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The Little Pony Legend. - MaggiesHeartLove

Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra!

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Skeletons in the Closet


Hebrews 12:1 ~

… let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.


Skeletons in the closet

Republic City was not looking so good, Amon and the Equalists have taken over. Aang's statue now had Amon's mask on its face, for many it was a new good beginning but for others…it was the beginning of a nightmare.

A large group Equalist supporters gathered in the park as Hiroshi Sato spoke to them through a microphone on stage. “It is a glorious day my Equalist brothers and sisters. Amon has torn down the tyrannical bending government! He has declared bending illegal and he has the Avatar on the run. Our great leader has a vision for the future. One day soon, bending will no longer exist and we will live in a world where everyone is finally equal! The United Forces are on their way right now to try and stop that dream but we…will…PREVAIL!”

The whole crowd cheered loudly, minus two Equalists chi-blockers who walked off the scene behind a cluster of bushes. One of them earthbended a rock aside and they jumped into a hidden hole before placing the rock back into place. Underground, they removed their masks, revealing themselves to be Korra and Mako in disguise.

“Can you believe Hiroshi? "The Avatar's on the run" I'm not running from anyone! Let's go back up there and knock some heads, they'll never know what hit em!”

Mako quickly stopped her, “Relax, General Iroh is coming with an entire fleet of battleships. Then Amon will be the one who's running.”

Korra groaned in annoyance, “I hate this being patient stuff.” as they continued walking down the tunnels, Korra suddenly started to smile and giggle, “You know what's funny? For a moment, you sounded exactly like Twilight."

Mako chuckled along, “While I'm pretty sure Rainbow Dash would have agreed with your "knocking some heads" plan."

“Well how would you know? You can't even understand a word she says---“ Korra immediately stopped on her tracks, realizing what she had just said. She turned to face a disappointed looking Mako. “I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it like that, honest.”

“No, it's okay.” Mako assured.

“Twilight's right, I really should think before saying anything and--I probably shouldn't have just said that!” Mako stayed quiet for a moment. His silence only made her feel worse, “I'm sorry, I know, I'm an idiot.”

“No, no you're not don't ever say that!” he said rather defensively. Korra blinked at his sudden reaction to this.


Mako sighed, “Why is it that everybody else can hear the ponies talk but me?”

“Well, Tenzin couldn't hear them at first until he accepted me for who I was. And Lin when she finally accepted me, Tenzin and the ponies as real friends and stopped acting so harsh all the time. So did Tahno when he stopped being such a jerk. But people like Tarrlok and Hiroshi and any other nasty person we ran into so far still can't. In conclusion: I think they can only be heard by people who really open up their hearts. Someone who lets go of any kind of negative feelings that keeps them from really having a friend. Me on the other hand, I have a connection to the ponies so I could always hear them no matter what.”

“Okay, so you think there is something holding me back from being able to hear them?”

Korra shrugged, “Looks that way. Question is; what do you think it is? And from what?”

Looking into her eyes, Mako felt his heart leap. His face felt warm but he sadly turned away from her blue-eyed gaze, “…..I'm not entirely sure.” his voice sounded as if he was trying to hide something.

“Well, I hope you figure it out.” Korra said before walking down the tunnel. Mako remained for a few seconds before following her.

"Yeah…me too."


At their hideout underneath the city, Pinkie Pie was doing funny tricks with Pabu making Bolin and Asami laugh with the others. Pinkie had a serious face as she spoke with the ferret.

“Okay, Pabu this is it. You ready little buddy?” The fire ferret simply squeaked in response. “I thought so!”

Pinkie took out a cape, an Amon mask and speaks in a Dracula accent. “I V'want to take your bending, bleh, bleh, bleh!”

She then appeared on the left dressed as Super Pinkie. “Halt, villain! I, Super Pinkie, with my trusty sidekick, Ferret Boy will stop you!”

Switches back to Amon on the right, “I don't think so, bleh, bleh, bleh!”

“I don't think he says "bleh, bleh, bleh!" all the time”, Asami whispered to Bolin.

“Shush! This is the good part!” he said as he watched the pony attentively.

Back to Super Pinkie, “Stop him Ferret Boy!” Pabu simply licked his leg. “Ahem!” Pabu then hissed and launched at 'Amon'.

Pinkie as Amon cried, “¡AHHH! Get this vermin off of me!”

Switched to Super Pinkie, “HA! Ferret Boy's ferret powers render yours completely useless.”

Asami looked incredibly surprised, “How did she do that?”

Back to Amon, “Aaaaa! I have been defeated! Curse you Ferret Boy and Super Pinkie!”

Back to Supper Pinkie, “And so once again the day is saved! Thanks to; Super Pinkie.” Pabu jumped on her head as an invisible wind flapped her cape. “And Ferret Boy!”

Both Bolin and Asami applauded, “Great performance you two, five stars” Bolin said.

Asami laughed, “You two are a riot!”

Pinkie and Pabu high fived, “Nailed it little buddy!”

Spike then pointed to the entrance of the tunnel, “Hey look, Korra and Mako are back!”

The Ponies and dragon all ran to greet them. Asami, who was happy before, now pouted as she saw the two approaching. Korra squatted down to greet the ponies.

“How was everything?” Fluttershy asked.

“Still pretty crazy.” Korra responded.

“You two were gone awhile.” Asami said in a suspicious tone while looking at them with serious eyes, and a tint of jealousy…okay maybe more than a tint.

“Here we go.” Twilight whispered to herself, while rolling her eyes.

“We were doing reconnaissance.” Mako said in an annoyed tone, matching Twilight’s, only slightly less subtle.

Spike gasped, “Dude, watch the language!”

Twilight rolled her eyes, “It's a fancy way of saying they were doing observations to see what Amon's next move is.”

Asami simply crossed her arms and turned her head away from him, “Whatever.” she said bitterly. Rainbow Dash scratched the back of her head once a brief silence too over.


“Welcome back!" spontaneously, the hobo Gommu appeared before the two teens, happily greeting them and wrapping his arms around them, "Hope you've worked up an appetite ‘cause dinner is served!”

Rainbow smiled, “About time. I'm starving!”

Gommu lead Korra and Mako to where dinner was, while Asami shoot a jealous glare at Korra and Mako before following the rest. Rarity arched her eyebrow at this as she and Applejack stayed behind to talk.

“I know she has a reason to be angry, yet I can't help but feel frustrated myself.” Rarity said seriously.

Applejack nodded, ”I agree. She and Mako have really got to make up their minds on where their relationship is headin'." she then lowered her ears, "Though somethin' tells me it won't be in the direction she has in mind.” she said somewhat sadly.

“Quite right." Rarity said as the two walked on ahead.

Twilight turned to her dragon friend, “By the way Spike, what did you think 'reconnaissance' meant, anyway?”

“I don't know, something about making-out.”


“What? It's not like they haven't done it before.”


Gommu stirred some home made stew and poured some into their bowls. “Thanks so much for letting hide out with you the past few days” Korra said graciously as Gommu poured the gruel into her bowl.

