ferrets are still alive, but just barely."

"Thank Celestia!" Rarity said as she sighed in relief.

With all of her strength, Korra swung her teammate back onto the field while she let herself fall into the water. Mako took Tahno down with a fire blast just as the buzzer sounded to end round one.

"What an unbelievable move! These Ferret aren't just bending the elements, they're bending my mind! The underdogs survive to see round two."

The ponies all cheered for them while Rainbow, Fluttershy and Twilight did happy flips in mid air. The Ferrets huddled together to talk before the next round.

"What's wrong with these refs?" Korra asked.

"They've been payed off, it's the only explanation" Mako said. "Someone wants us to lose."

"Twilight was right about that rumor being true." Korra stated, "Well, if the Wolf Bats are gonna fight dirty, then so should we."

"No, we can't! The refs have it out for us if we're gonna win this thing it has to be fair and square."

Korra sighed in disappointment, "That's no fun but…alright."

Twilight cheered for them from above, "Come on you guys. You can do it!"

The second round began. Mako firebended at the opposing earthbender, only for it to be blocked by an earth disk. Korra waterbended at the opposing firebender, who blocked her attack with firebending. Bolin send a disk at Tahno, who blocked it with waterbending before waterbending at Korra. Twice! She quickly dodged and blocked the incoming attack, before she realized her foot was stuck. She looked down and saw that her foot was frozen in place. Tahno smiled wickedly at his dirty work before kicking Korra in the back with his water. Meanwhile, the opposing firebender shoot fire blasts that could practically chop Mako's head off, luckily he managed to dodge them.

"Wait, aren't those head shot illegal?" Rarity asked.

Applejack glared angrily at the Wolf Bats, "Just who do those posers think they are?!"

The round ended in a tie and the only way to determine a win was with a coin toss. The Ferrets won this one.

"The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss, which element do you choose?" the reef asked.

Korra stepped forward, determined to bring Tahno to his knees, "I'm taking this one. Let's go, you and me pretty boy!"

Tahno smiled arrogantly, "Thought you'd never ask."

Applejack lowered her hat, "This is it!"

Rarity shouted with much strength in her voice, "Show that fashion nightmare who's boss!!"

Pinkie was literally trembling, "Oooooo, I'm so nervexcited!"

The two wtaterbenders faced each other in the center of the ring, ready to strike. As Korra readied herself, Tahno kept on taunting her, "Come on little girl. Give me your best shot."

In no less than two seconds, and without preparing himself, Korra stroked Tahno right in the chin with a powerful water strike!

The impact was so strong Tahno's helmet literally came flying right off and the man collapsed. The ponies all dropped their jaws and their eyes widened at the scene. Rarity closed Pinkie's mouth with her hoof while their equally bulged eyes remained on the ring.

Korra smiled confidently, "Hmp. Chump."

"Round two goes to the Fire Ferret!"

The ponies quickly regained their composure and they all cheered loudly, even FLuttershy, "She did it! She did it!"

Korra waved to the ponies from the balcony and blew them a kiss before jumping off the platform and high fived Mako, "Nice one!" he said.

"That's the stuff, you are my herrrroooooooo!" Bolin cried out happily.

"We might actually win this thing" the firebender said hopefully.

His teammates helped Tahno to his feet, but once he got up he angrily shook them off in a fit of rage a he fixed his hair, "Let's send them to a watery grave!"


"I can't believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl." said Lin, mighty impressed by Korra's spirit. "She's tough as nails."

"Reminds me of someone else I knew at that age." Tenzin said, "You two might get along if you would only give her a chance."

Lin crossed her arms, "Hmph"

"And I'm sure the ponies would love to have you as a friend."

"Who said I wanted to be friends with those rainbow streams?"

"All they often talk about is friendship and how important it is to them. How it's…the most powerful magic of all."

Lin rolled her eyes at this, "This isn't a fantasy world, Tenzin. There are no 'magical rainbows' that can miraculously change your life."

"Who knows. Stranger things have happened."


The third round began, the teams were more or less evenly matched, but then Tahno did another trick: he got his earthbender to skater an earth disk into pieces and Tahno send three blasts of water containing the pieces of rock directly at the Fire Ferrets, knocking them all out of the ring.

