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The Little Pony Legend. - MaggiesHeartLove

Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra!

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The Revelation


John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends


The Revelation

One morning on Air Temple Island, Korra was still sound asleep. Her hair loose and tangled. The other ponies were all sleeping in their own bags spread across the floor. Twilight Sparkle was the first to wake up as the sun rose, its rays entered the room via window which brightened up the place. The alicorn squinted her eyes from the light for a brief moment, but she loved the warmth. For some reason, ever since she came to this land, she felt as if the sun itself gave her strength, probably based on what Korra said that firebenders' energy comes from the sun. It reminded her of Princess Celestia. She began to wonder if she or Princess Luna or anypony else realized their absence. She hoped they didn't fear the worst. But the moment she turned around and saw the avatar sleeping, she knew there was still hope. She knew that their key to getting back home lied in Korra. Somewhere…

The princess stretched out her legs and wings and flew over the sleeping teen, "Wakey, wakey. Time to get up Korra." but the human didn't move. Not even a muscle. The alicorn pouted in annoyance before screaming, "WAKE UP!"

"AH!" The Avatar jolted upright and accidentally rammed her forehead with Twilight's head. "OW!" they both exclaimed in pain and rubbed their heads.

"Twilight! What's the big idea?"

The alicorn shook it off and smiled, "It's time for you to go to your first day of pro-bending practice as an official Fire Ferret!" she exclaimed excitedly. The noise was enough to wake up the other ponies as well. Pinkie Pie yawned and scratched her ear with her back hoof like a dog.

"What I miss?" Pinkie asked with sleepy eyes.

"Why does it have to be so early in the morning?" Korra complained as she covered herself with the blanket while Twilight landed on the floor.

"Hey, the early bird gets the worm. Besides it's Mako's schedule not mine."

"Yeah, I should really talk to him about that." Korra's muffled voice was heard underneath the blanket.

Twilight simply smiled as she softly shook her head, "Look sweetie, I understand you're not a big fan of his team rules, just like I'm not a big fan of Mako's attitude, but if you want to help them make it into the championship you better get your butt out of that bed girlfriend!"

Using her magic, Twilight removed the blanket over Korra, making the Avatar groan in annoyance before burying her face in her pillow. Twilight levitated a notebook and pencil and began writing some stuff down as she paced back and forth. "Okay, first off don't worry about that incredibly slow ferry, I'll teleport us all there and--"

"Wow, wow, wow you're coming to practice with me?" Korra asked while removing her face from her pillow.

"Of course. I really want to study your team's bending movements so I can better understand your powers. And, if necessary, help you come up with some game strategies that will guaranty you guys a solid win."

"Mm. I like the sound of that." said the avatar in satisfaction.

"That's what I'm here for. And besides, what better way for me to learn firebending than by watching you guys?" Twilight said with a wink before walking around the room, levitating the blankets off of the other ponies…much to their annoyance.

"Okay, we've got exactly thirty minutes so that should give you plenty of time to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth, comb your hair and since you'll most likely be sweating I recommend you put on plenty of deodorant…Korra?"

Twilight pouted in annoyance once she saw that the Avatar had fallen asleep…again. A sneaky grin appeared on her face and her horn glowed brightly, creating a sparkly aura around Korra's body. She slowly opened her eyes, suddenly feeling very lightweight and screamed in shock once she saw her entire body glowing and sparkling while floating in mid air over her bed.


After her scream, Korra immediately stopped levitating and landed on her bed before rolling down to the floor. The Avatar laid on her back on the floor while the pony, wearing a satisfied smile, hovered above her and making Korra pout.

"Okay, how about this: if you promise never to do that again, I promise I won't complain the next time you wake me up. Deal?"

"Deal." the alicorn agreed with a nod. Korra playfully blew on Twilight's face, making her giggle and latter shriek in surprise once the human girl had the princess pinned to the ground and playfully messed up her mane.

"Korra! Hey, quit it! Ha, ha, ha,!"

"Pony pile in the Avatar!" Pinkie shouted before she and the others all tackled Korra. The Avatar simply laughed alongside her friends.


At the arena, the two bending brothers stood inside the gym, awaiting their newest teammate, already wearing their training uniforms which consisted of gray colored body armor, fingerless gloves and sashes around their waists colored in their respected elements. Bolin's was green while Mako's was red. Speaking of Mako, the firebender was pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back, already losing his patience due to Korra's tardiness.

"Where is she?" he finally asked after several minutes of pacing impatiently.

"Relax, she'll be here." his younger brother assured him.

"She better be, or else I'm gonna regret you asking her to join the team."

"Actually, that was your idea, remember?"

Mako instantly stopped his pacing and felt blush creeping up on his face. The boys suddenly heard what sounded like zapping and right before their eyes, almost like a flash of lightning, a glowing bright light appeared before them right before disappearing as quickly as it came. Once it was gone the boys adjusted their vision and saw the Avatar and her six ponies and dragon friend standing right in front of them. Mako's was astonished by the event while Bolin simply smiled in satisfaction while placing his hands on his hips.

"Told you."

"How did you get here so fast?!" Mako asked, still stunned by what he just witnessed.

"Twilight's magic." Korra replied casually while pointing at Twilight's horn, which briefly glowed before reverting back to normal. "Pretty cool, right?"

"Cool? More like awesome!" said Bolin enthusiastically. He knew these creatures had magic but this was truly incredible.

Rainbow Dash flew towards him and placed her hoof around his shoulder. "Bolin, my friend, you and me are gonna get along just fine."

"Oh, yeah give me some, pony girl!" Bolin clenched his fist and fist pumped Rainbow's hoof, officially clinching their new friendship.

Mako rolled his eyes at the scene. They didn't have time to be all buddy-buddy with these ponies, they had a deadline so they couldn't afford to goof around. "Alright, enough of this love fest, let's get to work. We've got less than a few months before the tournament and Korra's got to learn the basics."

"Esh, and I thought Korra was grumpy in the morning." said Pinkie Pie, not even bothering to hide her words since Mako couldn't understand anything she would have said either way.

The older brother took out what appeared to be some clothing, identical to the ones he was wearing only instead of a red sash it was blue. "Think fast." he said right before tossing the clothing to Korra, who caught it with ease.

Her eyes scanned the outfit, arching an eyebrow at the dull and bulky coloring of the material. She had used battle protection armor before, but this wasn't as form fitting as the ones she was used to back at the South Pole, not to mention it looked more like it would be suited for a male rather than a female. Korra somehow felt a bit insulted by this. Rarity was visibly appalled by the outfit and it's coloring of choice.

"What are these for?" Korra asked, looking at the dull colored clothing.

"That's your practice gear." Mako said, taking notice of her reaction to the outfit. "Put it on." he said demandingly, which in return made Korra and Rarity scoff.

"He could at least say 'please'." Rarity said with her nose held high, "Or maybe had gotten you something much less…gray." she said the last word with disgust.

"And make sure the ponies don't get in the way." Mako added, also in his demanding tone, causing the ponies all glare at him in anger.

Korra crossed her arms, unyieldingly complying with his orders. "Only if you ask nicely." she said in an equally demanding tone, which slightly got Mako by surprise before looking down at the ponies beside her, still looking at him with raised eyebrows. Despite the fact they could reach up to the knee and their cute and colorful exteriors, theses ponies sure did have attitude to spare…no mystery where they got it from. Realizing Korra wouldn't comply unless he gave in he raised his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay. Korra please go and get changed, and girls, I would very much appreciate it if you would give us enough space to practice." he said in the nicest tone he could give, but the ponies continued their glares of death.

"Please?" he said as politely as he could. The ponies, taking notice of his efforts, decided to comply. They nodded their heads in agreement and headed to the sidelines to watch them practice.

"It's a start." Twilight said.

Korra placed the practice gear outfit in front of her body and turned to the alicorn, "Twilight, you mind?"

"Of course." using her magic, Twilight transported the outfit onto Korra and her normal clothes in her hands. The Avatar studied her new clothes, at least she could move easily in them and it may not be form fitting as she liked but at least it was functional. The Avatar noticed Rarity's disgusted expression, she most certainly didn't need to read her mind to know what the unicorn was thinking.

"I know, but hey, functional beats fashionable in this case."

"A sad reality that I must cope with!" Rarity said dramatically while placing her hoof over her forehead.

At the corner of her eye, Fluttershy spotted a furry red mammal-like creature suddenly appear and climb up Bolin's shoulder. The creature was on all fours with red fur coloring, darker red paws and a white face with pointed ears and a cute little brown nose. His tail was long and bushy with several darker red rings adorning the tail. The animal loving pegasus immediately gasped once she saw him and flew at top speed to meet him.

"Oh, my goodness!" she flew by so fast she almost tumbled over Mako. The firebender was caught off guard but managed to get his balance back. "Who is this little guy?" Fluttershy asked once she saw the creature up close.

"This is Pabu, my fire ferret." said Bolin, introducing his pet to his new friend.

"Aww, he is so cute!", the fire ferret confidently nuzzled his nose against Fluttershy's and he instantly jumped from Bolin's shoulder onto Fluttershy's arms/legs. She happily cuddled him, the scene made Bolin's heart melt.

"Wow, I've never seen him warm up to somebody so fast."

"Fluttershy has a real way with animals." Korra said, while smiling at the undeniable cuteness.

"Let's get started." Mako said, speaking as demanding as every, which made Korra roll her eyes. This guy was not going to be easy to get along with, she knew for certain.

"Okay, catch!" Bolin tossed her a ball and Korra caught it with ease.

"So what's the big idea of practicing this early in the morning?" she asked, "The morning is evil."

"We're the rookies so we get the worst time slot in the gym." Bolin said as he caught the ball Korra had just tossed him and in turn tossed it to his brother.

"And you're the rookiest of us all." Mako said as he caught the ball, "We gotta to get you up to speed if we wanna survive in the tournament. Deal with it!"

Mako angrily tossed the ball back to Korra, which she caught with no effort. She did, however, feel the strength that came with the throw, but as impressive as his strength was, his attitude left a bad taste in her mouth. There was no way she was going to let him get the better of her.

"You deal with it!" she said with a glare and aggressively threw the ball back at Mako. The throw carried such strength that it hit Mako straight in the stomach, flinging him backwards in a flip, and causing him to land hard on his back, groaning.


Rainbow and Spike began to snicker at the boy's embarrassment before bursting out on laughter. "HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"

Mako groaned as he got himself back up and glared at the laughing duo. "It's not funny!"

"I beg the differ!" Spike said as he kept on laughing, rolling on his side.

Korra smiled smugly at the firebender while crossing her arms. Maybe next time he would be more polite to a lady.

"There are my hard working street urchins."

Korra turned her head to see a grown man walk into the gym. He appeared to be about middle aged wearing a hat and a long green jacket and green earth kingdom inspired clothing and had a mustache. He certainly looked friendly enough but The Mane Six looked at him with unamused looks as he approached Korra and smiled politely.

"It's an honor to finally meet you Avatar." he said in a friendly manner while placing his hand on her shoulder before addressing to the brothers, giving them a smug smile. "And may I just say boys, you choose a real cutie to join your team."

Korra scoffed in disgust at this comment, "Excuse me?!"

"What? It's a compliment. You've got good skills and good looks, kid." he said with a wink.

Korra arched an eyebrow, unamused. "Riiiiiight. And you are…?"

"Butakha!" he said proudly while taking off his hat, revealing his bald head, "I run this whole pro-bending shebang!" he said with great confidence, a sure of a true business man. His eyes darted down once he spotted the little ponies standing beside Korra. He slightly squatted down, placing his hands on his knees to get a closer look at them.

"Aww and who are these w'ittle cuties?" he spoke in a cooing tone as if they were toddlers, to which they were not amused.

"They're with me." Korra said. Butakha stretched out his hand in an attempt to pet Twilight Sparkle on the head, but the alicorn fiercely snarled at him while raising up her wings and lowering her ears in a threatening fashion. She really didn't like having just any human petting her head as if she were a mere pet. Neither of them did, it seemed to trigger some kind of defense mechanism within the ponies.

"Wow! Frisky aren't they?"

"They are, but they're harmless." Korra assured.

"More or less." Mako said under his breath, which did not go unheard by Rainbow's ears, resulting in her kicking his leg. The young man cried out in pain while rubbing his sore spot. "OW! Seriously, what does she find so cute about you?!"

The pegasus simply huffed with her nose in the air. Korra addressed to the ponies to follow her to the corner of the gym while Butakha spoke with Mako and Bolin. Once they were out of hearing range, Korra kneeled down to their level.

"You know, maybe one of the reasons people treat you like animals is because you keep trying to bite them." she pointed out.

"I wasn't going to bite him!" Twilight exclaimed defensively before sitting down, lowering herears, "I'm sorry. I just don't like being petted by complete strangers, and them talking to us like we're pets or something." she said the last part less than enthusiastically.

Korra affectionately petted Twilight's head, making her smile. She may not like strangers petting her, but she didn't mind Korra. She trusted her, and she wouldn't mind if people she trusted petted her head, just so long as they asked or were permitted to, if not then none of the ponies would like it.

"Thirty thousand yuans?!"