“Honored to oblige. My associates and I hardly oppose Amon's so called "equalist" policies. We've got benders and non-benders living together down here, but do you see us fighting? No siree. We've figured out how to harmoniously co-exist.” he said as he wrapped his arms around himself.

“That's the best way to live.” Twilight commented.

“You are a wise and noble hobo” said Bolin.

“I agree.” said Applejack.

Gommu smiled at their gratitude, “Thank you very much.” Much like many, he could hear the ponies talk. He served bowls for the ponies and placed them on the floor for them to eat. “Here ya go, eat up Little Ponies.”

The girls all looked at the bowls with disgust. Rarity crinkled her nose, “Is this at least a vegetarian meal?” she asked, somewhat disgusted.

“Don't worry, Miss Rarity. It's got all of the healthy necessary fruit groups.” Gommu assured.

The unicorn looked down at the brown colored food and then up at the happy hobo. She didn't want to make him feel bad, especially since he so graciously allowed them to stay with him. The unicorn gulped, “Oh, well then…” she hesitantly levitated her spoon, “Bottoms up”. the others watched in hesitation as Rarity took a tiny sip of the spoonful of gruel. She had her eyes shut the whole time. The moment she had the spoon in her mouth her eyes flew open.

“Mmmmm. Not bad.”

With that, the other ponies all began to eat from their bowls without worry.

“Wow, this is good.” said Twilight, impressed.

Pinkie Pie licked her lips, “Yummy!”

Spike eats a spoonful, “Mm, this is great!”

Rainbow Dash licked her lips, “Really hits the spot.”

Bolin ate a spoonful and smiled, “Mmmm, no kidding. This is the best tasting street gruel I've ever had. Seriously!”

Gommu smiled graciously, “I called it from the finest dumpsters the city has to offer.”

Ponies then stopped eating, their spoons still in Twilight and Rarity's mouths, and AJ, Fluttershy and Rainbow still had the bowls up to their lips.

“Did he say dumpster?” Fluttershy asked, feeling disgusted.

Rarity began to feel woozy and passed out. Asami's face turned green as she spited out her gruel. Twilight also turned green, “You know what, I'm not all that hungry.”

Fluttershy pushed her bowl a few feet away, “Me neither.”

Pinkie Pie took her bowl into her hooves, “Well, I'm still eating!” the puts her face into the bowl.

“Me too.” Spike said before he continued eating.

Rainbow Dash looked down at her bowl, “Well…food is food.” she said before she continued eating.

Applejack shrugged her shoulders, “Eh, what the heck.” and she continued to keep on eating. Rarity woke up but the moment she saw them eating the gruel, she passed out again.

"More please!" said Pinkie Pie as she rose her bowl to Gommu for seconds.


A few hours latter, Mako and Korra changed back into their normal cloths. Mako was done helping a family moving some boxes when he heard laughing.

“Pinkie Pie! Get back here!”

He saw Korra chasing Pinkie Pie, in her mouth was one of Korra's hair ties. With her hair flowing behind her, she tried to capture the little pony who kept escaping her grasp, but she didn't appear annoyed at all, in fact she was enjoying it. Mako smiled at this cute scene. Even during hard times, Pinkie Pie always managed to get a smile out of Korra, and oddly enough, in the dark times, Korra managed to crack a smile on Mako's face.

“An adorable scene isn't it?”

“AH!" Mako jumped but quickly calmed down once he say it was Gommu. "Oh, it's just you.”

“Sorry to scare ya.” he noticed the firebender's sad look, “Something troubling you?” he asked.

Mako hesitantly answered, “I still can't hear them?”


“The ponies. Korra says that there may be something holding me back. Something that's preventing me from really opening my heart to them.”

“Gotcha!” Korra laughed again, getting both Mako and Gommus' attention. The Avatar managed to grab the pony who then jumped onto her back in a piggyback position. She gave her back her hair tie and Pinkie nuzzled Korra's face while she giggled. Gommu noticed the look on Mako's face and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Maybe it's not them who you should really be opening up to.”

With that he walked away from Mako, who continued to see Korra and Pinkie laughing together.


That night, Korra sat near Naga, the other ponies were all asleep, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity were all on Naga's saddle, Twilight and Rainbow Dash were both nuzzled next to Korra while Spike slept soundly on her lap. Korra, on the other hand, was still awake. She was broken from her private thoughts when she heard footsteps approaching.

“Can't sleep either?” Mako asked as he sat next to her.

“No. I have this awful pit in my stomach.”

“Me too.”

“It's so crazy. A few months ago I was in the south pole practicing for my firebending test. And now I'm in the middle of an all out war. And these ponies are caught in the middle of it. Look, I know I'm not exactly little miss perfect, even I can admit that. I've known that my whole life. Sure, I come off as tough and bold, and I kind of am, but underneath…I'm just as scared and unsure about myself as anyone."

Mako was so surprised by Korra's confession. She was opening up completely to him.

"A long time ago, I probably would have never admitted to something like this but, ever since I met the ponies I feel like…like they changed me somehow." the Avatar chuckled softly, "I know it sounds crazy, but the more time I spent with them, the more I began to see things in a whole new way. They stuck by me even when I messed up. I know they said they'd be there for me but…Mako what if I can't protect them? What if they never get back home, to their families and friends?…They're in this mess because of me….what kind of a friend am I?”

“A great one." he said with a kind smile, "These ponies stick by you because they see what's inside your heart. Literally. They had a chance to be safe but they stayed with you. They wouldn't be here if they didn't want to be. They’re going to be fine."

Korra smiled at his kind encouraging words, “Thanks. I hope you're right.” she gently stroked Twilight's mane, "I never knew them back then. And now, I can't imagine my life without them."

"I know how that feels."


We didn't even know each other then either, and now…I can't imagine my life without you in it.”

Korra couldn't believe her ears. Her heart was pounding fast and unbeknownst to her, her eyes shimmered with light rainbow colors.

“You're the most loyal, brave, and selfless person I have ever known.” he said with much compassion in his voice. Korra smiled and blushed.

“I think you're pretty incredible too but…you already knew that.”

They simply sat there smiling at each other, nothing but the sound of their beating hearts could be heard. For this one moment, there was no fear or worry, it was just them. The two of them. Then, as if by impulse, Mako began to lean in closer, but Korra abruptly turned away.

”I should probably try to get some sleep.”

Mako looked at the Avatar with disappointment. He once again, noticed her eyes shimmering with rainbow colors. The same rainbow colors now reflected in his eyes just like the night before he, Bolin, Asami and the ponies were arrested by Tarlokk's Task Force. Only now, they completely manifested in his eyes. All of a sudden, it was all crystal clear to him now. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He opened up his palm in front of Korra. The Avatar was surprised to see him giving her a red flower petal, strangely enough, in the shape of a heart.

"What's this for?" she asked him.

"It's something I've had to myself for a while now. But I have a feeling it should be with you."

Korra smiled as she graciously took the small gift. "It's beautiful. Thank you."

