The Exile

by Sol Daybreak

First published

Chaos. Order. Two opposing forces that cannot exist in harmony, yet must exist for balance to be possible. A delicate balance. One that should never be interuppted. Especially by those two forces spawning offspring...Oops, too late...

Anyone can tell you that life sucks sometimes. But that's cause they take advantage of it's simple pleasures. But for the bastard of two gods, life truly does suck. Unwanted and forced to survive on his own from a young age, Daybreak wanders the world wondering what he ever did to deserve the abuse that has followed him throughout his existence. Perhaps he just needs to meet the right person to make him feel happy? Or perhaps he just needs the chance to take revenge on the world for the wrongs committed against him. Oddly enough, both opportunities might just exist in his next destination.
(Credit of Cover Art goes to the extremely talent "The Aviator". Go follow him on YouTube, he rocks.)

Ponyville University

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The sounds of battle rang through the halls of Canterlot castle! Metal clashed against metal, and magic clashed against magic! In the throne room, a ferocious conflict raged on. An explosion covered the room in dust as the sound of steel cutting flesh and cloth filled the room. When the dust settled, a man kneeled before a mighty woman. Her skin as white as snow and her hair flowed with an aurora of color behind her. She held a spear tight against her hip and leaned against it for support while the other hand held a sword, pointed just inches from the kneeling mans nose. Behind her, another, younger looking women approached the pair. Her skin was as dark blue as the night sky, and her hair just as so. It flowed with the sparkle of the stars that covered the sky. Both women were dressed in armor that fitted to their appearance. The elder of the two, being more mature, wore bulkier armor that hid most of her skin and shone a regal white and gold. The younger, wore less and her armor was only slightly darker blue than her skin, it also held more severity about its appearance than the elder and she held only two short blades in either hand.

Both women looked down at the old man, on his hands and knees below them. He wore no armor, instead a multitude of tannish and brown robes covered his body, and a black top hat, now split cleanly in half, presumably from the elder women's sword. His only weapons, a single, curved sword and oak tree staff, lay on either side of him, knocked form his grip during the battle. The elder spoke in a booming voice that commanded attention and respect

"It's over Discord! You must yield! The Elements have defeated you, striped you of your dark powers. You're no longer the immortal being this world feared. You. Have. Lost!"

The old mans hands trembled on the ground, sweat running down his knuckles as his whole body shook. The sisters stared at one another...was he crying? It only took them seconds to realize he wasn't, but in fact, was laughing. He threw back his head, allowing the sliced hat to fall from it and cackled loudly. His voice left an eerie echo about the room, the two women lifted their weapons threateningly.

"Dearest Celestia! Do you honestly believe that you've won? You of all people should know you can't strip The Truth from me that easily. I am Discord! I may be bruised but I am not beaten! I will never be beaten!"

The elder woman jabbed her sword at the mans throat, stopping just short of drawing blood and held it against his skin.

"NO! You are beaten, except it! Yield now! I do not wish to kill you Discord."

He merely laughed harder, his yellow eyes bulging in their sockets.

"But my dearest...I've already won" A long and evil looking smirk worked its way around his lips.

The younger woman stepped forward, holding her blades in the light of the moon for added intimidation

"Dispense with your riddles Discord! Tell us what you mean? What victory dost thou speak of?"

The old man motioned at the older woman with his right hand, then curved it against his chest resting it against his heart, he then extended his left arm outwards horizontally to his side and bowed at her mockingly.

"I've left you with a little surprise from that night, dearest!"

The woman's eyes flashed with anger, she plunged the blade forward, but instead of breaking flesh, the old mans body exploded into brown dust. His voice cackled across the hall once more

"I'm sure you'll find it to be a little bundle of joy ! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

His laughter echoed around the destroyed and crumbled hall. The younger woman approached the older

"Sister, what did he mean by that last?"

The older sister slowly let the spear fall from her hand, and placed her palm against her stomach. Her blood ran cold with fear.

"N-nothing...just another of his tricks probably...come sister...we have much to prepare for, and a world to rebuild..Equestria is free at last, from a thousand years of war."

22 years later

My name is Daybreak. I'm 22 years old. I have short, green hair with a single white streak through center right side of it. My hair slightly makes it to my neck and barely reaches my eyes in the front, and I have a slightly-more-tan-than-white-but-still-undeniably-white complexion. I'm slightly more muscled than most smart guys would be, but still nothing to brag about, and I have a very short temper when it comes to my "pet peeves". Today is the first day of my sophomore year in college, but I don't really know if I can call it a real sophomore year. You see one of the many things you should know about me is, I've been kicked out of just about every single college I've ever gone to before I can finish the year, so I've had several "sophomore years". This started after I finished my freshman year at Canterlot Prime University when I was 19. Despite being kicked out of at least 3 colleges since then, every school is still licking their lips in hope I send them an application. Why you ask? Well, that's my little secret for now.

What I can tell you is that college bores me, and not just because I consider myself more intelligent than every other person there. It just bores me. The same kinds of people at every school, the same kinds of teachers in every class. The same activities, the same food, the same everything! No where is unique anymore, that's why I never care when they eventually throw me out. I had no delusions that Ponyville University would be any different than the others, but nevertheless it would have been nice to have hope...Boy how wrong was was anything but normal.


A bright and blazing sun shone through the clouds on the first day of the school year. Daybreak noted the beauty of the freshly mowed grass and carefully tended pavement as he approached the large twin doors that led to his new college. His sandals made a soft swish as he walked over the perfectly trimmed blades. The light breeze blew through his t-shirt and pants as though they weren't even there. There being no buildings around save for the school, the breeze sliced through him like a blade, causing him a slight shiver to travel along his smooth skin. Ponyville University was located far away from any kind of city and was named after the town that built it, which was only a few miles away and the only settlement for miles, it seemed. Yet somehow this little town had produced a very attractive looking school, at least as far as appearances go. Not too rural looking, yet somehow maintaining a very humble look.

" least this one seems to care about first impressions". He thought as he reached for the door handle, only to be stopped by a sounds of loud cheering. His curiosity and hope for entertainment slightly peeked, he headed towards the direction of the cheers.

"Probably just some sports event going on...though it is weird for schools to have one on the first day, and this early?"

Intent on following the sound to it's source, Daybreak ended up circling around the back of the building and came upon a soccer field, where an extreme mass of students were gathered in a large circle.

"Surprise surprise...A soccer match..."

He had been hoping for something more interesting. Yet...the crowd surrounding the field was too small for there to be a game playing, and the circle in which they were formed was far too small to allow much of anything to be going on in its center. Noting this before he could decide to turn away and continue on, Daybreak decided to allow himself a closer look. He was in no danger of being late, he had arrived over a half hour early for his first day and so had plenty of time to see what was up here.

Approaching the field, the sounds of cheers that he had previously heard started to become clearer in his head.

"Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!"


He looked up to the sky expecting to see a double rainbow or something, but was greeted with same partially clear sky he had felt a few minutes before. What then, could they mean? He had to get closer, and get closer he did. Moving with cat-like grace Daybreak hauled the backpack he had been carrying over his shoulder onto his back and slipped both his arms through the holds, strapping it to himself, then he crouched and leap over the (barely) four foot fence that separated him from the field.

Landing with the precision his intense training had granted him, Daybreak quickly bounded off at a jog towards the crowd. He kept his closeness to a minimum, not wanting to draw any attention to himself before even being introduced to the school as the 'new kid'. However when he finally managed to get close enough to see through the mass of students, he was greeted with quite a sight.

In the center of the almost-full circle they had formed, a girl with Rainbow colored hair, magenta eyes and cyan colored skin stood, staring down three very husky and rough looking boys. All three guys looked like they could use a good shower, along with some better clothing...and maybe a tan, especially the tan...their skin looked way to gray. Ignoring the scene itself for a moment, Daybreak took a small moment to fully take in the girl. Her hair came slightly past her neck in the back and barely to her eyes in the front, though he suspected that it only drooped in her eyes when she was sweating, as she was now, and was probably swept to the side most of the time. Her body was slim, and she was clearly built for athletics, yet she held a certain grace about her which he could not place. She wore a sleeveless, blue tank top (slightly darker than her skin) with a rainbow colored lightning bolt embroidered on the center. Clearly modesty wasn't a thing for her as Daybreak could see through her shirt to her bra from here, it hugged her chest tightly, but despite that, Daybreak still was able to place her at a B size for her breasts, assuming that bra wasn't much tighter than it looked. Shades of blue seemed to be her thing because even her bra was a dark shade of midnight blue, arguably purple.

Scanning down her body, he found his assumption about modesty was correct, as she wore very high cut jean shorts that almost revealed her athletic underwear, Daybreak was sure that with the proper kind of jump, her jeans would prove his theory about her undergarments right. If this girl wore anything other than athletic, tight fitting, underwear, he'd be surprised...and if it turned out she wore panties, he'd throw away his self appointed diploma in mentalism.

In summary, she was very attractive, but he knew he'd never admit as much out loud. However that didn't stop him from trying to get a better view of her, even if it brought him uncomfortably close to the crowd of students. Returning his gaze to the whole scene before him, he realized that she must have been confronting those three guys, all of whom looked relatively pissed off. He could only wonder what had started this, but it was clear that despite their obvious size and muscle advantage, this girl was not afraid of them. In fact, she seemed to be showing a chiding smirk. Daybreak recognized that look, it was a look he constantly wore when he knew he'd already succeeded before he started.

Before he could study the scene further, it unfolded in front of him. The rainbow haired girl spoke before anything happened.

"So, are you boys gonna stand their and glare at me all day, or are we gonna do this...cause frankly I've got better things to do than beat your sorry behinds again."

The three boys rushed her before she had even finished speaking. A part of Daybreak urged his body to step forward, and he almost did, intent on providing this girl with his assistance...but it was over before he could decide. Even before they reached her, she had already won the fight it seemed. The first one received a knee straight to his stomach in mid stride, the girl had moved so fast he had not even been able to slow down, and so his own forward force combined with the power of her blow in the opposite direction, effectively crippled him instantly. He went down gasping for air, but the other two kept coming, intent on taking her while she was off balance. With what seemed like barely an effort, she pushed off the one foot still on the ground and launched herself at the largest of the three. Caught off guard, he was barely able to raise his hands to defend himself, Daybreak could tell these guys were easily all brawn and no brain by how effortlessly she outmaneuvered his defense. She dove under his legs before she lost her momentum and came up behind the brute, delivering a swift one-two blow to both of his kidneys. The third boy was either smarter than the other two, or just lucky, in her brief moment of focusing on the large one, the smallest (and only one left standing) of the three got behind her and wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug. He began to lift her with surprising strength for his size, clearly intent on slamming both of their heads into the dirt. However it seemed she was well prepared for this move, she shoved her foot behind his back most leg, then quickly jabbed him several times in the gut with her right elbow. He staggered and tripped backwards over her foot, releasing her. He fell flat on his behind, dazed, and managed to look up in time to see her foot make contact with his nose. Then he too fell to the ground, out cold.

She clapped her hands together and pretended to brush dust off her shoulder, seconds later cheers erupted from the surrounding students, who then proceeded to lift her up in their arms and begin carrying her towards the back entrance to the school. Daybreak, noting that the chaos (and fun) was over, quietly slipped away back towards the front entrance, but not before the girl turned and caught a quick glimpse of him through the crowd holding her. As he walked, he smiled to himself.

"That definitely someone worth getting to know"

He chuckled aloud at the thought. As if it were that easy, he'd never been very good at friend making, and most people were just backstabbing, two-faced, disloyal assholes anyway. The girl was certainly attractive, and she had talent, but that only justified his need to be wary of her. He wasn't sure how clever she might be, but anyone that can fight nearly as good as, possibly even better than, him, was worth his attention, and caution.

Yes, despite how much he might have wanted to get to know that girl, he knew it could not be so. Someone like him who knew too much of cruel reality was not afforded such luxuries as friends. Everyone was just someone to beat, conquer and overcome, and that's how it will always be. Still...that didn't mean he couldn't hope for a change in the day.

One thing was for certain though...Ponyville University's little athlete had his attention and his day hadn't even started. If the school had more people that interesting, he might have to change his game plan.


The inside of the school was nothing like the outside, to say the least. In just the entrance hall alone, the trophy case along with several others lining the hallway, were filled to the brim with gold embroidered trophy cups. Peering into the nearest case, one caught his eye. It held a statue of someone running on its top, his eyes traveled down its length to the miniature plague stamped into the pedestal part of the trophy. The tiny gold words read "Ms. Rainbow Dash, 2 year champion, 1st place, 400 meter sprint".

He chuckled to himself, he had an idea of who "Rainbow Dash" might be, but he didn't dare make any assumptions without evidence. Nevertheless, whoever Rainbow Dash was, she was apparently the track star of the school. Just another person for him to beat.

Moving on down the hall he continued to see several assortments of awards and trophies the school had won over the years. He didn't recognize any of the names on the golden plaques, but he made sure to commit the ones that repeated continuously to memory, such as best with magical creatures. He deliberately ignored the awards section devoted to sciences and magic, he wanted to make his own judgments in that area. Further on down the hall he began to notice banners and posters plastered across the walls. The first one he saw caused him a chuckle of amusement "Ponyville University wins award for friendliest college in the world". The poster was obviously a joke, but nevertheless it made him smile, if there was a friendly college anywhere in the world, Ponyville would probably be the ones to produce it. He had heard quite alot about the little town in his travels, but he remained skeptical nonetheless.

The next sight that greeted him was a sign-up sheet. Immediately following the endless rows of trophy cases and banners, the clip-board was placed so that it could not possibly be missed by anyone walking by. However that didn't seem to have stopped people from ignoring it completely. There didn't seem to be a single name written on any of the pages as he flipped through them.

"Wait!" He had just passed a page with a name! He flipped back, fearing what he thought he had seen for that brief second.

Returning back two pages, he found what he feared. The one page, on the whole f***ing clipboard that had to have names! It had to be that page! The only page that held names read "Sign-up now to give our new students a tour of our magnificent university!" and it had one, single name written on it. He looked down to see who his future torturer was

"Sunset Shimmer"

He read the name aloud several times, hoping perhaps that it might disappear each time if he said it frequently enough, he had no desire to be led around the school like a pup. But he was given no such reward, instead he was greeted with further information as he looked harder at the page. A time and place which he was to meet this girl to give him the tour.

"Seven forty-five this morning...oh crap!"

That was in five minutes! He looked around half expecting to see this mystery girl appear from thin air. But found the hallway still as barren as it had been a moment ago. He scanned down the page looking for more details about this supposed tour. He managed to find the rediscover the location of where he was supposed to meet, but luckily for him it didn't seem to matter anyways. The location was right where he was now, which meant all he had to do was stand there and wait to be led.

Loud cheering from further down the hall, and the sound of doors slamming open, momentarily drew his attention away from the clip-board. He looked and saw the crowd that had been carrying the rainbow haired girl...they still had her in their arms. Rolling his eyes with a subtle smirk, he looked away just as she instructed them to release her. The sea of students began to disperse almost immediately following her release, that was fine with him. He didn't want any large groups around while he waited anyways. A few students lingered in the halls to say goodbye to the girl or check the surrounding bulletin boards for info about the day, but eventually they all faded into other rooms...except for the rainbow girl. She lingered for several more minutes, and although Daybreak didn't look up to see for himself, he had the distinct impression that she was looking at him.

A bell rang seconds later, drawing the girls attention to the nearby wall clock and eliciting a frown from her, before a sing-song voice came over a loud speaker and said

"Fifteen minutes to classes students, fifteen minutes to classes."

Fifteen minutes? That meant it was seven forty-five right now...where was his tour guide? Chancing a quick glance around the hall, he saw that it was once again empty except for the rainbow haired girl.

"She couldn't be my tour guide...could she?"

He personally didn't care if this girl showed up, scheduled tour or not, he wasn't going to be late for his classes on the first day of college. He would give her another five minutes and if he wasn't approached by then he was heading towards his first class, which, according to the roster he had been given prior to his arrival that day, was "Economics" with a Ms. Cheerile.

Five minutes came and went, and still no other students approached him, or even entered the halls for that matter. He found that fact alone to be seriously odd, was it everybody's intention to be late on the first day or where they all already in their classes waiting for the final bell? The rainbow haired girl still remained where she had been, leaning against the wall farthest from him with her arms crossed. Clearly she was annoyed with something, and she kept shooting glances over to him which made him seriously uneasy.

Was there a chance she recognized who he was, he doubted it but anything was possible. He didn't exactly bare a family resemblance but it was possible this girl had seen the official roster sheet which would have had at least one of his parents listed as well, or at least, the one everyone knew about.

Finally fed up with waiting and unnerved by the girls constant glances, he decided enough was enough and he was heading to class. He started to take a step away from the clip board when a voice shouted from down the hall, past the rainbow girl

"Wait! Wait! Hold on a minute!"


And here he thought he had been spared the agony of being led around like a pup his first day. Looking down the hall he saw another girl running towards him, she stopped briefly for a moment to converse with the rainbow girl, then proceeded to continue her sprint to him. Once the new girl had left, the rainbow girl sighed with relief and walked further down the hall and made a right, disappearing from his sight.

"Oh now I get it." She must have been watching him to make sure he didn't leave before this other girl arrived. He almost wondered what she might have done if he had attempted to leave sooner.

He wasn't given much time to wonder, before long the girl had reached him and was briefly bent over with her head in front of him, gasping for breathe. First impressions of tardiness aside, the girl herself was quite something to look at. Her moderate orange complexion was matched only by her hair, which was a mixture of flaming red and yellow streaks, her eyes were sky blue in color and her overall figure suggested she cared about her looks. Clearly in a different way than the rainbow girl though. This girls figure suggested she ate right, but wasn't very athletic, she instead probably burned calories on something else, like magic. Her clothing was also very nice to look at, and it complimented her hair color well, at least in his opinion. She wore an dark purple undershirt with a small black jacket overtop, unzipped. The jacket itself was clearly not meant for protection from cold, but for looks, as it barely made it down half her back. The jacket also bore a bright red and yellow sun across it's back. It slightly resembled the image of the sunrise that was blazed across the center of his own shirt but with obvious differences. His shirt showed a half sun rising from behind a grassy prairie into a clear sky, save for one single cloud located off to the right. Other than that he couldn't get a view of the girls bra through her shirt, which was evidence this one cared about modesty at least.

Moving his eyes down as he had done for the other girl, he saw that she wore a skirt, and truly did, seem to care about her modesty. The skirt was a decent length to keep away perverted eyes and was lined with streaks of dark orange and purple. Her shoes were sandals, but unlike his, hers were close-toed and she actually bothered to wear socks.

After a moment of heavy breathing the girl stood up to her full height and almost met him eye to eye. This placed her at least at six feet tall as he was six-foot-two-inches and was looking into her hair rather than her eyes. He took a small step back to meet her gaze, as she inhaled deeply one more time then gave a sharp laugh

"I'm so sorry, I'm not usually late like this. I had to help out the girl with rainbow colored hair you probably saw me with, before I could come meet you. I hope it wasn't too much trouble for you"

Her pleasant attitude and sweet voice made up for her tardiness instantly. This also confirmed his suspicions that the other girl had been watching him while this one had been busy for her. He extended his hand out of courtesy, which she took and shook almost immediately

"It's quite alright, I wasn't in any particular rush this morning. You caused me no trouble at all miss...?"

The girl jumped in his grip

"Oh I'm sorry, where are my manners. My name is Sunset, Sunset Shimmer. I'm the sophomore class representative, which means I'm the one who normally gives all the boring speeches regarding our class." She giggled awkwardly and rubbed the back of her head. Still not having released his hand from her shake, Daybreak decided to play along for now, hoping she would realize soon and relinquish her grip.

"Oh I doubt they can be all that boring, I sometimes enjoy hearing a good speech, assuming the one giving it is actually passionate about what they are saying."

She smiled, then, realizing she was still shaking his hand, released him with a blush. She quickly recovered and said

"Well, this school has no shortage of passionate students around here."

She gestured to the horde of trophy cases behind him

"I'm sure you didn't miss the miles worth of trophies we have lying about around here. Most of them are for athletics but we've managed to score few in other things recently. I happen to have personally won the second place trophy for magic last year against Canterlot Central State and our other competitors."

His eyes flared wide for a brief moment before he caught himself and regained his composure

"Well then I guess I'm in the presence of a champion"

He gave her small, but convincing bow, folding his right arm across his chest and extending his left outward horizontally as he lowered his head. She giggled, clearly convinced by his act

"Well you're certainly friendly, but it's nothing to brag about, I only got second place. My friend is the one you should be impressed with, she won first by a landslide"

"Your friend? The first place winner is here too?"

"Yeah and the third"

He couldn't hide his surprise this time, his eyes widened and remained so. It was one thing to have the second place winner for Equestria's colleges here, but to have first, second, and third place all in one school...perhaps he shouldn't have ignored the magic and sciences trophy section after all. Sunset noticed his wide eyed stare and gave another giggle

"Yeah, we're a school of champions."

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Daybreak quickly attempted to regain himself

"So...Who is the first place winner anyways?"

"Oh her? She's practically the schools magic mentor and mine, even though we're the same age and good friends. Her name is-"


Both her and Daybreak looked up as a pink haired and skinned girl zoomed down the hall. She skidded to a stop in front of Sunset and swiped up her hand into her own

"Come quick, Rarity says it's an emergency!"

Sunset looked up at him with pleading eyes, although he truly wasn't sure whether she was pleading for his help, or for him to wait here for her. Deciding that now was not the time for indifference to others, Daybreak gave her a sincere smile and nodded

"It's ok, I'll just wait 'till you get back. You're my tour guide, I technically can't be late anywhere if I'm traveling with you"

She nodded and mouthed a 'thank you' before she was pulled away at inhuman speed by the pink girl. As she zoomed off with Sunset, Daybreak could swear he felt the air rush by him as she ran. He shook his head once they were out of sight

"That girl has way too much energy for her to not have magic..."

He shuddered to think how he'd react if that wasn't magic. Turning his attention back to his present situation, he went over what he knew about this place so far.

"So...The first, second, and third place winner for the magical arts among all Equestria's colleges are here in Ponyville University. Having them together poses a serious problem. If any one of them is well versed in detection spells and happened to use one near me...I'll be in serious trouble. However...This Sunset Shimmer seems like a pretty nice girl, and if she's the second place winner and her friend is the first place winner...getting to know her would be beneficial for me. If only just to give me an advantage at avoiding detection. The best place to hide is in plain sight, and if one of them happens to cast any detection spells without my notice, being around others strong with magical arts can at least blur me somewhat, and maybe not point them directly at me if, I'm lucky."

It was a sound plan, but that meant doing one of the things he hated doing the most. Getting to know someone. The thought made him shiver with discomfort, most people weren't even worth the effort put into knowing them. Eventually they all turned on you or stabbed you in the back. Whatever Sunset Shimmer may appear to be, the likelihood that she or her friend would prove to be different, was low. It was just a matter of proving that. He had no intention of stirring up trouble though, there was no point in ruining the lives of others. He took no pleasure in it. He had confidence that, given time, this places' true colors would reveal themselves on their own.

"Hey newbie!...Hey fresh meat I'm talking to you!"

"Man I just have a knack for calling these things don't I?"

He turned on his heels to face whomever was calling him in that manner. He was both surprised and not so, to find that it was the three blockheads from the soccer field whom had their clocks cleaned by the rainbow haired girl.

"Oh joy...this should be fun"

The three boys closed the distance between themselves and him, surrounding him in a triangle formation. The smallest of the three approached him first.

"So, you must be the new transfer student we've been expecting. You lost or something newbie?"

His tone suggested mocking, instead of sincere concern. Combined that with the fact that Daybreak had witnessed these three already attempt to get hostile with the rainbow girl. He was relatively sure he was justified in responding how he did.

"Your powers of observation must be astounding to have guessed I'm the transfer student. Tell me, was it the fact I'm alone and the only one in the hall five minutes before class, or that I'm standing in front of the spot where tours are given to new students, that gave me away? And no by the way, I'm not lost, I'm right where I need to be. The better question is if you're lost. Five minutes before class starts and you're out here in the center hall, doing what exactly?"

He tried to keep the condescending tone in his voice to a minimum, but found himself fail that. He couldn't help it. These three boys were a perfect example of one of the things he despised...bullies. He hadn't even properly met them and he could tell just by their actions and attitude.

Realizing he had just insulted them, the biggest of the three began to crack his knuckles threateningly. The smallest one merely shook his head, presumably to say "Not yet" and kept talking.

"Well well, you're a smart little one aren't you?"

"Little is a loose term, are you comparing my size to yours? In which case you'd be right, well for these two cronies at least, not you. Or are you comparing brain cells, chromosomes and just about everything else, cause in that case, I think you'll find I hold the upper hand."

Once again, he was unable to suppress the condescending tone from his voice, and this time the little one seemed to catch on to it. He didn't seem pleased

"Ok...Ya know what. Fuck it. I was gonna try and do this the easy way and have you just hand over your stuff and we go on our merry way, but your tone really pisses me off so-"

"It probably only pisses you off cause you can't comprehend half of what I'm saying. And what were you expecting out of this? Were you expecting me to just hand over my backpack? Not likely. Ya know...You three remind me alot of dogs, the smallest one always barks the loudest and has slightly more brains than the rest, and the biggest one always does the work and is lacking in proper brain function."

The little ones eye was beginning to twitch now. Daybreak could see his temper had reached a boiling point and prepared for what he knew was coming next. He lowered his stance and was ready before the leader even shouted "Get him!"

The next part was just pure instinct for him. Go for the biggest one first. That's the rule in bully fights. Drop the largest one and work your way down, the last one will normally run away or back down in the end.

He moved as they did and went straight for the largest of the three. Connecting his fist with the biggest ones jaw, he side stepped the other two as they made to grab him and was suddenly outside of their triangle, and behind the big one. He planted a firm kick to the back of the big brutes knees, folding them like paper. He dropped to a kneeling position, but before Daybreak could relieve him of consciousness the other two came for him. The smallest one came at him attempting to grab hold of his arm and put him in some sort of arm hold, but Daybreak was well prepared. As the little one twisted, Daybreak allowed his whole body to twist through the air with his arm. He landed, already reversing the hold by having gone with it instead of resisting, and delivered three quick jabs to the smalls ones throat, nose and chest, in that order. Staggering back and releasing him, the little one fell over, unable to regain his breathe. The mid-sized one seemed better off than the other two, in that he hadn't rushed him like an idiot. But he still came nonetheless, and although he fought better than the muscle bound brute and the midget, he still ended up the same as the others, flat on his ass, and then on his back.

Daybreak dusted off his hands, hardly entertained, and turned to leave, but was cut short by a single hand that felt larger than his face, wrapping itself around his neck from behind.

"Shit!" His mind screamed at him, but far too late!

He felt himself being lifted from the floor and turned to face the largest of the three, back on his feet and clearly pissed as he effortlessly raised Daybreak from the floor single handed.

"Fuck! Most people stay down after being beaten that quickly...what the Tartarus?!"

The big one squeezed his hand tightly around Daybreaks throat, causing his breath to leave him instantly. He brought his hands up to his throat and attempted to pry off, or at least loosen, the fingers gripped around his windpipe, but to no avail. The big one smiled with evil intent and Daybreak knew the next minute was going to be painful.

At first he didn't even feel the fist make contact with his gut, he only was aware that he had been blasted backwards through a wooden trash bucket and slammed against the wall by some powerful force. It was only when he tried getting to his feet that the blinding pain found him, blurring his vision and making all attempts to stand pointless. He managed to open his eyes as the big one advance on him and grabbed him by the neck again, holding him as easily as a toy. Once again deprived of breathe, he found resistance impossible, and then felt his back slammed against another wall and his head smack stone. This time he tasted blood on his lips.

"OK...fuck this...he's dead!"

He opened his eyes as the big one reeled back his fist for, what would probably be, his final blow should he land it. Daybreak opened his palm as he lay slumped against the wall and began to allow heat to circulate within its center. He felt the magic stir within him as he prepared to roast this asshole's fist.

In that moment, a million things happened at once. Daybreak saw a cyan hand tap the brute on his shoulder. He heard a familiar voice say

"Excuse me. Mind if I cut in?"

He saw the brute drop to his knees then slump onto the floor, he saw Sunset Shimmer come bursting through the nearest door, her hands glowing an angry sea green. He felt himself release the heat building in his hand and draw it inward, masking his magic from detection, and he felt two warm hands place themselves under his arms and help him to his feet. He saw a flash of rainbow pass his eyes.

He was vaguely aware that the bell over his head was ringing...or maybe that was his ears, he couldn't tell. Someone was trying to talk to him, probably Sunset Shimmer asking if he was alright. He attempted to formulate a sentence, but words failed him, and then so did his vision.

"How indignifying...beaten by a brainless ingrate and reduced to this. How pathetic and normal I must look right now...Goddess this sucks...oh is that my consciousness slipping away?...oh...I"

Rainbow Dash

View Online

Most people say they love being treated like a hospital patient, being pampered and having your food brought to you, while friends scurried about trying to make you feel better. Well, Daybreak hated being looked at by doctors, even if it was just at a college. That meant people were touching him, poking him with needles, and asking him annoying questions that weren't any of their business. Besides, he lacked the friendship part of that scenario that apparently made it fun, having people worry about you. As if it justified that they all cared about you when they catered to whatever you wanted while sick.

And yet, despite not having a single friend to speak of, he was sure he saw the outline of someone sitting next to his bed as he attempted to open his eyes.

"Stupid fantasies, go one would be visiting me"

Yet the outline did not vanish, instead it moved...and spoke.

"Hey Nurse...I think he's waking up"

"Oh good goddess, please no...tell me I'm not where I think I am"

He felt a hand press against his forehead, then slowly remove itself, he heard the footsteps of someone walking away and a door shutting. But the outline next to him remained and obviously wasn't leaving. He sighed to himself and resigned to open his eyes. Upon doing so he was greeted with a rainbow colored lightning bolt obscuring his vision. Someone was leaning over him. He made a small groan of annoyance and the shirt smothering him suddenly pulled back to reveal the wearer. It was the rainbow haired girl!

She was still wearing the same clothes from earlier and obviously hadn't bothered to shower yet, he could smell the dirt of the field still on her clothes. Granted it smelled better than the cheap perfume most girls wore, but still.

"Well...that figures..."

She looked down at him and smiled

"Welcome to the land of the living dude, glad you could rejoin us."

He groaned as loudly as he could manage, oddly enough this caused her to chuckle.

"I know how you feel man, I've taken my share of beatings before. Though, I gotta say, watching you fight those idiots was kinda awesome."

"What the fuck did she just say?!"

His face must have betrayed his thoughts because she immediately laughed

"It's not like that man, it takes alot more than that little beat down to get me excited, but that's not the point. It was seriously cool to see somebody other than me give them a good beating, and make them feel dumber than they already are. I heard what you said to them, you certainly have guts, I'll give you that."

"She heard what I said to them...that meant she had been watching from the start...and did nothing until I got my ass kicked?! I'm not sure whether to thank her or punch her in the face. Granted, I would done the same thing...which is probably why it pisses me off so much. This girl...she could be trouble for me of I'm not careful"

She watched his face contort with discomfort, dawning a smirk when she realized he had caught on.

"Yeah, you caught me. I was watching the whole thing. To be honest I saw you when you came out to the soccer field too, but I didn't recognize you so I knew you had to be the new kid. Didn't say anything then cause I was pretty sure you wanted to be left alone. By the way, a little advice for when those jerks try and start some shit with you again, the big guy...ya know the one that had you by the neck? Yeah...punch him in the kidneys, that's his weak spot. Don't ask me why cause I don't know either, I just know it works. As for the other two, well you seemed to have handled them."

He groaned aloud.

"Not only does she save my ass, now she's giving me tips on how to fight?! This girl really pisses me off...wait!...Did she say again? As in they would come fuck with me again?"

He raised his head slightly from the pillow it had been resting, his skull felt like it weighed a ton. For a brief second before he spoke, he looked around to take in his environment. It wasn't a hospital, it was just the university's medical room, he sighed with relief.

"Did you say 'when they start some shit again?' What again? Isn't one beating enough for them? Or do I actually need to hurt them next time to get the message across"

He rubbed at his head, it was hard for him to sound intimidating and serious when his entire being was throbbing and felt as though it had been split in half. The girl grinned

"I see they didn't knock your attitude out of you, good. I like that kind of confidence in someone."

"I'm thrilled to hear it..."

His voice came out a little more sarcastic than he meant it, he had at least hoped to be subtle about it. Though it seemed the splitting pain in his skull was making it difficult for him to act like he cared. However, his comment did not have it's intended effect on her. Instead of scaring her off, it only seemed to widen her grin.

"She either can't take a hint, or actually enjoys this kind of talk...both are a problem...please just go away..."

The throbbing in his cranium only increased the longer he sat up, he felt himself becoming light headed again.

"Oh fuck my life..."

He started to fall backwards, but felt two hands press against his bare back and hold him up, causing him to realize he was shirtless!

"Whoa there champ, don't go passing out on me again, it was hard enough carrying your ass up here without looking suspicious, and getting that blood soaked shirt off you...don't make me actually call a doctor next."

Only a few of her words registered through the pain in his head, but upon the realization that she had removed his shirt, he felt all his energy return to him in the form of rage. His hands flew to his neck, feeling for a chain, but found nothing...his anger boiled

"Where is the necklace I was wearing?!"

She clearly sensed his anger, her eyes told him as much, but it didn't seem to phase her nearly as much as he had hoped, she pointed to his shirt, slumped in a messy heap next to the sink only a few feet away.

"I had it sitting there along with your bloody shirt, but it was broken in three places along the chain, probably from when your were being thrown like a rag doll. So I had my friend Rarity come and take it, she's gonna fix it for you, consider it my apology for not stepping in sooner."

His anger still on the surface, he found it extremely difficult not to scream at this girl. The necklace was a small thing, but it was the only article of his clothing he actually cared about, and the only thing he had from...

"That necklace...please don't let the miniature sun on its chain come to any''s important to me."

She saw the sincerity in his eyes and hers softened in return

"Rarity can fix anything that is clothing related, don't worry, your necklace is safe...but I'll let her know not to touch the 'sun' anyways."

"Thank you..."

He found the feeling of thanking this girl sickening in his stomach, though somehow not as much as he would when he did so for others. Looking up, he saw that she was still standing over him, clearly intent on not moving anytime soon. If he wanted any peace he was going to have to make it obvious he wanted to be left alone.

"So...I'm fine now, and ya know...thanks for dropping the bigger of the three stooges to his ass, but I think I'm good from here..."

He started to sit up, but immediately felt her warm, but firm hands on his chest, shoving him back into a sitting position. She stood back up immediately and stared down at him with a chiding smirk

"First of all dude, your welcome for saving your ass, cause that's what I did back there and you know it. Second, I'll decide when your good and ready to leave, cause until Sunset Shimmer gets back, I'm your watch dog, so woof woof bub, and stay down!"

Her voice had a certain authority behind it, the kind that made his blood boil...but not out of anger like he felt like something else. Envy perhaps? She had just commanded him to sit like a puppy, while calling herself his watch dog...

"What's with this girl?"

As if sensing he was thinking about her she gave him a firm sneer

"And just in case you were thinking of trying to force your way past me. Don't. Cause I'll put you back in that bed and tie you to it."

His eye gave a severe twitch. Was she trying to challenge him to do something? If so she was succeeding.

"This girl...she's the first one I'm gonna put in her place"

The thought brought a smile to his face, a smile that she didn't fail to notice

"Thinking of trying it? I hope so. I haven't had a good fight in awhile, those idiots don't provide me a challenge anymore."

Even with an immeasurable migraine, Daybreak still managed to summon a bit of his attitude to throw back at her.

"Listen here babe, the first thing I'm gonna do once I can walk straight, is find you, and put you in your place. Which happens to be below me on the totem pole by the way. You may have saved my ass, but that just makes you number one on the list of people to beat here."

He dawned a smirk as provocative as her own, there was no way that wouldn't have some effect on her. He was a sense

"You..." She began then stopped

"Yes...victory...she's speechless"

Then, she started laughing.

"You...You think you're gonna put me in my place? You've got a real guts on you dude, and I should know. After all, I practically sweat awesomeness. However..."

She suddenly brought her face extremely close to his, and continued to bring it closer when he tried to back away.

"Personal space please, personal space!"

She brought her lips next to his ear and whispered gently

"The day I get under you or on any kind of pole, is the day Tartarus freezes over."

Daybreak felt a rush of heat fly to his face, his cheeks burned bright red as he stuttered for words. Meanwhile she smirked at him again and pulled her head away

"T-that's not what I meant...and you know it!"

"Sure sure, just letting you know where you stand, or sit in your case. Better get used to that position, cause after you 'put me in my place' you'll be right back here again."

She walked towards the door as it opened from the outside. Sunset Shimmer stepped through holding an agitated expression and instantly shooting a glare at the other girl.

"Rainbow Dash, quit flirting with the new guy."

"So she is Rainbow Dash...I figured...ten points to Gryffindor."

Rainbow Dash winked at him, then sneered at his obvious discomfort

"He wishes." Then walked out of the room cackling to herself.

Sunset Shimmer offered him an apologetic gaze as she approached his bedside

"I'm sorry about her, she can be a real handful and her ego could fill a stadium. If I had known she'd be such a pain I'd have asked someone else to watch you until I got here."

As Daybreak watched Rainbow Dash exit the room, he felt a small and oddly innocent smile creep to his face, it was odd yet...nice.

"That's ok...I don't think she really bothered me at all."


It took two hours and some light arguing, to finally convince Sunset Shimmer to let him out of the infirmary, and that was only if she escorted him around for the rest of the day. Since he had never gotten to take his tour, he didn't see much harm in letting it just play through.

Once his feet were in his sandals, he pulled his shirt back over his head and let it fall nicely down onto his neck. Although Daybreak had insisted he could wash out the blood himself, she had point blank refused to allow him to walk around on his first day in a bloody shirt. Of course, he had known she would react as such, the whole point of his charade was to goad her into showing off some of her magic. Blood didn't exactly come out with fabric softener or simple detergent, so he knew she'd try and handle it right then and there...and he had been right on the money.

"I swear...girls are too easy to manipulate...maybe that's why I never fancied any?"

A brief flash of rainbow crossed his mind, but he shook it away and continued to focus on his task.

The moment she had cast her simple cleaning charm, Daybreak reached out with his own perceptions, amplified with his magic, and felt the air for her power. He watched his hands for a moment, as green energy swam around them, then quickly became invisible to the naked eye, he breathed a sigh of relief at knowing his magic could still be masked from view even while in use. He had only attempted it on a few occasions and met with mixed results, but it was working now so he was fine.

Returning his attention to Sunset, he closed his eyes to fully take in the mass of energy in the air. He could sense the weighty feeling her magic left hanging in the room, he slowly probed his way gently into her being and felt out her strengths, as though following a running stream to its source.

She did indeed have great quantities of powerful magic stored within her, and she had only won second place? That begged to question who could have possibly beaten her. Her magic practically tasted of untapped potential and virtue. She felt almost too pure to him...she had to be hiding something...he probed deeper into her soul, reaching out across space to feel into her very essence.

"No one starts out this pure hearted...who is this girl?...What dark secrets is she hiding underneath this kindness?"(

She must have sensed his intrusion into her mind, or at least felt a disturbance, because all at once his thoughts suddenly became clouded with random memories that were not his own, but were clearly being forced upon him like some sort of counter-attack. He wouldn't be able to retaliate without giving himself away, and so was forced to pull away to avoid his mind being overloaded.

The brief experience had left her with her eyes closed, her hand held against her forehead as she visibly balanced herself against the sink. She looked pale and sickened for a moment...he sensed her weakness and considered assaulting her mind again. Clearly she wasn't used to mental magical combat.

However, instead he thought better of it and stepped forward, gently putting his hands under her arms and helping her stand up straight.

"Are you alright Sunset? You look a little drained."

He hid the smugness from his voice. If a brief attack like that had weakened her so, she couldn't be that great...yet his perception of her aura suggested much more latent power. Or perhaps he had simply caught her off guard.

Sunset Shimmer steadied herself and looked into the sinks mirror, she noticed him holding her arms and formed a small blush. She gently pulled herself away and nodded

"I'm fine, just a little tired...I guess I should have drank a little more this morning before attempting any spells."

He took note of the manner in which she had pulled from his grasp, not in surprise or discomfort, but embarrassment. He'd have to keep feats like that to a minimum, he didn't want this girl getting attached to him.

He gestured out the door with his left hand, while leaning over, scooping up his bag, and flipping it over his shoulder with the other.

"Well, if I read the schedule right, lunch time should start in an hour or maybe you can just show me where all of my classes are briefly until then?"

Her eyes brightened up at the idea, practically gleaming with happiness. He felt like smacking himself

"Way to go dumbass...why don't you invite her out for dinner next..."

Sunset took a moment to stand back up to her full height and steady herself before she scooped up her own belongings and motioned for him to follow her out of the medical ward.


Touring any college campus takes several hours out of any normal persons day, but clearly Sunset Shimmer wasn't normal even by magical standards. She seemed to know every nook and cranny of this campus' inner workings. She quickly showed him the quickest routes to teleport from one side of the school to the next and which portals would bring him closest to his classes after each one. The fact that the school had set up portals inside, and out on the fields, suggested a much larger campus than he had originally perceived. Though it wasn't very surprising to him considering the things he'd heard about the citizens of Ponyville over the years, they always seemed to perform amazing feats. That's why he'd chosen to come here in the first place.

The trip around to each location of his classes took almost exactly and hour and thirty minutes on the nose. Her talent for punctuality reminded him of a someone he had known briefly in his childhood, except for the fact she had been late that morning. Once they finished and determined where he would go after eating, Sunset decided to show him to the cafeteria.

They ended up back at the main building which Daybreak had first entered that morning...then after a brief pause to allow him to realize where they were, Sunset led him inside. Passing the trophy cases and banners once again, they came to a pair of twin doors at the far end of the hall. Curiously, it was the same doors he had seen her come out of earlier, after he had been nearly beaten to death by Goliath Jr. and his two companions. Sunset Shimmer pushed open the large doors and led him inside. Immediately upon entrance, Daybreak felt a tingling sensation run over his body

"Another portal...I almost didn't notice that one...impressive"

The sight that greeted him as he came fully into the room was unlike anything he had ever seen before. The cafeteria was enormous! In fact, enormous didn't even begin to describe it! In all the Universities he had been to in his life, it was literally the largest dinning hall he had ever seen.

"The entirety of Ponyville could probably fit in here and still leave room..."

He had to wonder where this building was actually located that it didn't stand out. But unfortunately all the blinds were currently shut and the only light came from the magical candles floating about the hall.

Sunset Shimmer appeared beside him in seconds

"We call this place 'The Great Hall'...yeah I know, not the most spectacular or original of names...but it fits. You'll never find a larger cafeteria in any college, that, I can personally assure you."

"I'm inclined to agree with you." was all he managed to say, still stunned at the enormousness of the place. Sunset Shimmer directed his attention over to the large stage placed at the forward most center point of the room and pointed to a large podium in it's center.

"That's where the Headmistress always makes her announcements to the school. Nearly everyone eats here so no one ever misses them, and she always waits until everyone is seated before addressing the school. Tomorrow she'll be giving the 'start of term' speech that she does every year since our opening."

He found that a little bit odd. He couldn't hide his curiosity and the question escaped him before he could silence himself

"Why tomorrow? Isn't the start of term today?"

Sunset shrugged

"No one knows...she mentioned at breakfast this morning that she had a special announcement to make for this year in light"

All his composure left him for a brief second as terror spread across his face like wildfire. He whipped his head around to fully face Sunset's

"She mentioned me?! What did she say? Did she give out my name or anything?!

Sunset had to physically step back to avoid bumping heads with him, he had suddenly come extremely close to her face while he barraged his questions. She shook her head quickly, attempting to calm whatever fear had sparked inside of him out of nowhere.

"No, she didn't say your name or anything about you, just that there would be a special announcement tomorrow in light of the 'new student' this year."

Realizing he had momentarily lost his cool, he allowed the relief to wash over him as he quickly righted himself. Sunset looked a bit freaked, eyeing him with an expression he recognized as curiosity.

"You must have quite the extreme case of stage fright if you freak out like that over your name possibly being mentioned...You should really meet my friend Fluttershy, something tells me you two would hit it right off with that kind of attitude." She chuckled to herself after speaking, clearly imagining the scenario.

"Something tells me that I'll end up meeting all your friends anyways...willfully or not..."

She smiled brightly at him, then casually began to walk towards the mass of students all swarming towards the many lines of food that filled the hall.

"Goddess how I hate that smile of's too damned happy...too sincere...too full of understanding...I have to find out what she's hiding beneath that mask of cuteness she's flaunting at me"

He considered following her for a moment, possibly even eating with her, if only just to get more info out of her, maybe even attempt to read her mind again, but he let the thought go as quickly as it came. This girl was clearly well known to some degree if she was a class representative. If others saw him eating with her and conversing like he was enjoying himself, it would draw unwanted attention to him. Plus as an added problem, it would only increase the likelihood of her growing fond of him, despite his best efforts. He didn't want to be too upfront about his lack of interest, in case he should burn a bridge he may need to later cross, but letting her get close to him was almost just as unappealing.

Allowing his thoughts to wander as he began to slowly shuffle his way through the crowds, he briefly spotted Rainbow Dash sitting with two other girls. One had bright blonde hair and a grey complexion with only a single muffin on her tray. Whilst the other sported long, brightly pink hair, cream colored skin and looked like she might faint every time someone spoke to her.

For the briefest of moments he felt the urge to walk over and sit next to Rainbow, but in his mind he knew that was just as bad as sitting with Sunset Shimmer. What really got to him...was, why? Unlike sitting with Sunset, going over to Rainbow Dash provided him with no clear info to gain...yet he felt his legs slowly leaning in that direction. Before the lower half of his body could wander off and betray him, he fully turned in the opposite direction, found a secluded table in the corner, and sat down.


To say lunch had been awkward would have been the understatement of the century. He had to literally pour the aura out of his body to make people avoid his table throughout the whole time he was there. It was exhausting and a huge waste of effort for just an hour of peace. It was, however, a useful trick he had learned on his own, and had tested multiple times since learning. People naturally avoid strong magical aura's, especially when it dwarfs their own. Power like that tends to leave the air around it feeling heavy and wet. Like extreme humidity, only with a feeling that seemed to weigh you down as you walked near it.

Well Daybreak had taken that principle a step further, he masked the physical presence of his aura from human eyes, and instead focused it to stream out of his body like a beating pulse. Each pulse contained enough of his negative energy to cause anyone that walked within ten feet of him to naturally try and avoid the area. He fashioned the feeling it created to be overwhelming, so even the most advanced of magicians wouldn't feel tempted to try and probe out his aura or trace it, for risk of being suffocated in it.

The odd thing was, he shouldn't have had to make it that powerful, in the past he merely needed to pulse his aura as it was and he was avoided. This place was different though, pulsing his aura seemed to draw even more people to him! Magic like his wasn't exactly common place, and the natural xenophobia within all people should have caused them to steer away from a power so odd feeling. But, they instead flocked to it subconsciously, Rainbow Dash had actually turned her head in his direction once...and she was on the complete other side of the hall!

Once he realized these people were very out of the ordinary, he fashioned and changed the feeling his aura gave off, and finally got people to stop coming over and trying to talk to him. Everyone wanted to meet the "new kid" and all he wanted was to be left alone. Eventually given the peace he desired, he quickly munched down the food he had packed for himself and was on his way. He hadn't even made it five feet through the exit portal before Sunset Shimmer had appeared behind him. He had hoped to do some of his own exploring before the start of his afternoon classes, but Sunset delivered him even better news, which was ironic because every time he saw her he felt the need to turn and run before she could strike up a conversation with him. He never did it of course...but he still thought about it a few times.

The news she brought him actually put him in a relatively good mood, oddly enough. She informed him that since it was the first day back, students were allowed to leave for the day after lunch. Sort of like an early release day courtesy of the Headmistress. Upon hearing this, he gave her the first sincere smile he'd worn since talking to her. However as he tried to leave the school grounds, it appeared that she wasn't done with him.

She jogged up beside him after he made it twenty feet

"So...Since the day is over are you gonna be heading to your dorm room?"

He stopped for a moment, taking in what she had asked...then reality crashed down around him as he realized he had forgotten to apply for a dorm! Granted he had been unconscious in the infirmary during said application time, but still! That meant he was gonna have to make a two hour walk to and from school ever, single, day.

"I had to pick the house farthest from town...figures"

He resumed walking, now heading for the schools eastern exit into the Everfree forest instead of the housing area. Sunset came up behind him within seconds


He sighed

"Persistent girl..."

"Actually...I kind of...forgot to apply for a dorm this morning, so I'll be going home for the day."

She saw in which direction they were heading, and realized that soon, she could follow him no farther without going into the forest as well, and she had no desire to do so. She quickened her pace so as to stay a step ahead of him rather than trail beside him. She attempted to get enough in front of him so he could see her smiling at him while they walked. He purposefully did not slow down, hoping to make the hint that he wanted to be alone obvious, but she either didn't catch it, or ignored it entirely. She finally realized he wouldn't be stopping until outside the school boundaries, so in a last ditch effort, she stepped ahead of him and stopped abruptly.

Reflexes being what they were, Daybreak stopped plenty quick before he would have walked into her, but her act had nevertheless surprised him. Perhaps out of respect for her persistence, he did not continue walking this time and waited for her to speak. She smiled her adorable, bright eyed smile, realizing she had succeeded and took in a breathe. A small blush formed across her cheeks before she spoke, and she stuttered a few of her words, giving away her intention long before she said.

"Oh no...She can't be about to...Dammit! Don't do this to yourself Sunset, you have to already know what I'm gonna say."

"So...I know I like, just met you today and everything...and I'm sure you've noticed I'm not exactly the best when it comes to socializing. Truth is...I'm still kinda new to making friends with people, alot of the students here know some...incriminating...stuff about me from a few years ago and well...they tend to avoid me because of it. But well...You're new here and I wanted to give you a chance to know me...before you find out about the old me, and trust me you will..."

"Oh really? You're that sure people are out to screw you over? Or perhaps it was something so bad that everyone has to be warned about you hm?"

"...I guess what I'm trying to say is...I think you're really nice and you seem pretty friendly so..."

"Aw know nothing about me if you think that Sunset"

She took in a large breathe, her blush grew to cover her face almost completely

"Here it comes...poor girl..."

"Would you maybe consider going out to get coffee with me at Sugarcube Corner? It's in Ponyville so you'd have to pass it on your way home...I'd leave you be after that...if you wanted that is..."

He sighed to himself, and faced her directly, looking her dead in the eyes

"I almost feel bad for having to do this Sunset...only because you seem to understand loneliness and it's pain...but reaching out to me was the wrong thing to do...I'm not the guy you cling to for love and affection, to make everyone else's hate seem like it doesn't matter"


She blinked at him, as if she hadn't quite heard...or perhaps she expected an explanation.

"I'm sorry Sunset, but I can't except your kind offer. You don't know me, and I don't know I'm not the kind of guy for you."

He saw her attempting to hide her hurt feelings, truthfully she was doing a pretty good job. But tear ducts don't lie...

"When you're not 'the kind of guy for me' what do you mean? Is it because you already heard what I did a few years ago? Did someone tell you?"

He caught her mask a sniffle under her breathe

"Goddess...Why do this to yourself Sunset?"

"No...No one has told me anything about you, and it wouldn't matter if they did. I judge people for myself, so don't think your past will have anything to do with what I come to think of you. The fact of it is, you don't know me Sunset. You're looking for a nice guy, I can tell, one whose sweet and caring and makes the world seem like a peaceful place..."

She attempted to cut him off "But you're..."

"I already said you don't know me!...I'm not a nice guy, I'm just respectful, but not nice...I'm really..."

"How should I word this...I wonder how blunt I can go without wounding her."

"I'm really kind of an asshole."

For a moment he started to turn to walk away, but something in his mind stopped him. A brief flash from the past blurred it's way across his vision.

"No. I won't turn my back to her. I have to face what I've said and how she takes it."

He resumed facing her fully, and watched as she took in what he said. He could still see the two small tears, attempting to claw their way free from her eyes, but she kept them in place. After a minute she seemed to gather herself, and met his gaze, with an almost full, smile.

"Thank you for being honest with me. I guess it was too much to hope for, but I'm glad you were at least honest about how you felt. However, now there's something else I have to ask, if you'll let me."

"Well, I've stayed for this much...I'd be a real dick to leave now...actually...that might be a good idea, at least she'd lose all interest in me then. Oh who am I she wouldn't...might as well hear it."

"Sure, I'll hear it"

She smiled, her standard, bright eyed and undeniably adorable smile.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that..."

"So...You said I don't know you, and you don't know me...Well, I'd like to get to know you, even if you say you're an...asshole. Like you, I wanna judge for myself and see if you're really as bad as you think."

"Think?...the nerve on this girl..."

"I guess, what I mean to say is, I'm gonna get to know you, and once I do I think I'll try offering you that coffee again...and say we go from there?"

He felt smile twitch at the corner of his lips

"Well well...somebodies got a bit of fire in her...fuck it, why not? I can still sense the worry and hope in her voice, but she's doing a good job putting on a confident point in crushing her again. I've already said no, so I'm not obligated to do anything else from this point on"

He gave her a light nod

"Sure...I can't promise I won't give you the same answer though, or that you won't get sick of me before then. But...say you do prove me wrong, I might be inclined to have that drink with you...However that's a big 'might'. Don't get your hopes up, Sunset."

Her smile grew into a toothy grin, he noted her perfectly white teeth.

"She looks better when she uses her teeth in that smile of hers. Of course, I'll never tell her that. That'd be a shot to the foot from my own hands and I'd never be rid of her. I don't need that."

Still smiling, she said goodbye and jogged back towards the school.

Without looking back, Daybreak felt content to turn and leave this time. He put his back to Ponyville University, and strolled out the eastern gate into the forest.

"This place is definitely...interesting."

Rainbow Crash

View Online

Trudging through the Everfree forest was not what you'd call...pleasant. Daybreaks detour through the woods was to make sure no one saw where he lived, but had turned a two hour walk into five. By the time he managed to get home, night was already in it's early stages and the moon was working it's way into the starry sky. Daybreak stopped just outside his simple home and stared up at the moon.

"Hiya Auntie...I haven't been this close in years...I wonder if you two can sense me...I wonder if you two even remember me..."

"Not that I even care anyways."

Opening the door, he welcomed himself home and dragged his aching body inside. All manner of forest life clung to his clothes and bag-pack, further encouraging him to escape from his itchy clothing quickly. The main thing he wanted to do right then was shower, eat dinner, and sleep. He could practically hear his bed calling him...although that could also have been side effects of the Poison Joke that clung desperately to his shoes and arms.

Quickly striping himself free of any garments (save for a new pair of black, athletic undergarments), he gathered all the Poison Joke leaves in a pile and stored them in his cupboard. Then, with a wave of his hand, all the juice the leaves had seeped onto him was picked up in a field of green energy. He reached inside the cupboard, next to where he had just placed the leaves, and took out a small bottle, allowing the poison from the Joke to seep into it. He then corked the bottle and returned it to the cupboard.

Then, tending to his poisoned clothing and back-pack, he removed items from both that weren't water proof, gathered up his emergency remedy for the Joke (kept in a small cupboard near the fridge), then tossed them in his bath tub followed by the remedy.

Two hours later, while he lay sprawled on the couch, snug in his blanket, he heard the familiar loud pop of the final bubble in the tub. This told him his items were clean, and with haste he deposited them in the dryer and left them there until morning. Going to bed immediately after turning on the machine.


The next morning awoke him with the sound of knocking at his front door. His head shot up from within his blankets, very unused to anybody ever coming around his home. It was on the outskirts of Ponyville for a reason! To discourage visitors!

"I swear to my mother! If that's anybody but the postmare, somebodies getting lit on fire this morning"

For good measure and self assurance, he ignited his right hand in an eerie green flame and headed for the front door, not even bothering to add clothing to his under armor. His thoughts still blurred from sleep, he forgot to check the peep hole first and simply threw open the door. It was unclear who was more surprised by whom. Daybreak that Sunset Shimmer was standing at his front door, or Sunset Shimmer that he had answered the door in nothing but tight fitting athletic underwear. He quickly shot his fiery hand out of sight behind the door handle and dissolved the flames, more focused on her sensing his magic then having her stare at his abs. Which she did.

After a brief, but very awkward silence, Sunset held out a large scroll and gestured for him to take it as she attempted to look away from him and cover her eyes. He swiped up the scroll and almost let slip a "thank you" but managed to restrain himself. Realizing he should probably put on some clothes, he told her to wait a moment and quickly left for his room. She was half tempted to sneak a peek inside his home, but resisted the urge and instead waited for him patiently. He returned moments later wearing semi-decent clothing for his first "official" day at college. A solid black t-shirt and black sweat pants with a white stripe down either side, over top of his t-shirt he wore a brown leather jacket to protect from the cold Autumn air. Sunset eyed his clothes, lack of fashion sense aside, he didn't look bad.

She on the other hand, wore much the same clothing from yesterday, having multiple pairs came in handy, but this time Daybreak was able to smell her perfume, which smelled strongly of strawberries and her shirt was plain white this time. Even with the sun blazed across the center, Daybreak could easily make out her bra this time around and could tell she was at least C sized in her chest.

"I wonder if she did that on purpose?"

Other than that, her clothes were basically the same. Same skirt, same jacket, same shoes, but she made it work. After he looked over the scroll she had given him, he was actually thankful she had brought this to him outside of school. It was the roster for available dorm rooms and who was still alone in their room versus, people who already had two or three roommates.

"I'd sooner make that five hour walk every day than room with anybody...but judging by this roster every room has at least one other person in it...wait a second!"

"Sunset...Why do I see male and female names listed together on here?"

She looked a little confused by his question

"Well...because they're roommates? I'm not sure what you mean."

"Was that an odd question or something? Oh goddess...I get it now..."

"They intermix boys and girls dorms in this place?...Isn't that kind of asking for trouble?"

Sunset actually giggled this time...had he said something funny?

"It would be trouble...but our Headmistress is a clever old girl...She's got ways to make sure students don't fool around in the dorms, and if they do...they get an unpleasant little surprise."

For a moment he was tempted to ask what those methods might be, but in all honesty he didn't really care. What he did care about was reading this roster until he found a room with no one in it.

"If I stare long enough...maybe it will appear"

"There aren't any."

He looked up, had she read his mind?

"Not likely"

"What do you mean?"

She narrowed her eyes, giving him the distinct impression of being x-rayed

"Don't play innocent, I know what you're searching for, and there aren't any. Every room has at least one other person in it. You can room with someone and request no additional roommates, but at least two people are almost always required. So you're stuck with at least one other person."

He groaned aloud, not even bothering to mask his disappointment. Sunset giggled again, but this time turned to leave.

"You know...I'm still alone in my room, feel free to put down your name next to mine, that is, unless you like walking through Poison Joke every night you go home."

Without another word, she shot him a smirk and walked away.

"So she did follow me...You clever little fox...Well played Sunset...well played."

He was half tempted to take her up on her offer, after all, he didn't know anyone else, and between having to get to know someone completely new or tolerate someone he had at least some experience with, his options looked pretty limited. He shoved the roster sheet in his pocket and returned inside to retrieve his bag. Once he had eaten breakfast and double checked every magical lock on his house, he stepped outside and made for the school.

Sunset had been right about one thing, he had to pass through Ponyville every time he went to or from school, unless he felt like using the forest again.

"Might as well get acquainted with this place later then..."

As he had predicted, it took him roughly a two hour walk to get from his home, through Ponyville, out into the Everfree fields, and onto campus. He considered using long range teleportation, or opting for a personal portal from his house to the school, but both presented problems. Teleporting, especially any great distance, was exhausting and having to do it constantly would be a handicap he didn't want. As for the portal...well other than the expenses it would cost and the fact that he would need to present a valid reason for having it, there really wasn't anything stopping him. If no other solution presented itself in the near future, he might go for the portal.

Once he had worked his way through the giant gate that surrounded the enormous campus of Ponyville University, he began to work his way towards the entrance hall, as he had the day before. Upon reaching the doors, he was greeted with a familiar sound

"Sounds like they're at it again..."

He wondered if the cheering would become a daily routine, or maybe already was one for this school. Regardless of either, he was once again unable to restrain his curiosity and headed in the direction of the yells. This time it took him past the soccer field and through another large gate, which led to a gigantic, circular track surrounding a football field. He noted the hand crafted wooden benches on the outside of the field and decided to save himself the hassle this time around. He walked over and hooked his bag to the nearest bench, then removed his jacket as well and placed it over his bag for protection.

"I dare somebody to try and take this" He smirked to himself

Just as before, he hurdled the fence, which felt even smaller than the one surrounding the soccer field, and made for the commotion. The sight he found, didn't particularly shock him as much as it amused him. Instead of beating up three big idiots, it seemed Rainbow Dash, in all of her ego, had decided to host a run-a-thon thirty minutes before class started. Most students there didn't even want to participate, wanting to keep their clean appearance for the beginning of classes. As for the few who did take up her challenge, not a single one could even make it half a lap before she dwarfed them with her speed.

"This is just sad to watch..."

A brilliant idea suddenly snaked through his brain. He looked down at his own appearance

"Well...I'm already dressed for it...and I do need to bring her down a notch...or a few. This is the perfect chance to do so and put her in her place."

He slowly worked his way up through the crowd and towards the field, keeping an eye on every race as it progressed. He only really paid attention to Rainbow Dash, her stance, her arm and leg movements as she ran, her breathe rate. He took in every detail, and while doing so, noticed that she too, like Sunset, wore much the same clothing as yesterday. Except for one major difference, her shirt. Instead of a rainbow lightning bolt like yesterday, today, it was plain black with nothing more than two words written on it in bright white lettering, "Simply Awesome". On top of that, it was a sleeveless shirt, but not naturally so. It was obvious that the sleeves had been ripped or cut off, and therefore made much more of her skin visible beneath the loose cloth. Her sports bra all but flashed through her shirt as she ran.

"And it's blue just like her other one" he chuckled to himself

Finally forcing his way to the actual track field through the crowd, he was able to get a perfect view of the next two races. But that wasn't all, here, amongst all these people, he could stretch out with his magic and there was no chance of him being detected among the rush of adrenaline and emotion that fueled places like this. Igniting his inner power, he felt the magic rush to his brain...and he saw everyone. He could feel the light traces of magic within each person as he reached out, searching for Rainbow Dash.

He remembered his father once telling him that every single being used magic in one way or another. It was merely how it adapted and manifested itself within that person that determined their talents. He knew Rainbow Dash had to have some kind of power within her, he had watched her do five, 400 meter dashes and show no signs of tiring. That kind of stamina was literally, magical. And unsurprising, this was a college for the magically gifted after all.

As Rainbow Dash zoomed by for the final stretch to the finish line, Daybreak caught the whiff of her inner strength, and pounced on it like a panther in the hunt. He followed the current directly to it's source and met zero resistance along the way, which was a relief for him. Feeling around her soul, he found her magical stores without even trying...and nearly withdrew himself in shock...they were massive! If this girl was a sorceress, she had to be the first place winner he had heard about! If she wasn't...then there was alot of potential for this girl if all that power was devoted to sports.

"She's in a whole other league...these chumps don't stand a ghost of a chance against her...but I do."

Smirking to himself, he wondered how she might react to meeting someone as talented as herself. Well, he would shortly find out, because her race had just ended...and she had won by another landslide.

"Time to make the dive down to second place Rainbow Dash."

He stepped forward from the crowd and strolled out onto the track field. Rainbow Dash was doing a victory stretch near the finish line and didn't even notice him at first, that is until he shouted over to her loud enough for everyone watching to hear!

"Hey Skittles! Ready to take that special place on the ground we discussed yesterday?!"

If her head had whipped around any faster he'd have called her the Exorcist, but the fire in her eyes as she looked at him told him skittles had been more than enough. Her eyes looked like they might fire lasers at him with the boiling rage they now held, but even through her anger she managed to keep her confident and chiding grin plastered across her face. Her response was returned with even more volume than he had.

"Oh I'm sorry, is that what we discussed yesterday? I can't seem to recall if that was before, or after I saved your ass and carried you like a little girl up to the infirmary. Or maybe it was after I had you speechless and pinned against your mattress in fear?"

"This girl has a fire in her that needs fuck needs drowning!"

He sneered at her and wafted his hand towards himself, goading her over to him. She took the bait, of course, and positioned herself next to him on the track. Her eyes burned with fiery passion and she leaned over to his ear. Unlike before he didn't try and pull away, he knew she wanted only him to hear her next words. They came out like a serpents hiss, sharp and soft

"Nobody calls me skittles and gets away with it! Nobody!"

"Is that so? Well, I just did"

"How about we make this a bit more interesting then?"

"Such malice behind her voice, it's like a snake bite every time she full of venom"

"Sure why not? What do you have in mind?"

She grinned evilly, her face still just as close as it had been moments before

"A bet"


"Fine. What are the stakes?"

If her grin could hold any more evil intent, it now did. Daybreak almost found a subtle attraction at the sight

"If I win, I own you for a whole day. You're my slave, you'll do whatever I want, whenever I want it, and you can't deny any request, no matter how embarrassing or horrid"

He felt slight intimidation at her terms, that was a high price to pay if she won, but then...what would he gain...what did he want if he won? A sneer crossed over his lips

"Fine, but if I win, you have to..."

He paused for a moment...

"What can I do...What would make this girl cringe to her very core. She's as prideful as I am, so humiliation is the obvious choice...Oh I've got the perfect idea"

"If I win.." His grin grew as evil as her own "You have to stand up in front of everyone, and strip butt naked, twirl around a few times so they all get a good view, and maybe even bend over once or twice"

The look of utter disbelief on her face was worth more to him than anything at that moment. Her jaw literally fell out of place

"Absolutely not! You fucking pervert!"

He grinned

"This is too easy."

"Oh well, guess I win then...we'd better tell them the mighty Rainbow Dash is backing down cause she's scared of a little cold air on her skin."

He raised his head from hers to yell, but quickly felt several fingers wrap around his collar and pull him back down

"Ok...Fine...It's a bet!"

Her voice held such unbelievable aggression, he was surprised she managed to keep her tone so low. He didn't even have to use magic to feel her building up all of her latent power, and storing in her core. Her magical scent was overwhelming and intoxicating to be near, he almost felt light headed just being next to her when she was like this.

"Such...power...I can't even begin to remember the last time I felt someone this strong that was my own age...It's like a drug..."

Not wanting to let her think she could intimidate him with just her aura, he let loose his own as well. The air current actually changed direction when he brought his magic to the surface. Although he had planned to remain anonymous for the most part, the need to beat this girl was so much greater than that. He poured his power off him like a waterfall, engulfing her in it. But instead of being at a loss for breathe...her breathing rate remained the same.

"What the...?"

He could feel it, his power was definitely as strong as hers, and having just as much influence on the surrounding area...but it didn't seem to physically affect her at all. She turned and grinned

"So...are you ready to taste the rainbow newbie? Or are you just gonna taste the dirt after I leave you in it?"

He lowered his hands to the track and planted his feet against the rubber field, she mimicked him but extended her legs fully in a push-up position, rather than bend them for a slight push off the ground in the first moment of the race. She raised a single finger from her hand and pointed at the track, indicating they would do a single lap only.

"How odd...It's like she doesn't even feel the magic I'm releasing...and why is she getting like she's gonna do push-ups?...Does she not even consider me a threat? Well either way, better off for me then"

Raising her head slightly, Rainbow motioned at a girl hiding in the crowd, doing her best to remain unseen. Moments later they were joined on the track by the cream and yellow skinned girl he had seen her with at lunch the previous day. The girl brushed a lock of her pink hair to the side of her face and slowly shuffled her way to the grassy side of the track, where she took out a white and black striped flag from her pants pocket. Daybreak found the fact that she wanted an official flag wave to start the race, humorous.

He turned and locked eyes with Rainbow Dash. The fire in her burned bright, unyielding against the smug expression he greeted her stare with. He felt her power flare up again, and he made his follow suite. He watched as the girl on the outside raised the flag, in his mind he counted down





Daybreak saw it, and realized he had slipped up, at two, Rainbow Dash's whole body shifted and dropped into the same stance as his own, legs firmly bent and prepared. She stopped releasing power and drew it back inside her all at once. Almost caught unaware, Daybreak quickly did the same.

"Clever asshole..."


The flag came down, and they both rocketed from the ground, fueled by nothing but pure adrenaline at first, then magic!

Daybreak kept his mind solely on Rainbow Dash's location as he ran. Fueling his every step with magic, and fueling his senses as well, he was able to determine exactly where she was without seeing her. She had chosen the lane directly next to him on the outside, and so would therefore try to cut into his at some point. He would need to prevent that, or keep her behind him if she managed to do so. Each step felt like an eternity in his mind, as he felt every moment flow and echo around him.

He felt Rainbow Dash beside him, but just barely. Her power was being condensed substantially and focused only in her legs. He hadn't even sensed it transit from her core to her legs until she was running beside him, appearing as though she was barely even trying. He knew better of course, they were both holding back their burst of power until the last 100 meters, that is when the real race would start. Until that point it was just an ego battle, but a battle nonetheless. One that he was intent on winning.

For a moment, he felt Rainbow Dash appear beside him, he took a chance glance in her direction and found her staring at him. Not just a glance, she was full on staring at him as though she had been waiting for him to look towards her. The moments their eyes met, she winked, and zoomed past him. Infuriated, Daybreak kicked up his pace as well and felt the magic within him begin pushing his body, and pulsing out of it! He could practically feel it trailing off him as he caught up the few steeps she had gained, but he didn't care, he had to beat this girl!

"I don't care if I set this whole fucking track on fire while I run, as long as I beat her!"

They neared 200 meters, the halfway point, and they were neck-and-neck again, both still trying to hold back their full strength until the end. But it was becoming increasingly more difficult for them both, as one would gain ground, the other would release more power and do the same. It was a constant back and forth all the way to the last hundred meters. Daybreak felt small singes begin appearing across his shirt and arms, he was releasing too much magic for his body to take at once and was beginning to vent it through his pores, but he forced himself to ignore the pain!

The last hundred meters were in sight, both he and Rainbow Dash met gazes just before crossing the mark and at the same moment, grinned at one another. The grin spoke the unsaid words between them

"Let's see what you've got!"

Then they truly raced!

Power wasn't even word in comparison to what they released from their bodies! Both they're magical dispersion broke the sound barrier as they ran, flying down to the last fifty meters like it was their life's effort! The sheer force of their aura ripped apart the track that trailed behind them and left trails of green and rainbow colored fire in their wake!

Still neck and neck and striking the last 50 meters, they both tried with all their heart to squeeze out some last ounces of power, just enough to push one ahead of the others! But their bodies couldn't release anymore at the rate which they desired, and so their (already blinding speed) did not increase. But Rainbow Dash refused to let up and began to swerve in towards his lane, hoping to give herself the last edge she needed to push ahead. Seconds felt like hours for them, as the final feet of the race came into sight.

"This is it! If I can keep her out there I'll end up ahead at the finish!'

As she swerved in, his shoulder smashed against hers, forcing them both to battle for dominance as they neared the line. In a desperate act to give herself a last boost, Rainbow Dash shoved her foot forward, just slightly ahead of his. In that same moment, he did the same. Both of their feet crossed, and disaster unfolded right before their eyes! At over (what must have been at least Mach 10) speed, they tripped over each others feet, and began to topple through the air! Unable to maintain their magic as they fell, the power they were still forcing out of their bodies mixed together and caused a massive explosion that shook the whole stadium!

The explosion itself propelled both Rainbow Dash and Daybreak into the football field and dug them deep into the rubber dirt and plastic grass of the turf! When the dust cleared, there was a massive crater in the center of the field, but no one even dared to approach it. Little trickles of lightning still sparked over where the pair had crashed, daring anybody to try and assist them.

Speaking of Rainbow and Daybreak, they were slammed so utterly and with such force into the rubber dirt, that had they both not shielded themselves with their magic, in the last moments before becoming intimate with the ground, they might have literally exploded from power expulsion!

Daybreaks eyes fluttered open, his brain must have been raddled inside his head, because everything was blurry in both eyes.

"Ow...everything hurts...every...ow...fucking...ow...thing! I think my limbs, back, flank and face are broken...and I think I might have melted away a good amount of my weight in that run..."

His head felt like a lead weight, making it extremely difficult to look around and attempt to see what had happened through his blurred vision. He blinked, trying to clear the stars from his vision as he looked around. He tried to raise a hand to feel if he was bleeding from his face, but the moment he moved either one, he fell forward and his face connected with something very soft and smooth.

Blinking again, he placed one hand to the side and tried lifting his face. He felt the burned rubber field coarse beneath his fingers.

"What could I be laying on?"

Somewhere close to him, Rainbow Dash moaned in pain

"Did...anyone...Did anyone get the number of that bus?"

He heard a painful chuckle escape her lips...then a raspy cough, followed by a sound he knew all too well. Coughing up blood...She was coughing blood! His brain kicked into a whole new gear

He frantically tried to turn his, slightly raised, head with new found strength

"Rainbow Dash! Are you ok?!"

Another moan came from extremely close by...very close in fact. He blinked one last time, hoping to finally free himself of the bright lights blinding him. His vision began to focus at last! He lifted his head again and reached out with his left hand, hoping to lend leverage to his right, which was shoved in the rubber dirt attempting to support his full weight on it's own. He felt through the air as the white lights started to clear, and pressed down at the ground hard to steady himself. His hand met something soft and squishy...and warm. His fingers tensed and his whole body froze.

"What are the chances that's just a random water balloon?"

He desperately hoped he wasn't doing what he thought he was, he closed his fingers slowly and felt the softness squish slightly beneath his fingers. A brief moan came from above his head and he froze in terror. His vision finally clear enough to see, he looked down and was met with the one sight he didn't want to see. He was lying on top of Rainbow Dash...with his left hand pressed firmly against her bra. Her shirt was ripped and burned in several spots, it was barely even a shirt now.

"Well that explains the softness my face felt when I hit the 'ground' was her's surprisingly soft skinned...and smooth for an athletic girl..."

He rapidly shook his head, that was hardly the point at the time. He looked down and realized Rainbow Dash was starting to come to the same realization he had. Her eyes flew open and swam in her head, aiming for the direction of her chest. When she saw his hand against her bra, and her shirt in pieces, her eyes grew wide. Then she looked up, their eyes met, and a large blush formed across both of their faces.

"Oh no no this can't be happening to me..."

He tried to explain, or at least sit up and remove his hand, but couldn't even make it a whole sentence, and his body only took him halfway before it refused to go farther.

"L-listen's not what it...I didn't mean to..."

"You fucking pervert!"

"Say what now?...OH SHIT!"

He felt it coming, but his body could not respond to save him. Her fist connected with his jaw seconds later, he was sure that if she had been at full strength, she'd have broken his mouth and teeth easily. This force of the blow actually carried enough of her magic behind it to knock him off her body, to the ground, and stun him.

"Ow! Son of a bitch! That hurt...What the fuck?! Can't she even let me explain?"

He saw her roll over on her chest, and start pushing herself up to a kneeling position. A faint groan escaped her as she rose to her knees

"You're f-fucking hear me man? Dead!"

"How can this girl still move!? What the actual fuck!?"

She made it to both her knees and punched her right first into the rubber turf with all the force she could muster, while her left just seemed to dangle by her side! She lifted up her scratched and bruised face to glare into his eyes, as though she somehow knew he was looking in her direction...and he was....sort of. She started to slowly inch her way through the rubber dirt towards him. Two feet felt like two hundred with her body in so much pain...but she moved anyways.

"Oh this is not good for me..."

He turned his head to the side, still dazed by her blow, and met her eyes fully. This only seemed to reignite that fire in her eyes! Daybreak felt her magic start to stur again

"Also not good for me!...Fuck...this girl's beyond words and reason...and most importantly, defying the laws of nature! Those injuries should have dropped her by now...I can tell even from here she's badly cut, bruised, and scratched. Not to mention her other arm is either dislocated or broken...I'm not even sure which! How?! In all of Tartarus, how is she moving?! This makes no sense!"

His fathers old words to him rang through his ears

"Make sense? Oh my dear boy, what's the fun in making sense? We're chaos sorcerers. We don't have to make sense, ever."

"Yeah...well congradu-fucking-lations dad...I found a girl who is making no sense at all, and defying the physical laws of nature...not to mention I seem to have pissed her off beyond all comprehension!"

Rainbow Dash finally made the long, two foot journey, on her knees, over to where he lay sprawled out in the rubber turf. He had no energy to fight back, and the blow to his jaw still left him with ringing ears and blurry vision, again. He saw her on her knees, above his face and looking down at him. He met her gaze defiantly

"If she's gonna beat me to death, I'm not gonna look like a coward before she does!"

She glared down into his face, vanished. The raging fire he saw in her dimmed and he felt her magic output instantly cease. Her heart rate dropped so suddenly, Daybreak was worried she had gone into cardiac arrest. She continued to stare down at him...then...her eyes glazed over

"Oh no...oh fuck no...Don't...!"

But she did. She fell forward, and collapsed over him, her face landed neatly against his chest.

"Dammit woman! Did you have to faint on top of me?! Maybe like...two feet to the right would have been fine. Then I could at least breathe properly."

He began to hear voices gathering above their crater. Judging by the distance above him, their hole was a good ten feet deep and twenty feet wide, but he knew no one would be coming in after them. The small electrical sparks were still present overhead and looked very threatening to anyone who didn't know they were actually harmless. It was just output from the raw power him and Rainbow had released in their crash, coupled with the fact they had probably destroyed any self-repairing spell this field had on it for football games.

Unable to move, and barely able to breathe, he considered just staying like that until somebody had the balls to go through the sparks and see if they were alive. He looked down at his chest

"This little rainbow haired vixen had the audacity to faint on top of me...typical woman...ok I take that back...she is anything but typical...but still...get the fuck off me!"

A slight twitch from her chest drew his attention. He inclined his head as much as his body would allow and saw her good arm, clutching at her bra. It was as though she were trying to tear it off...but that made no sense...that is until she rolled over and vomited blood next to him. His eyes went wide as he felt her magical output do another nose dive.

"Oh fuck!"

He quickly pushed her off him with the little strength he had and watched as she spit up another glob of blood then begin to start twitching violently!

"Dear Celestia! She really is going into cardiac arrest!"

He rolled over onto his chest, and felt a severe spike of pain in his ribs...they were mostly likely bruised pretty badly, if not broken. Despite the pain, he managed to work himself to a kneeling position, and flip Rainbow Dash onto her back. She coughed up more blood and Daybreak had to quickly turn her head to keep her from drowning in it.

" choice..."

He regretted having to do this, but if Rainbow Dash was going into cardiac arrest, then her body couldn't handle the current magical imbalance within her. He had no choice. She would likely die before help arrived, and even if she didn't, she wouldn't ever fully recover if he didn't act now!

"Stupid girl..." He thought to himself, as he extended his right palm towards the sky, and placed his left upon her chest, directly above her heart. "I can't believe I'm about to do this for you...I don't even know you...and yet I'm gonna..."

He shook his head

"Now's not the time for regrets, this is partially my fault anyways...focus."

He called forth the inner stores of magic from within his core, and forced them into his outstretched hand. By his will, he began to force the raw energy to seep through his skin and onto the surface of his palm. He could feel the primal power attempting to melt through his hand as he held it. Ignoring the agonizing pain now forming within his palm, he took the next step as carefully as he could without slowing down. He began to shape the polymer-like energy in his palm to a familiar design. Slowly, but surely, it began to resemble the shape he wished. He removed his hand from Rainbow's chest, as she turned and spit up more blood, then he took hold of the energy in his palm with two fingers, and began to pull. Slowly, a long chain began to appear from within it's center as he pulled on the energy. With a final tug and a small pop the last piece squeezed itself out of the magic and dangled in his palm. There, in his hand, was a necklace identical to his own, but instead of a sun dangling from the chain, hers held a cloud at the base with a lightning bolt jutting forth from its bottom.

The necklace shimmered brightly in the early morning dew, Daybreak carefully placed it around Rainbows neck, and literally watched the magic happen.

Slowly, small tendrils of multicolored magic began to seep forth from within the necklace and plunge themselves into Rainbows chest, directly above her heart. Within seconds her breathing became steadied and normal once more, but he knew his job was not finished yet. Taking care not to touch her with his burned hand, he gently vaporized a small section of her shirt over her tummy. Most of the shirt there had already been burned away from their run anyways, so it's not like she would miss it.

Before he continued, he took a moment to take in what he had just done, and was about to do for this girl. This random, egotistical girl who happened to rub him the right way. From yesterday to today, the few encounters with this girl had been...enjoyable at the very least. She kept him on his toes and wasn't afraid of fighting with him it seemed.

"I suppose I respect her..."

Respect? That still didn't feel like the right word for the feeling.

Once again, he glanced down at her, but this time felt a small shred of embarrassment flood through him. If anymore of her shirt or shorts was removed or burned, she'd have been half naked in front of him. Her bra was easily visible and there was no way any one wouldn't notice it, her pants had survived most of the run, fortunately for her, but there were still burn marks, nothing that revealed anything though...still, he felt awkward looking at her while she was unconscious. Like he shouldn't be or something.

A small cough from her brought him back from his thoughts

"At least there's no blood this still sounds a bit hoarse though"

The blood inside her must have been reacting to the magic of the necklace balancing her out. It allowed her body to sort itself and realized her heart needed attention from its cells. Though he could still sense traces of blood in her throat and lungs, he would take care of that momentarily.

He placed his nonburned hand upon her belly, and ignited it in his green fire! To a bystander, it would look like he was burning her, but to him, who could see the world from another plane of perspective, he could see what he was really doing to her. The magical heat from his hand was forcing it's way through her body and rekindling the shocked red and white blood vessels into action. He gently repaired the few cuts, bruise and scratches that were most severe, he also sent several bursts up into her arm. Within moments, a loud snap told him her arm had realigned itself in its proper socket.

As the last of Dash's major injuries healed themselves through his magic, Daybreak began to feel lightheaded. He chuckled to himself

"What am I even doing?...Me...Daybreak...I'm saving this girl....Why should such a pointless act of kindness matter to me...It shouldn't...It doesn't...I don't care..." He attempted to convince himself.

He looked down at her face while she slept, warmed by his flame and his power healing her from within. She smiled in her slumber.

"She doesn't even realize she almost died a minute ago...stupid girl"

The light headedness began to flow through his body, he realized what was happening then. Numbness.