The girls and Spike all flinched in surprise once they heard Bolin exclaim in surprise. Butakha has just finished informing the bending brothers that for them to compete in the tournament they needed to, somehow, gain that high amount of money. The girls did not like the sound of that, but they would most certainly get the money somehow, after all they've come this far surely they could preserver.

Butakha placed a sympathetic hand on Mako's shoulder, "Sorry kids. You got till the end of the weak to come up with the dough or else…you're out of the tournament." the man tipped his hat before leaving the arena, the two brothers looked downwards in defeat while Korra and the ponies all looked each other with concern.

"He can't be serious!" said Rainbow Dash as she and the others returned to the boys, "How are you guys gonna come up with that kind of money?"

"Not sure." Bolin confessed. His hopes lit up for a brief moment as he addressed to Korra, "You wouldn't happen to have a secret Avatar bank account overflowing with gold, would you?" he asked hopefully.

Korra shoved her hands into her pockets and pulled out the fabric from beneath them, showcasing their emptiness. "I've got nothing. I never really needed money. I always had people taking care of me." she said lightheartedly.

"Then I wouldn't say you have nothing." Mako said bitterly as he packed the ball they were tossing into his gym bag.

Korra blinked in surprise. Unlike his previous demanding and bossy tone, this time he sounded almost disappointed. Envious, even. This immediately made Korra feel guilty. She didn't mean to rub her sheltered life in his face, it wasn't her intention. Besides, the sheltered life wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that." Korra said apologetically.

"No, it's alright." Bolin assured before shifting his gaze to the ground, his once happy exterior shifting to one of sadness, which only made Korra fell worse. "It's just…ever since we've lost our parents we've been on our own."

This new information caught Korra and the ponies by complete surprise. They had no idea the boys had been through something so awful, no wonder Mako was so cranky. As the oldest it must have been much harder for him, especially with the weight of needing to care for and practically raise his little brother in the cold streets. She'd seen parts of the city and they were far from friendly, not to mention the memory of that friendly hobo living in a bush, she could only imagine how it was like for two kids. She couldn't imagine how her life would have been without her parents, and even if she tried the idea was just too painful to even continue. Her heart broke for them both.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know." she said compassionately.

The others all looked at Bolin with sympathy while Applejack lowered her hat in tribute to their deceased parents. Fluttershy flew near Bolin and nuzzled his face, "You poor things."

"And I don't suppose you girls could just magically make money appear out of thin air, could you?" Mako asked, though he didn't sound as if he would like the answer. Twilight and Rarity sadly both shook their heads.

"Sorry, according to Twilight, no such spell exists." Korra said, "Besides, in Equestria, money doesn't seem to be that big of an issue."

"Well, we can't all live in a fantasy land, now can we?" Mako said bitterly. The girls once again glared at him. Sometimes, he made it so hard for one to show sympathy for him.

"And she didn't happen to bring any of her princess jewels and stuff with her when she came here?" Bolin wondered.

Twilight lowered her ears in regret, "Sorry, Bolin."

"So anyway, how are we gonna come up with the money?" Mako asked as he flung his bag over his shoulder.

"Oh, I got it!" his young brother exclaimed excitedly as he held up his fire ferret, "I've been training Pabu to do circus tricks. Now people would pay good money to see that!"

Korra and Mako, plus five of the ponies, Spike included, all looked at Bolin with 'you can't be serious' expressions on their faces.

"Can I help? I love circus tricks!" said Pinkie Pie, being the only one excited about the idea.

"Come on Bolin, we need serious ideas." Mako said bitterly, making his brother lower Pabu while looking down in sadness.

"I was serious." he said sadly while Fluttershy sympathetically placed her hoof on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll figure something out. I always do." as Mako walked out of the gym with his bag over his shoulder, Korra and the ponies all looked at him sadly. Maybe they were being a bit too hard on him. Korra was curious as to what he meant by figuring it all out, while Bolin began pondering an idea.

He was going to help his brother, no matter what it took.


At air temple island, Korra was sitting in the courtyard overlooking the city. She rested her arms on her knees and her chin on her crossed arms as she sighted sadly. Rainbow Dash flew by and sat beside her, "Hey Korra, wanna have an arm/hoof wrestle match?"

"Huh? Oh, not now Rainbow Dash." the Avatar replied sadly while still looking at the city.

"Hey, what gives? You never turn down the chance for me to beat you."

This caught Korra's attention as she looked at the pegasus pony, "What are you talking about? I beat you three times last time."

"And I also beat ya three times!" the pony smugly pointed out.

Korra returned to her previous position, her eyes once again aiming at the city ahead, "Whatever. I'm just not in the mood, okay?"

By the look on her face, Rainbow Dash could tell what was really bothering her, "…Thinking about Mako and Bolin, huh?"

Korra sighed before answering, "Yeah. I feel so bad for them. I never realized they've been through so much."

Rainbow Dash lowered her ears, "At least now we know why pro-bending is so important to them."

"Especially to Mako." Korra added.

"I almost feel bad for kicking him before…..almost."

"He can be a jerk but, I guess I can't entirely blame him. Having such a hard life like that could make anyone develop a hard edge."

Rainbow playfully rolled her eyes, "Typical Korra, all tough-as-nails on the outside but soft and squishy on the inside."

Korra's face then lit up as an idea formed in her head, "Hey, Rainbow can you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what ya need?"


"I can't believe I agreed to do this." said the annoyed pegasus. Rainbow Dash was flying over Republic City while carrying Pinkie Pie.

"Hey, Korra's orders were very exact: "Rainbow Dash, I want you and Pinkie Pie to go help Bolin and Pabu with their circus routine so they can raise some money"" Pinkie Pie quoted.

"What I don't entirely get is, why us?"

"Because I'm good with getting everybody's attention with my awesome parties and you can fly us here and there in three minutes tops."

"Oh, right."

The girls flew near Central City Station, where a statue of a man proudly stood. Down below, they spotted Bolin sitting at its base it wearing a flashy red and gold jacket and fake mustache. He had Pabu wearing a small green vest and fedora. The little creature was standing on a little can.

The young man was speaking like a circus ringmaster to try and get people to place money into the can in front of him. And by the looks of things, he wasn't having any luck.

"Come one, come all, see Pabu the fantastic Fire Ferret as he crosses the Ladder of Peril (gasp)…upside-down!" But Pabu continued licking himself, an annoyed Bolin grabbed his attention by saying, "Psst!" The Fire Ferret then jumped on a small wooden plan, both ends on two cans, and began walking on his front paws as Bolin softly cheered him on. "Come on buddy, stick the landing."

The furry red creature flipped and landed on one paw. Bolin cheered for him, "Ta-da! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! You are too kind! Seriously, too kind!."

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie both shared the same sad looks as only one person placed a yuan into the can. This guy really did need help. And lost of it.

Bolin waved the can in hopes more bystanders would be generous enough to give him more money, "You can come and place money on this--that's fine, that's fine" He looked down at the single yuan in his can, "One yuan down. Forty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine to go." he hung his head, this was hopeless.

"Hey, Bolin."

The earthbender saw Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie land beside him. "Rainbow Dash? Pinkie Pie? What are you doing here?"

"Korra asked us to come here and help you out." said Pinkie.

"And it looks like you really need it." said Rainbow Dash as she pointed to his practically empty can.

"Well, what can you girls do? I mean, besides beat up my brother."

Rainbow smiled confidently, "Glad you asked", she whispered something in his ear. As she spoke, Bolin's mouth opened wide as he gasped.

"You can do that?"

"Are you kidding? Back home I'm known as the fastest flyer in Clouds-dale! One look at my moves, and we'll have your money in no time. Trust me." the pegasus winked. Realizing he would need all the help he can get, Bolin decided to go along with their plan.

"Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, please step right up and see the dazzling Rainbow Dash as she performs her outstanding Aerial Acroooooooooobatics!" he said the last part rather dramatically while stretching his arms wide.

A crowd of people stopped to see the strange blue creature with wings and rainbow hair and tail. Rainbow Dash opened up her wings, placed her hooves in the right stance, and flew up into the sky at top speed, leaving behind a rainbow trail, which captivated the people as they watched in awe.

Rainbow did all of her famous flying tricks that were a big hit back in Ponyville; she did a somersault in mid air, literally did a back stroke and spun around the large statue, leaving behind a shimmering rainbow stream as she did. Her eyes shimmering with rainbow colors, similar to Korra's.

Everybody, including Bolin, was so impressed by her speed and agility. Finally, Rainbow flew higher and higher before speeding downwards, creating her signature move…

The SonicRainboom!

Everybody watching from down below were so amazed they started throwing tons of yuans into Bolin's can, but he was too busy looking up with his eyes bulged out and jaw dropped down to even notice.

Rainbow Dash landed perfectly in front of the adoring crowd and flipped her mane. Bolin was literally stunned, until Rainbow flicked him with her tail and he snapped back to reality.

"Rainbow Dash everybody!"

Rainbow Dash bowed before her adoring fans. "Thank you, thank you. You are way too kind, really."

"My turn!"

Pinkie Pie then walked out dancing on top of a beach ball while judging five trumpets….and Pabu. Everybody watched as Pinkie jumped from the ball, did a backflip while throwing confetti in mid air and fireworks came out of nowhere from behind her. She landed perfectly back onto the beach ball and stood up on two legs as Pabu landed on her front hoof.

Many people broke into applause, but others found the whole thing strange and left. Bolin clapped for the pink pony's performance. "Thank you, thank you,. Pinkie Pie everybody!"

Some folks began putting more money inside the can, earning a grin from Bolin. Once the crowd dispersed, Bolin counted how much they've made so far.

"How did we do?" Rainbow asked as she panted from the strength she had placed into her performance, "With the huge crowd we just had, you must have half of the payment in there already"

However, Bolin's smile faded away, "You might wanna re-think that."


"So far we only have 55"

Rainbow couldn't believe it, "Are you kidding me?! We practically had a full house!" the pegasus angrily crossed her front hooves, "No good cheep sacks!"

"Plus some people didn't find Pinkie's tricks very cute." Bolin pointed out. Pinkie Pie, who was blowing a party horn, sadly lowered her ears and her usually puffy hair slightly deflated.

"Rainbow, can you do that SonicRainbom again?"

Rainbow Dash started stretching out her wings, "Sorry, Bo but that trick really takes a lot out of me. I usually have to wait at least three hours before doing it again."

Bolin sighed in defeat, "Guess, getting the money might take a bit longer than I hoped."

"But, we've made a tone so far, if we keep it up we'll have the money in no time" Pinkie Pie said trying to lift up their spirits.

Just then, a red car will gold lining pulled over in front of them. The window lowered to reveal a sleazy looking man with tan skin and brown hair wearing snazzy blue clothing. He smiled at Bolin. It it was not a friendly smile, it was more of a sleazy smile, the kind only a crooked man would give.

"Hey, Bolin is that you?"

Bolin waved awkwardly at the man. "Oh. Hey there…Shady Chin"

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie both looked suspiciously at this stranger, "Who is that guy?" Rainbow wondered. The man, Shady Chin walked out of his car and smiled at Bolin. Everything about him practically spelled "trouble" in the girls' opinion.

"Heard you're an all time pro bending player now. Not bad." he said.

"Uh, thanks." Bolin replied while bashfully scratching the back of his head.

"I don't like him." Pinkie whispered to Rainbow Dash. "I don't like him one bit!"

"And what up with the new critters?" Shady Chin asked, once he spotted the ponies, who didn't waste any time in snarling at the man.

"Oh, these are some friends I've made." Bolin said, "Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, meet Shady Chin."

Shady Chin smiled arrogantly at the creatures, "Aww, what cute names" The ponies continued to snarl as Chin turned to Bolin, "So listen, I got an offer for ya. Lightning Bolt Zolt is looking to hire some extra muscle"

The girls didn't like the sound of that. Granted, they had NO idea what the heck he was talking about, but whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

"Uh, I don't know Chin. Mako told me to stay away from the Triple Threats." Bolin said.

Rainbow Dash then came in between him and Shady Chin, "Yeah, he's not interested!" she said rather threateningly.

But Shady Chin couldn't understand her at all, all he could hear were 'neigh' noises. The man scoffed, "Pfuh, your brother ain't the boss of you. It's just a little security work. Nothing crooked." he said slyly.

Rainbow Dash kept on growling at the man, preventing him from getting any closer to Boln. "Rainbow Dash, stop that!" Bolin said her firmly, but the pegasus refused to move. Shady Chin waved his hands in surrender.

"Okay, okay I get the message. But before I go, here's something that might help change your mind"

He reached for his pocket and took out something that the ponies couldn't see so clearly, until Shady Chin tossed it into Bolin's can. The earthbender stared wide eyed and gasped in awe at the wad of cash that was now inside the can. He couldn't believe the amount of money he now had, this way, added with the money he and the ponies had made, they could get what he and his brother needed in no less than a day.

Shady Chin smiled at the way Bolin looked at the money, "You game?"

Then, without warning, Pinkie Pie rammed right into Shady Chin's gut! Slamming him right into the side of his car. The pink pony stood beside Rainbow Dash, both snarling as Shady Chin rubbed his sore stomach. "Alright, alright I'm leaving. Let me know what ya think, Bolin." the man quickly got back into his car, but not before glaring at the ponies. He closed his window and drove off.