“Well….goodnight.” he said as he walked away.

“Goodnight.” Korra said. She laid her head on Naga and sighed. She then looked at the corner of her eye at the alicorn. “I know you heard all of that.”

Twilight opened up one eye and smiled, “Really can't hide anything from you, can I?”

Korra slightly giggled, “You'd think we'd learn by now.”

Twilight smiled, “Korra, if anything happens to us, It won't be because of you. You have done nothing but protect us and keep us safe and best of all…you've become the best friend any of us have ever had. This whole ride we've been on together…I wouldn't change it for anything.”

“Me neither. You're all my best friends too." she looked at the petal in the palm of her hand, "Mako said he can't imagine his life without me now…I feel the same way about you girls.”

“We do too. And do you feel that same way about him?” she asked with a sly grin.

Korra stayed quiet for two seconds before answering, “…let's try and get some sleep.” she once again laid her head on Naga.

Twilight simply smiled and tried to get back to sleep, “Fine, you don't need to tell me…I already know the answer.”

Korra smiled before falling asleep.


An Equalist airship flew overhead on Air Temple island, Amon was waiting on a platform as the Lieutenant dragged a blindfolded man up to him. The man was forced on his knows as Amon removed the blindfold.

"You will now be cleansed of your impurity." he stood behind the frightened man, and placed his thumb on his forehead…taking away his bending. The man collapsed and fell from exhaustion. Amon turned to the Lieutenant,


The Lieutenant nodded and walked over to get the next victim. There was a long line of blindfolded benders with their hands bounded, fearfully awaiting their fate. The very sight brought much pleasure to Amon…but then, in his mind, he saw Korra and her ponies, their otherworldly innocence and the Avatar's stunning rainbow eyes taunting him. His happiness shifted into anger, he swore on his mother's grave, he would find them…and they will be his.


Twilight was still struggling to sleep, but Korra managed to sleep soundly. Then, Twilight's ears perked up once she heard footsteps. She spotted Mako standing up and walking down one of the tunnels. Curious, Twilight got up and followed him. The alicorn walked along deeper into the tunnels and spotted the young man, sitting and hugging his knees. He wasn't crying loudly at all, he simply sat there, a hand on his forehead as streams of tears rolled down from his face. His expression didn't shift, it looked calm but his eyebrows were furrowed. It was clear that this man had not cried in many years and actually doing it was new and strange to him. Despite his silent tears, he did release a few short and whispery sobs. It was a surprising sight for Twilight, for she had never once seen Mako like this before.

“I'm such an idiot." he said to himself, not even aware of the pony's presence, "Did I really think she was going to forgive me that easily?” Twilight hid in the shadows as she listened to Mako's private conversation. “I was so stupid. I wish I could just tell Korra how I feel. I love her.”

Twilight silently gasped when she heard the words come out of his mouth.

“I love her, I know that now. Why couldn't I just say it to her face?”

“Then say it!” Mako lifted up his head and saw Twilight standing in front of him, “ou have to open yourself up, Mako. Let go of that fear and just tell her how you feel, if you don't you'll never be happy.” Mako looked on at the alicorn in surprise, Twilight sighed sadly and lowered her head. “I only wish you could understand what I'm saying.” she began to walk away from him. Mako had his mouth open, trying to get the words out.

“…I do.”

Twilight abruptly stopped and turned around to face him, “What?”

“I…I understood.” he said still stunned, his eyes widening in surprise.

“You--you did?” Twilight hesitantly asked, feeling her eyes eyes tearing up. Could this mean what she thought it meant?

A smile slowly formed on Mako's face and he laughed happily, "Yeah…I can hear you…I can hear you. I can actually hear you!!”

Twilight galloped happily, “You can hear me!” She ran to Mako and they embraced in a warm hug. The alicorn allowed a tear or two to escape her eye. “You can finally understand me!”

“I can't believe it! Korra was right, I was holding back.” said Mako as he and Twilight ended the hug. Then his face became serious, “But it wasn't from you…" Twilight looked at the firebender curiously as he finally realized the reason why he couldn't understand her before. "I was holding back from Korra.”

Twilight smiled, “And how do you feel now?” she asked.

Mako wiped some tears from his face and took in slow deep breaths as he smiled, “Better than I've felt in a long time. Thank you Twilight Sparkle. Thank you.”

Then all of the sudden, out of pure joy, he began to sing.

(“I can't believe my heart”. Deleted scene from Disney's Hercules)

Just when I thought I had it figured.

That life's a game you cannot win.

She comes in and changes all the rules.

What I've been taught, I learned the hard way

That life and love are never just.

And if you trust, you're just one of the fools.

And now I can't believe my heart

Is saying don't resist her.

That I've been on my guard too long.

I can't believe my heart

Surrendered when I kissed her.

And told me all I thought I knew

As sad but true, is wrong.

If life's worth the disappointment

I hadn't seen one reason yet.

Until I met the girl who smiles for free.

Upon this earth, there's no one like her.

She sees the boy I long to be.

Making even me believe in me.

And now I can't believe my heart

Has overcome my senses

To help me see that she's the prize.

I can't believe my heart

Says tear down all your fences.

That everything you want and more is right before your eyes.

I can't believe my heart.

Could be so…


The two friends hugged once more before returning to the hideout.

Mako had finally fully opened up his heart.


The next morning, Korra slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry but could see something purple with flapping wings in front of her. Once her vision cleared, she saw it was Twilight flying in front of her face

“GAH!” Korra jumped in shock, and Spike jumped out of Korra's lap and the other ponies all woke up to her scream.

“Good morning!” Twilight said gleaming with happiness.

Korra arched an eyebrow, “Uh, good morning? What are you so happy about?”

“Oh, you'll see.”

“Morning, Korra.” Mako waved at the avatar as he approached her. He was sharing the same happy sunlight expression as Twilight.

“You too?”

Twilight and Mako looked at each other with knowing smiles, “She's not much of a morning person” said the alicorn.

“So I've noticed” Mako replied.

At that moment, Korra's eyes flew open as she quickly stood up, “Hold the phone! Did--did you just—“

“Understand what she said?" Mako finished, "I did.”

Korra was stunned at first but then she smiled, “I can't believe it!” Without warning, she lunged towards Mako, wrapping her arms around his neck, taking him by complete surprise. “This is great! You can finally hear them!”

Mako could feel his face turn red as he looked over at Twilight who was smiling with glee. Mako smiled at the girl hugging him and hugged her in return, taking in the warmth of her embrace. Korra then realized what she was doing and quickly released him.

“Um, sorry.”

“No! No, don't worry about it.”

And there it was again. The awkwardness. Twilight was so sick and tired of these mind games and so, she flew behind Mako and pushed him a few feet closer to Korra. This time, the Avatar simply smiled as did the firebender. The other ponies all smiled, despite all of the madness something good was happening.


Yue bay was covered in thick morning fog as Team Avatar hide in the drainage pipe. Mako stepped out first and beckoned to the others, "Coast is clear."