"Guess I'm pretty banged up then...and feeding you the magic that should be healing me can't be helping me much either...guess I should get you to the infirmary before I pass out again..."

"Great. Two days in a row I didn't get to start normally."

He stood up, the numb feeling of his limbs being jelly flooded through him like a water trough. He fueled his movements completely by magic, finally removing his hand from Rainbows belly only when he was fully standing up.

"Now...How to carry you?" He spoke more to himself than to her unconscious form.

Every fiber of his being begged him not to use his already aching muscles...but he doubted he could support her through magic any easier at this point. Groaning from the bottom of his heart, he leaned over and scooped his arms under Rainbow Dash's knees and head, then lifted slowly. He wobbled severely at first, not used to carrying others like this, or carrying other at all, but eventually he steadied himself slightly with a minor balance spell.

Not even bothering to give a damn this time, Daybreak blasted a stairwell into the side of the crater they had made that circled its way to the top. He moved with haste, his limbs were already screaming for relief and he longed to just collapse and sleep off his current predicament.

Once he reached the top of the hole, the gasps and deep inhales from the crowd could not be helped. At this point, all he cared about was moving by them and getting to the infirmary as quickly as possible.

"So I can be rid of her" He assured himself.

He almost forgot his backpack and jacket as he walked by, towards the gate. He turned back to the benches and saw several boys attempting to remove his jacket from his bag. They looked to be putting in quite the effort, but the jacket would not budge

"I wonder how long they've been at that futile effort"

He almost pitied them as he winked an activation spell at his items. He turned his back to the scene and continued on his way towards the gate. Once he reached the field exit he began to hear the loud screams of the boys, and even louder snarling coming from behind him. He turned just in time to see three boys (different looking from the ones he'd fought before) sprint by him screaming, all with the back of their pants missing. Moments after, a loud bark alerted him to the return of his items. He turned and was greeted by his backpack with the jacket inside of it. The bag barked happily at him and showed him it's zippered teeth. Within it were shreds of clothing, clearly belonging to the three boys.

"Good boy."

Daybreak smiled and did his best to pat it on the head without tipping over Rainbow in his arms, then he motioned to his shoulder. The bag spit out the cloth from its zipper and climbed the length of Daybreaks back, before settling nicely over his shoulder, its tail-like strap gripped firmly by the hand holding Rainbow's legs.

He smirked, satisfied with his work, at least on the part of making an impression.

"Well...laying low is no longer a possibility around here once word of this gets out...might as well go big or go home, as they say." He smiled mischievously

"I can't wait until class now. Can't be anonymous, might as well be infamous "

Rainbow gave a twitch in his arms, he suddenly felt her hands on his chest, her cool touch gave him a small shiver.

" shirt kind of got burned to shit out there...I wonder how much of it is actually left?"

45 minutes later

"Ahhhhhh! It's gone! How is it completely gone?! Rainbow Dash still has her bra and parts of her shirt...why does only mine burn down to nothing more than two sleeves?! So not fair!". He cried out, flinging the two burnt up sleeves away like trash and retrieving a fresh shirt from his bag, thinner in design and made for work outs...but still tolerable to wear for one day.

He stood, twirling in front of the infirmary's mirror, testing out the shirts ability to stretch with his arms, while Rainbow Dash slept soundly on the bed, off to the side. Most of her wounds had already been taken care of by his magic, but there were a few left for the nurse to mess with, much to her displeasure. Apparently Rainbow Dash made frequent visits to the medical wings almost weekly for a variety of athletic injuries. So frequently in fact, that she had her own bed always waiting for her in case she happened to drop by, or was just skipping out on class. Apparently "Nurse Redheart", as she had insisted he address her, had only caught her doing so once, but suspected there had been other occasions.

Daybreak had expected more from the nurse to be honest, at least on the part of questions. He had told her the basics of what happened but had expected to be questioned more. Instead, the nurse had simply stated that "they were just lucky the headmistress wanted the track redone and now had a good excuse to do so". He still expected to suffer some sort of punishment for setting the track on fire...and blowing a baseball field-sized hole in the football field...and breaking the spell that would have fixed the field for them...aaaaaaaand there was also the windows they had probably shattered from breaking the sound barrier...

"I'm so screwed..."

He looked down at Rainbow Dash, sleeping like a baby, curled up inside the warm blanket the nurse had provided. Staring at her had become his pass time whilst he waited for her to wake, or for one of her friends to come check in on her. Other than the cream colored girl with pink hair from the race, who had already had the nurse on stand-by for them when he arrived in the med wing, no one else had come by. She had only stayed a brief moment once she noticed he was there as well, she had scurried in, checked to make sure Dash wasn't badly injured (luckily this girl probably couldn't sense Dash's insides) and scurried out without a word. He had briefly wondered if that was just her nature or she was scared of him for some reason, he hoped it was the latter since there was only one reason to be frightened of him and he prayed she didn't know who he was. So with nothing to do except wonder and stare, he was left alone with Rainbow for the better part of forty minutes now. He desperately wanted her to wake up at this point

"So I can check for side effects of the magic necklace and...oh who I am fooling...I wanna fucking talk to this crazy girl!"

There! He admitted it, he wanted to talk to her, big deal! She was an interesting person, probably the most interesting one he had met in a long, long time. Plus if she defied any more laws of physics, he might be tempted to actually get to know her...maybe...

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and watched her chest slowly rise and fall with her breathing. He noticed her hair had become tangled and dirty in all the excitement, several chunks of the fake rubber dirt clung to her hair, and now it was down in her face preventing her from taking deep breathes. Gently, he moved the small locks of her hair out of her face. She smiled in her sleep, and stretched out her arms in a yawn, he gave small chuckle

"How cute...She's actually...kinda...pret-waahahahohoha!"

Suddenly her arms were around his waist and her head was on his lap! With the rest of her pressed against his back as though she was trying to wrap around him.

"I'm being snuggled....why am I being snuggled? let go of me...this causes me varying levels of discomfort!"

The blanket was all but forgotten as she held herself against him, attempting to nuzzle her face in his chest. Without the blanket, Daybreak was granted an odd view of her at this angle. With, what was left of her shirt removed for comfort, only her bra remained, and her athletic shorts had been burned even shorter than before, they practically revealed her underwear at this point. From this view, were he a less honorable guy, Daybreak could have easily looked down her bra and had a perfect view of her chest.

But these sort of things had never once appealed to him in life. It wasn't that he didn't find females attractive in their own respect...but they all were the same. Liars, cheaters, manipulators, whores. Everyone of them was as disgusting as their aura in some way or another.

Oddly enough, he didn't think this of the girl currently attempting to use him as a squeaky toy. Her aura, much like his own, was different from anything he had ever felt.

Other than blooming with confidence, it felt absolute and a pond of pure water unpolluted by any evil but overflowing with pride and confidence. Her very presence had an effect on him when he opened himself to her magic. Her power radiated and flowed into him, filling him and pulsing through him like a drug. Drug was a good word for it, cause it was certainly addictive. Even if she hadn't been attractive, her power alone was enough to keep him around at this point, add to that, she was just like him in a lot of ways and radiated confidence...

"Goddess...I'm screwed..." He put his face in his hands and resisted the growing urge to turn and look at her, easily viewable chest.


Somewhere, far away, outside the boundaries of Ponyville, the Everfree, and the hidden castle within the forest, there stood a mansion. Within this mansions many floors, sat a man, an old man by definition. He had lived for over a thousand years, yet his face wouldn't have looked a day over forty were it not for the grey beard that jutted down from his chin, exactly two inches in length and neatly trimmed. His white hair trailed down his neck and to his shoulders, stopping just short of passing them. He wore a tan, robe-like shirt that hung loosely around his upper torso and jutted out behind him, providing him a hood if needed. His pants were baggy and also a dark tannish in color. He sat on a chair crafted to resemble a throne, in the center of a dimly lit room, and behind him, stood a strange and eerie looking full length mirror. The room was held alight only by a few candles scattered about the floor, some also floated through the air, occasionally circling the old mans head head.

His meditation had gone uninterrupted for days, having no reason to move lately and no need for food when he could survive off pure magic for substance. As his spirit traveled Equestria causing mischief where ever a disembodied spirit could, he smiled to himself. But today was different, a shiver traveled down the mans spine, the first in many years. His eyes slowly opened, their yellow glow casting an eerie color about the room. A smile tugged at the side of his lips

"So...He's made another necklace...I wonder who moved his stone heart this very...interesting..."

He chuckled aloud, he knew where he'd be sending his spirit to observe next

"Have a good day at school...son..."

My Little Slave

View Online

A grand total of thirty five more minutes passed before Rainbow Dash finally started to stir. Add that time to the forty minutes he had already been waiting before, and he'd been waiting here for seventy five minutes. During which, he had been unable to escape her iron grip which she was using to snuggle him with, but he had managed to wrap up his scarred hand in some bandage tape. He pretty sure burn marks from raw magical energy took a long time to heal, so he'd need alot of these soon. He looked at the clock hung up opposite him on the wall

"I'm pretty sure I missed my first class...again...dammit Rainbow Dash, wake your ass up! If you make me miss more classes you're gonna go from Rainbow Dash to Rapidash real quick!"

Even if he hadn't wanted to stay to make sure she was alright, he had to. He was pretty sure she'd have a boatload of questions for him, and at least one of them would probably pertain to the necklace she now wore. So, classes or no classes...he was stuck there until she decided to get up.

"If you make me miss my second class too...I seriously might kill you...even though I just saved'd have wasted my own time if I did that...ok scratch that, I won't kill you...but still...wake the fuck up!"

As though sensing his thoughts, her eyes began to flutter moments later. He stared with hope as she started to stretch her legs out, and finally began to relax her grip around his waist.

"Oh goddess, I can breathe properly again! It's fucking glorious!"

He inhaled deeply several times. A small giggle from his waist attracted his attention

"Was I really squeezing you that hard big guuuuuy?" The baby voice that she used wreaked of mocking, but the stare she was giving him as he looked down at her said something else entirely.

"Her stare scares me....I feel like she's gonna eat me...I suddenly feel the need to be several feet away from her...and behind a force field...made of fire."

Rainbow Dash stretched out her arms and leaned her back upwards, allowing her to drape herself over his legs.

"I wish I had been sitting crossed legged and instead of on the edge of this bed..."

Finally satisfied with her stretches, she laid back down and fully extended her limbs every which way. Clearly laying across him and trapping him sitting down was not an issue for her. She looked up at him with a smirk

"So did you enjoy perving out on me while I slept?"

A large flush of red filled Daybreaks cheeks almost instantaneously, he gave her a glare, or at least as close to one as he could muster through his blush.

"I h-have no idea w-what you're talking about."

Her smirk only grew bigger at his shyness

"Oh really? So you're telling me you weren't staring down my chest while I was sleeping? I could have sworn I felt some hands there."

His tongue felt like lead

"That was the nurse...jerk, she was taking off your burnt up shirt...I didn't do anything to you except save your life! You're welcome for not letting you die of a fucking heart attack by the way."

"Oh did do that didn't you...after you were squeezing at my boob with your hands that is."

"Is she trying to piss me off? Cause it's working!"

"Quit it...You know just as well as I do, that was an accident. I'd never take advantage of someone when they were helpless."

He felt a slight sting suddenly light up his arm. He twitched in pain and looked down, her fist was next to his right arm.

"Who are you calling helpless? Huh, pervert?"

He narrowed his eyes, giving his green gaze a rather sinister look

"You were literally dying. Blood was coming out of your mouth and you were thrashing about on the ground."

She "hmphed" in annoyance

"Still could'a kicked your ass even if I was dying."

"You're impossible...literally you are impossible to reason with."

"You're welcome"

"For what?"

"For not letting you die, I'm still waiting for a 'thank you' genius"

Rainbow Dash actually chuckled while she stretched out her legs, she adjusted herself so it was just her head that was laying across his legs now. She flung her legs around to the edge of the bed wildly, hanging them over the side like his.

"You actually want a 'thank you'?"

"I'd like one. Yes. Is that too much to ask from someone like y-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!"

She had literally flung her arms around his neck, and squeezed, crushing most of her body against his. He was practically screaming internally! His unending levels of discomfort were matched only by another, odd feeling, he suddenly felt.

"Get off me get off me get off me get off me get off me! I don't care how soft you are or how warm this feels...get off me!"

Too frightened to actually do anything about it, he merely sat there and took the hug until she released him. Then she worked herself into a cross legged sitting position on the bed and looked at him. She drew another smirk from the look on his face

"That was more of me then any other guy ever got to touch, hope you savored it cause that's all you get."

"Considering you just death hugged me with everything but your legs, I'm not sure how much left of you there would be to touch!"

Rainbow seemed pretty well off for someone who had nearly died a little more than an hour ago, she was already twirling the necklace in her fingers, examining the small lightning cloud in her palm.

"Where'd this come from?" She inquired aloud as she started to pull the chain over her head, clearly intent on removing it to examine. Daybreak saw it about to pass over her head and dove forward without thinking

"No wait!"

He practically tackled her

"Oh shit...didn't think that one through..."

He fell on top of Rainbows chest as her back made contact with the mattress. From this angle, it looked like he was trying to pin her down. He blushed profusely and quickly lifted himself, expecting to get punched again. But this time, Rainbow merely held onto her smirk and dangled the cloud part of the necklace in front of her by the end of the chain, casually flicking her feet back and forth through the air lazily.

"At least I managed to keep it on her, if nothing else"

"Well, since you seem to prefer me when I'm on my back, maybe I'll just stay down here this time hm, Pervy?"

Daybreak flushed red from anger and embarrassment, quickly scrambling back into a sitting position and getting himself fully off of Rainbow. She just giggled and continued to wave the end of the necklace across her vision

"Fuck you...seriously...just...fuck you."

"Sooooooooo. Why did you stop me from taking this off? I'm guessing you're the one who gave it to me right?...unless it just appeared here through witchcraft?"

Daybreak sighed aloud.

"Honestly...I really don't feel like giving a magic lesson right now...But...I suppose she does deserve an explanation."

He took a deep breathe, she leaned her head forward on her knuckles, pretending to listen closely. Her mocking him wasn't making this any easier.

"Well. Basically, that necklace is the reason you're still alive-"

Her eyes pulsed wide for a moment "So if I take it off I'll dieeeeeee?!"

"Can you let me finish?" He was hardly amused by her overreaction.

"But...maybe...I did see a bit of fear there for a second...maybe...I don't know"

Rainbow shrugged sheepishly "Right...sorry, go ahead man."

He felt the need to place his hands in his palms and just sigh loudly...but he didn't.

"Well the whole reason you had that heart attack in the first place was because you were releasing too much magic from your body at once."

She actually removed her face from her knuckles, and sat up a little straighter now. Clearly she was actually paying attention this time.

"What do you mean?"

"It's kind of hard to explain...have you ever gone that fast for that long before? Ever broken the sound barrier? Made a sonic boom?"

The smirk that came over her face, was certainly something to behold. He didn't even need an answer with the way she was looking at him.

She held up four of her fingers.

"Four times now, and the first was when I was just a kid. Also, it's Sonic Rainboom by the way."

"A what now?"

He raised an eyebrow at her

"Excuse me?"

His skeptical look must have gotten to her, she repeated with a slight bit more aggression in her voice this time

"Sonic Rainboom! Haven't you ever heard of it? You just did one like an hour ago! Though yours was more like a green flame explosion than anything else, still pretty cool though."

" I get Rainbow Dash...are you that egotistical? Wait...I shouldn't be saying anything in that respect."

"So, it's basically a sonic boom with rainbow fire instead of a sound wave?"

She looked genuinely annoyed by his skepticism, and she certainly didn't make any effort to hide it

"Duh...geez. It's only the most famous stunt ever performed for athletics. How could you not have heard of it?"

"What? You want me to ask for your autograph or something?"

"I haven't exactly been...around Ponyville very's been a few years since I was this close to Canterlot. News doesn't travel to fast outside the main borders."

She shrugged shyly, she could sense they were approaching an uncomfortable topic for him. She quickly changed the subject, holding up the necklace and practically shoving it in his face.

"So back to this. What does my Rainbooms have to do with it?"

Daybreak, who was also glad for a change of subject, made quick to answer her.

"Well, when we raced, I could sense your magic and how you were releasing it. You were venting it out at an unbelievable rate, and it's severely damaging for your body. It does wonders for your power, your figure, and your athletics, but your body can't cope with the loss of so much energy and magic, so quickly. You become imbalanced and unstable. I don't know how much you know about magic, but if it goes unstable anywhere that's bad. Well an imbalance inside your body can actually kill you, as you just saw. To be honest, if you've done 'Rainbooms' before, I'm surprised you haven't suffered any repercussions until this time."

"Well, whenever I've done them before, I only did it right up to the boom, then I slowed down after I made the wave...I've never raced against someone as fast as you before. I had to maintain it the whole final fifty meters to the finish...Hey wait! If the necklace keeps me balanced, then it does the same thing for you right...yours I mean?"

He nodded slowly, holding back the smirk he knew he'd soon have.

"Then how come you didn't react like me afterwards, ya know, throwing up blood and nearly seem just fine and you don't have your necklace now."

"Hmm...maybe she's smarter than I thought..."

"Well, I've had it for so long, I learned how to regulate my magical output for myself. I don't need the necklace for that anymore."

"Then why keep it?"

He stopped meeting her gaze for a moment, allowing his eyes to linger on hers before quickly turning away

"A stupid bit of sentimentality...I don't really wanna discuss it."

She nodded "'re really I'm actually impressed...I haven't had to try that hard against anyone in...actually...I don't think I've ever tried that hard to beat someone before."

He couldn't help the sneer that jumped to his lips

"Did I sense a compliment in there?"

Now it was her turn to blush, and it was much more noticeable against her cyan skin than his.

"Ok, that's actually pretty cute. Ya know...for a self-obsessed girl I mean...goddess...why do I even try..."

She gave him a small shove on the bed

"Yeah well, I still won, so ready up slave boy, cause I got a list of things for ya to do."

He actually gave a sincere laugh back at her, though it was full of goading and very obvious

"You? Please, I definitely won that!"

"How do you figure that?"

"I'm the only one that even remained conscious!"


She searched her brain for a legitimate reason to argue back

"Well...I still say I won. I flew farther than you, that means I was closer to the finish line than you."

"I landed on top of you remember? We literally flew the same distance...if anything it's a draw."

"But a draw means we both win..."

"Yeah and...?"

"I fail to see the problem here...Why's she suddenly all red?"

A large blush formed in her cheeks, for some reason she looked like she was wrestling with some great decision in her head.

"Fine!!!" She practically yelled it at him. Then quickly stood up and got off the bed, she walked over to the door, he heard the lock on the door click shut and she returned to the bedside.

"What's with her?"

"But I'm only doing this for you, no one else gets to see, I don't care what I bet!"


She had her hands behind her back, with a small tug, her bra suddenly fell away from her chest.


He quickly shielded his eyes in his hands and shoved his face into the beds blanket for extra measure. Though he was still able to hear her with ease as she freaked out, almost more than he did

"What are you acting so surprised for?! Y-you ass...You're the one who said I had to strip if I lost..."

"Oh...I did say that didn't I? Kinda regretting that now was funnier in my head...less awkwardness...more laughing."

He faked a cough from inside the blanket

"Well...umm...I kind of just said that to piss you be honest I was never gonna make you do it.."

"I so would have made her do this just seems awkward with only me I ordered a strip tease or something"

He heard her give an annoyed huff from outside the blanket. He wondered if her bra was still off now, but wasn't risking it. Her voice came out slightly softer this time

"Well...then why didn't you just say I won...I mean if your not even gonna ask for what you won... "

He felt extremely foolish talking to her through a blanket, but wasn't removing his head until he knew it was safe.

"Cause! There was no way I was letting you think you'd beaten me!...Why are you so willing to even do this?!"

"Cause, we made a bet, and I'm loyal to my promises! didn't wanna actually see me...ya just wanted to beat me?"

"Why do I suddenly feel like an asshole?...Why do I even care?...Wait!? Did her voice get softer...oh fuck all kinds of shit...did I hurt her feelings? Wait! Is that even possible? I guess even I have things that bother me...but her? I guess anything's possible...what should I do...If I don't look and she really is sensitive about this kind of stuff...I'll look like an ass, more than I want to...but if I do look and she's just messing with me, I look like a perv....I really done fucked myself haven't I? What should I say? Wait! This could be's the chance I've been waiting for...I could make her hate me right here and now and it would be easier than ever...but...I...I suddenly don't want to..."

He struggled to find some words to justify what he had thought when he made this his terms.

"W-well I mean...I guess I might have wanted you too then...I mean no! That's not what I meant...Ugggh...I was just trying to mess with you enslaving me as your win..."

"Except I would have actually done that...and to be I'm definitely gonna"

"Well...fuck me then..".

He wasn't sure what to say, he sat under the blanket waiting for her to say something. Luckily, she eventually did

"Hey look...This is none of my business or anything...but...are you gay?"

"I'm going to murder her..."


"Then get out here dammit!!!"

He heard her hands fly to her lips, as though sealing them shut might recall what had just escaped from them. Even he felt embarrassed at how she had yelled that. He heard her take a deep breathe, her voice came out soft again...but it sounded strained, quivering in fact...

"Alright look...maybe you just don't find me attractive...that's...fine and everything...but unless you give me the victory, there are only a few options here. about we do this...I'll compromise with you, I've still got my underwear ya know...just come out now and I'll stay like this. And instead of enslaving you for a whole day, I get to own you for an hour?"

He sighed to himself

"Goddess, this is why being an asshole to everybody is so hard sometimes...attachments...attraction...they're all weaknesses...and right now I feel pretty weak in this situation...I hate feeling weak...Hold on a second! What was that part about finding her attractive?...Literally...fuck my life...I hurt her feelings didn't I? I should've just made her hate I feel like a dick and I caaaaare...maybe I should try being a little honest with her and see how that goes...can't possibly make things any worse"

He pretended to cough as he spoke

"I...urmph...I n-never...I never said...that...that you weren't attractive...I just...umm...I'm just trying to....uggghhh...maybe I'll just come out now...ok?"

"J-just...g-get out here...the air conditioning is on's cold...".

"Ok...let's say...let's just say...for a second...maybe I am attracted to her...MAYBE! My biggest problem here is not showing it at all...if she catches on to that, she'll never let me forget it, and more importantly, she'll get attached to me. That never ends well. I have to keep myself under control when I come out...especially my more...involuntary parts...I should keep my lower half under the blanket just in case."

Slowly, keeping his eyes shut, Daybreak removed his head from the blankets of the bed, and positioned himself so that the rest of his body was covered instead, then he let the blanket fall, so it didn't appear like he was trying to hide something. Then...he opened his eyes.

Only a foot away, within arms length actually, stood Rainbow Dash, her arms held behind her back while a thick blush ran across her cheeks. She gently rocked back and forth on her heels while he attempted not to blush as much as she was. He found it very hard not to show he was staring at her chest, completely. He hadn't exactly been with anyone before, being alone nearly all twenty two years of his life, so this sight was certainly a new one. He'd been around girls before, many that had tried to get with him in his other schools and colleges, but he had been more successful with driving them seemed Rainbow Dash was immune to that.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash, it seems he had misjudged her chest size...sort of. Her bras were definitely tighter than he thought, cause her chest was bordering on a C size, but still technically in the B's, any larger though and she'd have some real trouble maintaining her running speed due heavy weight. He also found it difficult not to notice ever detail about her bare torso while he could. Her sleek figure was absolutely flawless, all the way down to her hips. She had an athletes figure, for obvious reasons, but she still maintained a hour-glass-enough look to be deemed "model worthy" by the fashionista's of the day. Her whole body was built, but not in a masculine way, she showed a bit of muscle, but still kept a feminine look. She had a small set of abbs showing on her belly, but only when she flexed her muscles...which she seemed to do every time his eyes drifted passed that spot. He had no view of her butt from this angle, and certainly wasn't gonna ask for her to turn around, that would be like announcing his attraction to her, but he still had a good view of her hips and the way her underwear hugged them tightly. His eyes crawled their way back up to her chest yet again and found out what she meant about the cold, her nipples were hard as diamonds from the cool air she was standing under. He almost chuckled, and thought of saying something about it to her, but thought better of it. She was vulnerable right now, and that wasn't the time to mess with her.

All in all this girl had a body that only allowed him to utter one word

"Don't say perfect don't say perfect don't say perfect don't say perfect don't say perfect"


"Ok...thank goodness...saved myself...sort of"

Her blush completely took over her face and she seemed to writhe in discomfort and embarrassment.

"Are you done perving out on me yet...y-you ass...quit starting at me like I'm some kind of meal...I'm not your eye candy...jerk".

"Ok...I gotta say something now, she has it coming...nothing too hurtful though. I don't wanna actually hurt her feelings...for some reason."

He chuckled loud enough for her to hear "I'm sorry, I just can't seem to help it. But don't worry, I don't think of you as a meal...not sure about candy though...I mean you are skittles after all"

She glared at him so hard he though he might spontaneously combust. He smirked, the most, charming, but evil smirk he could muster at her.

"I hate you."

"Clearly not, or you wouldn't be half naked in front of me...still...that almost hurt...if I didn't know she was joking..."

"No you don't, you're just sore that I'm on the winning end of this view."

Unable to blush any harder, her hands twitched and she rocked even faster on her heels. Clearly resisting the urge to hide her face

"Are you done yet?"

"Now for the kill."

"What? Oh I've been done for a while now...I'm just messing with you at this point."

He ducked just quick enough to avoid his bag striking him in the face. He returned right side up with his items to see Rainbow Dash bent over in her bag and attempting to pull on some spare pants. This time, he actually averted his eyes. He wasn't that big an ass and he knew how tightly those undershorts hugged her frame. He wouldn't feel right if he spied that particular part of her.

"Keep your eyes off my ass pervert."

He looked back to find her smirking at him, a new bra and top already on, along with some black baggy athletic pants. They looked oddly similar to the pair he owned...which was a bit creepy actually.

"The fact that she saw me forcing my eyes away is bad...very bad...if she's as smart as I hope she's not...the she'll know I did that cause I was embarrassed, and that implies so on and so forth. Pervy guys don't get embarrassed when they stare at girls...I really hope she's not that clever...Wait...Why is she smirking?"

She wasn't staring at him, but at the bed sheets. Daybreak looked down and immediately felt his face flush and his own blood freeze in his veins...unfortunately, not the blood in the one spot he needed it. The sheets had settled on him and were pressed against his pelvis and legs...allowing Rainbow to see just how much he really had enjoyed the sight of her. He flushed and she giggled with a sinister smile

"So Mr. Hot-Shot..."

"Well...clearly her attitude is back...all it took was me being as uncomfortable as her for about thirty seconds..."

"Now that my part is fulfilled, you know what comes next right?"

"Oh...shit...I'm about to seriously hate my life for the next hour..."

She leaned forward, until her nose was only inches from his and grinned that evil grin, the one he couldn't help but like.

"I own you now, you are my slave and you do what I want. Hope you're ready cause you're going to..."

" it comes..." He crushed his eyes shut in fearful anticipation.

"...Move in with me."

His brain stopped. He saw only static in his eyes


He was stunned into bewilderment, barely knowing what to say


Her gaze held, drinking in the shock on his face as though it was fuel for her

"You heard me slave you don't have a choice. I know you don't have a dorm yet, and I have a space open, after which my room will be posted as 'full to requested capacity'. In other words, you'll get the isolation you want from most others...and I..."

He watched her eyes falter for a moment

"And I...get to hang with a pretty cool dude inside my room rather than some random asshole who will probably just flirt with me or perv out on me in the shower all the time. I don't need that"

He had to attempt to talk his way out of this

"W-what m-makes you think I won't do the same?"

She looked him dead in the eyes

"Because I think I get you, two days here, not even been in a single one of your classes yet, and I'm willing to bet I know you better than anyone else here will."

"Damn're right..."

"So slaaaaaave, oh how I love using that word, oh yeah, just call me master until your hour is up from now on, so...tell me that you won't spy on me in the shower and I'll believe you."

He groaned with self loathing

"I won't spy on you in the shower"

"I won't spy on you in the shoooooower...?"

"Fuck you..."


"Good boy"

"Burn in deepest pits of Tartarus..."

She reached over and patted the top of his head

"Ya wanna know a secret, slave?"

"If I could, I'd tell you the ones that I know would melt that smug ass grin right off your face..."

"Sure master why not..."

Without warning of any kind, she pushed him onto his back, he hit the mattress with a thud, and felt her climb on top of him, she pressed her body against his way to tightly, and brought her lips up to his ear, she whispered in the softest, but most evil filled voice she could

"Nothing that has happened so far has really embarrassed me, all that shyness, all that softness in my voice, it's all an act. An act that you fell for. I really just wanted to see if you thought I was attractive, this wouldn't be half as fun if I was living with someone who didn't at least think I looked good, not there was every any doubt in my mind. But that's why I was willing to tone down the winnings, all I really wanted was for you to agree to dorm with me and I only need to own you for a minute to do that. Cause in all honesty, you really are the most interesting person I've met at this place yet, my friends are cool and all, but your definitely an awesome way. Not quite as awesome as me, but still, you're cool."

His jaw had dropped halfway through her speech. He could focus on nothing else but the fact that she had played him, even as she pinned him against the sheets, his embarrassment was overpowered by sheer disbelief.

"Still...There are some parts of what you're saying that I can tell you're bullshitting...You're a very good liar Rainbow Dash, but you don't know my magic like I do. I can sense some lies in this little victory speech of yours. Now it's just up to me to figure out what they are...but I must give you credit...for playing me like guitar string. However, the battle may be lost, but the war is just beginning, and trust me, when it's over, I'll be the victor!...But there is one major problem with this whole thing no matter how I slice it. She likes me, thinks I'm cool, or awesome or whatever. She's already attached to me...and unlike everyone before her...I don't wanna hurt her in the end."

Realizing he wasn't quite as embarrassed by her pinning him as she had hoped, or maybe just realizing their third class would be starting soon, she got off him and offered a hand to him. He took it after a moment of consideration, then grabbed her bag along with his own and flung them both over his back. She looked genuinely surprised that he grabbed her bag for her, for just a second Daybreak watched a smile of sincerity float across her face, only to be hidden a quick second later

"You play the part of servant pretty well, have any past experience?"

"You have no idea..."

"Maybe I'm just polite."

She laughed loudly as they both reached the door.

"Yeah ok, right. Come on slave boy, third class of the day coming up is Magic and Chemistries, you might actually make this one. Here's hoping, cause I need someone to carry my flasks for me."

"Ya know...I think I said I was gonna set you on fire if you made me miss second period...Chemistry seems like a perfect place to do that."

"Yes master"

Blast From The Past

View Online

The Chemistry and Magic's class room was located in the farthest building away from the main structure. It was the only building that actually scraped the outskirts of the Everfree, Daybreak was sure they had positioned it that way to help with class studies. Being near Everfree Forest would certainly be convenient for studying odd types of magic. Just like many of the other buildings on campus, this one only seemed accessible through a transport portal disguised as a regular door in the main entrance hall. Through it, Daybreak saw that they were inside an extremely large astronomy tower which had two flights of spiraling stair ways, both of which seemed to occasionally spiral up and down on their own. One going up, and one going down,both in a screw-like shape next to each other. It was confusing to look at and humorous to watch. Because it was so easy to confuse one flight with the other, a student would occasionally step on the wrong side and be sent spiraling up two or three floors before they managed to change stairwells.

Having absolutely no idea where he was going, Daybreak simply followed Rainbow Dash, but it seemed she had her own plans for him. Nearly every other step she'd pull him by the arm so he was right next to her.

"Come on slave boy, this won't be any fun if people don't see me in charge."

Many people certainly were shooting them looks, a few even uttered words of disbelief that Rainbow Dash was clinging to this new kid nobody.

Daybreak muttered several curses to her under his breathe, many of which she caught and snickered at

"Oh what's wrong? Worried they might think we're dating?"

"Not on your best day you rainbow haired succubus!"

"I don't know master why don't we try switching roles and see how you like it. Bet you'd look great with a leash around your neck."

She shot him a quick glare as they stepped onto the staircase, and plummeted straight down the spiraling steps.

"Watch it mister, or I might make you wear one instead."


Her sneer was as infuriating as his current situation, and she wore it all too well for it to not be attractive.

"Really? Never? Maybe I'll order you to then? Or maybe you just be a good boy until your hour is up and I don't make your life any more miserable."

He gritted his teeth, he half considered morphing them into fangs and biting her out of spite...but he valued his dignity, and if he did anything, he knew she'd make him pay for it before the hour was up.

"Yes master."

"See that wasn't so hard was it? Well you were earlier, but that's not what I meant."

She turned and watched him become a pleasant shade of crimson. She giggled innocently at his blush.

"Come on my little pervy slave, we're here"

"I truly, and most sincerely, hate you with every fiber of my being right now Rainbow Dash".

They exited the moving stair well on a floor that looked like it came out of a Nightmare Night magazine. The walls and floor were decorated with a variety of creepy objects, ranging from stuffed Parasprites, to an all-too-realistic Timberwolf carving. Several suites of armor also stood along the walls, making the entrance to the classroom seem much less inviting than it should have been. Rainbow Dash entered first and held the door open for him, which was surprising to say the least. However, the moment he passed through he door, his whole body froze to the core.

A powerful wave of energy struck his senses like a pick-up truck and he found himself unable to move. Rainbow, clearly not noticing his slight spasm, continued onward to a stool in the back of the dimly lit room. Only a few candles lit up the dungeon-like class, so Daybreak was unable to see much other than the outlines of where his other peers sat, many of them with their faces buried behind books. But even without his eyes, he could 'see' that there was an over abundance of powerful aura in this room. So much so, that it felt suffocating to reach out and try to sense it with anything other than his eyes. He managed a light pulse of his senses before the power could suffocate him, and he ceased all sensory spells he normally had active within himself. Only his ability to switch between his normal vision, and magical sight, remained active. He silenced everything else after his sense became blurred by the power in the room.

From just a brief touch of the room with his mind, he was able to detect three extremely powerful magical auras present apart from his own and Rainbow Dash. Everybody else in the room was above average, but still nothing worth noting. Still slightly dazed by the shock his senses had received, he slowly worked his way to the back and sat down next to Rainbow Dash. She had already taken the liberty of providing his stool spot with several flasks and an assortment of other weird objects he assumed would be used in the lesson.

"Aren't I supposed to fetch these for you master" He inquired with a glance into her bag. He quickly handed it off to her after realizing their was nothing in it save for spare clothes and a few books. She smiled at him

"And how many times have you actually been here before dude? I appreciate your willingness to serve me, as you should, but I'm giving you a freebie here cause I know you don't know where anything is stored here, plus the room is near pitch black. I doubt you could find it if you did."

"That's what you think. You don't know my eyes"

"Yes master..."

He felt like his self loathing increased slightly each time he said that word. It must have shown on his face too, cause as he turned to ask Rainbow if there was anything else she needed, he caught her staring at him out of the corner of his eye, before she quickly turned away when he looked at her. She coughed to herself and seemed wrapped in thought for a long moment, before she finally turned back to him and asked

"Hey dude...about this whole slave thing...You don't hate me cause of it do you? Cause if you do I promise I'll stop now..."

"You are quite possibly the most complicated woman I've ever met...and that is truly saying something, all things considered...I wonder why you'd ask that so directly."

"No I-"

"Oh good, cause I really don't wanna stop messing with you, it's too much fun."

"And the hate is back..."

He made to open his mouth and retort, however his vision went white as the room was suddenly filled with light from nowhere.

"Good Morning class." The whole room turned their chairs in the opposite direction, to see a middle aged man in a white lab coat standing in front of a chalk board.

"I see that my little light trick made you all face the wrong direction in your chairs...or perhaps I placed the room the wrong way...terribly sorry about that."

He snapped his fingers, and the room literally spun around. The whole building seemed to spin and do a 180, but somehow none of the objects placed around the room fell from their places. By the time it was done, the class once again faced the wrong way, having turned their stools before hand. After readjusting their desks, the man in the lab coat pulled out a weird looking device from his coat and pointed it at the chalk board. He clicked a single button on the contraption then held it aloft in his hand. The device buzzed to life and quickly let loose several bursts of blue light from its tip, etching words into the chalk board. Once it was done, the man deposited the device back in his coat and stepped to the side to reveal the writing.

Professor Wilson Hooves

"My name is Professor Wilson Hooves, but nobody ever calls me Wilson, and I don't like the term 'professor' much, it makes me feel old. However, I'm also a doctor, and very proud of it. So you all may call me Doctor W.Hooves."

A students hand flew into the air, only now did Daybreak realize just how large this room actually was when he could barely see the girls blue skinned hand from his stool...building magic was so confusing. The Doctor pointed at the young girls hand, Daybreak immediately felt a shiver run through his body as she spoke.

"She's one of the large aura's in here...But I can barely see her from here with all these students in the way...stupid room magic...I thought this place was smaller, but with the lights on it looks more like a giant study hall with tables and stools instead of desks."

"Excuse me Doctor, but Trixie was wondering, just what is your doctorate in?"

A smile crossed the Doctors face

"Sorry my dear, that's my secret for now, and not on the topic at hand anyways, we have much to discuss today, starting with the newest addition to our university..."

Daybreak took a moment to study the "Doctor", he sensed an odd power emanating from this man that he couldn't place. But it was even odder that he could feel it from here, he wasn't even trying to sense magic, and the aura didn't come off as particularly powerful...but it was overwhelming in its own sense. His face looked middle aged, but still handsome by most judgments, and his face was clean shaven. He spoke with an accent that Daybreak did not recognize, but it was just strong enough in his voice to be obvious. He wore a clean looking neck tie and pale grey suit underneath his lab coat along with tan khakis and newly polished, black shoes all of which complimented his beaming blue eyes well.

"What's this odd feeling emanating from him...I feel...old, just sensing it...and he feels...old as well...not just's like he's older than my father...but that can't be possible."

Distracted by his own thoughts, he didn't notice the Doctor was starting right at him, until Rainbow Dash nudged him in the ribs.

"Dude...he's talking to you...get up there."

Daybreak shook his head, clearing away his own thoughts


"He just asked you, the new student, to introduce yourself to the class."



Slowly Daybreak rose to his feet and began walking towards the front of the room. It seemed like now that he was up and moving, the room was back to it's normal size, and he made it to the chalk board in a matter of seconds despite his wishes.

"Ughh...size magic..."

He turned and looked outwards at the class. All eyes were on him, save for a few that opted to remain behind their books, oblivious to the world around them.

"I'd forgotten how much I hate crowds"

Although his features didn't show it, he was sweating bullets in his mind, if he said the wrong thing, everyone would remember him for it. He didn't wanna be known...he just wanted to blend in. Though so far it seemed that had been nearly impossible, despite what he had said out on the track, he still felt he should try ad lay low until he knew this place better. The Doctor placed his hand upon Daybreaks shoulder, suddenly a warm feeling flooded through his body.

"What the?!...How is he doing that...who is this guy...was that...happiness...he just forced through me? For a moment I saw...a flash of...rainbow...what was that?"

"Got a mild case of stage fright have we?"

The Doctors voice came out sympathetic and calm, but Daybreak felt the 'feeling' attempt to flood through him again, this time though, he was ready. He threw up mental barriers in his mind and only allowed the feeling to penetrate his body, with the cold air flowing around the room, the warm feeling was welcome, but he didn't want it affecting how he thought. He shook his head at the Doctor

"Just...trying to think of what to say..."

"It's best to just play it off like I'm nervous in front of crowds...I suppose that's accurate enough."

"Well it's best to usually start with your name."

Mild snickers and chuckles echoed across the room, Daybreak swallowed the lump in his throat

"Slow and easy...just preplan everything you say..."

"M-my name is Daybreak, nice to meet you all"

The Doctor smiled and motioned his hands towards the class

"Class, this is Daybreak"

"Nice to meet you Daybreak" The room echoed back to him. Apparently this was practice around here. The Doctor prompted him again

"So, where are you from Daybreak?"

"Careful...I gotta be vague with this one...but not too vague that he asks for more details."

"I...I'm originally from Canterlot...but I haven't lived there for a long time. I've been traveling around most of my life."

"That should satisfy him..."

The Doctor seemed pleased and motioned for him to resume his seat, but before he took more than a step, a loud crash echoed throughout the hall...then Daybreak heard words that made his heart rate drop and his blood freeze in his veins.

"Oh Gosh! Twilight are you ok?!"

Several heads turned to the source of the scene, Daybreak followed their gaze. His blood froze twice over the second he spotted her. There, near the center of the room, with Sunset Shimmer sitting directly beside her looking flustered as their flask shattered on the floor, and its contents began leaking everywhere...was the one person, on the whole entire planet he didn't want to see...Twilight Sparkle.

He knew their was no escape from notice now. Her gaze was directed solely at him, and he was forced to meet her eyes. She had stood from her seat so rapidly that many of her items had been knocked to the floor, including the book she had been buried behind until then, which left Sunset Shimmer to desperately attempt to rescue their stuff from the spreading ooze of the flask.

Daybreaks eyes met hers mid way, a floodgate of memories showered his vision...and he felt full of shame...This was a past he did not want to relive. He could tell by the burning hatred within her gaze, that she still remembered their last encounter very least he had succeeded back then. She hated him. There was no doubt of that.

"That explains the massive power I sensed...I'd have never guessed she would be here...and Sunset Shimer must be the other...then that blue girl. I'd be willing to bet Twilight is the first place winner...Dammit! Why didn't I read those fucking trophies!?"

Luckily for him, before her hatred could make it to her voice, the Doctor came to his rescue.

"Miss Sparkle, are you alright? Your flask is full of acid...and its seeping onto your clothing."

This temporarily drew her gaze away from him and down to her clothes, which were indeed starting to burn. She quickly loosed several small beams from her finger tips to repair the damage and snuff the small flames. While she was momentarily distracted, Daybreak glanced at Professor Hooves, he turned his head slightly in Daybreaks direction, and winked. Realizing that was his queue, he quickly half-ran back to his seat with Rainbow Dash, and prayed to his mother and father that Twilight wouldn't approach him in public.

Rainbow gave him a small slug in the arm as he sat, not enough to hurt, but enough to draw his attention away for a moment. The Doctor took out his strange looking device again, and began drawing several diagrams on the board.

"Today's lesson will be a simple one. Since you all know that your normal teacher for this class is absent this week, I shall be taking her place until such time as she returns, from which I shall then go back to my normal post in the History department. Until then, take out your magical herbs and potions books, then please attempt to prepare the potion I am now inscribing on the board. I think you'll all find it is the perfect blend for a second day back, and good one to start with for beginners."

Daybreak was barely paying any attention to what the Doctor said, but he still managed to retrieve Rainbows book before his own, and hand it off to her. She thanked him and began setting up many of the weird objects at their table. He was thankful she wasn't forcing him to do it, because he was too focused on his own problems to be of any use anyways. His eyes drifted back to where Twilight sat, even from here, now that he knew where she was in front of him, he could no longer rid her from his sight.

She had certainly matured since he had last seen her all those years ago. Her body being the most noticeable quality, the next being her better fashion choice than before...he remembered she used to wear old and worn looking robes in Celestia's school, not caring about her appearance but more on the magic at hand. Her body had definitely changed since then, her overall figure was slightly wider than Sunset Shimmers, but not by much. She certainly wasn't chubby, not by a long shot.

Her purple hair still held that one dark pink streak through it, which Daybreak had sworn was dyed on back then, but it clearly wasn't, and she hadn't put her hair into a bun like she swore she would when they were kids, she had let it stay down. She wore glasses now, at least for reading it seemed, as they were now removed while she sat facing the Doctor as he spoke. This allowed Daybreak to study her features without her glaring at him.

Her clothing was definitely better than it used to least compared to raggedy old robes anyway. She wore a dark gold sleeveless top with a several stars scattered across the center, and underneath was a formal looking undershirt and tie, both tucked neatly under the outer shirt. What surprised him the most about her clothing, was the fact that she now seemed to wear skirts. A dark purple skirt, with red streaks traveling around it vertically, hung loosely below her waist. He was positive she had to wear different clothing for sports, even from here he could tell that a single jump, and that skirt would come flying up. Not that he needed it too, with her sitting the way she was, and his own keen vision, he could tell by looking just above her waist line, she was wearing dark grey panties underneath her skirt. She was lucky, if she sat the wrong way that skirt wouldn't exactly cover her butt, which from here, Daybreak could tell had certainly...grown a bit, since the last time he had seen her. However, she seemed aware of her clothing problems and sat on the skirt rather than having it flutter around her on the stool. As for her chest, well that was probably what shocked him the most in total. When they were kids, he would swear that she was gonna grow up to be flat looked like he had been dead wrong. A point she would no doubt mention if they happened to speak at some point. Her chest outdid Rainbows and Sunsets...She had to be at least a D size...or he was blind! Even underneath the tie, white undershirt and dark yellow wool-looking top, her chest was obviously huge!

"I'd bet my house that she's never worn any kind of top that wasn't tucked in or double layered...cause if she did, there was no way she was hiding those things...Dear Celestia, Twilight...if it were anyone else I'd swear they stuffed their shirt. Sadly, I know you enough to guarantee you'd never stoop that low...I can't say its good to see you be honest, it's probably the worst possible thing that could happen to me right now. But, in light of the fact that we used to be rivals...I can at least say it's good that you haven't fallen behind me in magic...not by much at least...I wonder what you'll do now? Screw me over and tell everyone who I really am? That's what I'd do if someone did to me what I did to you. But I wonder if you're capable of it? That urge to hate the person who hurt you and make them suffer twice as much...can you do it? I guess we'll see...there's not much I can really do about it right now, in front of all these people, so it's your show. Let's see how this plays out."

A painful jab in his ribs brought him back to reality. Rainbow Dash was giving him an annoyed glare.

"Yo pervert, Equestria to pervert, wake up, quit staring at Twilight's ass, and help me work here!"

A blush of complete enragement and discomfort found his face. If that wasn't bad enough, Twilight and Sunset, along with several other students in front of them, seemed to hear her and started snicker...well except for Twilight...she just cringed. Daybreak gave Rainbow the most hateful glare he could muster

"Dammit Rainbow Dash! Don't start lying to them about me on my first day. No need to flatter people whose ego's are large enough as is!"

He made sure to voice his response loud enough for Twilight and Sunset to hear, but not make it any farther down the room. He could tell his reaction had been successful, by the way Twilights fists began to clench around her textbook. She made it halfway to turning around, presumably to yell some retort, but again the Doctor seemed to find the perfect moment to interject

"Hurry now, ten minutes left to brew."

Twilight heard his words and quickly returned to working with Sunset, who still wore a small blush from his words about Twilight. Sunset quickly flashed him a smile and returned to work. Rainbow Dash, though less than pleased with his work thus far, smirked at him anyways.

"Wow, pissing off the most powerful girl in the school on your second day here? Even I wouldn't do that...not bad man, but I'd watch out. She's turned people into fruit before...accidentally of course. I'm just saying though, no need to tempt fate."

"Fruit hm? Wonder what you'd become if I did that to you...a pineapple perhaps? It would fit...thorny on the outside, but if I peel ya open, I bet your all mushy inside."

"So slave, You planning on helping me anytime soon? This is a group assignment ya know."

"Clearly I missed that part..."

He gave a quick glance at his watch, the hour was still going.

"Yes master, how can I help?"

She smirked and shoved the flask into his hands, flashing the most innocent of smiles as he took it.

"You can be the taste tester."

"You must think I'm pretty fucking stupid. If you think for one second I'm gonna drink whatever poison you just gave me, then you must have lost more blood than I thought in that fall."

He slowly tried to hand it back to her, but she refused to accept it.

"I'm not drinking this Rainbow Dash."

"Oh yes you are slaaaaave. I own you remember? You have to do what I say for another ten minutes until class is over."

"I'm gonna force feed you Poison Joke cupcakes one of these days..."

He took the flask apprehensively, and slowly peered into the contents

"But...Why do I have to drink it? Why not you?"

She held up three fingers

"Three reasons. One, cause I did all the work while you were off in dreamland, which is fucked up cause that's normally my job...Two, because it's a grade, one of us has to drink it to prove it works...and three, because I said so, and I own you, slave."

Out of the corner of his eye, Daybreak watched Twilights ears perk up slightly. She turned to Sunset Shimmer and whispered something in her ear, then they both began giggling wildly amongst themselves. He started to panic

"Oh no! If Twilight heard that, she could have Rainbow Dash make me do anything...and I can't fucking say no! Oh I really hope those two don't like each other."

Neither Twilight nor Sunset turned around, maybe they hadn't heard after all, but he still felt obligated to shut Rainbow up just in case. He held the flask up to his lips

"What does this do again?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged

"It's a mystery potion, we always start out with them every year. Once we brew it and drink it, the Professor will watch the reaction and then tell us what it does."

"That's horribly devious...Whoever is the normal teacher here must have my sense of humor to mess with the students like that...goddess please don't let this be a truth serum...I'll be doomed if Rainbow gets to 'test' it's results."

"Umm...Every year? Exactly how long have you been here?"

"Three years now. Failed last year on purpose so I could get in with my friends this year, I'm a year older than most of them."

"That explains why your trophy said track star for two years...I just assumed you were a third year...but wouldn't be in my classes now would you? Oh well...Now I know."

"Quit stalling slave! I don't wanna fail the first grade of the term just cause you're scared to take your medicine!"

He half considered forcing it down her throat for a second...but after a moment he dismissed the thought. She owned him for another few minutes, he could take it. Without another word, he tipped the flask to his lips...and took a large swig from the brew. He swished it around in his mouth before swallowing, attempting to discern what kind of poison he had just drank. However all he was able to identify was that it tasted strongly of watermelon, and salt.

"Weird combo for flavoring..."

Rainbow Dash quickly called over the Doctor and informed him Daybreak had just drank half the brew. The next words the Doctor spoke made Daybreak slightly nervous

"Oh...he drank half of it? I'm sorry...I'm so sorry I didn't tell you before...You only had to sip it...oh well...let's see what happens!"

"Excuse me?! Let's see what happens!? I swear if I grow an extra limb or turn into a cactus I'm gonna...gonna...what the?"

"Uh Doc? What's wrong with him?"

"Oh...I was worried this might happen?"

Daybreaks eyes felt heavy and his head felt warm, he attempted to form a sentence but his lips seemed like they were no longer under his control

"W-what? W-w-what's wrong...w-wit me?"

The Doctor kept him on his stool as he tried to stand, he brought his face close to his own, Rainbow leaned in as well.

"Do not make a scene, I promise you'll be fine. This potion won't hurt you, just let the effects pass. It will fade quickly, the instructions I provided were too small a dose to be of any danger, if you drank half then you'll feel it slightly more, but you'll be fine. Just don't try and stand up until it's passed..." he turned to leave, then after a moment, turned back to them

"Oh and by the way, I think I'm giving you both extra credit for having the guts to do that...That could have been a truth potion or love serum, and you just drank it like that. You're either very brave, or very foolish. But either way, you impressed me...just don't do it again."

"I'm not brave or foolish...I'm just stuck as this girls slave...why does my head feel so warm?"

The Doctor had walked away before Daybreak could inquire what this brew actually did. He was just left shivering on his stool, while Rainbow Dash fist pumped the air

"Aw Yeah! Extra points on the second day and I didn't even have to do anything! Looks like you're my good luck charm Daybreak."

She patted him on the back. At her touch a warm feeling rushed through his whole body.

"Oh No! I know what this potion does! That Doctor! This might as well be a truth potion at this dosage!"

Rainbow leaned forward on her stool, starting at him intently

"So what's this thing do exactly?"

"Don't think about not think about her..."

She beamed with a sinister grin, she could tell, whatever was happening, he was focusing extremely hard on it. His face was scrunched up, trying to resist the building feeling inside of him. She pulled her text book out from within her bag

"Let's see...mystery potions for second years...hmm..."

She flipped through the pages, searching for the ingredients they had used. She stopped when she found them and beamed with joy

"Aha! Found it!"

Clearing her voice, she read off the page she was currently on

"Essence of Euphoria...Ooooh sounds interesting, let's see what it does...Ahem: The Essence of Euphoria is a common household brew made to allow those burdened with extremely stressful lives to unwind at their leisure. This particular brand releases chemicals inside the brain bringing the drinker into a state of extreme calm. In large doses, this potion acts as an emotional floodgate to many people and can render the drinker extremely susceptible to suggestion. In extreme cases, repressed emotions and memories can be brought to the surface and recounted with great detail. It is for this reason that this particular brand is never brewed outside of a controlled environment, and is illegal unless the proper ingredients are purchased through reputable sellers. WARNING: This is not to be confused with a truth potion. Though in large doses the effects are similar, the effectiveness of this brew as truth serum varies based on the drinkers own will power and can be fought off if they are strong enough."

She shut the book with a thud, and smirked evilly at Daybreak. He swallowed the lump in his throat, again.

"Oooooooh what's that mean for you then? Come on slave, you still got three minutes, don't hold out on me now."

"Please back up Rainbow...I can't think straight..."

"It means...I can't control my thoughts right now...and I really need you to back up Dash...please..."

She chuckled with joy at his pained expression

"Did you just call me 'Dash'? I don't think I ever said you could do that..."

She brought her lips inches from his, she was practically whispering now

"Now then...tell me what I want to know from you. What do you really think of me? I wanna know what secret feelings you've got buried under all that ego. Tell me."

"C-come on Rainbow Dash...have a little m-mercy...please..."

She was practically squealing with laughter

"Oh dear Celestia, you're actually begging me...oh this is too rich! I gotta get more of this stuff!"


She turned, his face was bright red and growing redder "Uh ok?"

"What am I doing?! Stop! Stop! Stop you stupid body stop!"

"Rainbow I...I won't...won't lea...ahh..."

She leaned forward, an earnest smile on her face, it screamed with anticipation

"You won't what? What?! Tell me!"

"Rainbow Dash!"

She flew back in her stool the moment she heard her name, and turned to face the front of the room innocently. The Doctor was staring over at her

"Stop torturing Daybreak while he's like that!"

"Oh thank fucking Luna..."

Rainbow scooted her stool back to it's original position and pouted

"You got lucky this time time I'll get you to spill the beans..."

"What is she talking about? Spill what beans? What is she trying to get me to say? And what was I about to say? Even I don't know...what could it have been..."

With his peace of mind gradually returning, though the heat in his head lingering, the last few minutes of the class period passed without much excitement. He watched his time as a slave click away until freedom was his, then the end of class came minutes later. The bells chime rang across the room, the class descended upon the exit doors like vultures to a carcass. The flurry of packing books and scurrying students nearly separated him from Rainbow Dash, who quickly helped him pack up his things, then passed him a small sheet of paper.

"What's this?" he asked as he packed it into his bag without even looking

For a moment, he thought he saw her blush slightly, but with students constantly cutting him off he couldn't be sure. Rainbow Dash managed to shove a few stragglers out of the way and make it over to him as the horde died down to a semi orderly exit line.

"It's the dorm application, just sign your name next to mine, hand this to me when I see you during sports later, and bring up your stuff after school."

"Oh...ok. Thanks Rainbow Dash."

He packed up the last of his things and watched her exit, but before she turned for the stair well she looked back at him and yelled

"By the way! It's ok if you call me Dash! Just thought I'd put that out there, I was only messing with you!...Ok...Bye."


She quickly scurried off up the stair well, leaving him to try and comprehend what had just happened

"Women are so weird...but her...she's just beyond any type of understanding...every time I think I get her, she does something like that. And why does she have to act so freaking egotistical...its too damn cute...I mean...It's really fucking annoying...oh who am I kidding..."

He threw his pack over his shoulder and made for the door. As he reached it, the door began to glow a bright purple...and slammed itself shut. He heard it lock itself with a click

"Leaving so soon?"

"Well...shame on me for not seeing this coming...What are the chances Professor Hooves is still here."

As if to answer his question, he saw the professor go running by the doors window a second later, having stepped on the wrong stairwell and gone down farther, instead of up.


Her voice came out quiet, but sharp as a blade

"Daybreak. Age twenty two. Son of Princess Celestia and son of Discord. By all legal accounts a Prince by birthright. Exiled at conception by his mother and raised by his father beyond known lands. Surfaced twelve years later and came under the tutelage of his mother by chance. Studied under Princess Celestia at Celestia's school for Gifted Magicians for four years and during that time also studied beside her other student, Twilight Sparkle. He became friends with her and after four years, left the institution suddenly without warning in the dead of night, and has not surfaced again in almost ten years. Or so it seemed....But really you've been traveling to other places of knowledge this whole time and going to Universities and Schools that would love to have the 'royal son'. Always ensuring that you never stayed more than a year before being dismissed on some kind of report, and never left any record behind in the files that show you were there, or that you were Celestia's son...And now after all this time, you come to Ponyville...Does that sound about Daybreak!?"

Her voice crackled with emotion buried beneath the surface. She had learned to suppress her feelings well, he couldn't even sense her aura from here. He smiled

"Almost...I think mine's better. Let me try: Twilight Sparkle. Age Twenty one. Born into an upper class family of privileged magicians, sister to Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal guard, and if I'm not mistaken, Prince of the Crystal Empire these days. Most of Twilights childhood was spent surrounded by books that fueled her desire to be a great magician. A desire that was spawned from watching Princess Celestia raise the sun with her own magic at the annual Summer Sun Celebration every year. At the young age of eight, she was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Magicians and studied there, for several years as the only student to ever come under the Princess's direct teachings. Until, at the age of eleven, another student appeared there. A year older than her. The son of Discord and exiled son of Celestia. Instantly rivals by pure belief and attitude, they studied together for the next four years, competing in everything they did. Pushing each other to the limit of their own potential and beyond. At times, they would even duel one another to try and bring out the hidden power within each other, to truly discover who was the best. However, near the end of the fourth year. Twilight came down with an illness, caused by an overexertion of magical output that imbalanced her body. The illness had happened during a duel that the pair frequently had, and no known cure existed, being that their powers were so unheard of, the illness was virtually nonexistent. The illness threatened to end the girl's life before she ever had a chance to live it. So, Daybreak, and Princess Celestia, together combined their energies and created a powerful necklace, a necklace with a miniature sun at the end of it's chain. This necklace would permanently balance out the young girls magic, but at the cost of allowing the darkness within Daybreak heart to be what fueled her recovery. For you see, Daybreak was made of nothing but dark magic and so could create nothing but. Excepting this price, Twilight took the necklace and wore it for the next month and a half. She didn't speak to Daybreak of why she took the necklace and allowed his energy to continue mixing with hers, long after she could have removed it. Nor did she confide in the Princess. But at the end of their fourth year of learning together, she did. After they both had finished, what would be, their final duel, she told him the truth. That, even though they had been only rivals all these years, she had secretly developed feelings for him, and wondered if he felt the same. The next night, Daybreak took the necklace from her while she slept and left the facility, and did not surface again for another ten years. Twilight Sparkle continued her lessons alone and in pain, never able to truly grasp the reason why Daybreak had left without so much as a goodbye. She renounced making friends from that point on, until, as I'm told, she came to a certain town and defeated the powerful Nightmare Moon with the help of the famed Elements of Harmony and her 'friends'. Then months later, defeated Discord as well when he attempted to regain power in Equestria due to it's vulnerable state, with Luna severely weakened from her defeat. After defeating Discord and still finding no info of Daybreak even from his weakened father, she defeated the Changeling army and former King Sombra sometime later with the help of her brother and Princess Cadence. Then, in a final act of astonishment to the world, she surpassed the famed magician Star Swirl The Bearded and completed his spell, (to which I must admit I am still confused as to its purpose), and rose to the title of 'Princess' herself. She gained power beyond that of any other magician in existence and, instead of going to live in Canterlot with the other Princesses, opted to remain in Ponyville and continue her life there. Meanwhile, secretly, and undetected by the Princesses, Daybreak traveled to the unknown parts of the world and lived with his father in between travels whilst he occasionally went to a variety of schools. Using his title as the royal son, but secretly hating the title itself, he got into any school he wished, learned all he could within a single year, and departed making sure no record of his visit was kept or left the school. Until now, in Ponyville, where I must admit, I'm finally starting to enjoy myself...that is, until this little reunion."

He stopped for a moment and chuckled aloud

"Choosing to continue school and go to college, rather than rule Equestria beside your fellow Princesses...hmph...I must admit that last part gets me every time...almost makes me teary eyed...Oh wait!...That's just my need to vomit every time I hear the words 'Friendship is Magic''s that sound Princess? It's almost like I was there for it all, right?"

If he had thought he sensed anger in her voice before, it was nothing compared to what came next! Her anger felt so physical, Daybreak almost took a step back before she even started speaking.


"What Twilight? Can't stand the truth?"


"Oh my...seems I may have pushed a little to hard...I can taste her power from here."


Her voice cracked, and along the rows of tables, every flask and glass object in the room shattered into millions of pieces. Her power flowed off her so strongly, Daybreak felt it like wind in a hurricane! He was forced to summon his own barrier just to keep himself in place on the floor! If there wasn't a sound proofing spell on the door, they were both gonna have some serious problems soon...if she didn't kill him first.

For a moment, Daybreak thought she was done...but it turned out she was just catching her breathe for another go...


That got his attention real quick!

"The Elements?...she's bluffing...she has to be."

The shock must have shown on his face, because the swarm of energy around Twilight died down a little. It still spiraled around her in waves, threatening to reemerge at any moment though.

"What? Surprised that I would threaten you with them?"

He took a moment to gather himself, and ready his magic should he need a way out. Then he regained his composure and looked her dead in the eye.

"No...It's just the old Twilight never gave any empty threats."

The anger in her reignited instantaneously and the stools around the room, the metal stools, folded inwards on themselves! Her eyes started to glow a raging white and her clothing began to shimmer dangerously


"I don't believe in the Elements...because I don't believe in friendship or love."

She froze. In mid air she froze. The white light in her eyes and shimmer on her clothing ceased and she landed back down, staring at him, truly, in disbelief.

"Y-you don't believe in friendship? In love? What does that even mean? You don't believe they exist?!"

Daybreak broke his stare with her for a moment, instead looking back at the destroyed flasks and the spot where he and Rainbow had sat mere minutes before.

"No. I don't believe they exist. How can they? Any of them. The Elements, friendship, love. None of them are real in this cursed world-"

"YOU'RE WRONG! HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT!" Her voice shook with more sadness now than anger, he could tell he was getting to her. He was barely restraining himself as it was anyways.

"How can I say that? You ask how can I say that?"


Her voice came out like a whisper.

"I'll tell you how Princess. Tell me. Did Celestia ever tell you she loved you?"

Twilight looked visibly shocked by his question. But she still managed to answer with pride and confidence

"Yes, she did. Numerous times in fact."

Daybreak closed his eyes.

"Time to let her see...if she wants to know my feelings so badly...then she can have them"

Black and green flames crawled up his finger tips. His eyes ingited in a dark shade of purple light, and his voice boomed across the room, his torrent of anger momentarily released!


His own green and black aura flared outwards dangerously, swimming swiftly around the room, repairing all the damage Twilights energy had done. Every item that was destroyed was repaired, every table that was over turned was righted and every stool that was collapsed inward, fixed. He put the room back together with enough gentle detail to make it seem cleaner than it had before they set foot in it for class. Once he finished, he allowed his dark energy to return inside of him, and he exhaled.

"You see Twilight, I am in control here. Your pure hearted magic that fixes everything, just destroyed a whole room full of priceless books and potions. While me and my 'corrupt arts' fixed everything you destroyed."

He turned his back to her and prepared to walk out of the room

"Ya know Twilight, sometimes I wonder whose really Order, and whose really Chaos in this world of ours, think on that."

He reached for the door handle, intending to end their talk with that, but she wouldn't have it.

"I hate you."

Her voice came out like less than a whimper, it was full of old emotion and pain. He could feel it as he felt it himself. He did not look at her

"Good. You should."

He grabbed the door handle and started to pick her magical lock with his mind.


Her voice shook, barely allowing any real authority to be behind it. Nevertheless, he stopped, and waited. She spoke only after she had regained herself

"I...I won't let you do to Rainbow Dash what you did to me!"

That one struck him. Hard.

"Damn you Twilight...stay out of my head! I can't even hide behind myself anymore with you around...I'll bet you can sense it can't you...the faint impression she left on my soul...the one thing you could never do."

"I have no idea what you're-"

"Don't lie to me Daybreak! You always said you didn't have to lie, remember? Cause you weren't ashamed of anything you thought! I thought you hadn't changed, remember?! I see the way you look at her, and the way you treat her versus everyone else, including me! You go out of your way to insult and ignore everyone to keep them away...yet you allowed yourself to become her servant! ! You! The Prince, serving her! I don't care what the reason, that's proof enough for me!"

He felt her magic stirring again...but this time it felt...different, like their was a second power backing her own. It was unlike anything he had felt before, which seemed to be common since he set foot in this school. The worst part was, this second power he felt within dwarfed his completely! Completely and utterly, this power was stronger than him.

"Where...where is that coming that...her Element?"

A strange aura unlike her own had begun to form around her body, she placed her hands directly above her heart and pulled them forward slowly. From within her body a shimmering object appeared in her hands...a floating, shimmering, purple star! It's power radiated with that of the sun, and was blinding to behold!

"This is my Element of Harmony Daybreak, I am the element of magic. It's power cannot be defeated by any evil in the world, for it is the most powerful magic of all, a magic you do not believe in. Friendship."

"I may vomit."

"...And if you do anything to hurt Rainbow Dash like you did me...I will use all seven of them to result in your permanent...end."

A visible shiver of fear traveled down his spine. Even without physically touching it he could tell...that magic could destroy him in seconds, and there wouldn't be a damn thing he could do about it. But something was still amiss about her threat...

"Wait...all seven?...I thought there were only six...maybe she really is bluffing..."

His skepticism returned instantly

"Really? You'll just kill me? Just like that? You don't have it in you."

The absolute power radiating off her body continued to flow freely, but on the outside, she ceased hovering and her eyes returned to their normal color. She looked puzzled, possibly due to his sudden lack of fear.

"You don't think I can do it? Or are you just like your father? Denying the truth right up until the moment of defeat."

Daybreak actually snorted at her.

"Me? Like my father? Now that's funny Twilight! No, I just know you're lying, there are only supposed to be six Elements, you said you'd use all seven against, not six."

Her smirk and confident attitude returned as quick as his skepticism, she was practically sneering

"Oh...I see, you don't know yet. Sunset Shimmer and I both wield the Element of Magic. Together or apart we can and will still use their power against you! So don't think you can split us apart like your father did."

Finally succeeding in picking the lock, Daybreak flung open the door and took a step outside the room. He resisted the subtle urge to look back at her, and see her expression.

"Twilight...I'm not here to break your 'friends' and you apart, I'm not here interfere with your be honest...I just wanna go to college...So I'll make this simple for you. How about you don't bother me and I won't bother y-"


He actually turned back around to face her, he couldn't believe what he heard.

"Did I hear her right?"

"What did you say?"

"I said no Daybreak! I'm not just gonna sit idly by while you pass through here like it's just another school. I know enough about you to know you don't do things without a reason. You were never like your father in that sense, you aren't random and you don't act without thinking. It's why you won nearly every duel we had...but..."

Her energy swarmed again, igniting the air around her and making it hard to breathe

"How many times are you gonna try and impress me woman?"

"...I like my chances now versus back then."

He almost heard an ego behind her voice. A subtle smirk crossed his lips.

"Is that a challenge Princess?"

Her energy vanished just as quick as before


He sighed with disappointment

"Your body may have matured...but you're still the same as back can't see what's right in front of you."

"Fine, have it your way. So, you gonna follow me around all then time or something to keep tabs on me. Cause, I'm not looking for an extra shadow."

Her left eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Clearly she was still just as easy to piss off.

"I don't need to follow you, I'll be able to tell if you're up to anything from where I am now. And, as an added precaution, I'm going to tell people who you really are, Son of Discord. They have a right to know who they're going to class with. As for my friends, well, other than sensing their magic, I don't really see you discerning who they are. So I'd say I hold the advantage right now Daybreak. Don't slip up, or I will bring the power of friendship to bare on you"

"I feel the urge to vomit returning..."

He stepped fully outside the door, handle still clenched tightly in his fist

"Well seems I won't have to go looking for trouble. Once the school knows who I am. I have a feeling trouble will find me, people aren't exactly fond of my father, I can only imagine how they will react to me. I hope you're prepared to deal with the repercussions of that."

He watched her eyes look at the floor for a moment, but then jump back to him, full of anger again

"Anything that happens to you, you'd deserve."

"If that's the way you feel, alright then....By the way, how's the Drake doing these days?"

He felt a flare of her anger reach him in wave form

"Spike is just fine thank you!"

He snickered aloud, making sure she heard

"Yeah I'll bet...he should be about sixteen now, right? Hmmm...That's pretty much the time of maturity for both dragons and humans. Considering he's a half breed of both...oh I wish I could be there to see it when it happens."

Her anger faltered behind curiosity for a moment

"When what happens?"

"Hook line and sinker...this too easy."

Without looking at her, he chuckled at her

"Twilight, your still a virgin I'm assuming, correct?"

Even without seeing her face, Daybreak could almost feel the heat rush to it as it became a dark shade of pink.

"T-that's none of your business!"

"I'll take that as a yes then...Well...I don't think you'll have to worry about that much longer hehehehe..."

She was beyond curious now, and had to know what he was getting at.

"What do you mean?"

"And the final blow"

"Well, a young, half human half drake, reaching maturity while living under the same roof as a twenty one year old girl, with overly large breasts, who only seems to wear skirts...and is a virgin. It sounds like a sweet bit of chaos just waiting to happen...I bet he feels like a time bomb whenever he sees you bend over for a book. I only wish I could be there to see it when his dragon instincts finally kick in. The look on your face would be absolutely priceless!"

Letting loose a shrill shriek of laughter, he made his way out the door fully, while she became redder than a tomato in the face and yelled after him

"You sick little pervert!"

"Oh please, don't flatter yourself..."

Without another word, he turned and slammed the door behind him, leaving Twilight alone in the classroom, fuming with anger.

As he made a mad dash for the stairs, hoping he could reach his next class in time, he saw the Doctor step out from behind the nearest door, turn and wink at him, then head back towards his classroom.

"Was he waiting for us to finish yelling?...Naw...there's no way..."


He spent the next few hours barely paying any attention to what happened in his classes. There were several more times he was asked to introduce himself to his new classmates, but unlike with the Doctor, there were no unforeseen complications. Most of his other teachers seemed pretty ordinary for the most part, at least compared to Professor W.Hooves.

His lack of attentiveness was mostly due to the fact that he couldn't stop thinking about Twilight's threat to use the Elements of Harmony against him. Truthfully, he had always known they existed, he just never believed they were powered by "friendship". Regardless though, it didn't matter what they were powered by. He could sense just one of the Elements power inside Twilight, and it dwarfed his own. His hurt pride aside, that was a significant problem. For it meant that if the other six combined and were used against him...he'd probably end up dead or worse. He couldn't defend against magic that powerful.

That left him with only a select few options:

1) Identify the Element holders and figure out a weakness or defense against them.

2) Stay off Twilights radar. (Although she seemed to be making very sure that was impossible)

3) Gain the trust of at least one or two Element users and make them unwilling to attack him, or possibly tell him a secret defense.

4) Leave

Out of all of them, the fourth one was certainly the easiest, and the most logical...and his most common choice. He had never had a problem just leaving at the drop of a hat before, and that's probably what Twilight actually wanted him to do.

"But...every time I look at that exit...I feel...something...I don't think I wanna leave this time...I...can't explain what's holding me here"

For all intensive purposes, the fourth option was out at the moment. That left the other three choices. Facing the facts meant admitting Twilight had him in corner without much wiggle room, she could probably find him anywhere in this school with ease. After all, being the "magic mentor" and a princess had to have its privileges. So the option of hiding was pretty skimpy too. That left learning their weakness, defense, or breaking them apart. Two of which did not appeal to him.

"I have no desire to hurt the Elements effectiveness. It is...bothersome that I seem to be their prime target right now. But even I know that they are needed to balance this crumbling world. If I break them apart, Discord will no doubt take advantage of that and attack again, then it be another war all over. More suffering...more death...more pain for everyone involved. And this time...I doubt I'll be able to just hide like I did five years ago when he was beaten by Twilight...I'd probably be forced to choose a side...and considering the options. Either way I lose. I don't wanna join my father because I know what his armies will do, despite his efforts to make his soldiers more like him, I know what they are really like. I've seen the footage of them throwing women to the ground and raping them in the streets...Discord punished all he caught behaving in such debauchery...but even he couldn't stop it all and focus on the Royal Sisters...that's probably why he ended up launching that all out attack that ended in his defeat...Then there's my mothers side...with Twilight...I suppose I could go there and join them...but I'd eventually have to face my father...and his...mirror. I know what will happen then...and even if we win, I'll probably still be executed, I can't exactly see Twilight standing up for me either. That's mostly my own fault, but still, she'd probably say I only sided with them out of self-interest, and she'd be right, mostly. And if I choose no side, I'll end up in their crossfire fighting everyone...In the end, I guess my only option is defense. I have to find a defense against the Elements...but to do that I need to know more about them. Sunset Shimmer might know, after all she is an Element, and she likes me, despite my best efforts...maybe I should take her up on that coffee would just end badly...uuurrrgh...this is...too frustrating to deal with right now."

The remainder of his day was spent mostly arguing with himself alone, even during lunch where he had to purposefully dodge away from Sunset Shimmer, who tried to introduce him to her friend...Twilight...Yeah...the irony was boundless. He saw Rainbow Dash for awhile once they were outside in Sports class, so that brightened his boredom. Arguing with her was entertaining, even if he didn't understand why. Sadly, it didn't last long. With them having a Minotaur who always was way too excited about everything physical, as their sports instructor, they barely got time to just relax and talk about him moving his items into the dorm. Luckily they did have enough time towards the end of class. Once everyone was packing up for the day and changing into normal clothing they took the time to talk. Since Rainbow normally wore sports gear anyways, and Daybreak didn't care what he wore, there was no problem not changing. If he had other classes afterwards, he might have cared about his smell and gone for a shower, but since Rainbow assured him he could use the shower in their room, he decided to just sit on the bleachers, high up next to the football field and talk with her.

"It's odd that we haven't been called up the headmistress's office yet. Ya know...for blowing that hole in the field...and destroying the track. I mean...look at it...there are parts that are still on fire!"

Daybreak pointed towards the fields track, frantically waving his arms as if it would help. Rainbow Dash leaned back against the steps and chuckled

"Relax dude, we'll get what's coming to don't know this headmistress, I do. She'd never let this go so easily, and we are definitely gonna pay for it...the only question is how?"

"As long as it doesn't involve giving a speech or community service...I really don't care"

"We'll probably have to fix the field at least...maybe not the track, the nurse did say that the headmistress has been looking for a reason to change the rubber on it. I'd say this qualifies."

Rainbow snorted

"She might make us lay the new rubber"

Daybreak felt an all too familiar grin approach his cheeks. He held out his palm and snapped his fingers. Instantly there was a dinner plate sized piece of track rubber in his hand, it was painted the color of Dash's hair. Rainbow gawked at him

"I don't think that'd be much of a punishment for kinda like this rubber. Maybe if we lay it I'll use this. It's certainly better than plain red again."

He saw her cheeks redden, and realized his blunder.

"Nice going dumbass. Way to not flirt with her."

Rainbow scooted closer to him on the bench. He was tempted scoot away playfully, but instead found his butt glued to his seat, unable to bring himself to move. She leaned close to his chest, he could still smell how sweaty she was from sports. Beating all those guys into the dirt during soccer must have really worked her up. Daybreak doubted he smelled any better, having been practicing his running most of the time, and trying to boost his speed past what he and Dash had done...without the fire this time though. She smiled at him, and laid her head against his chest. As if on queue, his face burned with shyness yet again

"I'm no longer sure how I should feel about this anymore...still very discomforting to have you touching me so is a bit..."


Daybreak quickly shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He looked down at Rainbow on his chest


"I said, this is nice...ya know...just sitting here with a friend. I don't really do this with Flutters or anyone else...Oh wait... guess you don't really know who Fluttershy is yet, I'm sure you'll meet her sometime, if you keep hanging with me."

"Friend?...Did she just call me her...friend?...I don't have friends...I don't make friends...I don't want friends...That's the last straw! I can't let this...attachment, with her develop anymore, I've gotta end it right here! Now!"

He looked down at her, stretched out and resting her head on his chest, waiting for the final bell to echo across the campus telling them they could depart for the day.

"Rainbow Dash...there's something I need to tell you..."

She tilted her head up from his chest, and smiled

"Ok...but there's something I wanna tell you first"

"Oh noooo. Please don't let it be what I think it is....I can't do this to her...If she says those words...I'm doomed...literally this time."

"O-ok first? I guess"

She sat up and turned around to face him, she straddled the bleacher she was on and reached her hand down the front of her sports clothes.

"What the heck is she doing?"

She leaned close to him, bending forward as though trying to make him look down her shirt, he averted his eyes. Eventually she pulled out her hand, grasping the lightning cloud necklace he had placed around her neck, in her right hand. She was still wearing it...

She held the bottom in her outstretched palm and showed it to him

"Umm...Well...I wanted to say...thank you...ya know...for saving my life that time...I guess even though I hugged you I never really said it...I really like this by the's pretty...It sparkles rainbow colored whenever I hold it up to the light, and glows green in the dark. Did you do that on purpose?"

He gave a large exhale of relief.

"Oh thank my mother! I thought she was gonna say something completely different...I should be able to do this easily now"

"N-no, I didn't do that on just happened...listen Rainbow Dash...can I tell you what I gotta say now?"

She let the necklace fall to her chest and dangle outside her clothing, she gave him a small smile

"Sure dude, what's up?"

"Now's your chance! Say it! Say you can't be around her anymore! Say she's better off without you! Make her wanna toss that necklace away!"

"R-Rainbow...Dash...I-I think...I...I should..."

The expression on her face seemed to change, it looked as if it was morphing from calm and content, into one of hope and joy

"Yes? You should what...Daybreak?"

"Say it!"


She leaned in close, holding herself up leaning on her hands

"Say it Daybreak"

"Rainbow Dash....You're...the first friend I've ever had...!"

Comparing looks of shock for these two could have made any camera man rich. They both had such an expression change after he spoke, trying to guess what was said would have been impossible. For a moment Rainbow looked disappointed, then her face changed, and she registered what he had actually said. After which her smile broke into a wide-eyed, beaming with toothy laughter, smile! As for Daybreak, he never hated himself more than he did in that moment.

"You fool...y-you stupid, stupid boy! How can you allow yourself to fall like that after the speech you just gave to Twilight about how 'friendship doesn't exist'...honestly...I'm!"

Rainbows hand appeared from nowhere, and grabbed hold of his arm

"Come on Mr.mushy feelings, the final bell just rang! We're free for the rest of the day, time to move in with your totally awesome roommate for the next year, or two! Me!"

She fist pumped the air, as she did the necklace dangled within Daybreaks sight...he watched as the lightning bolt at the bottom gave off a subtle, but noticeable enough, purple pulse of energy. As it did, Daybreak looked into Rainbows magenta eyes and saw a quick flash of deep purple swim across them.

"I can't believe this...what have I done to this poor girl...what am I doing...I can't even...Im sorry in advance Rainbow...I really sorry"

My Drunken Roommate

View Online

Once Daybreak and Rainbow split off from each other, Daybreak said he was gonna head back to his house for a bit to pick up some essentials for moving in. After informing her that he probably wouldn't be in until later due to the distance he had to walk, she and he went their separate ways. As she watched him head for the outer gate, Rainbow was half tempted to follow him home, possibly even convince him to let her see his house. She quickly let the thought go though, she knew he needed some space occasionally. She didn't wanna run the risk of appearing too clingy after only two days of knowing him. So instead she headed back inside the school and made for her dorm room. A nap sounded like the perfect way to kill time until he came back. As she strolled through the hallways, she couldn't help but think about what he had said to her only a few minutes before.

"He said I was the first friend he's ever had...the first friend...ever. Could that really be true? I mean...sure he tries to be a bit off-putting...but to think he's never made friends before. I wonder what his life has been like until now? If it's true then that means he's probably never been with a girl before...never had a girlfriend....maybe even never had a first kiss. Oh my gosh! How freaking awesome would it be if I was his first kiss!? I gotta make him like me first though...I mean...I'm pretty sure he already does, I am freaking awesome and all, and he's just trying to hide it...frustratingly well too. But...I don't know for sure yet...If only Professor Hooves hadn't interrupted me back then! I almost had him confess...something to me...I need to think of a way to make him tell me what he thinks of me, without lying. I could always try a truth potion, but considering how easily he made that piece of rubber track appear in his hands, and the fact he could keep up with me at top speed...he's probably gonna detect something as simple as a truth serum. Still, I might get lucky. An even better way though, would be to get him to be my slave again...then I could make him drink it and he'd have no choice..."

She made it to her floor by now and was unlocking the door to her room. She quickly rushed inside and flipped on the lights. Without delay, she stripped herself of all her clothing, save for the necklace, and stood in front of the full length mirror she had hanging on the back of her door. For obvious reasons, none of her friends even knew she had this, hence why it was hidden, no one ever came into her room so they'd never see it without being behind the door. She couldn't afford to let her friends think she really did care about her appearance...that on the inside...she actually wanted someone to look at her for her looks and as a person, not just for her athletics. She admired how she looked in it, eyeing up her figure from her legs, to her waist, stomach, chest and face. She smiled to herself

"All I gotta do is get him to see this and I'll have him for sure...but...that still feels kinda embarrassing. When he looked at me in the infirmary...I'd never felt so shy before...he kept staring at me...I'm just lucky he bought my bluff about not being embarrassed. I'm kinda relieved I didn't have to take of my bottoms...I don't know if I could have done it. But I gotta find some reason for him to see me fully nude...I can't just strip again...he'd be pretty suspicious...maybe if I let him catch me coming out of the shower...hmm...guess I'll hold off on my shower until later then. He said he'd be back if I can get Twilight or Sunset Shimmer to teach me a detection spell that's really simple, quickly, I can get ready once he comes inside the've never...never wanted somebody to see me like this so badly before."

She ran her hands along her hips and up to her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze and allowing a small moan to escape her lips.

"I wonder...I wonder if he'd enjoy being with me...I don't know...I don't have any experience...maybe he doesn't either...He said he's never had another friend before me...that could also mean he's never had sex...or kissed before."