Once he was completely gone Rainbow Dash flared her nostrils, "Good riddance, who was that guy anyway?"

"Oh, just somebody me and Mako use to work with" Bolin said.

"Where was the job, Jerks 'R Us?" They both notice Bolin looking at the big amount of money in the can. Rainbow ruffled his hair affectionately, "Hey, come on, you don't need that guy. We can raise the money ourselves."

Bolin looked down at the money and then smiled at the girls, "Yeah, forget Chin, let's give it another go"

Pinkie and Rainbow hoof pumped each other. "Yay! I'll go get my party cannon!" said Pinkie Pie. Both she and Rainbow Dash prepared to draw in another crowd, but unbeknownst to them, Bolin was secretly thinking.


Mako removed his welding mask and wiped the sweat from his forehead as the whistle went off, signaling the end of the work day. Mako had found a part time job at the local power plant generating lightning with other firebenders in order to get the money he and Bolin needed for the championship pod. It wasn't the most glamorous job but, he was use to worse. He quickly changed back into his normal clothes and walked out to head for home. As he walked down the street, he heard a familiar sound from behind him. It sounded like a..'neigh'.


Mako was knocked over by a powerful force and landed hard on the sidewalk. He sat up and rubbed his neck as he took a good look at who ran into him. More specifically, who flew into him.

Shaking her head and fixing her mane was none other than Twilight Sparkle. The alicorn princess noticed the boy in front of her. She was carrying some flowers she had picked from the park, which were now all scattered across the sidewalk floor. As well as two bags of dumplings, which she was also carrying with her mouth. Twilight was kind of preoccupied with the scenery of the city that she wasn't entirely aware of where she was going. She looked up, realizing who she had bumped into.

"Oh, Mako! Sorry, I didn't see you there."

But all Mako, could hear was 'neigh, neigh, neigh. Neigh, neigh'

"What are you doing here Twilight?" he asked.

Twilight scratched her head, "Oh, right. You can't understand me." She had to result using sign language. She pointed downwards to the flowers that were on the ground as Mako was now back on his feet, dusting his worn and old coths.

"You were taking those flowers and dumplings to Korra?" he asked. Twilight nodded in response. She then began using her mouth and tail to pick up the flowers. Mako looked at her curiously.

"Why not just use your magic?" he asked. The alicorn lowered her ears and tilted her head to the side, gesturing to the people walking around. Mako understood what she meant. "Oh. Right. You can't."

Seeing the struggle she had at picking up all of the flowers and bags on her own, Mako sighed impatiently. To Twilight's surprise, he kneeled down and started picking up all the flowers and bags and gave them to the princess, who smiled at the kind gesture. Mako didn't smile at all.

"There. See ya." he said as he began to walk away. But Twilight quickly flew up and stopped him on his tracks.

"What?" he asked impatiently, all he wanted was to get home and rest. Twilight gestured to him one of the bags in her mouth. "No thanks. I'll buy my own." Twilight groaned in annoyance and continued to offer him the dumplings. "Oh! Wait, you meant for Bolin don't you?" The alicorn tapped her nose with her hoof as a sign that he was correct.

"Oh. Well, okay." he took the bag from her mouth, accidentally taking one of her red flowers. He tried to give it back, but Twilight raised her hoof to say it was fine. "Thanks. See ya."

As Twilight watched him leave she rolled her eyes but kept on smiling. Mako may be a tough cookie, but there was good in him.



Mako walked up the staircase into his and Bolin's apartment in the arena. It was really an attic with a small hatch door on the floor for entering and exiting, a loft area, and even a small kitchen-like area for cooking. Just as Bolin had told Korra, the high area served as a wonderful view point thanks to the many windows it provided. It was simple, but it was a nice place.

"Bo! I'm back. Got your favorite dumplings!" the young man simply sagged down on the couch, exhausted. Unknowingly, allowing the flower Twilight gave him to fall onto the floor.

"Hey, I found some work down at the power plant. Made some decent money," he said as he reached into the bag and ate a dumpling. It didn't take him long to realize that nobody was in the building but him.

"Bolin? You here, bro?"

Mako was curious as to why his brother had not come home yet. The glass window behind him allowed the sunlight to enter the room. Mako looked down at the flower Twilight had given him and noticed how the petals captured the light, emitting beautiful vibrant colors. He followed the light that reached the flower and looked over his shoulder. His eyes on the Air Temple island. The young man smiled in amusement.

"Huh. I bet the little lovebird is making a house call."


Later that afternoon, just as the sun was about to set, Korra was stretching in the courtyard. She was getting ready to make her way through the gates again. She then spotted two familiar figures land in front of her. "Hey guys! So how did it go? Did you raise the money?" Korra asked

Pinkie and Rainbow both replied with with uncertainty, "Weeeeeeellllllllll"

Korra furrowed her brows with worry. She knew this could not be good news, "Oh, no. What happened?"

Rainbow spoke first, her tone happy, "Well, it started off great. I showed off my wicked awesome fly moves. They loved it!" soon, her tone then changed from happy to disappointed, "Until, at one performance I accidentally rammed into a statue." she bashfully scratched the back of her neck, "Apparently once people around here see one epic fail, they're gone baby."

"And what about Pinkie Pie?"

"Yeah some folks found my tricks adorable, but others found them weird and random. I don't even know what those two last words mean!"

"Well, at least you tried." Korra said, "Come on, I'm gonna try the whole gate thing again"

"Try not to get a splinter to the eye this time" Rainbow jokingly suggested.


Jinora and Ikki directed a gust of wind at the airbending gates to make them spin for Korra, who was waiting at the other side. She jumped into the spinning gates, this time she managed to get by without being hit like before.

"Good. Light on your feet!" Jinora said.

Rarity's eyes sparkled as she watched her human friend move so elegantly through the spinning panels. Korra spun and twirled with such grace and fluidness as her hair bellowed and moved like gentle waves as she twirled. It was a beautiful sight. Korra spun one last time as she made it out perfectly and placed her hands on her knees to catch her breath.

"That was marvelous, darling!" Rarity exclaimed proudly, "You moved with such grace and style!"

"You did great, Korra!" Spike said while clapping.

"You're getting better everyday. Korra" Twilight said proudly. The Avatar smiled at her friend's compliments.Jinora and Ikki both leaned a bit to their left, their attention on someone approaching from behind the Avatar.

"Ooh, he's cute." Jinora said with a smirk.The other ponies all saw the visitor approaching. It was Mako, looking as brooding as ever with his hands tucked in his pockets.

Rarity crinkled her nose in disgust at the sight of him. "Ew, firebending jerk at five a clock."

Pinkie Pie looked down at her wrist watch, "But it's only five sixteen." said the pink pony, prompting Rarity to roll her eyes.

"Korra, is that the handsome firebender boy who drives you crazy?" Jinora asked with a knowing smile.

The ponies' eyes all popped wide open in shock. They didn't think Jinora would say that out loud! Korra turned her head and saw Mako walking towards them. Immediately, she felt her cheeks flush and her muscles tense.

"Does he drive you crazy in a bad way?" Ikki asked eagerly. "Or crazy as in you like him?"

Panicked, and to keep them from saying anything else, Korra quickly rose the earth underneath the two sisters, catapulting them into the air. Once Mako stood in front of Korra, she regained her composure, placed her hands in her hips and tried to play it cool, all while praying to the heavens he didn't hear what they were saying.

"Oh. Hey, Mako." Korra greeted, hearing the two girls giggling from behind her as they made their descent safely to the ground, softening theirlanding with their airbending.

Twilight looked over at them while grinding her teeth, "Don't. Say. Another. Word." she warned.

"Have you seen Bolin?" Mako asked the avatar immediately.

"Nice to see you too." Korra said sarcastically. She kind of half expected his greeting to be, well, a little more gallant than that. They were teammates now after all, would it be so bad if he tried being a tiny bit more polite? It was then the reality of his question caused her to change her attitude.

"And no. I haven't seen him since practice." Korra answered, while noticing Mako's browns slightly narrow in irritation. Either he was really mad at Bolin over something, or something wasn't right.

"Think something's wrong?" She asked.Rainbow and Pinkie both looked at each other with worried expressions at the sound of this news.

"I don't know. Bolin has a knack for getting into stupid situations." Mako said before sighing and prepared to leave, "See you latter."

"Wait! I know what happened!" Pinkie Pie shouted, grabbing both Mako and Korra's attention. She then started jumping up and down. frantically telling Korra what had happened. Mako arched his eyebrow because all he could hear was "neigh" sounds.

"Uh, Korra I think one of your ponies is having a panic attack." he said while pointing a finger at the hyperactive creature.

"No, she's trying to tell me something." said Korra, "Pinkie, honey, calm down. Now what's all this about Bolin?"

Pinkie Pie took in a deep breath before talking again, "Okay, so me and Rainbow Dash were trying to help Bolin raise the money just like you asked. Rainbow Dash did her Sonic Rainboom and I did my juggling on a ball routine and--"

"Can we just skip to the part about Bolin, please?" Korra interrupted.

"Oh, right. So anyway, this guy named Shady Chin came and offered him a lot of money in exchange for some security job for the Triple Threats."

Korra's eyes widen at this news, "The Triple Threats?"

"What?!" Mako exclaimed, equally surprised, and evidently worried.

"Pinkie says that a guy named Bady lin."

"Shady Chin!" Pinkie corrected the Avatar.

"Sorry. Shady Chin gave Bolin money this afternoon. Something about them needing some security for a meeting."

This news was not what Mako needed to hear right now, "What?! Please tell me he didn't!"

Rainbow Dash flew up to Korra and explained next, "Me and Pinkie managed to scare him off but he did give Bolin the money in hopes that he'd change his mind."

"What else happened?" Korra asked.

"Nothing. He left and that was that." said Pinkie Pie, "We had no idea where he was heading or where Bolin could have gone. Sorry." Pinkie Pie lowered her ears and her head in sadness.

"We didn't think he'd actually do it." Rainbow said just as sadly.

Korra petted her head in reassurance, "It's okay." she then sadly looked at the eldest brother, "I'm sorry Mako, but Bolin did take the money. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash tried to stop him but he made up his mind."

Mako slapped his forehead, "Great, just what I needed. Now I've got to go and bail him out. Again." he turned around and started to walk away but Korra stopped him.


Mako turned around and saw Korra with her brows lowered angrily and her arms crossed. "What?"

"They just gave us some very valuable information," Korra said while gesturing her hand towards Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, "Isn't there something you'd like to say?"

"It's not like they managed to stop Bolin from making such a stupid mistake!" he said angrily.

"Hey! They really tried to help your brother but it was his choice. He probably thought it was the only way to get the money you needed for the championship pot an only wanted to help you. Did you ever think of that?"

Mako opened his mouth to speak, but the angry look on Korra's face made him realize she was right. He looked down on a sad Pinkie Pie and then, to everyone's surprise...he gently petted her head. "I'm sorry. Thanks for your help." he said kindly with a smile, which was returned by the pony. He got back up and prepared to leave, "I better go and get him."

"Wait. We could, help you look for him." Korra said as she walked after him.

Spike looked at her surprised, "We can?" Twilight nudged his arm in annoyance, "I mean…really, we can?" said the dragon. Twilight rolled her eyes.

Mako declined the offer, "Nah, I got it" he proceeded to leave again, only to be stopped at the feel of Korra's gentle, yet firm grip on the sleeve over his right bicep. For a moment, he realized he kind of liked having her hand there.

"Hey cool guy, let me help you. Bolin's my friend too." she offered kindly with a casual smile. Mako could tell by the look in her eyes, that this girl would not take no for an answer. "We can all take Naga."

"Who's Naga?"

"My best friend. And a great tracker."

Applejack tipped her hat, "Well then what are we waiting for? Let's go find ourselves an earthbender"

"Here, here!" Rarity cheered


Mako could not believe he was riding on the back of an actual polar bear dog. He sat behind Korra who held the reins, Rarity and Pinkie Pie were sitting in the front with the Avatar while Applejack rode on Naga's head. The pegasus ponies were flying beside the creature while Spike hitched a ride on Twilight.

"So your best friend is a Polar Bear Dog." Mako said, surprisingly amused by this discovery, "Somehow that makes perfect sense." it did make sense, polar bear dogs were known to be wild and strong, just like Korra.

Korra was smart enough to catch on on what he was thinking. "I'll take that as a compliment, city boy" she smiled…and so did Mako. This girl really was something else, he thought.

The picture caught both Twilight and Spike by surprise. "Did she just…flirt?" Spike asked in disbelief.

"Did he just smile?" Twilight also asked in disbelief.

"Weird." said Spike.

Then Mako caught a whiff of something in the air. "What is it?" Korra asked.

"Is that…vanilla?"

Korra chuckled. "Oh, That? Yeah, Rarity tends to spray perfume on me, sometimes." she said with a casual shrug.

Mako arched an eyebrow, "Really? You never really strike me as the perfume type."

"I'm not. But it could be worse, at least vanilla is by far the only smell that doesn't make my nose twitch."

Mako couldn't help but chuckle.