“Girls, Spike, stay close” Korra tells the ponies as they all ran out of the pipe and climbed an access stairway to an observation deck above. They crunched by the railing as Bolin scanned the bay with a telescope.

“Once the United Forces arrive, we need to be ready to help in any way we can.” said Korra.

Mako quickly spotted something in the distance, “They're here!”

They all looked over at the ocean, Fluttershy taped Bolin's shoulder and pointed at the telescope which he had backwards and he flipped it around. He saw a dim shape through the mist. The United Forces battleship was steaming into the harbor, but the young General Iroh felt very uneasy.

"Hmm…Amon had to know we were coming." he said, "So why aren't we meeting any resistance?"

"Wait a second…" Korra stood up and looked up at the sky, "Where are the Equalists airships?"

“Out to brunch?” Spike asked.

Mako took the telescope from his brother and ran to the end of the deck, scanning the city. “I don't see any mecha tanks, either.”

“I've got a bad feeling.” said Applejack as Mako and Korra shared worried looks. From a distance, they heard the sound of explosions. The ships were being attacked by underwater bombs!

"It's a trick!" Iroh exclaimed in horror as his ship was being blasted by mines floating up in the surface of the water. Rainbow Dash could not believe what she was seeing,

“Bombs underwater?! How does Amon come up with this stuff?!”

“Stay here!” Korra said to the ponies before she ran ahead, leaped off the edge of the deck and used her waterbending to pull herself into the bay, and began swimming towards the battleships.

“Korra!” the ponies cried.

Twilight bravely spread her wings and flew upwards, “I'm going out there!”

“What?! Twilight, no!” Mako shouted but the alicorn ignored his cries as she created a magical bubble around herself and dove in after Korra. Mako slapped his forehead, “Gah! Like Avatar, like Alicorn!”

"Water and earthbenders, detonate those mines!" Iroh commanded over the loudspeaker. He suddenly heard something from the outside. "What is that sound?"

He ran out of the control room and onto the deck, where a buzzing sound was heard in the sky. Korra surfaced at the same time Twilight did, her magical bubble now gone. Both girls looked up at the sound above and Mako looked through the telescope toward the city.

"What now?" he asked as Pinkie Pie jumped on his back with her own telescope and looked in his direction. Their eyes widened in horror once they saw a group of flying objects in the mist, which resolved themselves into two fleets of biplanes, heading towards the ships.

“Where does Hiroshi find the time to keep inventing new evil machines?!” Bolin asked both angrily and confused.

“Better question would be; why does he keep inventing them anyway?!” Rainbow added, more angry than confused.

The planes flew across the bay, Hiroshi Sato leading them, he pulled a lever and bombs dropped from the underside of his plane. The ships below were bombard, causing major damage. One plane dropped down two torpedoes towards the ocean. Korra and Twilight dodged out of the way only for the torpedoes to hit the side of another ship. The explosion forced the girls to dive down and swim to the ship again as more planes dropped torpedoes to hit the targets.

A male sailor shouted, "Incoming!" and the explosions forced the rest of the sailors up in the air. A plane dove into attack but firebenders firebended into the cannons and shot at the planes. Korra and Twilight emerged from the water and looked at the planes, while they destroyed the remaining ships.

“I'll go up there and try to stop those planes.” Twilight said determinedly.

“I've got your back.” Korra said equally determined.

“Good luck!” they said to each other in union and Twilight flew towards the planes. An earthbender tried to bring the planes down but he was forced back by the bombing. Plane flew around until one got hit by a powerful magenta colored blast. Iroh was astonished by what he saw.

"What in the world?"

High above, was a winged creature with a midnight hair and tail with pink and purple streaks and a horn on her head. The horn glowed in a strong magenta color as she moved her front legs, unleashing magenta colored flames and blasts from her horn onto the tail of the planes. The attacks were so powerful that the pilot could not control the plane anymore and so he was forced to eject. Twilight used one last attack and threw the plane down into the ocean.

Korra dove into the water and waterbended a massive waterspout that rose her high up and bended a large ice spike to take down another plane. However, the damage plane hit the waterspout and Korra fell into the water where she bended a torpedo around into the air and hit another plane. She emerged once more and swam to the closest ship. Iroh came up from the hatch to firebend the remaining planes, but was surprised to find that same creature tore the wings of two of the remaining planes with her fire, knocking them down. But one plane remained, dropping a bomb in front of him. Iroh used his firebending to shield himself, but the explosion caused him to fall into the water. He sank down unconscious. Korra spotted him and quickly grabbed him, bringing him to the surface. Twilight flew down beside them.

“It's alright, I've got you.”

Iroh coughed up from water from his mouth as he took a good look at his savior, “Avatar Korra? You saved my life. Thank you”

“Hang on General, we'll get you somewhere safe.” said Twilight as her horn began to glow.

”Did she just talk to me?” Iroh asked.

The three of them were zapped and teleported back to their friends. Twilight landed on the ground breathing heavily while the others huddled around them.

“Oh, my. Is he okay?” Rarity asked once she spotted the injured General. Korra helped him stand up,

“He'll be fine he needs healing.”


Back at the hideout, Korra was almost done healing Iroh's arm, while Spike gave Twilight some water. “You really put up a fight back there Twilight.” said the dragon.

“Yeah, those planes really took a lot out of me.” said Twilight.

“I applaud you for your bravery, Princess Twilight” Iroh said graciously.

“Thank you, General”

“Call me Iroh” he said kindly while smiling.

“Sorry about your ships, dude” Rainbow said.

“I was prepared to deal with Sato's mecha tanks, but not these new high-speed aircrafts.”

“I know." Korra said while she continued to heal his wound. "Every time we think we have an advantage, Amon outsmarts us.”

“No matter what our plan is, he always has a better one.” Bolin said.

“That horrible man really ruffles my feathers!” Fluttershy said angrily.

“Mine too.” Rainbow agreed.

“And mine.” Pinkie Pie said.

“Pinkie Pie, you don't even have feathers.” Applejack said,

“Oh, yeah.”

“Amon is winning for far," said Iroh, "but we're not out of the fight yet.”

“I like this man's confidence!" Bolin said happily, "So, how are we not out of the fight?”

Iroh stood up while clenching his arm, “A second wave of reinforcements is on the way, but I need to warn them." he turned to the Avatar, "Do you still have a way to get a message out?”

“I know just the man for the job”


“And who is the recipient of this top secret message?” Gommu asked the young general as he set up a telegraph machine.

“Commander Bumi, second division of the United Forces.”

“Tenzin's brother?” Korra asked

“He's part of the United Forces too?” Rarity also asked.

Iroh nodded, “Yes, bit of a wild man but the bravest commander you'll ever meet.”

“I like him already” said Rainbow Dash with a smile.

“Ready sir”, Gommu began tapping out the telegram as Iroh spoke.

“Fleet ambushed and destroyed by Equalist aircraft, retreat to red sand island until my signal. Do not approach city until you have received all clear.” Later they all gathered around a map on top of a table, “Now comes the hard part.” Iroh tells them.