She felt a shiver run up her spine at the thought, she couldn't help but imagine the perfectness of how she'd feel if he was just as inexperienced as she was, and liked her too. If he wanted her like she did him...

"I mean...I guess that one time with Flutters did count as something...but that was mostly for help her know what to do when she gets a boyfriend...I don't think she ever suspected I had no idea what I was doing...I do fake it pretty good...and she was moaning a whole lot...she clearly enjoyed it. I still don't see how she can't find a boyfriend with boobs that huge...I mean seriously...I sometimes wonder how she can hold those watermelons up in just a wool jacket...It's no wonder I thought I was gay for her for awhile...Seeing her naked, that ass and those breasts...they could turn any girl gay and any gay guys straight...How would Daybreak would react to her...I wish I could understand him better...But...I've never really...I want someone like Daybreak to like tell me I'm pretty, even though I'm not girly...To tell me I'm sexy even though my breasts aren't that big and I have abbs..."

She cupped her chest in her hands. She'd never felt like a B size when she was around her friends, compared to all of them...they made her feel like she had A's instead of borderline C's. She'd seen all of them topless at one point or another...mostly by accident at pool parties...and that one running incident with A.J.

"And how is it that AJ's chest is bigger than mine?! How does that even make sense, let alone fair? She uses more magic than I do picking and kicking the apple trees at her farm, and burns more calories daily...How does she even have boobs at all?!"

The smell of her own sweat and hormones began to invade her nostrils. She quickly checked the lock on her door again, and sat down in front of the mirror, with her legs spread. She tried to imagine what Daybreak would be like if he really was into her.

"He's so much like's hard to tell how he'd treat me. Would he be sweet and gentle because he's inexperienced, or cause secretly he's really is mushy on the inside...or would he be rough and aggressive cause he's been pent up and repressing his urges for twenty two years...I can't tell which I'd like more...ahh..."

Without thinking, she had reached down with her right hand and started touching herself, slowly rubbing her outer lips with her fingers. A small moan escaped her lips, she tried to imagine Daybreak with her

"'s not fair...He's already seen most of my body and I'll I've gotten was him in a burned up shirt...He's practically got a full image to work with...if he's like that...where's I gotta use my imagination....well, I guess there was that few minutes when I saw him get hard through the sheets...but that was hardly something to work with...he was wearing underwear, shorts and covered by a blanket...I can't get a good image from not fair..."

She started rubbing herself a little faster, causing her to widen her legs and let out consistent moans from the floor. She laid her back on the ground and opened her legs as wide as they'd go. She slowly pushed two of her fingers inside herself and started moving them around in small circles, she used her free hand to squeeze at her left breast.

"This...This is how I think I'd want it the first time...him on top of me...looking at me like I'm the only thing that matters...oh Daybreak...I want you so badly...I wanna make you like me...I don't understand it myself...I've only known you for two days...but it feels like an eternity that I've wanted you...I have to know if you...if you...think of me like I do you...I gotta find some way to make you tell me...Do you want more than just a first friend...?"

While she laid there, lost in her own imagination, the necklace dangled off her neck beside her. It pulsed continuous waves of rainbow light around her room, then slowly began to fade to a constant green glow. She opened her eyes from her thoughts, feeling the light through her eyelids, and looked to her side. She noticed the glow and smiled, she grasped the miniature lightning cloud and held it against her chest, not even bothering to wonder what the lights meant.

"Daybreak...I think...I think...ahh~"

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Rainbow Dash! Are ya'll asleep already? Get up! We need to talk, Twilight says it's urgent!"

Rainbow released a low growl, she hated being interrupted...especially when she did this. She just wanted to lay there and think of her crush...was that too much to ask?

"Dammit Twilight! This better be urgent or I'm gonna be pretty grumpy this time...I let it go when you woke me up at two a.m last time, cause you brought me the newest Daring Do book...but this time I was actually enjoying myself!"

Quickly jumping to her feet, she threw her sweaty clothes back on, not even bothering with her bra or underwear, and tossed open the door.

Applejack was standing in her doorway, looking just as grumpy as she felt.

"I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one annoyed at being called out after school again...this better be good Twi...I'm easy to please...but make AJ mad and I think you'll be in trouble."

"So...what's up AJ? What's Twilight need this time?"

AJ plugged her nose almost as soon as she saw her

"Dang Rainbow Dash, ya'll smell like me after a day in the fields...were ya gettin ready for a shower or somethin?"

Rainbow blushed to herself

"Something like that..."

"Y-Yeah...I what's Twilight need again?"

AJ frowned, clearly annoyed

"She wouldn't say...she only said she needs all of us to gather in her room asap for a meeting. She promises it won't take as long as the last time...ya know, with the Daring Do novels being just released in a whole set and all that...She swears this one is important. I reckon it must be, considering Fluttershy looked pretty distraught over something."

Rainbow chuckled and rolled her eyes

"That's just Fluttershy being Fluttershy...But I guess I'll go see what's up."

"Then get back to my plans for Daybreak..."

Shutting and locking her door, Rainbow followed just behind AJ as they headed for Twilights room, two floors above. Rainbow silently smirked to herself as they walked, her mind still on ways to discern Daybreaks feelings

"Two days and he's already told me I'm the only friend he's ever had...meanwhile I'm craving having him take my virginity...I can only imagine what might happen within a week if I play my cards right".


Walking up two flights of stairs , that was no problem. Walking up two flights of stairs while horny and smelly...that's another situation. AJ was convinced it was Rainbows sweatiness that made her reek like she did, which was good cause she didn't wanna have to explain to Twilight what she had been doing prior to being interrupted.

Once they reached Twilights door, they didn't have to knock more than once before Sunset Shimmer answered, wearing red and purple pajama pants and a top, and allowed them inside. She looked sleepy eyed, and just generally tired. It wasn't even that late yet, but her overall demeanor portrayed it like she'd been woken up in the middle of the night. Once inside, Rainbow and AJ saw they were the last to arrive, Rainbow quickly took a seat on a midnight blue seat cushion next to Flutters, while Twilight paced around the room, clearly lost in thought and still wearing her school clothes. Rainbow motioned to Sunset and pointed over at Twilight

"How long has she been like that?"

Sunset shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head awkwardly

"I don't know...since I got into the room, and probably before that even. She hasn't changed out of her it's most likely been awhile."

Rarity, who was a girl with starch white skin, and slightly darker shade of purple hair, bordering on blue, than Twilights, stood up from her seat cushion and walked over to Twilight.

"Twilight dear...we're all here now, you can start."

Twilights eyes shot up from the floor "Oh! Excellent...let's get started right away then."

Rarity resumed her seat on the floor, her midnight blue nightgown fluttering around her as she sat. Twilight took a seat in the center of the miniature circle her friends had formed in her room. Sunset Shimmer seemed to be the only one content to just sit on the bed, rather than the floor. Twilight, looked around the room slowly, her eyes darting with an overabundance of energy to each one of her friends, as though making absolutely sure each one was there. She took a deep breath and crossed her legs before speaking, probably to ensure she didn't accidentally kick one of her friends when she exclaimed her next statement, flailing her arms in an overly loud tone.

"Discords son is here, in Ponyville University!!!"


The question echoed around the room as each one of them slowly registered what Twilight had just said. Each one of her friends faces mirrored a different form of shock or concern. Rarity was the first to respond to her exclamation

"But can that be possible-"

"Yeah, Discord's a big meanie, who'd ever wanna get creamed by him?"

Several of them cringed, Twilight shot a harsh glare at the girl sitting opposite Rarity.

"Pinkie Pie!...Please...language...No body here wants to picture that. And anyways...I never said that he made his son with consent from his partner..."


Again the word echoed around the room, and again, Rarity was the first to respond while Pinkie Pie stuck her tongue out at Twilight and muttered under her breathe

"It was a valid question"

"Twilight darling...when did this happen? How could we just now be finding out someone like...Discord...had a son...and how could he be in this university?"

Twilights face showed a small confliction of feelings for a moment, she gathered her breath once more, and began to speak in a slow and steady tone...though her voice came out shaky on several occasions.

"Well...I have a confession to make to you all...To be honest I've know about his son for over fourteen years...I...I used to know him when we were kids..."

Several gasps floated through the air, from everyone except Sunset Shimmer, who looked unsurprised to hear this, but still concerned nonetheless.

"I knew him back when I studied under Princess Celestia...I was seven and he was eight years old. We studied together for four years straight...and I grew a bit attached to him. Back then I would have said he was my first friend...but he only ever saw me as a rival I guess..."

She clenched her fists, attempting to restrain a building aggression in her voice that her friends did not fail to notice.

"I...I thought he'd grow up to be different than his father. I truly thought he'd be a different person if he was around Celestia for training. Well...In a sense I was right. But he didn't become better for it, he became worse. Instead of being random and chaotic, now he's clever and manipulative. He's charming when he wants to be...and cruel to most people the rest of the time. In my experience, he's very off putting to everyone, but if he wants something, he'll go to any means to get it...and he normally gets it no matter what. He's also very powerful...I'd say he could probably defeat anyone of us on our own...maybe even me and Sunset Shimmer."

After another set of gasps, it was Applejack who prompted Twilight to continue

"But...and just hear me out with this Sugarcube...If he's be gone for all these years, and he's as powerful as ya'll say...Why now? Why is he just now showin up? If he had come out when we battled Discord, he could have defeated us then. What does he want?"

Twilights eyes jumped to the floor, no one but Sunset Shimmer understood why she chose her next words so carefully, but she spoke with extreme caution as she answered.

"Honestly...I don't know...I don't know why he's just now coming to Ponyville, and I don't know what he wants...But I am certain of one thing. Whatever he can't be good...We may have to use the Elements and our friendship to defeat him. Just like his father."


All heads turned to face the small voice sitting next to Rainbow Dash. Other than being in a green nightgown that barely contained her gigantic breasts, there was no reason for this cream colored girl to act surprised that they all turned to look at her after she spoke. Rainbow rubbed her shoulder, the girls facial features looked very conflicted.

"What's wrong Fluttershy?"

She tried to hide her face in her hair the moment Rainbow said her name, but with everyone looking at her, it did little good. So she took a breath and attempted to explain

"'s just...umm...I...We've always used the Elements on bad make them stop doing bad things...and well...I...We've...we've never used them on someone our age before...or someone who we didn't know for sure was evil...It just doesn't feel right to m-"


Twilights hand jumped to her mouth, sealing it shut as all her friends stared at her and Fluttershy retreated into Rainbows arms. Rainbow was less than pleased

"What the heck was that for Twilight, there's no need to yell at Fluttershy like that!"

Twilights face flushed crimson, she slowly brought down her hands

"I'm sorry Fluttershy...I didn't mean to yell like that..."

"I-it's ok Twilight..."

Applejack scooted next to Twilight, and placed her hand upon her shoulder

" exactly do you know he's evil?...Did he do something to you when you were kids?...What happened?"

Twilight pulled her shoulder away from AJ's grasp, looking away from them and up to Sunset Shimmer, with a gaze that begged for help.

"I don't wanna talk about it right now Applejack...and on a similar note...I don't think any of you should approach him either, at least not yet anyway, we can't have him realizing who has the Elements or he might try and separate us."

"Are ya'll at least gonna tell us what he looks like...or his name?"

Twilights eyes shot up to Sunsets, a look of sympathy and sadness was returned to her. Twilight shook her head

"No...Not yet...I still wanna observe him in private, if you all know who he is, you'll start being weary of him. He'll sense that...I don't wanna lose the element of surprise just yet. So me a favor and trust me on this one...ok? Trust that I know what I'm doing?"

Although they all exchanged similar looks of by one they nodded, and one by one they all headed for the door once they realized the meeting was over, as Twilight made no motion to continue speaking. Everyone quickly said their goodnights for the day and left for their respective rooms, leaving Twilight and Sunset Shimmer alone in theirs. Rarity seemed in a rush to get back to her room, as she left Twilight heard her mutter to AJ

"If I still hurry I can finish my latest project before the day ends. Rainbow Dash asked me to fix a necklace for one of her new friends and I do not intend to let her down!"

As soon as the door shut and the last of them was gone, Sunset turned to Twilight, who had begun to strip into her nightgown and said

"Why didn't you tell them who he was? You told me..."

Twilight sighed aloud, more to herself than to Sunset

"I told you because you already made a move on him. You're already taken by his I'm sure he can sense how powerful you are, if he hadn't already pieced together that you were an Element, he knows now. But the others, they suppress their powers because they aren't sorceresses, except for Rarity, so we only run the risk of her being discovered. If I tell any of them who he is, they may approach him and possibly hear his side of the tale. We can't risk that. If any of them start to sympathize with him, they may be unwilling to attack him and then the Elements would be useless...And I think he knows that. Plus, I doubt he'd go around revealing to any random person that he was Discords son, so he probably won't reveal who he is even if they do happen to speak to him. He wouldn't exactly get a pleasant welcome here, Discords armies are still remembered with hatred in Equestria. Sunset, they did alot of terrible things in his name, even if Discord didn't necessarily agree with their methods. This way, I can assure that even if they do speak for a moment, neither side will know the other, and we can still observe him and see what he does without suspicion. He doesn't make friends, so I don't have to worry about him getting close to any of them anyways."

Sunset shifted uncomfortably on her bed

"What about Rainbow Dash? Their race on the track wasn't exactly a secret, nor was the damage it caused...and everyone saw him carry her to the infirmary. He obviously cared about her well being enough to do that."

Twilight actually let loose a shrill laugh and rolled her eyes

"Sunset...To be honest, Rainbow Dash is the one I'm least worried about falling for his charm. She's not exactly an easy nut to crack, plus I'm pretty sure she's gay...remember the whole thing with her and Fluttershy...and their was that running incident with Applejack?...Also, I'm relatively sure he only carried her to the infirmary to make sure she didn't die. A death on his record wouldn't be as easy to get rid of as just his presence at the school would be."

Sunset began to shift even more on her bed, clearly uncomfortable and trying her best not to show it

"Twilight...You make him sound cold and heartless...You've told me what happened when you were kids, and I'm grateful you trust me enough to do that...but I think he might have changed since then. He didn't come off that way to fact, he seemed to feel genuinely bad when he hurt my feelings, and tried to warn me against getting close so it wouldn't happen again. He was certainly direct when he point blank said, and I quote 'I'm kind of an asshole'...So are you sure you aren't just letting your hurt feelings blind you?"

Continuous sighs left Twilight lips as she finished changing and tossed herself onto her bed, she stared up at the ceiling of their room as she spoke, her voice soft but still burning with emotion.

"You didn't know him back then Sunset...There's no way he's changed...He can't change...He only cares about himself..."

"So did I once...and I changed...haven't I?"

Twilight rolled onto her side to look at Sunset, still shifting uncomfortably on her bed, tying to decide the best way to speak her mind. Twilight smiled for a moment

"Sunny...that's're're nothing like him...You weren't raised by just had personal issues with Celestia and took them out us and our town. The half-demon girl who tried to conquer Ponyville all those years ago is gone. All I see now is a beautiful sunset, whose hair shimmers in the light every time she lets it down..."

A very visible blush toned Sunsets cheeks, she looked away from Twilight and partially covered her face.

"You''re doing that thing again Twilight...When you look at me like that I feel like your x-raying me..."

Twilight giggled innocently

"I'm sorry...I can't help it've just matured into an extremely beautiful girl since I've known you. Even though we're the same age, you've always treated me like your teacher since that day you got blasted by the Elements...Maybe I've developed a slight crush on you over the years."

Now it was Sunsets turn to giggle, Twilight blushed her own shade of red and attempted to hide her face like Sunset had

"Well...let me know if that 'slight crush' ever develops more Princess. I'd love to hear more about my 'sunset hair that shimmers in the light'...oh how romantic that sounds"

Twilight threw a pillow at her while she had a giggle fit on the bed

"Hey! I thought it was pretty good!"

"It was pretty cheesy, yes. But it was sweet."

"Your such a butt sometimes Sunset."

"At least mines not as big as yours, seriously girl, those boobs and that butt, how is the rest of you so slim while those are so big?"

Another pillow flew, this one striking Sunset in the face. Several feathers stuck to her hair as it fell away, leaving Twilight in a giggle fit of her own.

Several pillows began to levitate behind Sunsets back, glowing in sea green light. Twilights face suddenly showed fear, while Sunsets showed a smirk

"Oh it's on now Princess!"

"Wait wait! Hold on one second!"


"I gotta ask you something first...then I'll pulverize you ok?"

Sunset shot a small glare at the word 'pulverize', but nodded and lowered the pillows


Twilight sat up on her knees in the bed, and gained a serious look

"So...If it came down to it. Could you do it? Can you use the Elements on Daybreak, knowing full well what they will probably do to him?"

Sunsets face dropped, her smile faded for a moment and was replaced with confliction again. But...after a moment of consideration, she nodded

"Yes...If you're sure Twilight, if you're sure about him. I'll use the Elements against him if you ask me to."

Twilight smiled

"Great! Now that that's over...where were we?"

"I believe I was about to kick your a- OW! OW! OW! OOOH! OWW!"

Several pillows rocketed across the room and struck her in the face, leaving several feathers behind in her hair. Twilight was beside herself

"Oh It is ON!"

Twilight cackled

"Who are you, Rarity!?"

"You're dead meat!"

Pillows began flying in all visible direction, covered in purple and sea green aura.


A two hour walk home, and two hour walk back to school. A two hour walk carrying two bags filled with his "essential items". That was how Daybreak had spent the remainder of his second school day. He walked grumpily through the cool night autumn air, carrying the smaller of the two bags strapped across his back. While the other floated a foot or two behind him, covered in shimmering green light and following him every time he made it more than five feet away. It wasn't that the walk was particularly hard, or that the amount of items he needed put a strain on his back and magic. That wasn't the problem...the problem was how quickly his life had turned sideways in merely two days.

"Two Days! Seriously...what the Tartarus is up with this place...I said I wanted a school that wasn't boring. Suppose that's the 'be careful what you wish for' saying, coming back to bite me in the ass. And then there's Rainbow Dash...a...friend. I can't believe I called her my friend...I can't believe I actually consider her one...and what's worse...I can't believe I'm attracted to her! Uggghh!...Why did I have to go and let her strip half naked earlier...I should've just stopped her, maybe then I'd be able to get her out of my head...That's what pisses me off the most, and now I'm about to live with her...It's like a bad soap opera put on just for me....But yet...I can't help but feel like I'm gonna enjoy being around her. Two fucking days...How did I fall so far in just two days...I'm not supposed to make friends. I'm the fucking son of Discord for Equestria sake!"

He continued his inner argument all the way back inside the campus gates, which proved extremely difficult to get inside. Apparently they were protected with anti-intruder spells after dark. He had to literally argue with the gates to make them open. Each time he tried to touch the gates handle, a weird looking pair of googley eyes, combined with razor sharp pieces of metal for a mouth, would materialize from the gate itself. Then it would instantly tell him "No visitors after hours, please leave now"

To which he would respond

"I'm not a Celestia damned visitor, I'm a student! Now kindly open your mouth, so I can come in!"

To which the gate would then reply

"All students that live on campus are already accounted for, please leave now or face direct action."

After hearing this, he got rather pissed and tried to force the gate open with his hands, probably a stupid idea in the long run, considering the gates "mouth" was part of the handles. So he got bit by the latches on the lock, then received a small lightning bolt to his wrist, which traveled up his spine, instantly stunning him. After he resisted the urge to fall over and puke, the gates voice changed from its deep tone, to a soft, feminine voice.

"Identity confirmed, my apologies, you should have just stated your name. Next time please do so, I'm registered to recognize students by name, but you are new so probably don't know this. I'll inform Ms. Rainbow Dash that her roommate is on his way. Have a goodnight sir"

"Eat a dick...that really fucking hurt..."

"Thank you..." He managed to cough out, he could swear that thing had jumbled his brain for a moment.

After making it inside the campus and locating the dorm buildings, after thirty more minutes of searching. He managed to finally work his way inside the twin, automatic doors, which were all that separated the dorm building from the outside. He had ben expecting some kind of security, like the gate...guess Rainbow hadn't been kidding about the Headmistress not worrying about students having sex in their dorms.

"But seriously...who makes a fucking gate that bites and shocks people when they touch it!? That's just...actually...that's almost exactly what I do with my backpack...Hmm...So that's how that feels...weird."

He was worried for a moment he would have to ask for direction to Rainbows room and floor, once he got inside. But it seemed their was a roster sheet posted along the entrance wall, immediately to the left of the doors once in the building. He scanned down the paper and found Rainbows name, three more floors up at the end of the hall, nearest the windows peering out into the Everfree Forest. He also noticed Twilight and Sunset Shimmers names in the same room together, two floors directly above Rainbows room.

"Guess Sunset must have gotten Twilight to live with her once she figured out I wasn't coming...Guess I probably should have told her...oh well. No point in thinking about it now. Maybe she was already living there and she just wanted me to move in that badly...after all Twilight is her 'mentor'. Either way...probably best to avoid that floor all together...and I think I'll avoid adding my name to this roster for the time need to broadcast where I'm staying."

Grumbling to himself about having to go up three move floors with a heavy suitcase and backpack, Daybreak began his brave march towards, what he considered to be, the certain annihilation of any attempts he had to not get attached to Rainbow Dash. Once at the fourth floor, he made his way down the hall to her door, and gave it a soft, but firm knock knock. After thirty seconds of no response, he repeated his knocks. Once again hearing nothing.

"Maybe she's already is pretty late out now...or maybe she's not in...either way I have to get in. What are the chances she left the door open?"

He jiggled the door handle, and much to his surprise, it opened after a moment of convincing turns. The handle gave his hand a brief shock once he removed his fingers, and instantly closed itself behind him once he and his luggage, were through the door. He heard the lock click into place, then three more.

"Geesh Rainbow Dash...what could you possibly do in here that you need a fingerprint spell...and three locks for?"

He wasn't inside for more than a minute before he heard the sounds of water running, or rather the sounds of running water stopping.

"Oh...that make sense...she must be in the shower...come to think of it, I could use one too. I'll ask after she's done...well...better unpack I guess."

Despite the fact that he saw no spare bed in the room, presumably because she thought she'd be rooming alone at first, Daybreak was still able to set up most of his things. Rainbow had been kind enough to already set up desks with his name on it, and left a small note on the dresser that said

"Make yourself comfy roomie"

"Wow Rainbow...that's actually kinda sweet"

He unpacked quick enough, due to the fact that his suitcase was self packing and unpacking at all times. He merely designated where he wanted each item to go as it floated by, and it was there in seconds, although there were a few instances with some trouble, due to the items trying to set themselves down on empty Cider bottles that were scattered about the floor. He gave a visible shiver at the amount of alcohol she must have consumed since the end of school...there was more than four empty bottle here.

His more, personal, or delicate items, he put away himself. Like his people-eating backpack and jacket, he packed those in the back of the closet, where Rainbow wouldn't accidentally fall victim to them early in the morning, during what was sure to be, a terrible hangover with all the Cider she seemed to have drunk. He briefly heard the sounds of a shower curtain opening from within the bathroom, directly to the left of the entrance to the dorm, but he paid it no mind. If she had taken the time to set up a spell to recognize his fingerprints, she likely heard him come in.

As a small glass jar filled with a purple, jelly-like substance, floated out from his backpack, he grabbed it out of the air.

"You need a more delicate approach I think..."

He slowly set it down on the dresser Rainbow had designated for him, along with a few drawings he had personally crafted over the years. He hated to admit it aloud, but he was actually a pretty talented drawer, with magic at least. Many people assumed drawing with magic to be easy, this was very, very false. It was extremely difficult, the paint or quill, or marker or whatever had to be pictured perfectly in your mind, you had to imagine each stroke of the utensil, and follow it with your mind, while also maintaining a perfect visualization of what you wanted to create, and keep a constant stream of magic flowing to the object creating it. It took alot of mental discipline and he was therefore very proud of it, but still preferred not to show it off. Yet for some reason, he found he had packed and now unpacked every single drawing he had ever made, and they covered his dresser, work desk, and his closet. Most of them were of various times of day, seasons and such. The main fixation being the sunrise, for obvious reasons.

As he finished setting up his bed from the small blankets and pillow he had brought with him, he heard the bathroom door open. Assuming Rainbow would already be dressed, he quickly whipped his head around to greet her...and found himself paralyzed at the sight he found.

Not only was she not dressed...but the towel she should have been using to cover herself was flung over her shoulder like a workout rag. Daybreak found his eyes glued to the sight of her soaking skin, on perfect, glistening display, in the light of her two room lamps, and overhead fan light. Rainbow stood, as paralyzed as he was, and clearly a bit tipsy, clearly not expecting him to be there, in the open doorway to the bathroom. They both found words unable to come to their lips. Daybreak struggled to tear his gaze away from Rainbows absolutely perfect figure, and keep them above waist level...he was failing miserably. For the first time in his life, he found the urge to stare at a girl uncontrollable, and his eyes refused to obey his wishes, choosing instead to dart over every part of Rainbows body and capture the image of it forever in his mind.

When he finally regained control over his eyeballs, Daybreak forced himself to look Rainbow in the eyes, and nothing else. Her face was redder than any of the streaks in her hair, and she seemed to be struggling with mixed expressions of shock and fear on her face. Eventually Daybreak knew he'd have to prompt the inevitable, awkward conversation, they were gonna now have to have.

"Rainbow Dash...I'm sor-"

"Ya know...This really isn't fair at all..."

"W-what? What did she say?"

His blank stare must have said it for him, cause she forced a giggle and said, while slowly picking the towel off her shoulder and tying it around her waist. He noticed she made no attempt to cover her breasts.

"Well...Now you've seen me fully naked...and I haven't even gotten to see you shirtless...let alone...pantsless."

"Ok...major pervert...major major pervert Rainbow Dash...There's no way your guilting me into striping for you, not in a thousand years!"

Daybreak rubbed the back of his head in a shy motion

"Uhh...Umm..yeah...Sorry Dash...I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon, not willingly at least, knowing you that won't stop you though."

She smirked, sitting herself down on her bed and crossing her legs. The towel lifted up a slight bit from the bottom as she did, and Daybreak had to force his eyes to remain in place, and not steal another look at her easily visible lower half.

"You're probably right, if I really wanted to I'd find a way to get you outta those clothes. But ya know, friendship is a give and take man. I may be your first friend, but I'm still gonna expect that, so start stripping."

He laughed, and so did she. Both of them chuckled aloud for a moment, pushing the conversation out of awkward and trying to make it funny

Daybreak, still having a hard time not staring at Rainbows chest, found his eyes darting around the room, so that he could look anywhere but at her. She noticed this with ease, and came down to sit next to him, as he had taken a seat upon the floor to keep from falling over. Laying down on her side and supporting her head with her elbow, she put a finger under his chin, and moved his head back to face her. He found himself unable to keep from blushing, with her chest literally right in front of his face.

"Dammit Rainbow...put those away...I can't think straight with your boobs in front of me like that...I'm still a guy ya know..."

"So...Daybreak...Since I'm your first friend and all...does that mean I'm the first girl you've seen naked?"

"Why must you ask such uncomfortable questions..."

He suddenly wished he could turn himself into a banana, so he'd be yellow instead of this deep tomato red his face now showed. Though knowing how stubborn Rainbow was, she'd probably just peel him and ask again anyways.

" are."

He found her eyes for a moment and could practically see the gears turning in her head, along with the glazed look that came with alcohol. He imagined alarms and siren sounding off at his answer. What scarred him even more, was she was slightly smiling now, and still made no attempt to hide her chest, even when she caught him looking a few times.

"So...that would of course've never had sex right? Ya know...unless you were blindfolded, tied up, or something...right?"

"What the fuck kind of question is that? Tied up or something? What do ya think I am? A freaking bondage nut?"

"Um...No...I've never had sex...with anyone before..."

This time it was obvious, her smile definitely grew bigger at his answer, and he actually felt her magical energy fluctuate for a moment, he hoped that was just the cider making her aura act up. However when the light in the fan spinning overhead went out, and he heard the other two table lamps click off at the same time, he knew he was wrong. Now she was only visible in the light of the moon, which was full tonight, so she was still very visible.

"Whhhhhhhhhhy must you torment my brain with such odd questions Rainbow Dash?!...Why must you make me so uncomfortable...and why must you be so freaking attractive while you do it?"

"Rainbow Dash?"

His voice came out shaky, he was legitimately afraid of where this conversation was heading. He didn't wanna have to hurt Rainbows feelings after they just became friends, just to save himself from getting raped by her overactive sex drive. She gave him a sincere smile, which looked oddly seductive in the moonlight, with her breasts still on display.

"Why are you asking me all these didn't bring me up here just to rape me did you?"

Her face gleamed a look of shock for a second before she burst into laughter

"No no you dork! I'm not gonna rape you. I was just wondering...cause...well...I'm still a virgin too."

"Oh...Ohhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Didn't see that one coming!"

"Oh!" Was all he managed to say.

Meanwhile Rainbow scooted ever closer to him, practically crawling up on his lap now.

"If your breasts get any closer to my face Rainbow...I'm not sure how this could end..."

"I guess...the reason I'm asking is cause...well I've never seen a guy naked in real life. Obviously there are movies and the internet with sex and stuff...but I've never seen anyone like that for real..."

"Oh Celestia, I know where this going! I want the overactive, I'm-larger-than-life-awesome Rainbow Dash back. You're creeping me out here with this other side of're too much like me...guess you don't know that though. Hold the necklace...?"

Staring closer at her chest, though for a completely different reason than before, he noticed the necklace was still around her neck, and it was giving off a faint, purple glow of light every few seconds.

"Aww shit...It's just like with Twilight all over again...except now this one is old enough to rape me if she gets the chance..."

Noticing him bring his eyes closer to her chest, she felt her confidence starting soaring again. He was definitely interested with her body...that was a start.

"Ok...I might as well be straight up about it...I want you to strip...I know how that sounds...but what if I promise not to try and touch you or seduce you or anything you're afraid I might do? I mean, we are roommates, one way or another, I'm likely to see at some point anyways..."

"You haven't enough experience with me yet to be thinking that. I'm a fucking ninja when it comes to changing clothes"

"...So why not now...Ya's only fair considering you haven't stopped looking at my boobs since I came over here."

He froze, his eyes stopping where they were, like child with is hand caught in the cookie jar.

"Dammit's your fault for flaunting them at me like this...not like I asked you to strip naked and parade yourself in front of me...Although...I can't deny...I kind of enjoyed it...but that's not the point!"

"Look Rainbow..." He said, placing his hands firmly on her shoulders, she gave a slight shiver when his skin touched hers, his hands must have been cold.

"I can...understand...your..umm..curiosity...but I've never even made another friend before...I really don't wanna rush this...I'm not saying be quite frank...I don't think I can say no with you dressed the way you are...but at least not right now, ok? You're my first friend...that makes me...I don't wanna ruin it with something like this...I need to think things out in my head first ok...I'm not even really sure if you're just sex crazed, attracted to me, or if it's...something else..." His eyes darted to the necklace once again, still pulsing continuously

Her face dropped in disappointment. It was very visible and she made no attempt to hide it. He almost felt guilty

"Oh get over yourself Daybreak! You're better than this!...Is what I'd like to think...But I just can't seem to do it with her...she makes me wanna be...nice...for once."

He sighed and knew he'd regret his next words, but the sight of her saddened face brought in too many unwanted emotions and memories for him to just sit there.

"Rainbow...If it's any consolation to you...I think you're very...pretty..."


"Pretty?...I'm...pretty...I'm precious to him?...He said I was pretty...pretty what?...Pretty awesome?...Is this...what it feels like to be told you're pretty? I've heard, cool, hot-headed...but never pretty...I like the ways this feels..."

Rainbow Dash leaned forward, allowing the towel to completely fall off her as she did so, and made no attempt to hide herself. She wrapped her arms around his chest and squeezed him tightly. She wanted to squeeze him until he popped, she felt so warm and fuzzy all over. Meanwhile, his body seemed to have gone ice cold the moment she hugged him, but she could feel her body heat warming him. She pictured her warmth melting his heart, so she could get at it easier.

"Nobody's ever called me pretty before...thanks Daybreak."

He chuckled and shyly rubbed the back of his head

"Your a damned liar Rainbow Dash...nobody...oh please..."

She squeezed him harder, causing him to yelp in pain as his ribs cried out for mercy, she glared at him from his chest

"I'm not lying you're the first boy or tell me I was pretty..."

"Oh...really? Thats kinda hard to believe considering..."

Her face lit up with glee

"Oh please let him continue!"

"Considering...? What Daybreak?"

He shuffled uncomfortably in her grip, clearly trying to escape and move several feet away, but she wasn't having it. She squeezed him tighter, causing him to exhale and struggle for breath until he stopped squirming...then she loosened her grip. He did his best not to look at her bare skin, and instead tried to find interest in the spinning fan above their heads. His blush was covering most of his face

"Dash...could you please put on some clothes?"

"Like Tartarus I will! I've got your full attention while I'm like this, no way I'm changing until I've got you drooling over me...or on me...both are fine."

She feigned a pouty face, she sold it pretty well too

"Why? Don't you like my body? Is it cause my boobs aren't big like most girls?..."

"Come me some hormones you stud...I wanna see you get turned on by me again...maybe then I'll be satisfied for now."

As she tightened her grip around his waist, Daybreak did everything in his power, other than actually teleporting away, to avoid letting his eyes wander down her legs. He continued to blush redder than ever

"'s got nothing to do with your body...o-or your breasts...and they certainly don't look small to me...I'm just...Not very comfortable with're plenty attractive...but we just became friends...I can't...this feels wrong...and could you please move your hand from that particular spot...please Dash?"

She giggled, allowing her right hand to roam across his legs and pelvis one more time, hoping to feel him turned on by her. She stopped right above his crotch, even without her magical sense, she could tell he was putting a huge amount of effort into suppressing his body right now. She was so tempted to make a move, with her hands right there, so close. But she resisted.

"Only because you said please...and...I don't wanna force you...force this...I want it to just happen..."

Her face regained her ever recognizable smirk as she slowly removed her hand, but her voice suddenly began to slur as several hiccups began invading her speech. She found it hard to focus as the cider began to really kick in to her system.

"Oh...I'm sorry...*hic*...guess I was looking for something that wasn't there. I *hic*assumed I was rooming with a dude, but I can't *hic* even seem to feel anything down there."

She saw his eyes flash with anger for a split second, and she sensed his magic flare with it.

Even this close to him, she barely heard him mumble under his breathe

"I'll show you how 'there' it is you little succubus!"

"This is to fun. Even he has buttons that can be pushed and toyed cute"

"What was that you just *hic* said?! Was it 'please rape me Rainbow Dash'? I could swear that's what I heard."

His face burned brighter and brighter by the minute, she could actually feel the het coming off his face.

"N-no...I didn't say that! You horny sex demon! Keep your hands and legs...ya know what...forget the rest of that line...just keep your hands where I can see them..."

"Time to go in for the killing blow"

She smiled evilly in his face, cupping her breasts and practically playing with them in front of him.

"What about these? Should they stay 'where you can see them' too? Or have you had enough of me already?"

He stood up quicker than she would have thought possible, so fast that she actually fell on her back and spread her legs by accident! That seemed to be the breaking point for him, when her legs spread in front of his face, he quickly zoomed towards the bathroom, yelling

"Shower! Go now! Be out after I'm clean!"

The door slammed shut almost immediately afterwards.

"And one more for the road."

"Ya know, the best way to *hic* get rid of 'blue balls' is to jack off...need a hand?!"

"STAY THE FUCK OUT THERE YOU SEX DEMON!!!" was the only reply she received

"Glad I've got a sound proof spell on my door, that would have been an awkward one to explain to the neighboring rooms. He's so cute when he's shy...and so easy to mess with, for someone so proud."


"Yeah suuuuuuure! Whatever dude. Remember, cover your hands in soap, it makes it easier to stroke!"

She giggled as she heard a loud yell of frustration, holding her mouth closed with her hands. Until she was able to remove them without bursting out laughing.

"This is gonna be sooooooo much fun...and even more fun once he finally bangs the rainbow outta my's just a matter of how longs he takes to break...or fall for me and do it willingly...that'd be the fact...I think that's what I really want...I'm just doing this cause he's fun to tease."

It took him a whole hour to take his shower, during which Rainbow had plenty of time to think of fun ways to taunt or tease him once he came out. That also gave her plenty of time to try and slightly sober up with tons of water...needless to say, she failed, but she did rid herself of her hiccups, so there was a victory there. She half considered ripping off his towel if he came out in one, and indulging her own desires right then and there...but as before...she held back her lust.

"As much as I wanna have him rock my world...I want him to want it too...which might take some emotional work, instead of just constantly flashing him my breasts and vag...though I still get a pretty good reaction from that too."

In his absence, she looked around the room to see what small changes he made to their space. Other than an overabundance of seasonal paintings and drawings, along with various forms of sunrises, sunsets, and moon phases scattered about his space, everything seemed confined to his desk, drawer and closet. She took the liberty of literally, destroying, the makeshift bed he had made on the floor.

"I'd sooner sleep on the floor myself, then allow him to. Wonder if making him agree with this will take much work...I could just tie him to the bed and then get in with him...either way...even if I have to totally give up my bed and sleep on the floor, he's sleeping in the fucking bed!"

She heard the water turn off and figured she had about five minutes before he stepped out, so she continued observing his drawings. Within the hour he'd been in the shower, she'd only managed to put on some deep blue, pajama underwear, that clung to her tight enough to see a perfect outline of her butt and lips if she bent over in front of him, which she half considered doing. The rest of her body remained bare, and she planned on sleeping that way too. She preferred to sleep naked, but even she knew if she was gonna make him get in the bed, and not try and give it up when she got in too...she'd have to at least have her...lower parts, covered...for now.

She was bent over his desk, examining his most detailed sunrise drawing, it was odd...his best one was not done in paint, but rather, crayon. She continued to marvel, even as she heard the door open and he stepped out, still rubbing his hair with a second towel. She could feel his stare and smirked to herself

"Even you have your weaknesses Daybreak. You may be a hard nut to break, but you've got cracks now, thanks to yours truly. I'll bet your staring straight at my ass"

Deciding she had allowed him to stare long enough, she picked up his best picture and turned around, using it to cover her chest, but keeping the picture side facing him.

"This one is really cool...when did you make it?"

Their eyes met briefly, even he could tell, she was baiting him. Practically daring him to come and take it from her, in just that towel. For a moment, she was afraid he wouldn't bite, for he just stood there...then...he was gone.

Momentarily confused, Rainbow was almost unprepared when he reappeared directly in front of her, showered in green light, and went for the picture. Her free hand flew from her side instantly, and grasped the edge of the towel. His right hand froze on the picture, and her left gently gripped the fabric of the towel.

"Go ahead stud, I dare you."

Both of their eyes locked, she could see the fire burning in his eyes. It must have been what others meant when they said it to her, it was exactly like a fire. Pure emotion behind his gaze, he wanted to challenge her, but knew better. Meanwhile her hand slowly drifted up and over the fabric of the towel, she gently rested it against his bare chest and teased at moving it inside the towel with her fingers.

"Wow...somebody sure works out, or maybe it's all that magic you must use...I can feel your abs right here, or are you just flexing for me?" She giggled aloud, causing him to shiver as her finger nails gently traced his muscles.

With the picture still pressed against her chest, she leaned forward and brought her lips next to his ear, her chest pressed against his, separated only by the picture.

"It would be so easy you know..."

She traced down to where his pelvis was on the outside of the towel, teasing the fabric as if to move it out of the way.

"To just do it...right now. We're both already naked except for a few annoying pieces of fabric and underwear...."

She allowed her hand to explore down the towel, no longer trying to work its way inside, until she found the spot right above his crotch...and gently pushed inwards.

"There...I'm so close..."

She felt him through the fabric, definitely turned on, and definitely not a waste of her time with the size she was feeling. She tensed her hand and practically gripped him through the towel. That was when she apparently crossed the line...he jumped back with a yelp and tied the towel tighter than before. A gift for her eyes if she stared hard enough, but not for her hands.

"Rainbow Dash! What in Equestria are you thinking!?...Calm your drunk ass down!!!"

She blushed a sincere blush, still gripping the picture against her chest

"I'm sorry...I couldn't help it...I'm just so curious...Forgive me?"

She fluttered her eyelashes, attempting to make herself appear as cute as possible, even lowering the picture enough for him to glimpse her dark blue nipples over the paper.

"Curious...I wonder if he still buys that...I'm just so curious...I suppose that's true enough, I mean, I really haven't seen or felt one before...but that time I really just wanted his..."

His gaze softened, and he slowly reached out and took the picture from her, making extra sure not to accidentally touch her as he did so.

"Rainbow...I get it ok...your curious...and drunk...but...try and control that raging sex drive of yours for awhile please...I promise I'll try and sort out my inner feelings ok? But until then, can we just stick to friends? And stop trying to seduce me every five minutes...your body is really distracting, especially with those big boobs of yours."

"He said my boobs are big...but I'm only a B am I supposed to control my lust to bang you on that bed when you tell me everything I've ever wanted to be told by a good looking guy!...Even if you did totally just friend zone me...sort of...I think?"

"I-I'll try...for you"

She could tell her meaning must have at least partially struck him, because he moved with slight discomfort as he placed the picture back in its previous spot.

"For the record Dash...I made this picture about seven years ago, when I officially started living on my own. This was the first thing I saw when I stepped outside."

"And your soooo fucking hot when you talk like you've got some past...I wanna know all your secrets so badly...damn it're like a living tease to my desires without even trying!

"Wow...that's deep dude..."

He chuckled, turning back to face her "Not really...just a bit of sentimentality...Despite my best efforts, and believe me when I say my best, I always seemed to care even when I knew I shouldn't"

If there was a hidden message in his words, she wasn't tuning in on it's frequency. However the next topic of discussion quickly presented itself when he noticed his decimated blanket/bed. He quirked his head and started rummaging through the sheets

"Ummm...Why did you-"

"There's no way in Tartarus you are sleeping on the floor. That's not open for debate, try and argue and I'll fucking tie you to the bed and strip you naked. You get two options here:
1) We share the bed until I can get a second one
2) I'm sleeping on the floor. Pick one"

His chest puffed out as he attempted to think of a way to win this battle. Unfortunately for him, she had spent ninety percent of his shower thinking over this scenario (the other ten was drinking water), and making sure she left no loops holes, no matter what he said, she had a counter. After a minute of fuming to himself, he seemed to concede defeat internally.

"I can't allow you to sleep on the floor in your own room Rainbow Dash...that wouldn't be right."

"Yes! Fuck Yes! I knew it! He really is a keeper if I get him to want me!"

She grinned happily, then gently guided him over to the bed, where she instantly jumped in, destroying any hope of neatness with her pillows and sheets. Then she threw the blankets over him and pulled him onto the bed. She chuckled at him as they both trapped themselves under the sheets

"You have thirty seconds, starting now, to change before I take these covers off. If I see anything that isn't covered, it becomes mine, if you catch my drift."

He squealed with fear and scrambled out of the bed, even through the sheets, unknown to him, she could still see him perfectly through the thin fabric. Sadly, he faced away from her, so she only got to stare at his ass as he quickly pulled on jet black boxers. Thirty seconds went by like lightning and she threw the covers off herself. She was very pleased with the sight. Although the part she craved, was now covered, she got a pretty good outline through his boxers, even if they were a bit loose. His embarrassment was easily identifiable as he blushed tomato red.

She chuckled and grabbed his arm, yanking him off balance and pulling him back into the bed with her. She got right up on his chest and whispered

"Ever snuggle somebody as awesome as me before?"

He quickly freed himself and reversed the hold, pulling her onto her belly and pinning her arms down on the bed, while he pushed her onto her stomach he pressed one knee against her back, holding her down. She made extra certain to arch her rear, giving him a view of her ass as the underwear she wore, pulled against her skin. She giggled at him sarcastically

"Oh Daybreak, if you wanted me doggy style, all you had to do was ask!"

This time, he actually played along, much to her own surprise

"Well, it was you who called yourself my guard dog, and then barked at me, so I just figured it fit."

"Oh please for the love of Celestia, would you fuck me already!"

"Woof woof big guy"

She pushed herself up from the bed, throwing him off her using just her arms, and a small amount of magic. She then, pulled him next to her, rather than continue the wrestle and wrapped her arms around his chest, crushing her bare breasts against his chest, and squeezing him tightly.

"Aren't I just the greatest roommate ever?" She giggled

He chuckled back at her, their faces only inches apart

"Well, you're certainly given me the most fun I've had in years...It' spend time with a...friend like this."

She let go and punched him lightly in the arm

"There you go being all mushy again. I'm your friend, ya don't gotta stutter every time you say the word dork. Also, if you think I'm a good friend...I'm an even better snuggler..."

She opened her arms, tempting him into her warm embrace. Sadly...he turned her down.

"Dash...I can't..."

He turned and faced the opposite way, then slowly laid down in the covers, facing the window instead of her. She felt slightly disappointed...but still remained determined

"I'm not giving up, I'll crack this hard exterior you've got no matter how often you try and push me away. In the end I know it'l be worth it...I know it...Nobody out stubborns Rainbow Dash!"

She scooted closer and gently brought her hands around his chest from behind, her breasts partially pressed against his back as she embraced him. She made her voice come out quieter and more tender this time

"How's this...I-is this ok Daybreak...?"

She felt heat rush to his face, he slowly nodded

"'s're really warm Dash."

"Aw Yeah! Score one for Rainbow Dash!"

She giggled "That's called affection you big dork. You'll get used to it me Dashie...we're close...friends now."

She felt his face burning again, he shivered as her body warmed his cold skin.


She winked and the remaining light from the moon outside, was extinguished with the shutting of the windows and blinds. She gripped her crush as tightly as she could get away with

"Goodnight Daybreak..."

"I love you...One day I'll say it aloud...and you'll say it back...I just know it"

Daybreaks and Nightmares

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"Abomination of nature"

"Do you even know what you are, you worthless trash"

"Your fathers men killed my wife!"

A boy whimpered as the toe end of a boot struck the side of his face, knocking him into the mud and grime of the cold street. It was another typical rainy night in the high end blocks of Canterlot for this young boy.

The child struggled to his feet, muck and grim clinging to his normally green hair. The white streak that was often so visible in his locks, now painted black with the filth of the alleyways. His face showed the bruises and cuts of his beatings from Canterlot citizens, a constant reminder of his worthlessness to the world. As he struggled to remain standing, someone struck him over the head with a cider bottle, shattering it across his face and adorning him with several more cuts and scrapes. When he did not fall from the strike, someone else front-kicked him back into the pavement. His head struck the ground, and dribbles of blood trickled down his chin and head. Another citizen called out from the growing crowd

"You don't deserve to live after what he did to us, you're a freak of nature"

Someone picked him up by the hair, he closed his eyes, attempting to shut out the pain he knew was coming, and hold back his tears. Both were unsuccessful, the pain came, and so did his tears. His vision began to turn red as blood seeped down his eyes, his frail body bounced against the curb of the streets pavement. He looked up, hoping to see the guards, or somebody that would help him. But just like always, no one came, not hid father nor the guards, and he was pretty sure neither would have helped him anyways.

"W-why are you doing this to me?...I didn't do anything wrong...I left my father..."

His voice came out cracked from dehydration and the taste of his own blood within his throat. Another fist struck his face, knocking him back to the ground

"You don't think you've done wrong! The fact you even came back here is wrong enough! Bastard child!"

Somebody kicked him in the ribs

"Rape child!"

A stone cracked against his skull, shattering into dust and causing another slow stream of blood to run down his forehead

"Your sick father defiled our Princess! You're just an insult to her by existing!"

He felt himself lifted off the ground, and slammed against a wall, held there by the scruff of his torn shirt.

"P-please stop this...I'm sorry..."

He whimpered, hoping his pleas would satisfy them. He was wrong.

"Your sorry? Sorry?! You don't know what sorry is you monster"

Several fists found his gut at the same time, and he was sure he even felt a foot strike his ribs. Blood climbed its way from his mouth and splattered across the pavement. He coughed and gasped for air. He wished he'd just pass out now, they always stopped after he fell unconscious. He opened his eyes, and looked into the face of the man holding him against the wall. He could see the hatred burning in the mans hazel eyes. Slowly, just to take his mind off the beatings, Daybreak studied the mans features. His hair was long and black, with two bright yellow streaks traveling vertically down either side of his hair. Daybreak noticed the mans hair was wet with was raining...he couldn't even tell anymore with all the pain and numbness his body felt. He spurted out more blood, his eyes continuously providing him with tears to cry while they punched and hit him.

" me....somebody...I didn't do anything..."

"Shut up! No one would help a freak like you!"

He felt himself momentarily released from the mans grasp, as his feet fell for the ground, he thought he had been spared for the night, but was again, wrong. As his legs almost touched ground, he felt a knee strike the inside of his gut, and the world started spinning in his eyes.

His form collapsed to the ground on his back, a glazed white look appearing in his eyes. He was barely conscious at this point. Somebody spit on him.

"Dad...please someone help me...why won't anyone help me?"

"Because you're the son of that traitor, you should know love doesn't exist for you, stupid brat."

A foot stepped on his face, his nose began leaking blood down his mouth.

"Discord's bad...I know...he's not a good dad...dads are supposed to be nice...they take care of you-aaahggh!"

Someone was stepping on his throat, he felt his body scream out in pain, his lungs burned for air. Another voice spoke with raspy malice near his ear

"I can't stand to hear this brat whimper anymore, let's just kill him and be done with it!"

"We can't!" the voice of the man gripping him before spoke up

"The Princesses have forbidden any citizen to kill him...and you know the consequences..."

"She should be thanking us...we're doing her a favor!"

"Nevertheless the law is the law, and she's been pretty forceful about this one. Remember the last time he almost died...I don't think those two are ever getting out of prison."

Another voice, this one from a female, shrieked with hatred

"If she cares about him so much, why does she let us beat him like this, he deserves to die, not just get kicked around!"

"I heard it was actually her sister who made the law against killing him...before she became the monster she is now...and got banished...but Princess Celestia never repealed the law, so we're stuck with it until she does...maybe she just wants him to suffer"

The boys eyes struggled for the strength to remain open, the Princess was supposed to be his mom, yet she won't help him and let's these people do this to him. Discord, whomever he was, was supposed to be his dad...but he wasn't here to help him...

"I...I have no one...just...kill hate me so much...just please end'd be doing me a hurts so mu-"

A foot found his head, and his eyes lost any hint of consciousness

"I can't stand it when he begs like that...almost makes me think he's a person"

"He isn't. He's a freak of nature, don't forget it. Let's just toss him in the trash where he belongs.

Several hands swarmed around the child's frame and scooped him off the ground. They carried him over to a trash post, but just as they were about to toss him over the fence, into the dump, a voice rang out at them over the howling rain.

"What do you think you're doing!?"

A man with periwinkle skin and rainbow colored hair stepped out from a nearby bar. He was covered from head to toe in a rain jacket, concealing most of his features from the storm. However, many of the crowd seemed to recognize him anyways.

"Get lost. This has nothing to do with you weather tamer!"

The mans hands began to glow a bright blue from within the raincoat. Several of the crowd decided it was better to just be done with it here, and ran before things could escalate, but many stayed. They dropped the child in the mud, on their side of the fence and turned to deal with the man in front of them.

"I'll say it again, get lost. You and I both know what this brat is, he deserves every second of it!"

The man lowered his hood, allowing the rain to wash against his rainbow hair, giving it an odd glimmer in the moonlight

"He's not the one that killed your wife Stratos...let it go. He doesn't deserve that."

"You're just too soft hearted! You never wanna fight when it comes down to it! You have a daughter now, what if it was her or your wife!? What if it was yours not mine!!"

The man shook his head

"My wife is already gone, Stratos. She was in the town square during the I'll never know. To be honest though, I'd probably feel the same as you do if he had done it...but that doesn't mean I would take it out on the poor kid. He can't help who his parents are, how can you justify this?"

The man called Stratos, the one with black and yellow hair, looked back at the boy collapsed in the mud.

"He'll grow up to be just like his father! You know it! Even a weather caster like you should be able to sense all that dark power inside him!"

Again the man shook his head, glimmers of rainbow sparkled light bouncing through the rain as he did.

"He'll only become like that if he's continually treated like this...Discord isn't a threat anymore, there's no one out there to teach him evil. Unless we citizens teach it to him ourselves, think about what you're doing Stratos...I don't wanna call Sergeant Shining Armor...I do have his number."

The man took out a small blue cellphone wrapped in water tight casing. Stratos and the others traded glances. Then one by one, they all began to turn and walk away. As Stratos passed walked by, he turned and yelled back

"This isn't over...He deserves to pay for his fathers deeds!"

"By that logic, he should be praised for his mother's..."

Without another word, Stratos and the others left the man alone with the boy. He quickly darted over and examined the damage the crowd had done.

"Oh dear...this isn't good...I've gotta do some of this now...or they might get their way after all!"

The man ungloved his hands, allowing the rain to wash over them. His palms began to glow in a periwinkle light, the water from the rain clustering inside his extended palms. The water slowly worked it's way around his hands until it looked as though he was wearing gloves made from pure water, then the liquid began to glow brightly. The man placed his hands along the many wounds of the child's body, slowing healing what he could.

The boy's eyes squinted open, raindrops continuing to pelt him, burning his cut up face.

"W-who...who are you mister...?"

The man looked up, his golden rimmed eyes meeting the boys green

"I'm a friend...I'm trying to help you."

" a love...I'm alone"

The mans face cringed in child should utter such words...

"You can't be alone. Somewhere out there, someone always loves you, that's what happiness is made out of you know. The love of others welled up inside you and swimming through you. At least...that's what I tell my daughter, I'm not sure she listens though...hehehe"

The child did not return his awkward laugh, instead he merely stared up as the falling rain stung his many wounds

"I've never felt...happy before...No one must love me then..."

"What's your name young man?"

The child brought his head down to face the mans golden eyes once again, he saw his rainbow colored hair sparkle in the moonlight as the water slowly crawled along his locks.

"My name's Daybreak..."

The man smiled

"Well, I'm Rainbolt, and I promise I'm gonna help you."

For a singular moment, hope, pure hope, filled the child's eyes.

"A-are you gonna take care of me...I'm really hungry..."

A pained expression flowed across Rainbolts face, he clearly struggled with his answer

"No...I'm sorry I can't take you in. It's forbidden by the Princess that any citizen take you in..."

The glimmer of hope in his eyes vanished quicker than it appeared, he looked back up at the rain.


Rainbolt quickly rushed to try and rekindle Daybreaks momentary spark of hope

"But...I can take you to the orphanage outside the city...there's no law against that. You'll be cared for and fed there, I promise I'll make sure of that. Ok?"


The glimmer that had been there, did not return to his eyes, nevertheless Rainbolt felt this was the best he could do.

"I'm sorry, truly I am sorry for you...if it wasn't forbidden I'd take you in and you could become friends with my daughter...I'm sorry...but I do have some bread I can give you for food until we reach the orphanage."

He took a whole loaf of wrapped bread from beneath his raincoat and handed it to Daybreak.

"I was out grocery shopping...I was planning to use this in my daughters lunch, but I'll just get some more, I know you need this."

Daybreak unwrapped the bread and began devouring it ravenously.

"Thank you..."

"Your come along, let's get you to the orphanage."



Rainbow Dash laid next to Daybreak, her palms placed against his chest as he whimpered in his sleep. It was all she could do to lay there and listen for the past 45 minutes without finding tears in her eyes

"No...please...I'm sorry..."

"Why...what did I do..."

" me...somebody please help me"

"I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna lose it if I have to hear another minute of this!"

She sat straight up and scooted close to Daybreak, grasping him by the shoulders and pulling him onto his back while frantically shaking him. She desperately needed him to wake up, now!

"Daybreak? Daybreak! Wake up!...Please wake up, it's just a nightmare...its just a dream!"

She knew he was anything but dreaming. No one screamed and cried like that over dreams or nightmares.

"Daybreak...what happened to you?"

She gave up on shaking him and instead welled up all the magic she could muster in her sleepy state. She forced it onto her skin and wrapped her body around his, embracing him in a tight hug. She forced him to face her and hugged him tightly, resting his forehead against hers

"Please stop crying...please stop heart can't stand to see you cry...I feel like I'm dying on the inside."

Her necklace dangled over her exposed breast, lingering on her heart and gleaming a bright shade of green. It pulsated violently as it touched Daybreaks skin, shinning so brightly it illuminated the entire room in eerie green light. Rainbow noticed this and held it tightly against her chest

"Please! Help him."

As if responding to her wish, the green light within the tiny lightning bolt stopped flashing, and slowly began a constant shine. Then, slowly, the light began to move outwards from the necklace, and towards Daybreaks chest. She watched as a tiny ball of light floated right above his heart...and slowly moved inside of his chest. The room was immediately returned to pitch darkness, but there was also silence. Daybreak had stopped whimpering. Rainbow activated one of her desk lamps with a small wink from her eyes, and looked at his face. Tear lines had practically burned there way down his face...they literally left streaks where his tears had run...but now he was quiet, and his tears stopped. Rainbow smiled and snuggled into his chest.

"I don't care if he get upset with me when he wakes up...he needs some serious hugs right now."

A small sound escaped Daybreak's lips, Rainbow immediately feared he had started another nightmare...but then he spoke again.


Her face flushed, the lamp went out in her surprise

"Oh my gosh...he's"

Even in the darkness she saw the small smile form on his lips. Every instinct in her body urged her lips forward to connect with his...but she resisted the urge.

"No!...I won't steal his first kiss from him! I want him to want me to take it...He needs to want it...or it'll be worthless."

Rainbow felt hands slowly wrap around her waist, she squealed in surprise. Looking down, she saw his arms had wrapped around her in a tight embrace. She sought his eyes, begging for them to be open and looking at her...but she was met with disappointment.

"It doesn't matter...this is the warmest I've felt in my whole life...never let me go Daybreak..."

She snuggled and embraced him throughout the rest of the night, happily falling asleep against him until the morning.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiiiiiing!

The next morning came with the sounds of a fire siren going off next to Daybreaks ears, interrupting the most comfortable sleep he could ever remember having in his life! He attempted to smoother his head from the sound by hiding under the pillow. He was still unwilling to open his eyes, his own alarm hadn't even gone off yet...and he had personally set it with enough time to give him half an hour to get ready and eat before his classes. The siren buzzed, and instead of stopping like most standard alarms did after a time, it only increased in volume.

"Fuck you, you stupid bell...I'm sleeping in..."

That resolve only lasted him another few seconds, before he became fed up with it. Sitting straight up, with his eyes glowing purple with rage, he slugged his arm forward and rocketed a green fireball towards the source of the unbearable noise! A second later he was met with the satisfying sound of moving parts exploding...and then there was silence...sweet sweet silence. For about ten seconds...Then he heard giggling next to him.

He looked on the other side of the blankets, and saw the smiling face of Rainbow Dash, still half naked from the night before, giggling away at his frustrated features.

"Wowy wow wow dude...Even I never blew the thing up before...I might have tossed it out the window once or twice...but I never set it on fire. Cool flames by the way...I do need that back in one piece though."

Daybreak had momentarily forgotten he had been sharing a bed, and replayed the memories of the previous night in his head.

"For a second there...I thought we had sex last night...seriously Dash...put some damn clothes on for a change."

He blushed slightly at the sight of her extending her limbs in a morning stretch, not seeming to give a damn how much of her skin he saw, and he saw quite a bit. Giving himself a reason to look away, he looked back at the smoldering, former noise maker. He waved his hand nonchalantly, then watched as the scraps of metal jumped to life surrounded in green aura, and began piecing themselves back together. Once it was back to its original shape, Daybreak saw the object he had destroyed (with a vengeance) was nothing more than an old, standard alarm clock. Granted it was in the shape of a rainbow colored lightning bolt coming out of a storm cloud, but other than that there was nothing special about it. It just looked like a standard alarm clock...he hadn't seen such an old looking thing in a long time.

Rainbow, now finished stretching in the bed, flung herself onto his back, making extra sure to press her bare chest against his back.

"Hey dude, ya wanna know what the best thing to do to wake up in the morning is?"

"Can't you control your libido for like...five fucking seconds...geez..."

"We're not having sex Rainbow!"

He heard a giggle from his back

"I was talking about getting a cup of coffee..."

"Like shit you were..."

"...But I guess your minds still on your dreams last night, isn't it?"

Daybreak froze in the bed, afraid to turn and look at her face

"Oh sweet Luna...did I talk in my sleep?...Please for the sake of all mercy...tell me I didn't! OK let's see...what did I dream about last night..."

"W-what do you mean...I don't have a clue what you're talking about..."

The stutter in his voice was like an announcement of guilt. Rainbow crawled right up to his chest, breasts dangling within easy view and gave him a sultry look.

" don't remember what you dreamt? Well I was awake to hear quite a bit...want a play by play?"

He frantically shook his head, terrified of what he might have said or dreamt about that could make her grin like that. Her grin widened into an evil smirk

"I believe it went something like 'oh Rainbow...oh Dashie....Rainbow..Dash...' and then you tried to make out with the pillow"

Tomato seemed to be a common color for his face the past couple days, because it was back again. He was reduced to stutters under her evil grin

"T-that's n-not're just m-messing with me..."

The look on his face was pure terror, he was literally terrified. Rainbow thought it was the cutest thing in the world

"Yeah, you're right...You didn't try and make out with the pillow..."

He sighed with relief

"Phew...I knew it..."

"...But you did moan my name...and called me Dashie...that's a cute pet name, I think I'll keep it"

"Aww Fuuuuck..."

She didn't even allow him to think of an excuse, she just wrapped her cold hands around his back, embracing him into a affectionate hug. His internal discomfort meter screamed to life!

"Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy are you hugging me!? I told you how this makes me feel...sort of...You're too warm and too cute and too comfy to be pulling this shit on me this early...let goooooooooooooooooooo!"

She snuggled her face into his chest, sending heat flying up to his cheeks

"I must be an amazing snuggler to make you moan like that huh?"

"W-what? Is me a way out of this? Or is she just dense?

"Y-you were snuggling me?...I...I told you I didn't wanna snuggle...Why'd ya do that Dash?"

He tried to make his voice sound upset, but with her acting so adorable as she snuggled herself in his chest, he found it impossible. She looked up at him, her face holding an odd amount of compassion...and...pity?

"Because...that wasn't all I heard you say last night Daybreak..."

"Dear Luna what did I do!? I'm sleeping with a fucking muzzle from now on!"

"What did you hear Rainbow?"

Her embrace tightened and she crawled her head up to eye level with him, she was so close he could smell her shampoo from last night. She smelled like strawberries. Without any warning she leaned forward. Daybreak almost yelped in fear, he swore she was about to kiss him, and a million thoughts ran through his mind...but he was ashamed of the first one.

"Please...just let her do it..."

Luckily for him, she did not. Instead she leaned up and kissed his cheek. Then, before he could react and yell at her, she grasped his face, forcibly turning it to the side...and kissed the other cheek. Then she brought her lips to his forehead, and kissed him there as well. When she lowered her gaze back to his, her eyes looked slightly wet. He wasn't sure what to do...

"You...were crying."

"No...she heard that dream...that memory"

"Rainbow I-"

She held up a hand, silencing him.

"What happened to you...don't you dare lie...tell me...just who are you?"

"What does she mean 'who am I' did I mention my father in my sleep?...I gotta be careful...if she finds out...I'll lose the only friend I've ever had...strange...a few days ago...I might have just told her to make her hate me in this situation...then again...a few days ago this situation would have never happened...I need to treed lightly here."

"Dashie...What do you mean 'who am I'...what are you asking?"

Rainbow wiped away any hint of water in her eyes, refusing to allow him to see any weakness on her. She pulled together a strong and confident look.

"The things you whimpered last night...I...I've never heard someone cry like that was like you were a child or my heart to hear you in so much pain..."

"What do you did it hurt your heart...what does that even mean? What are you trying to tell me Dash?"

"I...I wasn't dreaming Rainbow...but I really don't wanna talk about's very personal-"

"YOU DIDN'T HEAR YOURSELF...I DID!....Please Daybreak...just do this one thing for me...I'll do anything it takes...just please tell me..."

"Anything?...Why would you make yourself so vulnerable...that's not like you Dash..."

"Rainbow...I've never talked about this with anyone before."

There was so much of him that wanted to come clean, to tell her everything and share his very soul with her. It was a feeling, a need he had never felt before. Like he wanted her to understand him. No one else, just her. But he knew the consequences of his wants and one could love the son of Discord. That had already been proven to him multiple times. He couldn't allow her to know who he was...he wanted this...this last. Even if he had to hide himself from her forever. He felt so contradictory after everything he had said to Twilight. But he had never felt like this before, he had never cared about anyone like this before. He'd never felt...happy to be alive. It was like life was suddenly...almost worth living...if only just to understand this wonderful girl who had saved his laugh with her, and compete with do all things he never once dared to fantasize about. To have...a friend.

He looked straight into her eyes, her magenta eyes, he saw a glimpse of purple behind her pupils as the necklace started glowing again. He had to tell her the least part of it. With a deep breath...he ventured out past his comfort zone, on his own.

"Rainbow Dash...I've never shared this with anyone...I want you to understand that. No one else...this is only for you to know...Ok?"

"Ok..." She practically breathed out the word, so soft and low he almost didn't hear it.

"And...Since you said you'd do about no sexually teasing me on purpose, for a whole month. A full four weeks of no, dropping your pants in front of me, flashing your breasts, sexually trying to touch me or do anything like that ok?"

Her face dropped so quickly, it was like a submarine dive. Her expression was utter...poutiness

"Why?!...That's so not fair!...That's how I have the most fun with you! Teasing is thing man! That's not cool dude!"

Daybreak found a smile creep onto his face despite his best efforts to restrain it. Her voice sounded so pitiful and cute in that moment, it was just too funny. He couldn't hold back the teasing in his voice

"Rainbow-fuck-the-sound-barrier-I-run-on-wind-Dash can't think of another way to have fun with her friend? Dang, guess I misjudged you."

"Hey...fuck you dude...that's not fair...we just met, I don't know all the things you like to do yet."


"We just met, yet your already taking off your pants for me? You don't strike me as the easy type Dash. What's that say then?"

She was silent for several seconds, a neat blush forming along her cheeks.

"...fuck you..."

"You tried all of yesterday...and yet I'm still a virgin. Guess that means I win...Oh and by the way, your no-sex-teasing, starts now if you want me to tell you."

Whatever retort Rainbow had prepared, she swallowed it, and glared at him hatefully

"You're a jerk...but...fine I guess...only a month right?"

He smiled sinisterly "Yep, one month starting today."

She narrowed her eyes, then softened her gaze "Fine...start talking then...what happened to you Daybreak...why were you crying in your sleep?

Daybreak took a deep breath, preparing himself once again

"Well...Dash...lets just say I-"

"No! No 'let's just say', that's not part of our deal. Tell me exactly what happened..."

He gritted his teeth, he wasn't sure why...but he suddenly felt angry, very angry...not at Rainbow Dash, but angry in general. Like forcing himself to remember those details of his life, caused him bitterness in his mind.

"I didn't have an easy childhood Rainbow. In fact...I'd be confident enough to say my life as a child was the worst anyone could live..."

"W-why's that?"

Her voice was coming out soft now, no hint of aggression or her usual bravado...just purely compassionate. He almost felt sick in his stomach...he hated when people pitied him. He took a deep breath

"As a boy in Canterlot, I had no home, and no parents to watch over me...I was called a bastard child from day one...and beaten by the citizens almost daily...sometimes, actually most of the the point of unconsciousness. "

Daybreak watched as her fists clenched at her sides, she forced herself to lean back on her elbows in the sheets, to keep from shaking.

"Why? Why would people treat you like that?"

" mother 'kicked me out' at birth I guess you could say. She never wanted to have me...I wasn't planned, and her and my father were never married...I don't think they were ever even together. I'm pretty sure nobody who knows him, ever held any love for the man. Whatever series of circumstances led to them hooking wasn't about romance...and I'm pretty sure it was only for one night..."

Rainbows hands were shaking now, despite her leaning back on her elbows to steady them, there was obvious anger rolling off her. Daybreak could literally feel it coming off her like the calm before a storm.

"Who...What mother could be so cruel as to abandon her child at birth...without even sending you to an orphanage...who leaves a baby out on the streets..."

She looked up at him. She stared him dead in the eyes. He saw them burning with rage and sadness, purple aura literally swarming through her vision while the necklace around her neck burned bright green. Daybreak was momentarily afraid for his own, and her own, safety.

"Maybe I should get her to take that off for awhile...I'm pretty sure it's messing with her head..."


He refocused on her eyes, still brimming with liquid sadness and rage.

"Yes Dash?"

"Who was your mother?"

"No...Rainbow no...You can't ask me that..."

"Rainbow...please understand...I can't-"


He almost squealed in fear, no one raising their voice at him had ever caused him such discomfort before. Even when Twilight had been destroying the room around him while she yelled, he hadn't feared her...but Rainbow Dash. He was afraid to make her angry...and he knew she was angry, in that singular moment...beyond all reason. He had no choice. He shut his eyes.

"Forgive me..."

"Princess...Celestia...she's my mother"

Even with his eyes closed, he felt the air in the room shift. Rainbows magic was beginning to spiral throughout her body and roll of her in waves. The air in the room quickly became heavy, humid, and hard to breathe...he felt like gasping for breath. He almost choked on the moisture of his inhaled air.

When he finally opened his eyes, expecting to see hers glowing with rage...he instead saw...shock...disbelief. He waited for her to speak...he was left waiting for several moments...until...

"You're have to be...don't...don't screw with me Daybreak...!"

"I figured she'd react this way...Even Rainbow Dash, has trouble excepting her perfect princess is capable of such things..."

"I knew you wouldn't believe me..."

His voice echoed with repressed sadness, which Rainbow instantly picked up on. He had wanted her to believe him instantaneously, even if it was something extreme like this. She quickly reacted

"No...I believe you...I's except that Princess Celestia would do that to her own child...I didn't even know she had a son..."

"Most people don't...she did a very good job in making sure of that!"

He couldn't keep the bitterness from seeping into his voice, Rainbow felt a surge of regret well up in her. How could she have not believed him, even for a second, it was clear he was hurt on the inside by this. She knew he wouldn't lie about something so serious. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she gave him an affectionate rub. He didn't react to it, but he didn't try and stop her either.

"Does anyone else know Celestia has a son? Princess Luna? Princess Cadence? Anyone?"

Daybreak snorted, he no longer tried to hold back the vice in his voice.

"Almost every adult in Canterlot at the time knew, or does now, including all the royalty. But it was kept very hush hush...I'd be surprised if anyone outside of Canterlot knows, and anyone inside won't talk...well except for her oh so prized pupil..."

"Shit...that last part slipped out...I didn't mean to say that..."

He saw the gears turning inside Rainbows mind, he hoped she was still too drunk from the previous night to think straight, and he severally hoped she didn't know who he was talking about, if she did, he hoped they weren't on speaking terms. Rainbow seemed to hesitate before saying what she said next

" don't have anything to be afraid of anymore Daybreak...especially from me..."

"What makes you think I'm afraid of any-"

She practically launched herself at him from the sheets, and although she actually managed to keep her boobs covered for once, he still felt the fact that she practically tackled him onto his back to be a violation of the agreement they had just made moments ago. But he didn't feel like mentioning it right then. Rainbow squeezed him tightly in her warm embrace

"You don't have to worry anymore Daybreak...because...I'll make sure you're never treated that way again...I'll fill your life up with happiness and friendship so you can forget everything wrong that was done to you...I still...find it hard to believe that the princess would do something so horrible to her own son...but I trust you. Wanna know why?"

"If anyone else had said those words to me...I might have vomited...happiness and friendship...oh please...but somehow...when you say it...I wanna believe in it...just a little."

He felt her hug him tighter, for once he felt no seduction or ulterior motive behind it...just a pure warm hearted hug...he felt like he was melting inside.

"W-why's that Dash?"

She leaned her head back, the blanket still partially drooping across her hair, giving her an oddly cute bed head. She answered him with a bright, beaming smile

"Because I'm an Element of Harmony! Bet ya didn't know that did ya? Friendship is what we specialize in...I just happen to be the awesomest of them...I'm the element of Loyalty, I'd never abandon a friend! And..."

She blushed slightly as she spoke her next words

"And...I think I found someone I'd like to be loyal'll make sure you're happy forever...from this day forward. I swear it by my element!"

His mind had gone to static.

"Rainbow Dash is an Element of Harmony...all this time...for two days I've been with her and never sensed it!? The power to kill me, sleeping right next to me all last night! How could I not have sensed it?...Maybe that's what all that latent power within her is...maybe I did sense it and just didn't recognize it...and...what she just said to me...that was the nicest...most kind hearted thing anyone has ever said to me...You said you'd make sure I was happy forever...I don't know how or why...but I believe you...I've never wanted to be with someone before...but Rainbow Dash...I've stolen my heart...even if you are technically an enemy...I think...I think I don't care anymore...I think...I don't care about anything else...I almost want to believe you'd except me if you knew the truth...but I know better."

He barely knew what to say. He was at a loss for words. Rainbow smiled up at him from the sheets

"Did I sound too mushy there? I guess deep talk is kinda your thing isn't it? While being fucking awesome, is my thing, oh and teasing you...well not for another month at least."

"One month...Yeah...That's plenty of time for me to decide...Rainbow Dash..."

She gently knocked on his forehead

"Helloooooooo anybody in there, earth to Daybreak...don't make me flash you again!"

He shook his head, wrenching himself away from his thoughts, and grasping her hand as she knocked on his head again.

"I'm awake you dork, and I heard you...I don't know what to say Dash. No one's ever said that to me before."

She thrust her free hand out and pointed her it back towards her chest.

"That's cause you've never met anyone remotely as cool as me!"

He chuckled aloud

"Yeah...that's true enough...How about we get dressed so we aren't late for school hm?"

"Oh yeah...we have that don't we..."

"'re cute even when your a complete dork."

"You dork"

She turned around on the sheets, preparing to dismount the bed and retrieve her clothing

"Hey...fuck you man...I was distracted devoting myself to your happiness, your welcome by the way jackass...Hey!"

She literally jumped out of the bed as she felt hands wrap around her waist, just above her pants line, colds hands at that. She turned her head back and saw him hugging her

"What the...?! Umm...What are you doing?"

He grinned up at her, then released her waist

"That was my thank you hug, sorry if it sucked. I've never given one before."

She raised an eyebrow and slowly extended her hand, helping him out of the bed so she could fix the sheets.

"You've never given a 'thank you' hug?"

He responded by helping retrieve their clothes from the previous night and tossing them in the laundry bin by the door.

"I've never given a hug at all."

" are in dire need of some serious affection...just wait until this month is over..."

He turned and winked at her playfully "I can't wait."

He took great joy in the blush that jumped to her face.

"I'm not the only one whose easy to tease Dash, don't forget that."

The rest of their morning was spent finding clothes to wear for the day, and finding a way to change without accidentally flashing each other. Since she was unable to do anything to him for a whole month, Daybreak saw no harm in making her squirm a bit. He 'accidentally' dropped his towel once he took his morning shower, but retrieved it just as she turned around, before she could see more than his ass, and gained the biggest annoyed look he had seen from her yet. Once they were dressed and ready, they grabbed their bags (Daybreak warned Rainbow about his backpack in the closet before she could find out the hard way) and headed down to the cafeteria for breakfast.

On the way down, Daybreak took a glance at Rainbows choice of clothing. She wore short, sky blue athletic shorts and a white tank top with her standard rainbow mark across it. For once it seemed like she had chosen to wear a bra he couldn't see just by looking at her shirt, which was a nice change. This allowed him to marvel at the rest of her body without being distracted. While he stared at her, he began to realize that among the two of them, Rainbow was the only one with, what most people would call "fashion sense". Her clothing tended to compliment her figure or her eyes or even her hair, or just worked well with her overall. Where as his...well he just wore what was comfy, like today, he threw on another pair of plain black sweat pants and a long sleeved black shirt, with a sunrise across its back. It seemed neither of them needed to comb their hair in the mornings, as both of their heads looked the same as the night before without trying.

Once reaching breakfast, although she no longer flirted with him, she forced him to follow her everywhere. She even tried introducing him to her friends, Fluttershy and Derpy, while they ate. She introduced him by name and as her friend, which both Fluttershy and Derpy seemed to take to mean something more, cause they kept making 'daaaaaaaw' noises at them whenever Daybreak would run to get Rainbow food. He was just trying to be polite, but apparently that's not what they thought. He frequently found himself saying or doing stupid things throughout the meal, trying to get the whole "friend" thing down.

He'd talked to people plenty before, but never on a level where he was trying to get to know them, just to know them, without any ulterior motive. This was new for him, and extremely awkward. Luckily Rainbow gave him tips and pointers quietly along the way. She frequently leaned to his ear and whispered what to say next, or how to respond without seeming like an ass.

For the most part, Daybreak at least got to know Derpy...sort of. All he really learned was that she loved muffins, was extremely kind hearted and generous to others, was a weather magic caster, and she had cross eyes. They did not take away from her looks though, and Daybreak actually managed to compliment her eyes by saying they added to her cuteness. Rainbow was absolutely giddy when he made Derpy blush with happiness and run off to class. Speaking of her looks, Derpy had a gray skinned complexion, and short blonde hair that brought out the golden color of her eyes. She seemed to prefer light brown shorts and plain white t-shirts as her primary means of clothing. Rainbow frequently had to remind her to tighten her bra straps...and then do it for her, as she had apparently not done so correctly. Daybreak almost felt guilty when he attempted to discern this girls chest size, it was all to get a perfect image of anyone he met...but still...for once it felt wrong. This girl was just too innocent to even look at her chest...nevertheless...he ended up finding out anyways (C's). As she left the table after he complimented her eyes, she tripped and fell forward, spilling her tray, and herself, onto Daybreaks lap. She managed to position her fall so that her chest practically squished him against the floor, and he quickly squealed for Rainbows help.

Needless to say, Rainbow got extremely defensive and immediately scolded Derpy to be more careful about her walking, and, on a more uncomfortable note, told her that she wasn't allowed to flirt with Daybreak. Although he was pretty sure Rainbow hadn't meant for him to hear that part, it was funny nonetheless.

As for Fluttershy, she was a different story entirely, Rainbow practically encouraged her to flirt with him. Apparently, if she was like a sister to Derpy, then to Fluttershy, she was her relationship advisor. Throughout the remainder of breakfast, as Daybreak attempted, and he had to stress 'attempted', to get to know her, all Rainbow tried to do was get Fluttershy to practice asking him out. Rainbow used him like a practice dummy for just about everything involved in, as she called it "successfully hooking a good one", but the moment Fluttershy mentioned practicing a kiss, Rainbow did a 180 and point blank refused without compromise.

Fluttershy's appearance completely contradicted her personality. This girl was the living definition of sex appeal. Her breasts jutted out of her green wool jacket so far, Daybreak was certain she couldn't see over them if she looked down. D's didn't even begin to describe what was on her chest, Daybreak was able to instantly understand if Rainbow had ever thought she was gay for this girl. Were he not completely uninterested in girls, save the one clutching at his arm every five mintues, even he might have found it hard to keep his eyes on her face and not her boobs. Everything about her form screamed "fuck me 'til I can't stand". Moving past her giant boobs, Daybreak noticed she was wearing a flowery green skirt, with pink butterflies scattered about the cloth. The skirt was long enough to fully hide her rear, but Rainbow assured him in private her ass was, and he shivered having to repeat the phrase even in his mind, "juicier than Twilights" implying she knew alot more about the school magic nerd than she was letting on.

As for actually getting to know the girl, other than the obvious fact that she was single and Rainbow was doing absolutely everything in her power to change that, he really didn't get to learn that much before she scurried away. The most important thing he learned, was that she was another of the Elements, Kindness. Even with only spending a short breakfast with her, Daybreak could tell her element fit her perfectly. She had not uttered a single unfriendly or insulting thing the whole time, and when she thought she had, she apologized profusely. He had suspected her as an Element before Rainbow told him at the table, for he was now constantly sensing around for powerful, latent magic, that was similar to Rainbows. Fluttershy was similar, but only in the hidden aspect. Her primary magic felt very odd to was like trying to read another language. When he briefly inquired what her magical specialty was, she was very shy to answer. However eventually Rainbow divulged the secret...she could speak to animals!

Using her magic, this girl had the power to communicate with almost any living creature without ever needing to learn their language. Adding onto that, she was also naturally gifted with tending to woodland creatures, even the ones inside Everfree. The final addition to his complete respect...and slight fear, for this girl, was Rainbow revealing that, during one of her "darker" moments, Fluttershy had also shown she had the ability to not only speak to animals, but control them as well. But to do so she had to make eye contact. Apparently she even controlled another person with her "stare" once. Rainbow said she made sure to never do anything to piss off Fluttershy since then. Apparently the experience had been beyond horrifying.

After the brief meeting with Fluttershy, and several failed attempts to make Fluttershy try and pretend to 'ask him out', Rainbow finally gave up and dragged him to class. Of course by that time, they were nearly late and being caught was practically inevitable.

More Than A Simple Duel

View Online

Finding his way around the school grounds had quickly become an easier and easier feat, mostly by necessity, and partially with help from Rainbow Dash. She had recently snuck him a map that showed every portal in the school and where it led, at all times. He would have preferred that the map show the locations of all the students too, but such things only seemed to exist in movies...right?

Either way, he was surprised to learn that the portals inside the school actually changed after hours, transporting students to a variety of places off campus...many of which would have been helpful to know beforehand as a few of them came out at remote ends of Ponyville that would have made his walks much easier. He was thankful for the assistance anyways and was glad to have the map, it would keep him from wondering about aimlessly between classes.

Speaking of the classes, the mornings seemed to drag by, slow and monotonous. He was literally bored for a straight two hours before the bell finally rang to release them from the second study hall that morning. Ms.Cheerilee had opened up his first class with a speech about the economics of Equestria's market, which he of all people, needed no lessons in. Being the son of the very man who specialized in disrupting that very thing had it's advantages. So he spent the better part of that class thinking to himself about Rainbow Dash, and his still unsure feelings about her. After being released to the second class of the day, Daybreak found himself in possibly his least favorite class, even after only two days...Mathematical applications to Magics...with Mr. Dusk. The class was as boring as it sounded, as was the teacher.