"Oh! This is going too far! That water had rocks in it!"

"KORRA!" Twilight Rainbow, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy cried out.

"NO!" Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Spike cried out.

"Knockout!" said the ref.

Even Tenzin was furious at this, "Oh, come on those were illegal head shots! Open your eyes, ref!"

Pinkie Pie kept on shouting, "FOUL! FOUL! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I SAID FOUL!!!"

"Well folks it's a controversial call but the Wolf Bats launch a nasty knockout to win the match." said the announcer uncertainty, "For the fourth year in a row, they'll be crown tournament champions"

Rainbow Dash angrily kicked while in mid air, "No! You can't do this!"

"They cheated! We want a rematch!" Fluttershy shouted angrily.

Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie and Spike all yelled, "Boooooooooo!"

While the wolf bats celebrated, Rainbow Dash growled in anger. These jerks did not deserve to win….then, her attention shifted to the bleachers; she spotted a man mysteriously putting on a bandana with a symbol over his mouth and her eyes widened…it was the Equalists insignia! She quickly flew near Twilight.

"Twilight, look" she pointed downward where they both saw the man with the cloth and then spotted more people among the audience, placing on the exact same bandana. Fluttershy witnessed one of them pulling something out of their popcorn cartons.

"Equalists, all around" Fluttershy said fearfully.

"I should have known they would find a way to sneak past security." Twilight said.

"But I thought the force field would keep them out" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah, but from the outside. You two warn Tenzin and Lin, I'll get Korra and the others"

The two pegasus ponies nodded before flying down toward the two adult humans. Just as Rainbow and Fluttershy were close to Tenzin and Lin, their eyes widened in horror---

"Look out!"

Before they could react, Lin was electrocuted from behind by an equalist wearing an electric glove. Tenzin shoot an air blast at the equalist but was then electrocuted by another behind him. Rainbow Dash flew by and fiercely kicked the equalist that electrocuted Tenzin while Fluttershy kicked the one who electrocuted Lin. The two Equalists got back up on their feet and tried to grab the pegasus ponies, but they proved to be too fast for them. Fluttershy swooped down underneath one of them and grabbed his leg with her tail, making him trip and fall, his glove slipping from his hand in the process. Fluttershy seized the opportunity, grabbed the glove with her mouth and placed it on her hoof. Just as the Equalist was getting back up, Fluttershy did the unthinkable: She electrocuted the man with his own glove!

From the balcony lockers, the other ponies watched as the police metalbenders all around the arena were being electrocuted as well. Their eyes widened in horror.

Rainbow Dash flew pass each of the equalists at super speed, knocking them down on their behinds. She landed next to Tenzin and Lin and started spinning her body around, unleashing flames of fire from her hooves to keep the Equalists away. She quickly began shaking her friends, "Tenzin! Lin! Wake up! Fluttershy, we need---hu?", Rainbow was shocked to see Fluttershy…electrocuting each equalist that came at her with her new glove!

"Sorry" she said as one fell to the ground. She then kicked another one and electrocuted him, "Sorry" She did it again to another one who was sneaking up from behind her and he fell to the floor, "So, sorry"


The fire ferrets emerged from the water, Korra gasped for air and then saw metalbenders everywhere falling down and blue electricity coming from gloves that some masked people were wearing.


"Korra, you okay?" Twilight quickly flew down and hovered beside her.

"Twilight, the equalists are here!"

"I know."

Twilight's eyes widen and she gasped; Amon's Lieutenant stood on the platform underneath the arena, and was about to electrocute the water…with the Fire Ferrets in it!

"Look out!"

Twilight shot a fire blast from her hoof at the Lieutenant which knocked him out of balance, but one of his electric sticks flew from his hand and fell into the water, electrocuting the fire ferrets none the less. Twilight, who was very near the water, got electrocuted as well. They all screamed in pain as the lightning surrounded their bodies. Once the lights faded, the alicorn fell into the water beside her human friends as their unconscious bodies floated. In the process, the force field over the arena disappeared completely, shocking everyone else inside.