“Oh, and all this time I thought we gonna to be doing things the easy way.” Twilight said sarcastically as she and the winged ponies hovered over the map.

“We need to ground those aircraft, otherwise Bumi's fleet will never be able to retake the city.”

Mako pointed at one place on the map, “They flew in from this direction”

Twilight observed the place Mako was pointing at, “So the airfield must be somewhere over this mountain range.” she said while pointing to the area with her hoof, the picture of the mountains.

“Clever little pony aren't you?” Iroh complimented and Twilight blushed.

“Everyone get ready, we leave at dawn” said Iroh.

As they dispersed, Rarity whispered to Fluttershy, “You know, for a human he is…rather dashing” she said somewhat flirtatiously.

“And courageous” Fluttershy added. The two giggled.

Asami lingered momentarily, "It's time to take down my father." she said bitterly. She silently swore she would show him no mercy.

Rainbow Dash flew by Twilight, “Come on Twilight, we should really stretch out our wings. We're gonna need all of our strength if we're gonna stop Amon.”

However, while they were all preparing for a good night's rest to fight Amon the next day, one person was having second thoughts. She looked around at all of her friends, realizing just how much they had sacrificed because of this war. She felt she was placing them in unnecessary danger. None of them deserved what happened, everything was all Amon's doing. His hatred and pride had poisoned minds and affected lives in such a horrible way. She had come so close to losing so many people she loved, she couldn't allow Amon to get away with this anymore. She had made up her mind.


They all stopped and turned to look at Korra, who had on a look of pure determination.

“I'm sorry but…I'm not going with you tomorrow.”

“Why not?” Asami asked.

“I know that feeling." said Applejack, "That's the feeling you get when you're absolutely sure about something.”

“Dare we ask, what you're so sure off, exactly?” Rarity asked hesitantly.

“Twilight was right before, I'm sick and tired of hiding from Amon. It's time I face him.”

Fluttershy whimpered, “I was afraid she was going to say something like that.”

“That's not a good plan." Iroh said, "We have to stick together.”

“The guy does make a good point.” said Spike pointing his thumb at the young general, "I say we listen to him!"

“I'm not waiting for him to hunt me down.”

“Darling, as much as I understand your desire to put a stop to him, I'm not so sure it's a wise idea.” said Rarity.

Applejack nodded, "I have to agree with Rarity on this one."

Even Rainbow Dash was on their side, “Yeah, even you can't face Amon all by yourself. Remember the last three times?”

But Korra had made up her mind, “I know you don't think it's a good idea, but I've seen Amon ruin too many lives already. My gut's telling me it's time to end this. On my terms."

“We know, we can sense your burning determination.” said Applejack while shaking her body.

Twilight flew up and landed in front of all of them, wearing the same determined face as the Avatar behind her, “Face it girls, whether we agree with it or not, Korra's not gonna change her mind about this…" she turned to face her human friend, "I for one agree.”

The ponies all sighed in disappointment, “No use fighting it.” said Fluttershy.

“I still think it's crazy," Rarity added, "but Korra's instincts haven't let us down yet, and I refuse to believe they will start now.”

Korra smiled at her friends' encouragement, “Thanks guys”

Iroh, however, was not fully on board with this, “Korra, this is not a mission you should be handling alone.”

“She won't be." said Mako, "I'm going with you.” the young firebender walked on over and stood by Korra's side.

“You don't have to do that.” she said with worry.

“Yes. I do.”

Asami sadly looked on at the two. Then, she noticed how both Korra and Mako's eyes began to shimmer with rainbow colors as they looked at each other. This had to be a clear sign: Asami was not the one for Mako. It was a sad truth the young heiress had to accept as she glanced to the side. Iroh had his hand on his chin, deep in thought.

“My grandfather would respect the avatar's instinct. So will I.”

Korra smiled at him, “Thanks. And Iroh, I want you to take the ponies and Spike with you tomorrow. Rainbow Dash And Fluttershy can help take down the air ships while Pinkie and Rarity take down the mecha tanks.”

“Un, Korra are you sure about that?” Mako asked uncertain. Korra turned to the ponies with a face of confidence as she called out their names,

“Pinkie Pie?”

The pink pony saluted her, “I'm on the job Avatar Korra! I'll take those tanks down with my party cannon!”

Korra turned to the white unicorn, “Rarity?”

“Oh, I have my fighting outfit up and ready!" she said excitedly. Korra narrowed her eyes at her causing the unicorn to blush, "I mean, I'll use my waterbending to help stop those mecha tanks.”

Korra smiled before turning to the orange earth pony, “Applejack?”

“Ready for anythin'!” she said confidently.

Korra turned to the airborne pony, “Rainbow Dash?”

“Do you even have to ask? I'll show those Equalists what happens when you mess with the pony of fire!”

Korra then turned to the yellow pegasus, “Fluttershy…. Fluttershy?” she and everyone looked around but didn't see the pony anywhere.

"Ahem!", Iroh pointed downward to his feet, where they spotted a long pink tail.

“Fluttershy, come out.” Korra said in a motherly tone.

“Can't somepony else help out?” the pony asked while still behind the general covering her face. Korra simply smiled kindly.

“I wouldn't send you if I didn't think you could handle it. Besides, you've taken down equalists before.”

“Yes, but never planes.” the pegasus pointed out.

“I know you can do this. Who's my brave little soldier? Come on.”

“Me”, Fluttershy hesitantly answered.

Korra placed her hand near her ear, “Sorry, what was that?”

“Me?”, Fluttershy answered again, this time a bit louder.

“Didn't quite catch that.”

“ME!” she shouted to the top of her lungs,

“There it is!”

Fluttershy finally gained her confidence as she stepped from behind the general, “Okay! I'll do it. For you Korra.”

Korra kissed her head, “That's my girl." She then turned to the alicorn princess, "And Twilight Sparkle, you go with Rainbow, Flutters and Iroh to--”


Korra was surprised by her response, “What?”

“I'm going with you guys.”

“Twilight no, I'll be fine. I've got Mako and—“

“The other ponies can handle things without me, they've had before, but I need to help you face Amon. Who knows what tricks he might have up his sleeve? Besides…I've got a score to settle with him, too.”

“I agree." said Applejack, "I would feel a lot better if you had someone as crafty as Twilight on your side. No offense there, Mako.”

“None taken.” said the firebender sarcastically.

“And even if I can't be there when you kick Amon's butt, I'll still be happy to know Twilight's got your back." Rainbow Dash said as she placed her hoof around Twilight's shoulder, "She's no me, but she's still just as awesome. More or less.”

Twilight rolled her eyes at that comment and returned to Korra, “Before Tenzin left, I promised him and his family I would help keep you safe and stop Amon. I intend to keep that promise. A princess is true to her word. I'm going with you and that's final!”

Korra chuckled. This pony really can be just stubborn as her at times, “No use fighting. When you set your mind on something there's no changing it." The alicorn waited for the Avatar to answer….., "All right. Let's stop Amon and save Republic City.”