Mr. Dusk was one of those teachers that, no matter how hard he tried, or how entertaining he tried to be...the very sound of his voice would lull you to sleep. The man could have spontaneously combusted in the middle of the classroom...but the mere sound of him voicing it would have guaranteed that everyone fell asleep before helping him. He sported a full head of dark purple hair, but it was clear to anyone who looked closely at him, that there were several spots beginning to gray with age. The man made no attempt to hide them either. His eyes always had bags under them, giving the impression he rarely slept, which was odd considering he could have stood in front of a mirror and simply talked himself to sleep. His clothes varied by the day, but always seemed to have a dullness about them, whether they were khakis or sweat pants, the man just seemed to dull everything he touched. He was a good person at heart, Daybreak could tell, he just had that aura that made him uninteresting as a whole. Daybreak frequently wished he could have been so blessed.

The class itself was arguably worse than the teacher, being pointless in Daybreaks eyes. Although magic, math and sciences had always worked hand in hand within most schools and colleges, there were very few discoveries left to be made on the math end. Many people were unwilling to make the necessary leap past the realms of "excepted curricular study". Which really meant they were afraid of delving past the fog of "pure" goodness that was the outer layer of magic, and into the dark unknown. Mathematics did not differentiate between the two. Number were numbers, there was no good or evil, only numerals. The problem was, many magicians feared that if one studied upon darker forms of magic for too long (which math eventually led to simply because it did not differentiate), it would consume and dominate them. In a way, they were correct. "Dark Magic" if one were to be so black and white as to call it such, seemed to punish those who were either unworthy of, or incapable of comprehending, it's nature and power. It always left its scars, no matter how small, and those who used it consistently always paid a took it's toll in any number of forms.

Being born from Discord himself, and Celestia, Daybreaks destiny was decided from the start. Dark magic made up who he was, it was in his very soul from day one. The plus side of that meant that a class like this, held no meaning for him, as he was already aware of every mathematical formula that had ever been tried on any spell to enhance or otherwise change it's nature. Many were practical changes, some were extreme, nearly all were successful in todays studies. Which took away from the challenge, at least in his opinion. This lack of stimulation, left him with tons of free time and zero work to satisfy his he once again found himself daydreaming about...well...Rainbow Dash.

He recognized this had the potential to transform into a major problem if he really did become smitten with this girl. But at this point, after what she had said to him in bed that morning...he knew it was inevitable that he fall for her, and resistance was futile. The only thing that remained to do, was learn how to deal with his developing feelings in a way that wouldn't distract him from the few classes he actually cared about, or make his life any harder than it had already been. He also needed to make one hundred and ten percent sure, that Twilight never ever ever find out that he, the exiled son of Discord, not only made a friend for the first time in his life...but was also taken with her.

It was a weakness that, knowing Twilight and her hatred for him, she would not fail to take advantage of. Not to mention the absolute rage it would cause her internally. He knew he was a complete hypocrite for everything he was doing...after twenty two years of swearing friendship and love didn't exist and were nothing but weaknesses, now he was about to give in to one, and after only knowing her for two days! Well...three counting this morning, but still.

On the other side of the problem pool, he didn't even know how he should go about expressing his feelings to Rainbow Dash. She had already made it pretty obvious she wanted to sleep with him, literally and sexually. But even that too, could just be her teasing him. She was, after all, like him in many ways. So much so that he wasn't sure what to do about it. He knew she "liked" him...but he wasn't sure if she felt the same burning desire to be around him as he was starting to feel for her.

He had already decided to tell her at some point, most likely after the month of restraint on her ended. He wanted to see how'd she'd react, without a single restraint placed on her or her actions. Granted...this made him fearful in a way...but not enough to discourage him. He wasn't sure about kissing...or sex...but he definitely loved the way it felt when she hugged him against her skin. He felt so his own little fire had ignited inside his heart and warmed him from the inside. Oddly enough...he felt it was more likely he'd be willing have sex with her...before he ever kissed her.

A kiss just seemed so personal to him...something that signified a bond, even if he didn't believe in love, he still felt a powerful connection to possibly giving her his first kiss. Where's sex...well...he was born from, what had probably been (on his assumption), a one night fling between Celestia and Discord. So...knowing that from a young age, sex never meant much to him. He still valued his virginity as a sign that he was above simply throwing his junk around every hole that opened for him, and that he had the mental discipline to say no. But...if it were Rainbow...when he was around Rainbow...that discipline...the urge to say no...went away...almost completely. That's why he knew he'd at least wait until her month restraint was over. That way, if she did, by some miracle he didn't deserve, happen to feel the same way, he'd at least be prepared for what she might do.

With his thoughts elsewhere, as usual, Daybreak almost didn't even hear the bell releasing them to their third class. Quickly realizing that the class was emptying, Daybreak grabbed his stuff and hurried out the door, towards his favorite class. Magical and Chemical studies, or Magical Chemistry as the students called it, was taught by Professor/Doctor Wilson Hooves, who seemed to prefer simply being called "Doctor" or Doctor Hooves. Simply the man himself, made the class interesting, he portrayed off an aura that still left Daybreak guessing even after two days with the man. Whatever he might be thinking about at the time, all his worries seemed to vanish just being near or touched by the man. His presence seemed to create warmth in others, Daybreak frequently noticed that students who entered the class stressed or upset, never left that way. Another interesting thing about him was, even if the lesson was boring, somehow everyone was always on the edge of their seat, drinking in every word he said like their whole life depended on it. Daybreak suspected this mans aura to be the cause, he no doubt, had many secrets that almost made Daybreak curious enough to investigate.

However he didn't have the time to think about that in today's lesson. For as he and every other student entered the room, which for the past two days had been left mostly dark and dungeon-like in appearance, they all simultaneously gasped. The entire hall had been transformed into several giant stages that were wide enough for two people to stand on without being crowded, but stretched most of the room from front to back. The stages were clad with a blue rug that had several hourglasses painted onto it in many different shapes and sizes. The Doctor himself stood at the far end of the nearest stage, his normal lab coat gone, but he looked basically the same, other than an oddly unnerving smile going from ear to ear on his face.

"Come in students, today is special lesson that I'm sure you all will enjoy for our third day back....A magic duel!"

Even as they all clamored inside the brightly lit room, they could tell that the Doctor was severally more excited today than he had been the past two. Whether that was because of the lesson of the day or something else, they could not be sure. Most of them had given up trying to understand him on the second day. By now most had adopted a wait and see approach to anything he did. Daybreak however, was not content to wait and see. Upon hearing the words "Magic Duel" he instinctively began to shrink towards the back of the growing crowd, doing his best to hide himself from the Doctor's attention. Whether because of this, or by fate, the Doctor seemed to look directly at him once all the other students had entered the class.

A sudden feeling of warmth in his chest told him Rainbow Dash was close, and as he looked to his side, he saw his odd feelings were correct. She had just succeeded in shoving her way through several students to get to his side. She flashed him a quick smile and turned her attention to the Doctor. Daybreak quickly followed suite once he heard him clear his throat to speak.

"Today...will be an interesting day to be sure. I'm sure all of you are aware of what a magic duel consists of along with it's consequences and benefits. But for those of you who don't, I'll be sure to reiterate them before we start. First, I want you all to divide up into pairs and find a stage. It may not look it, but there will be more than enough once we begin."

Daybreaks eyes immediately homed in on Rainbows, and they quickly nodded to each other, then scurried towards the closest stage before most of the others had even begun to move. It was clear to Daybreak that Rainbow must have known enough about what a magic duel consisted of to realize, them pairing up was the best idea. Other than the obvious dueling aspect of the engagement, it came with several rules, many of which he was sure the Doctor could not legally enforce in a classroom setting. But just in case, he'd rather be paired up with Rainbow Dash should the worst happen.

"Not that I have to worry about losing, no matter who I'm paired up with. None of these people even come close to my level...well except for Twilight. But I've no intention of letting her duel me. This classroom would never survive the encounter...and I'm not sure both of us would either."

Upon climbing atop the nearest stage, a clean wall of hazel colored energy sprung up from the stage and surrounded both he and Rainbow Dash. For a quick moment he reacted instinctively and began to build his own energy to resist whatever would come next...but after a short analysis of the wall, he lowered his guard and allowed it to surround his body. Then the room he was in vanished from view and was quickly replaced with blinding white light.

A moment passed, with his eyes closed, as he allowed the space he had been sent, to fully form before he took it in. When he again opened his eyes, he saw that his assumption of the energy wall had been correct. It had been a small dimensional portal...and he had been sucked through it. Moments later, Rainbow Dash appeared a few feet away from him, however the manner in which she formed caused heat to rise in his face.

"Sweet Luna! If I came in like that I'm glad I beat her here!"

Although the transportation would have been too fast for a normal person to notice...Daybreak was far from normal, and was able to slow down what he saw, to analyze it...much like the pause or slow motion option in a movie, it came with his magical sight. He watched as Rainbows body formed a single millisecond before her clothes did, once again the image of her form embedded itself within his brain, never to leave. As she appeared, she quickly looked over to him, still clearly surprised by what had happened.

"Where are we?"

"A good question...and an even harder one to answer...guess she's never experienced a real duel before...lucky her"

He gave her a small smile

"Well...It's kind of hard to explain...The Doctor basically opened a small dimensional rift and sucked us through it. This is the space used for magic duels...real ones. I guess you could say this is a space between space...or nothingness. Nothing we do here will affect the outside world."

Rainbow looked around, her expression flabbergasted as she took in her surroundings, or rather, lack there of.

"It's so...blank...and empty...I feel weird in here"

"I'd be surprised if you didn't"

"That's the cold of nothingness you feel Dash. It happens to everyone on their first duels, don't worry. It can't hurt you...well as long as you don't die at least." He chuckled aloud, but it didn't seem to make Rainbow feel better.

"Die? What do you mean die? Why would I die?"

A worried look had come over her face, Daybreak quickly caught what was bothering her.

"Oh no, I don't mean it that way. You shouldn' won't die. It's just, this is where real magical duels happen. As in, to the death duels. So, death in here has more of a consequence then out there."

He motioned towards where the rift had previously opened with his thumb. "Out there, if you die, you're dead, your magical energy becomes one with the planet and fuels the growth of new life, and so on, or whatever you believe. But in here if you cease to exist, your energy will never leave and everything that you are is lost to the cold. Sometimes, it's even worse. For example, death for an extremely powerful magic user in here, can have odd repercussions out there."

Rainbow shifted away from the edge of the stage, as though the white abyss might seize her if she got to close to the sides. "Like...what kind of repercussions are we talking about here?"

Daybreak laughed aloud

"Nothing you have to concern yourself with Dash, we won't die cause this isn't a real magic duel. This will likely be the closest thing the Doctor can get away with though, and mock duels are still dangerous...though I'm surprised he brought us to the True Space for the duel rather than some kind of environment."

Her expression once again showed confusion

"How much does she actually know about duels...I'm starting to think she just paired up with me cause we're friends..."

"I'm not exactly sure how to explain...this white nothingness that you see all around us is called the True Space. It's literally nothing more than a pocket in our dimension...most magicians never fight here unless they intend to have a real duel, to the death. Otherwise they normally fill the True Space with some kind of environment setting, like a snowy mountain, or a grassy keep the vacuum of nothingness at bay and occupied on absorbing something's hard to explain that part. Anyways...the space would have all the effects and changes that each specific terrain would. For example, if we were sent to a volcano setting, and if it were to erupt, we couldn't just ignore the magma. Cause in here it's real, and can still harm you quite effectively as it would in reality. But in the True Space, with no environment introduced, anything can happen. This place is created from the rawest forms of magic, and is made up of nothing but. So one second we could be in this plane white arena, the next there might be eight walls separating us. It should be fun."

Rainbow cocked her head to the side

"Fun? How does that sound like fun? This place sounds like a death trap!"

Daybreak found cheeky grin spreading across his face

"It is!"

Rainbow suddenly returned his smile and lowered her stance, bringing her overall body closer to the floor

"Your crazy dude, certain death sounds like fun to you?...I like it! Guess I'm not the only nutjob at this school after all! Let's get it on!"

She made it halfway through her first step before Daybreak held up an open palm, signaling her to stop.

"Woah there Dash, calm down. We don't start on our own, we have to wait for the Doctor to start the duel. A third party always initiates and closes the duel. That way an outside source can judge if he or she thinks the duel is getting out of hand. Then they can just end it, which will instantaneously restrict all magic and place a powerful gravity barrier on everyone present in this space. I'd rather not cause that prematurely, so sit your butt down. Something tells me we are gonna be waiting awhile."

Although her annoyance showed plain as day on her expression, she nevertheless complied. She sat down crossed legged on the blue hourglass rug, he followed suite a moment later.

"So what make you think we'll be waiting awhile...I hate waiting..."

"Not to long-"

"How about not long at all?"

Daybreak took a small leap back, as a holographic image of the Doctor appeared where he previously stood, sprouting forth from the floor like a bean stalk. Rainbow leaned forward, reaching out her hand and passing it through the teal, shimmering image of the Doctor.

"Cool...Never seen that before"

"This girl's never been in a duel in her life...goddess..."

The Doctor nodded his head to both of them, casting a gleaming smile as he motioned his hands on either side of the stage.

"If you two would be so kind, take your places at either end of the stage and we shall begin shortly."

Daybreak nodded and turned towards the end he was closest too, he began walking. After a moment, Rainbow did so as well. Once they were both standing on each end of the stage, The Doctor's voice boomed across the space.

"Alright students, today's lesson will be a magic duel using all standardized rules. With authority granted from the headmistress, and my own assurances that you all are strong and capable enough to partake, we shall be changing none of the rules, save for one. For obvious reasons, we will not be dueling to the death. The duels shall end when one student concedes defeat, or is unable to continue channeling magic in an effective manner of defense or attack."

Daybreak took a small step back on the stage, his eyes widening in horror.

"Standardized rules? What is the Doctor playing at? There's no way that he can...wait! This can work for me..."

Rainbow Dash cocked her head at him, even from this distance, she could see how troubled The Doctors words made him.

"Hey Dude!" She yelled across the stage to him, her voice echoing like the Doctors had. "Is something wrong? What's standardized rules mean?"

The holo image of the Doctor smiled. Daybreak had a small feeling that this image was being shown to every dueler at the same time in the other pocket dimensions, so he couldn't be reacting to what Rainbow asked. But if his smile was any indication, that meant that everyone who had been in duels before must have reacted much the same way Daybreak had. The Doctors image cleared its throat

"I assure you, none of you are in any danger. Although this is the lesson for today, this practice is also being conducted for another reason entirely, and is being viewed by the Headmistress herself. So please, do your best and follow the rules. Now in a moment, my image shall flicker once, for those of you who already know the rules and wish to get started right away, one of you simply needs to pass your hand through this image and it shall immediately skip to the count down to the match. I must warn you though, once the count down begins, it cannot be stopped. So I would advise everyone simply watch and-"

At that precise moment, the Doctor's image flickered, and Daybreaks arm shot out quick as lightning. His arm went straight through the image, giving the impression he had impaled the hologram on his arm. He left his hand within it's center until he heard the voice cease speaking. Then large red numbers appeared over holo's head and he began speaking once more.

"Beginning count down to duel, please prepare yourself..."


Daybreak turned to see Rainbow Dash shooting him a very pissed off look, but he didn't care. He had to explain the rules to her himself if he wanted any chance of keeping his identity hidden.

"Shut up Dash, now's not the time for your ego...I need you to save my life! Of course, I can't very well just come out and say that..."

The large numbers over the holo image's head began to cycle down from ten. Daybreak quickly withdrew his arm and yelled to Rainbow Dash.

"Listen to me Rainbow! In ten seconds that timer will run out and we have to fight each other with everything we've got!"


Rainbow opened her mouth to reply, but he quickly cut her off

"Shut up and listen. The rules don't matter now, the only thing that matters is that you come at me with everything you've got understand? Everything! Don't hold back one bit or I'll-"


"-Seriously hurt you"

Her expression went blank for about three seconds. He used those three second to begin building up his energy.

"I've got to make this quick and fast to avoid the detection spells that will be watching! The only reason for standardized matches are to root someone out, someone powerful, usually to use as recruits for the Royal Guard...but this is too convenient, only three days after I get here, and a day after Twilight threatens to expose me. That's the only reason the headmistress would watch, I can't be that someone that get's noticed. They can already sense my power if we are in here...holding back would only make me look suspicious, so I've got to go with everything I've got and hope Rainbow does the same. Maybe...if she wins I can get out of this with my head"


The stage beneath them began to sink downwards into the white abyss, Rainbow stumbled forward, but did not fall. Meanwhile Daybreak lowered himself into a horse fighting stance, with both feet facing forward and the side of his body facing Rainbow Dash.

"Come on Dashie...Get it together, I'm gonna need you to fight."


Rainbow continued to stumble until the floor fully sunk into the white, then she quickly looked up at him. For a singular second, they locked eyes across the former stage.


"Dash..." His voice called out, crackling as though stung by frostbite "...Please...if you...if you fight me with everything you've got and win...I'm yours, I'll do whatever you want...just please don't hold back."

Their eyes remained locked for a moment, Rainbow looked at the timer, then back to him, her face gleamed, all inner questions dying the moment she heard him.


She smiled at him, even from afar, he could see the confidence quickly find her features again...she nodded. Her power flared up within her instantaneously, quickly matching his in ferocity, and overwhelming the stale air around them.

"Good job Dash. Now all I need is a bit of luck...and a good fight. least I know I'll get one of the two.."

"Go!" The Doctor's voice boomed through the abyss!

Daybreak moved with zero hesitation, his first three steps gave him the momentum he needed, and the next three gave him the distance. As his seventh step struck the abyss floor, he pushed from the 'ground' with all the might his legs could muster and flung himself into the air. Dash was either too stunned to act, or wasn't sure how to react, as he propelled himself higher and higher into the white sky. He was thrown half by his own lower body strength, and half by the magical energies he had sent coursing through his muscles seconds before the jump.

As he reached the peak of his ascent, he pulled back both of his arms, as though he were to throw two baseballs at once, and thrust them forward so hard his arms might have popped out of there sockets were it not for the magic coursing through them. The pure, and burning flames of raw energy that burst forth from his palms would have been wondrous to behold outside of the True Space, and possibly hot enough to burn through steel. However here, deep within the True Space where the cold vacuum of nothingness always fed on magic and power, the flames were little more than emerald pillars of fire, bursting forth from Daybreaks palms.

Fire, or magic, they seemed to do their job well enough regardless. The speed at which they reached Rainbow Dash was too quick for any normal person to dodge, but Daybreak knew Rainbow was no normal person. As the flames reached her, he felt her magic stir to life, and watched the abyss ripple as she jumped away, seeming to vanish in thin air. Daybreak knew she had merely moved so fast that it had only appeared she had vanished. It was a testament to her hidden powers. Powers that it seemed, she was very willing to use.

Daybreak looked around, raising his hands in a fighting position, to covers his torso and face from attack. Even with his magical sight, and sensory abilities, his eyes were still left darting around attempting to discern where she had gone. For a moment, he began to think she really had, just vanished into thin air.

"Perhaps she really is a sorceress like Twilight...and those athletics...weird she's not number one if that's true...If she simply vanished she could be anywhere in here. This place stretches on for eternity..."

When she did not appear after another minute of waiting, Daybreak lowered his arms and conceded she had moved farther inside the space than he could sense. The moment his arms touched the sides of his hips, he felt dread well up within his belly. He looked up a second too late, as a shoe, attached to a smooth cyan leg came crashing down onto his face, knocking him into the white ground and sending his eyes derped in their sockets. His head must have bounced against the ground, because he felt it only hit once before he was being pulled back up to his legs by the scruff of his shirt.

" much for making this quick...Maybe this is still salvageable if I work it right..."

He saw Rainbows arm pulling him around to face her, once he was half way around, he brought up his right arm from the ground, and hurled a fire blast straight into Rainbows face. She released him and leaned by to dodge, the fire missing her multicolored hair by inches and slightly singeing her as it passed. With her head leaned back, Daybreak brought down his elbow into her gut as quick as he could, hoping to gain an edge in the fight. However, with how close he already was to her body, he couldn't muster much force behind the blow, but it struck home nevertheless. Rainbow curled inward and dropped onto her back as his lower arm connected with her gut, folding her in like paper.

She hit the ground hard, Daybreak quickly stood over her and stepped on her arms with his feet, pinning them to the floor. Then he prepared a green fire ball within the center of his palm. Holding it over his head he smiled down at her

"Let's see you dodge this one hot-head"

He brought down his hand, and watched, seemingly in slow motion as the green ball of flame loosed from his hand and hurtled down at Rainbows face. At the last moments before impact, he felt her buck her whole body upwards, stumbling him, one of his feet came off her arm. In that moment, she shot both of her feet straight up, barely missing his chin, but succeeding in making him stumble enough back for her to force him off, and roll slightly to the left as the fire struck where her head had just been. She rolled onto her stomach, leaping to her feet and snarling at him. She barely gave him enough time to regain his balance before she went on the offensive, a wild, fiery, look glazed across her eyes.

She leapt towards him, swinging punches wildly at his face and torso. They lacked form and grace, but she made up for it with speed and ferocity. His instincts and experience clashed with her speed and fierceness. Her fists found marks all over his arms, but did not break his defense. He was forced into a back stepping retreat as she rained punches down upon him, too quickly for him to counter attack.

Daybreaks continued back stepping came to quick end when Rainbow suddenly broke trend and dropped low to the ground sweeping across his feet with her right leg extended. She caught him halfway through a step and off balance, making him easy prey for her quick movements. She swept straight through his feet with barely any resistance and knocked him straight to the ground, on his back. She quickly leapt on top of him, straddling his torso and pining his arms to the ground with her knees.

"Fuck! Ow...that's painful...I hate close combat, so uncivilized in a modern day of magic..."

He struggled beneath her legs, but to no avail, he was thoroughly pinned and had no leverage to remove her. He would lose the duel by default if he did not escape soon. Rainbow sat there upon his arms, her fist extended inches from his face, daring him to try and fight back. He glared up at her

"This is a good position she's got me legs can't help me with no leverage, and my arms are pinned beneath her knees, which she's putting most of her weight on. I need something to distract her, if only just enough to shift her weight...I need to fight with magic...but how?

His eyes darted from her smug grin, down her chest to her spread legs. He suddenly got an evil idea as he noticed where she was sitting on him...

" there's no way I can do something like that...I have no idea how the headmistress might react if she's watching...or the Doctor."

"If the student fails to channel magic effectively or fails to escape within the next minute, he shall be forced to concede defeat!"

A deep voice that Daybreak did not recognize boomed across the abyss. He wasn't about to doubt the truth behind that, he needed to escape now, even if he had to get a bit lecherous to do it.

"Hey Dashie?" He forced his voice to come out as sultry and seductive as possible. Of course, having someone pressing down on your legs with their butt certainly made it hard to even speak at all. Nevertheless his tone got her attention. She raised an eyebrow


He pretended to be shy, as though what he was trying to say was causing him some degree of discomfort.

"C-could you...maybe move farther up my chest if your gonna pin me like this....y-you're rubbing across me's making it hard to focus on our fight..."

He watched her face flush with color, she blushed hard. Chancing a glance behind her back, she saw she was indeed straddling his pelvis. She jumped a bit in surprise as he slightly moved is hips, gently grinding against her tight athletic shorts just the right way. Her slight movement, and moment of distraction was just what he had wanted and hoped for. As she jumped at the movement of his hips, he quickly slipped out one of his hands from under her knee. With a merciless amount of power, he quickly brought it to the side of her head, and just as she realized what had happened, let loose a powerful stream of magic into her face that sent her spiraling across the room!

Daybreak jumped up from his back, onto his feet the moment he was free from Rainbows weight. He watched her bounce and slide across the floor for a good fifteen feet before coming to a halt, and laying limp. He knew how much power he had released, he had purposely held back most of his energy in that blast. He didn't want to hurt her, but with any luck, she at least wouldn't be getting back up. Of course, his luck was terrible, so he was hardly surprised when she was already working herself back into a standing position after only a moment of playing possum.

She came up with her hair down across her face, giving her a somewhat wild look. Her gaze found and pierced him like a knife, the fiery look of rage that she used was almost frightening to experience, Her voice came out as wild as her hair made her look

"Oh you are so fucked now asshole! Nobody fucks with Rainbow Dash like that!"

"I supposed I should be happy, now she's pissed, so this should get serious...but somehow I know this is gonna suuuuuck..."

He felt her move, before he actually saw it. A ripple in the abyss traveled across his body before her actual form shifted, but he was still barely prepared for what came next. She vanished much like she had before, but he had barely lifted his hands when her blows started striking him this time. Her fists moved like lightning, forcing him to retreat and duck backwards rather than try and block her attacks. She did not hold with punches for long, after only thirty seconds of repeated blows, she quickly jumped over his head, and before he could turn around, planted a foot in his back, sending him stumbling forward. She appeared in front of him again while he was off balance, clothes-lining him, catching his neck in her arm, and slamming him into the ground!

Even as he gasped for breathe, he quickly found the strength to move again, rolling out of the way as her foot smashed into the floor where his head had just been. He came to his feet as she appeared before him again, planting a undercut fist into his gut! He stumbled over, and she brought her other fist upwards into his jaw, upper cutting him and knocking him over, once again on his back. Adrenaline flooded through his bloodstream as his eyes flashed with rage and drips of blood tasted on his tongue

"Ok, fuck you...fuck holding back! You're going down!

Rainbow appeared over him again, bringing her foot down at his face without delay. Before she could break his nose with the force of her strike, she found her limbs frozen in place, surrounded by forest green aura. Daybreaks right hand was extended with flaming energy coursing around it, and holding her limbs in place. With a quick flick of his wrist, he sent her corkscrewing across the room, paralyzed by his spell! She crashed into the ground, but rolled and came up on her feet, laughing.

"About time you started trying, I was getting bored tossing you around like a doll." She winked at him, her power flared up again.

Anticipating the ripple of power that always occurred before she moved, Daybreak was ready for her. She vanished and came at him. Her fist appeared before his face, he was ready this time. He ducked under it and moved in close to her, placing a palm on her chest, he built up and released an ball of energy on her chest. She brought her other hand around and karate chopped his hand to the side as he released the built energy, then grasped hold of his arm and pulled him forward, connecting a punch with his face using his momentum against him. He took the punch head on, and brought his own fist around the side of her head, striking her in the jaw. He knocked her to the side, making her stumble a few feet, then quickly followed through with a roundhouse kick to the opposite side of her head. She brought up both her hands and took the kick, using the force behind it to knock her into a roll to Daybreaks right side. She came up with a quick jab to his ribs, he grimaced in pain and brought down a palm at her head. She narrowly avoided his chop by diving under his legs and coming up behind him, however instead of turning to attack her, he allowed his palm to strike the ground, which then ignited in white light!

The ground beneath Rainbows feet suddenly exploded upward in ice shards, sprouting forth and slashing across her clothing and arms! Forcing her to jump backwards instead of striking at his back gave Daybreak a momentary advantage that he didn't intend to waste. He closed the small distance between them with a few steps and planted a fist in Rainbows gut while she was off balance, as she doubled over, Daybreak half considered dropping an elbow on the back of her head, but for some reason, couldn't bring himself to do it.

Instead he brought his knee up and smashed her in the face, bringing her back up to eye level as she howled in pain. He delivered two quick jabs to her stomach before she could recover, and allowed her a moment to breath as she stepped back from the blows. After he saw her take two quick breaths, he came at her again, she was still very dazed from his knee striking her nose, and he intended to milk that for it's worth. He grabbed her by the several bits of torn fabric now hanging from her shirt and pulled her into another firm fist to the gut. Without delay, he then delivered a side kick to her ribs fueled with magic. She was throw back several feet, as well as gaining a huge burn hole directly over her belly on her shirt. This time she stumbled and almost fell.

"A few more and she's done.

He found that slightly disappointing, he had hoped she'd beat him, being sworn to her service would have protected him from being thrown out of the school if he was discovered as Discords son. Anyone who lost a magic duel and survived was granted the ability to serve the winner, it was seen as a way to regain ones lost honor by showing acceptance of defeat and lack of distaste or spite towards the victor. Though it looked like he'd have to find another way now. He quickly moved in to finish her, but before he could strike, he found himself grasped up into the air, and propelled backwards across the abyss. A powerful gust had appeared from nowhere, and knocked him away from Rainbow. Stunned, he looked around for some explanation...but found only Rainbow Dash, with her arm slightly extended and cyan energy lightly buzzing across her skin. Then he understood what had happened.

"Oh wow...she's a weather caster...hmm never would have guessed that...wait...that means....oh fuck me!"

He looked above his head in fear, his concerns instantly became reality as several large black clouds were beginning to form within the sky of the True Space. He didn't hesitate, he took off running, but instead of retreating like he should have, he instead ran towards Rainbow Dash.

"I have to finish her now!"

That was the only thought in his mind as he reached her, he had to beat her before her clouds could become a problem, but that wasn't going to be easy now. She had clearly regained her composure since his attacks, or perhaps her stores of magic were fueling her stamina, either way she had regained her speed. He came at her with a flaming green fist, which she grabbed (much to his surprise) then used to pull his arm past her with his own momentum again, and delivered and elbow strike to the side of his head, causing him to stumble, but not falter in his attack. As he stumbled he threw a small green fireball at her face, which he was sure would hit her. It probably would have, if the wind had not immediately kicked up, and redirected it ever so slightly past her head. He grimaced in annoyance, this was why weather casters were damned annoying. He had only met a few in his life, and none ever went down quietly or easily. He glanced at the hand which had grasped his flaming punch, it was clearly burned, but Rainbow was still managing to clench a fist anyways. He couldn't help finding a sort of attraction in that.

"She's tough as nail this girl...and as prideful as wonder..."

He shook away his thoughts, he saw her coming again. She jumped and brought an axe kick down at his head, which he was forced to roll away from to avoid any magic behind the strike. He was lucky he had, the moment her foot hit the surface, lightning from the storm clouds above struck where her foot touched ground. He swallowed a large lump in his throat as he rose again.

"Yikes...that would have fried me...she's vicious when she's upset!"

He would have smiled if he wasn't so terrified, he couldn't remember the last time he was actually afraid of one of his opponents. Twilight had never sparked this kind of desire to fight inside of him, this kind of passion for battle, she had always just been practice to him. Rainbow Dash though, she was something else. So prideful and so good looking, so much fire behind her every word and punch. She fought with passion and aggression, and it was a thing he could appreciate...and admire. She was so much like him, and yet in so many ways...she was everything he couldn't be.

Another swift kick to the mouth brought him out of his thoughts. As he staggered back, spitting blood and his vision slightly blurring, he saw Rainbows outline move again. Without any thought, he smashed both his hands into the ground! Pillars of green fire erupted from beneath the floor, barely missing Rainbow Dash as she jumped back several paces. The pillars circled around Daybreak, protecting him but also daring Rainbow forward. The fact that they were moving around him had been done on purpose, and Rainbow was willing to bet it was so she might try and get through them. The pillars granted Daybreak a moment to clear away the spots in his vision from Rainbows kick. He shook his head.

"Ow...No more daydreaming during a fight... this feels worse than the time I drank a whole barrel of hard cider at that bar in Manehatten."

Clearing the last of the spots, Daybreak refocused his vision on Rainbow, who was standing a few feet back from the pillars circling him, eyeing him up. He smirked

"What's a matter Skittles? Can't you get past a defense as simple as this? It's just a matter of timing is all, or was math never your strong suite in high school?"

He watched her grit her teeth, and took a small satisfaction in knowing he had stumped her for now. He took this time to gather his strength, he had a feeling he would need it once she got through. He assumed a crossed legged sitting position in the center of his flames, and began channeling energy throughout his body.

He had no idea how long they had been fighting up till now, time passed very awkwardly inside pocket dimensions, especially the True Space, which could warp reality better than his father. However he had to assume it hadn't been longer than a class period, it was highly unlikely that the Doctor would make them miss another class for a mock duel...but still, with the Doctor you never know. He briefly opened an eyelid to glance at what Rainbow was up to. He was surprised to see she was still standing where she had been before, except now she looked to be talking to herself. Too bad he didn't have magic hearing along with sight, it would have been handy right then.


Rainbow glanced at the spinning pillars, attempting to keep track of each one as they moved, and trace their speed around Daybreak. Each one of the seven pillars moved in a clockwise motion around their creator with mathematical precision. But she had learned from Twilight that every spell had a weakness, whether it was in the castor, the spell itself or the environment it was used in, everything could be exploited and defeated, if one was simply patient enough to find it.

"One, two, three, four, five, Odd."

She stared harder, sure she hadn't seen incorrectly, but not willing to take the chance in case she was wrong.

"One, two, three, four, five, pillars spinning at that speed...with such a short distance from him...hmm....well, would ya look at that. She had been right after all. The pillars did have a small flaw to them, and now that she had it, it was only a matter of exploiting it.

She smiled to herself, there was a time when she would have simply charged head on into the flames and relied on her gut instincts to guide her, and she would have likely come out with several singes on her body. Although she still let her emotions run free with her ego most of the time anyways, Twilight had helped her learn over the years. She had taught her that with the right kind of patience in some situations, she could become a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Now she wasn't always led by the heat of passion (maybe about 70% of the time she wasn't) and had learned to think before acting. With Twi's help, she had been able to grasp a deeper knowledge of her own powers, and some added analytical skills she didn't even know she had. Now it was time to put those abilities to use. She gathered up a huge volume of energy inside her, and prepared to release it all at once.

"Get ready Daybreak! Here I come!


Daybreak suddenly found it harder to breathe than it had been a moment ago. The air tasted wet, and caught in his throat, nearly making him choke. He made a few small coughs and opened his eyes, his pillars of emerald flames still encompassed him, each one about five feet away from him. Just far enough away to keep their heat from affecting him, which was why he could now taste and smell the difference in the air. He knew that smell...the smell of rain. He looked up in time for a small pellet of water to smack him in the eye. He blinked in annoyance, hating the world as the water cleared from his vision.


Several drops began to rain down from the starch white sky as it turned grey with storm clouds. Daybreak smiled to himself

"Nice try Rainbow, but a little rain won't douse my flames."

He coughed, once again finding a difficulty in breathing in the wet air. It felt heavy around him, as though he were being weighed down by it. He stood from his sitting and looked through the spinning pillars at Rainbow. She stood just twenty feet from the circle that the flames made around him, with her palms pressed together in front of her chest. To the ordinary eye, this looked like some kind of weird prayer, but Daybreak knew better.

"She's channeling magic...probably for this storm she's hoping to drown my flames with. Not that it'll help much."

He knew what would happen, she hoped to douse him with enough rain to put out his pillars completely or make them falter, then she would rush in and attack him. This was exactly what he wanted. The moment she tried to step through the doused flames, he would be ready to revive them and close them in on her. Since this was magical fire of his own making, he could change it's density, and make the pillars physically smack her down rather than burn her body. All he had to do now was wait.

He felt another cough reach his mouth, and he slightly doubled over as he hacked for breathe.

"What's with this air in here...why is it so thick and wet...I feel like I'm suffocating in here...wait...what the...?!

He looked down as he coughed, and saw white mist rising up from ground below him.

"What...Is that...steam? Why...?

He looked around, confused as to what was happening. Again he glanced at Rainbow, who, although was still pressing her palms together, was now looking directly through the flames at him.

"No...not at me...she's looking above me..."

Looking straight up as another cough struck his lungs, he saw what she was staring at. A large white cloud was forming mere feet above his pillars, nearly covering their top in white air.

"T-that...that clever...uggh..."

A feeling of weightlessness suddenly traveled up his spine, he forced himself to drop to a knee to keep from falling over.

"She's smarter than I gave her credit for...forming a steam cloud above my pillars to soak up the oxygen inside, combined that with the closeness of my flames to me, and no air can get in from the outside either. The rain above and the flames below continue to give the steam life while providing a perfect way to smoke me out, all she has to do is focus her magic on giving the cloud a physical shape and enhancing the weathers effects...and she's got me. Or so she thinks..."

He felt his head becoming dizzy and knew he had only a minute or two before he would likely pass out from lack of breathable air. He had to act now! Stretching his right arm forward, noting how heavy it suddenly felt, he formed a small fire ball inside his palm, and sent it flying.

"All I need to do is break her concentration and that cloud should lose it's shape, giving me some breathable air."

he watched as his fire ball soared through the spinning pillars, made it out into the small rainstorm...and completely changed direction, soaring straight over Rainbow's head by a drastic degree!

"What the fuck?!...oh...right..."

His mind briefly flashed back to his last attempt to toss fire at her. He squinted his eyes, and through the fire he could indeed see their was a strong wind blowing around Rainbow Dash.

"Son of my mother!...She really is clever...damn it...looks like I've got no choice."

Dropping his hand back down to his side, he shoved both hands outwards. A fiery green spark snapped forth from wither palm, and suddenly his pillars began to move outwards, farther away from him. It felt like a much larger strain than it should have been to move them, but he knew that was from his lack of air.

"I just need them far enough away to let me breathe..."

He watched as the pillars slowly made their journey outwards, still circling as they did so. He attempted to boost the speed at which they moved to make up for the distance apart, but found he had little strength to do so. After about thirty seconds of slow moving, he saw the pillars break the edges of Rainbows steam cloud and he could practically feel the air hit his face. He took a huge breath as the spots started to clear from his vision, and doubled back over in a coughing fit, attempting to hack up the bad air from before.


At that precise moment, he saw Rainbow through spots in his eyes. She dropped her hands from her chest and took off in a full sprint towards the pillars, now a mere ten feet from her. She dove through the spinning pillars effortlessly now that they were so far apart, and came up in front of Daybreak. Barely able to stand, much less move, Daybreak saw her coming in slow motion, a curse in this situation as he could see no viable way out. Out of sheer desperation he threw up three thin walls of fire in front of his face hoping to deter her from punching him, but he knew it was over when her momentum did not slow. She ran head first through all three walls, leaving several burns across her figure, and with all the strength she could muster, drove an uppercut straight into the bottom of Daybreaks chin! The force of her blow, stood him up and launched him backwards, landing him flat on his back!

He felt his body hit the ground, and felt his sense go numb. He couldn't move, her blow had sent his body into a small shock. Whether there had been magic behind her blow or not, he didn't know or care. He simply laid there, looking up at the dissipating storm clouds as they faded back into nothingness.


Two Sides Of The Coin

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"I...lost...I Rainbow Dash...I lost..."

The words repeated over and over in his mind. No matter how many times he thought them, no matter how many times he reminded himself that this was what he had wanted to happen, he still couldn't believe it. He had wanted Rainbow to win, that was true, but he never dreamed she would actually outsmart him. He just assumed she'd beat him to death or something, he could handle that...but being bested mentally? That was humiliating.

Daybreak had no idea how long he'd been staring at the bleach white sky, a minute, an hour? He really didn't care. He knew eventually Rainbow would pick herself up and come over to check on him....maybe then he'd consider standing. Rainbow had dropped to the ground moments after punching him, but she was holding herself at her knees, so there was no question about who the victor was. Still, even with a victor, they'd probably be left in here until every other students duels were finished, so Daybreak had plenty of time to try and figure out what he should do next.

He went over all his options in his mind, closing his eyes to visualize the scenarios. Having lost the duel, he was allowed, by the rules of engagement, to swear loyalty to Rainbow Dash and submit himself as her servant...until she saw fit to release him, or he regained his "honor" in such a fashion that it was indisputable between either party.

"My pride has definitely been wounded from this...maybe the best option is to just accept it with some grace, for once..."


"What the...?!"

Daybreaks eyes shot open, he would have sat up straight if his body wasn't still tingling from Rainbows punch! He'd sworn he'd heard a voice yelling a moment ago. His eyes darted around in their sockets...but found nothing. Only Rainbow Dash was in the area with him, and she was still barely holding herself to one knee, clearly in no shape to be making eerie voices.

"Not there..."

The voice seemed to hiss in his ear, his eyes jumped to both sides of his head, but still were met with nothing.

"Where are you...?" The words had barely left his lips before he realized the answer.

"Here!" The voice came out with exclamation, but was as quiet as the wind across grass. Daybreaks eyes widened as a shimmering image of himself appeared inches from his face, staring at him in the exact same position that he lay now. He felt as though he were staring at a mirror, he chanced a quick glance at Dash, but the image seemed to know what he wondered.

"She can't see me, because I am you...the real you that still slumbers within your heart..."

"The...real me?...In my...heart?"

A snake-like hiss slithered through his ears as the voice seemed to reverberate off the inside of his head.

" remember don't you? Father was oh so careful that day...the day you found your true self...and denied us"

Daybreaks eyes widened for a moment, then lowered to a glare of hate.

"Go away...You're not here, you're still trapped in the mirror. I never faced you, so you can't escape...that's the rules" He kept his voice to a mere whisper, so as not to alert Rainbow to his muttering, but even so, it was clear he was shaken. The image grew closer and closer until they were nose to nose, then smiled down at him.

"Rules are meant to be broken Daybreak. After all, I'll never truly be trapped, so long as the darkness grips at your heart..."

Daybreak raised a hand upwards, waving it quickly through the image above him, causing it to flicker and dissipate like smoke.

"My heart is not the Darkness' to take, I create my own light so I do not bask in others, and I create my own darkness to conceal my demons. You are nothing, you're not'll never be me."

Though the image was gone, it's voice remained, still echoing within his head.

"I'll always be you, just as you will always be me. At your core, your center, you know your not 'good'. You've said it yourself. You're not on Celestia's side are you?"

A small chuckle escaped Daybreaks lips, he smirked mockingly at the air, as though the other him was still directly above.

"You haven't changed your tactics since you revealed yourself three years ago. You still cling to the notion that just because I don't side with my bitch of a mother, that means I wish her ill will, or would see her overthrown. You're wrong. I don't wish any of that on her, anymore than I wish to see my father done the same. I take no side in that conflict because each side is as corrupt as the other."

"Then you would fight them both if it came to that choice? You lie. You can spout your clever lies any which way you want, but that is all they are...lies. I can see into your heart, even from this distance, whole dimensions separating us. I can feel your anger, your hatred for her. If you could, you would take revenge on the woman who made your childhood a living Tartarus. Just like I can feel your strong feelings for Rainbow Dash."

His eye twitched, just a smidge, but it was enough to give him away. He struggled to remain in control of himself.

"You know nothing about my feelings, about me! I hate Celestia! You're right, I wouldn't lift a finger to help her if a rebellion started right now! She'd deserve everything that became of her, every death, every one of her people that suffered. She'd deserve to bare every one of those burdens, and it still wouldn't be enough to repay for the nightmare of a life I've had! But! You're wrong if you think I'll ever assist my father in destroying her. I don't hate him like I hate her. He's been a better parent by far. At least he took me in, eventually, and trained me, for whatever that's worth. But I know what he wants for the world, and I won't help bring about that. Just like I would not have assisted Nightmare Moon if I had been there for that fateful night. Her rule would have been no better than my father or Celestia. Every Princess and lord and spirit in this land I've met to this day, is not fit to rule.

If tomorrow, a rebellion started, rallied by a leader who was the living incarnation of the values that I see are needed for lordship of Equestria, I would not flock to his cause. Because, there is no one out there who is fit to rule, no one who would take the time to examine every, single, little, problem that this land has on a daily basis and attempt to find a solution. My mother may see anyone who comes to her with a problem, she may hear them, she may express concerns for their plights, and she may even offer a small comfort to them. But it is almost never, that their problem is completely solved, unless they know her personally or hold some importance in her life. I've seen the suffering of Canterlots slums, the back alley streets were little girls and boys are raped, beaten and murdered day and night! Sometimes just because they have money, or sometimes because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I could, I'd take in every single orphan I found on the streets. Every runaway looking for a better life, every bastard tossed out by a hateful mother or father...every one of them! I'd save them all...But I can't. I don't have the power to save them all. So I've detached myself from anything that happens to this world. I live alone, I keep to myself, and I continue learning every day, from everything and everyone. I learn as much as I can and move on, and I do it for one reason. So that one day I might have the power that I don't have now!"

He stopped, and took a large breathe. He looked to his left expecting to see Rainbow staring at him, there was no way she hadn't heard him yelling at the air, probably looking mad as a hatter. But to his surprise, she was not there. Whipping his head around, he searched his surroundings for her rainbow head...but saw only empty whiteness. His mind baffled, he sat up, only to realize how weak and wobbly he still felt from her punch. Again he looked around, straining his eyes through the spots he saw in them, to find her somewhere out in the white...but saw nothing but emptiness. He felt a ping of anger stab at his mind

"Where is Rainbow Dash!? What did you do?!"

He yelled to the air, demanding, but at the same time, begging, for an answer. It came as a huge relief when the voice of his mirror self spoke once again.

"Calm yourself, I did nothing to her. I did do something to you though."

"W-what?" His voice shook, fearful at the possibility that his other half might actually be able to affect him, even after being separated by two dimensions. He heard a snicker echo through the abyss

"You reek of fear, you still fear me, you still fear yourself. Your promises of justice to the weak are marred in disbelief and doubt. You've gone so long without true interaction with others, that you've grown to despise other weaknesses, your pride is proof enough of that. You think everyone is beneath you, and you are right!"

The phantom image of his other self appeared in front of him once more, this time standing, as he now found himself doing. He couldn't remember how he had stood up though, or when. The mirror Daybreak came nose to nose with him again.

"They are weak! All of them. Weak compared to you. That's why you no longer go out of your way to save every little child you see cowering from bullies on the streets, or begging for food, as you did when you first left fathers home all those years ago. Trying to save everyone you met, trying to make everyone's lives better, so they could have a better childhood than you did, or so they would suffer less than you did. And how did that turn out!? Nearly all of them, ungrateful for your help, or demanding more than you gave, begging you to share your power with them. Betraying your small bits of trust, stabbing you in the back, attempting to take what they wanted from you after you offered them your help! You know, deep in your heart, the real reason you gave up and decided to drift from college to college learning all the schools knowledge, then wiping your existence from their memory. You despise them all, you hate them all. You hate them because they are all the same, all of them!"

"No...not all of them...some are different."

His mirror form snorted, cackling wildly as though he'd been told the punch line of the century!

"You're referring to Rainbow Dash I presume? Tell me remember what happened with Twilight yes? You thought she was different too. You shared your power with her to save her life, and how did she repay you? Becoming obsessive with that power, drunk on it even, refusing to give up the necklace providing it, and confessing false feelings to you in a pathetically desperate attempt to make you hers, so she could keep that power. It was like a drug to her, your aura. And it will be the same with Rainbow Dash!"

"You're wrong! She's not like that, she's different, she's better! She's unlike anyone I've ever met before!"

His mirror self blew a raspberry at him mockingly, while rolling his eyes in an exaggerative manner. It was odd to see himself make such a face. It reminded him of a doll with the wrong head attached to it, everything about it just looked wrong.

"You meet someone like her everyday when you look in the mirror. It's the reason you like her so much. You're just too blind to see it! What? You think it's trust, respect, you feel? It's none of those things, she acts like you, has as much pride as you do, she's strong and powerful with magic. She's the 'element of loyalty'...she's what you want everyone to be like, and you're mistaking that for love, the thing you claim not to believe in. Just like a stupid child. You've never been with a woman before, never kissed, you never tried to experience life as it should be lived. You chose instead, to close yourself to emotions and because of that, these new experiences she's bringing you seem like an oasis in the middle of a barren desert. She's just a girl! She's not some demi god like you, she's flawed just like the rest. She will betray you, she will hurt you, and she will destroy what remains of your precious hope for humans when it happens. And guess what Daybreak, I'll be waiting. At fathers, behind the locked room. When you finally realize I was right the whole time, I'll be waiting for your visit."

He didn't know what made him do it, perhaps spite, perhaps pride, perhaps out of sheer stupidity, but it regardless of happened anyways. Daybreak pulled back his fist, a with speed that would have made Rainbow Dash proud, thrust his fist forward , under hand punching his other self straight in the gut, and watched him double over in pain. Then he took a step back, and spit at his mirror forms feet.

"That's what I think of Fathers locked door, and you! I'll never go back there, and I'll never let you out again. Go burn in Tartarus where you belong!"

Suddenly he was on his back, and the abyss around him turned from starch white, to midnight black. Then it changed to blood red, as his other self ignited in an fiery rage. Yellow and red flames shot up his shimmering body, he let out a shriek that pained Daybreaks ears more than a banshee's scream! His other form appeared above him, smiling down at him with sharp canine's that glistened against his flaming form.

"If you won't hear the truth, then I'll show you! Lets take a trip shall we, back out to your duel, and I'll give you a taste of what you're truly like. A demonstration you could say. A demonstration starring your new favorite athlete...Rainbow Dash."

"If you touch her-!"

"But I'm not going to do are!" before Daybreak could protest, the flaming image of his mirror self floated forward, and phased into his body!

Daybreaks eyes shot open and he let out a huge gasp for breathe! He looked around, he was still on his back, and Rainbow Dash was again kneeled over and breathing heavily. For a moment, he was baffled...he couldn't understand how she hadn't recovered yet after all the time he'd been gone. Then it hit him. He hadn't ever left, he'd merely been inside his own mind...arguing with his other half who had leapt across not one, but two dimensions to track him down. Even whilst trapped inside the mirror he could still reach out and effect him. What had he done just he passed through his body like a spirit?

For a long moment nothing happened, Daybreak thought he had truly just meant to frighten him with his threats. Then his throat seized up, and he began hacking as though he were gagging on his tongue!

He flailed his arms and desperately attempted to draw breathe, but found no air could reach his lungs, it all just seemed to stop halfway down his throat! Rainbow turned and saw him spasming, she was on her feet seconds later, half-sprinting over to him. When she reached him, she immediately flipped him onto his belly, hoping to clear his windpipe. She gave him a large smack on his back, directly over his lungs, and Daybreak felt the trapped air come bursting forth in the form of blood from his lips! He threw up onto the ground of the white abyss, which instantly soaked the warm mess into its cold clutches!

He clawed at his throat as he once again attempted to bring air into his lungs, but found he was still unable to inhale fully. As he attempted to rip off the neck of his shirt to help his air intake, he noticed a change in his finger nails whilst they ripped at his clothing. They were growing right before his eyes. Growing in length and sharpness! His shirt suddenly became torn fabric beneath his swipes, and as he lashed out in his violent thralls to find air, he accidentally slashed across Rainbows burnt hand, slicing it cleanly open across her palm. Luckily for her, it did not bleed much, but she did pull back in surprise, and that allowed Daybreak to break free from her grasp and roll away several feet...before he let out the most terrifying and ear splitting screech, she had ever heard in her life.

His shriek was unlike any creature she could ever remember or imagine! The very sound of it sent cold shivers of sweat down her back. She watched on in both terror and awe as Daybreak stood up, and black flames burst forth from beneath the abyss, surrounding his body in a shadowy lair of fire. The flames formed like a cloak around him while the very fabric of the abyss seemed to rise up from the floor to encircle his palms. White nothingness circled like magical mist around his hands as he admired his features, extended his arms and glancing over his chest. His overall body structure seemed to have shifted, and with his shirt torn to shreds it was all to obvious. His chest looked like it had grown black scales made of fire giving the impression of body armor, and caused him look more muscular than before. His eyes now shined a bright, blazing blue, and shrunk down to slits like a snake. He looked up and smiled at Rainbow Dash, showing his sharpened canines and sending a shiver of fear down her spine as he spoke.

"Now then...time for round two?"

You Knew This Was Coming

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Rainbow dove to her stomach as another large ball of black flames soared over her head, missing her by inches! She rolled several feet trying to gather some distance between her and her psychopathic friend! One minute he had been choking to death on nothing, and spitting blood...the next he looked like he'd just stepped out of a Goth magazine and started attacking her! His whole personality seemed to have changed along with his appearance. His eyes were no longer a warm emerald green, but a cold icy blue and slit-like in appearance. In fact, everything about him was cold now. Before, being near him filled her with warmth all over, now, even the fire he threw at her felt like ice rather than flame. It burned in a completely different it splintered and shattered her skin upon contact.

She hadn't been fast enough to react when he first attacked her, and now a small portion of her arm felt like it had been frozen solid at the edge of her shoulder. She could barely move it, and couldn't channel any magic to fight with it. It was like swinging a noodle at her opponent. She wasn't sure what happened to him, she couldn't tell if was just a magical fit like Twilight sometimes had...or something else. But if he was just having a fit, that meant all she had to do was not die until he ran out of power.

"Easier said than done...this feel like a very sincere attempt on my life!"

She knew she was fighting a lost battle. No stamina left, and only one arm to channel her weather magic? She knew she had...maybe... another minute before he just picked her apart. She was barely dodging as it was now and he wasn't showing any sign of relenting. She pushed herself to her feet as he came at her again, black flames whipping out at her like rope. She pushed herself back, skidding and rolling on her jean shorts as she tried to balance herself with only useable arm. She had barely finished rolling when she felt something wrap around her left leg, and start pulling.

"Fuck! No!"

She flailed and kicked against her bind, but her leg simply passed through the tendril grasping her. She looked over her back and saw a rope of black flames grasping her leg. She swiped out with her other foot again, but merely passed through just as before. Before she could fight back anymore, the flames tightened, and dragged her back to Daybreak, hoisting her upside down in front of him. She smirked as she was brought to eye level with him.

"Who knew you were into bondage Daybreak? If you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do was ask."

He reached out and grasped her cheeks with his clawed fingers, pulling her face up to his. He brought his lips to her ear and hissed so that only she might hear him, and not those that could be watching outside.

"I am not Daybreak." As her eyes widened, she saw his hand motion away, and suddenly felt herself spinning through the air. She twisted and crashed into the ground, bouncing and rolling until she landed sitting upright. She turned over to force herself up, but found something harp plant itself in her gut and kick her back several more feet, rolling again. Now on her stomach, she saw him move at her like shadow, seeming to become a shadowy phantom as he ran. Leaning on her useless arm for what little support it could give, she thrust out her right arm heating it bright with her cyan aura.

He didn't stop moving, even when the lightning came down to block his path. Instead he trucked on straight into it, and as it connected with his flames, an explosion rippled outwards across the abyss knocking Rainbows bad arm out from under her and causing her to smash her face into the ground! She didn't care though, her only thoughts were what that explosion might have done to Daybreak.

"Daybreak! No!"

She forced her head up, resting on her chin as a trail of blood streak down from her forehead. Her eyes searched the remaining black flames for her friend, darting about desperately hoping he was alright.

"You dumbass...I swear if your not alright I'm gonna kick your ass..."

Even as she thought it, she saw the black flames beginning to thin...and spiral inwards. Her eyes widened with glee as he appeared in the center, seemingly unharmed, and with his hands pressed together in front of his chest. The flames were being drawn in between his hands, along with, what looked like...the lightning Rainbow had summoned. She felt a shiver travel down her aching frame.

"Awwwww fuck!....This is gonna hurt!"

Realizing what was about to happen, she attempted to brace herself for the inevitable, but just as it looked like Daybreak was about to release the stored power against her...he vanished. A small puff of white mist remained behind where he had previously stood.

"What the fuck...?"

Not wasting the moment, Rainbow pushed against the ground with her good arm and managed to work her way to her knees before once again looking around for where Daybreak had gone. When he was nowhere to be found, she felt an odd surge of anger bubble in her chest.

"Seriously! That's it?! All that build up and you're just gonna leave?! What the actual fuck man!!! I was actually looking forward to seeing what happened next! Don't you know you never leave a girl unsatisfied you asshole! GET THE FUCK BACK HERE AND FINISH ME!"

"If you insist."

"Oh fuck my big mouth..."

She turned her head in terror, and saw...he was directly behind her, palm extended forward. The massive ball of black fire and yellow lightning was swirling in the center of his hand. His hand and the energy, were inches from her back, there was no way she could avoid him...and at this range...

"He's...gonna kill me...why...? What did I do wrong?"

A brief moment of grief found her eyes, she crushed her eye lids together to hold back any water from forming. He sneered, kneeling down next to her.

"Don't worry...the pain will last only an instant...SOLAR FLARE!"

"Solar what?!"

Blinding light filled her vision as he released the energy against her back. She felt her body go numb, but not before the electricity sent her nerve endings into overdrive! She opened her mouth to cry out in pain as her body was sent flying forward...but the pain was over before she could even make a sound. She didn't feel it when she hit the ground and slid forward on her chest. She was only aware that she couldn't move. Lifting her head to look back, she saw she was bound head to toe in yellow rings of energy. Sparks showered to the ground from the golden circles of light as she attempted to struggle against her bindings. They shocked her to cease her movements, but she could not feel it through her numb nerves and so continued to pointlessly flop around until she saw him walk up behind her. Finding her voice again, she snarled at him

"I thought you were gonna kill me you jackass! You scared the shit outta me...what did you do?!"

He sneered at her, kneeling next to her and placing a clawed hand on her back

"Stop struggling, you're gonna fry your arms if you don't."

"NO! I won't lose...I can't lose!"

He gently patted her head, extinguishing the few specks of black flame scattered about her clothes that were attempting to burn their way through to her skin. The whole fight had left her clothes in tatters, but she still had enough to cover what was important, so he cared little.

"You've already lost. I can admire you're spirit, that's probably another reason he likes you...but this is pure lightning energy. You can't break it because it doesn't hold a physical form. It's only binding you to hold you in place, the more you resist, the more it will shock, and burn, and tighten around you. You should know how powerful it is...after all, you're the one who threw it at me."

She stopped flopping her legs like a fish out of water and laid limp, surrendering hatefully to the truth. She knew she didn't have the magic or stamina left to break these bonds. She looked back over her shoulder at him, her hair had fallen down messily over her face and dried blood clung to multiple strands...but he could still see the fire of fighting spirit in her eyes. She growled at him

"How did you throw my lightning back at me...that shouldn't be possible, I saw it hit you."

Letting loose another chiding snicker, he patted her on the head again, earning him a glare from her that he was forced to chuckle at.

"Nothing is impossible for me. I'm not like my counterpart."

He traced the sharpened nail of his index finger along her neck and up to her chin, sending a cold shiver down her spine at his touch.

"Who are you?" The question felt almost foolish to ask. Obviously this was Daybreak...but at the same time she knew it couldn't be. She had seen him change, and could almost feel the difference his presence created...but who else could he be? Another chuckle made her want to punch him, if she could have moved from her bondage.

"I? I am a all your-"

"Yeah yeah! Cryptic words and all that...can you just give me a straight answer? Who are you, I know you can't be Daybreak...are you?"

A devilish smile formed across his lips, showing of his serrated, perfectly pointed teeth. "No...I am not him."

"Oh thank goodness...seriously that's awesome...cause now I don't have to feel bad."

He raised a suspicious eyebrow to her "Feel bad about what?"

Her whole body ignited in fizzling cyan aura, she smiled up at him "This!"

The five rings binding her ignited a brighter yellow, sending streaks of lightning from their frames into his chest, and lifting him off the ground to toss him back several feet! He rolled backwards, his black cloak of fire dissipating into nothing as he hit the ground and went limp. Rainbow did a small victory flop as she rejoiced loudly and tauntingly.

"Aww yeah! Suck on that asshole! Nobody fucks with Rainbow Dash! Yeah, yeah! Whose awesome? I'm awesome! Whose awesome? I'm Awesome!"

"And whose really gods damned annoying?!"

"Oh fuck me! Are you serious?!"

Her joy came to an abrupt end as she saw her enemy rise, and dust himself off as though nothing had happened. He looked over at her, clearly pissed, but still managing to wink at her goadingly.

"Hacks! I am calling hacks here! That's...just not fair!"

He took his time walking over, as though taking a casual stroll in the park, and even doing a small skip along the way. As he reached her, he smiled, bent down, gripped her by the neck, and lifted her up to his face.

"Hiya" he breathed at her. His breath invaded and burned her nostrils. It didn't have a smell, it was just colder than the worst blizzard and burned to breathe in.

"So...other than giving me a mild headache and briefly pissing me off, was that supposed to do anything?"

She half considered spitting in his face out of defiance, but instead she decided she'd do something else...

"Yeah dickhead, it was supposed to fry your cocky ass like my breakfast omelet this morning! Instead you've got me gripped by the neck and wondering if I get to see the nonasshole version of Daybreak again sometime soon?"

He blinked...then blinked again. He was slightly taken aback by her words, expecting a little more fear and less bravado while he had her by the windpipe. It was unnerving in a way.

"I could kill you right know what happens to those who die in the True S-"

"Oh would you just go fucking fuck yourself already! Goddess if your gonna kill me then kill me, at least spare me the ranting's, I get enough of that from my egghead friend!"

Again, he just stood there, gripping her neck just lightly enough to allow her to breathe...and blinking like she'd slapped him.

"Ummm...ok...So...I'm bored now, this isn't any fun when you're not umm...fuck you...and...bye."

He dropped her, allowing her to hit the floor, smacking her face into the ground yet again, and still bound by the yellow rings. He turned on the spot, exploding into a cloud of dark aura that covered her vision. She heard a loud thud a foot or two away from her as his eerie hissing voice echoed around her ears.

"The next time we see each other won't be so fun Daaaaaashie!" His shrill banshee-like laugh echoed around her, making her cringe in pain as the final remnants of his aura faded away.

Rainbow sighed with relief "Damn...really thought he was gonna snap my neck that time...wait!."

She looked up and yelled to the fading flames "Who are you anyway!?"

As the last bits of fire and smoke died away, a shadow figure appeared around her, igniting her right arm in black flames. She went to cry out...but felt no pain. Instead she felt something drop into her palm. She strained her neck to look back at what was there. A piece of black paper, burned around the edges, and in the center, white writing in a language she did not recognize.

"έκλειψη Ηλίου!"

She gripped the paper tight, she'd have to wait until she was freed before she could worry about what it said. The cloud of dark aura was gone and now she could clearly see what had hit the ground inside it. Daybreak was lying a few feet away from her, looking just as he had before the other...thing...had shown up. He was clearly out cold, and shivering madly as though he were in a pile of snow. She started to stand up, hoping help him...but realized she was still bound by the lightning rings and unable to move much at all.

"Oh come on! Seriously?! Why are these even still here?!"

She flopped about, annoyed and angry. Her legs and arms were growing stiff from being bound straight for so long. She lifted her head again and started lightly beating it into the ground.















Exhausting her strength and tired of head-butting the floor, she conceded to simply lay there and wait for rescue.

"Surely the class has to be close to over by now? There's no way we haven't been in here more than an hour..."

She looked up the white sky and yelled as loud as she could

"Hey Doc! In case you haven't noticed, no one is moving, and some of us need a hand here! Get us the fuck out already!"

A full minute passed without response, and she was about to start shouting curses, when a small white rip/portal opened up in front of her. The Doctor strode in, a grave look that she was not used to seeing, etched across his features. He strode over to Daybreak and threw him over his shoulder. Then proceeded over to Rainbow Dash and picked her up by the ring that was around her belly, carrying her like a suitcase. She quickly shoved the small piece of paper into her pocket, deciding it was best to keep it to herself for now. The Doctor walked over to the portal without a word to her, and tossed her through. Then after glancing back, as though looking for something still inside, he lowered his eyebrows and stepped though with Daybreak still draped over his shoulder.


Her eyes were blinded with cascading images she could not piece together or comprehend as she flew threw the portal. Rainbow shut her eyes until it was over, and she felt herself being propelled out of the cold like a potato in a sling shot. She bounced onto the floor with a painful "oof!" and conceded (again) to lay there until someone helped her up. Once the spots cleared from her vision and she was able to look around a bit, she saw that nearly the entire class was standing around her. That set her in a irritated state

"Gee, don't everybody help me at once!"

Her voice dripped with disdain, was a hand too much to ask?

"No one is helping you, until we can determine if you're gonna be a problem with what comes next..."

Rainbow strained her head around to look behind her as the Doctor stepped out of the portal, still carrying Daybreak over his shoulder, who now seemed to be waking up. The Doctor dropped him, none to softly, onto the ground next to Rainbow and motioned to someone off to the side, whom Rainbow could not see from her lovely spot on the floor. Daybreak gave a small groan and started to twitch lightly as he woke.

"What do you mean? Let me out of these stupid rings already! At least help him! He's freezing, I can feel it from here!"

"Quiet Rainbow Dash!"

The Doctors voice came out much sharper than she could ever remember him speaking in the two years she had known him. He was glaring down at Daybreak, then looked over to her...and slightly softened his gaze.

"We can't let you out just yet...and don't worry, he's not gonna freeze in here. The vacuum of True Space won't affect him anymore, he'll be up in moments. But we can't have you moving around until after..."

"Until after what?" Her voice rang with suspicion "What's going on"

"Just relax Rainbow Dash, trust me, everything's gonna be fine."

She whipped her head around to find Twilight Sparkle kneeling beside her, a rather proud smirk adorning her face, and a small burn along the left side of her clothing. Rainbow was now very, very confused.

"Twilight? What's-"

"Ohhh...mmmmph my head....where am I...Dash? That you?"

Twilight stood from her side so quick Rainbow felt wind rush past her

"He's awake Doctor."

"Yes I see that Ms. Sparkle, thank you...guards!"

"What?!" Rainbow yelled loudly, turning her head back to Daybreak as three guards appeared off to the side and began pushing through the crowd of students. The men were dressed as Royal guards from Celestia's palace, which was odd to see so far away from Canterlot. Their armor gleamed gold against the bright sunlit room, the tips of their spears seemed to fizzle with some kind of yellow aura as they worked through the mass of students, stopping only once they came to stand at Daybreaks side. Twilight pointed down at him, her grin growing ever wider on her face

"That's him sirs...that's-" Before she could finish the Doctor stepped in front of her, blocking her from view of the guards and gently pushing her back into the crowd.

"I'll take it from here Princess, I am the teacher after all, I can handle it."

He cleared his throat, then motioned down at Daybreak with an open palm.

"Sirs, if you could please escort him to the Headmistress, that would be greatly appreciated. Oh and do feel free to stun him if he tries to run."

"What? NO! Back the fuck off! He didn't do anything wrong!"

The guards reeled back for a moment at Rainbows sharp outburst, then quickly moved back in upon realizing she was restrained, and on the floor. Daybreak chose that particular moment to sit up, rubbing his head in pain. Three spears instantly dropped to head height, surrounding him on three sides. He blinked away his foggy vision and realized where he was.

"Oh...great...Why is it this happens everywhere I go?"

The Doctor motioned at the guards "Take him"

The three spears instantly lowered to his center and closed in as he stood up, looking groggy, but still managing to keep his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Magic tipped? If I didn't know better I'd say you were planning on stunning me? I'm shocked! Don't you trust me?"

Twilight had managed to work her way around the mob students, back in front of the Doctor.

"Well I can hardly expect you to come quietly can I?"

Daybreak lowered his eyes in a small sigh

"I suppose you're to blame for this lovely welcoming committee Twilight?"

"I might have had a hand in it, yes...What? You knew this was coming didn't you?"

Another sigh escaped his lips, he turned to leave, motioning to the three guards surrounding him.

"Shall we go then?"


He froze in place. The voice had barely been audible, just above a whisper. He looked back, and saw Rainbow, still bound his other half's lightning rings. She was looking up at him, fear and confusion etched all over her face.

"What's going on? Why are they taking you?"

He felt a stab of guilt hit him in the chest as she looked up at him, he couldn't meet her eyes.

"Rainbow I-"

"Get moving kid, we don't have all day!" One of the guards gave him a small shove forward with the butt end of his spear, and started walking, forcing him to move unless he wanted to be jabbed in the back by the pointed end. His first instinct was to turn and floor all three of them, but that would definitely kill his chances of getting out of he played nice and kept walking. He turned and yelled back to her as they exited the room.

"I'll be back Rainbow, I promise!"

Rainbow was not satisfied with that answer, she hated being lied to and knew he was lying right then, she could see it on his face. She began to flail about on the floor, desperately trying to break the bonds around her body.

"Let me go! Let me go! Why are you taking him! He hasn't done anything wrong! Daybreak! Daybreak!"

She was straining the lightning around her wrists and feet so much they were beginning to stretch while she pulled against them, sparking dangerously as she flailed! Twilight dropped to her side, desperately trying to calm her down, Sunset Shimmer managed to push through the crowd as well and reach her friends side.

"Rainbow! Rainbow please, you need to calm down, they'll never let you free if you keep up like this."

She lashed out with her bound legs, trying to kick everything within kicking distance of her and not giving a damn who it was

"I don't care! I'll break out if I have to! He hasn't done anything wrong! Go stop them Twi! Sunset? Come on! Stop them!"

Twilight made to speak but Sunset Shimmer put her hand out in front of her, shaking her head.

"I'll handle it"

Twilight nodded and backed off, dismissing herself to follow Daybreak and the guards down the hall. Sunset put her palm on Rainbows back, calming her thrashing for a moment.

"Rainbow please...just calm down for a second and I'll explain ok?"

Steam was rising from Rainbows back, whether it was from magic or the heat she was generating contrasting with the cold autumn air in the room, Sunset did not know. But she was nevertheless relieved when Rainbow conceded, nodding her head slowly on the blue rug beneath her. Giving her friend a small smile, Sunset gently rolled Rainbow onto her side, and materialized a pillow for her to rest her head. Rainbow nodded in appreciation, then lowered her eye lids in a sinister stare

"So why did they take him?"

Sunset shifted uncomfortably, and decided she'd better sit down. Crossing her legs, she let out a sigh and began to speak


Mind Games

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Daybreak was led through a series of hallways that seemed to turn around a new corner every ten feet. He was truly curious as to where they were taking him, it obviously wasn't the dungeons. The dungeons were farther below the school, as he had learned from Rainbows map. He'd heard the Doctor say the Headmistress office, but that hardly made any sense. It was unlikely he was being escorted by three guards just to be given detention or a scolding by the head tool of the school. Nevertheless, he knew that if he wanted any hope to remain of him getting back to Rainbow Dash, he had to play nice.

A year ago, heck, even a few months ago, if he'd been in this same situation anywhere else, it would be going very differently. He'd have already incapacitated the guards, and would be on his way to delete his existence from the schools memory banks, then from the people themselves. The one major benefit of having a memory spell that had to be spoken aloud to take effect was, when one had access to a school loudspeaker, which often was voiced all over the school. He'd never had any trouble removing his existence if he'd needed to.

But now, things were different from before. He didn't wanna leave, and as much as he hated to admit was what he feared more than anything right then. That he would be expelled for using dark magic. Even if this wasn't about his identity being discovered, which was most likely the case considering Twilight had practically sang to him that she'd been involved, the entire class had probably seen his and Rainbows battle, if the crowd afterwards had been any indication. Which meant everyone, including the Doctor, Twilight, and Sunset Shimmer had seen his mirror form take control and beat Rainbow senseless with dark magic. He was almost surely expelled. Though, he had to admit, the way she handled the situation was quite impressive, if she'd planned it out. Although, knowing her, it could have just as easily been that she was pissed and felt like running her mouth. Either way, if he ever got the chance, he'd have to congratulate her for it.

The problem was...whether or not he'd ever get the chance. Although he used Dark magic every single day of his life, he disguised it well enough to keep hidden. He changed it's color to match his natural green aura, he worked constantly on keeping in control so he would never lose himself to it's power, and took extra care to never reveal his nature to others. He was living proof that the art wasn't as corruptive as many were led to believe. If one took the proper time to train and control it, rather than letting it control the user, then it could be harnessed just as easily as normal magic. The problem was, most of society didn't see it that way, and he couldn't fault them for it. Over the history of Equestria itself, anytime someone wielding powerful dark magic ever became known, they always, alwaaaaays, turned evil or corrupt not long after.

King Sombra and the Crystal Empire were a prime example. The man had been a completely different person before he'd discovered the Dark Arts. After which he become obsessed with it's power and let it consume him in shadow. The scar he'd left on the crystal people would never fade, and they, out of all the people in the world, were the ones he was sure would never except dark magic as a possible ally.

The citizens of Equestria were hardly any less bias. But again, Daybreak could not blame them for it. His father Discord had waged a war on his mother, Princess Celestia, that had lasted one thousand years from start to finish. There were small technicalities concerning his birth and the true ending of the war, but all together, it was pretty much one thousand years. A millennium of warfare can hardly be forgotten so quickly, especially when the main antagonizer of it was wielding, (three guesses what) Dark Magic as his mane force. Now his father had insisted on multiple occasions that the "Chaos Magic" he wielded was different from standard Dark Magic. But Daybreak did not buy into that notion and didn't care even if it was true. It all mattered how the worlds people perceived it, and they perceived it as Dark Magic, which meant that's what it would be named for all of history.

Then there was Nightmare Moon. Princess Celestia's beloved sister turn usurper, had attempted to take over Equestria and seal it forever in an endless night time. Although her "rebellion" had only lasted a matter of hours due to her having no army, and her taking on her sister alone in single combat, her betrayal had still left it's mark, not only on Celestia, but on the citizens of Equestria as well. She had been banished by the famed Elements of Harmony and sealed within the moon for ten years, five years after Daybreaks birth. She was only restored to her old self thanks (once again) to the power of the Elements, and Twilight Sparkle, who battled against her after she freed herself from her prison and attempted another coup. He still wasn't entirely sure what had prompted Luna to rebel against her sister and attempt to overthrow her using dark magic, but he had his theories.

From what little he could remember about his aunt in the brief meetings they'd had in his dreams as a child, she had been the only one to speak against his exile at birth. Cadence had not been present for his conception and so he could never know her true opinion of him, as he had still never met her to this day. However, Luna had spoken publicly about how he should have been raised as a prized son and prince, rather than thrown to the streets to suffer and die alone. It was Luna who had formed the law protecting him from being killed by the citizens of Canterlot, and hired her own personal guard to severally punish any who nearly killed him. After seeing the written law himself, (by breaking into the legislative section of his mothers castle once he was older), he'd learned that they weren't even supposed to be able to touch him in any harmful way. But, clearly the citizens hadn't cared enough about consequences to not beat him on a daily basis. A more logical theory was that Luna had charmed him with some kind of protection spell, alerting her or her guards when he was in imminent danger of being beaten to the point of death by any citizen. This made more sense, as he remembered once being mauled so badly by a dog in the streets, he would have surely died if his own magical force hadn't taken shape and healed him. Since the dog wasn't considered a citizen, no guards ever showed up to check on him. The few times he'd ever seen the night guards, they'd never stepped in to help, but once, and it was obvious the beating was going too far on that occasion, as knives had been drawn by some citizens and were nearly used on him.

Luna had visited him a few times in his dreams when he was much younger. Those rare nights had been the only solace he had, and always occurred when the abuse became too intense for him to take consciously. Luna would appear in his dreams, always sad, always full of tears like he had been back then. She talked sometimes, but mostly just held him in a magical cloud inside his mind until the kicking, punching or beating stopped. The she would reawaken him, and disappear. The few times they'd actually spoken in real conversation were later on, just before and just after he'd arrived and departed the orphanage. He'd asked her to explain to him in detail, who he was and why he'd been put through this. The first time she refused and only briefly touched on it...but the net time, when he was preparing to leave the orphanage and set out on his own travels, she'd told him everything.

Luna was possibly the only person in Equestria that Daybreak felt he could trust, other than Rainbow Dash. Though they'd almost never spoken, she'd gone out of her way to try and comfort him, as little as it had been, it had helped. Although he still hated the world and everyone in it, her small acts had been enough to keep him from becoming evil. She'd proven, before he even understood the concept, that there was good, along with evil, in the world. It just so happened that evil seemed to dominate it, despite the belief Equestrian citizens held to that "friendship conquered all". Daybreak had traveled far beyond Equestria in his years of solitude. He'd been with Drakes, Dragons, the Zebra peoples, Centaurs, heck, he'd even met Cerberus once. He remembered he'd wandered so far outside of any known map, he'd found an actual pathway leading down to Tartarus. He'd stopped at the door after seeing Cerberus of course, and being told very politely by the beast to go "fuck himself". But he still remembered where it was, just in case Twilight ever pissed him off too much (kidding). Back to the point, he'd seen what the world outside of Equestria's little bubble of tolerance was. It was cruel, and in some places, the cruelty he'd seen done to others made his life look normal. Yeah, dragon mating season, he was not in a hurry to ever see that in person again.

Regardless, Luna wasn't here to protect him now, nor was Rainbow Dash likely to ever break those magic rings. He was alone, as usual, and with every fact and stereotype laid against him, he'd likely be expelled and never see Rainbow Dash again.

As the guards opened the final door, and escorted him into an office blocked by a large golden Phoenix, Daybreaks thoughts became scattered. desperately searching for some clever or sly way to get out of this doomed situation. But as the Phoenix moved to allow them passage, and he was seated on a turquoise chair, inside what he assumed to be, the Headmistress office, he could only think of one way out...and he hated himself to deciding to do it.


The room which he'd been seated in was probably the most normal looking out of all the rooms he'd seen inside the school so far. It looked like an ordinary office that one would find inside a college, which only made him all the more wary of it. He was shoved, rather roughly, into the chair and half expected the guards to chain him down or in some way restrain him...but they did none of that. After seating him, they turned and left without a word. Daybreak noticed that the Headmistress's chair was facing away from him, presumably facing out the window behind that was head height behind the desk. As she had yet to turn and look at him, Daybreak used this chance to feel out the room with his magical sense. Opening up his eyes to magic, he looked about the room, expecting to see...well...something of interest....but he found nothing. Nothing about this room was threatening or worth distressing over. There was no gravity spell to bind him in place, no seal restraining his magic use, fuck, not even a hidden camera that could be magically activated to possibly record him doing anything that might incriminate him. The room was as bland and devoid of threat as his home toilet...heck even that thing was more threatening (when he brought it to life and set it upon unsuspecting would-be burglars of course).

He wasn't sure if he was disappointed or insulted that this woman felt so unthreatened by him that she hadn't put up a single defense in her office to protect herself. Still having not turned around, the Headmistress's chair showed no signs of moving anytime soon. So, after deactivating his magical sight, he examined the room with his normal vision. He was partially please to see that at least the room itself looked more interesting than its aura. The room was only ten foot by ten foot in total, rather small in comparison to the rest of the college and the general feeling of the school. The offices color was a dull rusty red and the carpet had the feeling of sheep's wool when he rubbed his shoes across the floor. Scattered about the room, in no conceivable order, were an assortment of oddly shaped tiki carvings made from both wood shavings and coconut skins. They seemed to litter every shelf, window sill, and small crevice they could be fit into. It left Daybreak feeling cluttered and oddly claustrophobic.

Oddly enough, the most interesting part of the room itself was the walls. Lining the perimeter of the wall were dozens of animal heads, each one exactly seven feet off the ground and in perfect alignment with the next. The animals ranged from common, to legendary...and even unheard of. He spotted some common ones such as bear, tiger, and boar...but then there was also, Timberwolf, Parasprite, (that one had the whole body...for obvious reasons) and a Vampire Fruit Bat. There was a Hydra head, then a young Dragon head that took up three spaces, and next (he was sure this one had to be fake) a Sphinx, and a Manticore. Near the end of the wall closest to him, the creatures became harder to identify, or downright impossible to name. He spotted a green skinned head in the shape of a square, with a frowny face adorning it's pixelated features, he could not identify what creature that was supposed to be, if it even was a creature. He also spotted a black skinned head, with a slimy looking coating, and no viewable eyes. It's mouth was open and, as he briefly glanced inside, he saw...what looked like a second mouth where it's tongue should be, also unidentifiable. There were several more unknowable creatures, leading up to the final slot on the wall, which ended right behind the headmistresses desk above the window. The final head...wasn't a head at all, but a crown, a crown that looked like it belonged to one of the deceased pharaohs of Ewegypt. It was golden in color and had longs braids of sapphire and ruby gem stones gliding down the backside of the headpiece. Just by the head shape and overall design, it was obvious that this was fitted for a woman...or a very oddly shaped man. Either way, he'd have loved to know to whom that once belonged.

"They're all real you know."

A powerful, but softly spoken, yet, mature sounding voice, floated over to him from the front of the chair that still faced away from him. The chair did not turn to meet his gaze, but the voice continued anyways, giving Daybreak the impression he was talking to the air. He was momentarily confused


"The heads along the walls, they are all real. You've been staring for quite awhile, so I can only discern that you were curious." The pitch and speaking tone of her voice didn't seem to flow with any emotion, but still, Daybreak felt a distinct impression of déjà vu, as though he'd heard it somewhere before. When he did not respond, the voice spoke again.

"You do not believe me?"

Glancing quickly at the latter end of the heads, the ones that he could not identify, he found it hard to buy into that these were real. He opened his mouth, but the voice seemed to anticipate him

"Yes even those at the end, all are real"

Either she could see through the back of her head, and the chair to view his skeptical look, or she could literally sense his disbelief. Either way she continued on

"Those are heads of every creature I have ever slain, with my own hands. Before I became headmistress of this institution, my hobby was hunting the rare and legendary creatures you see before you."

Even though he could not see her face, it was obvious her voice was filled with her own pride at her achievements. Daybreak could easily relate, if these really were actual heads...then this woman deserved that pride. After all, the dragon and the hydra alone would have earned her his respect...but something bothered him.

"What did you do with the rest of the animal...once you had the head, what became of the bodies?"

He heard a faint snicker escape her lips.

"Every animal's resources were used to their fullest, nothing went to waste. The bears hide was used to make some amazing clothing, and the rest was eaten, the dragons scales were shaped into armor and weapons. The meat was used for soups in the Great Hall on Nightmare Night, the Manticores mane was made into scarfs and its tail used to create antivenom for scorpion stings. Anything meaty that was left over from the animals was used in, or is being used for food. We wasted nothing....except the Hydra. I killed that for a different reason entirely...and burned the body afterwards."

Daybreak felt like he should have been sitting farther away from this woman, he couldn't even see her and she already left a heavy impression on him.

"She even knew why I asked where the bodies went..."

He looked up as he heard the squeak of her chair, turning around to face him. She looked onto him, and he felt something heavy weigh upon his chest, along with the return of his déjà vu. The woman he was staring at was...hard to describe. He started with her clothing, which was giving off an impression of its own. She wore a jet black robe that covered her entire body all the way down to her feet. The robe left no skin exposed, but did not do much to hide the size of her overly large breasts, which jutted out obviously from within the robe. No skin shown through, but it was nevertheless distracting.

"If those aren't magically enhanced, I'm a fucking centaur"

Moving past her boobs (which might have been bigger than Fluttershy's) he looked at her hair next. Her hair was a faded green, graying with age in certain areas along the tips of her hairs, and in some spots even leaving a long gray streak. Her eyes were a bright emerald green just like his, it was weird to look at, as he had never met another person with his eye color. Green eyes yes, but never a bright emerald like this, sparkling in the light it was exactly like his own, and unnerving to look at. She had strong cheek bones and a slightly grayer complexion than his own, but healthy looking. Moving upwards he saw a black witches hat perched atop her head, the tip was purple in color and leaned over lazily on the rest of the hat.

