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Sol Daybreak

A Navy Brony for life, been around the world and still love ponies, Daybreak is my OC, I DO NOT OWN Blackgryphons OC despite him being in my art. It's merely a tribute of devotion to my idol


My Decision Moving Forward (Redone) · 3:26pm Feb 13th, 2020

I had planned on leaving the original blog post I made up, but then I had a much better idea for how to balance both starting my actual novel and continuing this story.

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The Quest Continues · 7:56pm Oct 5th, 2019

I promise I'm not dead.
Chapter will come eventually. So I hope I'm not killing anyone with anticipation.
That is all :scootangel:

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New Chapter Inbound · 4:47pm Jun 5th, 2019

I thank everyone for their patience. I’m settled in Spain now and finished writing my most recent chapter. Its a bit shorter than what i would normally post, but I hope thats ok. If you guys would prefer me to only release longer chapters let me know. I could have probably combined these next two but i wanted to get it out there for you.
The chapter should be up sometime in the next few days, since i just finished writing it still needs a few fine tuning edits.

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I'm Not Dead · 2:24am May 2nd, 2019

I'm still alive, just been too busy lately. Sorry for the long wait. Sadly it's not over yet

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Surprise! · 3:08am Feb 9th, 2019

New chapter release sometime very soon. A surprise to be sure, but not an unwelcome one. :moustache:

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Schooling · 2:22am Dec 12th, 2018

So just an FYI for my dedicated readers. I'm going to school for firefighting over the next couple of months, so I won't have as much time to write as I'd like. I can't make any new chapter release date promises for awhile. For at least a few months its gonna be, if one comes out great, if not, oh well. Don't worry, the story isn't dying or anything like that. I'm just gonna be swamped for awhile and need to focus. :twilightsmile:

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One Week Notice · 3:58am Nov 25th, 2018

I shall have the next chapter up within a week. Hope the wait hasn't been hard :scootangel:

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Fimfictions picture problem · 12:19am Oct 2nd, 2018

So can anyone give me some aid here. A couple people have been asking for pictures here and I can't seem to send any to anyone. I cant pull the pics from my folders and When I copy the URL to the link, it always says invalid image. Can anyone help me out here?:rainbowhuh:

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Annoying Sailor Life · 1:23am Sep 11th, 2018

So Obviously it's been more than a month and nothing has been updated. Please put down the pitchforks, and hear me out.:pinkiesad2:

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One More Month of Waiting · 1:18am Jul 16th, 2018

So I'm not dead. For any who might have been wondering. I've just had life and Navy things keeping me busy lately. Literally. But rest assured this month long underway that shall be upon me soon will give me pleeeeeenty of time to write and squeeze out a chapter or two. So look forward to the next chapter near the end of August. Sorry for those who hate waiting.:scootangel:

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