Applejack said, “Ya'll heard the lady, let's do it!”

Rarity cheered, “Absolutely!”

Rainbow cheered, “Rock on!”

Pinkie cheered, “Yes indeedly!”

Fluttershy cheered, “Yay!”

Bolin cheered, “Alright!”

As Twilight and Korra hugged, their preparations had begun.

(Time to come together from Equestria girls)


It's time for us to come together

It's the only way that things will get better

It's time for us to take a stand

So come on and lend a helping hand

As the group prepared, Iroh found a rope from a nearby box and and tossed it to Applejack. The country pony grabbed it in her mouth and begun demonstrating the fire nation prince her lasso skills. Iroh smiled, impressed by the pony's skills and the two gave one another a hoof/fist pump.

Meanwhile, Rarity was adjusting Korra and Mako's equalist uniforms until she got a brilliant idea.

Fix it up

Yeah it's alright

We'll all be ready for the fight

Fix it up

Yeah help a friend

We'll come together on the end

Rarity found all kinds of fabric and clothing material from the folks of the underground town. She excitedly ran pass Korra and Asami. Asami looked at her weird, but Korra simply smirked, she knew how Rarity gets when she's inspired.

Applejack and Rainbow,

It's time to show that we've got pure spirits

Raise your voice and let everyone hear it

Mako was then helping Spike hit a target directly with his fire. The little dragon managed to hit the target perfectly, and he and Mako fits pumped each other, Korra watched and smiled at the two. She turned to see Rarity making an outfit.

Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie:

It's time to show that we're strong

So come on everybody sing along

A roll of black ribbon rolled away from Rarity as she worked, but is stopped at Asami's feet and the heiress picked it up. With a smile, the heiress sat beside the unicorn and worked together on the uniforms. Korra smiled at the two new friends getting along.

Look how we all come together

Things are only just starting to get better

During lunch, Fluttershy gave Naga and Pabu two individual bowls of food, before giving the little ferret a nose kiss. The pegasus was startled when she turned around and saw an Equalist mask right in front of her. The poor pegasus hid behind a few boxes and the "equalist" turned out to be Rainbow Dash pulling a prank. Korra came on by and took the mask away, crossing her arms and looking downs sternly at Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy scoffed. The pegasus smirks nervously and Korra rolled her eyes before smiling.

Look how we all come together

Things are only gonna get better, better, better

Fix it up, yeah it's alright

We'll all be ready for the fight

Fix it up, yeah help a friend

We'll come together in the end

Korra and Mako were then sitting on the floor, discussing a plan while looking down at the map. Their hands accidentally touche and they backed away while blushing. No matter what, it always seemed as if there would always be a moment for them to either be alone of have a moment to reflect on how they truly felt.

Fix it up, yeah help a friend

We'll come together in the end

Rarity and Asami smiled proudly at their finished work. The unicorn latter gave Twilight her own version of an equalist outfit, only it's navy blue with light blue stars decorated around it. Korra smiled at Twilight's new look.

Fix it up, yeah it's alright

We'll all be ready for the fight

After several long hours of preparing, Korra and Twilight smiled at one another as they looked on at all of their friends working together. Amon would have no idea what hit him.

Fix it up, yeah help a friend

We'll do this together




The next day, everybody prepared for the final battle. The ponies were all in their "fighting" cloths. Mako had just finished putting on his equalist disguise and sees his young brother approach him. The two brothers hugged goodbye.

“Love you, little bro.”

“Love you, back big bro.”

Gommu sniffled and cried at the sweet scene. Bolin walked over to Korra who was with Naga, “Korra, Amon is a nasty dude. Be careful.”

“I will.” The two embraced in a warm hug, “Good luck. If you're going into the mountains you should take Naga.” she hugged the polar-bear dog's head, “Take good care of Bolin for me.”

The beast licked Bolin's face, earning a smile from Korra. Mako then walked over to Asami who looked at him sadly. She already had a hunch on what he was going to say. “Asami. I'm sorry things got so messed up between us, but whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.”

Well he did say he cared…but he didn't say loved. And the strangest thing was, she wasn't even sure how she would have felt if he did say 'I love you'. It was right then and there that she realized, her romantic feelings for Mako were not as deeply intimate as she wanted herself to believe. Deep down inside, there was always something missing, but she ignored it. Her conscious said she couldn't stay mad at him for this. Even though she knew this was the end of their relationship, it was still pretty painful for she did care about Mako and she wouldn't change the times they spent together for anything. But she had to admit, not all of it was real. For his sake, and her own, she had to put on a brave face.

“I care about you, too” she kissed his cheek and walked away to Bolin and Iroh. Spike came by and looked at the firebender curiously.

“Sooooooo, does this mean you guys are over? Because I seriously can't keep up with all this relationship stuff you humans do.”

Mako chuckled as he petted Spike's head, “You'll understand when you're older”

“I think I'd rather not.”

Korra and the ponies all shared a group hug, “Be safe, girls.”

“You too, sugarcube” said Applejack.

“Show Amon who's boss” said Rainbow Dash.

“You'll look out for them won't you?” Korra asked as she looked over at Iroh, Bolin and Asami with Naga.

“Of course, darling.” Rarity assured her before crossing her hooves, "Though, I will be expecting an apology for her nasty attitude from before."

"Go easy on here, Rare. She's been through a lot."

“We'll see you again soon” said Fluttershy.

Spike hugged Twilight, “Be careful Twilight”

“I will.”

Once they ended the hug, the ponies all went with the others. Pinkie Pie returned to Korra for one last hug before going again with the others. Asami, Bolin, Iroh, Applejack, Rarity, Spike and Pinkie all rode on Naga while Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash flew beside them. Korra nods at the princess, “Let's go Twilight.” Korra, Twilight and Mako exited one tunnel while the others exited the other.

“Good fortune and success to you, valiant heroes.” Gommu said as he watched them leave.


Twilight used her magic to create an air bubble as she, Mako and Korra walked across the bay and to the shores of Air temple Island. The three placed on their masks before quietly making their way onto the island. They spotted and airship above and spotted the masked man climbing onboard.

“There's Amon!” Korra said.

“We need to get into the temple," said Mako "then when he returns…”

“We ambush him.” Korra finished.

“I've been looking forward to this.” Twilight said fiercely.

"Keep out of sight, Twilight." Korra instructed. The Alicorn nodded and made her way through the bushes, hiding among the leaves, inconspicuously following the two teens as they made their way towards the buildings of the island, until...

“What are you two doings here?”

Korra and Mako came to a halt when they spotted the Lieutenant standing in front of them. Twilight gasped once she saw this, still keeping herself hidden in the bushes, peeking through the leafs. Mako tried to come up with a good excuse, since the Lieutenant thought they were fellow Equalists.

“Uh, we were just transferred.” the firebender responded, he actually sounded convincing.

Lieutenant narrowed his eyes at them, “Well you're getting transferred again. Amon wants extra security at the arena today.”