Other than those basic features, he could see nothing else about this woman, other than a possible guess at her age. Her dulling hair implied she was an older woman, but her body structure, powerful eyes and soft looking skin said that she was still very young...or was very good at age magic. It must have been obvious that he was looking her over as her next words almost made him red in the face.

"Boys are the same everywhere it seems"

He reeled back in his chair, sending it back a few feet. He shook his head rapidly.

"No no no! No! That's not what I was doing! I was trying to figure how old you were."

She smiled, her smile was warm, but still left him with an uneasy feeling inside.

"I know, I just wanted to see how you'd react." She touched the tips of her hair that showed under the hat.

"I'd go off this if I were you, rather than my figure."

He nodded slowly, and she stared over at him. He got the faintest feeling he was being x-rayed, that seemed to be a common occurrence with the teachers around here.

"I am headmistress Shicvala (Shik-va-la), but most people call me Headmistress Shiva (She-va) for short."

"Why do they call you that"

She chuckled, more to herself than him, then made a couple wavy motions with her fingers "Oh a little bit of this and's not important right now...What is important, is you."

She gave him another warm, but uneasy smile. "Do you know why you're in here?"

He gave a hesitant nod. Despite what he may have thought about himself, he didn't fancy pissing off this powerful looking woman. Anyone who could slay a Dragon, Hydra and a Manticore on their own deserved some manner of respect. Which meant he'd have to play it safe and simply do whatever she asked in the most normal way possible...and eventually probably beg on his knees to stay in the school.

"Ugh...such a disgusting thought..." he felt physically sick at the thought of him begging anyone for anything...but he knew that's what it'd probably take.

The headmistress suddenly let out a booming laugh, one that actually shook him in his chair! He almost keeled over and lost his seat as she bellowed

"Ok, so you know why you're in here?! Tell me then, why are you?"

He gulped, swallowing a large lump in his throat. Intimidating him wasn't an easy task, even though Rainbow had managed to do it without much trouble, but this woman had already managed to make him physically fearful of getting to close to her, as though she might tear his head off, like she probably had the dragons. He had to focus on coursing his magic through his body, to calm himself enough to speak without sounding pathetically shaky. He cleared his throat

"I'm's because I used Dark Magic in my duel against Rainbow Dash"

There was a moment of silence, in which the headmistress simply stared at him. Then, after a long pause, she burst out in booming laughter yet again, this time successfully knocking him from his chair with it's power and volume. As he picked up his dignity and resumed his seat, she calmed herself enough to speak.

"No no child, that's not why you're here. do know I could have you expelled for such a thin...-what are you doing?"

At the word expel, Daybreak had lost it inside. He practically dove around the headmistresses desk and threw himself at her feet. Every shred of his pride seemed to swan dive into his stomach, as the thought of never seeing his only friend again became very possible.

"Please..." he looked up at her eyes, hoping with every shred of his being that this worked, as his dignity would likely be beyond self repair afterwards. "...Please don't expel me...I'm begging you...I've never cared about staying in a school as much as I do now...please!"

She looked down at him, her heavy emerald eyes judging him, as though weighing his worth. She was stunned into silence for a moment, then she spoke, her voice much deeper and much more serious than it had been before.

"Get up."

He did as instructed.

"Sit back down in your chair."

He obeyed again. She leaned over and looked at him, hard, as though she were looking straight through him. He met her gaze and tried not to challenge it, as he normally would have for anyone else. Instead he focused on her hand, which was slowly fishing through her desk searching for something. They shared a stare for a full minute before her hard look softened back into a smile, but a more sinister one than before. She pulled her hand from within her desk, and in it she held a large bowl of what looked like...cookies?

"Have a biscuit"


He looked back to her gaze, meeting it fully again, she repeated herself.

"Have, a, biscuit."

He glanced to the bowl and back to her.

"I'm...fine thanks.

"This is really weird...her glare is saying completely different things than her lips are"

"It wasn't a request, take one."

" they're both saying the same thing...guess I don't really have a choice in this situation. How bad could it be?"

He reached out and plucked up one of the lumpy cookies, then slowly bit down on it, taking half of it into his mouth and slowly chewing. He licked it around in his mouth, trying to discern the taste and ingredients. He hardly expected her to poison him in the middle of her office, but hey, anything was possible. It tasted quite good actually, but there was a lingering after taste that he couldn't quite place...something that hovered just on the edge of his brain, and he knew he'd tasted it somewhere previously. Before he could complete his analysis of the food, she spoke to him again, in a much softer voice, like the one she started with.

"Now then...tell me. Why don't you want me to expel you...Child of Chaos."

If it were possible to freeze his own blood, he might have down so right then out of shock! He leaned forward, briefly choking on the rest of the cookie. After a moment of willing it down, he looked up at the headmistress with tear stained eyes. He wanted to ask how she knew, but as he opened his mouth to ask, different words came out.

"I don't wanna leave Rainbow Dash."

"What the flying fuck?! Why did I say that?!"

His hands flew to his lips and a red blush found his cheeks. She did not laugh, she simply leaned back in her chair, a satisfied grin across her lips.

"Ok then. Tell me, why don't you wanna leave Rainbow Dash."

He opened his mouth again to speak, and just like before, words different from his thoughts came flying out

"I've grown really attached to her."

Just like before, his hands flew back up, and this time he kept them there.

"What's going on!? Why am cookies!"

His eyes widened in terrible realization as he looked down at the bowl before him, and the headmistresses grin grew ever wider. But he was still confused, he'd tasted every single truth serum on the planet, and knew each one by the smallest taste or smell (imagine how long that took to do).

"How did she slip me a truth potion without me detecting it!?"

As if waiting for her queue, the headmistress leaned over the desk, her extra large breasts almost knocking her computer monitor (that he hadn't seen until now, hidden behind all her tiki's) off the desk.

"I can see your confused, allow me to explain. Twilight Sparkle was just as shocked as you are right now when I put her through the same treatment her first day, last year. Granted I let you go four days without bothering you so I could see how you were, and maybe pick up your intentions for myself. But either you're better than her at hiding what you want, or you really were originally just here for school...either way we'll get to that in a moment. You must be wondering, with all your power how you didn't detect a truth potion in those biscuits I gave you. Well, I'll tell you. It's cause that's not a truth potion. It's my own special brew, you can't tell while I'm hidden under all these robes, but I'm from the Zebra clan. My skin is black and white striped just like the animal we take after. We specialize in potions and rare types of magic. That potion in your belly doesn't make you tell the truth. It gives me control over your entire body, with just my mind. It's a spell mixed in with a body numbing potion. I'm simply using it to make you tell the truth. By not allowing your lips to say anything but what you really feel, even if it's not what you're thinking."

"Well...fuck me sideways...that's actually really clever...bitch...but I could swear I've tasted that somewhere befo-"


"Ow! The fuck was that for!?"

His hand had suddenly sprung from his side and thumped him atop his own head. He glared over at her with an almost, hateful gaze. She simply chuckled.

"As long as this spell is active, my magic has full access to your body and mind...that includes your thoughts. So don't bother thinking hateful things, as I'll know. Just say what you feel, after all, it's not like you have a choice, we're bonded for now."

She let out a girly giggle that didn't fit her frame, but her last words did give Daybreak an idea.

Cutting across her giggle before she could question him further, he hastily asked her

"So we're bonded you say? As in linked through magic, both our minds that is?"

She stopped giggling and looked at him an odd amount of curiosity adorning her features.

"Yes that's right...why?"

His expression changed into an evil grin, his eyes glimmering with malice


Hearing his thoughts, the headmistress raised an eyebrow "What do you mea- wahhhhh!"

Cutting herself off, a surge of energy appeared over her head, knocking the black hat from its perch and sending her backwards in her rolling chair! She fell backwards behind her desk, and when she arose, she was practically steaming from the ears.

"How did you-mmpph!"

"Ah ah ah." Daybreak wiggled his index finger at her, as though scolding a child. "You talk when I let you, I'm in control now."

He motioned to the chair, and, using her own powers against her, made her pick it back up, and sit down in it, after gathering her hat back up of course. Daybreak stood from his own chair and leaned over her desk on his elbows

"You should really learn who you're dealing with. If your gonna try and take over my mind, my mind, the mind of Discords son, as you were so kind to subtly point out earlier, you'd need alot more mental strength than that. Now, I could ask you how you found out who I am...but considering Twilight practically sang her confession to me in an overjoyed manner, I think it's rather obvious. So instead, I'll simply have you forget we ever shared this talk, you will forget that am Discords offspring, and you will forget what I have said about Rainbow Dash. Then I think I'll be on my way."

He turned to leave, more than satisfied with the way he'd handled being temporarily out witted. He was about to reach for the door, when his head suddenly exploded in agony! He dropped to his knees clutching at his skull. It felt like a thousand major league baseball players were having a go at his head...with lead bats! Painful hot tears tried to form in his eyes and escape...then...the pain was gone. He looked up slowly as his motor functions seemed to return, and found the headmistress standing behind her desk, pasty grey aura fizzling along her robed arms.

"Awww fuck..."

"Oh fuck is right! We aren't done here, now come here and sit back down!"

Oddly, his body responded with no delay. He was flabbergasted, instantly he tried to regain control with another surge of magic...but was met with no success. Bewildered, he continued his attempts until he was fully seated and staring back at the headmistress, whose smug grin seemed to have returned.

"That was a very good try kid, I'll give you that. Even Princess Twilight didn't think to try and reverse the connection on me, she simply sat there and took it. I suppose that's one of the many ways you differ from your old rival."

He grimaced "How much does this woman know?"

Leaning back in her chair once again, she resumed her old speech pattern, talking much softer now.

"How I know what I know is hardly important, what is important however, is what you've shown me in just our brief encounter. You are exactly like I expected you to be...with some small, minor differences. You are prideful to an almost arrogant point and you severally underestimate people who you don't perceive as a threat. I could expel you right now, without a second thought and no one would say a word against it...well...almost no one. Heck, I could even have you arrested for not only using dark magic, but then using it on the headmistress of this university and attempting to dominate my mind with it."

He began to sweat in his chair. He was screwed, so very, very screwed, and there was nothing he could do while being bound like he was.

"But that's not what I'm going to do."


Even if she hadn't read his mind, his expression said it all. She chuckled at him once again.

"What? You were expecting me to get rid of you? Just like that? No, I can see your thoughts, hard as they may be to grasp due to your own mental strength, and I've seen based on your actions. You're not here for your fathers means, you could have tried to make me do any number of things when you thought you controlled me a moment ago. But instead all you wanted was for me to forget what happened here, and then tried to simply walk out. You could have had the Elements separated, or imprisoned. You could have done something so petty as to have me lower Twilight's grade for all I know. But you didn't. That shows character, regardless of what your favorite princess has to say about you, I'm willing to bet on you. Don't get me wrong, I think you're a cocky, arrogant, smart mouth little shit who needs to be severally humbled in a magic duel format. But your not evil, even if you are made of dark magic."

Daybreak simply sat in the chair, no longer trying to resist the power holding him down. He was too shocked by what he was hearing to even think of resisting anymore. The things she said, and the amount of knowledge she already had on him, was nothing short of scary. Despite his every attempt throughout life to remain anonymous, this random woman knew who he was before he'd ever set foot in her office, and knew things about him even Twilight didn't know. He was starting to doubt that Twilight was even her source.

" do you know so much about me?"

Her emerald eyes locked with his, and she smiled her ever unnerving smile

"It doesn't matter how I know. Just know that this school will be a safe haven for you from the rest of the world. I can't guarantee your secret will be safe though...after today the news of your identity will likely meet everyone's ears, thanks to your old rival. She came to me you know, asking me to expel you right after your little yelling match the other day, but I set her straight and told her the same thing I'll tell you now. Until you give me a reason to believe that you intend this school or Equestria harm, you are welcome among my students, with protection."

He raised a curious brow "Protection?"

She nodded "From other students"

Now it was his turn to burst out laughing! He would have fallen from his chair if any of his limbs were under his own power! Though the headmistress did not seem to share in his amusement.

"Keep your protection ma'am. I can handle myself."

She lowered her eyes "Yes I know how powerful you are. But you don't know how strong some of these students are, tell me you haven't been the least bit surprised in the past few days? Your fight with Rainbow Dash is a prime example. You may have the most power out of anyone here, but your fight with her is valid evidence that the one with all the power doesn't always come out on top. You underestimated her, and lost the duel. Now you're underestimating these students, and could lose much more."

He chuckled "Like what?"

"Your life."

He stopped smiling "What?"

The headmistress sighed, leaning back in her chair again. He felt the numbness in his limbs receding, she motioned over to the window directly behind her.

"Take a look out there and tell me what you see."

Hesitantly he stood and approached her window, peering out its glass frame into the open courtyard of the campus. Her office gave her a perfect view of nearly every other building on the campus, almost all the way to the Everfree. He could see the advantage of its placement, but he couldn't understand what he was supposed to be looking at. All he saw was the large masses of students moving between buildings who chose to travel without the aid of portals. The crowds were large and nearly completely covered the majority of his sight. He almost couldn't see the multicolored leaves of autumn littering the sidewalks and grasses of the campus, with the stampede of feet going through them so quickly. Other than people, he saw nothing else.

"What am I supposed to be seeing here? Am I missing something?"

He turned back to the headmistress, confused

"I don't understand...all I see are other students transiting between-"

"Yes students, exactly! And, do you know how many students are at this school? Just a rough guess?"

Her smirk implied she knew he'd never guess right. But just to humor her, he took a guess that he knew couldn't be right for such a loved and popular school.

"Five thousand?"

Her eyes widened for a moment, then she began giggling wildly

"Close, very close. Not bad at all. The exact number escapes me, but we lean more towards six thousand students a year the last time I checked."

Somehow, Daybreak suddenly gained the ability to choke on air, as he instantly began gagging on nothing, pounding on his own chest trying to catch his breath!

"What?! How's that possible, Ponyville University is so big! How can you have so few students?"

She waved a hand dismissively "It doesn't matter...the point is, almost six thousand students inhabit these grounds, and more than...I'd say, eighty-five percent of them have, or had families who were effected negatively by Discords thousand year war. When, not if, when, they find out you are his son, who do you think they will turn their anger and lust for vengeance on? It won't even matter if Celestia is your mother, or if you're the most powerful being here. They will beat, maim, molest, or kill you if they get the chance. Please, don't give them that chance. You may not realize it, but there are those of us out there who actually have faith in you and know what you really went through, what you could become if you only tried. Most people do hate you, it's true. However some of us (mostly older adults who realize none of this is your fault) actually don't want to see you harmed and wish to help you move on from that life...The Doctor and I are some of those people. Please, help me help you, accept my protection. I won't use my spell to force you, it must be your decision."

Daybreak continued staring out the window for several moments, before chuckling lightly to himself.

"The friendliest place in Equestria hm? If this is where I'd be received the best and people still want to kill me...perhaps it was a mistake to come back after all. Twilight was right...It would be better for everyone if I just left wouldn't it?"

He turned back to face her, an oddly warm look on his face. "But...I think I'll stay regardless. I can't explain it, but I think the danger is worth it. I've never had a reason to enjoy myself before...but having a friend like Rainbow Dash, definitely makes it all worth it. Keep your protection, though I appreciate the offer, I mean that sincerely, oddly enough."

He watched her sigh again, but she too formed a warm smile anyways. "You are just as stubborn as I'd heard...Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."

He smiled to himself "This woman is pretty cool. Who knew there were some decent people still out there..."

" that it...can I go?"

Another booming laugh caused him to retreat back to his chair for safety.

"Oohhhhohoho! Not quite! There are still two more matters to discuss."

"What could she possibly want to discuss still? If me being Discords child doesn't bother her, then what could?"

He raised an eyebrow, feeling a mixture of curiosity and apprehension "And those would be?"

She motioned to his chair with an open palm. When he did not take it, she tapped her forehead with her index finger. He instantly understood her message, which was basically "sit or I'll make you". So he retook his seat as she leaned over her desk to look at him, her large breasts overtaking the desk for the umpteenth time.

"'s the deal. You have to do two things for me if I'm gonna allow you to continue remaining here..."

"I already don't like where this is going..."

"What things, may I ask?"

She smirked "You may ask. First, you and miss Rainbow Dash are going to be repairing the track field you so conveniently destroyed your second day here, in that little speed show of yours. This did allow me to request a new field all together though, so count yourself lucky it worked out in my favor."

A small blush crept up the sides of his face. Truthfully, he had forgotten about that entirely, the events of this morning easily overtaking all other thoughts.

"We'll get on that right away."

"You'll do no such thing. Our pre season soccer matches start in a few days. When our opponents, the Canterlot City Minotaurs get here, I want them to see our track, and I want to be able to say to their coach that our team captain, and our newest student, did that. Then I want to take great pleasure in watching Coach Bull piss himself."

Daybreak muffled snicker within a cough, and nodded, indicating he would comply. Then he impatiently waited for her to state her next condition for him to remain within the schools walls.

Staring at him in an x-ray type manner seemed to be her hobby, for he once again felt like he was being scanned as she looked at him, and smiled...again.

"Your next, and most important task, one which I will ensure you fulfill, is will tell Rainbow Dash how you really feel about her."

"What in all of Tartarus!?"

"E-excuse me?!"

"Did you hear me stutter? You will tell Miss Rainbow Dash your real feelings for her, and you will do it the very next time the opportunity presents itself. That's the instruction I'm giving you, and with my spell, I'm gonna make sure you follow it. You will tell her the honest truth. I won't physically watch what happens, you can rest assured of that...but my magic will alert me when it's task has been the clock is ticking."

"Clock? What clock? The fuck does she mean?"

"What clock are you talking about? Do I have a time limit or something?"

He watched as an evil smile spread across her lips, he knew he'd regret his question instantly.

"In a manner of speaking, yes. You see, I've taken into account your own mental strength. I've also been told that the farther someone moves away from me, the easier it is for them to resist my spell. So I've added an extra layer to my magic this time around, speciaically for you. The longer you try and resist its effects, the more intense they will become. For example; let's say I tell you to eat that batch of biscuits on my desk. Should you try and resist, the impulses you feel towards those biscuits will increase exponentially, and continue to increase the longer you resist. This will proceed until you finally break and give in, which everyone does eventually as the spell won't leave your system until you do. But here's where the best part comes in, because you resisted the spell, by the time you break, you'll not only simply eat those biscuits...but you'll devour them with such a ravenous pleasure, it will drive you wild....Now, imagine that same effect, for your own situation."

Beads of sweat dripped down his chin "Oh no...that's bad"

Every smile this woman had made him uneasy, but when she put effort into making him was downright uncomfortable. Amongst his mixed and panicked feelings, a small bit of anger managed to push its way to the surface

"Why huh? Why do you care so much if I tell her what I think of her? You don't even know what I really think of her!" He pointed his finger at her accusingly. His voice was steadily rising as he attempted to keep it from cracking with fear. "It's my business not yours! You have no right to interfere in my personal's not right, its not...not..."

"Fair?" She offered

"No! It isn't fair at all!" He slumped back in the chair and resting his head in his palms.

She did not laugh, but he could hear a mild amount of enjoyment in her voice "You seem to care a great deal about reveling what you really think to her, why is that? Tell the truth."

As much as he tried to fight, it was in vain. His head came up from his palms and his lips moved against his will. "I don't want her to think less of me..." The moment he finished speaking, he returned his face to his palms, hiding his blush and embarrassment within them.

"Hoho! Well that is surprising! The son of Discord cares what another thinks of him? How did that happen...wait, forget I asked, you need not answer. I won't torment you in such a way. I am curious though, you said you've grown attached to her. In just four days you've grown attached to someone? After twenty-two years of swearing up and down Equestria, that friendship and love don't exist, you get attached to this girl in just four days? Why?"

"I don't know. I can't explain it myself."

"Do you still not believe in the power of friendship?"

"I'm...not sure"

"What about love? Do you believe in love now?"

For the first time since her questions started, he smiled. "No"

Her eyes widened for a moment, then resumed their stern stare "No? you love Rainbow Dash?"

Despite his own cheeks turning a bright red, his lips still gave him a surprising answer "I don't know"

The headmistress's left eye twitched "Come now. No need to resist, I won't tell anyone. Tell the truth!"

"I am." He said it so blankly she knew he wasn't trying to lie...she just didn't believe it.

"You don't know if you love her, but you are attached to her, possibly even attracted?"


"Do you care about her well being"


"Do care about her feelings?"


"Hmmm...ok. Have you shown her any sort of affection in these four days?"


"Like what? What do you consider affection?"


She felt a sting in her mind, he was trying to resist. She felt his mind trying to push hers away. She pushed back and kept in control, then added more power to her spell. She could feel his resistance fade and crumple away immediately after.

"Aggghh...urrrmmm...we...snuggled...once...and I told her she was the first person I considered a friend...I also...saved her life the day we raced by giving her a necklace made of my dark magic. Her magic went out of balance and she went into cardiac arrest, so I made a necklace out of my energy to stabilize her...she still wears it."

Though her eyes did hint at something when he mentioned the necklace, she seemed uninterested in the rest, she even sighed afterwards. "I was hoping for something like a kiss, or heck, I'd have even been ok with you saying you'd slept with her, but snuggling? That's what you call affection? Well I guess for someone whose never so much as hugged another person, snuggling would be pretty out there for ya. You are in more serious need of affection than anyone I've ever met, kid. Though I do admit...the fact that you made another dark necklace, after your first one went over soooo well, surprises me. I also think you're pretty messed up in the head."

He grimaced under the strain of her spell and scowled at her "I don't need you to tell me what's wrong with me do you even know so much? How do you know about the other necklace?"

Ignoring his latter question, she pointed her finger at him, as though she were sentencing him in court. "But you do need someone to tell you, kid. I've been inside alot of peoples minds over the years, and I've never seen one so jumbled and confused as yours. You told me, under my own truth spell, that you don't know if you love Rainbow Dash or not, and you said you don't believe in love! Yet you were willing to risk everyone's safety by making another dark necklace, and putting it around her neck to save her life?! How can you not call that love?"

She felt another surge of power hit her, this one more strenuous than the last, his anger flowed through their connected minds. She felt herself being briefly pushed out. He stood from his chair again, struggling not to yell.

"How can you say love exists? In a world where a child can be beaten day and night all because of who he was born to? How can love exist in a world where the supreme leader of friendship and tolerance can cast aside her own child?! At birth!? The world is a cruel, and dark, and lonely place! I may have found a friend who's closeness I cherish, but I will never utter the words Friendship is Magic , because it makes me sick. A society that can claim love. and friendship, and tolerance overcomes all, but can't give any of that to one child, will never have my respect! It's all a lie! A sickening one at that! At least other parts of the world are honest about how they are! Dragons will straight up admit they rape their own women during mating season, without hiding a single detail. The Zebra people, whom you hail from, are honest about what they fight for, the misjudged and morally questionable magic they practice. Even the bloody gryphons! Who rule their lands in an Empire, are more honest to their people than we are! Their king, who's a half breed by the way, half human half gryphon, will come out of his castle, stand over his millions of subjects, and tell them the real reasons for their taxes going up, or their children being drafted. They don't claim some greater purpose for their wars, they just downright say 'hey, we wanna take this land to expand our Empire! Let's go to war with them!' and then they do it! Only here in Equestria do we pretend to be better than everyone else, and then lie saying we don't! Only here!"

He gasped for breathe and collapsed back into his seat. He regretted losing his temper the moment he had, but once he started, her own truth powers had kept if flowing until he could resist her control no longer. Now, as he panted in his chair and peered back over at her stone faced look, he wondered if he'd just blown his chance to remain with Rainbow. The headmistress stared at him, her expression unreadable...though it was obvious she was thinking hard on something. He considered apologizing, but his pride demanded he stand firm on what he had said. There as no point in a hollow apology that he wouldn't really mean.

After a minute, or an hour, he wasn't sure, but it felt like an eternity that she sat quiet, she started to move...but what she showed him made his blood run cold. She held up her right hand, which had been below the desk during his long minute of yelling, and in it, she held a tape recorder. With a heavy sigh, she hit the play button, and he listened to himself yell. She paused it before it got very far, then looked at him with a stern expression.

"Clearly...I don't even need dirt or a shovel to dig my own grave, do I?"

She set the recorder down on the desk, then removed her hands from it and placed them in her lap. She motioned to it with her head, her hat tipping slightly towards the recorder.

"I could play this for the entire school to hear at tomorrows assembly, or right now over the loudspeaker. They'd all figure out who it is, with Twilights help, and within an hour everyone would be after your head, even more so knowing who you are." She lifted up both her hands, turning them over three times to show she had nothing hidden in them, then setting them back in her lap below the desk.

"You can try and take this from me right now and delete it, or, you can sit there and do nothing, leaving your fate in my hands."

His eyes dropped down to the recorder.

"What's she playing at? I'm light years faster than her...I could blast that thing before she even lifts her hands...why would she make it so easy?"

All his instincts told him to blast it into pieces like he had Rainbows alarm clock...but his common sense said something else entirely. If he wanted to stay, then he'd have to prove himself to her, right now. His hands twitched in his lap, swarming with energy and just dying to blast that recorder to bits. But he resisted, and simply stared back at her

"You can take it..." His voice sounded of defeat, even though he thought this was what he should do.

He watched with dread as she smirked and picked up the recorder, her thumb hovering over the play button. She held it over the loud speaker while she began to address the school through the mic.

"Good afternoon students, this is your headmistress speaking. I've just had the most wonderful discussion with our newest member of the student body this year, and I'm happy to say that he has something to share with all of you as well."

She moved the loud speaker across her desk towards him. But before he could say he didn't understand, he felt his body go numb and stand up on it's own. Dreadful realization filled him

"Oh nooooooo...this doesn't bode well for me"

Helpless under her magic, he was forced to watch as his body stood and walked over to the loudspeaker, swiping it up from the desk and bringing it to his lips. While at the same time, taking the tape recorder from her outstretched hand and holding it next to the speaker.

"This is beyond cruel...well...goodbye Rainbow Dash...It was nice while it lasted"

He felt himself take a deep breathe, and despite every fiber of his being willing his thumb not to press down, he...began to speak?

"Hello everyone. This is Daybreak. I am the newest addition to Ponyville University this year. I've been traveling the world for as long as I can remember trying to find my way. I've come to Ponyville this year because I've heard that it was a place where everyone is welcome with lo-"

"NO! I won't say it! I won't say that word!"

A huge surge of brief energy swam through his mind, gaining him a singular moment of freedom

"-friendship and tolerance..."

"Phew...ha...take that..." He felt his words once again become hers as he relinquished his resistance, and mentally gave in to her spell, but not before he saw the brief glare she shot him. He didn't care though, he knew he had no energy left to resist anyways, so he merely listened to what she was making his body say to the entire school.

"...This got me thinking that it would be a perfect place for me. You now I'm sure you've heard a few rumors about me flying around. Whether it be about what happened out on the track field during my race with Rainbow Dash, or about who I really am, supposedly. Well...I've been all over the world, and one of the many things I learned out there is, hiding who you are from everyone around you, can only end badly. So I'm going to tell you the truth firsthand...It's true, what you've probably heard...I am the son of Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria, and Discord, Master of Chaos."

Who Am I?

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Rainbow Dash froze in her tracks, skidding to a screeching halt as her sprint towards the headmistresses office came to an abrupt end! She'd finally been released from her binds after Sunset Shimmer explained that Daybreak had been taken to the headmistress for using dark magic. She had (of course) immediately demanded to be allowed to go and speak in his defense, she'd seen what happened firsthand. That hadn't been Daybreak, it had been...something else. Although Sunset was less than convinced, and Twilight was openly against it, they both agreed to let her go eventually...if she swore to behave, and not barge in during Daybreaks talk with the headmistress. She was supposed to wait and knock patiently, then be told to enter. She of course, had no intention of doing so, but she'd agreed anyways, if only to be let out. Then took off out of the room before anyone could stop her! She hadn't Pinkie promised, so she didn't really care.

But now, hearing Daybreak utter those words over the loudspeaker, she didn't believe what she heard. There was no way he'd said what he'd said...and yet it made an unnerving sort of sense. All that talk about how he'd been treated as a child and Celestia exiling him, suddenly fir perfectly. It didn't make it any less cruel or wrong...but at least now she understood why. More determined than ever to reach him, she took off sprinting again!

With nearly everyone who was transiting between classes now frozen in the halls to listen to Daybreak speak, Rainbow was having a much harder time navigating than she normally would have. Add to that, those few students who tried to stop and ask what had happened to shred and burn her clothes the way they were, or the ones who just tried to get in her way to make off hand, flirty comments about it, and it was nearly impossible to make any ground. What was worse, was the loud speaker was still going, so the crowds wouldn't be thinning anytime soon.

Daybreaks speech didn't end with his admission, he was still talking. She had resist the impulse to plug her ears as she ran, not wanting to hear anymore

"I've fallen for the son of the our most dangerous enemy...For Discords son...What would my friends think...what would Twilight think?"

As much as she wanted to, she could not block out the loud speaker, and his words continued to invade her brain.

"I know to those of you who haven't heard the rumors (which is probably most of you), this is quite a shock. However, that's why I am telling you all this, where everyone can hear me. I want to live here, I want to learn what it means to have the power of friendship behind me...and I know I can't do that if no one knows who I really am. So I am telling you this myself, rather than let someone go and gossip about me, spreading rumors just because they can't move past the past. I am talking to you on that one Twilight! I am not my father, and I don't wanna be him. I don't wanna be my mother either, I want to be me. Here. In this school. With people who can accept me for who I am, not who my parents are. So...I hope there are some out there willing to give me a chance. I'm willing to try and change if you're willing to have me. Thank you. That's all." The loud speaker clicked off a moment later.

"Daybreak...why...? This isn't like you. You wouldn't take a risk like this...would you? I guess I can't say I'd know...I couldn't even see who you really were."

She couldn't wrap her mind around it. She may not have known him that well, but she still knew him better than anyone. he'd said so himself. Yet, still he'd hid this from her. It made a bit of sense to hide it, especially considering she was one of six people who were the cause of Discords second defeat. But still...

"I thought he trusted me more...or maybe I just hoped he did..."

Pushing aside her own thoughts of self doubt, she noticed that the other students had begun to react to Daybreaks message. Running as fast as she was, it was hard to gauge many emotions as she sprinted by...but the few she did catch didn't seem too pleased. Several of them actually looked angry, very angry. As she rounded another corner, she nearly ran head first into Rarity, skidding to a halt inches from their heads colliding. As she caught her breath, she noticed that Rarity looked to be as distraught as she was. Her hair was a curly and frizzled mess. It was almost enough to make Rainbow ask, but she didn't have the time. She mumbled a quick apology, and was about to take off again...before a dark blue orb of energy tugged her by the collar, turning her back to face her friend. She was in a rush, and didn't like being grabbed that her reaction was less than pleasant.

"What!?" She practically yelled in her face.

Rarity actually jumped back in surprise, the narrow eyed look of anger and shock on Rainbows face truly frightening her.

"Goodness Rainbow Dash! What's wrong?"


She stopped mid sentence, her brain catching up to her.

"I can't tell her...I can't tell any of them...they can't know we're friends. There's no way they'll just let it go. Gilda...Lightning Dust...that was nothing compared to being friends with our worst enemies son...let alone...crushing on him...I gotta get away...I gotta talk to him about this..."

"Rainbow Dash? Hello? Darling are you feeling're looking very pale all of the sudden."

Rainbow shook her head, forgetting who was with her for a moment. She quickly spat out the first thing that came to mind.

"Oh! Ummm...Sorry Rarity, I didn't realize it was you...I'm on my way too...umm...Soccer! Yeah! I'm late for an...eeeeemergency soccer meeting...and I uhhh gotta! See ya!"

She turned to leave again.

"Wait Rainbow Dash!"

"Ugggggh what now!?"

She turned, restraining her frustration as best she could. Rarity, painfully slow, reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a long silver chain, with a miniature sun attached to the end. Rainbow's brain did a momentary reset as the necklace was held out in front of her. Rarity smiled, dropping it into her outstretched palm.

"All fixed. I would say it was easy, but I think it's charmed or something. Every time I tried using magic to mend started jumping around, and wouldn't hold still long enough for me to fix it...So I ended up having to fix the chain by hand. Sorry, that's why it took so long dear. I hope your friend isn't upset."

Rainbows hand clutched around necklace " eeerm...friend...thanks."

"Thank Celestia I didn't tell her his name!"

"Well..." She turned to depart for a third time "Like I said, I gotta see ya."

"Rainbow Dash?"

She grimaced, struggling not to grit her teeth in frustration "Yeah?"

"That boy...Daybreak, the one who just admitted to being Discords son....isn't he the one you raced with...and ended up blowing up the track field with?"

"Guess there's no hiding that part...still...that doesn't prove anything."

"Umm...yeah, guess it was...What of it?"

Rarity glanced up at the loudspeaker, then back to Rainbow Dash. "I'll spare you from Twilights interrogation, cause let's face it. We both know she's gonna question all of us, now that everyone knows. So tell me...did you guys talk much? What was he like? Was it obvious?...I guess not...but still"

She tensed up "Well..."

"This is awkward...she doesn't know half of what we've done..."

"...I wouldn't know...we didn't really talk that much...if that's all...I gotta go Rarity. Late remember?"

This time she turned and took off before anything else could be said, leaving Rarity to wave away the dust she kicked up in her face while she ran off! Rarity coughed and sputtered in annoyance .

"Well...I never...that girl is so tactless sometimes."


Daybreak collapsed back into his chair, beads of sweat dripping down his cheeks and nose as the microphone clattered across the floor, now silent. He looked up, his body once again under his control for the moment, staring at the Headmistress with a weakened gaze.

"Why...?" His words came out tired, like he'd just finished running a marathon. "Why would you make me do that? Do you have any idea what'll happen now? Now I've no chance of blending in here!"

Despite his voice starting to rise, Headmistress Shicvala showed no sign of fear or even notice that his energy spiked dangerously for a moment, again. She merely stared at him over her desk, a small smirk sitting on her lips.

"And why should you wish to blend in? When you could walk among us as who you are?"

He managed a mocking chuckle. "You know nothing if you think I'll be accepted because a corny speech like that!"

Her smirk only grew "Fortunately, it is you who know nothing in this situation, child. You do not understand why Ponyville is different from anywhere else in Equestria. Did you know that dark magic isn't even illegal here?"

That actually caught his attention, his eyes grew large. "W-what? That's a national law. My mother-"

"Your mother set the law yes. But your aunt, Princess Luna rebuked it, and had it done away with upon her return. Instead, it is now a city by city decision. Although most places still deem it illegal, Ponyville was founded on the idea of love and tolerance for all. The Mayor here never supported that law, and was more than pleased when it was left up to her to decide the laws for her own town. It is now very legal. Not often practiced, yes, but no one is jailed for it. There are multiple students here who have tried or experimented with it. Most can't control or grasp it, and some become corrupted by its influence. We have solutions for all these problems. Princess Twilight has been very adamant on this subject and agrees we should all be free to decide for our selves. Having used the power multiple times throughout her life, she has offered her help."

He felt a pinch of guilt strike his subconscious "So...she ended up using it anyways...despite what I did..."

The Headmistress possibly from reading his thoughts, or just knowing of his guilt, smiled at him. "She has not been corrupted by it. She has little to no control over it, but the few times it comes out, she is able to resist it's influence with ease. I've watched her. I believe that is your doing, your old magic inside her from your childhood has given her a kind of protection from it's corruption. You have nothing to feel guilty about."

He looked away, half disgusted. "Stay out of my thoughts..." A sudden realization then struck him "Wait a second! You said you could have me threatened me for using dark magic!" He pointed at her angrily.

She merely giggled "I lied. I wanted to see how you'd react."

He gritted his teeth "I've already had enough of being manipulated by you, and I've only known you for thirty minutes!"

She shrugged "Every one fights their own way. Mine is just a little more refined and less violent. Manipulation can be helpful as well as hurtful. But of course, you know this don't you...Skittles...?That's a cute pet name by the way."

He stood from his chair, anger boiling up to a peak inside him. "STAY OUT OF MY HEAD IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU! MY PEROSNAL THOUGHTS AREN'T YOURS TO PLAY WITH!"

She leaned back in her chair, the tip of her hat resting just under the golden crown on her wall. Her smirk grew sinister

"Are you threatening me Child of Chaos?"

Seemingly free from her influence for the moment, Daybreaks arms ignited a fiery green! Emerald flames formed along the edges of his aura and licked at the walls around him.

"Maybe I am! What about it!? No one get's to manipulate me, no one! I make my own choices, you don't get to make them for me! Got it?!"

Her smirk still holding, Shicvala stood from her chair, and gently pushed aside the tiki's atop her desk. Her body began to lightly fizzle with grey aura. Her head began to glow a darker shade of grey, as a small, side-ways, eye shaped blob of grey energy appeared in the center of her forehead. She reached up and removed her black witch hat by its tip, and placed it atop her compute monitor.

"Perhaps I should show you why they call me 'Shiva'? Why the Dragons fear my name! Why they tell their young, the tales of 'The Destroyer' to keep them in line. We'll see if your powers can even hold a candle to mine!"

They both moved simultaneously, and the room erupted into blinding light!


Rainbow turned another corner, the headmistresses office had finally come into view...after she had muscled her way past, what felt like, half the school. As she finally let out a sigh of relief at there being little to no students between her and the golden phoenix, she heard a familiar laugh creep up behind her.

"Going to see your bastard friend? Planning on saving him again?"

She didn't even have to turn around to know who was behind her. The three idiots that had attacked Daybreak, and constantly made her life difficult no matter how may times she kicked their asses.

"Go away Diamond pups, I don't have time for you right now!"

The smallest of the three, and the only one with any decent color on his skin, other than grey, stepped forward and pointed at her angrily. "It's Diamond Dogs! Our group is the Diamond Dogs! And, you don't get to call us that. Only members can call us that. Unless your finally reconsidering joining us and going through our initiation." He licked his lips as he eyed her charred and shredded clothes.

She physically shivered in disgust. She held up two fingers and turned to face them. "First, I have no interest in joining a gang who just steals from people weaker than them and bullies everyone for fun. And second, I'd sooner have sex with my guitar than any of you, let alone all three of you. So your initiation can kiss my pale blue ass. Along with the rest of you. Or maybe you'd prefer to kiss the floor? That is what you always seem to do whenever we meet after all. Have you told your whores back at your hideout about your intimate relationship with the tiling? I'm sure they deserve to know. I'm sure they have to question why your faces are always so smashed whenever you come home? Or maybe that just looks normal to them? I can't really tell the difference to be honest."

They biggest of the three clenched his fists, while the smallest one bared his magically pointed teeth. The middle one pointed at her and yelled, unnecessarily loud "Get her!".

She sighed to herself, shaking her head with disappointment "Every day..."

It ended so quickly, it wasn't even fun for her. She was in a rush and didn't feel like toying with these idiots today. As the biggest one rushed her, she front flipped over his head, and delivered two magically charged punches to his kidneys. He dropped faster than the titanic, and she moved onto his friends with lightning fast speed and grace. Not missing a single step, she twirled away from the big one as he went down, and brought her knee forward into the smallest ones face before he could bring up his hands. Then spun on her left foot and extended the leg she had just used to knee the short one, planting a firm kick into the middle ones ribs and sending him skidding backwards into the lockers behind him, propelled by the force of her magic. She brought her leg back down and bowed.

"Ten. Seconds. Flat."

Without another word, she turned, taking off sprinting towards the golden phoenix door. Upon reaching the statue, it spread its golden wings out wide. It's wing span easily blocking her access to the doorway behind it.

"Let me pass! I need to see the Headmistress."

The golden birds head looked down at her. Its voice came out deep, but majestic sounding, almost song-like.

"Headmistress Shicvala is currently engaged in a...heated...discussion with our newest student, and has requested I allow none to interrupt it.

Annoyed, and not really in the mood to argue Rainbow stomped her foot angrily "This is important! It's about the one she's with, Daybreak, I need to speak to him. Right now!"

The phoenix did not budge against her words...but it did sound rather uncomfortable when it spoke "I cannot allow you passage...the headmistress has...forbidden it...until their...discussion...has ended...I cannot let you in..." The head of the statue suddenly leaned forward, and whispered in a much deeper voice "Trust me...You don't wanna go in their right's for your own good..."

Rainbow cocked her head "Why? What's going on?"

Now his discomfort became more than noticeable, his wings shifted slightly, as though he were wrestling with something in his mind. "As I said...their discussion is...heated.."

"Heated has two meanings Goldilocks, which do you mean? Are they yelling or something?"

He leaned his head down once again "The room is partially on fire my dear...take my advice...come back later."

At hearing this, all other thoughts emptied from Rainbows mind. Taking a quick glance, under his head, she saw his right wing was lifted just enough for her to dive under. She moved before the head could fully retract, catching the statue off guard, and made a running dive under its wing, rolling in a summersault and coming up sprinting through the archway.

"Weird...isn't the door normally right here?"

She stared down an long hallway, filled with paintings and portraits. Without hesitation, she took off running, hoping the door was simply at the end of the corridor. She looked back as she ran, and saw the back of the statue seemingly beginning to melt. For a moment, she feared she had somehow broken it...until a miniature version of the golden statue shot forth from the liquefied backside, and flew down the hall after her, screeching in a much louder and more obnoxious voice than before, and bearing elongated talons. "Stop right there criminal scum! Nobody may enter the headmistresses chamber without my permission! Halt! Cease! Desist!"

"Yikes!" Rainbow turned and resumed her sprint, hoping she could out run the loud, golden bird before its screeching annoyed her to death.


The two sorcerers stumbled back, both nearly crumpling over in exhaustion. Several new cuts and burns marks adorned Daybreaks shirt and shorts now, but somehow the fabric still managed to hold together after the exchange. He steadied himself on the arm of his chair, bending over and taking in deep breaths as he struggled to stay standing. Shicvala was hardly any better off, although the only physical evidence of their battle on her, seemed to be a large gash across the right side of her shoulder. The entire right arm of her cloak was also missing as well, seemingly blown off right below the shoulder, but he arm itself showed no signs of damage. Her stripped skin was now visible to the world, and Daybreak could see, she was indeed, of the Zebra peoples. She was bent over too, and gasping for breath...but certainly seemed to be taking it better than him.

"What...I only going to help you child" She panted, struggling to finish her sentences without stopping for more breaths. "You...can't expect people to...except you...if they don't know who you are..."

Daybreak moved behind his chair, stabilizing himself by resting his arms on its back and leaning over it. "You think it's that simple? Tell everyone the truth and...they'll just let go of all their...hate? I'm not Princess Luna, I can't change what I am...I can' someone different.. I'm always gonna be...Discords son. No matter where I run to...that's what I'll be seen as...the Traitor Prince. The Prince of Chaos, Child of Chaos, the Dark Sun...I've heard them'll never stop..."

The Headmistress finally submitted to her exhaustion and seated herself back in her chair, once again donning her black hat atop her head. Daybreak opted to remain standing, choosing to stare at the floor as a sick feeling welled up in the pit of his stomach. Shicvala managed to half chuckle in between her raspy breaths

"It...will just need to...give it a chance. Try letting go...of your own hatred child...except some love into your've...already taken the...first...steps..."

"What do you...mean by...that?" He was practically hanging over his chair as he struggled to stay upright.

She smiled at him "You'll see"

Before he could question her again, the door behind him suddenly flew open with a enormous Bang!

"Daybreak!" he heard a familiar voice yell before he felt his chest being embraced from behind, and the little breathe he had being squeezed out of him.

Warmth spread throughout his body at the surprise hug, he looked up, a slightly shy expression on his find that the headmistress had already regained her composure, and was smiling at him coyly. He almost gave in to a blush, but managed to hold it off as he was released from his death hug. Even though he already knew who it was, as she was the only one who would dare hug him, it was good to see Rainbow Dash come around to his front once she released him. She had a concerned and conflicted look in her eyes. It only then struck him

"Oh no...she would've heard it I'll be alone again...all...alone...again."

He didn't wanna keep meeting her eyes, but he made himself continue looking. Her stare never changed, concerned and conflict remained...but she didn't look away from him either

"And she hugged me too...does that mean she doesn't care? Maybe it was just an instinct...maybe she does still wanna be friends, she's supposed to be the Element of Loyalty after all...but now that she knows...she could never feel something for the son of Discord..."

He wanted to get mad again. Wanted to throw all his anger at the Headmistress again...but he found he had no anger to summon. He just felt empty...and hollow. He simply couldn't get mad. He jumped slightly, as he felt Rainbow Dash slip one of his right arm around her neck, and steady him so he could walk. She opened her mouth to speak...but was cut off by a loud screech as the miniature golden phoenix that had been chasing her, suddenly burst into the room. It flew one small lap around the room, then came to rest atop Shicvala's desk. With a very annoyed sounding voice, it began squawking apologies to her.

"Headmistress, I'm sorry, I tried to stop her. But when I caught her in the Infinite Hallway spell, she merely responded with (pardon my language) 'fuck the police' then after wrestling me off, she began tilting every portrait she passed down the hallway. I had to stop the spell and let her in if there was any hope of ever fixing them all...she wouldn't stop!"

A mischievous smirk bleed across Rainbow as the headmistress gave a light giggle "It's quite alright...go back to your larger body and continue guarding the door, I can handle the rest from here."

The golden bird sighed with relief "And...the portraits?"

"I'll handle it."

With a metallic sounding salute of its wing, the bird flew out of the room to rejoin his other half. Once he was gone, and the door shut behind him, Shicvala motioned to Rainbow Dash. "Miss Dash, If you could escort our young mister Daybreak home, that would be greatly appreciated. Not to your room I think. His house may be preferred tonight. It may be better if we give our school a day to let this news settle. You are both excused from your classes for the remainder of the day. But I expect you both back tomorrow. You are excused"

Rainbow Dash looked surprised at such a dismissal. Her shock easily apparent as her jaw hung loosely from her face


"Yes Miss Dash?"

Rainbow looked around the room. Nothing seemed to be damaged...but there were several spots along the walls where specks of green and black flames still burned. They were causing the tapestry no harm, but it was still apparent something had happened in here.

"What happened in here Headmistress...why is Daybreak like this...what happened to him during our duel!? And...why are you giving me the day off as well!? I've known you for years now...tell me what's going on! Is he really...?"


She looked to her left, his head was barely being held up by his own power...but he still managed a sad look. It was so full of emotions she hadn't seen him use. Fear was plastered all over his eyes as he nodded slowly

"I am...I am Discords son."

Rainbow crushed her eyes closed. That had sealed it. There was no denying it now, he'd said it aloud. She'd fallen for Discords son.

"Miss Dash?"

Opening her eyes, she looked up to the headmistress, and saw her smiling "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Do you here me Miss Dash?"

Rainbow could tell, just by the way she narrowed her eyes, what she was referring to.

"I hate when she does that..."

Rainbow managed a half smile, and nodded slowly. Returning her attention to Daybreak, slumped on her shoulder.

"He'll be alright. He's just reached his limit for today. Two duels in one day can't have been easy"

Her coy expression easily answered Rainbows question of what had occurred. Though the fact that Daybreak had managed to survive the duel without being hospitalized was impressive enough. Anyone who ever challenged the Headmistress always ended up in the infirmary. After experiencing her first duel just a few hours earlier, she now understood why. They were intense.

"And Daybreak pulled off two in one day? One with the Headmistress...and he's just a little banged up...How powerful is he? Does this mean he was just holding back when he fought me?"

"Miss Dash...You may go you know. I'm sure you're eager to spend some time alone with him"

She winked at them and both felt their faces heat up, but neither noticed the others blush. Rainbow sensed they were being dismissed yet again, and decided to leave things the way they were. No punishment for Daybreak and she got the day off with him...that left plenty of time for her to ask him...


They had barely exited the office and made it through the golden phoenix, who shot Rainbow a nasty look...when Daybreak suddenly decided he could walk on his own, and pulled his arm out of her grip. He stumbled forward several feet, nearly collapsing again...but managed to stabilize in time. He placed his right hand on the wall to steady his footing and shuffled forward, barely seeming to notice when Rainbow caught up to him. He kept his head down as they walked, refusing to speak even when she asked if he was alright. It wasn't until they made it outside the building, that he finally forced to acknowledge her.

With nothing to lean on outside the door, he tripped down the stairs and went for the ground face first. Rainbow reached out and caught him by the tears on his shirt, pulling him back over to her. He practically fell into her arms, his legs wobbling under his own weight. She felt a surge of annoyance well up in her as she struggled to place his arm back around her neck.

"You don't have to do everything by yourself dummy. I'm here to help you ya know."

"Yeah...for how much longer?" His voice sounded distant, like he was far away, rather than right next to her.

"What did you say?! What's that supposed to mean?"

His voice came out stale and emotionless, still sounding far off "Once we get to my're just gonna ditch me...It's not like I can ever go back to that school now. We're lucky we didn't see anyone on our way out...I'd probably be dead if we had."

"Ok! No! You are not doing this now!"

Once they passed through the front gate, and the magical lock click shut behind them, she quickly turned, grasping him by the scruff of his neck and slammed him against the concrete wall next to the gate. She shook him once to get his attention

"Listen here you! I don't know what happened to you in that office, but don't you dare come out here and start drowning in self pity! Have you already forgotten who I am? Well have you!?"

When he did not answer, she gave him another forceful shake. His head slowly raised, his weak gaze met her fiery eyes.

"I know who you are..."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously "Oh do you? Tell me then. Who am I?"

"You're Rainbow Dash..."

"What else!"

His eyes darted around for a moment, as though hoping to find the answer written on her face. After a moment, he sighed

"I...I don't know..."

It was then that his vision became speckled in bright lights, and his face suddenly stung...alot. His head turned upon impact...and when he brought it back to face her...her hand was raised.

"Did you just...slap me?"

Her gaze seemed to burn straight through him "Yeah I did. Maybe it will knock some sense back into you. Now tell me. Who I am?"

His voice almost cracked "I...I don't know"

This time, he actually saw her strike him. His face once erupted into a burning pain, and he felt himself being lifted off the ground by the burnt collar of his shirt. Blinking away the stars, he felt a surge of anger pulsate through him as he looked down at her.

"Who am I Daybreak!?"

"Put me down Rainbow Dash." His voice held some intimidation behind it, and was certainly deeper now. At least that had changed.

"Not until you say it."

"I said, put, me, down. Now!"

His gaze narrowed and met her own, she glared at him right back. "Make me."


His arms moved, too quick for her to anticipate. He brought his palms up and over her arms then smacked them down in the folds of her elbows, double karate chop style. Her arms buckled under his strikes, releasing him from her grip. He dropped and swept his right leg under her own, swiping her feet out from under her and sending her down to the concrete. He straddled her waist and pinned both her hands above her head under his elbow, then placed his free palm above her face, allowing it to glow a menacing shade of green.

"The fuck is a matter with you Rainbow!?"

Out of nowhere, she jabbed her neck upwards, head butting him in the nose! He leaned back in pain, and she quickly used that moment to throw him off her! She clambered to her feet and grasped him by the neck, slamming him back against the wall once more!

"I'm your friend you fucking idiot! That's who I am!"

She struck him across the face one last time, not as particularly hard as before, just enough to get his attention.

"I'm your friend, and I'll never just 'ditch' you somewhere. Even if you didn't come back to school I wouldn't do that. But you are coming back to school, and if you're not there tomorrow I swear by Celestia I'll march straight over to your house and drag your ass back here! Got it buster?"

He grimaced, mumbling under his breath

"What was that?"

"I said you're a fool! You think I can just walk back in there after that little speech? I didn't wanna say those things, Shicvala tricked me into eating some spiked cookies! She can make me do whatever she wants now. She made me say those things, and now I can never go back!"

Rainbow blinked in surprise "Well...that explains alot...she gave him the cookies too huh? Odd...I never realized she could control people with them, she certainly never tried to control me with them. Maybe she used a different batch on him cause he's Discords son and not just a trouble maker with rainbow hair?"

She shook her head "It doesn't matter. You said it. It's done with. But you can't honestly think running away is gonna change anything?"

He laughed, he actually laughed at her "Not change anything? How about not getting me killed? Is that not changing something?"

She blinked "You really think they'd kill you dude?"

He snorted at her "Six thousand students, almost all of which were affected by my father negatively. You don't think they'd want revenge? You don't think that they might act on that need, if Discords son was right there within reach. I don't know about you Dash, but fighting six thousand people at once...I'll pass thanks."

Her eyes narrowed mockingly "What's wrong... ya scared?"

He was hardly amused "You bet your blue ass I am! I'm the strongest sorcerer in the world! But as I've just been painfully reminded twice in the past two hours, strength doesn't mean victory. I can't fight six thousand angry, vengeful, magicians who want my head on a platter. Nearly everyone at this school seems gifted in some form of special magic, I'll be damned if I'm fighting that. I'd rather just take what's left of my pride and be on my way."

Understanding what he was truly saying, she released him back to the ground. He steadied himself on the wall, his short burst of adrenaline gone now, along with his strength.

"So that's're gonna leave school? Leave me?"

He cringed, a small twitch finding his weak gaze "Dash...It's not like I want to..."

"Then don't! Stay here! Stay with me! You don't have to run away!"

He lowered his gaze to the ground "Dashie...I wouldn't last a day...maybe two...if I was clever and did alot of hiding..."

She moved to hit him again, but this time he pushed himself off the wall, catching her hand, but falling forward towards her. She yelped in surprise but still managed to catch and steady him. She draped his arm over her shoulder, for the third time today, and started helping him shuffle slowly towards the Everfree Forest.

"You may not last on your own. But what if me and my friends protect you?"

That earned her a sincere laugh from him "Dash...that's rich! Twilight Sparkle and her friends protecting me, the son of Discord, from a bunch of kids...I could make a sitcom out of something so pathetic."

She grunted a chuckle "Pathetic is better than dead, or alone..."

He shook his head slowly, she caught it out of the corner of her eye as they shuffled ever closer towards the entrance of the woods

"Dash, Twilight Sparkle, probably hates me more than any other person in the known universe. The day her or her friends protect me from anything, I'm sure I'll see a pig grow wings and fly."

"I'm protecting you aren't I?"

They had reached the entrance to the Everfree, Daybreak did not answer Rainbows question, but merely stared down at his feet while they walked into the dark wood. He knew where she was leading him...towards one of the portals that warped straight into Ponyville. Had they waited until after hours, it would have taken them to the outskirts, and saved him another twenty minutes of walking. But he wasn't complaining. He knew this would probably be the last time he made this walk. He was glad he could draw it out...with Rainbow.

The light from the outside had completely faded from view as they had delved deeper into the forest. Now the only light was from the many luminescent plants growing throughout the forest. Daybreak even spotted a patch of poison joke growing off to the side, away from the path that had been carved to the portal.

Without any warning, Rainbow suddenly veered away from the path, and began leading him off to the right through shrubs and other wild plants. The trees and brush became thicker, and the many plants growing seemed to be more suspended in the air rather than on the ground. It created an artificial, but very bright, neon blue light in the darkness of the forest. It was beautiful to see...but he was still confused as to where they were going.

"Rainbow...The path is back that way."

"Shhh, quiet, we are almost there."

"Almost where?"

"I said shhhh!"


After a few more minutes of walking, they came to a large opening in the forest. Daybreaks eyes shot open! In front of them, was an enormous tree, full of luminescent vines and branches. It's top seemed to span over the entire clearing, effectively still blocking out any sunlight from breaking through, and allowing the neon colors to shine and dance brightly in the dark. The tree itself was enormous, it's roots stretched out along the ground and had formed into other, smaller trees throughout the Everfree. The bark looked like brown armor planting rather than wood. Daybreak was in awe...

"Is this...the Tree of Harmony?"

Rainbow giggled "No no...that's much deeper, this is just a little hidden spot I like to come, sometimes to nap. No one else has found it so far so it's the perfect place to just get away from it all. The tree here was one of the first in Everfree and helped sprout all these other trees. It's got magical properties too...the fruit it makes from its glowing vines can cure any poison, or at least, any that I've borrowed from Twilight so far."

He gave her a skeptical look "Borrowed?"

She blushed "What?..........Ok I stole them...but I brought them back later...she didn't notice...and I only used a little, honest."

He chuckled "It's really pretty Rainbow...but why did you bring me here if this is your spot? Now it's not as special..."

She smiled and brought them closer to the bark, letting him go so he could lean against the trunk of the tree. " it's even more special."

A large blush spread across his cheeks. He gently leaned back, so he was resting his waist against the trunk while he stood. This was much more comfy and he barely had to place any weight on his legs. Rainbow slowly inched closer to him as he got comfortable.

"You know...this tree has other magical properties too."

"Yeah? Like what?"

A small blush of her own formed across her cyan cheeks to match his "Well, none of the animals, even the predators, will do any harm while around it. Timberwolves, Cockatrice, heck, even the Manticore that lives in here would likely become as friendly as a house cat around it."


"And...there's one more I know about..." her blush was now becoming visible, even in the blue light of the forest. Daybreak didn't notice until she was practically right on top of him. She pressed her chest against his, forcing him to lean back and use the tree for full support. She brought her nose up to his and gently rubbed hers across it, letting out a giggle that did not fit her personality at all...but was nevertheless cute.

He blinked in surprise "Did you just nose nuzzle me?"

"Kiss me."


"W-what did you say"

She leaned forward, he could taste her breath, she was so close "I said kiss me...please Daybreak, kiss me"

"Is she...begging me? That's not like her at all....what's going on here!?"

He did not move, and she came no closer...not that she could have gotten much closer anyways, but she didn't force her lips on him, which was something at least. He felt his throat seize and his breathe catch in his nose. All his senses seemed to go on stand-by while she pressed her body against his. He shut his eyes, unable to look at her while she was so close, and so vulnerable.

"D-Dashie...I can't....I can you? I'm Discords son...What will your friends think?"

He tensed as two cold hands found their way through the tears in his shirt, and began tracing along his abbs. It tickled slightly, but only made her all the harder to resist. Her voice came out softer than he could ever remember hearing from her, it was full of passion.

"I don't care...I don't care if you're the son of Discord, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis...I don't care if you turn out to be my fucking brother...I just wanna be with you. I won't tell anyone, I won't tell my friends. Just please..."

"W-why do you sound so desperate...where is this coming from!?"

He felt a sudden, and huge, wave of warmth nearing his chest. Opening his eyes he was shocked to see her palms facing upwards, and a little light glowing in the center of them. Pulsating with red magic, and emanating waves of energy that filled the whole area with warmth...was a sparkling crimson lightning bolt. It glimmered like a jewel in her outstretched palms, mesmerizing to behold up close. Rainbows Elements of Loyalty.

" feels different from the feeling I got from makes me feel...almost sleepy...and happy..."

Suddenly he felt the warmth being pressed into his open hands. Startled, he looked down to find the red jewel hovering in his palms. He looked up, confused as to what had happened, Rainbows face was still mere inches from his own, a warmer than summer smile crossing her blushing cheeks.

"It's yours."

"Mine...what...she can't mean..."

" mean...this...what?"

She nuzzled his nose again "I'm giving you my Element of Harmony, keep it safe for me ok?"


Slowly, she took his hands in hers, and began to press them against his chest. He watched in fascination as the little jewel began to phase into his body. It stopped for a moment, about halfway, as his own dark aura tried to reject the energy...but then it continued on and disappeared inside of him. For the first time in his life, he was speechless, he could think of nothing at all to say.

"Now...You've got my heart...and my soul inside of you. I'd say that more than balances out all that darkness....right?"

At that moment, something inside of him seemed to break. A warm, almost painful feeling spread up from his gut...and to his cheeks. Within, painful tears, were falling down his cheeks...and he couldn't do anything to hide them. With Rainbow so close she could them clear as day. She watched him for a moment, attempting not to cry like a child...then after a few seconds...he just gave in.

With just a simple tug from his hands on her shirt, she quickly leaned her head forward...and embraced his lips with her own. Her entire world seemed to freeze in time as she felt her lips connect with his. Millions of words she wanted to just let spill out of her in pure emotion raced through her mind, but she didn't dare utter them for having to pull away. She pressed harder and harder against his lips until she was practically attacking his mouth with hers. But despite her aggression, he didn't seem to mind, he even kissed back roughly a few times, like she did.

She felt his hot tears slide across her own cheeks as well as his. They really did burn like sulfur, but she didn't even consider pulling away. She just wanted to do this for as long as she could. Maybe until she needed food or water to keep living, or maybe until...just until it didn't feel so...magical...anymore. She reached up her hands and caressed his cheeks, wiping away his hot tears while allowing them to run along her hands, instead of burning more tear tracks down his nose. With her other hand, she gently traced her fingers along his abbs, finding every tear in his shirt and shoving her hand inside it to touch at his chest. Eventually, when his tears did not cease, she pulled back, wiped them away and tilted her head.

"Why are you crying Daybreak. I didn't even know you could cry so much?"

He wanted to hide his face, but with hers so close it would have been impossible. He practically hiccupped out the words, and she didn't believe what she heard.

"I...I don't deserve this...I don't deserve you Rainbow..."

The urge to strike him suddenly resurfaced within her, but she resisted and instead kissed him again. "How can you say that? You haven't done anything wrong."

"You're wrong..." it looked as though he were choking on his words "I've hurt so many people without much care during my life. I've always cursed my parents, and everyone who tortured me as a child. I've done nothing but hate my whole can I deserve you...let alone your Element."

As though it was her remedy for his sadness, she kissed him once more, taking his face into her hands. "I'm not usually good at this mushy stuff dude...but something about you. It brings out another side of me. Even if you don't see it, I do. I see you as someone whose had all the wrong things happen to him. You could've become an evil tyrant, like so many other, but you persisted along and kept to your own path. Yeah, you have stepped on others at some point to get where you are, you think I haven't done that too? You should see some of my old friends. There was a gryphon who was a total bitch and...never mind, the point is, I realized who they all really were and made myself better for it. Now I'm here with all my friends...and you, because of the choices I've made. I wouldn't change a thing. Not even the bad parts, cause they all brought me to right here, where I am now and who I am now. You can do the same thing you know."

He grunted, fresh tears forming in his eyes, she quickly wiped them away before they could fall "You don't understand Dashie. You're an Element of Harmony. People will always love you no matter where you go. Even if some don't, you're always gonna have at least a few people who love you in every corner of the world. Me? It's the opposite. I'm hated for my fathers mistakes, and no matter how much good I ever do, I can't change that."

"Yes you can."

He locked his tear stained eyes with hers "Your optimism is never"

She giggled "You should meet my friend Pinkie Pie, she's the Element of Laughter. You haven't seen optimism until you've spent time with her. Assuming you survive that is."

"If only..."

Another kiss found his nose, of all places, and he shivered from its wetness "You can dude. You can. Stay with me. Stay here, at this school with me. I'll make sure no one fucks with my guy"

He almost chuckled through his tears "Your guy? You're insane to want me Dashie...I'll never understand you."

She gave his forehead a small boop with her fingers, coyly smiling at him "I should hope not. Then I wouldn't be half as exciting."

His tears had begun to flow less now, bringing her a warm smile, and filling her with enough courage to ask a question that had been burning within her for awhile.

"Hey dude...since I'm being honest with my feelings here...I gotta ask you something. Do you believe in love at first sight?"

His eyes seemed to narrow, catching her slightly off guard, she felt the rainbow necklace around her neck, and the sun in her pocket give a firm vibration when he spoke. "Dashie...I don't even believe in love."

His statement had been so blunt, it didn't even hurt...but only left her with another burning question.

"Then why let me kiss you, why let me be your first kiss...and why let me keep doing it?"

The blush seemed to return to his face instantaneously, he stuttered on his words "You...y-you're've made me question...alot of my beliefs".

She smiled, her usual confidence returning to her speech "Oh am I? Well then, I guess it's my new goal to make those questions turn to answers. "

He raised an eyebrow in confusion "What?"

She brought her lips next to his ear, gently nibbling it with her teeth, she softly whispered wit as much seduction in her voice as she could manage "I'm gonna make you fall in love with me"

His eyes narrowed yet again

"Dashie, I'm not some stereotypical bad boy whose gonna change cause of a pretty'll take alot more than your sex appeal, attractive as you are, to make me believe in lo~"

She came back around to his face, and kissed him roughly for a moment, silencing his words before they escaped him, then gently nibbled on his lips. Out of instinct, or passion, he parted his lips allowing her access. She took her chance, practically shooting her tongue into his mouth, tracking down his own and attacking it with licks. She forced his tongue to wrestle with her own and wrapped around it every which way she could. it was like a dance, where she was the lead and he followed, shyly. She wanted him to be more aggressive back, but for now she was more than content with him just allowing her this. After several moments of licking around his tongue, and him occasionally fighting back, she felt him finally start to get into it.

He gently pushed himself into a more solid standing position, with his free hand pressed against the bark, he started to push himself upwards. Now instead of her towering on top of him, he stood up and she had to look up to keep their lip connected. He used his height to his advantage, slowly starting to push her tongue back into her own mouth and wrestling it for dominance.

"...He likes it...Oh Celestia it couldn't be better...well if could be if...Ahh! Oh Gooooosh~"

She let out a small yelp against his tongue, as an unexpected wave of pleasure slowly coursed through her nethers. She felt her burnt and torn jean shorts hit the ground at her feet. Her black, skin tight, athletic underwear, suddenly moved down just enough to reveal her butt and wet lips to the world. She felt two fingers gently rub across her swollen love button, she couldn't hold back the moan that escaped her. She practically squeaked in protest

"Daybreak! Wha~Ahhh!" Her eyes widened in surprise as his finger parted her lips, and a third began to tease the inside of her walls. She pulled her head back, breaking the kiss, but not enough to disconnect him from her lower lips, she looked him dead in the eyes. A bright blush was spread across his face, but he had on the warmest smile she'd ever seen him wear. His eyes were lowered in a seductive look she didn't even know he had.

" this what you wanted? You brought me out here to try and seduce me didn't you?"

Her blush grew even more radiant than before, she squeaked in a high pitched voice that was all too cute to resist.

"Ahh~ no...honest I just wanted to give're first kiss...I don't want you to leave Daybreak...please...I didn't think you'd...ah aha ah!"

His third finger had retracted from her insides, and his other two began to expertly tease and pinch at her clit, gently moving against it just enough for the sensation to only linger for a moment. She became like putty in his hands, and felt her knees buckling beneath his fingers. She was practically leaning on him for support now, her hands desperately clinging to his shirt to hold herself up. His fingers teased and pinched her clit in just the right ways, he felt her moan against his chest. With some of his strength back, he stopped leaning on the tree for support and instead used his other hand to roughly grasp her cyan bottom and mercilessly squeeze it. Her squeaks turned into moans as his fingers tormented her clit and his hand toyed with her ass.

" are you so good at this...? I thought you were a virgin?"

He smiled seductively down at her, clinging to his chest for support. "I am, but being alone, all the time, gives me plenty of time for lots of reading. I bet I can have you gushing in seconds" He whispered his last words in her ear, and she felt a spark of her attitude swell within her.

"H-hey...I'm not that easy stud...y-you can't just toy with me like this!"

He smirked at her evilly "Oh really? I think I can."

His fingers seemed to jump into overdrive, pinching and rubbing her clit much faster and more aggressively than before. Her lips felt like they were on fire! She wanted to beg for the release she could feel looming on the horizon. She buried her face in his chest and moaned as loud as she could! Her orgasm arrived seconds later, and just as she came, he shoved his two fingers inside her lips, feeling her walls clench around him as she squirted her love juices down his hand. Her legs buckled and she fell forward. He was unprepared for her failing limbs and they both tumbled back into the grass. She didn't bother to move off him, and he didn't try to remove his hands either. She felt so...blissful...and at peace, she never wanted to move again. Then...she felt his hands start moving again inside her, playing with her clit again.

She nearly jumped forward in surprise as more waves of pleasure shook her body into action. She looked down at his smiling face and whimpered "Ahh...Daybreak I can stop...ah!"

He chuckled, pulling her into a another kiss, then quickly nipping at her nose "Yeah I could. But you still feel so wet down here. You obviously want more."

She squirmed as his fingers played with her love button "I'm wet from orgasm you dolt...ahh come on...have a little mercy..." She almost giggled as she lay there on his chest, powerless before his fingers. She reconnected their lips and refused to allow him to break the kiss again. She restarted their tongues wrestle for dominance and submitted to his fingers exploration of her swollen clit. His other hand continued to play with her butt, but now instead of squeezing her, he was just caressing her cheeks. It was a little odd, and weird...but it didn't necessarily feel bad. It felt kinda nice, like a small massage, so she let him continue.

Her second orgasm came much quicker than her first, she squealed and shivered as she felt her body rock with pleasure. Her juices had to have soaked his hand by now. But once again, he did not cease playing with her. This time he not only sped up his teasing of her clit, but he forced her onto her back, then started planting loving kisses down her cheek, to her neck and down to her exposed tummy. He tickled her tummy with his tongue, even as she begged to continue their kissing. He caused her to squeak and squeal for mercy while he expertly toyed with her clit and tickle tortured her belly. Her third and final orgasm came harder, and faster than all the others. She cried out extremely loud, it was lucky they were so deep within the forest or someone would have definitely heard her.

She arched her back and midsection upwards as she came, then collapsed back into the grass. When he finally removed his fingers and inspected his hand, he saw it was indeed soaked with her juices. A simple spell cleaned him off, then he noticed her eyes lazily fluttering, struggling to stay aloft. He chuckled aloud as she desperately battled her tired body. Turning to look at him, she managed a coy smile

"H-hey Daybreak...Who am I?"

He smiled, a sincere, warm smile, then placed his arm underneath her head for her to rest on, rather than in the dirt, and his other arm around her body. He pulled her close to snuggle in his chest. He could feel his own arousal fading, but he didn't mind, this hadn't been for him, it had been for her.

"You're my little Dashie?"

"Damn...straight...I am...hehehe...zzzzz"

Glancing back at her, he saw her lips flutter as she started to snore quietly. He couldn't resist a chuckle.

"Wow...she's out cold...and already snoring...that's so cute"

His brain swam with a recollection of what he'd just done as he stared at his rainbow haired friend.

"I vowed I 'd never fall for a girl...I'd never be intimate with anyone...and I'd never let emotions cloud my judgment...But I lay here next to this rainbow haired, overactive, athletic beauty...I'm beginning to realize I just did all three in an hours time."

As he leaned back to snuggle with the fading Rainbow Dash, he felt something stir inside him. Like a brief pain was trying to take hold in his mind, but it faded almost immediately when an even greater feeling of warmth spread throughout his body. Rainbow, already asleep in his arms, didn't notice as her Element slowly rose from within Daybreaks chest. It still shone bright, but was now encompassed in his own green aura, along with it's red. The magical jewel didn't seem to be damaged in any way, but for a moment it filled his vision with bright light...then it was gone. He felt it sink back into his chest before he opened his eyes. When he did finally open them...he felt something crunchy within his palm. Opening it, he found a smashed and wet cookie. He stared down at it, his brain taking several seconds to process what had just happened.

"Did...did Dashie's Element just take this outta me? Why? I thought these things only worked against dark magic...then again if it's sitting inside me, it might work against everything. This is so weird."

A yawn forced it's way from his lips, and he suddenly realized how tired he was. the whole morning and afternoons events had left him exhausted. He quickly tossed away the wet and crumpled cookie, then, after brief stretch, resumed his snuggle with Rainbow Dash. Laying there, his cheek pressed against hers...for the first time in his life...he felt...content. He planted a small kiss on Rainbows lip and allowed his exhaustion to overwhelm him.


Somewhere, deeper within the forest of the Everfree, a mans eyes slowly opened. He sat cross legged upon his wooden floor, tan robes sprawled out every which way across his feet. His grey eyebrows rose up his fine skin as he formed a sinister smile.

"I win Celestia."

With shrill cackle of satisfaction, he reached his stiff hands up his shortened grey beard, and gently stroked it with a look of wild bemusement. His top hat slightly inclined itself towards the ground for a moment as he laughed, but then centered itself once it got too close to the edge of his head. Candles swam around the room, bathing the handsome man in an eerie orange glow, and bringing out the shine in his sharpened teeth.

"Now down...five to go."

A small, golden notebook, adorned with a rainbow of jewels and twin serpent heads intertwining on its cover, revealed itself from within his robes, and came to float in front of him. A small quill followed shortly behind it. Without any encouragement, the regal looking book flipped to a page within itself, and the quill slowly placed a small check next to one of five names written in its centermost page. The name began to glow a bright green as small flames began to trace along the letters of the name, embedding them in the book. The quill retired itself back to the mans pocket as the book puffed out the fiery green letters into the air, in smoke form.


Personality Shift

View Online

"Haaa...ahhhh...mmmm..." Daybreak stretched out his arms as he felt his body returning to consciousness. Slowly smacking his lips together, he began to shake off the best nap he'd ever had. All of his limbs gave a brief wiggle, then he slowly squirmed his way out of his snuggle with Rainbow Dash. As he slowly rolled out of her arms length, he jumped to his feet and looked down at his closest and only, friend. She was still fast asleep, a content smile upon her cyan cheeks and a small layer of neon blue leaves scattered about her clothes from the trees above. Her ripped and burnt jean shorts were off to the side and her athletic underwear was still around her ankles. A twinge of embarrassment struck him, he briefly reached down and pulled them back up, to cover her modesty. He took a knee next to her head, leaned down...and planted a long kiss on her smiling lips, after briefly running his fingers through her silk-like hair.

"Sorry Rainbow..."

A melancholy smile crept over his face as he looked over the blue girl beneath him.

"Rainbow Dash...I'd love to just stay here...with you...maybe forever...but that can't happen. Now that everyone knows my secret, it's only a mater of time before someone makes a move on me. Whether it's my father, Celestia, or another student, I can't be sure. But I know it's better for you if I just go. If there is one thing I really do's that I have to break your heart to keep you out of this. This time...this time it truly hurts me to leave."

After minutes of simply starting over her beautiful, soft features, he finally stood up and began walking. A fresh batch of water began to form on the edges of his eyes, but he held them back.

"At least I know I'll never cry again...after this time..."

He walked for about five-ten minutes before he pushed his through to a clearing in the woods. As the beauty of the woodland light faded and the harshness of the evening sun invaded his sight, he found he had come to a small cliff side. He was weary to go directly to the edge, since he didn't feel like falling into whatever was below. So instead he just inched his way across and stuck his head over the side, keeping his feet planted back just in case. As the setting beyond the cliff came into view, he found himself facing a bubbling, mossy looking swamp deep below him.

"Well shit...where the heck am I? I don't think I've ever visited this part of the Everfree before."

Blinding beams of light found their way into his eyes, forcing him to step back and shield his vision. Looking up, he saw the setting sun casting off rays of orange and yellow as it descended into the swampy horizon.

"I wonder how long I slept for? It must be pretty late if the sun is setting."

Slowly dropping to his knees, he cautiously crawled to the cliff side, and looked over its edge once again, hoping to spot a pathway through the marshy brown waters below. Instead of a path, he saw a giant figure rise from the, apparently deep, waters and begin stomping its way towards the bank. The creatures three serpentine heads were locked on some woodland deer drinking at the bank. Sadly for the beast, the deer looked up into time to run back into the brush, and were gone before it's long necks could reach out and snatch them up. Daybreak reeled back away from the cliff side and scooted back several feet.

"A Hydra! Seriously, a fucking Hydra?! Why!? Just....why!?"

Despite the cliff being several stories too high for the beast to even dream of reaching him, he still didn't feel like being spotted by the obviously hungry predator. Much like a school of angry magicians, it was battle he'd rather avoid if he could. Sitting down cross legged on the grassy cliff, closer to the edge than he probably should have, but still far enough back to avoid a collapse, he began to think of ways he could traverse the swamp without the Hydra's notice.

"I could always just make a giant ball of fire around me...that tends to work well at discouraging animals. But maybe a simple concealment spell would be better...or temporarily freezing the lake when it's under water. I know Hydra can hold their breath for hours, so I'd have plenty of time to move without harming it if need be..."

He was so absorbed in his thoughts, he didn't feel the ominous presence behind him, or the trees leading to the craggy cliff side beginning to shift off to the side, until he heard an all to familiar voice ring across his ears, sending shivers down his spine.

"Running away again are we?"

Spinning on the spot, still sitting down with his legs crossed, he turned to face the voice with both his hands already covered in green flames and ready for a fight....while sitting. There, standing just at the edge of the tree line, was his father...Discord. He was dressed differently than he remembered him often appearing when he'd briefly lived with him. He wore a brown suit with a tannish tie and smartly pressed khaki pants. At his feet were black shoes that looked too shiny to have just come from within the Everfree. His face held a two inch long, gray beard, perfectly trimmed to a come to a point beneath his chin. His face still looked as handsome and sinister as he remembered, his skin still smoother than silk and his eyes still as yellow as a sunflower. He grinned at him with pointed teeth that still sent shivers down Daybreaks spine. His smile had never been a good sign. When Discord was happy, shit was about to get real...chaotic.

His father slowly approached him from the wood, Daybreak quickly scrambled to his feet, keeping his flames at the ready just in case. Discord casually strolled up to him, then took a peek over the cliff side. He stepped back from the cliff shaking his head, making a tsk tsk sound as he did.

"And here I thought you had decided to stick around this time, I never figured you for the type to...what was the phrase these people love to use...hit it and quit it?"

Without missing a beat, Daybreak took a step forward and thrust his fist across Discords mouth. He felt the flames across his arms vanish just as he struck his fathers lower jaw, and watched him stagger back. Daybreak found himself slightly surprised, both that he'd actually hit his father, and that his flames had just randomly gone out. Discord spit out a small glob of blood and looked back to his son, a small cut across his lip where he'd bit down upon impact. Daybreak hardly pitied him, especially since he was still wearing his annoying sneer

"That felt good..."

"You could have stopped me..."

The increased sneer he got from him only served to rile his nerves further "I wanted to see if you'd actually do it, but I didn't feel like getting burned, so I doused you just in case."

The small cut on across his lip suddenly began to mend itself before Daybreaks eyes. Within mere seconds the cut was gone, and his face looked as flawless as it had moments ago.

"A burn is so much more annoying to mend after all...all that replacing of the nerves and skin...such a waste of effort." He leaned his neck from side to side, cracking it as he did so. He licked his tongue across his pointed teeth, as though checking to see if any had been chipped from Daybreaks fist. After he was satisfied they were all still in place, he grew another sinister smile.

"So..." He adopted and puzzled expression, his arms crossed in mock confusion "Let me get this straight, cause, I need to understand your line of thinking here. I make a casual joke about you pulling a one night stand, which may I remind you is precisely what you just did, and you punch me in the face as though it's insulting to say?"

Daybreaks fists clenched "It is insulting you asshole! It wasn't like that! We didn't...I didn't..."

Discord waved his hand dismissively, chuckling as he did so "I know exactly what you did son, and although your virginity is still very much intact, I wouldn't say your code of honor can hold up much anymore? After all, no matter how much you deny it, you enjoyed what you did. And now you're gonna up and leave her like this, right after she turns to mush in your hands? I never realized how much you're like your old man until now...but it's like you're following my example perfectly. Almost brings a tear to my eye. Now all you need to do is knock her up and abandon her, after trying to kill her for a couple hundred...maybe thousand years...Yikes!"

Discord ducked in time for a ball of green fire to whiz over his head. He came up cackling!

"If you're gonna take the truth so personally, then why are you doing it then, eh Sunny?"

"Don't call me that! You know I hate that!"

Daybreaks face was turning all sorts of red, even his hair seemed to be standing on end from all the energy rolling off him. Discord let lose another fit of laughter, but not before assuming a sitting position in the grass, facing the sunset that was to Daybreaks back, with his legs crossed just as his had been a few moments before.

"Fine fine, I won't call you that...Why don't you sit down and tell your Pops why you're abandoning the one, and I mean the one girl you've ever let inside that armor plated heart of yours?"

Despite the overwhelming urge to start throwing more fireballs at his fathers face...he instead resigned to sit and chat, knowing his father would likely get the info anyways even if he didn't share it. Dispelling his flames, he sat down a few feet away from Discord in the grass, his legs out in front of him while he leaned back on his hands, the setting sun casting an odd outline of orange around his body. Discord smiled as the outline of colors seemed to almost, glimmer, as it traced his son's form. He spread his arms in welcoming fashion

"Well...lay it on me"

Shyly, Daybreak rubbed the back of his head, an awkward feeling suddenly swam through him "Umm...I don't know where to start...We never had these talks before..."

Smirking slightly, Discord gently flexed his index finger towards himself. Daybreak felt the ground underneath him lurch forward, and take off like it was a rocket propelled carriage...then halt directly in front of his father, mere feet later. Discord snapped his fingers, and a long red sofa that resembled a fainting couch, appeared beneath his son. Daybreak yelped as he felt himself rise into the air then plop back down on the cushions. Discords clothing then morphed into a long white lab coat, with small red spectacles sitting on the end of his nose. He held a clipboard in one hand and several sheets of paper stained with black ink in the other. Grinning like the madman Daybreak knew he was, he casually held up one of the ink stains to his sons face

"Ok now son, tell me what you see in this one."

Grimacing, Daybreak yanked the paper from his fathers grip, crumpling it up into a little ball in his hands. "That's not funny, I'm being serious here!"

Discord looked offended "What?! I'm shocked! You think I wouldn't take the ailments of my own offspring seriously? The nerve of youth these days! For shaaaaaaame on you! By the way...I'd let that paper ball go now."

Raising an eyebrow, Daybreak looked down to find the little paper ball squirming in his grasp. Slowly, he opened up his palm, he watched as the small ball jumped up into the air. It unfurled to reveal the ink blotches within its sheet moving to form a picture. Curiosity gripping at him, he peered closer and watched as the blotches began to take shape into a whirlpool on the paper. No, it wasn't a was just the ink blotches spiraling rapidly in the center.

"Oh no...not again..."

He realized what was happening all too late to resist, his fathers face appeared within the ink, his yellow eyes spinning with hypnotic power. Daybreak was already under his spell, and looked deep into his fathers eyes as he slowly pulled away the paper. Discord leaned back on a randomly spawned stool and lightly whispered

"I think I know what the real problem is. You're afraid aren't you?"

Daybreaks head swiveled back and forth, like serpent trapped within a snake charmers song. His voice came out in a low drone, like he was half asleep whilst speaking "I-I'm...afraid?"

"Yes...I think your just afraid of your feelings." Discords grin widened as he rocked back on his stool, watching his son waver.

"Afraid of my...feelings..."

"Yes, your feelings for Rainbow Dash isn't it? You're afraid of what might happen if you give in to your new found desires."


"You think everyone will turn on her like they did you, don't you?"

"N-no...that's not it"

"Oh?" Discord stopped rocking back on the stool and leaned closer in to his son, his eyes igniting brighter "Then tell me what is?"