People began screaming in fear as the announcer continued to speak through his microphone, "Folks, there is some sort of electrical disturbance in the stands. Metalbender cops are dropping like bumbleflies. There appear to be masked members of the audience wielding strange devices on their hands." The door to his booth opened, and in walked one of the masked equalists, "One of them is in the booth with me right now, folks! He is leveling one of those glove devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants."


Applejack tipped her hat and turned to the others, taking charge, "Come on Ya'll! They need our help!"

The ponies galloped towards the door but were quickly stopped by when an equalist showed up, pointing a threatening electric glove at them. "You're coming with me, little ponies."

"Not on your life!" Rarity quickly jumped up and, while unleashing a karate yell, kicked the equalist straight in the jaw, knocking him down.

"Nice one, Rarity!" said Pinkie.

"I wish Korra could have seen that." Rarity then used her magic to take the electric glove from the attacker's hand and arched an eyebrow at it, "Not my personal choice for an accessory but it'll have to do for now."

"Let's rock!" Applejack exclaimed as they all ran over the equalist and out the door.


Tahno and the wolfbats looked all around in confusion and even fear. Suddenly, Amon and a group of Equalists rose from the ring's center platform. Even Tahno looked at him in fear.

More equalists were coming at Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. The two ponies stood their ground, protecting the unconscious Lin and Tenzin. Both ponies kept on kicking and punching each equalist that came at them, until finally, one manage to strike Rainbow Dash with his glove. Rainbow screamed in pain from the shocking effect, "AHHHHHHHHH!" The pegasus pony fell down, unconscious.

"Rainbow Dash! AHHHHHHHHH!", Fluttershy cried out in pain as electricity ran through her body. Both ponies laid on the floor beside Lin and Tenzin.

"What's going on here, ref?" Tahno asked the obviously frightened referee.

"I don't know!"

More of the masked people jumped onto the pro-bending ring and Tahno and his teammates were now face to face with the Equalist leader himself. Amon. Despite his intimidating appearance, Tahno got into a fighting stance, not showing any fear over the man's silly mask. "All right, you want a piece of the Wolfbat? Here it comes!"

Tahno launched a water blast at Amon, but was shocked to see that the man evaded it and darted forward. The Wolfbats began bending at the Equalists while Amon continued to dodge Tahno's attacks. His firebending teammate tried to hit Amon with his fire, but like with Tahno's attacks, he dodged them too and moved behind him, grabbing his arm and swinging him around, tossing him and moved forward towards the arrogant waterbender. Tahno tried to save his teammate with waterbending, but his hands were suddenly restrained with a bola. His earthbender teammate's hands were also tied up as he stepped backwards before his legs were bounded with a second bola.

As Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were out cold, one equalist attempted to take them, before he was unexpectedly electrocuted from behind. The other equalists turned around to see the rest of the ponies and Spike looking fiercely at them. Rarity was levitating the electric glove that took the equalist down and continued to electrocute the rest. With them down, the ponies circled around their unconscious friends. Applejack felt Lin's forehead, "They're alright, just dazed."

Then, they all saw a familiar character on the pro-bending ring with his equalist followers. Applejack glared at the man down bellow, "Amon." there was much venom in her voice.

Tahno was held captive by the Amon's equalist followers. The waterbender had fear in his eyes as he begged for mercy, "Wait, please don't do this! I'll give you the championship pot, I'll give you everything just please don't take my bending!"

The man was shaking as Amon placed his thumb on Tahno's forehead. He felt as if something was being ripped off from inside of him. His eyes bulged open and sweat dripped from his nose, brows and neck.

His bending was gone.

Applejack was shocked to see Tahno suddenly become so vulnerable, but her focus returned to the Equalists that were now surrounding her and her friends. She immediately ducked their incoming attacks before galloping her front hooves and stomped them hard on the ground, creating two earth stalagmites that hit the Equalists and threw them up into the air and landed on the bleachers.

"Yehaw! Never mess with a member of the Apple family!"

One equalist tried to electrocute Pinkie Pie, but she kept on jumping away from his grasp. She was really messing with him…and having fun while doing it.

"You-ho! Come and get me!" No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get the pony. She then suddenly popped from over his shoulder."Over here!" He attempted to electrocute her but instead accidentally electrocuted himself and fell to the floor. Pinkie Pie landed on his back with a happy smile, "Nope, my bad. I'm here!" she said before happily skipping away.