“The arena? For what?” Mako asked.

“The rally. You should have been briefed about this.” The Leitenant narrowed his eyes, suspiciously starting down at the two.

“We'll be there, sir.” Korra replied with a bow. With that, The Lieutenant walked away, “I know another way in.” Korra whispered. The two scooted to the slide slowly and stealthily as they made their way to a secret entrance behind the temple, where Twilight was already waiting for them. Korra lifted a wooden panel on a wall and they climbed in.

"How is this even here?" Mako asked the avatar, curious as to how she knew about this secret entrance.

"When you've lived your whole life in a compound in the south pole, you become kind of a master at sneaking out." Once inside, Korra led the way, "Let's hide in the attic."


They climbed up through the attic trapdoor, but once they were there, Mako quickly realized something, “Uh, we're not alone up here.”

In the corner of the room they see a small room with steel bars….with someone inside.


Korra could not believe it. The three friends removed their masks and Tarlokk looked up at then, from where he sat on the floor. His hair was loose and tangled and he looked as if he had just came from a horrible fight. Even his once strong complexion looked exhausted and damaged with scars, his eyes pale with exhaustion.

“I don't suppose you're here to rescue me.” he said dryly.

“We had no idea you were here." Korra said, her voice didn't sound angry at all, but surprised, "Are there other prisoners on the island?”

“No. I'm the only one”

“And what makes you so special?”

“….I'm Amon's brother”

The words rang loud in their ears as the room fell into silence. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. Twilight was at a loss for words, “Hu--but you--WHAT?! You're Amon's brother? How could you be his brother? Is any of this making any sense to you guys?!”

Tarlokk looked at the pony as his eyes widened in surprise, “I don't believe it…you really can speak.”

Twilight gasped!

“You can hear her?” Mako asked, equally surprised.

“Yes, perfectly.”

Twilight shook her head to try and make sense of all of this as she stroked her mane with her hoof, “Well, if you can hear me now would you please explain as to how in the wide, wide world of Equestria are you and Amon related!?”

"Is she always like this?" Tarlokk asked while arching an eyebrow.

"Only when she's surprised." Korra said with her hands on her hips, "Or stressed. Or freaked out. Or angry. Or--"

"He gets it." the alicorn looked at her in annoyance.

“Amon is from the Northern water tribe." Tarlokk explained, "He's a waterbender and a bloodbender, just like I was.”

Korra was shocked at this, “What?!”

Twilight's jaw literally dropped and her eyes widened, “And the plot twists continue.”

“You knew this all along?” Mako asked accusingly at the man.

“No, not until after he captured me.”

“How did your brother end up becoming Amon?” Korra asked.

“It all began with my father…Yakone.”

Twilight sighed as she sat down on the floor, “You guys might want to get comfortable, I have a feeling this is gonna take a while.”

And so Tarlokk told them his story;

"With the help of his former gang, he escaped prison and underwent surgery to change his appearance. He assumed a new identity, and settled down in the Northern Water Tribe. That's where he met my mother, a warm, caring woman."

Tarlokk remembered her well. She was truly the ideal mother; she loved like no other and she must have had the biggest heart if she fell in love with Yakone.

"Awwwww." Korra and Twilight couldn't help but swoon at the idea of a kind woman bringing out the good in a once cruel man.

"That's so romantic." Twilight said as she placed her hoof over her heart.

"The guy was a criminal." Mako pointed out, he really failed to see what was so romantic about a criminal finding love after all the wrongs he did.

"True love can melt any frozen heart." Korra said with a smile. Tarlokk, Mako and Twilight all looked at her surprised. "I read some of Jinora's romance novels. So sue me!"

"You were saying, Tarlokk" Twilight said, allowing the man continue;

"Before long, they started a family together. Amon was the first born, under the name Noatak. I was born three years later."

Tarlokk remembered how life once was, he and his brother were so close. Whenever he needed someone to play with, or a shoulder to cry on, Noatak was always there.

"Noatak was a good-hearted kind, always looking out for me. Those were the good years."

Tarlokk's voice at first sounded somewhat happy and blissful as he spoke of the times he shared with his brother. But after he said 'the good years' his voice shifted to sadness once more.

"Before my brother and I discovered we were waterbenders. At first we were excited by our new abilities, but our training brought out a different side of my father."

He remembered one night when he and Noatak were training with floating globs of water with Yakone watching them.


"Tarlokk, you'd better shape up or you'll be out here in the cold all night until you get it right." Yakone exclaimed in anger at his youngest son.

"I'm trying, but--"

"Try harder! Your brother was never this sloppy."

Young Tarlokk dropped his glob of water and rubbed his teary eyes. Noatak hated it when their father bullied Tarlokk like this. "Dad, he'll get it. He just needs time."

"Don't talk back to me, son! Ever!"


"Even back then, my brother wanted everyone to be treated fairly and equally."

"I'm beginning to see the pattern here."

"Twilight!" both teens looked at the alicorn in annoyance for interrupting.


"When I was seven, my father took me and Noatak on a hunting trip far away from our home. He told us his true identity was Yakone, Republic City's most notorious crime boss, and that he was once a bloodbender of rare skill."


"What's bloodbending?" young Tarlokk asked. He, Noatak and Yakone were sitting around a campfire. The full moon glowed above them.

"The most powerful and feared form of bending in the world." Yakone said to his sons, "It was declared legal thanks to that coward, Katara. Our family has the strongest line of bloodbenders in history. You boys have this power inside of you, and I will teach you to master it."

Neither brothers liked the sound of this at all, "What happened to your bending, dad?" asked Noatak.

"The Avatar stole it from me." there was much vindictiveness in his voice, "That's why I brought you out here, to learn your history. You will become bloodbenders of the highest order. When the time is right, you will claim Republic City and you will destroy the Avatar. You must avenge me. That is your purpose in life."


"The good days were behind us. Every full moon, our father took us to another supposed "hunting trip," where he secretly trained us in bloodbending. We kept the truth from my mother."


He remembered one night when Yakone and the boys hid from a herd of yaks. The man nodded to Noatak who stood up and bloodbended the creature, making it stand up and forced its head back. The animal groaned in pain.

"Stop! You're hurting it!" cried out young Tarlokk.

"Toughen up, Tarlokk! You'll need a thicker skin for this."

Once Noatak stopped bloodbending the yak, it ran away along with the rest of its herd. Yakone walked towards him proudly, "Very good son, very good."


"A few years latter, my father taught us to bloodbend anytime, without the need of the full moon. We practiced constantly, and I hated every minute of it."


He remembered one day when the three of them hid from a pack of wolves. Yakone signaled to Tarlokk to try first. He exhaled deeply before jumping over the small ledge where they were hiding and was face to face with the wolves that growled and charged at him. Tarlokk quickly bloodbended the creatures and forced them in a row and moved them all simultaneously from side to side. The wolves whined before he released them.


"I had no stomach for manipulating helpless animals. My brother, however, seemed to revel in his newfound power."