"I...don't...want to be here...for all that hate...again...When it all starts students...someone will turn on me...again"

Discord dawned a scowl "So...That's it then.

Snapping his fingers he stood up from his stool, which then shrank down into a top hat in the grass and hopped upon his head. Daybreaks eyes stopped spinning and he fell backwards in the grass, dizzy and feeling ill. Although Discord couldn't see his face, he could hear the annoyance in his voice

"Ahhh...Why'd you do that for...?"

"You should go back to school." His voice deadpanned.

"Why would I do that, just because you asked? For all I know you've got some evil ulterior motive for wanting me there. I highly doubt it's coincidence that after not speaking for years, you suddenly recommend out of the blue that I head to this university, that I now find out happens to house every bearer of Harmony?

Discord shrugged meekly "You never did cooperate when you were a kid. Always getting mad at me and storming off, never simply taking my advice for what it was, at least I can say I taught you proper control over your powers. Never had a problem listening there. For two years you lived in my house and not once did we have a father son talk. We never even had a simple game of catch. And you never just took the advice I lent you."

Leaning his arms back behind himself, he pushed his palms into the dirt, forcing his body to sit back up, with a minor headache. Daybreak allowed his throbbing skull to fuel his annoyed tone. "You act like that's my fault....You were a terrible father...There's nothing more to say than that. The one time I tried to get close to you, being I was a kid desperate for some parental affection, you stranded me in the middle of this forest, and said the game was "Find your way home before the Timberwolves eat you". Why do you think I was so scared of you after that? Heck, you abandoned me before I was even born and let me starve in the streets for years without even revealing your existence to me. I had to find you before you even considered taking me in. Then you wanna talk about feelings? The only feelings I have for you are unconditional, as your child. You took me in, eventually...and for that I'm mostly grateful. But a father son relationship? I'll pass. You had your chance."

"You never did understanding my way of doing things. I wouldn't have let the Timberwolves eat you. We may be Chaos sorceress, but we don't kill those we love.

Finally succeeding in returning his eyes to their proper position in his head, even though his throbbing headache remained, Daybreak looked over to Discord...and found him wearing a rather blank expression. He wasn't sure if he looked upset...hurt maybe? Possibly just surprised at Daybreaks attitude. Either way, his sinister voice lost some of it's bite in his next words, coming out oddly soft and sincere sounding.

"What if I promise not to interfere with Rainbow Dash? Then will you go back to school? It's not too late ya know, she's still asleep. You can be back before she even knows you're gone. You two can live happily, maybe even hook up. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Despite his pulsating headache and unending discontent with his father, the offer did sound pretty good he had to admit.

" sounds great...If he doesn't come around, there are alot of problems that might eventually just die off for me...but still..."

He shook his head, sighing slightly.

"I can' long as your even a possible threat, every one will still think I'm just some spy for you, or something like that. I'll never have any peace."

He shot Discord a glare, which he returned back to him, oddly enough "Don't insult your father. You think I, Discord, the Master of Chaos, need my offspring to spy for me? Pleeeeeeeease, don't make me laugh. If I wanted to use you, I'd do it in much more subtle and devious ways. But right now I'm just giving you an offer of kindness. Isn't that what fathers do for their sons? Eh son? Tell ya what, just to give every one a reason to look elsewhere, I'll cook up some trouble on the outskirts of Equestria, maybe even get the royal guard after me, but far away from here...and that'll give any one important a reason to look away from you."

His eyes narrowed, despite the temptation of such a good offer, he knew things weren't that simple. He shot another menacing glare at his father "What's the catch?"

An all too familiar grin spread across his fathers face, returning his own menacing look "Why, there's no catch at all, honest. I don't need to interfere with you one bit. After all, you're my offspring. I'm just offering you some peace by promising to step back. Without me to worry anyone, there'll be no reason for you to be bothered. It's my offer, take can abandon Rainbow Dash just like you did Twilight Sparkle"

Discord vanished into a white cloud of smoke as Daybreaks eye twitched with anger. Arms reigniting, the white smoke in front of him exploded into flames, popping in several different spots like fire crackers, while Discords cackling laughter faded into the air.

"Asshole..." He muttered to himself, dousing his flames once he thought Discord was gone. Too his own disappointment...his father reappeared directly behind him, and, after grasping his back with both of his lengthy arms, spun him like a top, a full 180 degrees to face him.

"I think you need to lighten up Sunny. Daddy's got just the remedy for you!"

Reaching forward with his index finger extended, he aggressively jabbed Daybreak in his forehead. He allowed his finger to linger upon his sons skull and watch the effects take place right before his eyes. For a singular moment, all the color drained from Daybreaks face...and he felt nothing at all. Nothing but cold emptiness to his core. But then...warmth spread throughout his body, along with a surge of energy and joy that he'd couldn't remember feeling previously. It was like a ton of bricks had just been removed from his shoulders, it made him feel lighter somehow. It was as though...all his problems seemed to vanish into the air.

Discord smiled as his sons face surged with a blush of color, his emerald eyes practically gleaming with unprecedented joy, his very aura seemed to swim through the air in a state of complete tranquility, rather than being as overbearing as it normally was. Too bad he couldn't change his ungrateful attitude though.

"What in all of Tartarus did you do to me!?...I feel...I weird."

Discord placed his hands on his hips, adopting an almost child-like pouting expression. "I took away all your inhibitions. Now you can go back to that school and actually enjoy life a bit. You're my son, so you've got to get into the spirit of things and stop being such a sour stick in the mud. Go have some fun for once in your grumpy life. Heck, spread some chaos that Rainbow Dash might like, go pull a prank, get laid, hang upside down from a tree for all I care. Just try and enjoy yourself. It's time you revealed your true colors to the world"

Emitting a slight growl, Daybreak quietly muttered through his breathe "This doesn't make up for everything. I still despise you with great intensity"

A cheeky grin spread over Discords features. "Hate me all you want. Just go and enjoy life a little while you do. And always remember, there's no fun in making sense. So make none, but never forget, rule number one. We don't kill who we love, everyone else is fair game. Discord rules....aaaaaaaand Celestia's lame. Bye."

Stepping back and removing his finger, Discord bowed gracefully to his son, one hand tucked against his chest and the other extended outwards to his left. Then with a shriek of laughter...he exploded into a confetti of wild flowers made out of chocolate. Daybreak swatted the dessert plants away as they rained down on him, hardly amused by his fathers antics. He brought his pale palms up to his face, looking down as though expecting to see them differently. They still looked the same, through both of his fields of sight.

"But yet...I do I guess?"

It was a difficult thing to explain...but he felt...good. It wasn't that all his worries had vanished, they still lingered. It was more like...more like he felt everything would sort itself out, and there was no reason to stress over it. No reason to leave now that he had just started to enjoy himself.

"I mean shit...I just got here, and already Rainbow Dash has made my life better than it ever was...why the heck should I leave now...........hmmm....Rainbow Dash...Speaking of my lovely rainbow friend."

A mischievous smirk spread across his face. Devious ideas were forming themselves in his mind as a plethora of possibilities suddenly realized themselves within him. Springing to his feet, he began a fast trot back to the tree where they'd been napping together.

"Let's see if she likes a bit of chaos to liven up her nap."


It took him the better part of twenty minutes to find his way back to the giant tree where his rainbow haired beauty was still snoring lightly.

"You'd think the biggest damn tree in the whole damn woods, would be easier to find...geesh..."

He was still fuming that he'd had to actually climb atop another tree, just to locate this one again, and even then, he'd had to look through his magical sight to find it. He knew that meant there must be a powerful illusion spell of some kind around it. So as long as he remembered the first rule of illusion spells, he'd have no trouble finding it again. Once he had located and approached his half naked sleeping friend, the labyrinth that was his mind, began spilling devilish idea after idea forth into his brain, each one funnier or more appetizing than the last...and all with a rather pleasing least in his mind anyway. Though each time he looked down at how comfy she looked, snuggled in the soft grass...he felt like doing the simplest of his sinister thoughts. A wide smirk adorned his face at the many possible reactions he might receive, he lowered himself to the ground next to her.

Gently as he could, he reached around her body and turned her off her side, onto her back. Slowly, he spread her legs...then stopped when he noticed her skin tight athletic underwear was still on. He scowled slightly, but only for a moment

"Oh...those pesky things...right I did pull those back up didn't I? I can fix that"

Snapping his fingers, the fabric vanished with a small pop leaving him with a view he suddenly found himself craving. Her folds practically shimmered in the neon blueness of the air and light around them. It only made her look all the more appetizer to his hungry eyes. Fully opening her legs now, he crawled himself right up to her light blue, moist lips, and gently spread them with his fingers.He took extra delight in the small strands of fluid that leaked out of her. He felt his face flush with heat as the urge to attack her vulnerable body grew with each passing second. Like a damn inside of him was building to the brim and ready to burst at any moment. He lowered his lips to her awaiting sex and giggled aloud

"Time to taste the Rainbow...Teehee"

With an unparalleled amount of joy, he plunged his tongue into Rainbows awaiting lips, lapping at her insides like a panting dog during summer! Almost immediately after his tongue touched her folds, her body instinctively tried to snap her legs shut on his face. He held her legs down tight though, and mercilessly licked at her soaking wetness. He traced his tongue around the edges of her lips and dragged it over her clit torturously slow. After a few moments of stimulating her sex with gentle flicks of his graceful muscle, Rainbow yielded a long and loud moan of pleasure. Her juices started flowing around her lips, further wetting them for his awaiting tongue. Her bodies enjoyment only increased his hunger for her even more, and it suddenly seemed like every bit of clothing she had on, burnt or otherwise...was in his way. He quickly reached up, not even bothering with magic, and yanked her bra from her chest, tossing it aside and pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing it, freeing her luscious blue breasts. His eyes locked on her chest like a hungry predator, he ceased his licking and instantly brought his mouth up to her right breast, cupping it in his mouth. He licked at her perky dark blue nipples with his tongue, while he brought his left hand up to her currently free breast, and trapped it in his grip, squeezing it roughly.

He left his right hand down between her legs, to lightly finger her now soaked lips, and continue to tease her clit at every opportunity he got. Several more squeezes, licks and fingering motions later, (along with a series of very loud moans) Rainbows eyes finally shot open! Her pupils widened and she moaned against her will while several more waves of euphoria struck her spine! As she managed to focus her eyes during a brief moment of numbing pleasure, she realized her whole body was stark nude, that he was on top of her, and his hands and lips were all over her most private ways she'd never been touched before (save a few hours ago). She opened her mouth to yell, moan, protest, or possibly even beg for more...she'd never get to find out. Because the moment her mouth opened...his descended onto it. He shoved his tongue roughly past her lips and attacked her own wet muscle, wrapping it in a tight embrace. He was fully on top of her body now, practically sitting her waist, while he aggressively fingered her soaked pussy with one hand, and roughly squeezed her left breast in the other. His legs had wrapped around her body in an almost, awkward way, allowing him to kiss, squeeze and finger her all at once. Even if she had wanted to protest, her body would never have allowed it. She was being stimulated in every way she could imagine and basked in each second of it...even if she hadn't really consented to it (assuming a few hours ago didn't count). Either way, she was beyond content to just lay there and take it, especially as a familiar feeling crept through her spine and into her lower body.

Her orgasm rocked her frame seconds later, sending her eyes spinning with absolute bliss. She felt every nerve in her body ignite in fiery waves of happiness as his fingers sent nothing but glee rocketing through her core! She arched her back upwards as though to allow the feeling to spread through her whole body. Daybreak loosened his grip and moved off her as she did this, practically rolling off her and leaning on his elbows so she could arch herself to her satisfaction. She squealed and yelped without shame, as her juices flowed and her body twitched in thralls of pleasure. He allowed her to bask in her glow of joy, then adorably fall back down into his awaiting, outstretched hands. She panted for breath for several, seeeeeeeveral seconds before she decided she had enough air to last. She turned, now tired and out of energy once again, to look up into his eyes. An odd mixture between a content smile and a scrunched up glare marched its way across her features, causing him to chuckle. He sat himself up into a cross legged sitting position, gently for Rainbow to crawl into his lap. Her head and chest rested across his crotch and legs. He watched her chest rise and fall rapidly along with her breathing, decreasing in speed every moment as she calmed. He stared straight at her C-cup breasts and perky nipples, making it extremely obvious how enticed by them he was. So much so, that when Rainbow noticed a moment later, after the last spasms of her orgasm subsided, she actually yielded a blush and slowly placed her arms over her chest, forcing his attention back to her face.

"Hey there stud, my eyes are here" She reached up with one hand and guided his constantly darting pupils, back to her own magenta gaze. He smirked and quickly pecked her nose with his lips, causing her to blink rapidly in surprise. He stuck his tongue out at her playfully and winked. She was at a loss for a proper response.

"Where's the sexy grump that I fell asleep with a few hours ago? Did you kill him and take his skin or something?"

He laughed aloud, causing her even more confusion " feeling ok? I mean, I'm liking how much you've loosened up in...ya know...a few hours apparently...but what happened? Did you hit your head or something"

Another smile crossed his face, he motioned for her to come closer with his palm. She leaned in, he waved again, clearly needing her to get even closer. She grimaced and brought her head right next to his lips...he softly whispered into her ear, causing her to lightly twitch as his breath tickled her skin.

"I just realized something, that's all."

"What..." She barely breathed out her answer, whispering as though the trees might spy on them.

He snickered quietly "I..."

"Think before you speak!"

"...think your the prettiest girl I've ever seen...In fact, you're the most beautiful girl in all of Equestria."

He shook his head lightly "Phew...gotta be more careful with how loose my lips are now...almost dug my own grave there..."

Rainbow Dash blinked for a moment, then pulled her face back, looking slightly surprised. "You think I'm the I mean I know I'm the awesomest and fastest at just about everything...but really? I mean even Twilight gets more stares from guys than I do"

He nodded, allowing his eyebrows to wiggle as he snickered "Well duuuuh, she's got that giant purple ass. Most guys only look at a girls ass and boobs before judging them. Not me though, I see everything, so of course you're the prettiest! And just to be clear, have you even seen your ass? It's like sex-on-poison-joke-crack kind of addictive."

As he laughed, he felt a painful stinging sensation travel up spine, then a throbbing ache in his right side. "Ouch!"

Rainbow pulled back her fist for another shot at his kidney's, but he grabbed hold of her arms "Hey! No beating on me! I'm letting you snuggle in my lap, so be a good little Dashie!"

Despite her clear disadvantage in her current position she managed to wrestle him quite well from his own lap, twisting his arm several times before he got her under control "I was being serious dude! No ones ever called me pretty, hot...and awesome, yeah...but pretty? That's so...girly really think I'm pretty?"

He stopped struggling for a moment, looking down at her scrunched up, grumpy, but undeniably cute expression "Well...yeah, of course I do Dash. You think I'd do all this to you if I didn't?"

Her gaze darted around for a moment, before she decided to take an extreme fascination in the color of his shirt, and refused to look up " be honest...I kind of expected you to be gone when I woke up..."

"Woooooah! Annnnnnd halt! Back up a sec...what now?!"

He rubbed the back of his head, his previous actions squirming their way to the forefront of his mind.

"Uhhh...hehehe...why's that Dash?"

A small blush of guilt snuck up on her, and in her current position, she couldn't hide it, cute as it was when she tried anyways "Well...I thought maybe you...umm...played with me earlier as, sort of a goodbye...I'd never been like that with any other guy so I kind of just let it happen...and cause it was you. I hadn't expected it to happen...but afterwards, when I was dozing off....after you made me cum like, three times...I figured you'd be gone when I woke up."

Guilt was written all over his face, luckily Rainbow didn't look up to see it "Uhhh...yeah...don't worry Dashie I'm not gonna leave you. Ever! I promise...ok?"

For a moment, she was silent...then she squirmed up out of his grip and sat on her knees in front of him (still completely nude) and looked him dead in the eyes. He barely had time to make a straight face before she found his gaze. "Do ya Pinkie Promise?"

His eyebrows went straight up in absolute confusion, the very name itself implied its own silliness "The fuck is a Pinkie Promise Rainbow?"

Her blush grew ever greater across her naked blue skin, she held up a single finger "I usually find it really...babyish...but it's something me and my friends do, to basically prove that we will never ever ever break this promise. It's like...I guess like a solemn vow, you never break a Pinkie Promise."

"Why not?"

She hesitated a moment before speaking "My friend...Pinkie Pie...she' things...unspeakable things."

He couldn't tell whether she was joking or being serious. Although having her butt naked in front of him, with her breasts bouncing as she gave a nervous laugh, didn't help much. Nevertheless he nodded his head slowly anyways.

"Ok then. So how does this work? Is there some kind of incantation? Do we sacrifice a small goat and dance around a fire or something?" He felt another of her fists smack his gut, this time he actually had to gasp for air.

"That's not funny dude, this is friendship, not hold up your hand."

He coughed lightly, chuckling aloud "How can someone so sexy...hit so hard?"

She scowled at him "If you don't hold up you hand, you'll find out again."

"Yikes! Yes ma'am."

He quickly lifted his right hand, as though preparing to swear into the royal court. Rainbow raised a suspicious brow at him, which was well warranted, because the moment she averted her eyes to think of the words to her little chant, he snuck his right hand over to her chest and poked her straight in the boob. Not hard enough to hurt or anything, but enough to elicit a cute yelp from her. She turned and glared at him, but after a moment she chuckled at the stupid grin he was wearing and gave up trying to get mad. "Ok stud, repeat after me...and don't laugh or I'll punch you right in the dick! Got it?"

Swallowing his new found fear of naked blue girls, he nodded slowly and prepared to repeat her next words.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly..." She made an X motion across her heart with her right index finger, then (with a small blush) fluttered her hands at her sides like little wings. Daybreak quickly followed suite, resisting the urge to make a quip about what she said, and waited for the rest.

Seeing he was waiting, Rainbow continued "...Stick a cupcake in my eye" She brought the hand she'd crossed her heart with, up to her face and made like she was crushing something into her eye. She lowered her hand just in time to see him struggling to hold in his laugh. He did the motion...but couldn't bring himself to say the words, he knew if he opened his mouth he'd die of laughter. Rainbow could see it on his face and a large red blush creamed her face tomato red


She then socked him in the gut without warning, causing him to not only double over in pain, but his laugh came spilling out as he rolled in the grass! Rainbow pounced on his sides and started rapidly beating on him with her fists, not very hard, but enough to get his attention and warrant a bit of pain...much like a stereotypical girl might when she's overly embarrassed...just

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut uuuuuuup!"

He rolled around in mock agony and fits of laughter, making her practically chase after him to hit him.

"That's ouch! cute...even Rainbow a little shy...Ouch! Oh goddess make it stop! I'm gonna die from laughter...and kidney bruises!"

The thought itself caused him to laugh even more. Knowing Rainbow was a bit girly at her core only fueled his joyous rampage, and he just couldn't stop himself. He rolled around in the grass, trying both to get his laughter under control and escape Rainbow Dashes naked bombardment of punches. It took awhile, and a lot of punches, but eventually he regained enough of his motor skills to grab her next punch, then pull her on top of him. She squealed and fell onto his chest, causing him to start chuckling again...the process nearly repeated itself.

"Stop laughing at me, you ass!" She smacked him in the gut with an open palm, not very hard considering that was where she was laying, but still more than enough to be annoying if repeated. He grabbed her arms and flipped them both over, pinning her on her back in the grass. He seated himself comfortably on her legs, pinning them in the dirt with his backside and allowing her no method of escape. Then he placed his feet on either of her arms and pinned them above her head, leaving his hands free to torment her as he pleased. She struggled to free her limbs, practically snapping her neck by trying to pelvic thrust him off her while whipping her neck forward she did so. It was odd to watch and even odder to feel considering he was pretty much sitting on her pelvis. When she finally gave up, (after two good minutes of struggling) she collapsed her head into the neon blue grass and blew some of her wild hair from her face. Practically scowling up at him, she groaned

"So what now? Ya planning on sitting on me until nighttime? I can wait ya know, eventually you'll have to get off me. And when you do you're so dead."

An evil grin spread across his lips "Oh am I?" He dropped one of his hands to her left breast and traced his finger, ever so delicately around her nipple. "I guess if I'm a dead man then I've got nothing to lose by indulging in my desires then?"

It wasn't so much, what he said...but rather how he said it. She'd never heard his voice come out so...seductive...and full of lust. It almost didn't even sound like him, she might not have believed it if she wasn't watching it herself. She swallowed a lump in her throat, feeling small beads of sweat beginning to form on her cheeks. "Y-yeah? And what kinds of desires might those be? Huh t-tough guy?"

His sinister grin remaining now ever present, he allowed his left hand to move from one breast to the other, gently circling each nipple with his index finger as delicately as possible, while his other hand reached behind his back and traced down her tummy, moving ever so slowly closer to her wet sex. He snickered at her twitch while his fingers ran across her belly

"Oh...nothing much...just a last meal is all"

Real fear seemed to etch itself into her features, along with mild confusion. He was glad she still didn't get it, though. It would make it all the sweeter

"W-what?...A last meal. What are you gonna eat?"

His eyes narrowed, glowing a sinister green in the dark lighting of the wood. His smile became a sneer.


Her eyes went wide as he snapped his fingers. Roots and vines glowing an eerie green suddenly sprang forth from below the ground and wrapped around Rainbows arms, pinning them above her head. She let loose a small and girly eep of surprise as they trapped her arms, unrelenting as she struggled. Daybreak took this moment to get off her pelvis, as more roots sprang from the ground and ensnared her legs. With a grin, he gently pushed against either of her legs, and the vines began to spread them wide, once again giving him unrestricted access to the most delicious sight he'd ever seen. He got to his knees and lowered his head between her legs. He traced an index finger along the folds of her moist lips and up to her sensitive clit. She squeaked a very unRainbow Dash-like squeak, and he felt her body heat up in embarrassment.

With her legs restrained, he saw a fun way to enjoy himself as he got comfortable on the ground. Gently pushing her legs up, the vines raised her bottom a few inches off the ground, allowing him to slip his hands underneath her rump and give it several firm squeezes. That's when a real moan of pleasure escaped her lips, and he savored it with great enjoyment. She struggled and moaned against her binds as he played with her sexy butt.

"Ahhh~ N-no...please not"

He watched her tongue come out of her mouth and roll to the side of her lips. He hadn't even begun and she was already panting. Then, a realization struck him.

"Rainbow Dash likes butt play?...huh...weird...that isn't as surprising to me as it probably should be...hmm...oh well time to have some fun."

He returned his attention his horny captive, and saw that she had indeed become extremely wet from his torment of her ass. She was practically bucking her hips upwards now, trying to get him to satisfy her, even if she didn't consciously realize she was doing it. Then, moments later, after a few more squeezes and pinches of her delicate tush, he heard the sound he craved so dearly. Her begging.


It was like music to his ears, and his evil grin became a toothy smile, as he lowered his face to her soaking sex, he licked at his own lips.

"As the lady wishes"

"H-hey! Who are you calling a ladyAhhhhhhhhaaahahhaaaa!"

With even more aggression than before, he plunged his tongue into her awaiting lips and attacked it as though he were dying of thirst! He shoved his tongue deep inside her body, liking around inside of her and savoring the sweet nectar of juices that flowed like a river from her. Oddly enough, she didn't taste like skittles...but, if he had to place it, she definitely tasted maybe. It was a hard taste to place, but a very appetizing one for sure, and the thirst her tasted created in him was insatiable. He licked around the inside of her folds and lapped at her clit without mercy. She moaned loud and practically screamed in pleasure at his ferocity and stamina! She attempted to thrash around in her pleasure, but the roots held her firm. It didn't get any easier for her when he increased the aggression he put into toying with her perfectly round cyan bottom either. She could feel him squeezing and pinching at every inch he could reach. He even spread her cheeks wide a few times and squeezed her cheeks tight as he did. She was beyond words of any kind , her eyes had gone derpy and her tongue was rolled to the side of her mouth, panting when she could, moaning and yelling the rest of the time.

He began working soley on her clit after awhile, lightly licking and even sucking at her small love button and earning more yells and screams than moans. She actually begged him to stop a few times, but he was so far gone in his attack of her body, he didn't even hear her. He did however, hear her when she pretty much screamed her orgasm to the whole forest! Her whole body shook like a Chihuahua as she came harder and louder than any previous orgasm! The only thing that surprised him was what she yelled afterwards, still in the crescendo of her climax

"OH! Sweet Celestia! Yes! That's it! More! More!....Ahhh~ Daybreak...ahhh...f-fuck....ahh ah aha haahaa...fuck me...please...just take me please! I can't take it anymore!"

Slightly surprised at her...word choice...he relented to give her body mercy and settled for only making her orgasm once this time. He removed his face from her crotch, now soaked in her love juices. Gently, he wiped most of her liquid from his face, though he did make sure she saw him lick some of it off his fingers seductively, and brought his face down beside hers. He rested his head on his hands, in the root filled grass, while she started up at the sky lost in space. He chuckled to draw her attention. She lazily turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him. Smiling he pecked her nose with kiss.

"So Rainbow..." he started with a coy grin "That was some...ah...pretty intense words you screamed at the end there..."

She smiled slowly, clearly out of even the energy it took to grin at him ""

He raised an eyebrow "Huh?"

"Will it...with me...Right now I mean..."

For the first time since he'd started, a blush formed on his cheeks "Y-you want me now?"

"I want you to fuck me...yeah...that would be soooo awesome right now...aww...I can just imagine it. How great that would have you as my first...right now...under this epic tree."

He couldn't help but chuckle through his blush "You sound higher than a kite right now Dash."

She turned and gave her lips a small pucker. He caught what she wanted even through her lazy way of asking, and immediately indulged her. Locking his lip with hers and gently licking across her tongue. It was brief, but very enjoyable. He could see the disappointment on her face when he broke the kiss to quickly for her liking.

" fair...I wasn't done yet..."

"Rainbow, I'll end up sucking the air outta you if you keep this up. You greedy little sex devil"

Now it was her turn to smile coyly "No...sucking is what I'm gonna do to you as soon as I get outta these roots. You think you've got a talented tongue? Mines at least twenty percent more precise than yours I'd bet. I'll make you cum like you never have before."

"I never have before" His voice deadpanned

She turned and looked at him, all her senses seemed to return to allow her a look of pure disbelief "WHAT!?"

He jumped at the volume she suddenly regained in her voice "Well...think about it Rainbow...I've never had sex before. And I've never really been into girls or anything like that until now."

Her face was still full of disbelief "B-but dude! You're like...twenty two! Haven't you ever felt the urge to stroke one off before!? Heck...not even to a hot girl, just for the fuck of it?! Seriously?"

He shook his head, she gasped

"Duuuuuude! You've gotta be more gummed up than Applejacks tractor! How's that even possible. Do you like...not have a libido or something...Wait you're not a eunuch are you? I don't see how, seeing as I'm pretty sure I felt a cock in your pants while you where molesting me...and that one time I tried to slip my hand in your towel."

He shot her a menacing glare and thumped her atop her rainbow head "Of course I'm not a eunuch you dunderhead...I'm surprised you actually know what that means though...I just..." He sighed with annoyance "Look...I'm sorry, I didn't mean's just...when I was about fifteen, I was convinced that I'd never have a real reason to have sex with anyone, and hormonal urges would only distract me. So, while I was living with my father, I looked up some special spells for reducing sexual desires and that sort of stuff. Well...I found one that basically numbs all feelings of pleasure I might have...down there...pain still registers and all ( in case I get kicked or something), but something like sex, or a blow job, I wouldn't even feel it. I also used a hormone regulating spell to keep my mind from ever being overly influenced by any sexual thoughts. The advantage was, since I could control it, if I ever needed a reason to think sexually...let's say, to seduce or manipulate someone into helping me to do something they didn't want to, I could lessen the spell to think with more hormonal urges...ya know, to try and pull off being seductive. It turned out to be a waste of time though. Not only did I never once have to lessen the spell...but I never really had a good reason to flirt with someone, even for my own gain. I always just ended up finding another solution"

For once, Rainbow actually looked like she'd been paying attention, hanging onto his every word. A mischievous smile had spread over her face during his miniature speech, causing him to worry slightly. Once he was done, she snickered manically

"So...did you ever lessen the spell when you're with me? Or am I just so sexy that even your special spells can't stop you from wanting to touch me?"

He rolled his eyes. Sighing aloud, he snapped his fingers, within seconds the glowing green roots retreated back into the ground releasing her from their hold. "Maybe a little of both..."

Rainbow smiled with mischief glimmering her eyes and took a moment to stretch. She stood up, making extra sure to bend over in front of him and did a few stretches to loosen her sore and stiff limbs. "You wouldn't believe how stiff you can get from being held like that..."

He chuckled, admiring the view he had of her ass from the ground "I'll bet"

Practically feeling his eyes starting at her ass, she bent all the way over and touched her toes with her hands "Like this view stud? Or maybe this one? She reached back and spread her cheeks, giving him an amazing view of her pussy as well, which was still partially leaking fluid. Leaning her head over upside down, she stared hard at his pants while he locked his eyes on her backside. She smiled when she saw a large bulge in the center of his crotch.

Standing back up and turning around to face him, she cupped her large breasts in her palms and gently moved them up and down, letting them giggle when she released them "Sooooo...You don't feel anything down there, but you can still get a hard on right?"

He shook his eyes away from her giggling breasts and coughed, refocusing his thoughts "Y-yeah...of course. Why?"

She sat down on her knees and spread her legs, leaning back on her hands, then she cupped her left breast again while lightly pinching her nipple. She watched the bulge in his pants grow much larger as she played with herself, smirking slightly. She let out a long moan and scooted right up in his face, keeping her breasts mere inches from his quivering hands "Good...then I want you to release the spell...both of them. Permanently.

The shock was instantly apparent on his face "Why!?"

She giggled to herself at his confused look and shoved him in the chest, hard. He gave a small grunt as he fell back, and his butt hit the grass. She didn't give him any time to complain though, before he could utter a word she was in between his legs, and grasping a firm hold over either leg of his pants. With a quick yank, she practically ripped his pants down his legs and tossed them into the near by roots, then did the same with his boxers shorts. He was so shocked he didn't even think to protest or resist, and once she had him naked from the waist down, she gave him seductive stare

"Because...I'm gonna suck you dry, and I want you to feel every second of it. If you really haven't orgasmed in all twenty-two years of your life, then your dick might react like a fire hydrant for all I know. I certainly hope so. Now, take off your shirt before I do that one for you as well."

He blushed slightly at how demanding she'd suddenly become...well she always was, but this was more embarrassing. Shyly, he removed his torn shirt and gently tossed it aside. She rubbed her hands along his abs without any hesitation and locked lips with him once again. He watched her hand drift down to his limp, but large member and run her finger across it.

"Wow..." She couldn't wait to get him up if this was how he was, still mostly limp. She licked her lips and looked back at his emerald eyes "Now...turn off those spells, let's have you loosen up that last little bit hm? See things a bit more...enjoyably?

He gulped, he actually didn't know what would happen when he released his spell. He'd never experienced anything sexual, and with it active for long...he'd never thought he'd turn it off. He began to wonder if there'd be any consequences for having it active for so many years. Slowly, he nodded his head "Ok Dashie..."

Putting his palms together, a small ring of yellow light resembling a halo, began to spread outwards from within his torso. It stretched outwards widening around his body, then slowly began to rise up over and above his head. Once clearing his form, it began to shimmer and spark, letting off little fizzles of energy as it began to shrink and descend away from his body and towards his now open palms. Once it was the size of an apple, and had seated itself within Daybreaks fist...he forcefully crushed his hand closed, shattering the yellow light and sending many small sparks off into the forest. His body briefly glowed yellow for a moment...then it was over.

Rainbow sat, waiting to see if something else would happen...when it didn't she began to smirk and look down at his crotch. Daybreak did not say anything, but simply kept starting ahead as though lost in thought, so she decided to take the initiative and grabbed hold of his member with a tight grip. Instantly Daybreaks eyes snapped back into focus and he let out a long drawn out moan that she never believed he could make.


With his attention regained, she began to lightly stroke his shaft, running her hand up and down its length and watching with delight as she made him grow larger and larger in her grip. He let out a series of low moans as his eyes locked on her breasts, but he didn't say anything to she kept going. She rubbed up it's length and around the tip, almost drooling with anticipation.

"Wow're so thick and...your length isn't bad either...I can't wait...remind me why you never used this thing again. Actually forget that, don't say a word. I'd rather hear you moan anyways."

She began to speed up the rate at which she rubbed her hand, and started to stroke him faster and faster, while her other hand reached below him and cupped his balls in her grip. He let out a gasp at her cold fingers touching him, and several more moans as she stroked him. The only real thought he managed to have during her hand job was that, he was thankful he was almost completely hairless on most of his body, save for his head...and a beard if he went long enough without attending it. Other than that, complex thoughts escaped him and he fell under the mercy of Rainbow Dashes hands.

She stroked him rapidly and played with his balls in her hands, knowing every single twitch of pleasure must have been more than doubly sensitive since he'd never done this for all these years. And she was right. But the pleasure he felt coursing through him right then, was nothing compared to what she did next. All at once he felt her release his balls, and stopped stroking his cock with her other hand, allowing him a brief moment to catch his breath. That was snatched away almost immediately as a new and even greater wave of pleasure kicked off inside his body. He felt his eyes bulge wide as he looked down and saw Rainbows mouth around his throbbing member. She traced her tongue up his length and dragged it down the other side, almost immediately taking the tip into her mouth upon reaching the opposite end. For a few moments she merely repeated this process over and over...then after a slight hesitation on whether or not she could manage it, she extended her tongue and wrapped her whole mouth around his dick, sucking him in all the way to her throat. He was gone now, moan after moan came with each pass of her tongue as she deep throated his cock and traced her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. He could barely keep his eyes open it felt so amazing, but each time he fluttered them, seeing her Rainbow head bobbing back and forth, bringing him endless amount of pleasure, his euphoria only increased ever more. He cried out in loud moans and made sounds he'd never once pictured himself making...ever.

After an endless amount of time, that somehow seemed too quick for his liking, she stopped. She removed his cock from her mouth and licked up the shaft, dragging her full tongue along its base. By now he was on his back and panting, but still hard as a rock and craving that last bit of release. Which she was more than overjoyed to give him. She whispered quietly in his ear

"I want you...right now I want you to take my virginity. You're the only guy whose even remotely cool enough."

She began to straddle him, rubbing his tip against the wet folds of her light blue lips. She started to press down, but before she could let herself go, she felt two hands grasp her hips and gently guide her up and off

"Wait...Dashie...not yet!" His voice was barely audible but full of emphasis, he was probably still too overcome by this new feeling to even truly stop her if she wanted.

She grew a very pouty expression as she quickly climbed off him, retaking her spot back between his spread legs, and dragging her tongue up his shaft to try and persuade him otherwise.

"Why not?"

"Ahh~Because...I wanna wait...please...just a little while...I wanna have a clear head when I make that decision...ok?"

Seeing how his hardened rod wasn't going anywhere, she leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the lips "I actually completely understand. You just don't wanna say it cause it sounds all mushy and stuff. You want it to be memorable right? Not just during a heated session in the woods? Right?"

He nodded shyly, not ever bothering to raise his head from the grass. She giggled mischievously

"Alright then. But I still think you deserve a reward for how much you made me cum earlier. How about I finish you off in a way I know you'll just loooooove"

She pushed his back up against the trunk of the large tree, partially sitting him up enough to look over himself. She dropped back between his legs. "You're gonna wanna stand up for this one stud."

Gulping in both anticipation and mild fear, Daybreak nodded slowly and stood up, resting his back against the trunk of the tree. A cold breeze flowing through the Everfree suddenly reminded him just how naked they both were. A small blush found him as he realized any animal that had intelligence, and lived here, could easily spot them and watch. The thought somehow turned him on even more. A small jolt of pleasure returned his gaze to Rainbow Dash, who was on her knees and leveling her chest with his dick. Glancing up him with a sly smirk, she cupped her breasts in her palms, and gently pushed his dick in between each one. She started to stroke up and down his member with her soft breasts, slowly sending huge waves of ecstasy up his spine. But she didn't stop there, once she got him going she opened her mouth wide and licked her lips. She descended her head on his cock and aggressively began sucking him off once again, while rubbing up and down his shaft with her breasts. Running her tongue along the bottom of his shaft, while her soft tits rubbed towards the bottom of his length was too much for him to take.

Loud moans once again began to flow like river water off his lips as he struggling to keep his shaky knees from buckling underneath him. Rainbows tongue expertly licked at his sensitive nerves, then she delicately brought it to his tip and traced around it while squeezing her boobs against him. Each time he let out a long moan, she would look up him with a gaze that said what she currently couldn't. Victory was hers.

For a brief moment, she removed her mouth from his twitching cock, but kept rubbing her breasts along him aggressively, and looked up into his glazed eyes. She let her seductive and lust filled voice travel along his ears, sending waves of heat along his hairs.

"Now I'm gonna make you cum harder than a fire hose, I wonder if the Sun Prince's cum is as hot as he is?"

Her sly words struck him like a key string during a guitar solo, but before he could even think of retorting, she descend back onto him and attacked his dick at a speed that shattered any previous! Her tongue went from delicate and gentle flicks, to full on long strokes of wet muscle along his shaft, and her breasts tightly squeezed against his cock, desperately trying to milk out his orgasm. Any endurance he might have had left was shattered under her attack, and she actually managed to pull a yell of pleasure from him as he started to cum!

"R-Rainbow I'm c-"

"Right in here my sexy prince"

Her words were a final push over the edge and he felt is every nerve in his dick explode to life as he released his seed into her awaiting and open lips. He came hard, so hard he actually started to slide down the tree truck, but Rainbows determined attitude (and hands) held him in place as she attempted to literally "suck him dry". She had been right about one thing, he was extremely pent up, and when he was thick and it lasted...quite awhile. She had her mouth wrapped around him for over a full minute, swallowing every drop she could and whipping his dick with her tongue, drawing out his orgasm as long as possible. Despite the sheer amount that he released, Rainbow never once faltered or removed her mouth, and continued sucking him until he was finally done.

When he was completely clean of even the smallest drop of semen, she finally pulled back, and gave him a very wet smile. She wiped her chin and licked her fingers clean of any that might have escaped. After a minute, he collapsed down the trunk of the tree and laid back in the grass, not even beginning to care about clothing. She laid beside him a second later, giggling as she wrapped her hand around his dick, which was still standing straight up.

"Your still hard big guuuuuuy does that mean you still wanna play, hm?"

His body was exhausted in a way that was beyond description. He wanted nothing more than to just lay there and bask in how blissful he felt. Her words shocked his brain into momentary life though. He managed to gasp out a few quick words while he attempted to combat his fluttering eyelids.

"Oh goddess Rainbow Dash no! I give. I give. Mercy. Victory is yours. I have clearly been bested in the field of sexual combat."

A smart chuckle escaped her 'You're damn right! And don't you ever forget it, or I'll happy remind you." She gave a quick lick over his slowly softening dick. He managed a tired smile

"Maybe I'd like that"

"Maybe if your a good little prince, I'll let you lead. Assuming you can even handle my awesomeness."

Slowly, he reached out his lengthy arms, and scooped them around her torso, pulling her into a tight hug. She was both surprised, and pleased as she felt him snuggle into her neck "I handled you just fine earlier. Don't think I've forgotten how loud you screamed when you came. You probably deafened me for life."

She crinkled her nose, adopting a very annoyed gaze "Oh shut up you. You can hear me just fine..."


"I said. You can hear me just fine."


"I said! You can...............oh fuck you man."

Loosing himself into a fit of chuckles, Rainbow gently bit him on the ear out of spite, but he continued laughing anyways. She watched him for a moment, staring at his face. His big, warm, and overjoyed smile looked so sincere.

"I wonder if I really did this...did I really make him so happy? Oh gosh...that'd awesome...makes me feel all fuzzy. And for once...I'm ok with that mushiness."

Snuggling herself into his chest, she looked up and shared another kiss with him. Snuggling tight together as the evening sky changed to night, they both drifted off in each others arms for the second time.

Storm of Visions...and Rain...lots of Rain

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The sounds of bells and chimes echoed through the cool winter air. Snow fell and struck the many people seated around a stone altar and within the crowd. Several looked up to the great pine trees above, and scowled. One woman, with long, fine, purple hair leaned over and whispered to the man seated next to her.

"Why did they have to do this in the middle of Winter Fall Wood? It's always snowing here, and it would've been so much less messy to just do it on the hillside like I planned. I went through all that trouble making the checklist and coordinating everything...and they changed it all in the span of an hour..."

The man seated next to her gave a light chuckle, wiping a bit of loose snow from her shoulder. "Twily, calm down. This is their moment. They deserve to do it wherever they want. Plus it's a beautiful day this morning, the sunlight is making all the snow in the trees glimmer. Just look."

He gestured towards the shimmering light crashing through the overgrowth of pine needles above them. The woman smiled, dodging a fresh batch of incoming snow. "But Shining....Everyone is getting snow all over their clothes...How is anyone supposed to go through the rest of the day with wet suits and dresses?"

A small 'eep' of shock escaped her as a batch of snow struck the top of her long, silk ridden magenta dress, then traveled down her back like a creeping spider. A small towel wrapped in purple aura drifted over to her back and gently began patting down her wet spots. She looked over at Shining's hands, glimmering in his purple aura, and offered him a smile of gratitude, which he returned.

"You have to remember who this is Twily...they probably thought everyone sitting here in wet clothes for over an hour would be funny."

Another notable scowl appeared over Twily's face "Trust me...I haven't forgotten who they are...but if they were just gonna change everything last minute, why ask me to plan it?"

"Oh shhhh shhhh shhhh...Twily...look here they come!"

The woods behind the crowd seemed to literally, get up and part ways, root and all. The two guests of honor strode through the brush, hand in hand and headed towards the altar, where a small group of people waited for them on either side. Twilight smashed her hand into her face

"Why couldn't they do this right...this one thing? Why aren't their parents escorting them?! And why-"

Another laugh reached her ears, she paused and looked over, Shining was attempting to withhold a chuckle "If you don't calm down, I'm gonna have to start calling you Rarity Sparkle instead of Twilight."

She immediately thrust her hands to her hips, assuming a pouty expression "Hey!...They fired her for a reason...she was going way over the top about this...even I thought she needed to step back."

"And now you're about to do the same thing. Just relax Twily, it's their day, just remember that"

Although she 'hmphed' in defiance, Twilight did slightly relax her shoulders and resumed watching as her two friends made it to the altar at last.


His eyes fluttered for a brief moment...swaying in the breeze as lightheadedness overtook his form, he almost stumbled back in his steps, but caught himself at the last moment and managed change his near fall into a simple skip in his walk. He shook snow from his hair as he came to a stop on a stone floor.

*What was I doing again?*

He looked around as his feet halted him in place, seemingly with a mind of their own. He was standing the snow...inside a small concrete front of a large crowd of people...all dressed in suits, ties and dresses........why? Quickly scanning the crowd, he searched for a face he could recognize that would reveal answers to him, but found only a few and they weren't what he expected. The first was Twilight...or rather, it looked like Twilight...but her hair was significantly longer and her...body structure, looked more fit and mature than he remembered seeing her that morning. She looked amazing, he had to admit, her long purple hair and pink streak went perfectly with her magenta dress, both of which seemed to glimmer in the light of the sun and snow around them. Forcibly distracting himself from her, he scanned through more of the crowd and saw some, slightly familiar faces. He did not recognize the man seated next to Twilight, but judging from his features, he could only assume it was Shining Armor, her brother, and also the only person she'd ever talked about when they were kids. He saw both Fluttershy and Derpy...whom also looked...well...other than more dressed up...they seemed more mature looking as well. Fluttershy had a radiant but subtle beauty about her moss green dress that went with her large breasted figure perfectly. While Derpy wore a simple tan dress that seemed to have been made so she could simply move around easily without tripping, but she still looked amazing regardless.

Moving his eyes along, he could only find one more person within the crowd he recognized...Sunset Shimmer, who by all regards was the best dressed and best looking one there. Her long red and yellow hair flowed down her shoulders, curling slightly by her hips in several different directions. Her radiant orange dress stood out amongst the crowd, but not in an obnoxious showed her off, but still kept her subtle. The dress covered from her chest down, but her face, neck, along with just above her breasts, was bare. As she turned around to fetch a drink, he saw her back was bare as well. He wondered how she could stand wearing something like that in such cold weather.

A cough to his right caught his attention. Looking down he saw a purple scaled, teenage half drake standing beside him, holding a cushion within his clawed fingers. He recognized Spike the Drake immediately....but he looked at least five years older than he should have been at this time, and over fifteen years older than he had been the last time he'd seen him in Celestia's school. His tux was fitted to him in a perfect, tight fitting way, which showed off both his muscled arms and his abs through the fabric. Whomever had designed his clothes had definitely used magic...and some seriously close measurements to get his clothes looking like they did. But Spikes obviously magic clothes were not what truly grabbed his what tore at his attention, was what was laying in the cushion that the drake held. Two little rings. Both with golden light shimmering around the bands, and a miniature, unmatured fire ruby as the center stones for each. Daybreak was beyond confused...and even more so when he heard Spike mumble

"'s time...pick them up.......everyone is waiting."

Still befuddled, he did as Spike said and swiped up the rings...then realized there was someone standing directly in front of him...mere inches away. It was as if she had appeared from nowhere.

*How did I not see her before?*

The girl next to him was dressed in a long, sky blue, sparkling dress that stretched out behind her body a significant amount. A translucent blue veil was draped over her face, obscuring her features...but nevertheless, the streaks of rainbow locks he could see peaking out under the veil, gave him a pretty good idea of who it was.

*Rainbow Dash looks beautiful...but I still don't get how we got here...last I remember was falling asleep naked under a tree...Now I'm wearing a tux and she's in a dress...on an altar...with a large crowd........and rings..............OH CELESTIA'S TITS! AM I GETTING MARRIED!? WHOWHATWHENWHEREWHYHOWTHEFUUUUUUUCK?!*

He was interrupted from his thoughts at another, more pronounced cough, and looked up. He nearly squealed in rage and fear! His mother...Princess Celestia was at the center of the altar, holding a giant book, dressed in a long white gown and staring him down with a disapproving frown. She slowly gestured to Rainbow Dash, who managed to shoot him a smile from beneath the veil, and whisper

"Hey're supposed to put the ring on me now."

Too stunned to do anything but obey, he took a stiff step forward, clutching at the rings in his ever shaky hands...and watched as she extended her arm to allow him hers. With an almost robot-like motion, he stiffly took hold of her soft skin in his left hand, holding hers in his palm. Then, with the ring in his right, he slowly slipped it onto her finger and looked into her eyes, through the veil. A veil was not something he could have ever in his life imagined the Rainbow Dash he knew wearing, but now seeing it so clearly, it was beautiful.

He watched a small smile form on her lips as she mirrored his motions, taking his own hand in hers and repeating the process with the other ring. After she finished, they resumed their positions on the altar. Looking up, Daybreak saw his mother begin to speak...but heard none of her words. He watched her lips move...but for some reason heard no sound escape them...looking around, he expected to see everyone else experiencing the same problem, but it seemed they all heard her perfectly. This was confimred when, seconds later, everyone was on their feet, removing their hats and starting a small applause. Daybreak had no idea what was happening...until Rainbow Dash grabbed him by the shoulders, and turned him to face her. With no warning what-so-ever, she pulled him to her chest and crushed her lips against his!

*Wait....What? That's not how this goes...did I miss something?*

Rainbow held their kiss for a full thirty seconds, before releasing him for breath. She held his face close to hers...and whispered something into his ear.

"I love you Daybreak."

His pupils literally shrunk in his head, he would have asked her to repeat it...but their was no need. It had suddenly become dead silent. So silent he could hear the leaves and pine needles striking the crunchy ground below their feet. The whole audience was silent though waiting for something. He quickly scanned their faces without turning his head away from Rainbow Dash. They were all him.

*Oh no...are they waiting for me*

He swallowed a lump and quickly returned his gaze to Rainbows bright, smiling, and undeniably beautiful face. Her eyes were locked with his...waiting...expecting...begging him to speak. His tongue became like a lead weight in his mouth, tasting of iron. He easily felt his own pulse rising, and throbbing in his neck. With more effort than he could ever remember putting into speech, he willed his lips open.

*I can't do this! I can't lie to her!*


He watched her eyes widen, he could practically hear her egging him forward.

*Say it! Say it!*

"I...loooooooooove..........I loooove..."

His lips quivered as he inhaled for a large breath, attempting not to choke on his own air.

"I too.......Rainbow Dash."

The instant the final words left his lips...darkness enveloped his sight, and his vision failed him. The whole world seemed to vanish instantaneously and was replaced with utter black nothingness....Then it reformed again, almost immediately.

He blinked twice and found himself still standing where he had been before. The crowd was cheering now, and applauding. He felt two warm hands grasp his back and waist, then dip him over in her arms like a dancer, crushing her lips onto his and smothering his eyes shut in the process. He felt their lips lock and feelings of warmth spread through him like wild fire. He fluttered his eyes briefly, which were aimed towards the crowd, and allowed them to wander, taking in everyone's happy faces. Everyone, even people he didn't know, were standing and applauding for him. Applauding at his happiness. Even Rainbow Dash was on her feet, next Fluttershy and applauding loudly, cheering even.

*Wait..........WHAT!.....B-but she's right here...If Rainbow is over there...then who am I....?*

His eyes glanced upwards...and must have broken the fibers in his brain at how far they expanded! Staring down at him with the veil up, and a seductive expression that would forever be scared into his brain...was Twilight...with her lips over his. Every muscle in his body urged for him to jump away, possibly to the next continent...or planet...but something held him in place and kept him from moving even an inch.

Every fiber of his being was trying to process what was happening to him as Twilight held him dipped in her arms, and ran her tongue aggressively over his. None to subtly either. He darted his eyes about, trying desperately to search for something to explain what the fuck was happening...and how Rainbow and Twilight had swapped places! His eyes found the aisle, where three young girls, presumably in their very early twenties by their figures, danced their way towards him and Twilight, spilling flower petals into the audience. His eyes only briefly scanned each ones features as though attempting to distract himself from the current rape of his mouth and tongue.

One girl wore a snow white dress that matched her skin perfectly and complimented her light pink/purple hair. Her voice flowed softly throughout the crowd, soothing and calming everyone she passed. She sung nothing in particular, but just the sounds of her lightly humming notes was calming enough, even to Daybreak. The one to her right was dressed in a simpler dress that fit to her muscled features. She had a pink bow atop her head and a red haired ponytail to match it. This one seemed to be having the easiest time suffocating the crowd with petals, seeing as most of her throws reached the entire distance of either side she threw. The final girl was dressed the simplest...but looked to be the most graceful of the three. She twirled down the aisle in an, obviously practiced, motion with ease. Her dark purple and shortly cut hair seemed to glimmer as the snow touched it, and her orange complexion caught Daybreaks eye for an unknowable reason.

As time seemed to speed back up, Daybreak felt his body being pulled up from Twilights dip, and freed from her kiss, only to be crushed in a tight hug against her large chest. Hardly able to see while being suffocated, he was just barely able to spot Shining Armor standing off to the right, attempting to hide a coy smile. When Twilight finally released him fully, she brought her lips to his ear and whispered softly across them, her words making him physically ill.

"You know what I wanna do right now?"

*Ok...I have to be dreaming...please tell me I'm dreaming!...Fuck it! Tell me it's a nightmare for all I care........just don't let this be real!*

Twilights lips curled into a sinister smile, showing pointed teeth along her lips "It's none of those"

*What the fuck...*

Her hands ran down his sides and grasped at his hips, pulling him against her once more. For a moment, and the second time, the whole world went dark. Daybreak could still feel his body pressed against Twilight's chest, but he dared not move until the sun decided to end it's momentary nap. However the moment light returned, he wished it hadn't as he nearly released a horrified yell of fear!

No longer was it Twilight who was griping him against her...but someone new, someone that he did not recognize. The woman was dressed in long, ghost white, flowing robes that appeared like multiple dresses overlapping with each other...but furry instead of silky. Her face, whiter than even a ghost, held a sinister smile while her sharp, serrated teeth showed under her lips. Her hair, (also the color of snow) flowed behind her back as though a breeze were passing through. Her eyes were that of a snakes, slit like, but matching his in color and more sinister looking. Her lips seemed to be the only thing about her, other than her eyes, that weren't white. They were light pink and now puckered mockingly

"What's wrong...?" Even her voice sounded snake-like, but with obvious hints of seduction in it "Don't you wanna kiss your bride? Or are we done playing pretend?"

She loosed a shrill laugh that pained his ears worse than banshee song, then snapped her fingers. The scenery around them vanished with a crackle of light, replaced with nothing but a white, snowy tundra. The woman glided away across the snow. He would describe it as gliding, because her feet were so well hidden beneath her furry, white robed dresses, that he couldn't be sure if they even touched the ground. She hovered just out of his reach, not that her being far away or right up against him would have made any difference, all his limbs refused to respond to his commands anyway.

Unable to move, he merely stood there in the snow, stiff as a statue while the woman practically danced around him.

"Why are you messing with my dreams....and who are you anyways?"

Surprisingly his lips and voice worked fine, but his limbs still remained firmly in place, refusing him movement. The woman glided up next to him, a long, silky smooth white tail sprouted up from beneath the back of her robes, and coiled it's way around Daybreaks torso, tickling at his chin.

"Haven't I told you? You're not dreaming. As for who I am?....Well...find me again and you just might learn."

He watched her slowly raise a clawed hand, and snap her fingers. The crackling sound of lightning strikes, echoed through his ears...and the world became black once again."


Daybreaks eyes burst open! He sat straight upright with his hands ablaze in flames, ready to lash out at the first thing he saw! He looked around...and was surprised to find he was back under the Everfree tree. He doused his hands, letting loose a great sigh as he did. Looking to his right he found Rainbow Dash, asleep against his hip, still lightly snoring. Her hair had fallen over her face, strands of it constantly hovering in the air each time she exhaled. With a small shudder, he cupped his hands and rested his face in the center. He could feel the sweat dripping down his cheeks and running across his fingers. He took in several deep breathes, but found no end to his quickened pulse and shaky hands. Conceding that he'd never get back to sleep anyways, he worked himself to his feet. After gently laying Rainbows head against the soft grass, he gathered his pants and covered his modesty, leaving the rest of his clothes where they were, since he knew he'd be coming back this time, and headed out into the wood.

Remembering the path he'd taken earlier, he quickly found the cliff side from before and stood out over the edge of the bubbling swamp below. He looked up towards the sky, he saw it was already late into the night, as Luna's moon was already in the center of the star filled horizon. With fresh air now filling his lungs, and clearing his head, he attempted to recount what he'd just seen.

"I was at a wedding...a wedding for me and Rainbow least that's how it started. But the moment I said those three words, the whole thing changed...Why did I even give in to saying that...even in a dream it felt so wrong to lie like that, to her...the next thing I know I'm kissing Twilight....then almost right afterwards, this weird white woman appears and starts talking to me. Who was she? I wonder if she was even real? That whole thing felt too real for a dream, and she said I wasn't dreaming....Hmm...She said find her again if I wanted to know more. But how do I find her again?"

His thoughts were broken as the small hoot hoot of an owl echoed from the trees behind him, reviving his sense of time. Suddenly remembering that he still had college in the morning, he quickly turned and headed back to the tree to take Rainbow home.

Locating the tree this time was much easier than before, now that he knew what to expect with it's illusion spell. He gathered up his clothes and redressed himself with haste as soon as he arrived. Once he was finished, he dropped to Rainbow's side and placed his hands on her hips. He gave her a gentle shake, trying to keep his eyes off her body while he woke her, lest he get distracted again.

"Dash...hey Dashie? Wake up....wake up...We've gotta get you home. Come on..."

He shook her a bit faster, but to no avail. She did not stir, although her snores faded, she showed no signs of waking.

"Alright...fine. You wanna do this the hard way Dash, we can do this the hard way!"

With a bit more force than he meant to use, he quickly scooped her up in his arms, and placed her on his back, allowing her arms and legs to dangle at his hips and neck. He gripped her hips and leaned forward, pulling her up his back more, to make her piggy back ride a bit more comfortable for them both. A quick snap of his momentarily free fingers, and Rainbows clothes reappeared on her form.

He gave a quick look around the tree, ensuring that none of their possessions might have fallen from their pockets, and once he was satisfied, he took off at a slow trot through the woods. His initial plan was to just take Rainbow to his house since they were probably closer to home than the school anyways. With a quick shortcut through Ponyville, they'd be there with enough time to go back to sleep for a few hours.

Rainbow managed to stay asleep on his back all the way to Ponyville, but once they exited the Everfree and the small town was in sight, he heard her give a small groan from his back.

"Urrrrfff...w-where am I?"

He smiled in spite of himself, she sounded so cute, even when she was groggy.

"You're on my back Skittles, I'm taking us home for the night. You're clearly too tired to move around much.

"Mmhm...mmk...I require awesome belly rubs and pancakes in the morning...zzzz"

He had to struggle to withhold a giggle fit. With difficulty, he managed to swallow his laugh and quickly darted through the small town, mostly unnoticed. An occasional bystander, who was out for some inconceivable reason this late at night, would notice him, but he quickly made excuses as to why Rainbow was asleep on his back. Out of the four times he was stopped in the town by a random person, three out of the four he was able to convince she'd just passed out from drinking too much (apparently that wasn't hard to believe, and he had a good idea why). However the fourth person, didn't quite buy it, saying she didn't smell like cider or alcohol. Had it not been for the mans size and intimidating muscle features along his red skin, Daybreak might have simply knocked him out and moved on. However this guy was huge, not just in terms of size, as he was the same height as him, but in terms of muscle mass. His biceps, triceps...and just about everything else ending in 'ceps' was thicker than Daybreaks neck. He had no desire to fight the guy, even if he could win with magic...he didn't wanna get snapped like a twig beforehand.

So with some clever quick thinking, and even more clever magic use, Daybreak managed to materialize an empty bottle of whiskey in his pocket without the other man noticing the bulge. Then to prove his statement, he withdrew the bottle, and shook it slowly to show it was empty. This seemed to appease the stranger and he went on his way, but not before Daybreak politely asked him to keep this encounter a secret. He played it off like Rainbow wouldn't want anyone else to know she was drinking on a school night, but the man merely responded with a low "Eeyup" and continued on his way.

Thankfully, the rest of the trip home passed without incident, and Daybreak was able to pick his own magically locked house door. Apparently he had forgotten he left his key in the dorm room that day, but got Rainbow inside anyways. He plopped her down on his bed, and snapped his fingers. Her clothes instantly popped off her body, save for her underwear and sports bra. He then stripped himself down and threw both of their clothes to the floor for the night. He quickly glanced around the house to see if their was anything he should hide from Rainbow that might raise...questions. The only thing he could think of was the Poison Joke leaves and juice in the cupboard. However, instead of moving it, he simply cast a few lock charms over it and retired to his room.

Upon entering, his sleeping friend decided to roll over at just the right angle on her belly, giving him a perfect view of her firm, but round butt through her undergarments. Every fiber and nerve of Daybreaks being suddenly seemed to light up in lust! He was caught so completely off guard by the sudden unknown urge to tear his friends clothes off....that he almost did. It took every shred of his self control not to give in and attack her sleeping body! It was a physical effort to keep himself under control as the flood of repressed urges surged through his unprepared mind.

At one point he actually stumbled and was forced to place his hand upon the wall to keep from falling over. His vision suddenly became groggy as the image of Rainbows naked body invaded his sense.

"Ahhh!...What the fuck...This can't be normal...there's no way every guy goes through a feeling like this...they'd explode! Fuck, I feel like I just might! This has to be a side effect from that spell being active for all these years...I should remember to update the spell book next time I use it, so that anyone after me knows about this...arrrrrhggg! Damn it...unbearable pain..."

For a moment, the pain in his mind was all he could focus on. All he could see, think, and feel was how badly he wanted Rainbow Dash, right then and now! He wanted to do things to her that he'd never once even thought about before, or seemed physically possible. Then again, considering how he was now, what he'd done with her in the past few hours, and what his father had done to him...he shouldn't have been surprised this was happening to him. An overload of emotion was to be expected...but this...this felt like his head was being torn in half! He could feel his fathers finger upon him from a few hours prior, releasing the hidden emotions that were now attempting to flood through and overtake his brain! He struggled and collapsed to his knees, grasping at his head and doing his best to keep silent in his agony. He felt his body lurch forward, but he saw himself remain still. Nevertheless the feeling of his form being tossed around continued. Although he never moved, he could have sworn he was being thrown about like a doll as he thrashed, falling from his knees and twitching on the floor. All at once, every shred of color drained from his face and body, leaving him feeling a cold emptiness for a fleeting moment. Then, with bright flash of red light, the pain disappeared and his color flooded back through him!

He felt, what could only be described as a whirlpool of emotions that had been bursting to come out of his chest, suddenly settle within him. No longer causing him to thrash about on the floor, but instead, he felt like someone had hit his reset button. The inhibitions his father had seemingly removed, touched at his consciousness, but did not overwhelm his thoughts as they once had before. Nor did his fathers free spiritedness that he'd experienced, take him over either, instead he felt a balance between the two.

"How many personality shifts must I go through? far I think I like this feeling the best. I can think straight again...and I realize how stupid some of my decisions the past few hours have been. But I also...I also think I enjoyed it all. Is this what he wanted me to feel? Just a taste of being carefree? I have to admit, it feels nice to just say fuck it and throw my feelings around. But I think I like this better. I feel more in control now, but I can still feel that urge in the back of my head...Hmm...I'm glad it's still there. For once, I think I'll take his advice and have some fun with my shit hole of a life. I certainly couldn't make it worse than it was before. And now I've got Rainbow Dash with it can only get better right?"

A red glow emanating from his chest caught his attention. He looked down, and spotted Rainbows element hovering out in front of him, sending off small waves of red energy, while his green aura was also noticeable within the jewel itself.

"Did you do that to me?...Maybe her element reacted to me being so unbalanced in the head and decided to help out? Can it even do that? If that's true, then is this supposed to be what I'd feel if I was balanced?...Not bad actually. I like this. My normal thoughts...with a more carefree nature. Fuck it, let's see how this goes, I've already felt both extremes, so this should be a comfortable middle ground."

Working his shaky body to its feet, he watched as the red lightning bolt shimmered, and slowly phased back into his chest, disappearing from sight once again. With a smile, he turned and looked back at Rainbow Dash. She was still laying as she was before, her butt on perfect display for him. The urge from before resurfaced in his mind and willed him forward...but not as painfully or overwhelming. Now it felt more like a suggestion than a need. He smiled bigger, glad he wasn't being tormented by his own brain anymore and obliged to his feelings.

"No real reason to sleep with clothes on after what we've done right?" He mumbled to her. Even though he knew she couldn't have heard him, he still felt like he had to justify himself.

Slowly entering the bed with her, he removed his own bottoms and tossed them out from below the sheets. Then, with a hungry expression across his lips, he pulled her body against his. The fact that she didn't wake, amazed him, but also gave him more courage to continue. If he was gonna make this a habit with them, he might as well practice now. Gently pulling her body on top of his chest, he undid her bra whilst her head slumped against his neck. He fumbled with the tiny strap for a full minute, desperately pulling it every which way across her back while also trying to be gentle enough not to wake her. The strap put a up an impressive fight, but eventually Daybreaks persistence won out and he managed to pull the accursed thing from her shoulders.

"Stupid strap...I swear...I think I understand why guys in porn always just tear these things off. If they took the time to actually remove them properly, most viewers would probably lose their arousal before the actors clothes were off...or maybe I'm just bad at this?"

He let the fabric fall off her chest as he finished silently cursing it's inventor, and found his eyes being locked on her form yet again. Staring at her bare chest, he felt a familiar urge resurface, but he repressed it with minimal effort this time. Now, allowing his hands to travel down her back, he came to grip her toned and sexy butt, but also her underwear. He gave them a firm pull, and felt the stretchy fabric slowly start to descend her legs. Once they were too far down her to reach with his hands, he guided them with magic the rest of the way and tossed both her bra and underwear out of the bed. He could feel his own arousal resurfacing, stronger than before, and his erection pressed against Rainbows lower lips. He pulled her slightly up his chest so her head rested on his, and her sex was just slightly out of thrust range...just in case. He pressed his smiling lips to hers, then interlocked them, odd waves of euphoria coursing through him at their touch. He kept his lips connected with hers and wrapped his arms around her body, hugging her in a tight embrace while she slept on his chest. It was a picture perfect scene, and he'd never felt more like taking one. If there was one thing he wanted to remember, it was this feeling. He felt a comfortable heat start in his chest, just above where her element resided in him, and travel all over his nerves, lulling him into a dreamless sleep with his rainbow haired friend.


The next morning came with bleak, depressing weather. Rain poured and battered against the sides of Daybreaks home, loud crackles of thunder and lightning awoke him from sleep long before Rainbow. All though this gave him plenty of time to get a head start on the day, the dark and depressing atmosphere that the black clouds created was a little too nostalgic for his liking. Some of his worst nights and days had been during the rain in Canterlot, it somehow always seemed to make the people even more violent towards him. Perhaps merely because they had been caught in the bad weather...or because many remembered what black clouds used to bring, when Discords army made it to Canterlot.

Whatever the reasons, his experiences had made him despise rainy weather. Although he didn't particularly enjoy sunny weather either, at least then he felt some semblance of warmth and comfort. Now, while he stared out through his rain ridden windows, hearing the sounds of wind howling against his magic storm shutters, and the sound of lightning striking in the fields, he felt that old depression wash over him again. Resolving to attempt to find some joy in the morning, he removed himself from the window dragged his tired body to the kitchen where he began work on the pancakes Rainbow had demanded of him last night.

He had no special talent for cooking, but he knew more than enough to keep himself comfortable whilst living alone. Although he likely wouldn't be cooking up any Filet Mignon any time soon, he was confident he could still manage pancakes without too much trouble. Or so he thought.

He'd made waffles in the past, and eggs, and omelets...but pancakes had never really appealed to him, and so he had little experience actually creating them. That said, the next thirty minutes he spent trying to flip the batter, only for it to end up everywhere in the kitchen (including his ceiling) except the frying pan, were not his proudest. It involved alot of swearing and almost setting the kitchen ablaze out of frustration...he was glad Rainbow wasn't awake to see it. Luckily, after what seemed like forever, he finally succeeded in properly forming the pancake and began to add some blueberries into the mix. Minutes after, the little circles of fluffy hell were solid enough to be considered complete, and Daybreak withdrew them from the frying pan (with magic, to avoid burning his hands) and stacked four atop a plate for Rainbow. He looked back to the frying pan with a deadpan expression...he'd only made one real mistake...and that was the army of half-made and sort-of-complete pancakes he'd created in his efforts to make them just right for Rainbow.

Having no idea what to do with them, and refusing to waste food, he gathered the infinite army of circles onto several other plates and stacked them near the stove. After counting out the number he had, by hand, and concluding he had five plates full, with ten pancakes stacked on each...he realized there was a reason he never did this sort of thing.

"I really suck at cooking...I hope Rainbow's got a big appetite..."

Having fulfilled the pancake part of her demands, he returned to his room to fulfill the second part of her wishes. Dash was still fast asleep, snoring away as she squeezed the life out of his pillow. With the way she was griping it, he was unable to tell if she was cuddling with the thing, or attempting to strangle it to death. He would have believed either one. Despite knowing that nothing short of a bomb would likely wake Rainbow, Daybreak still felt the need to be extremely gentle as he slowly untangled her from the covers. Sadly, attempting to bring the sheets below her belly felt like wrestling a hydra, every time he got one section of the blanket down, she'd move and pull up another, covering herself once again. He reached for the right side, and she yanked up the left, he would pull from the bottom, she'd roll over on the was beyond frustrating!

Eyes twitching with annoyance, Daybreak finally just grabbed hold of Rainbows arms and pinned them above her head, while he lowered the sheets with magic. He was forced to climb on top of her to hold her hands in place whilst she tried to squirm in her sleep, but once he got the sheets just below her hips, he was able to breath a sigh of relief. That is, until she moved again, attempting to stretch her arms out sideways, Daybreak lost his grip and fell face first into her bare chest.

Amongst the many thoughts that flowed through his mind as he faced planted into Rainbows boobs, the most prominent had to be "Dear mother, I've become an anime schoolboy...".

After nuzzling into Rainbows, surprisingly comfy, chest and quickly scrambling off her to avoid another incident with her asleep, Daybreak finally managed to hold her still long enough to keep the sheets down and get a clear shot at her belly. Gently, he began to run his fingers across her stomach, slowly scratching over her skin with the tips of his fingernails. He tried move his hand in a arithmetic pattern, circling from her chest down to her legs with little scratches along her belly. Dancing his nails across her skin, he watched her form small goose bumps near her chest, where he was being the most delicate with his nails. Chuckling to himself, he ran his fingers from one side of her chest, down her tummy and to her legs, then up the other side.

His efforts were rewarded with a small sigh of content from Rainbow. Smiling to himself, he began planting tiny kisses along her belly as he rubbed it. It took several minutes, but eventually he succeeded in awakening Rainbow Dash this way. He watched as her eyes fluttered open, and she gave small squeak as a pair of lips pressed against her belly while she attempted to stretch out her arms. Taking full notice of Daybreak, and his hands, she let a small chuckle escape her

"What am I, your puppy or something? What's with the belly rubs?"

A coy grin appeared on Daybreaks face, along with a small chuckle of his own as he continued to pet and tickle at her tummy "No, you're my guard dog remember? Besides, you're the one who asked for this last night."

She squirmed up from the bed as she felt him tickle her again, and assumed a sitting position on her knees. Leaning forward, allowing her breasts to bounce in front of his face, she gave him a quick kiss on the nose, then poked him in the center of his forehead with her index finger, holding a grin.

"Where's my pancakes?"

He chuckled "They're in the kitchen...ummm...I hope you're hungry, cause I made alot of them.

"Are you kidding, I'm starved! All this excitement yesterday has me famished, I didn't even get to have dinner (thanks for that by the way)! Now I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!"

Daybreak stared at her.....Rainbow stared back, her face blank.....An awkward silence suddenly seemed to fill the room and the space between them. Rainbow tapped her finger to her chin

"Huh...that was weird..."

Daybreak just nodded. Rainbow shrugged meekly


Daybreak rapidly shook his head "Right...yeah...they're in the kitchen. Let's go."

Rainbow was out of the bed and through the door before he'd even finished speaking. He noticed she hadn't even bothered to grab any clothes, and lightly face palmed himself before following his excitable friend into the kitchen.

She had already managed to more than triple the amount of pancakes he'd set on her plate, before he even entered the kitchen. Since he had actually taken the time to pull on some loose boxers before following her, she was already at the table waiting with huge eyes. He had to suppress a giggle when he saw her face. It looked like a cross between puppy dog eyes and that face a kid makes when he's trying to look innocent, after doing something wrong. He just smiled, he knew what she was thinking.

"Dashie, I don't like pancakes, have as many as you like."

Her eyes lit up like a Hearths Warming tree and her grin stretched to inhuman proportions. She flew from the chair at supersonic speeds and gave him a massive hug that knocked him to the floor.

"Ohhhhh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! I love pancakes!...and Cider, but I don't think I should drink before school...I'm gonna eat now."

She was off him and back in her seat before he could respond, fork and knife in hand and staring hungrily at her pile. While he worked his way back up from the floor, he couldn't help but thinking how sexy she looked, sitting there butt naked with a giant pile of pancakes in front of her.

"Why is that hot?...Weird..."

Turning away he moved towards the fridge a few feet to the left. He yanked open the fridge door and stuck his head inside.

"Now where is it...I know I have some in here."

Through sounds of rapid chewing and chopping that now filled the kitchen, Daybreak heard Rainbows voice reach his ears. Although her voice was partially muffled, probably due to her face being stuffed with pancakes.


"Rainbow please swallow your food, I can't understand you like that."

A brief gulp followed by mild lips smacking was heard, then her voice came through again.

"I said, what are you looking for in there man? You've got half your head in there."

He snorted "Well excuse me if I want Orange Juice in the morning. With the way you're tearing through that plate, I wouldn't be surprised if I..."

He stopped once he withdrew his head, his eyes wide with disbelief. Rainbows plate was completly empty!


While stood there dumbfounded, Rainbow gazed at her plate with a sad eyed expression "My pancakes..." He half expected her ears to droop in sadness, it was undeniably cute to see.

"D-did you eat all of them already?"

"Yeah, why?"

A shiver traveled up his spine " had like...thirty pancakes"

She shrugged, while shyly rubbing the back of her head "Ummm...I was really hungry? Hehehe...If you think that's bad, you should meet Pinkie Pie, at least I left your fridge untouched."


The rest of the morning passed without much excitement. Once Daybreak finally convinced Rainbow to put on some clothes, everything else seemed easy by comparison. While he cleaned off the mountain of plates Rainbow had acquired from utterly destroying the other piles of pancakes, Rainbow searched about his house attempting to locate his dirty laundry hamper. Once she finally located it two rooms back from the kitchen, behind a small door (that was barely big enough for even her to fit through) in the corner of his house, then down a small flight of stairs, she also found his washer and dryer and proceeded to dump the previous days clothes within.

The door leading down to them had been locked with an old and rusty looking padlock, and although common sense told her this was obviously not the right way to go, her curiosity had gotten the better of her. Putting her lock picking skills to the test, she pulled out the only hair pin she ever kept on her, and started clicking around inside the ancient looking thing. It took her barely any time to pick, and it was falling to the floor with a clang. She then proceeded to fist bump the air, reveling in her own awesomeness.

"Aw Yeah! Ten seconds flat! That's a new record! This thing is nothing compared to the schools stuff."

After assuring herself Daybreak was still busy cleaning up the kitchen, she slowly opened the miniature door and knelt underneath it, proceeding inside. Once in, she saw a small stair case leading down into, what appeared to be, a basement. However she couldn't be sure since there was no light coming from below. Therefore the only way she could even see that far was with the light now flooding in from the door. Deciding to chance it, she reached back through the door and swiped up the dirty clothes she'd been carrying with her, then endeavored to creep down the stairs. It took her eyes a few moments to adjust to the lack of light, during which she almost fell down the small steps a good number of times, but eventually she was able to see enough to get around. Once she reached the bottom, she was actually surprised to see a washer and dryer sitting up against the wall, both in apparently still working

Both machines looked to be in surprisingly good condition considering the small room they were located in looked like it had been built in medieval times. The whole room seemed to be made of some old type of stones and wood. It's lack of light made it difficult to discern her surroundings. A few steps in past the two machines revealed the ground was also damp and smelling of salt. She was about to explore further when she heard her name being called from above, Daybreak was searching for her.

Shutting the washer as she left, she zoomed back up the stairs, catching him just as he opened the door. He too, was now fully dressed for the day, with raised eyebrows of suspicion adorning his, freshly washed face.

"What could you having been doing down in the basement Dash?"

She let a blush of guilt creep onto her cheeks. Leaning back on her heels, she casually rocked back and forth attempting to look as innocent as possible

"Umm...Putting our dirty laundry away?"

She gave a small, but forced laugh, which he clearly didn't buy. As he narrowed his stare she quickly added "OK ok, I was exploring! But in my defense, there is a washer and dryer down there, and I did dump our clothes in them."

To that, he looked surprised "Wait...You mean those things actually work? Huh...I've been cleaning my clothes with magic this whole time...who knew."

She shrugged "Well...You're welcome then. You've learned something new thanks to me."

He quickly shot her a glare, to which she quickly fled from, back into his room. Rolling his eyes, he followed her back in to finish preparing for the day.

Once they were both fully clothed and ready to depart for the morning, Daybreak did one last final sweep to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. After checking the fridge he realized he had, in fact, forgotten something, something very important. Going back to his bag, he pulled out a plastic zip lock bag and retrieved the crumpled cookie he'd spat up in the forest, which he'd brought back and thrown in the fridge late last night. He'd intended to study it so as to come up with a way to protect himself from it in the future, but after some thought, he'd realized it was very likely that the Headmistress would be asking to see him today. He wanted the satisfaction of tossing it onto her desk...he wanted to see the look on her face. So, now zip locked, he tossed the crumpled mess into his bag's front pocket, and headed for the front door.

Rainbow was tapping her foot impatiently by the exit while she waited for him. She kept glancing outside into the storm, then down at her wrist, which now held a small blue, digital running watch on it. He strolled over to her with his bag already strapped on and two raincoats in hand. He noted her worried expression, the way she kept glancing out the window, then down to her wrist. Adopting a warm smile, he placed his free hand upon her shoulder to comfort her. He was about to assure her they wouldn't be delayed, when his words caught in his throat. As his hand touched her, he felt her whole body shaking like a leaf in the breeze. She was either really cold, or extremely worried over something.

"Dashie...You okay?" He kept his voice soft and tender, like he were talking to a small child. She turned slowly, an odd expression of anxiety in her eyes

"It's really coming down out there this morning..."

Nodding slowly, unable to understand why this was relevant, he slowly peered around her shoulder at the storm outside. It was true, it was coming down much harder than earlier. In fact, he could barely see more than a few yards past his house. It was obvious that most of the ground was mushy and flooded by now. If his own porch wasn't protected by magic, he'd wager his own living room would likely be flooded too.

"But that doesn't explain why she's shaking..."

"Yeah...Looks like it might be a long one. The weather casters really out did themselves today huh?"

Slowly, her head shook, dropping slightly as it did. "That's just it...there's no rain scheduled for today"

Daybreaks thoughts came to a halt in his brain "What...?"

Rainbow turned back to face him, her expression now showing her worry. "Daybreak...there was no rain scheduled for this whole week, and certainly nothing like this! I should know, I help with the weather after school sometimes!"

"A-are you sure you couldn't have just missed it somewhere?"

Her eyes narrowed like blades at him.

"Right...sorry...forget I asked. So...I get that's unexpected and all, but why do you feel so tense about it?"

He rubbed his hands along her shoulders, allowing the raincoats to fall from his arm to the floor. He rubbed down her arms, but her shaking did not cease. She slowly reached around herself and placed her hands upon his

"Because...Fluttershy lives farther out than you do...I can see how bad it is here, which means her whole yard could be probably is. We get weekly reports about the weather, so we can normally prepare for stuff like this...but with no warning...there's no way she'd be ready. She passes this way through town everyday on the way to school, I can tell by where your house sits...and I haven't seen her go by yet."

"I doubt you'd see her anyway, considering the weather" He kept that thought to himself though. Now wasn't the time to be a smart ass

She moved closer and laid her head on his chest, allowing him to embrace her in a warm hug. "Daybreak...I'm not afraid or anything...but Flutters...she's timid, and shy...she might have been to scared to go out...if something were to happen to her...she's like my best friend..."

" I get it. She wants to go check on Fluttershy. But if she does that, there's no way she'll make it to the University before the doors shut. If it's anything like everywhere else, during a bad storm, magic barriers will likely be put up to prevent flooding or lightning damage. There's no way to get back inside after that...You might not even be able to get out of the storm, and in that case, you'd be in a lot of she worth that much to you?"

He couldn't help the sigh that escaped him as he saw her worried glances. "Well shit, if she means so much to you Dash..."

He gave Rainbow a small squeeze "Hey Dashie...tell you what. I'll go and check on her for's that?"

Rainbow raised her head, surprise etched across her worried features "W-what? Why would you-?"

"Look Dashie, I'm not gonna pretend I'm worried about her cause we're such great friends and all. I barely just met her, but obviously care about her alot, and I can feel how worried you are. So if it will make you feel better, I'll go check on her and you can head to school. Someone needs to let the headmistress or whomever know that we'll be late and not to lock us out. You'd be better suited for that since I don't know the place that well yet."

He felt her grip on him tighten, she looked up with a small smirk "Thanks dude, you're awesome. Almost as awesome as me."

She released him and removed the backpack from his shoulders, donning it over top her own, but leaving him the two raincoats. He raised an eyebrow to her

"Only almost?" He pretended to sound offended.

She just laughed "Well duh, can't have my boyfriend being more awesome than me. I'm still about twenty percent cooler than you, so maybe if you keep working on it you'll catch up. Doubt it though" She stuck out her tongue playfully, but he barely even noticed. Only one word really registered in his mind.

"Boyfriend?...I'm her...boyfriend?...Hm...huh...I guess I am aren't I? After one week? I kind of like the way that sounds...hehehe...I've got a girlfriend...who'd a thought?"

Lost in thought, he was unable to feel the small hand knocking upon his forehead.

"Heeeeeeeeeello? Equestria to Daybreak...come in Daybreak...hmm maybe if I try this..."

He felt all this thoughts shatter as a cold hand suddenly found its way inside his pants and rubbed in between his legs.

"YIIIEEEEEEEEEEAHHH! What the fuck Dash!?" He jumped back in surprise! She snickered aloud

"Well don't ignore me then! I was saying, shouldn't we get going, it's only getting worse out there and Flutters could need help."

"Uhhh...y-yeah sure, let's go." He refocused his thoughts as Rainbow slowly pulled open his front door. Grasping up the raincoats, he attempted to offer one to her, but she turned it down.

"No thanks dude, Flutters and you will need them more." She stepped outside, barely still covered by the roof. The rain was coming down completely sideways as she pointed back behind his house, yelling over the howling wind and battering rain. "Anyways, to get to her house, just head back towards Everfree from here, then take the path with all the pink flowers and stepping stones, you can't miss it! It will take you straight back to her house! It forks back towards Ponyville on your way there, so you can use it to get back here or into town afterwards if you want!"

He stepped out, pulling the first raincoat over him, which was a dark brown color, and storing the light pink one inside it's pocket. Rainbow didn't bother asking why he even owned a pink raincoat, instead she just pulled him into a quick kiss, gently licking his tongue as she did so.

"Thanks again for this dude. You're the best."

As if to reinforce her statement, a loud bash of lightning crackled over the morning sky, igniting the town in a blaze of brief light! Then a loud boom of thunder followed directly after, practically shaking the ground beneath their feet! Rainbow gave him a sympathetic look, then another rough, and quick, kiss.

"You'd better not get hurt out there. Or else. See you soon."

"Please Dash, you know who you're talking to?...See ya." He said it more to himself than her, as she was already stepping out.

While she stepped away from the roof, into the storm, he waved, and she took off towards the direction of the college. He watched as she was immediately drenched to her skin before even making it a few feet. With another sigh to himself, he pulled up the hood of the his raingear and slowly trotted out into the hellish weather himself.