They continued to walk around the city at night looking for Bolin. Mako pointed to a corner, "Turn around here" he tells Korra. The Avatar ordered the polar bear dog to go in the direction Mako just said. The firebender recognized the neighborhood; it was a run down place in the city and it didn't exactly give out a very welcoming vibe. They then stopped at a warehouse but Mako quickly realized that nobody was there, the lights inside were all off.

"That's weird."

"What?" Korra asked

"There's usually thugs around keeping an eye out for trespassers" said Mako. Curious, Twilight flew to one of the windows.

"Twilight, what are you---" Mako began, the last thing he needed was the alicorn giving them away. However, Twilight looked into the windows nonetheless. She turned to the firebender and shook her head. "Nobody's there?" Mako asked in disbelief.

"Maybe Bolin didn't take the offer." Korra suggested. "We don't know for sure if he really did."

"Maybe." said Mako.

"We'll keep looking, hop on."

He got back on Naga and they rode off to continue their search.


They reached the square near that large statue where Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had helped Bolin with his circus act. There were tons of people around, but no sign of the earthbender.

"This is his usual hang out." said Mako.

Korra stopped Naga as Mako climbed down and walked over to some street kids playing with each other, "Hey, any of you seen my brother today?" he asked. One boy named Skoochy walked up to him, he looked around twelve-years old, had a tan complexion, green eyes and wore some ragged old street cloths and a brown hat. Despite being a street-urchin, the young boy oozed with confidence and charisma.

"Perhaps. My memory is a little…'foggy'." the boy said cockily while rubbing his nose, "Maybe you can help, 'clear it up'" The boy held out his hand casually, but Mako knew what the boy really wanted.

"You're good Skoochy. A real pro." he said the last part rather annoyed as she took out a single dollar bill from his pocket and handed it to the boy. Korra and the ponies stared wide eyed at the exchange.

"Yeah, I've seen em." the boy answered smugly as he placed the money in his pocket.

"When?" Mako asked.

"Around noon."

"Then you saw him talking to Shady Chin?"

"Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't." once again, he held out his hand again waiting for more cash. Immediately, Rainbow Dash flew up to the boy's face, narrowing her eyes and gritting her teeth. Schoochy held his hands up in surrender, blinking. "Wait a second. Those animals…" Schoochy looked up towards the water tribe woman. "No way, are you the Avatar?"

"Yes I am." Korra replied firmly, folding her arms. "And I believe my friend here just asked you a question."

The angry look on the pony's eyes indicated that if Schoochy didn't cooperate then rather than receiving money, he would instead be receiving a bite in the wrist. Unbeknownst to him, Rainbow Dash would never actually bite a child, and was simply using an intimating tactic to get him to talk. It would appear the only thing standing between Schoochy and his money was this creature, so rather than risk getting bitten, he instead complied, doing a marvelous job masking his concerns behind his calm and collected mask.

"You've got spunk, I respect that. Fine, I'll tell ya." he said with a sly grin.Korra nodded at Rainbow Dash as a sign to back off. The pegasus gave the boy an 'I'm watching you' gesture before backing away. Skoochy began explaining, "Okay, I did see him talking to Shady Chin. He flashed him some serious cash. Latter, I saw him take Bolin off with him on his hot rod." The ponies, especially Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, looked at each other with worry as Skoochy continued to explain, "The triple threats. The red monsoons. The Agni Kais, all the triads a muscling up for something real big."

"Where are they gathering?" Korra asked, "We were just at the Triple Threats hide out but they weren't there."

"Yeah, they relocated. They plan on getting themselves a new turf, but they've got to get through some "obstacles" to get it. Now that's all you're getting out of me!"

"You sure that's all you know?" Korra asked.

"I swear. That's all I know."


The group of friends all turned around at the sound of Rarity's screaming. Skoochy's friends were jumping into a mud puddle, and the brown liquid splattered all over Rarity's coat and mane.

"Let's get out of here!" Schoochy cried out to his group, "Good luck with that crazy girlfriend, Mako!" he yelled as he and his friends ran off.

"I'm not his girlfriend!"/"She's no my girlfriend!" Korra and Mako shouted simultaneously in response. Korra and the ponies rushed over to Rarity who was still screaming and galloping in place.

"Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew!"

"Rarity, are you okay?" Fluttershy asked with concern.

"No! I'm not okay! Look at me, I'm…dirty! Those horrible little street urchins tried to take a lock of my mane and then splattered mud all over my newly groomed coat! And they call us the animals!"

Korra simply smiled at her friend's dramatic nature, "Okay, Rarity calm down it's fine."

"Fine? Fine?! Look at me! I look awful!" the unicorn began to cry but Korra simply rolled her eyes and smiled kindly.

"That's ridiculous."

The unicorn briefly stopped crying and looked at the avatar curiously, "What?"

"There isn't enough mud in the world that can make you any less "fabulous" than you already are." The unicorn smiled sweetly at Korra's words. "Besides I can take that right off, watch."

Korra moved her hands in swift motion and the mud was immediately elevated right off of Rarity as Korra gently moved it down so it wouldn't splash her again. The pony marveled at her newly clean coat. There was not even a single drop of mud left on her. Korra began untying the brown fur pelt around her waist and tied it around Rarity's neck, making it look like a cape.

"Here. Now if anything else happens you won't get dirty again." Rarity admired her new accessory and smiled in satisfaction. It may not have been the most gorgeous thing in the world, but the generosity behind it was enough to make it that way. "I know it's not the most stylish thing I own but--"

"It's perfect. Thank you Korra. You truly are a gem." Rarity embraced the Korra in a warm hug as Mako watched with a surprised look on his face.

"Anytime, Rare." said the avatar before she stood back up again

"What was that about?" Mako asked.

"Rarity hates getting herself dirty. But don't worry, it's taken care of." Mako took this moment to simply smile and look at Korra, for which she noticed. "What?" she asked curiously.

"That's…remarkably nice of you."

Korra blinked in surprise at what he just said. He sounded so sweet. She could feel her cheeks burning, "It's nothing." she said shyly. The two teens simply stood there smiling kindly at each other. The ponies and Spike all watched in aware at how the two were interacting.

Twilight finally snapped them out of it by clearing her throat, "Ahem!"

"Oh, right! Come on! Let's go find Bolin." Korra said as she jumped on Naga's back. Mako also got back on.

"I think I know somewhere we can look" he said.


They ran across the city on the polar bear dog. The streets were practically empty. "Mind filling me in on where we're going?" Korra asked Mako.

"The Triple Threats sometimes partner up with the Agni Kais." he explained, "Their headquarters is just around this street. Hopefully, Bolin's there and nothing's gone down yet."

"How do you know so much about these yahoos anyway?"

But before he could answer, Naga suddenly shoot forward, the winged ponies flying behind her. The large beast ran through the streets. Korra tried to stop her by pulling onto the reins, but to no avail. Naga turned around the corner side of a building in pursuit of something running in the dark streets. Naga briefly stopped at a street sign and the friends spot a familiar creature climbing it.

"That's Pabu!" Mako exclaimed. Fluttershy quickly flew towards the creature who jumped onto her head. "Oh, thank goodness he's okay." she said.

Naga started to get a bit excited when she saw the little creature, "No, Naga! Pabu's a friend, not a snack". Korra told her, as the mammal slowly calmed down, her tongue sticking out of her mouth. Fluttershy took Pabu into her hooves and introduced the two mammals to one another.

"See? It's okay. She won't hurt you. Naga is actually a lot nicer than she seems."

The two animals sniffed each other before touching noses. Once they got acquainted, Pabu jumped onto Mako's shoulders, "We gotta hurry!" he said urgently.


Finally, the gout of friends reached the Triple Threat Triad headquarters. "Good the lights are on." said Mako as he got off of the polar bear dog.

"How is that good?" Fluttershy asked fearfully as she stuck her head out from behind Korra.

"It means, there's a good chance Bolin might be in there" said Applejack. Even though the lights were on, it was still empty from the outside just like the last one. The ponies all got off of Naga.

"Something's not right." Mako said as he cautiously approached the door, "There's usually thugs posted out front."

Spike didn't like the place at all, he didn't like the idea of having to face actual criminals in person, "Uh, maybe I should stay here with Naga."

"Come on Spike, you're not scared are ya?" asked Applejack jokingly.

Spike scoffed at this, "Me, scared? Ha! As if." As they walked closer to the doors Spike carried a terrified look in his face and began to shake.

"We better be cautious, follow me." Mako said as he continued to cautiously moved closer toward the doors, while Pabu remind on his shoulders.

"Right! Cautious." Pinkie Pie said the last word dramatically as she lowered her whole body downwards and tiptoed towards the door like Looney Toon. She then popped her head from the bottom of the wooden floor, then from the ceiling and even from the corner of the screen, all at which times, startling Mako.

"Pinkie Pie, will you stop that?!" he said in a slight shout/whisper. Once Mako reached the door, he pressed his back against it and and looked through the window. He gestured to the others with his hand to come closer.

Korra and the ponies all glanced at one another with 'are you serious?' expressions, before casually walking towards the young man, not even bothering to be sneaky as he or Pinkie Pie. But Twilight, though calm, was still very careful about their approach.

"Be real quiet, everypony." Twilight instructed, "Korra you--Korra?"

Next thing they knew, the double doors were then kicked out of their hinges! Mako was super surprised, even Spike had his jaw dropped. Korra had one powerful foot.

"So much for being cautious." Twilight said while rolling her eyes at Korra's impulsiveness before casually alongside Korra and the other ponies. Mako looked down at the broken doors, still very surprised, while Pinkie Pie happily galloped past him.

Once they all entered, the place looked deserted. The only clue that somebody was in here were the broken furniture on the floor. Rainbow Dash flew around the place looking around, "Nobody's here." she said.

"Oh, well we tried!" said Spike as he attempted to leave, "Let's go look for Bolin somewhere else, shall we? Great!"

"I'm with Spike" Fluttershy said and they both started to walk out the door.

"Both of you stay!" Korra said sternly. Both the dragon and the pegasus hesitantly stopped on their tracks. Mako began calling out for his brother.

"Bolin, you in here?"

Pinkie Pie began searching the whole place, she looked underneath the table. "Bolin!"Underneath the chairs. "Bolin?"Even inside the lamps...literally inside by popping out the lightbulbs. "Come out, come out wherever you are!"

Then, they all heard a strange loud noise coming from outside. It sounded like an engine running. Korra kicked another door and they all rushed outside. In front of them was a large truck and a group of people wearing ugly jumpsuits, masks that covered up their faces with green bulgy goggles. The masked men were loading up the back of the truck with people, The Triple Threats. The friends caught a climbs of Bolin, tied up and gagged like the others.

"There's Bolin!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Noticing the others, masked men began throwing bombs at them, which released a green fog that surrounded the group of friends. The masked people quickly got on their motorcycles and rode off along with the truck carrying Bolin. The two teens, dragon and ponies all coughed heavily amidst the smoke. Rainbow Dash quickly began to fly spinning rapidly around her friends, forcing the smoke away from them as it disappeared into thin air from the pony's powerful wind speed.

"Thanks Rainbow." said Korra, "Naga, come!"

The polar bear dog came running and got the two teens and land ponies onto her back while the winged ones followed beside them. With the truck and motorcycles in sight, Mako began throwing fire blasts at the men in their bikes, but they easily managed to avoid it. Korra looked at Twilight flying beside her.

"Twilight, forget the no magic rule! Show em what you got!"

"With pleasure!" the princess did not hesitate to shoot a magical blasts at one of the masked ones on motorcycles, but they manage to dodge them just like they did Mako's attacks. Korra then earthbended some rocks upwards overhead to stop them from escaping, but one managed to just simply jump over the rocks with his bike like a ramp.

"These guys are good" Rainbow said.

"Who are they?" asked Applejack.

"And what do they want with Bolin?" Rarity asked.

They all dashed out of the alley and swarm into an open square, where one of the opponents brought her motor to a spinning halt and threw a bola directly at Naga which tangled around her front and back legs, making her fall and the teens and land ponies flew off her back and land hard on the ground. The two masked people spun in the air and landed before making their way towards the fallen group. Rainbow Dash quickly flew up to one and kicked him in the gut with her hooves while Twilight Sparkle used energy blasts on the other one to keep her away from her friends. But the masked ones were determined. They got into their fighting stances at the same time the ponies, Spike, Korra and Mako all got into theirs.

"Bring it on, freaks!" Rainbow said bravely.

The two began to attack, the female one heading towards Korra. She quickly ignited a flame and threw a fire blast at her but her opponent managed to avoid the attack by jumping over it before running towards the Avatar. The two incited into hand-to-hand combat and the female opponent aimed for Korra's head but the avatar averted it with her left hand before striking her with a fire blast, for which her opponent quickly ducked underneath. Korra threw another fire punch with her left hand, but the masked woman leaned back to dodge it. Korra spun around and made a fire kick in the shape of a full moon, though the woman managed to avoid that attack as well by moving quickly to her left. Korra aimed a hight fire kick at her head, who reciprocated by curling her leg around Korra's and pulled her down, creating an unguarded opening on Korra's right side. She began throwing unusual punches at Korra's side, arm and back. All of a sudden, Korra felt a strange sensation, almost as if her insides had been jabbed by a knife. Her arm was numb and she couldn't use it to bend anymore. But the young avatar was no quitter, she madly charged at the masked woman using only her left hand to unleash a fire attack, but the masked woman easily avoided it.

