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Medical scare · 12:14am Jan 13th, 2017

Well. I was driving down I-20 in Alabama today. When suddenly, my chest begins to hurt. I figured it was heart burn so i didnt pay any attention to it. That is, until the pain grew more intense as well as started creeping down my left arm and to my neck. I pulled into a rest area, just passed exit 40, and called 911. within 20 minutes they had an ambulance rushing me to the local hospital because my readings indicated the beginning of a heart attack. Luckily, my results came back negative. But

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Wow, thank you so much! That's a review I live for and helps me keep going. Awesome.

Ok, so, when I first found this story, I thought it would be mostly smut, maybe a quick read. But this story you have created is absolutely wonderful. I love how much depth you put into the characters and how you went into the topic of depression. Sure it all takes place over such a short amount of time, but it is told so beautifully that I've become enthralled with your tale.

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Thank so much for the favorite! It honestly means a lot to me. If you want, please leave me a comment on what you like about it, or if even PM me if it makes you more comfortable. No worries if you don't. Either way, you have a good day!

Lol, same. My fav pony is Chrysalis haha

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