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A Navy Brony for life, been around the world and still love ponies, Daybreak is my OC, I DO NOT OWN Blackgryphons OC despite him being in my art. It's merely a tribute of devotion to my idol

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Yikes! 12 dislikes on only the first day...and here I thought this series was better, hope this isn't epic foreshadowing for my later chapters. :derpyderp2:

The people that gave dislikes don't know a good story. This is a great series.

5320505 That's a little unfair to say, they haven't seen as far ahead as you have :fluttershbad:

Hmmm I know but it's hard for me not to, you know how I am :p

The Likes! They are increasing, aw yeah :rainbowdetermined2:

now if the dislikes would stop increasing that'd be great :flutterrage:

Noice. :ajsmug:
Has the Chief Warrant Officer 2 approval! :trollestia:

"So she is Rainbow Dash...I figured...ten points to Gryffindor."

I laughed harder than I should have

"Have a good day at school...son..."

Hopefully people aren't disliking because of humanized, I'll give a like because.

Dude. Absolutely Marvelous! The twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat! :twilightoops:
The whole conversation with twilight:

Keep it up! I have high expectations for the upcoming chapters! Don't let me down!

5389337 It's to be expected, you can't please everyone. But I still am gonna give this one my all. Also on a side note
Goooooo Likes I know you can pull ahead of those dislikes, I beeeeeeelieve in you :raritywink:

Impressed! I wait until the next chapter eagerly!

Got a pair of errors in this chapter (#2). First:

"What the fuck did she just say?!" (italics)

Missed that note-to-self.


she could be trouble for me of I'm not careful

Should be "if" and also, the punctuation is missing.

Another error I noticed in this chapter (#3):

"This is just sad to watch..." (italics)

Another missed note-to-self.

5425751 thanks dude
no matter how slowly i read through it i always miss somethings :)

What a wild web you have woven! :raritystarry:
I am constantly waiting for new chapters! Keep up the good work!

I will admit. This is a much better story than the like/dislike bar hints at. Definitely keep it coming and I'm sure more will realize it. :pinkiehappy:

hey I reallyyour storyI could easily say it is in my favorite top 10 stories on this site keep coming keep em coming

Hm.:trixieshiftright: If Rainbow won doesn't that mean Daybreak owes her some sexytime? :raritywink:

5497840 Well...he did say annnnnnnnything, buuuuuut you never know what could happen :raritywink:

Don't you dare play with me on this! I've waited too long!

5499702 All good things to those who wait...and keep waiting :3

I'm still waiting for my portal to Equestria

How about we trade :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, this story is amazing! I love it! I don't know why it hasn't been featured yet, I mean, wow...:moustache:

5519355 Idk how things even get featured? How does it happen? Would I be alerted if it was? Who decides? Did I change the character tags and not tell anyone? :moustache:
My questions need answering!!!

idk either. I am really impressed by the story is all. I love it as much as Stan does. Too bad he's gone for now...

5519642 Gone D: did he fall off a cliff? What happened?

He has to leave FiMFiction
Planning his wedding and dealing with his deployment in AU

Not even halfway through all the content here and I still think this deserves more views.

A few literary errors here and there but still a great story so far.

5523421 Oh...give him my best when you next speak (hope that's not weird for a guy I don't know)

Nice chapter, man. Looking forward to your next one!



so this is what they call a heart warming family reunion eh


5540155 Don't you just loooooooooove them though? :scootangel:

You manage to somehow make this better and better each time. Keep on writing!

I wonder how people will react when they realize this is still what you'd call "the beginning" of the story :twilightsmile:


oh shit Daybreaks now fucked up from that announcement

5553896 *puts up my hands* woah there! Let's just calm down and put away the gun. Ya gotta build stories. I don't want this to be another clop with no filling in it. :raritydespair:

5555743 all good things to those who wait. I shall not disappoint my clop lovers. Trust me, once I get the ball rolling...it never stops. Just be patient :trollestia:

Honestly kinda not liking this anymore. Very unfair to Daybreak. I'll probably soon stop reading when it doesnt change for him.

Dude. Way to not blueball me again! Amazing chapter! Can't wait for more!

i just saw your previous comment
then this one
and snickered a little :3
you didnt really think I'd force that on him did ya? wheres the dignity? :3
plus it's too cliche (we're ignoring the many other cliche things i do when i say this)


"Headmistress, I'm sorry, I tried to stop her. But when I caught her in the Infinite Hallway spell, she merely responded with (pardon my language) 'fuck the police' then after wrestling me off, she began tilting every portrait she passed down the hallway.

Helsing abridged anyone? :rainbowkiss:

(Even made me go back and watch all the eps again after reading this)

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