Seeing Korra struggling to fight with only one good arm, Applejack came in between them and kicked the masked opponent right in the gut with her powerful back legs. The woman landed hard on the ground on her behind. Rainbow Dash flew down and landed beside Applejack, ready to fight as the masked woman stood up. She took from her pocket another bola and aimed it at the ponies, enwrapping both Rainbow and Applejack's legs. The two landed on the ground.

Korra quickly rushed to their side to try and untangle them, but the woman came running at her again, forcing Korra to do a backflip away from her opponent and block her incoming attacks with her good arm.

Seeing this, Twilight whispered to herself, "Control your breath. Find your thrive." feeling the energy within her, Twilight unleashed a powerful magenta colored fire blast at the opponent, but she noticed this and quickly tossed yet another bola, both which entrapped Twilight and Fluttershy along with her. The two landed on the ground and were knocked out.

"Girls!" Korra cried out. But before she could help them, the masked woman attacked her once again and she defended herself with her firebending, but she had to resort to using only one arm, her numb one being of no use now.

Meanwhile, Mako grunted in pain while rubbing his right arm. The male opponent had just jabbed his arm the same way the other did to Korra. His attacker came at him, but before he could even make a move, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Spike all bravely charged and tackled him away from Mako. The man landed on the ground and rubbed his sore neck before taking from his pocket a bola and threw it at the ponies and little dragon. Only Rarity and Spike managed to get tangled up by the bola as Pinkie Pie quickly jumped out of the way. Seeing her friends tied up and down, the usually happy-go-lucky pony turned fierce as she charged at the opponent while angrily screaming,

"Pinkie charge!!!!" She jumped up and hurdled towards the enemy, but the opponent quickly kicked the pony with his foot! Pinkie was sent flying in mid air before landing on the ground near Mako's feet, groaning in pain.

"Pinkie Pie!"

He angrily aimed a fire-fueled swing at the opponent for what he did to Pinkie Pie, but the masked man ducked to avoid the attack. He trilled behind Mako and quickly jabbed his left side, the young firebender groaned in pain. The second opponent did the same jabbing on Korra. Weakened, the female jumped up and kicked the Avatar in the chest. She fell backwards and slid to the ground beside Mako, who too had fallen down after being flung by his opponent. Having been jabbed so many times left them feeling weak.

Naga growled as the two masked strangers approached the teens, both trawling their bolas around menacingly. Meanwhile, Twilight finally woke up and spotted Naga trying to break free of the ropes tied to her paws. The alicorn used her magic to speed up the process.

"Sick em girl!"

Now free, the polar bear dog let out a mighty ROAR at the opponent, driving them away from her mistress and friends. Pabu even followed her example by screeching viciously at the attackers. Terrified, more so by the large beat, the two strangers released yet another grenade which unleashed the green smoke from before, using the cover to ride away away on their bikes.

Once all was clear, both Twilight and Rarity used their magic to untie themselves and the others. Once free they quickly ran to Korra and Mako. Korra draped her arm around Naga's head as the beast pulled her to her feet and Pabu crawled up Mako's shoulder.

"Everybody okay?" Applejack asked. Korra wobbled a bit as she stood, holding on to Naga for support, and rubbed her head.

"Yeah. What about you guys?"

"We're fine, a little dazed but fine" Twilight said in assurance before shaking her whole body to remove the dust. Korra looked down at her hand curiously. She felt weird after all the jabs she had gotten. She threw a short punch to firebend, but quickly realized that nothing came out.

"Ugh, I can't bend." she attempted one more time, but when she couldn't get even the tiniest flame out, she began to panic, "I can't bend!'

"Calm down, it'll wear off." Mako said as he stood up, with Rainbow and Fluttershy's help. "Those guys were chi-blockers, their Amon's henchmen."

"Amon? That anti-bending guy with the mask?"

"Yeah, he's the leader of the Equalists."

"What do they want with the Triple Threats?" Korra asked

"Whatever it is, it can't be good." said Mako as he looked in the direction the Equalists took off. He placed his palm on his forehead and grunted in frustration, "I can't believe Bolin got himself into this mess!"

Korra and the ponies all looked at each other with sad expressions. Bolin had been kidnapped and now they had no idea where he could be. Korra looked sympathetically at the young man, then Rainbow Dash placed her hoof on her shoulder and tilted her head towards his direction. Korra understood perfectly well what the pony was trying to tell her as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Mako, we are going to save your brother. I promise you that" she slightly turned to face the ponies and gestured to them with her hand, "We all promise."

The ponies and Spike all nodded and smiled in agreement. Mako could see the strength, determination, and Loyalty in their eyes. He saw it in Korra too.

"You've got friends now. Everything is going to be alright."

Mako lowered his gaze and sighed, "I sure hope so."


For the rest of the night they continued to search and search for Bolin and the equalists. They all decided to split up in hopes of finding them faster. The ground ponies all traveled by land, while the winged ones traveled by air. Korra and Mako rode on Naga. They looked around every street, in the vicinity of a deserted bridge, even at a trolley station. But no matter how hard they searched, they couldn't' find any trace of their friend. The winged ponies finally landed near the two teens and polar bear dog and the land ponies all gathered around them.

"Any luck?" Korra asked hopefully.

"No." Fluttershy responded sadly with a sigh.

Rainbow Dash lowered and sat on the ground, "We must have flown over half the city."

"My wings are killing me." said Twilight as she slightly flapped them, but her exhaustion prevented her from moving them anymore.

"Yeah, I'm more beat than Big Macintosh after applebuck season." AppleJack said.

Rarity's mane was a complete mess due to the constant searching and her hooves were burning with pain, "And this concrete isn't doing my hooves any favors."

Pinkie Pie let out a loud yawn, the poor pony was feeling so tired. Korra kneeled down and picked up the sleepy pony into her arms, "Mako, help me get them onto Naga."

"Sure thing." he said. He approached and kneeled down to pick up Rarity, but the unicorn quickly jumped up and glared at him.

"Watch the hands, boy! I know where you live."

Mako, of course, could not understand her, but he none the less spoke in a soft and kind voice. "Easy girl, I'm here to help." he gently lifted the unicorn up, carrying her in his strong arms before gently placing her on Naga's back, followed by Korra who placed Pinkie and Applejack while Mako picked up Spike and placed him on the saddle next to the ponies.

"Aren't you getting on too?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"No, you guys rest. We'll walk from here." said Korra.

"But we're tired!" Rainbow whined from the ground.

"You guys have been flying for most of the night. Your legs have more than enough strength."

"She's right, you know." said Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash reluctantly agreed, "Oh, okay."

And so, the land ponies and Spike all rode on Naga, while Korra, Mako and the winged ponies walked beside them. Korra walked on Naga's right side while Mako walked near her left. He took this moment to look at Korra, this was the second time he had seen her do something nice for somebody else. He didn't know exactly why, but this fascinated him in a way.

"How long have you known them?" he asked.

Korra looked at him curiously, "Sorry?"

"The ponies. How long have you been with them?"

"A few days, I suppose. Why you ask?"

"It's just, the way you are with them, it's almost as if you've known them your whole life."

Korra lightly chuckled at the confused look Mako gave her, "It does feel that way."

"But don't you find that a bit, I don't know, strange? How can you care about someone you've only just met?"

"Well, I guess…I just feel for them, you know? They're new to this world just like I am." as she spoke, a smile appeared on her face. It wasn't like her normal cocky grin, but a sweet and tender one. "It's nice to have somebody to be beside you, you know?"

Mako's eyes slightly widened at this. He knew that feeling better than anyone. All his life, he had Bolin at his side, but maybe by carrying so much about what to eat for their next meal and his ambition to win the tournament, he didn't take a moment to fully appreciate his brother's company.

"Yeah. I think I do get it."

As they all continued with their search Mako suddenly realized something odd…he wanted to continue talking with Korra. He bit his bottom lip nervously, he was never usually the one to actually START a conversation with someone, that was often Bolin. His brother was WAY more of a people person than he was, but if he and Korra were most likely going to be seeing each other often now, he figured they could at least try to become better friends. He took in a deep breath before speaking.

"So, even though we're still searching, you think maybe we could…I don't know...talk?"

The question totally caught Korra by surprise as her eyes slightly widened, "What do you want to talk about?" she asked unsurely.

"Well, I have been meaning to ask, what are those marks for?" Mako pointed to the marks on the ponies' flanks, "Are they birthmarks or something?"

"No, those are called cutie marks." Korra answered with a smile.

Mako arched an eyebrow, "No seriously."

Korra giggled before saying, "I am serious." she began telling Mako the origins of cutie marks as he listened attentively. "You see, in Equestria, a pony gets his or her cutie mark once they've found their special talent. Their purpose in life. Twilight's cutie mark symbolizes her natural talent for magic. Rainbow Dash got her's by performing a SonicRainboom."

"What's that?" Mako asked, becoming more and more fascinated with this topic.

"It's when she flies at a speed that breaks the sound barrier and a huge sonic boom and a rainbow hue happen at once." Korra explained with much enthusiasm.

"Wow. That sounds pretty cool."

"Yeah, maybe Rainbow can show it to you one day. What do you say, RD?"Rainbow Dash nodded her head and Mako heard a happy 'neigh' come out of her mouth, "That's a 'yes'." Korra translated, "Her mark represents her love of flying and speed."

"And what about Pinkie and AppleJack?"

"Pinkie got her's when she realized how much she loved to make ponies happy, and she throws the best parties. Applejack at one point left home to the big city but she soon realized she belonged at her family's apple farm and has worked there ever since, earning her cutie mark. Rarity got hers when she found she had a natural talent of locating gems with her horn which helped her improve her fashion designs. And Fluttershy got hers when she discovered her natural ability to communicate with animals. That's why she prefers living on the ground instead of the sky like most pegasus ponies."

"Wow. Must be nice, knowing exactly what your destiny is. Instead of just going through life, wondering what you're suppose to be…" Mako quickly realized his confession and noticed the concerned look on Korra's face. He cleared his throat before speaking again, changing the subject. "So, what about Twilight? Is she half pegasus?"

"No. She was originally a unicorn but after completing a magic spell that saved her friends, her mentor Princess Celestia made her a princess alongside her, her sister Luna and Twilight's sister-in-law Cadance. Those wings represent just how much she's worked and how far she's come. That makes her a hero in my book." Twilight blushed at this, earning a smile from Korra. The Avatar noticed that Mako was once again giving her that face. "Okay what now?"

"What do you mean?" Mako asked casually while still smiling.

"I mean, why do you keep looking at me like that?"

"It's just…you're quite surprising." Mako said. Korra froze for a moment, her cheeks flushed yet she tried to hide her bashfulness behind her cocky grin and tilted her head in amusement.

"Is that a compliment?" she said, her voice dripping with playful sarcasm.

Mako chuckled at this, "Yeah, it is."

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. Even if you did get beat up by a pony." Korra said, making the two of them chuckle. She wasn't entirely sure if it was the lighting of the lampposts playing tricks on her, but she could have sworn she saw some faded red on Mako's cheeks.

The ponies all smiled at how well the two were getting along. Spike, on the other hand, groaned in annoyance."What's wrong Spike?" Rarity asked.

"I just don't get them. One minute they're arguing like little kids and now they're making 'goo goo' eyes at each other." he said while actually putting on big puppy eyes and batting his eyelashes, "Why can't they make up their minds?" he crossed his arms in annoyance.

"I think It's kind of sweet." Fluttershy said with a smile.

Applejack agreed, "Yeah, Korra does seem to have an affect on him."

"Ohhhhhhh, I think somebody's in loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee!" Pinkie Pie happily said. Korra blushed at their comments. She was so thankful that Mako couldn't understand them.

"What did she say?" he asked.

"Nothing, she's just being Pinkie Pie." Korra responded, while Pinkie Pie winked at her. For the rest of the night they kept on looking for Bolin.


A few hours passed, nightfall was ending, Korra and Mako's feet were already starting to hurt and the winged ponies could take no more walking. Finally they stopped.

"We've been out all night. No sign of him." Korra said.

"We got to keep looking. But where?" Mako asked. Korra gasped as she remembered something.

"I have an idea!" she quickly jumped onto Naga, followed by Mako. The winged ponies flew next to them as Korra stirred Naga toward the park.

The whole place was surrounded by the dim morning fog. Once there, Naga started drinking from the fountain. Pabu climbed on top of Naga's head and drank too.

The ponies reached the fountain and all happily placed their front hooves into the water, sighing in relief as the cool liquid soothed their aching hooves. Rarity climbed to the side, panting dramatically. "Oh, water, sweet clear water. Ew, it looks kind of filthy…oh, but I'm too thirsty to care!" she literally stuck her head into the water and then flipped her now wet mane as she sighed in relief, "Ah, that feels marvelous!"