Rarity just stood by the rail, casually looking at her hooves, while she electrocuted each equalists that came at her with the glove she was levitating, while also levitating other Equalists out of the rail into the water or back up against the wall. "Honestly, you'd think Amon would hire much better assistance." she said.

Spike did some impressive jumps and kicks up to the equalists faces and then he took in a deep breath, sending five, maybe even seven, equalists away with an enormous green fire blast from his mouth. The ponies were in shock, "Woooooow"

Spike happily jumped in victory, "Now that's fire power!"Down below, the Wolf Bats being kicked into the water by the equalists and equalist banners appeared all around the arena."Where's Twilight?" Spike asked with worry.

"Down there!" Pinkie Pie pointed downwards and they see the teens and Twilight being dragged out of the water by the Lieutenant.

While they were distracted, more equalists trapped them all with a net and electrocuted them. The girls and Spike screamed in agony before falling unconscious.

While being dragged by the Lieutenant, Korra and Twilight both began having the exact same vision as from a few nights back: the one about Aang. They saw him, Toph, and the sinister looking man. They even saw images of what appeared to be Aang struggling to move his body. These visions did not make any sense to them.

The Lieutenant tied the alicorn and the three Fire Ferrets up to the pole underneath the ring. They were still unconscious but Twilight slowly came to. Her vision was rather hazy and felt the Lieutenant grab her face, and could hear his voice, so filled with hatred it send shivers down her spine.

"Don't worry little one. Amon has something special in mind for you. Soon, your power will be used for the right reasons." Twilight let out a faint neigh sound before the Lieutenant walked off.

Above the ring, Amon spoke to the audience through a microphone, "I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. So once again the Wolf Bats are your pro-bending champions. It seems fitting that you celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory. Because everyday you threaten and abuse your fellow none bending citizens, just like the Wolf Bats did to their opponents tonight." The other ponies above all slowly regained consciousness as well as they heard Amon's words."Let this be a warning to all of you benders out there: if any of you stand in my way, you will meet the same fate. Now, to my followers: for years the equalists have been forced to hide in the shadows…but now, we have the numbers and the strength to create a new Republic City."

Underneath the ring, the three teens and the alicorn was still trying to get her magic to work again. "Anything?" Korra asked as her friend struggled to activate her magic.

"Almost…got it…" she managed to make her horn glow bright magenta, though it was week but she did manage. "No. That shock took a lot out of me. Not to mention the energy I put into making that force field."

"How are we going to get out of here?" Mako asked, more so to Korra than Twilight. They then spotted a familiar furry thing swimming towards them and Bolin smiled with glee.

"Pabu!" the little fire ferret jumped up onto his master's lap, "Listen up, buddy." Bolin began communicating with Pabu by making chattery noises with his teeth.

Korra, Mako and Twilight looked at him weird, "Stop fooling around!" his brother said annoyed.

"I'm not, I'm trying to save us"

Twilight glared at him, "Well, would ya hurry it up?"

Bolin arched an eyebrow at her attitude, "Yech, somepony's a little cranky." he flinched when Twilight angrily growled at him. "Alright, alright!", he nodded at Pabu who began chewing on the ropes. Bolin smiled proudly, "See? Pabu's not just a one trick poodle pony." the others smiled as well.

While still trapped within the net, Rarity tried to use her magic but the glow was faint at first. After three more tries it finally glowed bright. She looked over at the equalists guarding them and started pondering a plan. She whispered to Applejack, who listened attentively to the unicorn's instructions as Amon continued his speech.

"My followers and I will not rest until the entire city achieves equality. And once that goal is achieved we will equalize the rest of the world. The time has come my followers, the revolution has begun!"

From above, an equalist airship was seen over the arena. The glass dome smashed and ropes with platforms on the end were lowered down through the large hole. People scattered away in fear. More ropes lowered, just as the equalist were about to climb on board and one attempted to take the ponies. Rarity's horn glowed before she shouted,


Rainbow Dash, who was pretending to be asleep, unleashed a fire blast from her mouth at one equalist as Fluttershy bit the other Equalist’s leg with her teeth. With them distracted Rarity levitated the net from over them just as Lin and Tenzin fully regained consciousness. Seeing the ponies in danger, Tenzin attacked the equalists with an air blast. They quickly grabbed onto the ropes and were lifted up towards the great hole above them. Applejack turned to the two pegasus ponies, "R.D, Fluttershy, ya'll go to Korra and Twilight, we'll handle the rest." she said with authority.

