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TO TᕼE ᗰOOᑎ!


Teenage pegasister obsessed with anime, manga, books, drawing and of course, ponies.
I do point commissions on deviantart if someone is interested!
Link to my deviantart account: Link
Link to my point commission info: Link

Story Info

Book 1: Changing Patterns:
Progress: CANCELED
Cover art: ALREADY HAS

Something lost, Something gained:
Cover art: ALREADY HAS

Twilight progress bar by L3Moon-Studios

50 Questions

Here's a fun way to share a bit of myself:

1.What's your name?


2.How old are you?

Let's just say i'm a teen...

3.What country do you live in?


4.What do you look like?

hmm...I dunno. Try to guess.

5.What do you wish you looked like?

I like my tall-self thank you.

6.How did you come across MLP?

My little cousin came to visit from Florida and she was watching the show in my grandma's TV.
It caught my attention and so I looked it up and saw a few episodes and here I am,a pegasister.

7.Favorite ship?

Totally SoarinDash. I just love that a Wonderbolt and a future Wonderbolt fall in love.

8.Least favorite ship?

I don't have a problem with any shipping.

9.Have you ever admitted to everyone you love ponies?

Only some friends and family members.

10.Were they family?

Some of them.

11.Favorite episode?

Rainbow Falls,Testing, Testing 1,2,3, and Wonderbolts Academy.

12.Favorite superhero?

The WonderWoman

13.Favorite anti-hero?


14. Favorite super villain?

Poison Ivy (I named my OC after her)

15.Favorite anti-villain?

Darth Vader

16.Last book you read?

17.Last movie you watched?


18.Favorite song at the moment?

Centuries by Fall Out Boy

19.Favorite song you keep coming back to?

Habits by Tove Lo

20.Current job?

I currently don't have one.

21.What is your ideal future job?

A cartoon animator and at the same time,a fantasy novelist.

22.Dream job?

See above.

23.What is your greatest achievement so far in life?

Don't have one yet...

24.Greatest failure?

I consider lying to my friends and family my greatest failure. (PS:I hate lying)

25. Do you have any pets?

Yes,a dog named Blondie.

26.Dream pet?

A horse!

27.Any weapon you own?

Nope, I don't.

28. Any gun you want?

I don't think so...guns aren't really my thing.

29. What religion are you?

I'm a Christian.

30.If you could hang out with one historical person for a day?

Walt Disney or maybe Martin Luther King Jr. I can't make up my mind!!!

31.If you could bring back a person from the dead for a day?

My late great grandmother,I just wish I could sit with her and listen to the stories she used to tell my grandmother. That would make me happy.

32.Are you political?

*throws up* Does that answer your question?

33. Are you married?

I'm still a teenager.

34.Do you have a very special somepony?

I used to...

35. Do you have a crush?


36.Care to explain?

No,thank you.

37.Do you consider yourself to be attractive?


38.If you could hang out with any living person?

Hmmm...tough choice.

39. Favorite pony?

Twilight Sparkle. She has a personality similar to mine,she's smart, she has a hot temper (literaly), and is a very nice pony.

40. Any embarrassing secrets?

I still sleep with stuffed animals.

41. If you have done any art or writing, what are you most proud of?

Everything. What can I say, I take pride in my work.

42.Are you a virgin?

(Eeep...what a personal question!) Of course I am! What do you take me for!?

43.Craziest thing you've done with no regrets?

I went tubing with my cousins in NY, that was WILD!!!

44.Craziest thing you've done that you do regret?

Cutting a cardboard box and ridding it down a hill with my friends. I ended up spitting grass...

45.Do you have a fetish?


46.Do you regret saying this fetish?

I din't say one.

47. Favorite stories?

Piercing the heavens and LOYALTY.

48.Favorite quote?

"Sing like no one is listening,love like you've never been hurt,dance like nobody is watching,and live like it's heaven on earth."
-Mark Twain

49. Have you ever hurt someone just to hurt them?


50.Did you answer these questions honestly?

I cross my heart,hope to fly,and stick a cupcake in my eye.

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Is this account dead?

I read your story, it's really good. Thanks for using my art as the cover!
Also, Happy New Years to you too! :twilightsmile:

Heya, Natis! Just wanted to let you know that the art you made for me is now being used in my story: "Those who see a different kind of Light":twilightsmile:

I would love if you could give it a little read through! ( Don't worry, it isn't long, yet.:scootangel:) I have comment saying that the cover art looks great!

Cheers! Happy 2016!:yay:

1615816 thank you, it's nice to hear that u like my work.:twilightsmile:

Your welcome!:pinkiehappy: I've seen some of your art, it's really nice.

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