Pinkie Pie jumped and did a cannonball into the water, wetting the others. Korra and Mako sat on the side of the fountain, Twilight flies down and sat next to Korra. "Why are we here, Korra?"

"The first day I got into town I ran into and equalist protester over there." she said as she pointed her finger to the direction she saw the protestor.

"And you think they'll know where Bolin is?" Mako asked.

"It's our only lead right now."

The two teens were then splashed from behind by water. They turned to see Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash wrestling in the fountain. "You're going down, Pinkie Pie!" said the rainbow pegasus.

"No way, R.D!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Ya'll are both going down!" Applejack said before tackling them and they all landed in the water in a giggling heap. An annoyed Mako wiped the water out of his hair.

"You guys mind?"

Korra laughed at the scene and playfully, but gently, slapped Mako's arm, "Let them have their fun, it's been a crazy night. They deserve it."

"Hey, wait for me you guys!" Spike said before jumping into the water too. Twilight and Korra smiled and giggled.

Afterwords, underneath some trees, the group of friends all gathered around Naga who fell asleep while Pabu was asleep on her back. Korra and Mako both sat cross legged while the ponies all sat with them…mostly on Korra's side, as Spike sat on Naga's head. Mako was deep in thought about his brother while Korra was looking around, silently annoyed by the awkward silence. After their conversation before, she felt it was her turn to start one. Noticing her struggle, Twilight whispered to the Avatar, "Say something."

"Like what?" Korra whispered back.

"I don't know, ask him anything."

Korra bit her bottom lip and decided to say the first thing that came to her mind, "….so…why is Bolin running around with the Triple Threat triad anyway?"

Mako didn't even look at her, he really didn't want her to know about his past, but she did ask a question. "Well we…we use to do some work for them back in the day" he hesitantly confessed. This confession caught the others by surprise.


"Are you some kind of criminal?" Korra asked almost accusingly.

"No. You don't know what you're talking about." Mako said defensively "I just ran numbers for them and stuff. We were orphans out on the street, I did what I had to do to survive and protect my little brother." he angrily crossed his arms and looked down at the grass. Korra and the ponies looked at him with sympathy and regret. The ponies all lowered their ears, they had no idea Mako has been through so much in his youth.

"I'm sorry. It must have been really hard." Korra said with sympathy. She took a brief moment before carefully asking, "Can I ask, what happened to your parents?"

"They were mugged. By a firebender. He cut them down right in front of me. I was eight."

The ponies, including Spike all gave silent gasps, Korra could see the hurt in his eyes, "Mako."

Mako rose his scarf closer to his face, "Bolin is the only family I have left. If anything were to happen to him…" he couldn't even say the rest. "That's just the way life is, Korra. If you want something you need to work for it. Nobody's going to just give you something because you ask for it."

Korra was then reminded of the vagabond who asked her for good at the park. He didn't have to do much, she just gave him because he needed it, simple as that. Poor Mako had to struggle so much because of one man's mistake. It would appear kindness was in short supply in this city.

Mako suddenly felt something tap his arm. He looked down and saw Applejack remove her hat and placed it on his lap, smiling kindly. He looked at it curiously as he picked it up. "What's this for?"

"It's her way of saying that she wants to be your friend." Korra said while smiling sweetly. Mako got an even bigger surprise when Applejack actually sat down next to him. "You know, Applejack's an orphan too." Korra mentioned.


"She lives with her grandma, big brother and little sister at Sweet Apple Acres. She may not have gotten through all of the same hardships as you, but she understands what it's like to lose one's parents. And Rarity here knows how challenging having a little sibling can be." she gestured to the unicorn who simply shrugged with a smile. "But it's actually a pretty great gift. I've never had brothers or sisters and now I have seven."

Mako looked over at the other ponies and Spike who were all smiling kindly at him. Which was a first for him considering they didn't even like him at first.

"We may seem different as night and day, but if you look a little deeper…." Fluttershy curled up on Korra's lap and the Avatar stroked her mane, "You'll see we are more alike than we think."

Mako watched as the adorable pegasus pony smiled at Korra's gentle touch. He still couldn't believe that despite her fiery and aggressive nature, there was a kind and loving person deep underneath. She was definitely more than just the Avatar and a great bender. Lots more.

The firebender smiled and placed Applejack's hat back onto her head. The pony and the firebender both smiled at each other. Pinkie Pie then stood in front of them all and began doing a funny dance and doing tricks with party props she just got out of nowhere. Both Korra and Mako laughed at the pony's funny antics,

"Where does she get that stuff?" Mako asked in between laughs.

"I have no idea!" Korra said also in between laughs, "You know, this is the first time I've ever heard you laugh." she said.

"Yeah, it's been a while. It feels nice." Mako said with a smile.


The sun's rays passed in between the leaves of the trees as dawn approached. The others had all fallen asleep, some of Pinkie Pie's confetti was still all over the grass and the pony herself laid on her back while snoring and twitching her leg.

All the other ponies and Spike were asleep while Applejack slept beside Mako. The country pony was the first to wake up as she let out a large yawn and stretched her body. Then her sleepy eyes widen at what she saw: Korra was sound asleep with her head on Mako's shoulder. She smiled at the adorable scene and quietly walked over to Rarity and gently woke her up.

"Rarity, Rarity wake up."

"Hu? What? Applejack, what is it?"

"Lookey over there." she pointed her hoof to the two teens. Rarity gleamed when she saw them.

"Awwww, they are so adorable. Oh, please don't tell me we're going to wake them up."

Applejack shook her head, "Nah, let them have their cozy moment for a few more minutes. Besides, the look on Mako's face will be priceless."

"I know." the two silently giggled at the idea. Just then, they heard a loud voice coming from nearby shouting.

"Equality now! Equality now! We want equality now!"

Both Korra and Mako were slowly woken up by the noise. Once they opened their eyes, they noticed the position they were in. Both their eyes shot open in horror. Korra let out a horrified gasp and they scrambled away from each other out of embarrassment.

"AH! I-I…er..eheh, humn, hummehem."

The Avatar's scream woke up the other ponies and they automatically get into defensive stances.

"Wow, wow, wow, what happened? Where's the fire?" Rainbow said as she looked around for any threats. They all turned their heads to the protestor who was standing on a small stage shouting through his megaphone. A skinny guy wearing a hat and grey clothing with sideburns on his face.

"That's the guy." Korra said as she pointed at him.

Rainbow Dash stomped her hooves, "Let's get some answers!"

"Amon calls you to action! Take back your city! It's time for the…" the protestor gasped when he saw Korra approach him and glared angrily at her. The feeling was mutual in her part. "You again. You can't silence me, Avatar!"

"He always like that?" Applejack asked while arching an eyebrow at the oddly and annoying man.

"Pretty much." Korra replied casually.

Like many before, the protester didn't hear Applejack speak and he thought Korra was talking directly to him. "Didn't you just hear me? I said YOU CAN'T SILENCE ME!" he shouted through his megaphone with much fury. Big mistake. Korra fiercely slapped it from his hand and it smashed to the ground.

Spike looked at the broken object and back at Korra as his ears lowered. "Yikes."

"Shut your yapper and listen up." Korra told the protester, "My friend got captured by some chi-blockers, where'd they take him?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about" he said while uncooperatively crossing his arms.

"Oh, I think you do" she lifted up her leg to earthbend at the man, but was stopped by Twilight.

"Korra, wait! I don't think violence is going to make him cooperate."

"Well, then what do you suggest?" Korra asked as she lowered her leg down.

"I suggest you and your little vermin get out of here right now!" the protester said as he crumpled up a piece of paper and fiercely threw it right at Twilight's face. The alicorn glared at him and then looked at Korra.

"On second thought, go nuts."

Korra smirked and rose her foot once again and slammed it down. The earth from underneath the table rose up, sending both it and the protester into the air. A bunch of flyers flew all around, some landing on the ponies' heads, to which they simply shook them off. They looked at the images curiously, all had pictures of Amon. Mako picked one out of the air and read the words out loud.

" 'Witness the Revelation, tonight nine o'clock.' What's this revelation?" he asked the protester, who had landed on the ground and was currently trying to pick up the flyers.

"Nothing that concerns the likes of you two!" he said irritably. The protester squealed in fear once Korra lifted him up by the hem of his shirt.

"You better believe it concerns us." she said threateningly, "Spill it! Or incase you haven't noticed, my friends here weren't too happy about your 'vermin' remark."

The ponies stared angrily at him while flaring their nostrils threateningly, minus Fluttershy. The protester looked at them fearfully. "Okay, okay, no one knows what the revelation is, and I have no idea what happened to your friend. But if he's a bender, then my best is that he's getting what's coming to em." he said the final sentence very arrogantly.

"Where's it happening?" Mako asked.

They were then interrupted by a whistle and a park security guard called out, "Hey! What's going on over there?!"

"Busted!" said Pinkie Pie.

"The Avatar is oppressing us! Help!" the protester cried out before Korra tossed him aside, "Let's scram" she said as she ran to Naga's saddle, with the ponies and Mako following her, quickly snatching up a handful of papers as he did before vaulting on Naga. With the protester on the ground, Twilight quickly ran over to him and kicked him in the gut before following her friends who were already running off on Naga.


At a trolley stop passing over a bridge, the friends were all looking at the flyers the protester had, while sitting on a bench, trying to find anything that might be of help. Each flyer had a picture of Amon in the front and weird green drawings in the back. Korra held one of the flyers while they all studied the others spread out over the floor. Twilight levitated a few in front of her face, trying to find something that could help them.

"Why didn't the equalist put a location on these?" Korra asked Mako.

"Probably because they don't want just anyone waltzing in into their big "revelation". Whatever that is."

While the others were looking at the flyers Pinkie Pie made some of them into a paper hat, she also placed one on Mako, who did not look very amused. Korra slightly chuckled at this but stopped once she saw his serious face. "Sorry, I couldn't help it."

Mako angrily takes off the hat and crumpled it, "Come on you guys, focus. I bet the information is hidden here somewhere."

Pinkie Pie, jumped on Mako's shoulder and playfully ruffled his hair, "I was just trying to lighten the mood. Come on Mister Grumpy Guss!"

Twilight then levitated the papers in front of her and turned them over, she suddenly noticed that each back had a different image. She let out a happy gasp, grabbing Korra's attention. "You found something, Twily?"

"I think I have.", Twilight levitated two images and placed them together for Korra and Mako to see. The firebender was intrigued.

"Look at that. There's four different images on the backs of each of these." said Mako as he took the papers. Pinkie, who was still on his back, looked at the images.

"So, it's a puzzle?" Korra asked.

"Oh! I love puzzles!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Yeah. Of a map!" Mako grabbed the four pieces of paper from Twilight and stood up. He placed them over a city map and moved the papers over different locations. He finally found a match, the flyers had a red spot on the back, indicating the meeting place. "Bingo. That must be where it's going down. Good job, Twilight."

Korra smiled proudly at the alicorn princess, who blushed as Pinkie Pie gave her a big hug.Twilight smiled confidently, "Alright everybody, let's go save us an earthbender!"


That night, Korra and Mako hid in an alley as they watched people walking into an abandoned factory building site, barely visible in the nightly fog that hung over it. The two teens stayed in the shadows, both wearing long trench coats as disguises.

"How much longer?" Mako asked impatiently as he adjusted his scarf.

"Give them a minute."

"You sure it's a good idea to bring them along? They'll blow our cover."

Before Korra could reply, the two heard footsteps approaching. The teens quickly took their defensive positions as two dark figures approached them.

"Don't get your parka in a bunch, darling."

Korra slowly lowered her arms for she recognized that sophisticated tone anywhere...


"Rarity?" Mako asked.

The two "people" standing in front of them opened up their jackets to reveal the ponies: Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy (in that order) were on top of each other while Fluttershy wore a hat to cover her ears and had her hair in a bun and Applejack was wearing human boots. Next, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle were on top of each other with Spike wearing a hat on top of Twilight and Pinkie Pie was wearing human boots.

"Wow, you guys actually had us fooled, didn't they Mako?"

"Yeah, but I'm still not sure about this."

"Don't worry," said Twilight, "me and Rarity's magic will keep us all in perfect balance, and we've been practicing all afternoon."

"Relax Mako, they got this."

Mako sighed in annoyance. These creatures were just as stubborn as Korra. "Okay. Let's go."

Mako placed on a hat to fit his disguise outfit and Korra put on a flapper hat with a lief image on it, tugging her ponytail underneath it and prepared to make her way towards the factory, but Mako quickly stopped her.

"What? What is it?" Korra asked, wondering why Mako would stop her on her tracks. For a moment, the firebender was silent, looking as if he were pondering over something. Finally, he removed his scarf and placed it around her neck. The sensation made Korra feel warm, not only because the fabric itself felt soft and secure, but also when Mako's fingers briefly touched her cheek.

"Now let's go." he said, snapping Korra out of it. She wondered why he was taking his time to place the scarf around her neck. By the looks of it, this item meant something to Mako.

The two groups of ponies walked together as if they were a male and female couple. A doorman stood by the door, checking the invitation of a citizen, who was holding one of the flyers of the Revelation. Approving it, he moved aside to let the man in and immediately turned his attention to the man that was waiting, who also showed him a flyer.