Rainbow saluted to her, "Aye, aye captain!"

They both flew down towards the teens underneath the ring while Amon and his equalists, riding on the platform ropes, were lifted up towards the airship. The pro-bending ring then exploded, shocking everyone and the ponies shielded their eyes from the blast. Pabu squeaked in fear.

"It's okay Pabu, just a little explosion" Bolin talked to him again by making chattery noises, "Keep chewing you're almost through it."

Then the ropes suddenly glowed with a magenta colored aura and began untying themselves. Twilight's magic was up and running again, "Thanks Pabu, but I go it" she said as the ropes came off and the four of them were now free.


Korra smiled when she saw the pegasus ponies, "Rainbow, Fluttershy!"

"Where are the others?" Twilight asked.

"They're alright" said Fluttershy.

Korra leaped onto the water, freezing it and landed on an ice bridge, which formed from various snowflake patterns. She looked up seeing Amon leaving the arena on his airship. "Come on girls, we're going after Amon." she said with much determination.

"You sure you up for this, Fluttershy?" Bolin asked the yellow pegasus.

Fluttershy shook her head, "No…" her frightened face then shifted to one of fierce determined, "But I'm gonna try anyway!"

"Be careful!", Mako shouted to Korra and she jumped into the non frozen part of the water and hoisted herself up with a huge whirlpool The alicorn and pegasus ponies flew beside her. But then the water eventually gave out and Korra began to fall. Her hand extending forward as to grab hold of something as she screamed.


Korra's closed her eyes shut, preparing for the impact before realizing she was no longer falling…but floating. Twilight Sparkle's horn glowed as she levitated the avatar upwards, her body surrounded by a magenta colored sparkly aura. She smiled in gratitude at her fiends and the four girls flew higher towards the Equalist airship out the large hole on the ceiling. Both Korra and Rainbow Dash launched a firebending attack at the equalists while Twilight used her magic to levitate Korra in mid air. They managed to knock down the Lieutenant off of the rising platform. The girls saw Amon rising on the platform as he too looked down upon them. They looked at him fiercely as Korra and Twilight both shoot fire blasts at him, but the masked man remained outside of their grasp by entering the inside of the airship. Korra and the others looked down and witnessed the destruction of several burning police vehicles scattered across the bay. Twilight felt the guilt growing from inside.

"This is all my fault. If I had only--"

"No Twi, this isn't your fault." Korra assured her.

More equalists were coming down from the ropes of the airship as they attempted to attack Korra by swinging at her. Rainbow Dash stroked the equalist with a fire blast from her mouth and he fell from the platform and onto the half of the arena that was still in tacked. Right at the moment, Lin swung herself upwards with her cables and landed on top of the dome.

More equalists came at Korra but both Rainbow and Fluttershy kicked them off their balance from their ropes and knocked them into the dome where Lin grabbed them with her extension cord and launched them into the ocean. She then tried to pull herself up towards the airship by locking her cables to the side, but was then knocked over by an electrified attack from the Lieutenant, who had two more equalists at his side.

"Lin!" Twilight cried out.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew down towards the two equalists and rammed into them, knocking them both down. The yellow pegasus looked at the enemies with angry eyes, "It is not nice to hurt people!"

Korra and Twilight then came to Lin's rescue by unleashing a simultaneous fire attack at the Lieutenant. The three of them battled, with Korra unleashing one last fire blast and Twilight kicking the man right in the face.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy continued to hold off the equalists, Rainbow with her fire, while Twilight and Korra fought the Lieutenant. Seeing the fight, Lin unleashed her cables, wrapped them around the two equalists and threw them off the platform into the ocean.

"I love this lady!" Rainbow said as she excitedly hugged Fluttershy. Lin attempted to hoist herself up to the airship with her cables once again. Meanwhile, Korra and Twilight managed to overpower the Lieutenant, but then he kicked Twilight in the gut and the pony slid across the platform, unconscious.

