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Sol Daybreak

A Navy Brony for life, been around the world and still love ponies, Daybreak is my OC, I DO NOT OWN Blackgryphons OC despite him being in my art. It's merely a tribute of devotion to my idol


New Chapter Inbound · 4:47pm June 5th

I thank everyone for their patience. I’m settled in Spain now and finished writing my most recent chapter. Its a bit shorter than what i would normally post, but I hope thats ok. If you guys would prefer me to only release longer chapters let me know. I could have probably combined these next two but i wanted to get it out there for you.
The chapter should be up sometime in the next few days, since i just finished writing it still needs a few fine tuning edits.

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Woah, thanks for the fav!

1620138 your whole page is pretty adorable :twilightblush:
I love those little animations on the side


Thanks for the fave on "Something lost, Something gained"!

So about a week ago, me and daybreak met in person. turns out, we are both living in the same place. I was so happy to finally have met the writer of one of my favorite fanfics. we are hanging out all day tomorrow. im really excited about this. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Sol Daybreak deleted Dec 10th, 2013

I see that you favorited my fic "Harem". That means you have quite the good taste in... tales about chasing tail :raritywink:

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