Twilight, from a small opening inside the coat, saw the two teens and used her magic to make Korra move forward and grab Mako's arm so they looked like a couple. This caught both of them by surprise.

"What are you doing?" asked the firebender. Korra looked over at Twilight who winked. The Avatar decided to go along with it.

"We'll attract less attention this way." she tells him in a hushed tone. In her mind, she promised herself to give the girls a stern talking to about this. However, in another part of her mind…she kind of liked the closeness between her and Mako. And even if he would never say it out loud….Mako kind of did too.

Once they reached the entrance the big large guy stood and looked down on them. "This is a private event. Nobody gets in without an invitation." he said sternly while crossing his arms.

Korra looked worriedly at Mako, "uh…invitation?"

Spike whispered to Twilight, "Invitation?"

"He probably means the flyers" she whispered back.

Mako pulled out one of the equalist flyers they had found earlier that day, "You mean, this?"

Twilight and Rarity both used their magic to levitate their "arms" and show the thug their flyers. The thug took both papers and smiled giving them space to enter and smiled friendlily. "The revelation is upon us, my brothers and sisters."

As they walked in, Fluttershy gave out a shy whimper but thankfully the thug did not hear her. Once inside, the ponies, all through small openings in their jackets could see everything. They all stood near the railing where down below they saw the entire place was packed full of people. In the far corner of the room was a large stage with a large equalist poster.

"I knew a lot of people hatted benders, but I've never seen so many in one place" Mako said.

"This is so sad." Fluttershy said.

"Keep your eyes out for Bolin." he tells Korra.

As they made their way through the crowed a light shined on the stage and the stage floor opens up. They hear the announcer, "Please welcome, your hero, your savior….Amon!"

All ponies and Spike watched as the infamous masked Amon emerged from a trapdoor in the stage, a line of Equalits behind him as the room burst into loud cheers. Amon was exactly as depicted on his posters; a tall, almost athletic looking man in dull colored clothing and a hood over his head, on his face was a white mask with grey markings and a single red circle on the forehead. His piercing eyes looked almost colorless in the light, it was hard to depict their color. Despite the mask, this Amon looked so confident, strong and, downright evil. Korra was already feeling chills up her spine at the mere sight of him and the ponies did too. Fluttershy was already shaking.

"Fluttershy, please stop shaking." Rarity tells her from underneath.

"I can't help it"

Korra placed her hand on her, "It's okay sweetie, I'm here." The pegasus pony slowly started to calm down.

Amon took the microphone in his hand and began to speak, "My quest for equality began many years ago." he said, his voice was deep and powerful, making him all the more menacing, "When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich, and none of us were benders." the crowd listened attentively to his tale, even Korra, Mako, Spike and the ponies were interested to know why this man was so determined to wipe out half of the human race. "This made us very easy targets for the firebender who escorted my father. One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did, that firebender took my family away from me. Then, he took my face. I've been forced to hide my face behind a mask ever since."

Korra and Mako exchanged glances before looking back at Amon. The ponies were saddened by this story, but even so, this man did not have the right to blame ALL benders for the fault of one. They simply could not understand how one human could be so closed hearted AND closed minded.

"As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City." The crowd booed as Korra hid her face with Mako's scarf. The ponies angrily sneered at the man's negative tone. "And if she were here, she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world. But, she is wrong. The only thing bending has brought to the world, is suffering." Amon repeatedly pointed to the audience as he spoke with much strength and emphasis in his voice, "It has been the cause of every war in every era."

Korra gritted her teeth in anger, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity and Twilight did the same. "This guy seriously needs help" Rainbow Dash whispered angrily.

"I agree" said Rarity.

"But that is about to change." Their angry looks shifted to ones of surprise, curiosity, and worry. "I know you have been wondering, "What is the Revelation?" You are about to get your answer. Since the beginning of time, the spirits have acted as guardians of our world. And they have spoken to me. They have said that the avatar has failed humanity." Korra and ponies sneered at this. "That is why the spirits have chosen me. To usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power that will make equality a reality. The power to take a person's bending away. Permanently."

Korra and the girls all gasped, and Spike started to feel sick. "Take a person's bending?" Applejack said in disbelief

"Forever?" Rarity finished

"Is that even possible?", Twilight asked.

Korra shook her head, "No Twilight. It's not, there's no way--"

"This guy's insane." said Mako.

"Now, for a demonstration." said Amon as an equalist lead to the stage an older looking man with grey hair and flashy red cloths. His hands were tied behind his back. "Please welcome, Lightning Bolt Zolt. Leader of the Triple Threat Triad, and one of the most notorious criminals in Republic City."

The whole crowd booed at the man, but Lightning Bolt Zolt could care less about what they thought of him, "Ah, boo yourself!" he shouted back in annoyance. The Equalists guards then led four more tied up benders onto the stage, forcing them on their knees. The very last on in the line was Bolin. The poor boy looked at his surroundings terrified.

Pinkie became excited to see him, "Look, there's Bo--" Rainbow Dash quickly covered her mouth.

"Not so loud, Pinkie" she whispered.

Fluttershy tapped Korra's shoulder, "Korra---"

"I see him" She determinedly attempted to walk towards the stage to get Bolin but was stopped by Mako who pulled her back by grabbing her arm.

"Wait, we can't fight them all. We need to be smart about this"

"Then come up with a game plan team captain." said the Avatar in a rather annoyed tone while angrily speaking through her teeth.

"Wow, that Mako is starting to sound just like you, Twilight" Spike said, and Twilight narrowed her eyes at this.

"Zolt has amassed a fortune by extorting and abusing nonbenders." Amon said again, "But his reign of terror is about to come to an end. Now, in the interest of fairness," Amon turned to his right hand man, The Lieutenant, who began untying Zolt's hands. The Lieutenant wore pretty much the same equalist clothing, only his mask covered up the upper part of his face, leaving only his mouth and mustache bare.

"I will give Zolt the chance to fight to keep his bending." Amon moved a few feet away from Zolt as the equalist guard pushed him in the opposite direction of Amon, leaving some space between the two fighters. The criminal smiled arrogantly.

"You're gonna regret doing that, pal."

The man immediately unleashed a fire blast at the masked man, who nimbly dodged the attack. He gradually came closer while easily dodging the numerous fire blasts Zolt threw at him. The firebender surged forwards while generation lightning. The ponies watched in horror at Amon's moves. He didn't appear scared at his opponent at all. And though impressive, it terrified them. Especially Korra.

Zolt fired another bolt at Amon who easily ducked underneath it, before grabbing hold of Zolt's wrist. He twisted it around away from him. Lightning crashed into the stage before hitting the ceiling as Amon turned his hand further away. Zolt was forced to his knees and Amon grabbed the back of his neck, lightning still shooting from his fingers, as Amon placed his thumb in the center and Zolt's forehead and his irises shrunk in fear.

Fluttershy was literally shivering, they all were as they watched the man scream in Amon's grip. Korra had never seen anything so awful, it almost looked as if Amon was torturing the man from the inside out by simply touching him. The lighting emitting from Zolt's fingers changed into a large flame before disappearing completely. Amon removed his thumb from Zolt's forehead and released his neck. The criminal collapsed on the floor, weak and exhausted. He looked up at Amon and attempted to firebend at him, but as he tried to…nothing happened. The whole crowed gasped as Zolt looked up weakly at the Equalist leader.

"Wha…What did you do to me?"

"Your firebending is gone. Forever."

Korra now felt even more afraid. Even if it was something she would never admit. The ponies were feeling just as scared. Even though they were not benders, the very idea of having something taken from you in such a manner truly seemed like a nightmare. Well, Twilight was terrified, sure she had only had her bending for a short amount of time, but even so, the idea of having them taken away was terrifying.

"The era of bending is over. A new era of Equality has begun!"

The crowd cheered madly and proudly at his words. One by one, the equalist guards started releasing the captured triad members. Bolin was the very last one, they knew they had to get him out of there before Amon could reach him.

"Anyone have any ideas?" Korra asked.

"I think I do." Mako responded and turned his head to the pipe machines on the side of the wall, "See those machines? They're powered by water and steam. If you can create some cover I can grab Bolin without anyone seeing, then we duck out of here."

"That's…actually a pretty good plan" Twilight said surprised.

"Works for me." Korra said before turning to the other ponies, "Twilight, Pink and R.D, you guys go with Mako, the rest of you are with me."

"Wait, what?" Mako looked at her confused.

"Hey, you trust me?"

Mako saw Korra's eyes so filled with strength and fire, which matched Twilight's, "…I guess."

"Then trust them."

Mako never saw such determination in a person's eyes. Ever. Deep down he knew he couldn't deny her words. "…..Okay"

Before he left, Korra grabbed his shoulder, "Mako. Good luck" the two locked their hands.

"You too. Come on, girls" While Mako, Twilight, Spike, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash made their way closer to the stage, Korra, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack snuck their way at the side of the crowd, carefully moving through one of the side exits. They ran down a hallway filled with machines. Korra started to turn the large wheels of the machine, with a grunt of effort, the wheel turned, releasing one small air leak.

"It's not enough. Girls, I need you."

"We're on it." said Applejack who saluted to Rarity as a signal. The unicorn used her magic to turn more wheels, causing another minor leak to shut out of the pipe.

"Hey, you!"

The girls turned around as Thug from the entrance door came walking in and approached them. He looked down at them with a suspicious look, his large size filling up the entire hallway. The ponies gulped nervously.

Things just got a whole lot harder.


Meanwhile, Mako and the others were making their way through the crowd closer to the stage while Amon continued taking away the bending of the rest of the triads. Bolin was the very last in line.

"Where's that steam?" Spike asked with worry.

Twilight bit her bottom lip, "Come on, girls"


Korra and the others stood there calmly as the large Thug stood right in front of them. "Is there a problem, my brother?" Korra asked innocently, speaking in a slightly higher pitched voice.

"What are you two doing back here?" the thug asked gruffly.

"….Um, looking for the…bathroom?" she said while grinning innocently.

Rarity and Applejack hoof palm themselves in embarrassment. The thug reached for his back taking out a wrench. Korra calmly stood her ground, waiting for the right moment to strike. However, Rarity quickly used her magic to remove the wrench from the thug's hand, much to his surprise, and used it to hit him on the head. The Thug landed hard on the ground, knocked out unconscious.

"Nice one, Rare!" the Avatar complimented the unicorn's bravery and quick thinking. The ponies removed their trench coat and got off of each other. Rarity proudly flipped her mane.

"All in a day's work, darling."

"Come on!"

The girls kept on turning knobs on the machine to get out the steam. Applejack started kicking the pipes with her legs, then Fluttershy heard a loud groan from behind them. The Thug was waking up and the pegasus pony screamed.

"Somebody's got a thick skull." Applejack said. The Thug got up and lunged towards Korra but she quickly ducked, her hat falling off in the process, and used Mako's scarf to wrap it around the man's wrist, ramming his huge body right into the machine, knocking down all the vents that were holding down the steam.

Korra smiled at this, "Thanks, this should be enough."


Bolin looked up in fear as an Equalist guard moved toward him and started to fumble at his ropes. Bolin anxiously looked back, whimpering softly. Once he was free, he was pulled on his feet and thrown forward and stumbled on the stage while the bender Amon just took care of slumped down in exhaustion. As the masked man slowly turned around to face Bolin, the crowed cheered even louder. Bolin could feel the sweat streaming down his neck in fear as he nervously had his fingertips pressed together.

"Uh, hello, Amon, sir. I think there's been a big misunderstanding" His heart beat faster as Amon slowly approached him.


The Thug groaned in pain, but was knocked out again by Applejack and Rarity who simultaneously kicked him in the face. "That oughta keep him down for at least twenty more minutes." Applejack nodded at the avatar, "Go, Korra!"

Korra began waterbending the large cloud of steam all around her, a focused look on her face. Once she had enough she directed it all towards the wall with a powerful swipe of her hand.


Before Amon could even touch Bolin, an explosion on his left made him duck for cover. The wall broke open as a large stream of smoke surrounded the whole place, engulfing everything in it's path. Mako and the others saw it and realized Korra and the others have done their job successfully.

"Alright!" Twilight gleamed.

Rainbow said, "That's our girl"

The frightened people began to panic and rushed out towards the exists as the fog continued to grow in size, clouding everyone and everything. Using it as cover, the ponies and Spike tossed aside their disguise and jumped onto the stage following Mako. A few equalists blocked their path but Twilight, Rainbow and Pinkie all kicked them out of the way with their hooves, clearing the path for Mako.

"Thanks, girls."

Bolin couldn't see anything through the fog, not even the equalist that came up from behind him. He grabbed Bolin, shocking him, but Mako then grabbed the equalist by the shoulders and flung him aside.

"Bolin, you alright?"

"Yes, Mako, I love you!" Bolin extended his arms for a hug, but Mako simply dragged him out of the place, with the ponies and Spike in tow.