Korra looked at the Lieutenant with furry in her eyes and attacked him fiercely by unleashing some powerful fire kicks at him. The pegasus ponies quickly came to Twilight's aid. Before the Lieutenant could finish Korra off, she knocked him down with her fire kick, the impact pushed him a few feet away. But then they both looked down…the strain of the fight proved to be too much for the glass dome and it began to cave away underneath them. Korra and an unconscious Twilight both fell down as the glass shattered. Rainbow Dash managed to save Twilight in mid air as Fluttershy grabbed Korra's arm, but the Avatar proved to be too heavy for her and began to slip. Korra screamed as she plummeted to the ground.


Lin gasped when she heard the pegasus' cry. In a selfless act, she let go of the airship and used her cords to save Korra who quickly grabbed onto the cable while Lin's other cable held on to an equalist flag as she swung them both to safety. They landed on the stadium's bleachers, completely in tact. Rainbow brought Korra an unconscious Twilight, who took the alicorn into her arms.

"She gonna be alright?" Lin asked with concern. Twilight then began to stir and slowly opened her eyes, making the Avatar and the other pegasus ponies smile in relief.

"What did I miss?"

Korra hugged the pony tightly, "You're okay!"

Rainbow and Fluttershy joined in the hug as Lin watched the scene with a kind smile, "So…you really can talk."

Korra and the ponies all looked at the Chief with wide eyes. "HU?!"

"Wait! You can hear them?!" Korra asked in shock.

Lin simply smiled and nodded, "Yes. And I'm glad you're all okay."

Korra smiled graciously at the chief. "Thanks to you."

"Don't mention it, kid" They looked up at the damaged building as the airship left the arena. The entire roof was in shambles, and so was Lin's pride. "Looks like we lost this one."

Twilight had on a face of utter regret and disappointment, "I promised I'd help keep the people in the arena safe. If only I had conjured the force field sooner, or--"

"Twilight, you did what you could." Korra said sweetly.

"But now everybody will know how badly I messed up."

"Trust me, I know the feeling." Korra placed a hand on Twilight's pony head, "Don't worry, we'll get through this. Together." The alicorn happily hugged the Avatar. At least there was still one human who still believe in her.

"Twilight! Korra!" Twilight flew out of Korra's arms just as Mako rushed over and hugged the Avatar tightly, catching her by surprise, feeling the warmth of his body and all the affection from the embrace. "I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Me too!" Bolin joined in the hug as did the ponies and Spike. Tenzin finally walked by and joined the others. Lin was still feeling ashamed for not having fulfilled her responsibility of keeping the arena safe.

"I can't believe Amon did this. I played right into his hand"

"He played us all." Tenzin said as he looked up at the damaged arena's roof above them, "Republic City…is at war."

Korra kneeled down to Fluttershy and smiled proudly, "Fluttershy, you were amazing back there! I knew you had it in you."

The pegasus pony blushed and hid her face in her long pink mane, "It was nothing. I was just trying to help."

"Well you sure did put up a real fight up there" Twilight added.

"Really, it's no big deal."

Korra lifted up her chin so Fluttershy would look at her, "No, sweetheart. I told you, you do have a fighter deep inside of you. When push comes to shove you can take care of yourself and your friends. I'm very proud of you, my little pony."

Fluttershy looked around to see everyone around smiling at her proudly. Fluttershy's eyes began to tear up as she hugged the Avatar, "Thank you, Korra. Thanks for believing in me."

"You were right about these crea--I mean, ponies." Lin said with a smile, "They sure did put up a fight"

"Just because something's sweet and adorable doesn't mean it can't be fierce." Korra said as Fluttershy nuzzled her face affectionately.


Up on the equalist airship, The Lieutenant approached Amon, "I'm sorry, Amon. We couldn't capture the ponies."

"That's quite alright."

"But sir, you said you--"

"I said I had plans for them. But in this case…I only need one."

"You mean the purple one?"

"Exactly. The Avatar and that pony obviously share an extremely close connection. If we took her now, she would only unleash her powers on us and return to the avatar. But, once she is out of the way permanently the pony will no longer have it's master…that's when I'll step in."


Author's Note:

AHHHH! What does Amon want with Twilight? You'll see.