Instantly feeling his body temperature drop down drastically wasn't the worst part. Nor was it the fact that the rain was coming down so hard sideways that his hood barely seemed to make any difference for his face. Nor was it the fact that he couldn't see more than a few feet in front of his face. No, the worst part was...he didn't even know why he'd agreed to do this. She hadn't even asked him, he'd volunteered. And as the rain and slush slapped him across the face while he traversed the flooding outskirts, he began to question why.

"I mean, I know she would've ended up doing this if I hadn't, but seriously, why didn't I just bring her along or something...why am I even out here?"

No matter how many times he repeated the question aloud, the only answer he got was thunder.

"I'm supposed to value myself and my own well being before anyone else. Why do I suddenly care so much about making Rainbow happy? It's not like I love her or anything...Headmistress Bitch already proved that one to me...So why am I out here? Huuuuuuh...But...she did call me her boyfriend, that felt pretty nice I guess."

Another crackle of lightning let him see an incoming branch, just in time! He dove to the dirt without hesitation, smashing his form through the slush just as the branch exploded in flames mere feet away! He felt the mud and dirt slick under his coat and cover his clothes. The cold wetness of the damp dirt, and the freezing slush of the mud sent uncomfortable shivers through his body as it touched his skin! Picking his head from the messy froth, he quickly pulled as many twigs and leaves from his face as he could with magic, before turning onto his back and sitting up.

Quickly righting himself, he wiped as much mud and sludge off himself as he could before standing and dealing with the rest. The blackness of the storm clouds had all but blocked out any hint of sunlight the morning might have offered, leaving him to guess at what parts of him were still filthy while he trudged alone in the darkness. Odd waves of nostalgia washed over him along with the rain as he began to remember similar nights back in the streets of Canterlot.

"Great...I'm back out in the rain and cold again...Except this time, now that I have somewhere to live...I come back out like an idiot. I must be crazy..."


It took him over an hour to finally locate Fluttershy's house, and by the time he did, he was cursing Rainbow Dash for her lack of proper directions. As he slipped forward and face planted in the mud for what was, the fifth time that morning, he felt his patience bubbling to the brim.

"Follow the fucking path she said! It's full of pink flowers she said! You can't miss it she said!"

"Well guess what Rainbow...I fucking missed it! Ya wanna know why?! Cause it's nothing but fucking mud now!...Goddess I hate this!" He screamed into the sky, but his words were swallowed up by the raging wind around him.

A crackle of lightning across the sky revealed Fluttershy's small cottage up ahead of him. The stone path that should have been visible leading to her doorstep, was now covered completely with mud and water. The many colored flowers that he could tell should have been plated around her windows and garden were either uprooted from the slush, or drowning beneath it.

The house itself looked fine structurally, and the lights were still visible through the windows, implying someone was home. There was obviously a small barrier protecting the house from the elements. It was noticeable even through the blinding array of water in his vision. Each little droplet seemed to strike an invisible wall just before it should have touched the homes roof, and then slid down it's side like a carriage window. With the barrier already in place, he couldn't understand why she'd still be home, unless Rainbow had been right and Fluttershy was truly just too scared to come out in the weather. Either way, he couldn't go back without her, and he'd already come this willingly or not, he was bringing her back to school with him.

"Even if I have to drag her there!"

He approached the porch of the small cottage, and, after slipping on the step just before the door and nearly smashing his face into the muddy pavement, he gave it a swift knock. He griped a small lantern that dangled a few inches away from the door, so as to not lose his balance again, and waited for a response.

More lightning, followed by thunder, shook the ground around him, and he watched a tree off in the distance explode into flames. He roughly pounded the door a second time, this time using the bottom of his fist instead of his knuckles, but still was greeted with only silence.

"She probably can't hear me through the storm...I can barely hear my own thoughts...Nevertheless I dind't trudge all the way out here, through the rain, and the mud, and the flooded town just to be stopped by a door! Time to add breaking and entering to my list of new experiences this town has brought me!"

Stepping back from the door, he extended forth his palm, and faced it out towards the center of the wooden obstruction. He gathered up a immense surge of power within the center of his hand, focusing all his concentration on splintering the wood in the very middle of the door. He pictured it in his mind; the door cracking inwards and creating a spider web type effect on the wooden frame. The splinters and cracks would spread outwards from the center and the door would disintegrate on it's hinges. The handle would fall neatly into the pile of wooden bits and he would then stroll in through the momentary gap in the houses barrier before it sealed up behind him.

"Well, hope this thing isn't expensive."

With a grin and the slightest of strained groans, he steadied his aim, and released his surge of power directly at the doors center mass! A cube shaped beam of green energy loosed forth from his palm and struck the door perfectly in the center just as he'd pictured. But right as he was about to congratulate himself, instead of disintegrating into a neat pile, the door blasted off its frame and flew backwards into the house, door handle and all!

Ignoring his momentary disbelief, Daybreak took his opportunity to leap inside, as the barrier around Fluttershy's home was temporarily breached. It instantly attempted to reform itself, but Daybreak was already through the door and inside before it closed. Once inside, and the barrier closed behind him, all sounds of the storm were silenced as well. He turned and looked back at the invisible bubble, slightly surprised. He could still see out through the door into the miniature typhoon with ease...but all noise it should have been creating was blocked off.

" She's strong enough to add a sound proofing effect to her barrier. Guess this girl really is an Element like Rainbow said. Now all have to do is find her and-"

His thoughts froze in his brain as he turned around to face the sight before him. Surrounding him on all sides, and cutting off any route of escape, except back out into the storm...was an army of animals. They seemed to range from all shapes and sizes, and there was way too many for him to count, let alone consider fighting. He wasn't afraid of the small white rabbit who stood in the front, brandishing a carrot at him as though it were a sword...but the large grizzly bear who stood in the back, teeth barred and saliva dripping from his jowls...yeah that was a little intimidating. And he wasn't alone, there was plenty of other creatures his size scattered about the room...all of them looking at Daybreak...and all of them looking pissed that their door just got blown in.

"Oh...Fuck me..."

A Real Friend Catches Hypothermia For You

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Shivering from head to toe, and dripping water from every point on her body, Rainbow slowly pushed open the metal gate surrounding the outer perimeter of the school. Her limbs numb from the cold rain still crushing against her body, she could barely form the words she needed. Turning to face the gate from the inside, she managed to stutter out her sentence through quivering lips.

"M-make s-s-sure not to s-shut y-yet. D-Daybreak is s-still out there and he's g-getting F-F-Fluttershy for me. Don't b-bring up the b-barrier 'til they're back."

A sharp feminine voice ripped through the rain as a metallic mouth formed on the gates bars

"My instructions are clear, the Headmistress has ordered the barrier to rise by the time morning classes would normally start. No exceptions may be made. This storm is close to becoming a category two magical typhoon. The danger it may pose to our campus must be prevented. The barrier will rise on schedule."

Rainbow was too cold and tired to argue with the gate, but she knew she had to try.

"B-But Daybreak will b-be trapped outside!"

"My instructions are clear. No Exceptions! The Headmistress has said even if she herself were to be trapped outside, the barrier will not lower for even a moment."

"Oh F-fuck this!"

Rainbow turned without another word and trotted as fast as her numb limbs could carry her to the gym. Whenever any type of dangerous storm appeared, the gym was always converted into a temporary shelter for everyone on campus, she'd learned that last year when her and a few other weather casters had accidentally set a tornado loose on campus...the headmistress hadn't been too thrilled about that. The gym was in the center of the campus and so was well shielded from any lightning or other weather, by the buildings around.

By the time she found the actual buildings doors, seeing as all the portals automatically close during heavy weather, she was close to collapsing from exhaustion, and cold. The temperature felt closing to freezing and the air stung in her lungs. The wind alone seemed to suck the energy out of her body, and the rain drops felt like needles upon her exposed face and legs. She leaned against the twin doors of the gymnasium and pounded as hard as she could (which wasn't much). Her fist barely seemed to make any noticeable sound upon the metal. Fortunately for her, luck seemed to be on her side, for the doors opened almost instantly and she fell forward without hesitation. She didn't care who caught her, now that she knew she was moving inside.

Feeling four hands catch her before her face hit the padded gym, she waited until she'd been pulled inside and laid on a dry work out mat before she bothered to reopen her eyes. She was overjoyed to see Twilight and Sunset Shimmer kneeled next to her, both breathing sighs of relief as her eyes darted about the room. Twilight turned and yelled to someone off in the distance.

"Applejack! Rarity! I found her!"

The unmistakable accent of their farm girl friend echoed back to her almost immediately "Good! Can ya'll tell her she's a right pain in the ass fer making us this worried 'bout her?!"

Rainbow smiled up from the mat, she was surrounded by her friends within seconds. She was so tired she barely heard what each of them tried to say to her. She felt the crushing might of Pinkie's hugs upon her before anything else, and she swore she could hear Twi repeating something that sounded like Hypothermia, but she barely understood any of it. Rarity began rambling on about getting her some new clothes, seeing as her current attire was soaking her to the bone, not to mention her top was practically transparent now. Sunset Shimmer was the one to actually run off in search of extra clothing though, meanwhile Pinkie resigned to keep her warm through the power of her hugs (which were surprisingly warm).

It wasn't until she heard the soft, and all to familiar whisper of a voice, that her senses returned. She sat up so quickly Pinkie was practically thrown off her, she bounced back on her bottom with a look of sour shock upon her. Rainbow Dash was on her feet not a moment later, barely even aware she had nearly injured her friend. Her eyes locked on the long, flowing, light pink haired girl standing at the edge of her crowd of friends, attempting to smush her way through to her.


Flutters was caught completely off guard as Rainbow flew forward, her energy suddenly returning and nearly tackling Flutters in a hug.

"You're ok?!"

A look of confusion spread over her face.

"Umm...Yes, I think. Why wouldn't I be ok?"

Releasing her from her grip, Dash took a step back from Fluttershy and eyed her clothes...they were completely dry.

"W-what?! How are you not soaked?! The rain..t-the storm!? There's no way you could have known!"

Attempting to hide her face behind a few locks of hair, Fluttershy slowly reached inside her green wool jacket, and withdrew a small, red bird from within. It hopped and chirped happily in her palm, leaving Rainbow very confused.

"Why is there a bird hiding in your chest?"

"Oh um...well...He was nesting near my house like he does every year during Autumn. Every morning he sings along with the song birds, but today he was very quiet and shaky, he didn't even wanna come down from his nest for breakfast. Animals have a much better feeling for the weather than we do, and I just had a feeling when I saw him that way. So I put up my barrier just in case and came here extra early to let the Headmistress know-"

"And it's a good thing you did so Miss Fluttershy!"

They all turned in time to see the Headmistress herself, strolling through the gymnasium and crowd of students, over to them. They all gave her slight head motions of acknowledgement, while Twilight actually bowed to her. Fluttershy blushed, once against attempting to hide within her hair.

" was...nothing Headmistress Shicvala...I just did what anyone else would have done.

A warm smile that reminded Rainbow oddly of Princess Celestia, came across the Headmistress' cheeks. She placed a hand upon Fluttershy's shoulder

"But no one else did. Your magical gift for animals and your instincts are quite strong, you do your Element of Kindness justice, as usual."

An even more radiant blush appeared on Fluttershy, but Rainbow didn't care, as an even more pressing issue just struck her mind.

"Oh no! That means I sent Daybreak all that way for nothing!...I've gotta go get him and make sure he's alright!"

Although her momentary adrenaline rush had allowed her to stand before, she could feel the numbness returning to her limbs with haste and it was becoming more difficult to stay upright. Her legs began to wobble, and she started to stumble forward. Twilight caught her and pulled her arm up and around her neck to help her stay upright. Headmistress Shicvala gave her a stern look

"Miss Sparkle, help Rainbow Dash lie down. She likely has Hypothermia and should not be moving any more than necessary."

Twi mumbled something under breath that sounded like "I already said that" but obeyed anyways. However the moment she tried to lay Rainbow down, she was quickly pushed away, slightly shocked from being shoved back so hard. Rainbow held herself up, barely, legs wobbling but nevertheless attempted to start shuffling back towards the doors.

"No. I can't stay. I have to go back out there!"

Now it was Rarity's turn to try and stop her, she came up and placed her hands on Rainbows hips, gently holding her up while trying to guide her back to the mat.

"Rainbow Dash, darling, you can barely move, you heard what the Headmistress said, you're sick. You need to rest dear."

Rainbow struggled out of Rarity's grip, this time losing her balance and crashing into the floor, but she remained ever determined anyway, and attempted to crawl.

"N-no...I have to go back out...he's still out there..."

She felt her vision growing blurry as she tried to stand, and a penetrating coldness creeping up her spine. Both Applejack and Rarity were upon her and helping her up from either side now.

"Land sakes Rainbow, what could ya have possibly left outside that's that dang important?...Would ya quit struggling!"

Rainbows hand was in AJ's face attempting to push her off, but with no strength in her body it did little more than annoy the much stronger farm girl.

"Please AJ...I gotta go...he's still out there..."

Sunset Shimmer, having just returned with fresh clothes and a mug of hot cocoa for Rainbow, noticed the scene just in time to hear Rarity ask...

"Who dear?...who's still out there?"

Rainbow's strength finally failed her, her legs gave out and she nearly dragged her two friends down with her, but they hoisted her up just as she spoke


All sound in the room seemed to cease instantly. Her friends all traded looks with each other, and she caught the Headmistress give a distressing sigh, though no one else seemed to notice, except for Sunset who made a face that Rainbow knew all to well was her look of suspicion. They eventually succeeded in placing her back on the mat and helping her sit up so she could talk comfortably. For a good minute no one said anything, they just allowed Rainbows words to linger on them...until Applejack finally asked the question everyone was wondering (except, apparently Shicvala).

"How do ya'll know he's out there?"

"I was with him."

Her answer came out so quick she didn't even have time to think about it. Though the looks of surprise on her friends faces told her she probably should have. AJ was, once again, the first one to speak.

"When ya'll say you were with him...What do ya mean?"

"I mean I was at his house."

Again her answer just came right out, she didn't even think about lying for some reason. She had almost added "in his bed" But something told her that was a detail she should discuss with Daybreak before speaking about. She didn't know what made her do it, but her eyes drifted over to Twilight, and her expression was certainly worth noting. Her eyebrows had retreated all the way up into her hair, possibly never to return again. In fact, all her friends wore similar expressions of shock, but it seemed like only Applejack was still capable of continuing the conversation.

"Yer not making a lick of sense here Sugarcube...Why were ya at his house? Can we get some details please?"

"Yes. Details would be nice Rainbow!"

Rainbow actually had to look over to her face, to make sure it was really Twilight who had spoken. No one except Sunset Shimmer seemed to have noticed it, but her voice had definitely sounded venomous right then. Rainbow briefly recalled that Twilight and Daybreak had a past, a past of which she still knew little about. But it was clear that Daybreak wasn't exaggerating Twi's hatred for him. Nevertheless, Rainbow didn't feel she should least not about most of the details.

With as much confidence as she could muster in her shaky state, she looked directly at Twilight when she spoke, maybe just out of spite for Daybreaks sake.

"I spent the night at his house. I mean, we are friends ya know."

The effect was immediate, Twilight's fist clenched at her side. So much so that Sunset had to step forward to keep anyone else from noticing. She gently handed off the mug of hot cocoa to Rainbow and set the fresh pair of clothes next to her on the mat. After taking a quick sip to refill on warmth, Rainbow went right back to her previous statements

"I have to go out and get him."

"You are not going anywhere Rainbow!" Twilight voice had risen loud enough to gather attention from some surrounding students. She quickly covered her mouth and looked at her friends, they all shared similar worried looks, directed at her. It was obvious they were all thinking the same thing. The conversation they'd all shared in Twi's room previously, was still fresh in their heads. She quickly composed herself and rephrased her words.

"You are too out of it to even think of going out in a category two magic typhoon. You of all people should know this isn't normal weather. Someone cast this with a spell, and not a normal one like we use for weather. It was deliberately cast to make a terrible storm over Ponyville. I can only think of a few people powerful enough to cast such a spell on their own. Oddly enough, all of them, except five, are in this room. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Discord, and of course, Daybreak, are all absent. I think we can rule out the princesses, I can't see them doing this to us for no good reason. So that leaves two. Now we haven't seen heads or tails of Discord since we beat him a few years back...So it should be pretty obvious who-"

"Shut up."

Twilight stopped mid sentence, baffled "W-what?"

"I said shut up Twilight."

Rainbow hadn't even raised her voice, it was just the manner in which she'd spoken. She'd cut across Twilight without any care if she was even heard, and her voice had a sting to it, like nails on a chalk board. It was unnatural to hear her sound so passive aggressive. She'd never once taken a threatening tone with her friends, not like this at least. Twilight looked like Rainbow had slapped her, and she might have if she could stand. Rainbows eyes became like daggers at Twilight

"You don't have any idea what you're talking about. You think you know him just because something happened between you two when you were kids? He's different now, and he's my friend! So if you're my friend too, stop trying to accuse him and go rescue him!"

Her voice gathered some volume towards the end, enough to allow the students nearby to hear. She almost chuckled to herself

"Now everyone will think twice before they consider bothering him if they know I'm on his side" At least, that was her hope. She wasn't sure how well it would actually work.

Twilight had backed away from Rainbow by now, but still held her open-mouth expression. Sunset was able to understand why...the things that must have been going through her head right then. She was surprised Twi was keeping it together as well as she was, after her mind being blown like that. To ease the tension, Sunset stepped forward once again

"I'll go out and search for him!" She stated in a matter-of-fact kind of voice.

That snapped Twilight right out of her stupor and she grasped Sunset's arm, immediately, possibly out of instinct...

"There is no way in Tartarus I'm letting you go out into that" She gestured swiftly at the twin doors, indicating what was beyond. However, Sunset pulled away

"I'm more than capable of making a shield strong enough to protect me out there, you know that AND-" She raised her voice when Twilight tried to open her mouth to interject "I'm one of the few students around here who can lower the barrier to let us back inside if I find him. So I'm going."

Her matter-of-fact voice and stern look left Twilight with little room to argue, so instead she hung her head in defeat and sat down next to Rainbow Dash on the mat. Sunset Shimmer quickly turned to Headmistress Shicvala to ask permission to leave, but the moment she opened her mouth, the Headmistress cut her off

"Why are you still here?"

"Oh...Right. Thanks!"

She quickly took off from the group without another word. She ran full speed through the gym doors and out into the blinding rain beyond them. Twilight and her friends were able to keep her in view just long enough to watch her cast a sphere of teal green energy around herself, protecting her from the magic and elements of the storm...then she vanished into the dark of the sunless morning.


Being boiled alive was certainly not how Daybreak expected to die. But as he sat in the center of the blackened and charred steel cauldron, bound from head to foot with a very complicated series of knots (for a tiny rabbit to have accomplished on his own), he began to think that might be what was going to happen. What had gotten him into this situation was a combination of his own pride, and the fact that he had underestimated a group of furry animals.

When he had first entered the room, the Grizzly Bear had been the only real threat he had foreseen being a problem. How wrong he had been. The moment he tried to inquire about Fluttershy's whereabouts (and yes, he had actually tried to have a conversation with these animals despite the obvious language barrier) the bear had advanced on him, menacingly bearing its claws. He had expected to deal with the bear, what he hadn't expected was that these animals seemed to be prepared for unwelcome visitors. The moment he had taken a step back to prepare for a fight, he found himself dangling from the ceiling with a massive headache.

Turns out the rug he'd stepped on had a large fishing net hidden under it, tied to a three hundred pound weight at the other end of the room. So when he'd stepped back, something (presumably one of the animals) had cut the rope. The weight came down, and he went up, smashing his head into the floor along the way. After dangling for a solid minute, then passing out, he awoke inside the cauldron with the little monsters all dancing around him like a tiki fest. The bear stood in the back with it's arms crossed like a bouncer at a club, watching him for signs of movement or resistance.

Several pails of water suddenly found their way into the cauldron with him, soaking his already uncomfortable clothes even more than before. To add insult to injury, it was as cold as the rain outside. He was about to lose his patience and simply teleport out...when something nudged the side of his hip within the cauldron. Looking down, he saw little bubbles rising from below the water.

"What the...What else was in those pails?"

Another nudge, this time to his hand, and he swore he felt scales sliding by him. Fear partially entered his mind, the thought of a piranha being in the cauldron was enough to make him sweat. Just as he was deciding whether or not to escape with magic...something gave his right arm a firm chomp with it's jaws.


The cauldron exploded around him as he released a surge of magic and catapulted himself from the water! Many of the animals were blown back from the blast, but he didn't care. He only wanted to know what was biting him...and why it wasn't hurting. He looked down as he landed on his feet. A small, lime green alligator was noming on his right arm, clearly doing it's best to chew through his clothing. The problem was, it was failing.

"What the heck...How come it can't...?"

He pulled the little gator from his arm by the tail and dangled it in front of his eyes.

"Alligators have extremely powerful jaws...he should have chewed right through me..."

As he looked closely, he discovered his answer...then felt extremely foolish.

"You're just a baby don't even have any teeth yet you little side dish."

Unimpressed by his would be murderer, he bent down and released the little reptile onto the floor, waiting for it to scurry away. But instead, it leapt forward and latched itself onto the top of his head, attempting once again, to chew on him. He stood up, the gator now firmly latched to the top of his head and vigorously attempting to chew his green hair like noodles. Reaching up, he plucked the tiny beast from his head, held out his hand, and snapped his fingers. A green, leather satchel appeared across his shoulder, which he then, dropped the gator inside.

"How's the irony in there taste? I think I'll bring you to Fluttershy as a peace offering for whatever I did to warrant this. Since she just tried to kill me with fluffy animals, I'd probably better be prepared for worse."

The rest of the animals had retreated to their various beds or pens in the home, now too afraid to confront him again. This left him to freely search the house in case Fluttershy happened to be home, and just managed to sleep through the small explosion. Sadly after twenty minutes of searching, he found no sign of anything interesting (except a few spell books on animals he'd never seen) and conceded that she must have gotten to the school without Rainbows knowledge.

He sighed to himself "Which basically means I did all this for nothing."

Swiping up one of the unique books and adding to his gator satchel, he headed for the exit. As he exited Fluttershy's home, he made a quick glance back inside. The animals were all gathered around the pieces of door he'd left scattered about on the floor. For a moment, he actually felt bad for the critters. They hadn't really caused him any harm, and if he'd just had his door blown in by some stranger he'd probably have reacted much worse, all things considered. Resigning to do the right thing, he gave a brief wave of his hand towards the splintered mound of wood. The animals watched in awe as the wooden pieces and metallic handle flew across the room and reclaimed their previous position in the frame. After a few seconds the door had full repaired itself and the metal handle popped back into place.

Turning his back towards the fur infested home, he gave another wave and felt the door shut behind him.

"Guess I'd better be heading back to tell Rainbow she's an ass for sending out here...Assuming I can even get in the school of course."

Taking off at a mild jog, Daybreak pulled the hood of his rain coat back over his head and began his trip back towards Ponyville. The dark brown hood, now looking black in color from the intensity of the rain, struggled to keep a grip on his head as the wind slapped across his face.


The run back through Ponyville was even worse than the first trip. The only light he had to guide him were the strikes of lightning that occasionally ignited the sunless morning sky. The strikes randomly seemed to ark through the streets, crashing into buildings and vaporizing anything they touched to dust. Daybreak wasn't much concerned until a bolt missed his face by inches and ignited the carriage behind him in blue flames. That was when he stooped in his tracks. Approaching the carriage with his curiosity peeked at the fire, he shut his eyes, and opened them up to his magical sight.

Eyes starch white with light he looked upon the blue flamed carriage, and found his fists clenching at his sides. Just to confirm his suspicions he looked up to the clouds above, and found his anger instantly rocket to a boil. The entire sky looked like one giant bruise. Black and purple energy filled his vision with every rain drop, every gust of wind and every bolt of lightning. Fists clenched so much they hurt, he yelled up to the sky


Filled with rage, he loosed a bolt of fiery green aura at the air above! Miraculously, the clouds split apart the moment before his energy would touch them...then reformed seconds after. Lowering his hood, he looked down at his hands in disbelief.

"That's right! It's Chaos Magic...So it should react to me..."

Wanting to be absolutely certain, he reached up both his arms to the air, and fired several volleys of fiery bolts into the heavens above. At each point of contact, the clouds split themselves apart just before being hit, allowing his energy to sail by harmlessly. Daybreak found a small smirk forming across his cheeks

"All that time with him, and he never told me this...interesting..."

Another bolt of lightning struck an alleyway further on. Daybreak was about to re-cover his face and continue his run back...when a scream pierced his ears through the rain, following the crackle and explosion of lightning striking solid metal!

Daybreak turned his back "It's not your problem...just keep going and don't get involved"

More voices found his ears from ahead, raised and aggressive voices, and before he could stop himself, he found his legs jogging him towards whatever was ahead. He blinked once, fading away his magical sight instantly, so he could see whatever was ahead clearly, as he ran to the alleyway. He nearly ran past the scene, since the building where the strike had occurred barely gave any indication of injury save for something smoldering in the alley...until he looked further in.

He saw a figure collapsed on its knees outside an open door, with a large, robust man standing in the doorway, blocking it. Daybreak slowly inched his way down the alley, hidden by the darkness of the morning storm. Once he was within proper earshot, he stood silent and still, observing the scene ahead.

A young girl with purple hair was struggling to stay up on her knees outside the open doorway. She wore a dark red hoodie that was clearly supposed to be protecting her head from the rain, but was failing miserably in the raging wind. Her jeans were fairing no better as they were ripped in several spots, and even in this downpour, they still looked like they hadn't been washed in ages. The girls hands were shaking, struggling to keep her upright as she pleaded with the large man in the doorway.

"Please...please you have to let me in. You saw what that lightning just did to that dumpster, didn't you?! I'm gonna die out here!"

Daybreak could see the grime clinging to her face, but this nor her pleas seemed to have any effect on the man. Daybreak could not get a good view of his features from his current position, the light coming from inside the door was causing an uncomfortable glare in the darkness. However he could easily tell this man was rather large and round, whether it was muscle or fat he had no idea, but the fellow easily took up the doorway. His voice boomed with a low rumble that would have be audible even through the thunder overhead.

"No way kid! We already told you! We ain't no shelter, we're a bar. You gotta buy to stay!"

The girl showed him her scraped and bloodied palms, then turned out her pockets "I have no money! Else I would buy something...Come on please, this weather is monstrous!"

She attempted to get up and inch past him the doorway, but he merely grumbled something and shoved her back. Clearly weakened from something other than the storm, the girl stumbled and crashed into the ground. She came back up with her face and hair soaked in street grime.

"Which is exactly why I ain't lowering this barrier for you a second time! You said you had money the first time I let you in and ya don't now beat it! I'm not running no charity house here...and certainly not an orphanage! Now get lost before I get the cops!"

Struggling in his corner to pry himself away from the scene, Daybreak finally snapped at the word orphanage! Strolling forward from the alley, he walked past the girl without acknowledgement and up to the invisible barrier separating the large mans home from the storm. Igniting his eyes in magical light, he pounded his fist on the barrier, causing it to shimmer dangerously!

"You're a real fucked up kind of asshole you know that! Denying a kid refuge during a hell storm like this! Then shoving her into the mud! What kind of man are you!"

The man looked taken aback by Daybreaks sudden appearance and stepped back as his barrier shimmered. The light now fully on his face, Daybreak was able to get a clear view of him, and his establishment inside. The man had a scruffy and rugged look about him, even his beard. The mans pale peach skin belly was visible through the large smock her wore around his waist, as it was soaked through both that and his clothing. His brown beard and moustache covered most of his face, giving a him very butcher-like appearance. Daybreak also noticed he mans arms and legs were huge, and judging by his appearance, he was gonna have to say they were all muscle, not fat. He had no desire to fight this man if avoidable, but he was too pissed to care.

Nevertheless, Daybreaks glowing white eyes, combined with his fist making the mans barrier shimmer, cast quite the intimidation. It didn't matter how strong this man was if Daybreak could toss him with his mind, and he seemed to know that. Even so, his attitude did not falter with his slight recoil into the building.

"Who the heck are you supposed to be? I'm running a business here, and we don't give handouts, especially to thieving orphans with no money, who constantly steal from us!" His eyes seemed to aim at the kneeling girl behind Daybreak.

For a moment, Daybreak considered shattering the mans barrier and leaving it like that for the storm, just out of spite. He knew he could easily, with his magic sight he could see how brittle it had already become after his last touch, one good surge of power and it would shatter like glass. But something in the back of his head told him not to. Normally he'd have done it anyway, but before he could make up his mind the sky above lit up with light...then rained it down at them in the form of lightning!

Reacting without thought, Daybreak jumped overtop of the girl, getting between her and the lightning, then fired a bolt of his own fiery green aura at the oncoming electricity! It left his hands just the strike reached them...but nothing happened. No explosion occurred, the lightning just seemed to vanish when it connected with own energy. Leaving the girl dumbfounded, and Daybreak with vicious smirk after blinking away his magic sight.

"Oh this is definitely gonna come in handy someday!"

Two more strikes rained down almost immediately but only struck the roof of the building next to them. The man in the doorway shrieked and retreated inside. Several locks could be heard clicking into place from within. Then the mans voice boomed back through the door.

"I don't care who you are! Just leave now, I ain't opening back up for no one!"

"Stupid cowardly bitch..." Daybreak growled allowed.

He was about to leave the scene when he felt a tug on his coat. Looking down, the girl stared up at him, her hood had fallen back giving him a clear view of her orange skin and messy purple hair. Surges of pain rushed through Daybreaks head when he gazed upon her face. He stumbled back, as he looked down at her.

"She was in my...!"


He shook his head and looked down again, the girl was standing now, only she came up to his chest. It was clear she was older than he originally thought. She gave him a small smile

"Thanks for that...ya know. Stopping the lightning and all...You pretty much saved my ass there."

Her look was so innocent, and smiley, that it almost made him blush. Other than the language that seemed a bit mature for someone so young, she was kind of cute, in a little-sister-he-never-had kind of way. He rubbed the back of his head through his hood

"Oh...umm problem kid"

Without any other word, she backed up against the wall of the building behind her and sat down, attempting to shield herself from the rain. He raised a confused brow

"Umm...what are you doing?"

She looked up as she was about to pull her hood back up "Waiting out the storm, duh."

"Why don't you just go home? Or somewhere else that might let you in?"

She looked down, slowly pulling her hood up and hiding her face "I can't...I...I don't have a house to go to..."

His left eye twitched, a familiar and massive urge to hit something rose up inside of him. "Y-you don't have a home? What about parents?...So where do you live?"

She shrugged, her head still down, now placed between her knees as she sat with them tucked against her chest. "I usually just chill in my clubhouse, it's pretty cool. My friends even helped me bring in a bed."

Beneath his coat, hidden within the sleeves, Daybreak felt his fists clenching. He had to cough to control his voice from rising with anger "S-so...urmm...Why don't you go to your clubhouse, or wait it out with your friends then?"

Again, she shrugged "I'm no good at magic and my friends are only decent, so we had my friends big sis cast a barrier around our clubhouse. It raises by itself whenever a storm hits and doesn't drop until it's over. They made it in, but they can't leave and they can't let me in either. I was only making them feel guilty by just sitting right I came into town looking for somewhere else. I thought my old hangout might still be around. But it looks like this bar has a new bartender...and he doesn't let me crash here anymore. So I've pretty much got nowhere to go."

Daybreaks fist were clenched so tight, he felt his nails digging into his skin. Despite the pain in his palms, he still managed to focus his pained, watering eyes on the girl. Meanwhile inside him...a battle of mixed feelings raged in his head.

"I can see's like looking into a mirror. She's just like me. An family, and these people seem to treat her like dirt. At least she has friends...but still...I should just walk away. This isn't my concern and I have to get back to Rainbow Dash. But...I remember...How she must feel...and I remember when I used to dream of helping people like this. But that's just a fantasy. What could I really do for her? I'm not even stable myself. Besides, I don't even know her."

He turned from the girl, gritting his teeth and his fists clenched. He took a single step...then another voice seemed to ring through his head.


"Nrg! Go away...stupid self righteous...Even my thoughts of you are annoying...nrrggh!...She might have point though...What would Rainbow Dash do?"

Looking back, he saw the girl had resumed her sitting against the wall, head tucked firmly between her knees while they were pressed against her chest. The rain seemed to soak right into her jacket like it wasn't even there, probably chilling her to the bone. He knew it wouldn't be long before she got hypothermia in this weather if she stayed out.

"Dammit Daybreak...I know I shouldn't...but..."

The girl lifted her head as his shadow cast itself over her, blocking out the flickering alley lamp, barely still working behind him. He held out an open palm to her

"Come on kid, I've got somewhere you can chill for awhile."

The effect was nearly instantaneous. Her eyes widened like glass orbs and her lips stretched to abnormal lengths as she smiled brightly up at him!

"Thank you!"

She practically jumped from the ground, reaching out and taking his hand to pull herself up. The moment their skin made contact, Daybreak felt a burning sting coarse up his arm, he pulled back with a grunt, just as the girl squeaked in pain, falling back down on her butt.

"Ouch! What the heck dude!"

He only caught a glimpse, but as he watched his hand pull away from hers, a small green spark had jumped between their palms. He was stunned, but knew now wasn't the time. He quickly shuffled his feet and placed his hand on the wall, feigning a grin.

"Eh...Sorry, must be all the static in the air. Let's try that again..."

Once again he reached out and watched her take his hand. He gently pulled her to his feet, but in the corner of his eyes he swore he saw a small flash of green in her purple eyes. Ignoring this for now, he bent his knees and motioned to his back with his thumb.

"Come on kid, hop on, we've got a ways to go, and I don't like to be held up by slowpokes."

At this he watched her stick her tongue out at him, even as she climbed aboard his back and wrapped her arms around his neck for support.

"Hey! I'm not slow! I'm the fastest girl in my class!"

He wanted to ask how she could afford school with no home, but knowing Ponyville, schooling was probably free anyways. Instead he snickered.

"You sound like a friend of mine. She also thought she was the fastest around. Problem is kid...I exist, so I'm afraid you're both wrong while I'm around.

"Are you in my class?"

He looked back over his shoulder, confused. "What?"

She tugged at her hood, pulling it comfortably over her head was a bit more difficult while on his back. But she still managed to form a smug smile

"I asked if you were in my class?"

"No of course not. I'm twenty-one years old, ya shrimp. How could I be?"

She snickered in his ear "Then you're not the fastest in my class. I am."

Now it was his turn to smile. He chuckled aloud "I like you already kid. Hang on tight. This might sting a bit."

"What might sting a b-"


They vanished in a green puff of smoke before she could even finish her sentence, leaving behind only a trail of lime colored sparks to fizzle out in the rain.



Daybreak, with the young girl on his back, appeared in the outskirts of Ponyville, surrounded by a puff of lime smoke and light. Sparks of florescent energy sizzled off of Daybreaks raincoat while he stepped forward, mere feet from the barrier surrounding his home. A voice behind his head reminded him he still had his passenger

"Wow...That did alot...Next time gimmie a second to prepare would ya? Feels like somebody plugged me into a wall socket."

He felt the young girls grip on his neck loosen, and for a moment, he thought she might fall off him. But then he felt two small hands push into his back uncomfortably as she leaned over his head to view his home.

"Where are we anyway?"

"My house" He sat flatly.

He stopped forward and placed an outstretched palm on the invisible barrier that protected his home from the elements. Like the young girls friends, he had his barrier cast to rise automatically during extreme weather, but he was easily able to lower it to reenter or exit if he wanted. He felt the girl lean farther over him, placing her hands on his head to look, and even as his palm began to burn and glow in white light, all he could really focus on was making sure she didn't fall off him.

He felt the barrier melt around his finger tips like ice to water. Flickering his eyes to white, he watched until the barrier was removed enough for them to duck inside. Then he immediately lurched them both forward, nearly knocking the girl from his head as he went in. With haste, he quickly turned around once he was inside, practically whipping the girl around on his back and feeling her hands dig into his neck and hair. He extended his right hand, still tingling from moments before, and snapped his fingers. A ripple traveled through the air, and instantaneously the barrier reformed before his eyes.

Blinking away his magic eyes, he unlocked the door and proceeded inside, taking time to help the kid down from his back. He immediately made for his room, pausing only once along the way to rip the soaked raincoat from his form, and gesture towards the couch.

"Just set whatever clothes you have that are too soaked to wear on the floor next to the couch, I'll make you a real bed soon, or just buy you one later. I gotta change and head back out, like, now! Other than being ungodly late to college (assuming there's even classes today) I've probably got a pissed off friend waiting for me at school. You're welcome to watch whatever you want on the t.v, just be careful and...ya know...don't break's not technicqually mine."

The plop of wet clothes on the floor told him she was getting her soaked things off, so he kept his back to her as he made it to his own room and opened the door.

"Whose is it then?"

"I'll tell you some other time kid"

A faint snicker could be heard as he made to shut his door "How about when you get back?"

"Maybe" Pulling the door shut, he turned, strolled over and sat down on his bed. Pulling his own wet clothes off, he was at least happy to find his boxers were still dry enough to comfortably wear. Laying back on his mattress, he placed his hands over his face, gently rubbing the rain off while trying to think of what to do next.

"What am I doing?" The questions seemed to petty in his mind.

"How is this at all, a good idea? Having a kid around me, yeah it's great in theory. I can finally start actually helping someone...but in truth, this a terrible idea. Her being around me cannot possibly lead to good news. Especially if my energy gets inside her like Twilight...or Rainbow Dash. They can handle it sure...mostly...but a kid. Gods know what could happen"

Preoccupied in his own worries, he didn't even notice the door open, then close again. Nor did he notice when, the bed shook from a small body climbing on it's fluffy sheets. It was only when he heard a small chuckle and felt small hands touch at his abbs, that his eyes burst open and he shot upright like a rocket, hands out, ignited in flames! He looked down in time to see the girl jump back in surprise and off the bed! As if the fact that she had been rubbing his abbs hadn't been weird enough...she also seemed to be lacking any clothing whatsoever.

Daybreak quickly put out his flaming hands and averted his eyes, attempting to take a hostile tone.

"Kid...What the Tartarus are you doing in here?!"

The girls voice remained calm, a little shaky from his flames being in her face, but still mostly calm.

"Well you said dump my wet clothes next to the couch...I did."

He waved his hand, as if expecting to hear more, without looking right at her "And?"

She shrugged, he caught it out of the corner of his eye "Then I came in here to see what you were up to. I didn't expect you to be half naked. It's not like it bothers me...In fact...I kind like it."

Surprised, he turned back to face her, only to blush and look away again. He readopted hostility.

"You'd better rephrase that quickly kid."

"I'm not a kid alright! I'm sixteen, and my name is Scootaloo! And...and I was just gonna leave when I saw you weren't clothed while I peeked through the door...But..."

He heard the hesitation, and her sassy attitude faltered for a moment

"But what?"

"But I...well I've never seen a good looking guy without clothes. Most guys in my class are jerks and assholes, and don't have an abb to their name. So seeing them without clothing isn't on my bucket list, not to mention most just make fun of me cause I can't do magic."

Still keeping his eyes averted and now covered with his hands, he managed to find something peculiar about her last statement.

"Wait...You can't do magic? You mean like you're too young and you haven't seen what your magical talent is yet right?"

She shook her head, and although he couldn't see it, he could tell from her tone, that they were near a sensitive subject.

"N-no...I mean I can't do magic at all. My friends and I have our own little group call the Cutie Mark Crusaders. We're devoted to helping people and ourselves find what our magical abilities are. We named it after the symbol that appears like a weird hologram in front of you for a few seconds when you magically mature? The one that you always manage to have around yourself in some way the rest of your life?"

Daybreak nodded through his hands "Yeah, yeah I know what they are. At the moment of magical maturity, when a young boy or girl discovers his/her own unique abilities, a symbol appears in bright light, usually the color of their own aura. That symbol is destined to be a part of their lives forever and represent them in their entirety. Mine is a sunrise for...well reasons...anyways...I usually wear a sun necklace around my neck, and I draw alot of sunrises out of habit. What of it?"

She sniffled, he could hear some struggle in her voice now

"Well...I don't have a magical all. I have some kind of disability or birth defect that prevents me from channeling any energy. I get teased for...I..I get teased for it all the time at school. My friends help me alot, but the kids still can call me names without having to actually do anything physical...they call me freak mostly...and they say that's why my parents left me alone, cause they could sense I had no aura, and didn't wanna deal with the burden..."

A loud bang made Scootaloo jump back, and pause her story, she looked with teary eyes back towards Daybreaks, whose right arm was extended towards a desk at the far end of the room...which was now a pile of splinters.

"W-why did you do that?"

She watched him slowly grit his teeth, his fists both clenching tightly as he brought his arm back down. Without looking at her, she heard him practically growl

"Scootaloo...That was your name right?" He didn't wait for a response or even acknowledge her nod, he just kept going "You are welcome to live here for as long as you want. I'll never kick you out. I'll never ask you to pay me. I'll never mistreat you. As far as I'm concerned..."

He stood up and walked over to her, actually looking at her in the face and causing her to give a mild blush. Her body was still young, but she had matured enough to be fairly attractive. She had an athletic figure, a small set of abbs and a barely existent set of breasts, not a large amount of muscle and a small set of hips...but she still looked pretty attractive for her age group.

Despite her still not having clothes and he still only being in boxers, he knew he had to look her in the eyes when he said this. Because no one had ever done it for him. He gently grasped hold of her shoulders and pulled her into a hug against his chest.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'll be your family. From this day forward I'll be your big brother, if you want that is."

He seemed to be all to right about what he needed to say, despite the obvious weirdness of the whole scene, her eyes grew to the size of bowling balls yet again. She gave a squeal of delight and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Oh thank you! Thank you! I'm so happy I could just explode!"

He smirked "Now...go put on some damn clothes shrimp, and don't ever let me catch you perving out on me again. Little sis or not, I'll still kick your ass if you go all sexual assaulter on me."

She gave him a quick salute that sent an odd wave of nostalgia up his spine, then dashed back into the living room, leaving him standing alone in the room, still in just his boxers, contemplating his life with an expression of befuddlement .

"...Did I really just do that?"


View Online

Awkward. Confusing. Those were the best ways to describe the situation now unfolding within Daybreaks home. As he attempted to; get dressed, put his wet things away, find a temporary spot for the baby gator in his satchel, find Scootaloo some new clothes, and get out the door...he also had to contend with the girl running about his home butt naked and going Curious George on every damn thing he owned. She either peered closely at, or touched, literally every interesting thing in his house that she found. The phrase "make yourself at home" hadn't even made it out of his mouth before she'd gone bonkers with excitement! It wasn't so bad though, at least until she ended up in his room whilst he was dressing...again.

Granted she'd already seen him in his boxers a few minutes prior, but that didn't make it any more comforting a second time around, especially having her run about nude while he dressed. She frustrated him enough by touching everything he owned, despite his warning about several items being magical. But what really poked at his nerves, was when she knocked over a large pile of his more detailed drawings and a few special hand paintings. All of which he had organized in a specific order depending on what they depicted, and hadn't taken the time to move them to his and Rainbow's room yet. A last minute self reminder of her previous situation and what she'd been through, kept him from exploding. Though the words "haven't you ever seen a fucking house before?" came dangerously close to slipping across his lips. It was lucky for him that he could relate to her, or he'd have lost his mind the moment his pile hit the floor. He managed to calm himself and fix the mess with a simple wave of his hand, but the frustration could hardly just melt away. So instead of yelling, he settled on

"How can you possibly be ok with running around here naked? Doesn't it make you feel...I don't or something? I mean, shouldn't you be les keen about letting a dude see you like that?"

As he pulled a black, long-sleeved shirt over his head, depicting the picture of a snow covered mountain top sunrise in its center, and struggled to squeeze his head through the top, he heard her rummaging suddenly cease. She waited until his hair popped out through the shirt before turning to him and saying "Why should I feel embarrassed? If you're letting me live here, you'll be seeing this sooner or later won't you, just probably not on purpose then? Might as well get used to it"

Probably quicker than he should have, he yanked up his jet black sweat pants over his boxers and gave an shaky laugh. "Y-yeah...guess you've got a point there Shrimp. Do me a favor though?"

"Yeah? What-Oof!"

She squealed as a pillow and several pairs of clothes flattened against her face.

"Cover yourself anyways. I don't need someone walking in here and thinking I'm molesting a minor." His voice came out dry with no hint of sarcasm, but she giggled anyways

"Whose gonna show up, the mailman? You live on the very edge of town. I never even knew this place existed before you brought me here. You're like the guy that lives at the end of the street in all those horror movies."

"Isn't he normally an old man who miraculously saves everyone at the end?"

"Yeah...or kills them."

He couldn't help the smirk that snuck across his lips "How fitting..."

He watched her drop the pillow and the rest of the clothing to the ground, then one by one she began to, reluctantly, slip into them. He'd tried to find something that wouldn't be too big for her, but it was nearly impossible considering the difference in their height and muscle mass. He was no farm worker, but he still had a decent amount of muscle on his arms. Enough to make any shirt that fit him tightly, look like an XL size on her. He was at least happy he'd managed to find something that matched the colors of her previous clothing. That way he knew she wouldn't hate it, probably.

Unfortunately for him, once she'd pulled the long sleeved shirt over her head and it covered her down to her knees, she shot him an ugly glare.

"Ok...this is all I'm wearing..." She angrily thrust her arms to her hips and huffed in a pout. The sleeves made her arms look like wooly tentacles as she struggled to swing about the extra several inches of fabric at the end of each sleeve.

"Can't you just cooperate, it's not like anyone is gonna see you in them?" He sighed with annoyance.

She stuck out her tongue and gave him a firm "hmph!" of defiance "You're damn right no one will see me in them. No one will see me at all if I looked like I'm being eaten by clothing. I'm not wearing the pants, can't you bring out some shorts or something?"

He walked over and picked up the shorts off the floor, releasing another sigh "First of all, these are shorts-"

"Oh goddess, that makes it worse, they look like pants next to me...why do you have to be so much taller than me!"

He raised an eyebrow "You come up to my waist, its not like your at my knees or something."

"Might as well be..."

Another huff of annoyance escaped his lips "Look, can you just put them on. I don't want your...privates...flashing me every time you jump or fall over."

She glared at him, then stuck her tongue out again " can't make me!"

His eyebrows went up "Oh really Shrimp?"

"Yeah, what of...Hey! What gives?!"

She found herself hovering in the air shimmering in emerald aura. The shirt that she had on now was lifted above her head, once again exposing her lower region to the world. This time though, Daybreak didn't care. With careful precision he held her legs still within his aura, and positioned the shorts below her body. With an upward thrust that was probably a little to sensational for Scootaloo, the fabric shot upwards and attached themselves to her.

She squealed as the shorts shot up in between her legs! Flailing until he set her back down and released her, she immediately plunged her hands in the shorts and began fidgeting with them "Ow! Yikes!...That's like...the worst wedgie in existence dude...owie..."

Holding back the urge to chuckle, he flicked his wrist, causing the remote for the t.v to rocket to his hand. He clicked it on, then dropped the controller on the couch. It acted like a beacon for the young teenager, and it took only a few seconds for Scootaloo to replant her roots in the cushions of his furniture. Once she'd adjusted herself he took it as his queue to head back out and attempt to actually make some of his classes that day. Quickly swiping up his satchel as he headed for the door, he took a quick peak inside to make sure the small would-be murder inside was still alive. A quick stream of water squirting in his face assured him it was fine, and he resealed the satchel with extreme prejudice.

Opening the door and stepping out, the storm greeted him by quickly trying to raise his heart rate with a bash of lightning against his barrier...he didn't even flinch. He looked back to see Scootaloo peering over the cushions at him. Anxious. That was her expression, possibly even fearful. Maybe fearful he would not return? He smiled at the thought that she wanted him around, even though they'd just met. He called back to her as he dropped the barrier around his home, causing him to have to raise his voice over the wind to be heard.

"I'll probably be back later tonight to check up on you Shrimp! There's food in the fridge so help yourself if I'm late or you get hungry!"

He waved, unsure if she properly heard him over the raging wind. Then watched her lean over the top of the couch and cup her overly sleeved hands to her mouth.

"Bye big brother! Come back soon!"

Blood rushed to his face, thankfully it was well hidden by the monstrous amount rain flying around him.

"And that's the sound of my heart melting to a puddle...great now there's two annoying girls in my life..."

"Bye Shrimp!" He waved back.

With a flick of his wrist, the door shut behind him, and the barrier shot back up, muffling all sounds of the storm to those within it's protective aura. He quickly checked his pockets, making sure he'd remembered to grab the crushed pieces of the headmistress's cookie before heading out. The wet crunchy feeling within his pocket confirmed he'd remembered, and was now satisfied to proceed. A small smile on his face, he pulled up the hood of his rain coat, and began his trudge back to Ponyville University.


Once again...he was back out in the cold. Though by his own choice, he couldn't help but think of how much he'd rather have just gone inside his home and slept. Waiting out the storm within the warmth of his comforting bed would be preferable, even with the kid scavenger through his home for anything that looked interesting...especially considering this was his alternative.

"Why am I even going back?"

It was a legitimate question, and one that he still rolled around in his mind even as he took the ever painful cold steps back through town. The whole university knew his identity, knew he was the son of Discord, and yet despite every shred of instinct telling him to pack up and he was, walking back willingly.

"Well...mostly willingly"

Rainbow Dash had certainly been convincing in her approach to keeping him around. He was still just as surprised now as he was when he had given in to her. The fact that a girl he barely knew had changed his mind so quickly, was something he'd never dreamed of before now. Then again, most situations from the past several days were unlike anything he'd dealt with before. A friend. A girlfriend. The reunion with Twilight. The Elements. The girl he now had living in his house. His former life was unraveling right in front of him, and every chance that presented itself to go back...he just let slip by. The question kept coming back to him.


He heaved a great sigh, both from his own questions and from the unforgiving wind howling around him. The wind on its own seemed to be doing a fine job at making his life more miserable than usual, pushing him back two steps every time he took one. But with the rain added it began to feel like he was lugging an extra fifty pounds around behind him, an extra wet, soaking and cold, fifty pounds. It made hauling the gator in his satchel over his arm that much more difficult by the minute. By the time he reached the center of town square, he was drenched not just from the storm, but from his own sweat as well. He finally had to rest for a moment, when his steps began to drag like weights behind him. Finding a bench whereas he could catch his breath, he sat down, attempting to reclaim a normal heart rate.

"So much for my new clothes..."

The merciless and stinging rain combined with wind so fierce it might strip him of his clothing, didn't help him to relax at all. He couldn't remember any storm, even a magical one, ever being this exhausting before. Just sitting still felt as exhausting as walking around. Several deep breaths later, he felt just as tired as before he'd sat, and could tell he hadn't made any progress in calming himself. The entire atmosphere of the area seemed to weigh upon him, like the sun on an extremely hot day might do. He wanted to simply lay down and sleep. He knew he had to get back to Rainbow though, so, despite his muscles hating him for doing so, he pulled himself from the bench and soldiered on.

Ten more minutes in, and he was already out of breath again. Stumbling to a street lamp for balance, he found his vision growing blurry. The pit of weight in his gut seemed to increase with every step...just standing up felt like unneeded effort. Forcing his body forward...every ten steps seemed to add weight to him, like iron dumbbells were being placed on his back and legs. Every ten steps. Every six steps. Every three steps. Every step, sent pain shooting up his back. He made it three more feet before dropping in the middle of the street. His knees sank into the flooded and rough gravel road, allowing the flowing water on the ground to swim right through his pants as though they weren't even there. Head bent to the ground, he panted wildly, trying to draw in a steady stream of breaths and calm his heart rate!

Even on his knees, unmoving, his body still burned and throbbed, like running a marathon. His breathing refused to slow down no matter how long he stayed still, and each second brought him closer to hypothermia from the cold.

"Pass out from the cold, or from exhaustion...bleak options as usual."

Conceding to death by exhaustion rather than cold, he dragged his aching body to it's feet, and started forward again. However, as the rain began to sting against his face once more, he became aware of a small change in the air. Suddenly his breath no longer just stung in his was visible...and cold. The air around him felt heavy, and the rain pellets that were assaulting his face were no longer rain, but hail shards. Grimacing as a particularly large shard struck his cheek, and left a small but stream of blood behind, Daybreak brought his hands over his face to shield himself.

The shards cracked and shattered against his exposed hands and knuckles, beating them bloody and cold while he walked. The raincoat protected most of his arms and the rest of his body from the sharpness of the hail, but the physical pain of each ice ball striking him was unavoidable. Each piece that missed him sounded like a firecracker as it struck solid ground, deafening him to all other noises around him, except perhaps, the wind. The wind, the sleet, the sheer presence of the storm seemed to be pulling the energy from him like a vacuum.

Unwillingly to give up without trying to fight back, (for whatever good fighting a storm would do), Daybreak reached out his hands and attempted to form a small barrier around himself, to at least protect from the hail. It was of no use though, mere seconds after the already hazy aura formed around him, it evaporated off his skin like smoke rising into the air.

"Thought so...oh well. I wish I could say there was no harm in trying"

The attempt left him even more drained than before, and he found himself sinking back to his knees. This time though, he could not force himself back up. The satchel on his shoulder slumped off and splashed in the wet street, he would have retrieved it, but his own exhaustion combined with the fact that the gator was in no danger from hypothermia...made him care too little to try. It felt like all his strength had simply vanished into thin air, no magic would flow to him even as he willed it so. Down on his bloodied hands and torn knees, practically face first in the cold sleet of Ponyville's streets, Daybreak realized he would have to ride it out as he was, and hope for the best.

"Whatever this storm is, it's got more than just Chaos magic in it. I can't seem to fight back...The lightning can't harm me, so it must be the part made of Chaos, but the wind and hail can. It feels like its pulling my strength straight out of my body...None of this makes sense."

"Come now Daybreak...What was it your father always said? Where's the fun in making sense?"

A feminine voice hissed across his ears, making the hairs on his neck stand at attention as a new presence seemed to swim through his mind. He wanted to rise and ignite his hands, but the effort to raise his head alone, felt back breaking. He looked around, but saw no one. Yet the voice still seemed to slither through his ear holes, drowning out even the howling rage of the storm.

"What's wrong little prince, can't get it up in my weather? Don't worry I've heard they make medicine for just such a dysfunction as yours."

"Did that voice just make a penis innuendo at me?"

He almost found a laugh reach him, but it caught in his throat and instead he ended up choking out his words.

"That..w-was *cough* awful. If you're g-gonna mock least...d-do it properly, maybe with some better jokes..."

The hail ceased pelting him ceased, the wind seemed to die down and disappear, the pain coursing through his body melted away like ice under a heat lamp, leaving only an empty cold in his chest. His vision shimmered...the scenery around him faded away, replaced instead with a snowy wood. He looked down...and could feel damp soil beneath his fingertips. A light snow fell around him, not enough to obscure his vision, but more than enough to be noticeable.

With the feeling of a hundred tons on his back now gone from him, Daybreak stood and balanced himself against an oak tree that had replaced the light post next to him. He reached back, intending to retrieve the satchel with the gator he had dropped moments prior...but found it was gone, replaced by a log where the leather arm strap should have laid. Even as he looked around, he could not recognize the forest he was in, or comprehend how he had gotten there. His magical sight refused to come when he blinked, and he could not feel any energy flow through him when he attempted to summon his magic.

"In other words...I'm..."

"Completely helpless, yes."

The voice slithered up behind him, he spun on the spot to face his new opponent...but found himself stunned at the creature before him.

"Miss me?"

The woman, if she could be called that, was pale white, paler than him. Her eyes a deep shade of emerald green and held snake-like slits in her pupils. Her long hair flowed with a snowy glow behind her, like a glistening white pearl, much like his mother and aunts own hair did. Her scaly skin was covered from her neck down by layers upon layers of bleach white furry robes. He counted at least four overlapping white fur layers, if not more, that extended down to her feet, obscuring them from his sight and creating the illusion that she was hovering off the ground. Her tail seemed to be the only thing not covered by the robes, but it gave him no help in identifying what she was. It was long and white like the rest of her, but sleek and looked smooth like silk when the light shinned upon it. It coiled around her waist once, then rested by the foot of her robes, lightly patting at the ground every few seconds. Daybreak felt a sting of fear grip him

"'re the woman from my dreams...right?"

An unnerving smile crossed her lips revealing a layer of serrated teeth, she nodded.

"I am called Kirin in the current dialogue. But I have many names. Most of which are lost to time. Though...knowing you my young prince, the name you would likely recognize me by, is Famine."


She gave a small nod. He took a moments to answer back

"As of the Four Horsemen, Famine?"

Another nod.

He stood still, looking her dead in the eyes. His lips quivered, for a moment it seemed like he was going to happened. Daybreak doubled over in the snow, and began laughing hysterically! Kirin looked down at him, hardly amused.

"You find that funny, little prince?"

Face still in the snow and the rest of him nearly rolling in wet dirt, Daybreak was barely able to even speak. Kirin stood and waited several moments for him to finish his hysteria, until he finally managed to work himself back to his feet, giving occasional chuckles as he did. He came back up quickly, not bothering to wipe off the snow now clinging to his clothes.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's expect me to believe you're the Famine. The Four Horsemen aren't even real. They're a story from an old earth mythological book, that depicted the world ending in an apocalypse. Hardly anything credible considering we're here now, and magic flows through the world like water. On top of that, The Horsemen were all depicted as male in the lore...ya know...Horsemen. So...yeah having some white woman who looks like a Dark Souls boss tell me she's one of the bringers of the Apocalypse...That's freaking hilarious!"

Kirin/Famine managed a mocking sneer, her curling lips gave off the impression that she was growling, even while she chuckled at him.

"You claim it to mythology, yet you are one of the only few living people who still even know of that books existence. For a nonbeliever to take the time to steal something so old and valuable from Princess Celestia, you must have some belief."

His expression changed drastically, all humor faded from it as his fists clenched by his sides. "How do you know I have that?"

"Apparently we are just skipping by the fact that I compared her to a video game character...maybe it went over her head?"

Her sneer became a coy grin "You just told me. Or rather, you just confirmed what I already suspected. After all, I happen to know quite a bit about your life up to this point, at least regarding your father and mother. I know you not only believe in world ending power, but you've tried to find it on occasion. Though I dare say, for very different purposes according to your father."

He opened his mouth to deny, but thought better of it, letting the curiosity for how she could have spoken to his father sit idle just in case she was bluffing. "And? What if I did? That still doesn't prove you're Famine. Nor does it explain why you're even approaching me with this claim. How about we start simple if we're gonna talk. Since whatever this is..." He gestured to the snowy scenery around them " keeping me from fighting, and you haven't killed me, I'd assume that you want to talk? So how about you tell me where I am first?"

Her grin remained ever present, she raised her right hand, her nails extended long enough to double as claws if she wanted. She snapped her fingers, Daybreak felt his body seize up, his muscles locking him in place. He blinked and Kirin was in front of him, one long claw touching the very tip of the underside of his chin.

"Unlike so many others in this world, I don't underestimate my adversaries. So I'll be keeping you still. You know some of my lore, there is a chance you may try and kill me even without your magic, at least, before you hear what I have to say that is."

"Clearly she doesn't know that much about me if she's assuming anything to do with killing. Still no need to give unneeded info, so I'll just play on that small fear for now."

He was unable to shrug his shoulders due to her spell binding him, but he still managed to roll his eyes, taking extra care to let her see. "What makes you think I won't try and kill you after I hear what you have to say? Think you've got something to share that'll change my current opinion of you?"

She loosed a shrill giggle. Her vocal pitch felt like nails on a chalk board, and pained his ears to witness. Just like in his dream, it was worse than banshee song. "How can you even have an opinion of me? You don't even know what I want. Although, considering you've admitted to having the book, I can imagine you've gathered some interesting assumptions from there. It's accurate enough, though it still gets more wrong than right."

He managed a laugh at that, though it was barely audible considering his restrained muscles. "Books written a few millennium ago probably would have more wrong than right. Since you dodged my question about my whereabouts, how about you just tell me what you want?"

Cold emptiness traveled up his spine. Instantaneous agony fast traveled throughout his body as Kirin grasped hold of his chin, licking her lips as her skin brushed his. Her very touch was so cold it burned him, inside and out. "I want you! Son of Celestia and Discord! I want you to help me end the world!"

"Pass" He did his best to narrow his eyes within his frozen features, while also not looking into her own, but instead it just came out like he had a bad itch on his nose. She sneered

"We'll see. This world is rotten, and it needs a fresh start. I'm sure you of all people could appreciate that..."

She released him from her grip, but not before she got right up in his face again, grasping him fully by the cheeks and letting out a long breath of icy air deep into his nostrils. He was forced to take in the smell of her death cold breath. Even her scent seemed to fill him with agony from within, or rather, just leave him feeling agony. "Fill" wasn't the right word, because just being around her made him feel empty, and void inside. The smell of her breath itself wasn't that fact she smelled like sweat and...cherries...just like...Rainbow Dash during...?

She stepped back and watched him gag on her breath, his chest seized as he attempted to thrash about in her binds, but was kept perfectly still. The moment he stopped shaking like a Chihuahua, she smiled.

"Smell something you like?"

Daybreak gritted his teeth, unable to move, or throttle the woman before him like he desired. "Why do you smell like my girlfriend?"

It was fleeting, but just for a moment, he saw her eye twitch, possibly in aggravation, or anger. It wasn't much, but it was definitely something to work with. She recovered almost too quick for him to notice it, and returned to her cold grin

"Oh, using titles now are we? Not just some girl to you anymore is she? Hoping that little vision I gave you last time can come true? If you're so desperate to know why I smell like your tomboy, take a guess. I'll even give you a hint. Like a game...Jeopardy, perhaps? Here's the hint. This world ending tragedy requires more than just The Four Horsemen to properly commence."

"Can I phone a friend?"

She narrowed her gaze "You don't have any friends, remember, my exiled prince?"

He rolled his eyes "Some game of Jeopardy this is. Fine. I'll take shot at it. What is, I don't give a fuck, now let me go?"

Her eyes flashed bright blue, almost blindingly bright, he assumed with anger because the next moment he found the ability to breathe escape him. Hand extended, palm out and fingers closing slowly, she seemed to be choking the life out of him with just her energy! Her hand closed at a snails pace, as though she were crushing something within it, and he had a pretty good idea of what, considering his lungs felt as though they were being squeezed like a stress ball. His breath caught in his throat, unable to flow in or escape. A pit that felt the size of Manehatten seemed to open within his gut. He blinked, and he was on his knees again.

"Let's try again shall we? Here's another hint. The soul of a fallen royal is required to start this global catastrophe."

Even with the blinding pain of his lungs seemingly being crushed within his chest, and a endless void of odd hunger forming within his gut, he still found the strength to vomit up his answer.


The compression on his lungs and throat subsided, leaving him with just the pit of hunger in his gut. He drew in breath after breath like it was elixir before he even considered looking up to see why she had released him. He heard the snow shuffling, and raised his head in time to see her standing over him. She bent down quicker than his eyes could follow, and placed a single clawed finger beneath his chin, again, then lifted him off the ground as though he were weightless. He expected to feel her nail pierce his skin, but instead it didn't even feel like she was touching him. But every time he looked down, he was reminded she was. Her eyes were still glowing bright sapphire blue, but now at least she wasn't choking him to death. Instead she was smiling, and that could be even worse. Her smile fitted with flaming blue eyes against her pale white features was a thing of terror to look at, but he refused to allow it to bother him.

"I could just kill you, you know. But sadly, the fate of your soul isn't very clear, and I can't have something so valuable getting away from me in here. So instead I'll let you linger here for a moment, and feel the power of what true Famine can do to you."

He was unable to suppress a chuckle "Well I certainly feel hungry, if that's what you want. But that's hardly anything I'm not used to. I grew up in the streets of Canterlot, eating less than a piece of bread, sometimes for days. It'll take more than you've got to break me. Besides, what do you even mean 'the fate of my soul is uncertain'?...and where is 'in here'? Am I ever gonna get that answer even?"

Ignoring the small growth of hunger in his belly, he floated there, held within her grip and thinking about what meaning her words could hold. She snickered, allowing him to stew in his thoughts.

"She keeps avoiding my question about where we are, so maybe she's an illusion with basic response... Or maybe this whole thing is an illusion and I'm still in that storm, that could be why I'm freezing to death. If that's true, than all I have to do is remember the one key rule to an illusion spell, but still, something about this cold feels eerily familiar...As for my soul...if she really is Famine, and that's a big if why should she care about my soul and it's fate. She said she wanted my help to end the world...but if she's so powerful then why even ask, why not just take it...unless..."

"You need my consent don't you? You need something from my soul that only I can give you willingly...right? The only question then is...what?"

Kirin's hands came up in a slow, drawn out clap, so slow it was beyond painfully obvious she was mocking him "Ding ding ding, tell the man what he's won Charlie!...Well Daybreak you are correct. I need your willing consent. And you know what? You're gonna give it to me!"

"And why would I do that? What do you even need from my soul anyway? My magic?"

Her forked tongue flicked out, briefly licking across her lips, leaving a small trail of steam as her saliva touched air. "I need your soul, son of chaos! Not your magic .The magic that your soul possesses, the magic of both Princess Celestia and Discord! It's what I need to let me and my siblings roam free, putting a very needed end to this broken and dark world! And I promise you, you will give it to me."

He made his eyes do cartwheels in his skull "Oh yeah? You sound pretty confident. What are you gonna do? Threaten me? You can't kill me because, as you've so generously provided, my souls fate is uncertain. So, going by that logic, I'd assume there's Tartarus for the wicked, I'm already aware of that, and then there's a place where all the good souls go. Right? You're worried I might go 'up' instead of down. Well I'm flattered, but speaking from personal experience, I highly doubt you've much to worry about. Still that doesn't mean I won't abuse the advantage you've kindly given me. As for making me help you, you can't kill, and can't threaten. That leaves blackmail or bargaining. I've got no one you can take hostage that I'd give my soul for, I'm sure you know that. Since I don't love anyone or anything. And there's nothing you can blackmail me with that I can't recover from. So I'd say, you're options are looking pretty slim, and of course by slim I mean nonexistent."

Her ever present smile never faltered, not even once. Instead she walked around him whilst still holding her finger delicately in place on his chin. She circled him like a tiger with it's prey, eyeing him up, but always keeping that single finger in place.

"There's another way I can get what I want."

He scoffed at her "What?....Oh please tell me you're going to appeal to my dark side. My 'I hate the world for what it did to me' side? Save your breath. I know the world is rotten and cruel. And you're probably gonna say, and would be right to think, that I'm tired of waiting for it to fix itself. That's also true. I won't lie, Apocalypse would pretty much solve every problem the world has right now."

Her eyebrows raised, for the first time, she looked legitimately curious for what he had to say. "Then why not just help me? Help us? If you know how bad it is, then you know it will never get better"

"Because, ending the world, and saving the world, are two totally different things. I want to change it, not end it. There'd be no point in anything, good, evil or indifferent, if it all amounted to destruction. So I'll never aid you. Never."

She brushed her hand along his cheek. The pit in his gut changed...the hunger was he felt...something else. Not hunger, but it was stronger...a different kind of felt...warm in his gut...but growing hot quickly. The feeling felt oddly familiar, yet still new...the warmth in his belly felt just like how he had when he first...

She smiled, clearly his discomforted expression betrayed him.

"You know. All beings feel famine. Everyone is hungry for something. Not just food, no. You humans are hungry for everything! Money, power, food, sex, drugs, love, magic, order, chaos, virtue...everything! No one is without it. Ironically of"

"Me?" Now it was his turn to be curious, although he couldn't show it, she could somehow read it off him, or perhaps she just heard it in his voice. Her sneer mocked his curiosity.

"Yes, it's ironic in a way. Seeing as I'm the only one of my siblings that's currently free, and you're the one person we need, it figures that you'd be immune to me. For now at least. After all, think about it. The emotionless sack that you were before this past week didn't really give us much to work with down below, if you know what I mean."

She gingerly pointed the index finger of her free hand towards the ground with a smirk

"When you were a child you craved love, then forsook that same principle after receiving nothing but hate, your soul was too young to harvest for that brief time. I couldn't use that. Then there were the years just before now. You didn't crave anything then either, you just went through the motions of your life. You did bad things, some of which I thoroughly enjoyed watching, you had goals. But you and me both know, you were dead inside. Although you may have been immune to me for all these years without knowing it, I question whether it was worth it in the end. After all...A man without want, without desire, without a reason to live other than to spite his mother, what's he worth?...To be honest your life until now really pissed me off, such a waste of potential."

Even through his bound body, the satisfaction he felt at her obvious aggravation bled through onto his face "Guess I'm good at fucking up peoples plans. You and Twilight should start a book club about it. It'd be great, she can whine about how much of an asshole I am for not loving her, and you can bitch about how I ruined the Apocalypse for you. I'll bring the tea and cru-!?"

Once again he found his breath seize halfway down his throat, her free hand extended in a griping motion. "Oh I'm sorry, did I break your train of thought...please...continue."

The next second the air flowed back through him, like nothing had happened. He felt the nail under his chin give a firm push upwards. Sharp pain and a trickling sensation told him that he was now bleeding onto her fingers. With an uncomforting gaze that made him feel like she was looking through him rather than at him, she removed her finger and slowly licked the blood from her nail. The scent of fresh sweat and cherries filled his senses again, then, that new feeling...deep in his gut resurfaced, only now it was hotter. Like he'd swallowed a few jalapeño peppers on a dry throat.

"Tell me, I'm curious..."

Feeling suddenly coursed back through his body. He took notice as his legs buckled, released from her spell and instantly dropping under him. He hit the snowy ground, face first. A legion of half frozen water found its way down his throat upon impact, further brightening his already swell day. Now, with fresh slush shifting its way down the front of his shirt and esophagus, he slowly lifted his face and looked up at her as she stood above him. A sour expression of annoyance and mild anger showed across his features as he spit up dirt flavored snow.

"Tell you what?"

She waited for him to pick himself up before she spoke.

"Tell me, how does it feel to know you're trapped?"

"Beg pardon?" He looked around, confusion etched onto his muddy features. She just smiled at him.

"No, not here. Trapped in your destiny I mean."

Now that he could move, he took great joy in over exaggerating his eye rolls "And what destiny might that be?"

"Why, the Apocalypse of course. You're going to help end the world, it's inevitable. Then our children shall reshape and rule over it. Forever."

He chuckled "Our? As in, our children? You and me?"

She nodded.

"Ha! Now that's a laugh! What kind of drugs are you on, cause I gotta get some of that crap! I'll never have kids, and especially not with you. Why would I want to spread my seed anywhere, condemn my kids to a life of hatred and discrimination just for thank you. Besides, ignoring every other logical reason why that'll never happen, you're not my type anyway."

"And what type might that be?"

"Not you."

Watching her smile was severely uncomfortable, for some unknowable reason it sent chills down his spine. The air temperature around him felt a dramatic change, as though a random wave of heat suddenly burst through the ground and surrounded him. Kirin's skin slowly began to steam, almost like someone had poured a bucket of hot water over her icy form. The steam seemed to pour from within her robes, quickly creating a small cloud of haze-like air which he could not see through. He heard an assortment of sounds that were not identifiable, but sounded horrifying, like sizzling meat in a fryer. Loud thuds of fabric hitting crunchy snow reached his ears, and waves of new cold air brushed past him. The icy air quickly began to burn his eyes, and he brought up an arm, keeping the painful moisture from freezing to him. The quick burst of wind seemed to be pushing away the small steam cloud around Kirin as quickly as it had appeared.

He waited until the momentary moisture cloud had gone completely before removing his hand. He found his jaw drop slightly by what he found waiting for him in its place. Where Kirin/Famine had been standing before, there was now a fully nude Rainbow Dash in her place. Her body seemed to glow in the snowy air, practically casting a rainbow-like glow around her form. Her breasts were assuredly a size larger and seemed to bounce each time she took in a breath of air. Her whole form seemed to radiate with an allure of sex appeal...of desire. It was hardly a feeling Daybreak could describe, seeing how he was so new to it himself. He was seemingly unable to look away, but also didn't want to. For a moment, he allowed his eyes to travel, revisiting the sight he'd seen a few hours earlier in his room, practically savoring it. That is, until, he came to her smile. Her form was perfect, there was not a single flaw about it. In fact, she seemed to give off a more welcoming glow than he remembered. But her smile...her smile was nothing like the Rainbow Dash he knew.

There was something about it, in her eyes too. Her magenta eyes held no light. It was something hard to describe. When he looked at the Rainbow Dash he had come to know, he could see things in her eyes. Things like attitude, almost like a fire to compete, to fight and be the best at everything she did. It was a presence she held that seemed to dominate everything around and about her, truthfully, it was one of his favorite qualities about Rainbow.

But here...with this Rainbow Dash, there was a coldness, an emptiness, it was something he could not explain any better than the fire in his Rainbows eyes. It had nothing beyond the surface, no attitude, and no feeling. He didn't need any magic to see that this was not his Rainbow Dash. It most surely snapped him out of his momentary stupor though, but he had no idea how. Then she spoke, and her voice was like Rainbows, but filled with an icy sting to it. Like there were two voices overlapping within it, Rainbows voice, and the cold voice of her imposter within.

"What about now? Am I your type now my prince?"

His will to summon up flames and ignite the woman before him rose to a new height, but he was still unable to so much as feel magic around him. Nevertheless, he said it all, with the glare he pierced her with. He could have stayed silent and his feelings would have transferred to her easily, his eyes were stabbed into her like daggers.

"You're not even close to comparing to Rainbow Dash. You're just a cheap imitation, and you know it too. Why else would you assume her form to try and lure me in. It's pathetic really."

One a flash of white, and the image of Rainbow was gone, Kirin stood before him once more, but now she looked angry. Not angry like before, but truly enraged. Even without his magic, he could feel the soulless black energy rolling off her in bounds, surrounding him like vines on the ground. Her voice grew deep, it was the Exorcist in surround sound stereo...truly terrifying


Despite the sheer weight of her energy changing the very environment around them, from an icy tundra, to a snowy mountain peak, to sandy beach's, and back again, he knew she could not kill him and that gave him the confidence he needed to see how far he could push his luck. With a mocking chuckle, he turned his back to her, making extra sure to over exaggerate his shoulders when he shrugged.

"Hmph. I'm not impressed. Maybe the book was accurate after all, since, clearly you are certainly the weakest of the four and that was a stressed point in the pages. Take you out last since you're the least threatening. I can't believe they think you can end the world, you can't even seduce one guy to do your bidding. How do you expect to take on the whole planet if all you can do is shape shift and epically fail at seduction, like some stupid changeling or a siren whore?"

That was it. That was the end of her tolerance. Before the final words had left his lips, he felt his body being thrown through the air. It felt as though he'd been hit by an eight person carriage...full of elephants...and anvils...and pain! He crashed to the ground, shutting his eyes upon impact and sliding until his body removed several piles of trash cans from their natural habitat next to a dumpster! He laid still as he felt the metal containers fall over him, smacking him every which way as they did.

For a moment, all he did was lay there in the mud and await the beating he knew was assured. But when it did not come, he creaked open his eyes...and found nothing. No snowy tundra, no woods...just him on his back, in the mud and covered in metal trash bins.

"I'm back? Or maybe I never left and she just got so pissed she ended the illusion and catapulted me for kicks?"

Slowly rolling over to escape his metal predicament, he let out a sharp gasp of pain when he attempted to sit up. Everything below his shoulders burned with agony, and he found himself down on his back before he'd even risen. He looked up to the was still storming...still raining. The rain was falling onto his face, cold, wet, and surely unpleasant...but he could not feel it. Nor could he feel the bone chilling blaze of the wind that was causing frost to form on the plants in citizens windows around him.

Realizing he was going nowhere soon, and curious as to why he could not feel his face, he slowly squirmed his right arm from under the metal lid of the trash can to his left. Gingerly, to avoid any unnecessary movement, and therefore unnecessary pain, he slid his hand up his chest, past his neck and to his forehead. Gently, with the caution and grace of a surgeon, he lightly tapped his index and middle finger to the center of his temple...and felt nothing. He jabbed again, slightly harder, and was rewarded with...nothing. Mildly annoyed he jabbed hard enough to normally cause a small twinge of pain, like one being zapped with a shocker pen...but still felt nothing. However, as he pulled his fingers away, he felt something sticky covering them.

He held his two fingers above his eyes, and waited for them to be lit by an inevitable flash of lightening, seeing as neither the sun, nor the moon seemed to feel up to an appearance in this storm. He didn't have to wait long, the next flash was bright enough for him to get a perfect view of his fingers. Regret filled him the moment he realized what was sticking both of them together.

"That's my head is bleeding"

Before he could discover the severity of his wound, two hands gripped themselves around his shirt, pulling him up, and freeing him from his metal prison. The sharpness of his saviors nails shredded through his shirt and left fresh holes, but he knew later he could simply fix it with magic if need be, and so paid it little mind. His head inclined slightly, curious as to who had pulled him from the debris. The answer almost made him wish he was back in the garbage.

Holding him by the scruff of his collar and digging her sharpened nails into his neck, Kirin's lips were curled into a mixture between a sneer and a malicious smirk.

"You think you're so clever don't you. Think you're untouchable just because you've got nothing to be used against you. But that was the old you. You're becoming different now. You don't see it yet, but I do, and soon...oh yes, very soon the time will come and I'll be back for you. Until then, the plague of Famine shall be spread over this little town, then all of Equestria!...But not the world yet, I'm saving the rest of it for my siblings, I'm sure you'll meet them soon enough..."

He found focusing in on Kirin's appearance to be difficult, a slight throbbing was growing in the back of his head, blurring his vision and making any kind of focusing difficult. He longed to just close his eyes and let sleep consume him...but he knew he needed to do something first. A light fizzling in the corner of his burred vision briefly caught his attention. Squinting, he saw there was a hazy white portal off to the distance, just about the correct amount of feet away that he had flown when he crashed. Like a light bulb went off in his head, he understood. There had been no illusion, it had all been real.


She'd moved them to the True Space when she'd first appeared, that was why the cold emptiness felt so familiar, because he'd felt it so many times before, but never quite like he had then. The hunger...the deep heat of want in his gut, that must have been from being near Kirin, and the rest was just the Space's own power over him, draining him. Just at a much more excelled rate than he'd ever felt before.

"If this really is Famine...then I need a sample"

Trying to lift his arm was more strenuous then ever before, the slow throbbing in his head was growing more constant by the second. He was able to depict the glow of her hair though, and that was all he needed. Summoning, what felt like all his strength, he reached forward and grasped a firm hold on her hair! The rain and his own blurring vision kept him from understanding how she reacted, but the slow chuckle he heard emitting from her gave a pretty good idea.

"Look at you, one good blow to the head and you're barely able to lift a finger. All that chaos, all that...Wrath, just swimming around inside of you, longing to burst free and give you divine power...yet you deny it, your true self. Such a waste..."

She released her grip on his shirt. He started to fall towards the ground, but kept a tight grip on her snowy hair, even while it was wet and slick from the rain. He scrunched his fist tight to hold onto the water logged locks as he fell. Feeling his hold refuse to loosen as he fell, Kirin quickly spun on the spot, and planted a single footed mule kick, straight into his gut! The air left Daybreaks body and he was quickly propelled backwards several feet, but he still refused to remove his hold on her hair. So as he was thrown away from Kirin, the sharp ripping sound of hair leaving her scalp, combined with an aggravated shriek of pain were audible when he struck the brick wall some feet away from her.

Despite the blood, now dripping down both sides of his face, he managed to roughly shove the few locks of her hair into his exposed pants pocket with the arm that he could still feel. He hoped they'd survive the trip back long enough for him to find a container for them. If he even made it there himself...

Slumped against the wall and barely holding onto his consciousness, he was only partially aware when Kirin grasped hold of his neck and started to lift him from the ground again.

"hehehe...guess she didn't like me pulling out her hair...bitch..."

The feeling of warm blood running down his face and through his hair was only half as uncomfortable as being denied air while she strangled him. He didn't bother trying to focus his sight, the rain combined with his now splitting migraine...and the blood in his eyes, left him with little more than fuzzy colors and shapes to see. He was able to feel Kirin's cold breath on his neck as she leaned close to him, he heard her give a brief exhale of breath before hissing at him...


"Huh?...That's not her voice..."

A surge of heat surrounded his face...then Kirin shrieked in pain! A blistering heat seemed to burst through the cold air around him, giving him back his breath and the feeling in his body. Kirin dropped him to the ground and retreated back as several blurry orange spheres materialized and struck her in the chest! There was a brief hissing sound, like hot water striking cold metal, then Kirin's form seemed to explode into snow...or rain, he couldn't tell through his half closed eye lids. A half hearted chuckle freed itself from his lips as he slumped back on the ground

"Yeah...that's right'd...better run..."

White hot orange light consumed his glassy eyes when a familiar shape appeared standing over him.

"Daybreak?! Daybreak are you alive? Say something!"

A orange sphere dominated his vision, outlining his current savior from behind and giving him a small bit of visual aid. He made out the shape of poofy red and yellow hair through the hazy orange light, identifying his rescuer and allowing him a breath of relief.

"At least it isn't Twilight...I'd never hear the end of it..."

"Would you say something to let me know your alive already, give me some kind of sign here!" Sunset Shimmers voice came out with noticeable hints of panic, he could only wonder how bad he must look to warrant such concern. He did his best to form a coy smile, if only to shut her up.

"What's...w-with the...interference...miss referee....c-couldn't you see...I had her, right where I wanted her..."

He didn't have to have eyes to tell she was rolling hers, he could hear it in her voice.

"Right, sure you did, I'll save the 'who was that' question for later then...thank Celestia you're alive...Rainbow might have killed me if I came back without you..."

He smiled, he didn't really know why. Something in her voice just had, a knowing tone to it, and that made him smile. He could only wonder what kind of a scene Rainbow had caused when he hadn't returned, or maybe she'd found Fluttershy herself and tried to go back out after him. Either way, he doubted it had gone smoothly.

"I really hope Twilight was there to see it if Rainbow lost her shit...that would just make all this worth it...ah ~ just picturing the look on her face makes me all warm and fuzzy inside"

With the self assurance that Sunset had to bring him back safely, he had no problems letting himself pass out. His eyes dropped like drawbridges and his head slumped back over in the mud. As his thoughts faded to static he vaguely heard Sunsets voice in the background.

"Daybreak! Daybreak! Oh Celestia dammit don't pass out! How am I supposed to carry you in this storm?!"

" out...I've done enough...Don't...forget...the...gator..."

"The what?...Oh come on! Daybreak wake up....Daybreak?....Daybreak!...You ass..."