The two brothers and ponies all ran outside the factory and climbed down a ladder from behind the building. However Mako spotted Amon's Lieutenant come out and electrocuted the ladder with two sticks, causing them fall to the ground. The two brothers began to fight the equalist with their bending as the ponies and Spike all stood bravely by their side. Mako and Twilight worked together by shooting fire and magic blasts at the Lieutenant, but he managed to dodge them. Rainbow Dash flew at full speed and kicked him on the head, the Lieutenant landed hard on the ground while the pegasus grinned arrogantly. Bolin started earthbending rocks at the Lieutenant and even created a wall to prevent him from coming any closer but the Lieutenant nimbly jumped over it, flipped in mid air, landed and pinned Bolin up against a wall with his sticks electrocuting him and knocking him out. The Lieutenant was pushed away from Bolin when Pinkie Pie started shooting a large amount of confetti from her party cannon at the equalist which, surprisingly, sent him flying backwards.

"That's what you get, you big meanie!" the pink pony cried out in fury.

The equalist regained his composure and landed on the ground. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie dodged every one of his attacks, his kicks and punches, but he somersaulted and landed behind them and electrocuted them from behind with his sticks. The ponies groaned as they fell to the ground. Mako, Twilight and Spike charged at their opponent and started fighting him with magic and fire, Spike breathed fire from his mouth, but the Lieutenant proved to be too fast for them and before Twilight could unleash a final blow he speeded towards her and electrocuted the princess.

"AAAHHHH!" the alicorn fell to the ground groaning in pain.

"TWILIGHT!" Both Mako and Spike charged at the equalist, fire at the ready, but he managed to electrocute them as well as he pinned them both against the wall. They boys ended up on the ground.

"You benders need to understand…" Lieutenant said, "there is no place in the world for you anymore."

Just then, a pillar of rocks shot up beside the Lieutenant and thrusted him brutally against the building. He slammed hard against the metal and fell to the ground. From the broken wall, emerged Korra, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy.

"I wouldn't count us out just yet." Korra said with much strength in her voice that brought even shivers down the Lieutenant's spine.

Applejack and Rarity ran toward Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie while Fluttershy rushed over to Twilight, who managed to wake up. Korra whistled on her fingers and Naga came running from behind a building. Korra helped Mako up by holding his arm while he carried Spike. The ponies all quickly jumped onto Naga as did Korra and Mako, who was still holding Spike, and Naga grabbed Bolin by his shirt with her mouth, bouncing along with Naga's strides.

"Ow. Oh. Hey. Guys. Stop. I want. To be. On. Your back. Please!"

A few more Equalists walked out and helped the Lieutenant to his feet. He pointed to where their escapees were heading, "The Avatar. That's her!"

They all immediately attempted to run after them, but were stopped by the sound of their leader. "Let her go." Amon said from the balcony her was standing, "She's the perfect messenger to tell the city of my power."

"But what about those creatures that were with her? One of them had powers unlike anything we've ever seen" said the Lieutenant. But Amon remained calm.

"Do not worry about them. They are of no threat to us."

Amon watched as the avatar and her comrades all ran off. He knew he would be facing the avatar soon…but he wasn't expecting to see such strange and…powerful creatures.

Especially the purple one.


Finally, Naga stopped in front of the pro bending arena. Bolin's hair was a mess as he was still being held by Naga's mouth. She finally released him and the boy landed on the ground. He straightened himself back up.

"Oh, thank goodness! Glad that's over. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go throw up now" The poor earthbender's face turned green as he clenched his stomach and covered his mouth before running to a nearby garbage can to puke. Korra, Mako and the others all got off of the beast.

"Are you girls alright?" Korra asked

"We're fine, don't worry." Twilight told her after she adjusted her wings.

Spike was still a bit stunned by what he had just seen, "Speak for yourself, those equalists are no joke!"

Rainbow Dash shook her whole body, "I hope I never get electrocuted again for as long as I live!"

Pinkie Pie jolted up, excitable as ever. "WOAH! That was a rush!"

Korra slightly chuckled at Pinkie Pie's usual upbeat attitude. No matter how bad things get, that pony always had a smile on her face.

"They okay?" Mako asked.

"A little shaken up, but fine none the less." Korra replied.

"Good. You were right about them, Korra. They're tougher than they look."

"Aww, shucks!" Pinkie Pie said bashfully.

"Thank you." he said. Mako looked down once he felt something tug on his long jacket. Applejack removed her hat and shoved it at Mako's feet, revealing something red inside of it. "My scarf!"

Korra smiled as she took the red fabric out of the hat, "I asked Applejack to keep it safe." she said as she wrapped it back around Mako's neck. The firebender was so grateful for this scarf meant so much to him.

"I…this is…thank you."

Korra shrugged her shoulders, "It's no big deal. I just hope I didn't wrinkle it." she said, and once again, Korra noticed Mako giving her that look again, "Seriously, why are you looking at me like that? Something on my face?"

"No, no your face is….fine."

Korra smiled bashfully and blushed. Rarity and Applejack smiled at each other and then they both got the same idea. Rarity walked behind Mako and kicked him at the exact same time Applejack kicked Korra from behind…which as a result made the two kids bump into each other's arms. They both blushed and remained like that for a few seconds before Korra nervously stepped away, chuckling nervously.

"Ponies. Such cute little pranksters."

Mako was blushing too, "Um, y-yeah. Cute."

The teens flinched when they heard Bolin's voice. "Okay, glad that part's over" the earthbender walked back towards them, his hair now back to it's original style, "Korra I really appreciate what you did. Thank you."

"Yeah, we couldn't have done it without you" said Mako. The ponies all "neigh" and Mako chuckled lowering down to pet Pinkie Pie, "And I have you girls to thank too."

"You're welcome." Korra said with a smile. "Anytime you guys need me, I'll be there. No matter what." the words she said came straight from her heart. She meat every bit of it. Then, she suddenly started to feel a strange tingly sensation on her chest. Bolin's jaw dropped.

"Wow! What's going on!"

The others gasped when Korra's chest started to glow brightly! Releasing rainbow colors and sparkles that surrounded her body. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. They all shielded their eyes from the intense light. Once it dimmed down, they all noticed a necklace around Korra's neck; it had a golden ring with a red gem in the center shaped like a lightning bolt. The accessory gave out a rainbow colored shine. Rainbow Dash recognized it immediately.

"It--it can't be!"

Mako marveled at the jewelry around Korra's neck as it glistened in the moonlight, "What is that?"

Bolin scratched his head in confusion, "Is that normal?"

Korra could not believe what had just happened, "No. It's never happened before. Rainbow Dash, is this---"

"My Element of Harmony!" Rainbow happily exclaimed as she flapped her wings. "It's back!"

"But, how?" Korra wondered, "I thought you guys gave them up."

Twilight looked at the element in utter disbelief, "We did. This is unbelievable!"

Mako was having a hard time understanding all of this, "I'm sorry, The Elements of what now?"

"The Elements of Harmony." Korra explained, "They're these magical artifacts that the ponies used to protect Equestria. But after one mayor fiasco they had to return them back to their place of origin. The Tree of Harmony."

"So, how did one of them get on you?" Mako asked.

"I don't know. Each one represents an element of friendship. Rainbow Dash's element was loyalty. Fluttershy's was kindness, Rarity's generosity, Pinkie Pie's laughter, Applejack's honesty, and Twilight's was magic."

Twilight flew up and inspected the jewel around Korra's neck. "Rainbow's element appeared….right after you saved Bolin and demonstrated your loyalty to him and Mako."

"So, because of what Korra did tonight for us that's why it magical appeared on her?" Bolin said trying to place the pieces together.

"It looks that way." Korra said rather unsurely, "I'm still new to the whole magic stuff so I can't exactly say for sure." Korra removed the element from her neck and placed it on Rainbow Dash who smiled proudly.

"Welcome back, old friend!" just then, the element glowed once more before absorbing into Rainbow's skin, disappearing from sight.

"Wow! Where did it go?" Bolin asked.

"Don't worry, it's still there." said Korra, "It'll just show up when it's needed."

"How do you know?"

"I just…know."

Mako sighed while stroking his hair, "Okay, I don't know about any of you but I think I've had enough excitement for one night."

"Me too." said Bolin before stretching and yawning.

Korra noticed Spike yawning as well and she gently picked him up in her arms, "It looks like Spike agrees. Come one girls, let's head home. We can talk more about this in the morning. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

The brothers waved goodbye to their new friends as they all hopped onto Naga. But Pinkie Pie quickly got off and tackled Bolin with a great big hug before joining the others. The two boys waved goodbye as the beast disappeared from sight.

"You do realize nothing is ever going to be the same again, right?" Mako told his younger brother. Who, as usual, was optimistic in the matter.

"I know. Isn't it awesome?!" Bolin ran inside the arena with a happy smile but Mako stayed a while longer and watches his new friends disappear from sight…with a smile on his face.


On the ferry Korra, still carrying a sleepy Spike, watched as they grew farther and farther away from the arena, a smile was planted on her face. Rainbow Dash was doing air flips, "This is incredible! I've got my Element back!"

"I know!" Twilight replied.

Pinkie Pie started shooting mini fireworks, "HOORAY!"

"Does this mean we can all get out Elements back, now?" Applejack asked.

"I'm not entirely sure," Twilight said, "only time will tell"

Rainbow couldn't even begin to describe how happy she was, "Korra, I can't thank you enough!" but the avatar was still looking over at the city, more specifically the arena. Rainbow began waving her hoof in front of her face, "Korra. Hey Korra!"

"Hu? Oh, yeah no problem R.D."

"You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." However, the ponies all smiled sheepishly, for they knew exactly what was really going on. They didn't need to be mind readers to know. "What?" Korra asked, she didn't entirely like the looks they were giving her.

"Oooooooooo, somebody's got a crush on the Fire Ferret" Applejack said with a somewhat musical tone.

"Pabu?" Korra asked.

"No ya silly goose, Mako!"

The avatar was blushing like mad, "What?! No! No, I don't!"

Rarity gasped, noticing the red on Korra's face, "She does! She absolutely does!"

"Don't be ridiculous! Besides he's not my type, remember?"

Twilight smirked, "Don't deny it Korra, we can read you like an open book."

"Well….okay, maybe I like him….a little bit." she said the last part while placing her index finger and her thumb just a few inches apart.

"I knew it!" Rarity said happily.

"You two would make such a lovely couple" Fluttershy said dreamingly.

Pinkie started jumping around happily singing, "Korra and Mako, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Korar was still blushing from embarrassment, "Can we change the subject now? We've got bigger things to worry about."

Twilight's expression turned serious, "She's right. Amon posses a greater threat than we ever could have imagined."

"What are we going to do?" Fluttershy asked

"I don't know." said Twilight before turning to the avatar, "Korra, any thoughts?""

"Right now we tell Tenzin. We have to give the word: Amon has to be stopped."

Rainbow Dash said confidently, "And we're gonna stop him. Right?"

Korra nodded, "Right. We're all in this together from here on out." They all placed their hooves in a circle. Korra was the last one to place he hand in.

"Yeah, let's do this!"

"Spike? I thought you were asleep" said Korra

"Nah, I just didn't wanna walk anymore" Korra rolled her eyes. Spike then placed his claw into the circle along with the others. All eight lifted up their hand, hooves and claw in the air.

"Let's do it!" they all said together,

"YAY! Go Team!" Pinkie Pie shouted happily. Spike then smiled cheekily at Korra, "So, Korra you and Mako, hu?"

Korra started to pout. She was never going to hear the end of this


Tenzin anxiously waited for the avatar and her ponies to return, but it was already getting late. He was currently speaking to some White Lotus sentries when they felt a presence approach them. Tenzin turned around to see Korra and the ponies and Spike. The air nomad rushed toward the young woman.

"Thanks goodness. I was just about to send out a search party. Are you alright?"

"We're okay." Korra said, "But, not one hundred percent."

"What happened? Did you find your friend?" he asked with concern.

"Yes, but…we were at an Equalist rally. We saw Amon."

Tenzin was shocked to hear this news, "What?"

"He can take away people's bending." Twilight added, "For good."

"That's…that's impossible." Tenzin exclaimed, "Only the Avatar has ever possessed that ability."

"But we all saw him do it." Korra added, practically begging him to believe them. The look in her eyes, and the obviously frightened looks on the ponies and dragon were the only evidence Tenzin needed.

"I believe you. I don't know how Amon has achieved this power, but this means the revolution is more dangerous than ever." he said as he and the others looked on at the soon to be endangered city before them. "No bender is safe."

At the thought of Amon, Rainbow Dash felt an intense anger growing inside of her, "Errrrrrr! I swear if I ever see that jerk again I'm gonna---!"

Korra, Tenzin, the Ponies and Spike all shielded their eyes as a blazing flame came shooting right out of Rainbow Dash's hooves. The flame was airborne for a few moments before it fell into the water, vaporizing. They all looked wide eyed at the blue pegasus pony.


Korra looked at the pony curiously as she gently grabbed Rainbow's hoof, "Rainbow Dash. Something tells me your Element wasn't the only thing I gave you."


The Tree of Harmony glowed brighter, as the Element of Loyalty glowed bright…before vanishing into thin air. But instead of growing weak, the tree only glowered brighter, tiny little flowers even began to grow all around it. A mysterious cloaked figure smiled.

"It has begun."


John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends


Author's Note:

This was basically the TOP Makorra episode, and thanks to the ponies, their heading to a great start!