Noatak breathed in deeply and forced the wolves to come back. Unlike Tarlokk, he didn't even have to use his hands to bloodbend. He stood perfectly still and only took in slow deep breaths in order to bloodbend the creatures. All with his mind.


"He was a prodigy, mastering my father's psychic bloodbending technique by the time he was fourteen."


Tarlokk remembered the horrible cruel sight as his brother concentrated and the wolves turned around in union. Noatak lifted his head, making the wolves rise in the air. Tarlokk gasped in horror but Yakone was smiling excitedly. Noatak finally lowered the creatures down, making them bow to him.

"That's the way it's done. That's what you need to strive for" Yakone said to his youngest son.


"Even though Noatak was my father's favorite, it wasn't any easier for him. He carried the burden of all Yakone's expectations and demands. Something changed in Noatak over the years; the loving brother I once knew became cold and detached. Our father pushed us to extremes, and one day, he made us bloodbend each other."


The two brothers stood opposite each other as the snowy winds blew all around them.

"Noatak, go!" Yakone ordered. Noatak inhaled and his younger brother struggled against his older brother's bloodbending. He fell to his knees, crying out in pain and Noatak narrowed his eyes, making him lean back. Their father was so proud.


Noatak released Tarlokk from his grip and the young boy breathed in deeply, still feeling the sting of the awful sensation.

"Tarlokk your turn."

But this was the very last straw, "No. I won't do it."

"Bloodbend your brother, Tarlokk!"

"That felt awful. I don't want to do that to anyone. I never want to bloodbend again."

"You're a disgrace, a weakling! I'll teach you a lesson you insubordinate---" before Yakone could hurt his younger son, his body suddenly felt strange, he no longer had any control over his limbs. Noatak was bloodbending him as he stood protectively in front of his younger brother.

"Stay away from him."

"How dare you bloodbend me!"

"What're you gonna do about it? You're the weak one." Noatak bloodbended his own father, forcing him to his knees, "You always say bloodbending is the most powerful thing in the world, but it isn't. The Avatar is. He took your bending away. What could be more powerful than that?

Yakone struggled in his son's grip, "I made you what you are. You're mine."

"We're your sons, not your tools for revenge." he turned to his younger brother, but even though he was protecting him, Tarlokk could still see the distance in his eyes. "Let's go. We can run away from him. Forever."

"Run away? But what about mom? We can't leave her."

Noatak had his answer, "He was right about you. You are a weakling." Noatak threw Yakone a distance away with his bloodbending and ran off into the blizzard. Tarlokk called out for his brother,

"Noatak! Don't leave! Please! Noatak!"

But it was too late…his brother was gone.


"My father and I searched for days, but we never found a sign of Noatak. We thought he perished in that storm. My mother was never the same after the loss of my brother. My father stopped training me. With Noatak gone, his hopes for revenge withered. And he passed away, a few years later."

Korra had never felt so awful for the former councilmen once his tragic tale finally came to an end. Her heart sank for him, “That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard.” she said sadly, even Mako felt sympathy for the man. Twilight wiped away a single tear that escaped her eye.

Tarlokk spoke with much sincerity and remorse, “Avatar Korra, I am truly sorry for all that I did to you. I thought that I was better than my father, but his ghost still shaped me. I became a soldier of revenge just like he wanted me to be. And so did my brother. And the worst part was, that in a way, I saw that I could have changed my path."

Korra looked at the man curiously, as both her and Twilight's eyes shimmered with Rainbow colors.

"If only I had not been so foolish, I could have prevented this fate.”

“Tarlokk, I am so sorry for everything you have been through.” Twilight said, "I had no idea."

“None of us did.” Mako said.

“I appreciate your sympathy" said Tarlokk, "The revolution may be built on a lie, but I think Amon truly believes bending is the source of all evil in the world.”

“How did you figure out Amon was your brother?” Mako asked.

“When he took my bending the sensation was somehow familiar. I latter recognized it as my brother's bloodbending grip.”

Korra placed the pieces together, “So, he somehow uses bloodbending to take people's bending.”

“That actually makes sense, even for me.” Twilight said.

“I don't know how he does it," said Tarlokk, "but then again I've never encountered a bender as strong as Noatak.”

“How in the world do we beat him?” Korra asked.

“We can't." said Mako, "Any attack we throw at him he'll redirect with his mind. That's how he's been able to challenge any bender.”

Twilight stood up and paced across the room, “So much for our ambush plan.”

“If we stay here we're toast.” Korra added. Then, both the Avatar and the Alicorn came across the same idea, “But there's another way to beat him!" they both said in union.

Mako looked at them curiously, “How?”

“This whole time Amon has been one step ahead of us.”, Korra explained,

“But finally, we have the advantage." Twilight added, "We know the truth about him.”

Korra continued explaining their new plan, “If we expose him as a bender in front of all of his supporters.”

“At the rally...” Mako added as their plan began to take shape in his mind

Korra smiled, “We can take away his true power!”

“And undermine his whole revolution.” Mako added with a smile as well.

Twilight flew upwards with excitement, “Took the words right out of my mouth! Since I've been here all I've seen Amon do was inflict fear and tear people apart. He may have caused a lot of harm, but he was right about one thing; We should stand together, but not just non-benders. It's time we reminded everyone of this city that they should all live together as friends and not enemies. That includes benders and non-benders alike.”

“You were right before, Twilight." Korra said, "The Magic of Friendship is exactly what this world needs. I see that now.” Twilight and Mako smiled proudly and Korra looked over at Tarlokk with sympathy. “Thank you, for your help.”

Tarlokk nodded in response. Mako prepared to leave but Korra stopped him, “We can't just leave him here.”

“Go. Amon can't know anyone spoke with me. Defeat him. Put an end to this sad story.”

Korra nodded in return and the two teens left the room, when all of a sudden, Tarlokk opened his mouth and softly sang a familiar tune..

"Jump up…make a sound…stomp your hooves…turn around."

Korra, Twilight and Mako immediately stopped in their tracks as they heard Tarlokk sing the song softly and somewhat unsurely.

"Start now…make a change…gonna come around,"

Korra turned around and began singing softly with him, "Jump up, make a sound…stomp your hooves, turn around"

Mako and Twilight joined in as well as Korra walked towards Tarlokk with a kind smile, "start now, make a change…gonna come around."

Korra reached out for Tarlokk's hand and smiled. The former waterbender smiled weakly in return. "We'll come back for you. I promise." she vowed.

Tarlokk watched they all ran towards the trapdoor and the teens climbed down first. He then noticed the lock on his cage glow magenta and became unlocked. He saw Twilight Sparkle smiling at him before following the two teens out. Tarlokk almost reached for the lock but quickly decided not to.

For the first time in a long while, he had finally won some true friends…even if it was for a short amount of time.


Hebrews 12:1 ~

… let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.


Author's Note:

Awwww, I like tho think there is a very powerful message about forgiveness right here. YAY!! One chapter left, and soon, the mystery of the Elements of Harmony will be revealed