Hatred Cuts Deep

View Online

Back at Ponyville University the typhoon intensified, seemingly forming it's strongest winds specifically around the gymnasium where everyone was gathered to wait out the titan-like power of the storm. Whether by coincidence, or some unknown force acting upon it, the storm seemed to have formed it's eye directly above the University, and was causing more distortion directly outside it's barrier than anywhere else in Ponyville. The chaos riddled lightning slammed itself against the gargantuan shield surrounding the school, causing it to flare up dangerously and become a teal translucent field for a few moments, before fading from sight once more. Each bolt held enough power to warp reality where it struck, but the barrier surrounding the school was just as powerful, and resilient. It held each bolt without giving an inch.

While the lightning pounded the shield on the outside, a storm of another making was brewing within the gyms walls. Although the sounds of the wind were muffled through the barrier to those inside, the screaming pair within were causing enough noise on there own for it to hardly matter much at all.




"" The barely audible noise seemed to draw the two girls from they're brief battle. Twilight rolled her eyes

"Fluttershy, its a figure of speech. It's not really raining cats and dogs."

"Uh...Actually Sugarcube...ya'll may wanna look again..."

Applejacks voice broke through the crowd, the muscled farm girl casually shoved her way towards her friends, carrying two large barrels full of sandwiches and casually knocking over anyone who didn't move from her path (mostly by accident of course). She dumped the barrels down next to Rainbow, who was covered from head to foot in blankets and shivering wildly on a small mattress the nurse had brought out for her. Rainbow gave a small nod of thanks and slowly reached for one of the little wrapped treats. After successfully engulfing her shaky hands around it, she slowly retreated back inside her cocoon to munch the snack. After wiping some sweat from her brow, Applejack turned and headed towards the curtains covering the gym's windows. With a mighty pull, she yanked open the curtains and revealed the monster-like storm outside. No light broke through the window, as the sun and moon still refused to show themselves, but the lights from inside the gym and the occasional flashes of lightning, were more than enough to ignite the scene outside. The sight was...difficult to digest.

Small cats and miniature sized dogs of every color seemed to be materializing from thin air and falling from the black skies above! As they fell they yipped and meowed all the way to the ground! Then, as they struck gravel, they would violently explode into a barrage of slush and water! Fluttershy grasped at her heart as she saw the horror through the window, and let loose a terrifying shriek of rage! Applejack managed to tackle her just as she began her sprint towards the exit!

The farmer brought her full weight down on Fluttershy as she plowed her down like a football player! They both dropped to the gym floor and wrestled for a few moments, each one trying to subdue the other. Fluttershy let loose an uncomfortable grunt as she hit the rubbery, padded ground. One could say it was lucky her chest was so clearly helped cushion her fall when she hit the gym floor, and allowed her to fight back rather than start gasping for breath like anyone else who'd ever been tackled by Applejack would have. It was hardly a question of who would win long it would take. Applejack had Flutters from the beginning, but the sheer will Fluttershy presented in trying to scramble free and make for the doors, was impressive, if not terrifying in it's own way!

Eventually Applejack got Fluttershy back down on her belly and pinned both her arms behind her back. Just to be safe she sat down on her back as well, holding her arms down with the full weight of her muscled frame on top of them. Fluttershy struggled for a just a moment more, before sighing in submission.

"Ima stay on top of ya'll for awhile now Fluttershy. Can't risk ya going out into that terror, ya understand right?"

Although she gave a small whimper of protest, Fluttershy slowly nodded her head, brushing her face across the floor as she did so to remove so of the hair from her face.

Rainbow looked on out the window from within her small mountain of blankets. Choosing to sit up rather than lay down and rest, the blankets her friends had given her had formed a small mountain over top and around her body. The only part of her skin that was visible through the fluffy fabrics was her, bluer than usual cheeks, and vibrant hair. Even from outside the sheets, it was clear she was still shivering madly despite the blankets. She hardly moved, save for every few minutes, when a shaky blue hand would appear from within the abyss and inch it's way across the floor to the slowly shrinking pile of sandwiches. She would quickly swipe up the treats, then retreat back inside her mini cave like a trapdoor spider.

She looked back up at Twilight, whose arms were still crossed with that uncompromising look she always wore when she was sure she was right. She was starting off into space, possibly out the window, but clearly thinking hard about something. Rainbow's face dropped into a scowl

"You're not really gonna just leave him out there are you Twilight? You're better than that...right?"

Upon hearing the return to calm in Rainbows voice, Twilight let out a small sigh. She slightly uncrossed her arms and looked back down at her shivering friend.

"Look Rainbow, I'm not suggesting we leave him out there, I'm just saying we need to question him. If he really is behind the storm we need to know."

"That's hardly much better! The way you talk you make it sound like it'll be an interrogation. You can't even prove he did anything wrong, heck, you don't even have a single reason to believe he caused it other than you having no one else to blame! That's not fair, and that's not how you treat my friends Twilight!"

Twilight's eye gave a small twitch at the word "friend", and Rainbow did not fail to notice it. Twilight fully uncrossed her arms, and kneelt down next to Rainbow. She lowered her voice so that only Rainbow Dash could hear.

"I've been meaning to ask about that actually. Ever since you said he was your friend earlier I've just been do you even know he considers you a friend? What if he's just using you to get close to the Elements of Harmony?"

Rainbows eyes briefly glazed over, as her mind shot back to her time spent with Daybreak. Particularly the day on the bleachers, out by the (still) ruined football field. The words he said to her...

"Rainbow...You're...the first friend I've ever had...!"

"I remember how he sounded when he said that...there was no way he was lying to me. He struggled to say that to me, I saw it...There's no way I could ever believe he's using me."

Rainbow poked her head out fully from within the blankets, while still keeping the rest of her body covered while she spoke. Her voice held a particular bite to it, at certain points.

"No Twilight! There's no way he's using me. Just because you can't move past whatever happened between you two back then, doesn't mean he hasn't. He's changed!"

Twilight heard the growing aggression in Rainbows voice, but her sureness only served to rile up Twilight even more. She puffed up her chest in anger when Rainbow mentioned her past with Daybreak.

"This has nothing to do with what he did to me back then! I'm just trying to protect my friends from being hurt like I was! He's not good people Rainbow Dash! I'm telling you, he'll use you and then cut you off just like he did me! I knew him! I know him! He hasn't changed, that's the whole reason I confronted him the first day I saw him, was to see if he had changed. I spoke to him, I saw what he's become! He hasn't changed at all!"

Despite her shivering body offering her no real strength to cause the usual intimidation she was capable of, she still managed to shoot Twilight a stare stern enough to make Fluttershy proud.

"Did you ever consider, that maybe you confronting him just brought out his old self, like a bad memory? I've spent days with him Twilight! Days! He's my fucking roommate for fucks sake! I'm with him practically all the time! I know him! Not you! And I say the Daybreak you claim to know, isn't him anymore!"

Twilight was up from kneeling now, her voice raised once again as her anger began to boil over.


Rainbows mouth opened, the words jumped to the forefront of her lips. She wanted to scream to Twilight about what her and Daybreak had said and done together. She wanted to yell it to everyone that she was dating the son of chaos, if only just to make them all leave him be...but as she looked around, at all the ears now leaning towards them from within the mass of students...all the whispering that was now occurring...she knew she couldn't. She'd told him she wouldn't tell anyone, and that meant she had to keep that part quiet. She knew the things they'd shared together, and the things he'd said to her, were important to him. If her friends knew, then they would understand why they should trust him, no doubt. But Twilight was too smart, if Rainbow revealed anything, she'd figure out everything somehow, that's how she was with things like this. Plus, considering how much she clearly hated Daybreak, there's no way she'd let the problem rest if Rainbow hinted too strongly she knew things Twilight didn't.

Knowing this, Rainbow tried to pick her words carefully.

"I-It doesn't matter what he said Twilight...I...I trust him...fully. That should be enough for you. I'm asking you to trust me with this. He's fine Twilight."

Twilight stared hard at Rainbow Dash, her piercing gaze held the same effect as the headmistresses. It gave off the impression that Twilight was x-raying her, maybe even just looking straight through her. Rainbow could tell she knew, she knew Rainbow was hiding something, and that meant this likely wouldn't end anytime soon. Luckily for her, before the situation could escalate, the twin entrance doors burst open from the outside!

Twilight's body whipped around quicker than anyone's, she gasped, hands jumping to her mouth. Her exclamation was followed by many others within the crowd of students as everyone turned towards the doors. There, standing in the entrance and barely supporting one another, were Sunset Shimmer and Daybreak. Each one seemed half conscious, it was difficult to discern who was leaning on who for support. A cat hung loosely to end of Sunsets hair, before exploding into a confetti of water seconds later. Sunset's hair was a frizzled mess and charred black in several places along the tips of her follicles. Her clothes were clearly soaked straight down to her skin, which to anyone who hadn't been outside yet, seemed weird considering she'd left with a barrier up. Had most of her body not been leaning over and around Daybreak, much of her skin would have been visible through the wet clothes. It was a factor several boys in the crowd did not fail to pick up on, as they slowly started trying to lean over top each other to catch even a small glimpse.

Daybreak looked worse off than her, there was mud and slush dominating the majority of his formerly emerald hair. His left arm was bent, tightly pressed against his chest, and straining to hold some kind of sack within his clothing. His raincoat and pants were torn in several places, and blood ran down the sides of his face and knees. With all the water rushing down his body, it was nearly impossible to tell where the stream of red was originating. Although judging from his shredded knees, that was definitely one of the spots at least.

Applejack, along with a mint green girl whose hair matched the color of her skin, with a white streak lining the front of her locks, quickly rushed forward from the crowd to catch the two as they started to stumble forward. Neither Daybreak nor Sunset made it much past the entrance upright, both were clearly unable to support each other for more than a few steps, and collapsed forward just as Applejack and the mint girl reached them. Applejack made it to Daybreak before he could fully lose his balance, managing to catch him at the chest and keeping him mostly standing. But the mint colored girl, who wasn't nearly as fast as the farmer, was unable to get there in time to keep Sunset on her feet, and ended up letting her simply collapse back into her arms.

Applejack slowly turned her and Daybreak around, to begin making a slow walk over to one of the mats where he could sit and rest. Sadly, they never got to start...seconds after Applejack had Daybreak fully upright, a blinding flash of color zoomed by Twilight (along with several pairs of blankets trailing behind), leaving her spinning on her heels and headed straight for them! It flew past Sunset and the mint girl quick enough to take them both off balance and put them on their rears, with Sunset's back landing in the mint girls lap and leaving them both seeing stars! AJ prepared herself for the inevitable, and familiar, gut wrenching pain that would soon come as the wall of vibrant color slammed into her and Daybreak!

Applejack felt the wind leave her body as both she and Daybreak were sent skidding several feet, nearly back out the twin doors, as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around them both and squeezed the life from their bodies!

"Daybreak! You look like shit! Are you alright? What happened to your hair? What happened to your clothes? What happened to your head!? What are you clutching under that coat? Are you covered in blood?! Why are you always covered in blood?! Come on and answer me dammit!"

Rainbow hadn't even come to a full stop before she began firing off questions into Daybreak and AJ's faces. The sheer power of her squeeze was enough to even cause Applejack a few twinges of pain, she had no idea Rainbow could hug quite so...anaconda-like, until now. AJ was forced to release her hold on Daybreak in order to break free of Rainbows grasp. Dash turned and caught Daybreak in her arms without missing a step, seemingly losing all interest in Applejack and fully turning her attention on him.

Even through the torn coat, Rainbow could feel his body quivering worse than her own. She wasted no time removing the remaining blankets from her body (the few that had survived the trip over at least). She draped each one over Daybreak, doing her best to wrap him up like a marshmallow...similar to how she had been a few moments prior. Twilights jaw was on the floor in disbelief.

"Rainbow Dash! What are you doing?!"

"Uh...helping my friend...duh...he's obviously freezing to death here." Rainbow didn't even turn to look back at her, she just kept her eyes focused on Daybreak as she went to work dabbing the smaller blankets at whatever parts of him remained wet. Having still not changed out of her own wet clothing despite extras being brought over to her, her bra and undershorts were almost fully visible through her clothing. Despite her having had more time to dry herself off, Rainbows visible skin was still showing even worse than Sunset Shimmers, but she didn't care. The only thing that mattered to her right then, was warming up Daybreak. Gingerly running her fingers through his muddied hair, pulling out both twigs and bits of garbage along the way, she looked at his face and smiled.

"How ya feeling big guy?" She kept her voice low so as not to let the others around overhear, but the softness in her voice was apparent even to those far away...and drew back in the curious ears. Slowly, she dragged the towel through his hair, trailing it behind her fingers, drying and cleaning as much of it as she could. He seemed barely able to speak, his lips were a shade of dark purple and nothing about him felt warm to the touch. Even his breath seemed to come out cold as he attempted a chuckle.

"H-hey t-there Dashie...I...I s-see you f-found F-Fluttershy ehehehe...oww...b-brought her b-back a p-present..."

The sack under his arm slowly dropped from his grip, making a wet splat sound as it struck against the floor. Rainbow looked down and gave a slight start when the bag jumped after briefly touching her foot.

"What's inside of it?"

"A...A b-baby gator..."

Eyebrows up and curious, Rainbow leaned down, using her free hand to slowly open the bag while keeping her other on Daybreaks chest to support him. Slowly, as the zipper came down, a small scaled head popped out of the bag...the head of a miniature green gator. Without a warning, it flung itself from the sack and latched it's toothless jaws onto Rainbows head. Daybreak expected her to shriek in fear, or at least violently tear the predator off her head...but she didn't. In fact, she didn't even look surprised...rather bored instead. She simply stood back up and cupped her free hand over her mouth.


"N-no Dash...I s-said it's f-for F-Flutters-shy..."

The loudest gasp in known history, followed by the sounds of people being toppled over like bowling pins, traveled throughout the crowd before he ever finished his words! The next thing Daybreak knew, there was a flash of pink, then he found himself being crushed between two large, squishy balloons covered only by a t-shirt, while something with the force of a freight train crashed into him! Instantly deprived of breath and unable to tell what just rang all the choir bells in his head, Daybreak started to crumple backwards, only to find his new captor refuse to allow it. A crushing pain rocketed up his arms as something began to squeeze the life from his lungs, cracking his arm bones in the process. A high pitched, and obviously way too hyper voice, broke through the comfortable volume limit on his ear drums, and sent his head ringing with more pain.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you! I love presents and I especially love getting presents from strangers it's the perfect chance to make new friends and I'm always trying to make new friends in fact there was this one time an old cranky man named Doodle came to Ponyville looking for his long lost lover and I greeted him with my standard Pinkie Pie Welcome To Ponyville Party Canon he didn't like that too much but when I gave him a new and sexy looking hair piece to wear he seemed to mellow out then I kinda ruined his most prized possession and ended up finding his old flame for him so everything was alright in the end but now you're here in Ponyville and I haven't thrown you a party yet you just gotta let me throw you a party cause parties are my life and even though Twilight says your a big meanie I'm willing to give anyone a chance cause I love making new friends and I'm just dying to know how you and Dashie became friends you can tell me all about it at the party once you've had a bit to drink of course and-mmmmmmph!"

Breath exploded down his throat and flooded his lungs as Daybreak found himself miraculously released from the death hug he'd been given. He crumpled to his knees the moment he was free and only looked up once he'd drawn in several deep breaths of oxygen. He gazed up to find Rainbow Dash with her hand clasped around the mouth of his former captor, and the baby gator now missing from her head. Rainbow smiled at him sheepishly

"Sweet Celestia Pinkie Pie, take a breath for goddess sake. He just got in from being out in that . Give him a minute. Ok?" She gestured out towards the window with her head. The girl known as Pinkie Pie had her eyes darting about in her head, from the window, to Daybreak, then back and forth a few times, before she slowly nodded. Rainbow released her, and extended a hand to him. He took it, still shivering, and allowed her to pull him up. They both slowly re-gathered the blankets that had fallen off him while he'd been attacked by Pinkie, and began wrapping themselves up again. Pinkie smiled, blushing lightly at him as the baby gator that had been attached to Rainbows head, now crawled it's way up her arm and to her hair, nuzzling itself into her poofy head like a nest.

"Guess the gator is hers...or something...I don't even care anymore...I just wanna lay down for awhile and nap...maybe forever..."

"hehehe Sorry...I just get so excited when I meet new friends."

"We aren't friends. I just met you." His voice was strained by exhaustion, shivering cold, and a mild annoyance at having the life squeezed out of him for the third time that day. He half expected the madly grinning girls smile to droop, or for her to show some kind of negative reaction to his blunt words. Instead of any of that...she just kept smiling.

"Silly, just because we just met doesn't mean we can't already be friends."

"If your smile doesn't stop exceeding your facial limits...I'm calling the psyche ward"

Daybreak stared at her hard. Her smile was abnormally sincere...he could see it in her eyes. Everything about her grin screamed an overabundance of cuddles. Taking the few free moments he had while re-blanketing himself to get a good look at her, he studied her appearance in depth. This girls name was Pinkie Pie, he'd heard Rainbow call her that. She was almost as tall as he was, and with her overly poofy (and obviously uncontrollable) pink hair, she equaled his height if not surpassed it. Her skin was the perfect shade of pink bubblegum and radiated with an aura that seemed to call out a promise of hugs...endless hugs. She wore a sky blue t-shirt that loosely flapped in the wind each time she moved. Instead of jeans or pants, she wore a light purple skirt that extended down to her knees and was decorated all over with an uncountable assortment of party balloons. Even if her shirt hadn't been as loosely fitted as it was, he had a feeling it would still give a significant bounce each time she jumped. There was no way any shirt could have held down the amount of cleavage she had beneath her fabric. He'd felt it when she squeezed him, her chest must have been almost as large as Fluttershy's. Yet somehow she'd managed to move at such an unnatural speed before she'd tackled him...that was a terrifying thought. On top of her ridiculously large boobs and overall cuddly body structure...her smile seemed to radiate sunshine. Not literally of course, but her smile made him want to smile, if only slightly. It wasn't like the happy feeling he felt when Rainbow hugged him, but more like a feeling welling up inside him that would brighten a normal person's day.

He had an idea of what significant role this smiley girl played just by the uncomfortable, but also slightly warm, feeling he got from her. With a painful strain, he blinked into his magical sight and found his suspicions quickly confirmed. If he looked past the surface of her bubbly aura, towards her core like he'd done with Rainbow and Fluttershy, he could see the same, warm, pulsating waves of energy within her.

"This chatter box is an Element of Harmony? Do they just give these things away?"

A firm pat on his back from Rainbow brought him back to reality. She was helping him slowly shuffle his way over to a mattress lying on the gyms floor, some fifteen feet away. Pinkie seemed to have gone off in her own little world after he didn't answer her back. She was now playing with the baby gator, allowing him to clamp his toothless jaws upon her hands, then gently flipping him over in her opposite palm and tickling his underbelly. It was, admittedly adorable.

He and Rainbow made it to the mattress, walking right by Twilight without a word in the process, and he collapsed into the remaining pile of blankets Rainbow had left over from her sprint to him. He was tempted to shoot Twilight a sneer, just to piss her off, but he was too tired to be an asshole and simply allowed his exhaustion to overwhelm him.

"Ah yes...sweet sleep, come to me. Preferably in form of my egotistical, but still hot, girlfriend...wait...why did I just think that..."

Sheets flew everywhere as Daybreak fell onto the mattress, like a sloth suffering from sleep deprivation. It was a full minute before Rainbow was able to sit down beside him and fully cover her own shivering body as well. She sat close, but not so close it seemed like she was trying to cuddle him, despite her deep desire to do just that.

Once they were both settled and mostly comfortable, Twilight and her friends surrounded the mattress like vultures. Sunset Shimmer showed up a moment later, accompanied by the mint colored girl and shivering as madly as Daybreak. Twilight took one glance at Sunset, and snapped her fingers. Purple sparks exploded forth from the gym floor as a mattress identical to the one Daybreak and Rainbow were on, materialized before them, complete with several more blankets.

"Here Sunset, lay down on this. I've added a heating spell to it. You'll be fine in no time."

The mint girl helped Sunset onto the mattress, then as soon as she was covered in her own set of sheets, took a quick glance towards Daybreak and scurried away like a frightened kitten.

"Thanks Lyra!" Sunset attempted to yell after her, but she was already lost in the crowd of students. Pinkie embraced Sunset in a warming hug "I'm sure she heard you".

Sunset nodded, if she intended on replying, she wasn't given the chance. Twilight quickly stepped to the front of her friends and looked down at Daybreak, literally and figuratively.

"Look, I'm just as thrilled as the rest of you that Sunset is ok, really I am. But we need to get a few things straight before we start handing out the warm hugs anymore-"

Pinkie Pie looked visibly disappointed at this notion and slowly shrunk back into the circle with her friends. Twilight gave her a sympathetic smile, then turned and narrowed her gaze down at Daybreak again

"-starting with you Daybreak. I have some questions for you and I better get some answers."

Rainbow unconsciously scooted closer to him upon hearing the sharpness in Twilights voice. Daybreak felt the slight shift in the mattress and realized what Rainbow was doing. He smiled to himself...if that was how Rainbow felt on the matter, he might as well have a little fun. Although he was still visibly weak and shivering, he summoned up the strength to be a smart ass.

"And if I don't feel like answering, then what? Will you lecture me on the importance of being honest with your friends?" His mocking smile caused Twilight noticeable enragement, but even she couldn't see his slowly balling fists beneath the sheets.

"Then I'll have you arrested the moment you can walk on your own, maybe even before that, for casting this magic chaos storm over Ponyville!"


Twilight looked to her left as a gentle tug on her sleeve briefly distracted her. She hadn't even realized it until now, but her palms were starting to glow a dangerous purple. Fluttershy was gently holding onto her sleeve and looking at her with a soft, but saddened gaze. She felt another, more powerful hand gently set itself on her right shoulder. She knew it was Applejack even before she turned to look at her.

"Listen Sugarcube, ya'll think maybe ya outta let us handle this here 'questioning' of yours? I think it'd be a lot better for everyone."

"I'm perfectly capable-!"

Applejack held up her hand, Twilight went silent instantly. Daybreak was actually a little impressed.

"Is this other girl really so terrifying that she can just silence Twilight like that...or maybe they have some level of respect I don't understand...either way I wish I could do the time"

"I'm sure you are capable hun, but ya'll aren't as observant as I am. You're stressing him out just as much as he is you. Why else would he be clenching his fists tighter than one of my lasso knots under that there blanket?"

Instinctively, Daybreak unclenched his fists, noticeable shock jumped to his face for a moment. He was unable to hide the movement of his hands from those surrounding him, so he just tried to play it off normally, even as Twilight let a small smile sneak onto her lips.

"Well, of course she's stressing me out. I just got back in from walking through the fucking ocean falling from the sky, animal crossing addition, in case you haven't noticed, combined with enough wind to turn the Leaning Tower of Pisa into the Laying Tower. All to find a girl who turned out to be here all along! Then to add on to those pleasantries, I got ambushed by a bunch of furry animals who seemed intent on sacrificing me in a massive black cauldron-" He shot Fluttershy a brief glare, he watched her quickly dissolve into blushes, obviously understanding what had happened to him.

"Well that at least that proves she knows they set those traps...what in Tartarus could her house possibly need that for...?"

"Then after escaping from nearly being cooked alive and eaten by a toothless gator, I got to walk back through the storm, again! And that's not even the best part! No, the best part is on the way back, I actually managed to discover whose behind this storm of the dark ages! Only to have my ass handed to me by said saboteur, and have to be rescued by Sunset Shimmer! Then I get here to be lectured by the Princess of grudge holders over there! So yeah! I'm a little stressed out!"

He'd kept his cool at the beginning, but towards the end he couldn't help but let his anger start to flow through. He was tired of being blamed for things that weren't his fault, or his doing, or within his control to stop. Twilight seemed to be making it a habit of doing all three, and it was actually starting to piss him off, despite how he reacted.

The girl who'd stepped forward and silenced Twilight opened her mouth to speak, but Twilights impatience for answers seemed to get the better of her. She quickly dropped to a kneeling position so as to be eye level with him, and stared at him hard

"If that's true, and you really did see who did this, then tell me who, now!"

His eyes narrowed with growing rage.

"How dare you presume to order me Twilight!" He could his anger coming to a boil again.

"Ask politely and I'll think about it."

"I'd sooner jump off the top staircase without magic than ask you (bold) for anything! Now tell me!"

"Bite me Princess

"Why you little shit-!"

"Excuse me Princess, but I need a moment of silence while I get into a meditative state where I block out any and all irritating white noise...I call it The Twilight Zone."

Rage didn't begin to describe the feelings of pure hate that seemed to be literally fuming out of Twilights ears! Especially when Daybreak actually did cross his legs, shut his eyes, and began lightly humming to himself.

On the outside, Twilight absolutely lost her mind, she started screaming words at him she didn't even know she could use! Whatever anger she had been suppressing during their conversation likely came out right then. Pinkie Pie had to physically cover Fluttershy's ears for her, while Twilight unleashed the full force of her verbal arsenal of insults!

However, in Daybreaks mind, he was hearing nothing but the sound of waves crashing against a craggy coast, birds chirping, and the ever so subtle sound of a cocky friend calling to him. He was tempted to actually attempt touching Rainbows mind and speaking to her for real, if only to pass the time. Though, considering how weak he already was from the storm and his "fight" with Famine, and that he'd never successfully attempted telepathy before...he decided it was best to just stay in his "Twilight Zone".

A few minutes passed where Daybreak enjoyed the sounds of his own thoughts and the bliss that came with blocking out the world, but eventually he found himself being given a light shake, by none other than Rainbow Dash herself. She wore an expression of held back laughter, mixed with slight concern. Though it was clear that suppressing the giggles was causing her more of a struggle than the concern was. Clearly he'd missed something funny. Looking around, Twilight was no where to be found, and the girl who had silenced her with just a raised hand, was now kneeling down in front of him, also wearing a small smirk, though hers had a more subtle hint of seriousness to it.

He couldn't help the raised eyebrow that came when she slowly extended her hand to him out of nowhere. He eyed it for a moment, as though studying it for booby traps.

"What are the chances there's a hidden blade or something stashed under her sleeve, ready to stab the shit out of me when I shake her hand?...Well she's not Twilight...or my mother... so I should be good...I guess there's no reason to be rude...yet."

Slowly he extended his right hand from under the blanket, and took hers in it. Upon the moment of contact, he regretted his decision. Whether on purpose or not, there was no feeling like having your hand flattened into paper during a handshake...and this girl did just that. There was enough strength and power in just her grip, to make him quiver in fear.

"This girl...could literally tear me in half...and then in half again...and still probably not break a she even human?"

He doubted she could tell what he was thinking, or that he could sense the amount of power she was holding back so as to not break his hand, but it didn't seem to matter. It took every shred of self-taught discipline he had not to cry out in agony, even as his eyes attempted to water. Once the pain began to show on his face, the girl smiled more sincerely than before, and released him. He made sure never to utter a single whimper of pain, he wouldn't let her make him feel weak.

"My name's Applejack, I think we all may have gotten off on the wrong foot here. Yer past with Twilight is ya'lls business, and I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before I judge 'em. So I'd like to start off right."

He looked upon her like he had Pinkie Pie, after quickly pulling his throbbing hand back under the blankets to rub profusely until it ceased to be a pancake of course. She gave off a feeling that was nothing like what he felt from Pinkie. Where as the Hug Machine a few feet away had an aura that practically tasted of joy and free spiritedness, Applejacks aura, although just as overwhelming to be near, was stern. He felt a strong sense of duty and honor radiating from her when he extended his perceptions. He also felt a deep seeded sense of pride, for herself and her family. Though that would normally be a weakness to exploit, this girl gave off the feeling that it was her strength. He didn't bother with his magical sight this time, he'd pretty much deduced that she, and the white skinned girl that had yet to identify herself within the crowd, were the last of the Elements. Nevertheless he was curious, and resolved to check her aura later when he had his strength back.

Her magical aura aside, Daybreak took note of her actual appearance next. This girl clearly worked on a farm, there was no doubt in his mind. If there was a book of stereotypes written about farmers, she likely met every single one. Even without her accent, her clothing alone gave her away. Atop her blonde colored hair was a large brown "ten gallon" hat, which he'd only ever spotted worn atop the citizens of Appleloosa, or on the farm folk that lived in the outskirts of Equestria. He was tempted to ask if she had any family in Appleloosa, but he doubted the answer would surprise him much. Her hair, which was long enough to extend wildly down to her back if she hadn't tied it with a tiny red bow at the bottom, was lain over the side of her right shoulder and nearly touching his feet as she knelt in front of him.

Complimenting her hat and hair, was a loosely tucked collared shirt. Lime green on the top and bleach white towards the bottom with buttons leading down the center of the shirt. Her bottoms were tight fitting jeans, but they only seemed tight because of the bronze colored belt that was strapped around them, squeezing the jeans against her waist. At the point where both parts of the belt met in the middle, there was a bronze apple shaped belt buckle just above her zipper. Considering her most likely job, the reason for the belt was probably to loosen the jeans if they ever became too tight while she worked in whatever field or orchard she was responsible for.

Moving past her clothes, he took care to admire the smoothness of her skin, compared to the roughness of the calices he'd felt on her hand when she shook his. It was a remarkable feat to keep ones skin so smooth while working on a farm all day, but she seemed to be pulling it off well. He couldn't get a proper read on her chest size from the angle she was squatting, especially since her shirt was so loosely tucked. He didn't really care about something like that on this girl though, she had an aura that commanded respect...and he respected her for that. Though it was nice to finally see someone other than Rainbow Dash whose chest wasn't clawing to be free of their owners shirt.

Satisfied he had enough info on Superwoman to work with, he gave her a small smirk and nodded.

"Ok, fine. Let's say we do start over then, what now?"

Applejack stood up, turning her head back she gave a small nod to Fluttershy, who retreated backwards out of sight as though she'd been commanded. After a moment of silence, where he could swear he felt Rainbows hands crawling ever closer to him under the sheets, Fluttershy returned...pulling a very grumpy looking Twilight Sparkle with her by the arm. Realization quickly dawned on Daybreak as he saw the pair slowly reenter the circle.

"So, she must have stormed off...or maybe they made her step back? Either one works for me..."

Twilight stood amongst her friends with tightly crossed arms and a sour expression glued to her cheeks. Clearly she was unhappy about something.

"Maybe she wanted to punch me while I was ignoring her and they wouldn't let her...that would certainly sour my mood if I was her"

Applejack tuned back to face him once again

"Now that's Twilight's back, and everyone has had a few moments to calm down, we can have a real discussion about what happened to ya out there. Alright?"

He nodded hesitantly, a cold shiver snuck it's way up his spine as he spoke "Y-yeah...sure. Just gimmie a minute to think about everything ok? My head's still a little hazy from everything that happened..."

"Are you cold dude? I could run and find AJ's granny real quick. She could fix you some of their family soup, it'll warm you up like lightning, never fails. I'm sure she's probably handing some out around here anyway, since we're stuck here. Maybe she has some cider barrels too..."

Glancing her head around the gym excited by her own words, Rainbow slowly stood up, dragging several blankets up with her. She looked to be carrying a bedspread with her rather than sheets as she quickly took off into the crowd, excitedly chattering her teeth (even while she sneezed every which way). Fluttershy stepped forward and motioned in the direction Rainbow had just gone.

"Maybe I should go with her, just in case she hurts herself even more. We all know how she can get when she thinks there's cider around...and she looks pretty sick already, I 'd hate to let her drink anything that could make it worse..."

The others around her nodded, and no one tried to stop her when she quickly jogged off after her sneezing friend.

Applejack smiled after them, then looked back to Daybreak. She could see on his face, the moment Rainbow Dash had left, his knuckles tightly clenched around the sheets. He had visibly shrunk back into the blankets, more so than before. She smiled brighter

"It's all right Sugarcube, ya can tell me what happened. I can promise ya Twilight will be on her best behavior while you speak, and we'll all listen with open minds. Right Twilight?"

Twilight merely grunted her reply, and jerkily nodded her head. Although seeing Twilight being scolded did give him some form of pleasure, he was still shaky about being around Rainbow's friends...without Rainbow here...while he was so weak.

Truthfully, he'd have had no real issue explaining what had occurred out in the storm in the first place if Twilight hadn't be so presumptuous the moment he got back, and tried to threaten him. With a quick glance to his side, he saw that Sunset Shimmer was close to fully asleep on the mattress opposite him, her eyes fluttered dangerously as she tried futilely to stay awake for his explanation. Twas a fate he wished he could share right then. He felt his eyes start to weigh down...but he knew he had to at least warn these people of what was coming, before he surrendered to his own exhaustion. He closed his eyes, attempting find some clarity for this situation within his thoughts

"Trying to handle something like the Four Horsemen on my own...would probably be foolhardy...I couldn't even feel Famine's aura...she's unlike anything I've ever faced..."

"What the fuck do you think you're thinking?! You...WE...are the Prince of Fucking Chaos! How dare you even consider asking for the help of others! Have you not always done things on your own, have you not always succeeded on your own?!"

The darkness witin his eyelids erupted into a familiar sight. A mirror image of himself, wearing scaly black armor covered in flames and a long fiery black cloak, appeared and took up his vision. It was as if he was looking himself in the face, but instead of emerald green eyes, he saw a bright sapphire blue, slitted like a snake. His other self smiled at him, revealing serrated teeth.

"...You again...Why are you back? If you try and invade me like before I'll-!"

"Relax...I don't need to take you over in a situation such as this, you're body is too weak to handle it right now anyways. Besides deep down you know my next words are true...We have always done things on our own. Although you've ignored me all these years since you first faced The Mirror with Father, I'll always be around until you go back and finish what you started...But that's not why I'm speaking up now. The time for the Mirror will come, but it's a talk for another day. I'm here about what you're about to tell these people...these humans. The Apocalypse. Why warn them at all? You and I both know that the world is rotten, just like Famine said. Why not join her and end it all to start anew?"

"First of all, you and I have argued about this topic since before I came to this school. My opinion will always remain the same. Destroying the world is not the same as saving it. And secondly, she made it pretty clear she needs my soul for the Apocalypse. So joining her is guaranteed suicide, and lately, I actually want to live. Plus, don't think I don't know what you're trying to do. If I give up my soul and die, you'll be instantly freed from the Mirror to wreak your havoc upon the world. But if I just die normally, you die too. My soul is your leash, and I intend to keep it on you forever."

"...Fine if you insist on stopping the Apocalypse, at least do it on your own. You've tried relying on temporary allies before, and we've seen how that turned out through the years. Remember the Griffon Empire? The Dragons? The Siren that you encountered crossing the sea? Ouizotal and his followers? There is a reason you always failed when you went with some half assed allies, and you always succeeded when you forsook companions...You are the exiled prince. You fight alone. You work alone. You win alone. And you live, alone. Except it. The sooner you do, the better of we both will be"

"Not anymore. I don't have to be alone anymore. Rainbow Dash isn't like anyone else, anywhere. She knows who I am, what that means, and she still wants to be with me. ME! The Exiled Prince of Discord and Celestia. She wants to be with me!"

"She doesn't know about me...You ever think of that? She's only caught a glimpse of me during your duel, and although I thoroughly enjoyed the epic ass beating I gave her, I highly doubt she'd be so willing to stay with you if she knew you really are as bad as Twilight makes you out to be. At least on the inside. Why do you think she never mentioned it afterwards, she's afraid of what answers you might give to her questions? She doesn't know about those times you thought about leaving her when you first met, or when you tried to walk away. There's still plenty this girl doesn't know about you, and there's a reason for that. If you truly believed she was one hundred percent different from everyone else, you'd have told her, at least about me by now. I mean, you've already stolen her first kiss, you've done things. You've done things together that you have never experienced before. And judging from what's swimming around in your head, you're planning on doing alot more with her. So what are you waiting for then? I know, and let's face it, you know too."

"...Just stay out of my thoughts, those aren't yours to watch like in some in house movies...and stop acting like you wanna help me. You and I both know what you are. You're my Mirror. My darkness. That means you're also my opposite. I know what that details, as my opposite, you'd want the opposite of what I do. So destroying the world is definitely on your to do list if you're ever free. So trying to tempt me with Father's Mirror is pointless. One free wish isn't worth the risk of being defeated by you and watching you start an Apocalypse of your own."

"Even if you can wish for anything? I still don't think you truly understand what that means after all these years? No drawbacks, no literal translation of your wish. You get exactly what you want. That means you can have Rainbow Dash forever if you want. World Peace. Unlimited knowledge. Immortality...well I guess you've got that covered...You could make Rainbow Dash immortal and be together forever....You do realize that's how your parents-"

"Enough already! I told you I get it! And Father already told me everything back then, so I don't know why you ever bother repeating it. I know that's how my parents became practically gods. I know that's how Celestia is able to make other people Princesses too. And I know that's why Father stole the Mirror from her. I know it all, and I don't care. Because the risk is too much for someone like me. In order to gain my one wish, I have to defeat my own mirror half. That's you, and that's the deal breaker. My parents, my aunt, they weren't all powerful when they fought their mirror selves, they were mortal. Had they lost, their Mirrors would have been free, true, but they would have been defeatable....I'm different...You, are different. I was born from Celestia and Discord after they had become gods. They made me after they'd already done their trials. That makes me a demi-god by blood, and an Immortal according to Father (all I have to do is choose it). I'm already the most powerful sorcerer of my own age, anywhere, and that will likely continue as I grow...That means you are all those things as well. I can't risk an immortal, more powerful and darker version of me walking free. So no I'm never going back. I tried once and barely escaped you. You can stay in limbo for eternity as far as I'm concerned."

"...You are a coward Daybreak. Truly. You should have finished our fight with honor back then. And even after that, when you found out I was in limbo within True Space after you escaped, you never reached out and excepted me. You have a chance that no one, not your parents or anyone before them has ever had, because of your decisions. You could join together with me and realize true power. It would be so easy and risk free, if you have the will to gain mental dominance when we fuse that is. You'd have the best of both me and you, plus you're one wish at the mirror, because I'd be gone. Yet you refuse. Our fight with Rainbow Dash was proof that, when sharing a body, no one could stand up to us.. You're just too afraid of me to try. Too afraid of yourself, just like when you were a child. Coward."

"Call me a coward all you wish. But I'll never let you out. I don't want your help and I don't need your advice. Stay in the True Space and stay out of my mind."

"...One day you will regret saying that when you need me most...Fine...You don't want me around, consider me gone...Oh and before I go, you should know...I gave Rainbow Dash my name in ancient text. It's on a little piece of paper that she still has. Have fun with that."

And then, there was silence. But not a silence he was used to. For once, his mind felt quiet, like there was nothing to disturb his thoughts anymore.

".......................Is he gone?........I don't feel another mind anymore...Actually...I don't sense him at all anymore...Did he really just...go back for good?...Finally, at peace with my own thoughts. Wow...I feel...different all of the sudden...what's this warmth in my chest...It's growing hotter..."


A soothing warmth seemed to be flowing through his chest, like a subtle wind you barely notice until you think about it. It was lukewarm, and spread like smooth silk. It felt like a tiny river was slowly making it's way around his chest, warming him from the inside.


There was a voice...a voice was calling out to him...but from where?

"I can hear it...a sounds nice...but where...I don't see...Wait! My eyes are closed!"

As soon as he thought it, his eyes shot open and his head flew forward. He sat up, tangled in the blankets he'd laid down with! Rainbow Dash, who had been kneeling over him, was knocked back as he rapidly sat up, nearly head butting her and sending the bowl of soup she'd been cradling in her hands spilling onto the floor, with the bowl shattering upon impact.

Momentarily confused as to how he'd ended up on his back, he turned towards the sound of the shattering pottery and casually waved his hand. Before the pieces of the bowl had even finished spreading on the floor, they all jumped into the air, along with the liquid that had previously inhabited them. Everything hovered still for a moment above the floor...then...with a small flash of green was fixed. The bowls pieces were back together with no traces of any cracks in it's structure, and the liquid within was once again lightly steaming from it's own warmth.

Daybreak slowly looked around, blinking quickly as he tried to remember what had happened before he'd apparently passed out. Applejack was still kneeling, so it couldn't have been that long. Although she was a bit farther back than he remembered, and Rainbow Dash was now right beside him. She slowly plucked the hovering soup bowl out of the air and went back to gently cradling it in her arms. She gave him a warm smile as he looked at her.

"It must have been her voice that I heard when I was out...great...and I thought that voice sounded sweet and alluring...I'm so far gone with her...

"You ok there dude? You fell asleep for a few minutes according to AJ, and she just decided to wait until you woke up to talk. Guess you must be pretty tired from that whole storm if you fell asleep that quickly. I just got back with her granny's soup a minute ago, and thought I'd try feeding it to you in your sleep, like pouring it in your mouth and stuff-"

"Which Ah found very adorable by the way." Applejack shot him a wink. Rainbow's face slightly flushed when she saw it, and she quickly coughed to change the subject

"...well...hehe it's uh...pretty obvious how well that worked out...ow."

For a moment, Daybreak thought she was only referring to the spilled soup he'd magically fixed a moment ago, until he looked down at Rainbow's legs and pelvis...covered in a few remaining hot noodles he hadn't managed to charm back into the bowl. Eyes widening, he quickly cast a spell over the noodles, cleaning them off and returning them to their bowl, which he gently took from Rainbow and set down beside the mattress. Without thinking, he grasped ahold of Rainbows legs and cast a light aura over her skin, cooling anything that might be burned. He practically lifted her backside up into the air by her legs, causing her to mildly blush as he gave her legs a quick once over for burns, not even realizing how this might look to others.

"You ok Dash?...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spill it on you."

" prob...umm...dude...they're kinda...staring at us..." Her voice came out shaky, and not just from her cold skin. He could tell from her voice, she was struggling to control a large amount of embarrassment.


He looked around, Rainbows friends we're indeed staring at him, and it was only then he realized how inappropriate what he was doing to her, actually looked. With blood rushing to color his cheeks, he quickly released her legs. She crumpled back into the blankets with a light thud and quickly gathered the sheets back around her. Twilight looked absolutely livid, and only got worse when Daybreak quickly grabbed hold of Rainbow, pulling her into a tight hug within the mountain of blankets. He flashed her an unusually warm smile

"Thanks for the soup Dash...ya know...even though I kinda made you wear most of it..."

"I feel so different...almost like without feeling Him in my head anymore...I feel...good...definitely better than usual...even though I feel so weak, it's like I can just feel happy for once with Rainbow...weird"

Once again, Rainbow herself, was blushing even brighter than before "S-sure'd have done the same."

It was like her words lit up a light bulb in Daybreaks mind. He smiled brightly at her "You're right, I would." He reached back around the mattress and picked up the soup bowl in his left hand, while weaving his right through the air. After a quick moment, two spoons popped into existence, fizzling with green sparks in Daybreaks outstretched hand. He handed one to Rainbow, which she took with a puzzled expression.

"Uh dude, what are you doing?"

"Sharing the soup you got for me, duh. You're sick too, aren't you?"

"...Well...yeah I guess, but..."

"Then shaddup and drink."

He slowly dipped the spoon into the warm liquid with an eager look in his eyes. With a tender grace, he stirred the spoon around, taking extra care to gather as many of the ingredients into the center as possible as he did. Then, with doctor-like precision, he swiped the spoon through the center of the bowl and gathered up a large swath of its broth and noodles, along with some other unknown contents. After eyeing the spoon to ensure it had an acceptable amount of fluid in it, he gently guided it up to Rainbows lips. Her eyes extended wide as he gently pushed it against her, clearly not expecting him to actually feed it to her like a child...or a boyfriend. Despite the surprise, she did not resist, knowing full well it likely wouldn't do any good, on top of that, she knew how tasty Granny Smith's cooking was. She excepted the spoon and happily slurped up the liquid, practically inhaling the contents with a happy grin.

" ain't that just the cutest thing I ever saw. Found yerself a boyfriend have ya there Rainbow?"

Half tempted to turn and confirm her suspicion, Daybreak opened his mouth to reply...until a large stream of warm soup sprayed him in the face. This was followed by the sounds of a choking Rainbow Dash.

"D-Don't be *cough* ridiculous AJ...that's...not funny..."

Hearing Applejack snicker told him that Rainbow's spit-take had probably done what she intended, nevertheless, he wished she hadn't had to use his hair as a target. Broth and noodles were lining his face, he'd just about given up hope of successfully cleaning out his hair without a shower now. He sighed aloud

"Thanks Dash...I needed a shower anyways..."

He felt the soup bowl being pulled from his grip and set aside again, as she did this, Rainbow leaned close to his ear and quickly whispered

"You dork, you almost blew our cover...I'd like nothing better than to more careful what you do in public."

Before he could respond, Rainbow roughly gripped him under the armpits, and pulled them both to their feet. Applejack followed them up, helping Daybreak stand when he slightly stumbled.

"Hey look...I know everyone wants to hear what Daybreak saw out there, and who's really behind this storm, I wanna know too...but do you guys think it could wait just a little bit longer? Daybreak needs a warm shower...and now that I think about it, me and Sunset could probably use one too..."

At her name being mentioned, Sunset Shimmer sat straight up on her mattress, and looked Rainbow dead in the face, with an oddly serious expression

"Dooooooon't you speak for me Rainbow...I remember what happened the last time I showered anywhere near you...never again!"

"Oh come on Sunset, It was just one snow was funny."

"Only to you! You weren't the one who kept getting it dumped on you every ten seconds"

"Every ten seconds flat, on the nose. I made sure of it."

Sunsets eyes narrowed into daggers. Rainbow gave her a light shove in the arm while holding back a barrage of chuckles.

"Come on Sunset, a warm shower makes everyone feel better. I promise not to mess with you this time alright?"

"...Alright fine...but only if everyone else is ok with waiting too..." Rainbow smiled, she was sure she could see it on Sunsets face. She wanted a warm shower too now that Rainbow had mentioned it. Sunset slowly turned to face Applejack

"Are you ok with waiting awhile longer AJ?"

Rather than answer, Applejack took a quick glance at Twilight. Although she gave no voice to her opinion on the matter, her thoughts were clear by the grimace on her face. Applejack paused and thought to herself for a moment.

"There really ain't any harm to waiting awhile longer is there? And it can only improve Daybreaks current opinion of us if we let him wash up a bit. Ah highly doubt what he saw can be all that urgent if he can take the time for a shower, and all this talk. It wasn't like he was rushing to tell us what he saw neither, not that I would've either, considering the welcome he got...but Twilight...Twilight swears he's not a good person. In fact, I can see she downright hates him, with a passion. I've never known Twilight to bluntly lie about someone like this before, and she seems so sure. She's only ever gotten like this once before...and that was a long time ago...with Cadence, and she turned out to be right when none of us would listen to her...She said he hurt her real bad when they were kids, that might explain why she could be jumping the gun on him now...But he don't seem bad ta me...and Rainbow clearly cares about him alot. Rainbow Dash...Ever since that time we saw her with Fluttershy, its been excepted among us that her barn door swung a different way. Fluttershy always swore that we mistook what we saw, but I still don't see how something like that could be mistaken. Now though, I'm starting to think she might have been telling the truth, and not just too shy to admit the truth. I can see the way Dash's looking at him. I've never seen that before..."

Applejack chanced another quick glance back at Twi, who still had not changed her scowl-like expression. Clearly her opinion on the matter was certain, that left the others to ask. It was only fair to ask everyone, AJ was sure of that much. She placed her hand on Daybreaks shoulder, and noted how his eyes momentarily darted to her hand as it touched him. Whether it was discomfort or brief fear she saw in his eyes, it didn't matter. She expected that much after their opening handshake.

"Ah got no problem with you washing up ta feel better partner, but it's only fair we ask everyone before ya go. I ain't got no issues with ya just yet, but if everyone here thinks what you saw is too urgent to wait, I gotta insist ya tell us before ya go."

Whatever look Daybreak had held in his eyes from her touch, it vanished at her words, and was replaced with an ever so subtle sneer that even AJ could barely detect.

"I think I detect her weakness now. She's prideful, that's true, but that's not her flaw. Not technically at least. But rather, her pride for whatever code she obviously has and lives by, demands she treat everyone fairly. That's why she's taking such care in how she goes about this whole situation. In an weird way, she's trying to please and be fair to everyone at the same time. Oddly enough she seems to know what she's doing, which tells me she must be like this all the time. Huh...I bet her friends don't even realize how stressed that must make her, being fair and reasonable to everyone...I think I know her Element now...I also see how I can make this work to my favor. For now though, I might as well just play along, it'll get me away from this crowd I need to talk to Rainbow alone...I gotta tell her about the Shrimp in my house"

His sneer holding, Daybreak held up his right palm and slowly shook his head.

"No need to debate, Applejack, was it? I don't mind sharing what I saw at all. Just as long as Twilight behaves and doesn't try to order me around like I'm one of her subjects again, I'll gladly share."

Twilight's scowl darkened, she opened her mouth to retort, but made quick to catch herself when Applejack turned and shot her a menacing look that warned "Shut the hay up and deal with it for now"

As soon as he saw Twilights jaw close, he snickered to himself.

"Instant karma eh Twi? Now I can tell my little tale uninterrupted"

He sat himself back down in the sheets, finding little point in wasting what precious bit of energy he had left standing, when he could sit in the warm blankets. He patted the space next to him on the mattress. Milliseconds later, Rainbow plopped herself back down beside him and recurled up in the sheets, practically right next to him like a kitten. She was easily within arms reach, and he made sure to keep that in mind as he politely motioned for AJ and the others to sit as well.

"I'd prefer if everyone was at my eye level, if that's alright with you."

Applejack gave a light nod back, and followed his lead, sitting herself down in front of the mattress. The others quickly followed suite, and then Twilight, once she was the last one left standing, also conceded and sat. She crossed her arms and legs in such a tight manner, Daybreak wondered if they'd ever come apart again.

With a deep breath, Daybreak began.

"Well...this whole thing started when Rainbow came to me this morning..."


It took the better part of ten minutes for Daybreak to explain everything that had occurred to him since waking with Rainbow Dash that morning. He left out as many private details and unimportant things as he could, not wanting any of them to get too good a picture of where he lived, or how his days went...or what he might have done with Rainbow. He also didn't feel the need to share that he now had an orphan living with him, instead he skipped over that whole portion of his tale and described his return home as him retrieving a forgotten item. The only parts he stuck to the story one hundred percent on, was the parts involving Famine.

Although he did agree with his Mirror half, at least in the aspect of taking on the burden alone, he still felt like he should warn those he could about the possible future. There was no point in sending the world into a possible Apocalypse unprepared, it would only add to the casualties. He made his description of Famine as detailed as possible when he recounted what he'd experienced, hoping that at least one of them would show some kind of recognition or knowledge of who he was describing before he gave her name...but he was met with disappointment. He hadn't expected any better, not many knew any legends or mythology before Equestria's time...and he had the only book still in one piece. He'd mostly been eyeing Twilight during his description, to see if she knew...but just like her friends, before he gave the name, her expression remained confused. This confirmed that he had indeed stolen the book from Celestia before (bold) she'd granted Twilight access to the Restricted parts of the Royal Library. A fact he made sure to mention during his tale, and a fact, that made Twilight even more livid than she already was.

That fact gave him a small bit of satisfaction, because it meant he was the only one among any of them who held the knowledge of the Four Horsemen, and how they may be defeated if such a way existed. There was nothing stopping him from misleading the group and going on this quest by himself, he now controlled the flow of future events. He didn't expect it to be that easy though. So it was of little surprise to him that, when he gave the name and described what she said she wanted, both from him and for the world, he was met with mixed reactions from the group surrounding him.

Twilight reacted almost exactly like he predicted, complete denial. Rainbow Dash...was more accepting of the truth, but the moment he mentioned that this Famine wanted and needed his soul, he felt her hand grip his under the sheets. Almost jumping in surprise at her warm touch, he felt her worry just through her tight grip, and wanted to reassure her but knew he couldn't without making Twilight and possibly her friends, suspicious.

As for the others, he barely knew any of them so he couldn't gauge their reactions much, but that didn't make them any less interesting to see. Fluttershy gave a small squeal of fear at the world ending, and attempted to hide within her hair. Pinkie Pie...well...reacted rather odd... and nonchalantly, seemingly unworried by the news, and instead taking it upon herself to pull a white canvas from within her giant pink cloud of hair, and begin creating a sketch of Famine as per his description. Applejacks face showed a look of hardened concern, she was no doubt already attempting to work on some kind of solution to remedy the situation.

The final girl, the white skinned one whose name he'd yet to identify, gave a gasp as her hand flew up to her mouth. Although she showed some genuine concern during his description, afterwards she seemed more interested in the type of fabric that apparently had to have made up Famine's robes to move the way he'd described and create the illusion of her feet never touching the ground. He took only a brief moment to catch her description, undoubtedly he'd have time to learn more about her later, so a brief observation would do for now.

Her hair was obviously well kept and combed to a certain precision. It gave off the impression that ninety percent of her time in the morning was spent making sure she looked divine, before she actually bothered with anything else important. It was a dark velvet purple in color, much darker than Twilights and curled up along the right side of her head in two separate spots. Despite the neat and tidy appearance that seemed to literally radiate from her hair and complexion, Daybreak suspected (or hoped rather) that there was more to this girl than just her appearance. If there wasn't, he was going to be every disappointed. If there was one thing he'd come to expect from Twilight's friends at this point, it was that they all had such unique and complex personalities. Having someone who was so shallow she only cared about her appearance, as part of this little group would be such a waist, especially as far as Elements go.

Passing her curly hair, he moved his eyes down to her face and let them linger for a singular moment to take in her appearance. Her skin was marshmallow white and her cheeks showed obvious signs of make-up, further adding to his "hour to get ready in the morning" opinion. Her deep ocean blue eyes showed a sparkle of creativity he'd hadn't seen in many people in a very long time, and especially not at first glance. They also showed obvious hints of mascara and her eyelashes were either elongated as fuck, or fake, he'd except either one as truth.

Her clothing had to be (sadly) the most interesting thing about her at first glance. Although her starch white top looked simple on the surface, seeing as the only thing on it other than its own color was a triplet of gleaming blue gems placed in an intricate triangle about the center of the shirt, it was clear to someone like him it was actually very meticulous in it's design. Even without his magic sight active, he could see that there was power etched deeply into each fabric of her top. Each little fiber had been enchanted to keep certain effects of the environment around her from harming her clothing. He had a hunch that if he threw a chunk of mud on this girl (and lived to tell about it) her clothing's enchantment would protect it from any real harm.

Her bottoms were just as interesting as her top. She wore a slightly longer dark purple skirt that extended to her knees and almost past them, creating the illusion that it was a dress but maintaining the freeness and flexibility offered by a skirt. Just like the top, the skirt was decorated in gemstones of varying sizes and, very cleverly in Daybreaks opinion, each of the stitched gems was where her enchantments were stored. Each full gem seemed to hold a different charm, Daybreak could see it each time her clothing touching light in the right manner, it caused a slight sparkle of color to catch his eye.

With his brief analysis of her appearance over with, he moved on to gauging Sunset Shimmers reaction. Out of everyone, hers was not only the most interesting, but also the most surprising.

Once he'd finished his tale he watched everyone absorb what he said, and as everyone reacted as they did, he noticed that Sunset Shimmer was the only one to show seemingly no reaction to what he'd said. Briefly, he wondered if she'd even been paying attention, but before it occurred to him to ask...Twilight decided to throw her opinion around.

"Why should we trust any of this, just on your word? I've never even heard of these 'Four Horsemen' before. You and I studied with Princess Celestia for all those years together and never once did I see you go into the Restricted Section during study hours. How would you have even known about the book in the first place?"

He had expected this from Twilight entirely, if she'd believed him right off the bat, he'd have thought an alien had replaced her or something. Nevertheless her childish question irked him, and he made sure to show it.

"Because Princess despite what you may think you know, you weren't aware of every little thing I did when we studied together. Me and Celestia did occasionally share a conversation or two, not particularly long ones mind you, considering my overwhelming anger at her for tossing me out the streets at birth tended to bleed into the conversation!...but you get the picture...we talked. During those talks, she once mentioned a large stone slab book that she kept in the back of her Restricted Section. I always was more open minded than you when it came to mythology...DON'T DENY IT!-" he briefly raised his voice when she opened her mouth to retort "-Anyways, she knew I was willing to accept more mysterious things, rather than only what I could see and touch. So she told me about the book and how it described a time, a world...pre-dating magic, Equestria, multicolored skin, anything we have now. I was enthralled by something like that, you can imagine I'm sure?"

Twilights eyes narrowed slightly "Yes I can. You frequently voiced your opinion about the world to me when we were young. Which is why this whole situation makes me uncomfortable."

He snickered, he knew the answer to his question before he asked it, but he wanted her to say it aloud. In front of all her friends.

"And why is that Twilight?"

"Because, if I assume you are telling the truth about who and what you saw, that means you are literally the key to ending the world. A world that you've frequently stated you wanted to see changed...or 'saved from humanity' as you used to say. I think...I think you might actually do it. In fact I think it's a real possibility that you might go along with this...Famine, and help her achieve her goals......If you're even telling the truth that is-"

It was then that Daybreak learned a fun, and slightly dismaying, new fact about Sunset Shimmer, and why she had not reacted to his tale like the others.

"He's not lying Twilight."

They all turned to her. She was sitting up in her blankets, and her expression looked sterner than Applejacks. Which, given the brief time he'd spent with Sunset and AJ, was saying something. Twilight looked the most surprised out of her friends though.

"How can you be sure Sunset...none of you know him...He's more than clever enough to-"

"I've read the book too Twilight. I was a student before you, remember? I went into the Restricted Section as well, and made copies of much of the material there. Although much of my old stuff got destroyed back when you and I were enemies, I still remember alot from my old texts...The Four Horsemen are very real...but I don't recall Famine being female, that's new."

Saving his personal shock for a later time, Daybreak found a light smile scratch his lips. Having someone to compare knowledge with, who wasn't a total dick to him was tempting, but it could also prove and obstacle to him.

"Yeah...that threw me off as well. But I know what I felt when she grabbed me. It was nothing was inside me and all I could feel was this deep, deep hunger. Now that I've had time to think about it...I'm sure she was Famine"

"Hm...if that's different, then her abilities may be more different than you and I are aware of too...Daybreak...I don't mean to impose, especially considering what we discussed the last time we spoke. But, would you mind comparing notes with me on this...just me? I only remember so much, and you have the actual book. I'm not demanding to see the book, I'm not even asking to see it. But I think if we work together on this, you and I can figure out a solution to this problem before it begins. Would that be alright with you?"

Before he even considered her offer, Daybreak took a chance glance at Twilight with just his eyes, and what he saw made his day. She was completely red in the face with anger, but also doing a very good job at suppressing it. It wasn't likely that anyone but him, and maybe Sunset would detect how upset the thought of them two working together made her.

"And I bet I know why. Little miss perfect over here and Sunset probably have a secret thing going...Actually...that makes alot of sense. Sunset did mention Twilight was her 'mentor' and they're roommates now, as I recall last time I passed the roster. They're close to the same skill least in magical power. I could see how Twi might swing the other way for this girl. Plus Sunset isn't bad looking either and she's got some similarities to me in terms of the way she thinks. If I'm right, then her suddenly wanting to work with me, and not involving Twilight, must really piss her off. I gotta give Sunset credit though, she knew exactly how to word her 'request'. She made sure and say it would be just me and her, no one else. She also specified that she doesn't need to see the book, which would have been another deal breaker. Does that mean she already suspects my plan to mislead the others and deal with this on my own? That would be the only reason I wouldn't want to show her the book, other than the fact that I'm an asshole...but I doubt she'd be that specific just off me being a dick...Sunset Shimmer...Maybe I didn't give you enough credit when we first met, you're very clever, you've picked up on my preferences with only a few encounters. Add onto that I know next to nothing about could be an even bigger threat to me than Twilight...Which is why I'm going to accept your offer."

"Fine Sunset, I'll work with you on this, but I have one other condition beside what you've already specified-" He purposefully glanced at Twilight and her friends in an obvious manner before saying "-and you have to keep it to yourself, otherwise the deal is off."

"Now I'll see how badly she wants in. If she accepts this deal, then I'll already know I control the whole situation regardless of her knowledge"

Even Applejack looked discomforted by this suggestion, but Sunset didn't allow anyone time to intervene.

"That's fine, what is it?"

Slowly, Daybreak motioned for her to come close. She obliged and casually scooted onto his mattress. It took little effort for him to slowly brush her hair aside, taking an extra second to catch Twilight's eyes as he gently brought his lips next to Sunset's ear. He saw Twilight's face showing pure rage, and that's when he whispered

"Rainbow Dash comes to all our meetings too."

He quickly removed himself and sat back to watch her instant reaction. Her eyes flared for a brief second and she showed the expected amount of surprise...but then he saw it. Acceptance and understanding. In that moment, with those words, he'd conveyed something very important to Sunset.

"By telling her that Rainbow Dash will attend all our meet ups, but also demanding she say nothing about it, I've already implied enough for her to understand. This way, she not only will get a feeling of Rainbow's importance, but I'll also learn how much she's willing to do to work with me. Plus, as an added bonus of having Dash there, I'll know anything Sunset goes back and tells Twilight about our meetings. They won't hide anything from Rainbow, as they don't suspect her of anything more than my friendship right now, but I have a good feeling that if Sunset breaks our deal, or says something she shouldn't, Rainbow will tell me immediately. The real question here is whether or not Sunset herself picks up on this, and if she does, if she'll still go along with it. This way I can learn how clever she really is while we work."

He waited for a moment for Sunset to respond, letting his eyes glance to each of Twilights friends while he did. He noted that each one looked noticeably more suspicious and less comfortable than before. An acceptable side effect, he didn't ever intend on gaining their trust. He was more than content with just Rainbow as his friend...she was more than enough in his life anyway. After a moment of awkward silence, he heard Sunset exhale, possibly a bit more loudly than necessary.

"Fine...I'll keep that to myself."

"And like that, victory is mine"

He watched, all at once Twilight, Applejack and even Fluttershy, opened their mouths to surely protest. But fate seemed to have other plans in mind. At the moment they went to speak, a blinding flash of sapphire blue covered their vision! Lightning painted the sky outside in a streamline of color, those who didn't look away found their eyes watering in pain! A high pitched wail, seemingly inside the very walls of the room, screeched throughout the hall and shattered several thin glassed items. Nearly everyone in the room save for Twilight, her friends and Daybreak, grabbed at their eyes and ears, in agonizing pain and dropped to their knees. Then an all too familiar, feminine voice that sent deep chills throughout Daybreaks body, seemed to hiss across the sky, igniting it in a blinding blue as her voice swam through the barrier, like it did not exist at all. The voice carried over all sounds, regardless of pitch or volume. It was as though the sky itself knew her words took precedence over all else the world could hear at that moment.


Her voice faded with the lightning, but not like a subtle thing. As her voice dimmed from existence, the barrier around the school ignited bright and alive with shimmering power! But only for an instant, as if to taunt them. Then it sizzled. Like cherry bomb firecrackers on the ground, the barrier began to pop all over and within itself. Little fizzles of energy seemed to flitter and fall off and disintegrate on the ground, melting away into nothing as the Universities first line of defense was rendered, nonexistent.

Both Daybreak and Sunset found themselves on their feet and walking towards the window, seemingly enthralled by what they were seeing. Together they spoke in ominous tones, their voices echoing the deep feelings of dread now swimming within their chests.

"And then will come Famine, riding on a black steed. He will ride into the land of plenty, And great will be the horsemen's hunger, for he is hunger. His hunger shall seep out and poison the land...and all shall perish in his blight"

At once they turned towards one another, a noticeable shiver traveled through both of them. The true weight of Daybreaks new mission began to reveal itself upon him as he watched the barrier around the University become nothing but fizzling ash. He clenched his fists, but knew full well he could do nothing in his current state of weakness. Sunset and Rainbow both seemed to sense his concern, but Sunset, being closer, made it to him before Rainbow could manage the strength to get up. She placed her hand upon his shoulder, her eyes showed her concern.

"We should get started as soon as possible...I didn't even sense her aura when she was gripping you earlier. Which means tracking her by it will probably be impossible. So the first thing on our to-do-list should be finding a way to track her so we know what she's up to...that's at least a start."

A sigh escaped his lips as he lowered his gaze away from the window. "Yeah...then we can work on finding something that can kill her. You and I both know who comes after Famine...We can't let it get that far so we need to end her asap."

The words kill seemed to draw the attention of the others, Twilights voice cut across Daybreaks thoughts.

"Umm excuse me?! Kill? We don't kill Daybreak. The Elements of Harmony don't kill either. There's always another way to defeat an opponent, rather than just putting a sword through their heart. I don't know how you did things all these years when you encountered a problem, but around here, we consider every alternative, especially before concluding on something horrid like that!"

Daybreak rolled his eyes, he was getting tired of having Twilight throw her opinion at him, especially on something this major. He turned his head so fast it might have spun off his neck if it were possible.

"Twilight do you have any idea-!"

He paused instantly when he saw her eyes....eyes that were likely to be the subject of his future nightmares...they had completely changed shape and texture...were glowing a sapphire blue...and slitted. His breath caught in his throat, and he struggled not to choke. He gave a light tug on Sunsets arm, who immediately turned to face him. Without looking at her, Daybreak slowly motioned towards Twilight with his eyes. No words were need to convey Sunsets reaction, Daybreak could easily feel the energy start to flow throughout her body while he was this close to her. The bad news about that was, he also felt how weak she currently was. If a fight broke out right now, neither of them had a chance against a full power Twilight. The storm had drained most of their magic from them, and he doubted Sunset was as proficient at hand to hand combat as he was, so for the moment, they were utterly screwed.

That is, until Twilight responded to his half spoken statement.

"Do I have any idea, what, Daybreak?"

He swiftly struggled to recompose himself and think of some kind of response. He'd nearly forgotten what he was about to say the moment he saw her eyes and had no idea if he was even talking to "Twilight" right now. Sunset however, came to his rescue.

"He was probably just going to point out that the Four Horsemen aren't like any other enemy any of us ever faced before, Twilight. For all we know the Elements might not even work on them. We don't know enough about them right now to be making any conclusions at all...but we also have to face that it may come down to actually destroying them, and if it does, I'm actually glad we've got Daybreak with us."

"I'm just supposed to ignore that quip aren't I? Do you people just assume that I'm so willing to kill, just like that? Yes we will probably have to end the Horsemen, permanently...but that doesn't mean I'm cool with the notion of killing..." He only kept his opinion to himself because Sunsets statement seemed to disarm Twilight, who, upon hearing her friends words, seemed to decide taking a moment to consider what was said was a better idea than arguing. She didn't apologize, of course, but the glowing blue did fade from her eyes while she silently thought to herself...leaving Daybreak both relieved and confused. Once again, Sunset seemed to have a quick answer to his unspoken question. This further irked him as it proved she was beginning to understand the way he thought about things more and more, which he found unacceptable. She lowered her voice, so only he could hear

"I think I know what happened just then. Remember Famines' words? Want. Hunger. Desire? I think she's going to use her powers to cause peoples desires to run beyond their control. It would make a sort of sense if you think about it. I mean, famine refers to more than just food. People 'hunger' for alot of things. Twilight probably 'hungers' to prove you're guilty of...well...everything right now. So her eyes sparked blue as that hunger surfaced when she started in on you again. That's just my theory for the moment though. I'll discuss it more with her and you later if that's alright. For now, you should probably just go wash up while you can. I doubt this magic storm, or whatever will last forever. I mean, now that Famine's made her little speech and broken our barrier, there's no real need to keep it going. It's obvious she can affect people without them being in contact with the rain, so she'll probably just end it. When that happens, classes are gonna start up for everyone, and that includes you. The headmistress won't cancel school...not even for the end of the world. So I'd wash up now if I was you."

He stared at Sunset Shimmer for a moment. "It's no wonder Twilight likes you, you're as clever as she is, and more willing to except extremities which adds a difference in opinion, that I'm sure she enjoys conversing with. You also came up with a reasonable and logical theory to Famine's plan of attack quicker than I did...which bothers me a little. I definitely discarded you too quick when we met. Having you around will certainly be beneficial in the future. But for now...I kinda want that shower."

"I agree. At least with most of what you said. After we get through today we can talk about when we can start our meet ups, to discuss dealing with the horsemen. Until then though, I'm gonna head to the showers like you said. I'm still plenty filthy from my trip here, despite Rainbows best attempts I can still feel the dirt and grime in my hair." He returned his voice to normal volume, knowing that would tell Sunset to do the same, he also wanted Twilight's friends to know he was done with the questions for now, and wanted to finally wash up.

At hearing her name being spoken, Rainbow sat up straighter and seemed to suddenly remember the world around her existed "Hey! I did what I could!"

"I wasn't complaining, I was just saying I need a shower"

He watched as the words jumped to the forefront of her lips, but she held them back. He smirked. She had been about to say "I could join you if you want?" or something of that nature, he just knew it by her look.

"Luckily she's not that least maybe not in public." Either way, she held her tongue and simply replied with a

"Cool, I'll make sure you got something to change into when you're done."

With a nod, he began to make a slow walk past Twilight's friends "I'd appreciate that Dash, thanks"

"Just hurry the fuck up dude, you reek!"

"Right, cause you're a basket of fucking daisies right now I'm sure..."

"Well maybe I'll take one too, if you hurry your ass up at least..........Why are you still here!? I can see your stink clouds growing larger above your head, get going before I decide to join you!"

"I give you too much couldn't resist letting that slip could you?"

Luckily, even as he swiped up two white towels from his and Rainbows pile and walked past Twilights friends, none of them seemed to care all that much. That left him to assume that they were used to her commenting in such a manner. With that in mind, he began to think that he might be able to get away with a few himself, at least to Rainbow, without making anyone too suspicious.

He passed by Twi's friends without incident...although when he looked back while walking away, he caught Pinkie Pie shooting him a quick thumbs up. He had no idea why, but kept walking until he was lost within the crowd.


Working his way through the horde of huddled students within the gymnasium was more difficult than he expected. With all the excitement of the morning, he'd briefly forgotten that just twenty-four hours prior he'd revealed to the whole school who he was via loudspeaker. This left him slightly baffled when students seemed to be going out of their way to make his journey out of the gym difficult, at first. It didn't take long for him to figure out what was going on, especially once he was completely out of range of Rainbow or any of her friends.

The light whispers he heard as he passed students, turned to normal voiced insults, hidden to all but those within a few feet by the sheer mass of people. He heard all manner of things whispered and said to him as he delicately maneuvered his way through people, trying his best not to lose his patience and simply shove everyone out of his way. Although no one dared put their hands on him, once he was directly in front of the twin doors that led to the male and female locker rooms, several students deliberately stepped out of the crowd and blocked the doors. A quick glance over their faces confirmed that he hadn't encountered any of these people yet, and so had no preconceived notion of what they might do, this alone put him on guard.

Out of the crowd of...maybe ten students...a single boy stepped forward to face him directly. His hair was short and spiked towards the front, similar to Rainbows but, more standing up straight rather than laying down over his face. His hair was as black as tar, except for the single yellow streak that traveled directly down the center of his hair, creating a lightning bolt like image if one were to look at him from the ceiling. His skin was a similar color to the three idiots who had bothered Daybreak his first day at the University, except it looked more well kept and was less gray...more a pale white. His clothes were nothing special either, except that he seemed to have a similar style choice to Daybreak. He wore a long sleeved black shirt and long black pants. In the center of his shirt was three bright lightning bolts, all turned separate directions but connecting in the center. They looked like an awkwardly shaped star made out of lemon colored lightning.

It was his eyes though, that caught Daybreaks attention. As the young man stared him down, Daybreak looked him directly in his hazel colored eyes. His eyes...they swam with hatred. Deep seeded hatred. It was a kind he'd only seen a few times before. Even Twilight didn't look at him like this boy was. Like his very existence made him angry. Oddly enough, there was something eerily familiar about this student, and he was getting a strange sense of Deja vu from looking at him. He could feel a memory trying to tug at his mind...but it escaped him for the time being.

"Such a deep hatred just in his'd think I'd remember something like that."

Realizing there were only a few ways he was likely to get through, and one of them involved yet another fight for him in this school, he decided to break the ice, so to speak. Since the other students seemed content to just stand back and stare, he directed his attention solely on the boy before him, struggling to keep his own aggravated attitude in check. He failed, miserably of course. But to his credit, he was already fed up with these students and their insults before he ever reached the doors to the locker room. Now to have them deliberately blocking him when he was already exhausted...he had no patience left to give.

"Is there some reason you're blocking my path? Hoping I can help you with something perhaps?"

The boy thrust out his right arm, extending his thumb, pointing it back towards the center of his chest and nearly jabbing himself in the process.

"Do you know who I am? I know who you are, Son of Discord."

Daybreak felt his left eye twitch. "Would it kill these people to use my fucking name rather than some stupid title..."

He shook his head slowly, keeping his eyes moving between all of the students blocking the door, in case any one of them made a more aggressive move on him. But it wasn't their unfriendly movements, or their whispers, that seemed to be pissing him off more and more by the second. It was the way all of them we're looking at him, especially the boy in front. It was just like his days back in Canterlot...when he was a child.

"No, I don't know who you are. Are we done? I'd like to take a shower if you don't mind. In case you didn't hear, I've had an exhausting morning and frankly...whatever reason you have for hating me (and I'm sure it's a great one considering the way you're looking at me), I don't care right now. You're not the first to look at me that way, and you won't be the last. You're all the same to me at this point. Hating me on sight. I don't care anymore. Now step aside."

He took a single step forward, and several of the students moved from the doors quick as roaches in the light, clamoring over each other like seals to get out of his way.


The boy however, did not move, and he also took a step forward, bringing him now within arms reach. Daybreak almost smiled. That would make things easier if this situation escalated. The boys hazel eyes seemed to grow darker, Daybreak could seem him grinding his own teeth together within his mouth before he spoke.

"My name is Stormchaser and I-"

"Don't care. Now step aside." Daybreaks eyes had narrowed into a glare, almost daring the boy to challenge him.

"I can take one arrogant boy without trouble, magic or no magic. I could use a stress relief after the ass kicking I got in the rain earlier anyways...maybe I'll get lucky and he'll actually take a swing."

To Daybreaks mild disappointment, he did not take a swing. Instead he glared back at him...and stepped to the side. His group behind him followed his lead directly after, and unblocked the door, but just as Daybreak passed the boy by, he heard him emit a low growl.

"Remember my name."

Daybreak visibly chuckled and kept walking as the doors swung shut behind him, but he made his voice audible until the moment they closed "Why? You're just another boy full of hate, wanting to prove himself on some quest to avenge some tragedy that I'm sure was caused by my father. I don't care. I don't care about your epic quest, and I don't care about my father, so you're both in equal standing in my eyes. Not worth my time."

He gave a small glance back before the doors had fully shut behind him. He reveled in the effect his words had, the boy looked like Daybreak had just slapped him. His fists were clenched and his teeth were visibly gritted together in his jaw, almost to the point of chipping, his whole body shook with anger. The only thing Daybreak found unsettling to his barely existent conscience was...the small stream of tears he saw gleaming down Stormchaser's face as the doors closed.

For a singular moment, Daybreak almost felt guilty

"Maybe that was a bit too harsh? I could have heard him out I guess? Maybe reassured him that I don't support my father...after all I'm sure he has a reason for...wait?...What am I even thinking about this for? I don't care. I'm tired of everyone always taking their hate out on me for my fathers actions, and I stopped feeling pity for them a long time ago, I won't start again now. That boy out there is just like the rest of them. He hates me without giving any thought as to why. I'm not responsible for what my father caused, and I won't feel pity for the people who ruined and destroyed my chance at a semi-normal life out of misplaced anger. That boy, Stormchaser, he's just as bad as the rest of them. He got what he deserved...Probably not enough."

Despite his own self reassurance, he still felt a small twinge in his gut when he thought about seeing the tears on his face, even if only briefly. It did say something, that Stormchaser was willing to allow his group to see him like that. As he walked towards and opened the door to the male locker room, Daybreak felt a brief warmness in his chest...but unlike previous was slightly uncomfortable. He casually itched the spot on his shirt where the warmth seemed to be radiating from, and moved on towards the showers, not even bothering to think about the oddly convenient location of the "itch" on his chest.

The last time he'd been inside this room, he remembered he'd pretty much refused to shower. Normally after every gym class with his and Rainbow's Minotaur instructor, Iron Will, the students would pour into the locker rooms to shower and change back into their normal clothes for the rest of the day. Daybreak however, was a little different. Every time he came in after class, he found the showers flooded with students, and privacy nearly impossible. Now, he wasn't self-conscious about his appearance or being seen was more along the lines of comfort. He disliked being around others just under normal circumstances, so things like showering, where he had to be completely exposed to anything around him...that was even worse. He felt vulnerable when he was like he found other alternatives to cleaning himself if he was kept waiting too long, namely in the form of magic. Usually he'd just wait until everyone cleared out and was dressed before he'd clean himself, since his sports class was at the end of the day it didn't really matter if he stayed a little late anyways...but there was one time where some students decided to linger, for an especially long time afterwards, he'd lost his patience and simply left. He'd cast a cleanliness charm over himself afterward of course, but he still preferred the actual feeling of warm water, soap and shampoo on his body, to the tingling and very brief feeling of being magically cleaned in seconds.

Now though, he was completely alone and able to take his sweet time as he pleased. With everything that had happened to him just this morning, combined with the now added stress of a cold he could practically feel trying to take hold inside of him, he planned on taking a very long, and very steamy shower. As he passed by the benches of the locker room, he quickly stripped down and flung his damp clothes inside the locker nearest him, not bothering to shut it. He wasted no time in entering the large, open room that housed the many tiki-like shower heads.

"Would it have killed the headmistress to invest in a locker room with separate stalls for each shower...having them all in the center like this just adds unnecessary discomfort for anyone showering with more than a few people in here."

Unlike the rest of the locker room, which was built around several benches and lockers to allow for maximum privacy outside the shower, the actual shower room itself was very large, very open, and offered nothing in the form of privacy. It was one giant, steel gray, rectangular room, built around four separate cylinder, dome topped tiki's. Each cylinder held twenty rotating shower heads that could spin about the tiki horizontally and vertically, creating a steamy water vapor around the whole room in moments. It was great for cooling off after a work out or sports day, as it was commonly used for...but not so great if you were someone like Daybreak, who wanted to use it for a real shower...while thirty plus people were in there with you.

Luckily for him, with no else around this time, he was able to use the steam system of the showers to his advantage, for once. He switched on three of the tiki's and set them to rotate, so they could fill the room up with steam for his quickly stuffing nose. Then he switched the fourth to a casual shower setting, allowing the warm water of nearly twenty separate faucets to flow over him, washing his stress away. To a point at least.

He felt the warm stream travel down his body, feeling an ease, a peace, as the dirt and grime came slipping off him. He reached into the chest high mouth of the tiki he was currently showering under, and opened his palm. In seconds, he retrieved his hand to find a bottle of melon scented hair and body wash in his palm.

"Gotta love magic showers...Yet they couldn't spring for separate stalls...I gotta ask about that the next time I see Shicvala"

The bottle flipped open with a smooth pop , it was almost as refreshing to simply feel the suds of soap form along his aching, tired muscles when he applied it to his skin, as it was to know he was finally freeing himself of all the grime that had clung to him from Ponyville streets. He ran his fingers through his thick and muddy hair, relishing as he felt the slime and twigs fall from him. He knew he needn't worry about any of the slush and where it may end up, since the drains were just as magical as the rest of the room, instantly absorbing any kind of filth that hit the wet floor.

Reaching inside his tiki shower a second time, he withdrew a luffa from within its jaws. With a delicate care, he slowly rubbed the sponge along his chest and down his legs, allowing the soap to gather inside then squeeze out into his skin. Maybe it was just him, or maybe he was weird that way, but a warm shower was one of the few things that he'd never taken for granted. It was probably because he'd lived without one for so long when he was little, always dreaming of what it must feel like to have his body instantly cleansed of all things dirty and disgusting. Somehow the feeling of everything just being washed away with a comforting rub of a sea sponge doused in some weird chemical that made you smell like a fruit was just one of his favorite things...ok...yeah he was just weird...but it still felt nice. Not to mention, the effects of the steam flowing throughout the room were doing wonders for his sinus. The sniffles and cold he'd thought he felt forming, now ceased to exist within his nose. He doubted it would last forever once he was finished rinsing, but it was nice to know this was an easy fix for awhile. At least until he got his full strength back and could just charm it away.

As he ran the sponge over his chest for a second time, he felt its coarse and soapy underside grinding the ever persistent dirt, fully from his chest. After three passes, he felt satisfied that he'd thoroughly scrubbed his body clean, and moved on to his face. After retrieving a separate sponge from the tiki, he loaded it up with soap of its own and went to work on his forehead. He first went for the long gash directly under his hair, at the top of his head. It had made the hair directly above it sticky with blood, and although most of it had already been washed away, he knew the gash itself wasn't fully healed yet. Without his magic at full capacity, he healed much slower than usual, and so was not surprised when he brought the sponge to his head and released a pained gasp into the water.

He felt the soap from his sponge seep into the wound as he passed it over, it burned and stung like fire...but he knew it could only help with his healing. He tolerated it and moved on, scraping at the dirt across his face and allowing the streaming water to run down him, taking the filth with it. Just as before, he made three passes across his face then forehead with the sponge, and once he was free of any remaining discomfort, he allowed the water to remove the last bits of soap. He "looked" up into the faucet with his eyes shut, he felt the tiny droplets rain down onto his face with a ferocious intensity, pleasantly warming his body and relaxing his muscles.

He was so caught up in the enjoyment of it all, he took no notice of the twin doors to the locker room briefly opening and shutting. It wasn't until he heard the small sound, the barely audible sound, of sandals striking standing water that he stopped and froze in place. Instinct told him to power up right away, but he had so little strength in him at the moment, flaring up for anything but a minor spell could cause him to faint.

Instead he slowly reached up and turned off the faucet, but kept the other three on for continued steam throughout the room. After the few leftover water droplets from his tiki were released, Daybreak slowly opened his eyes and observed the shower room. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, but something in the back of his mind told him he was not alone. He attempted to reach out with his perceptions, not using his own magic but by attempting to draw on the minimal energy already present in the room, to extend his own senses. There was little effort involved on his end in terms of magic use, and it was a simple task to manage. It merely relied on the energy already present in the surrounding area, making it one of the most useful simple spells out there. It was just, most magicians overlooked such a simple ability due to there being so many better ones out there, with a far more superior casting range. However for him, with little to no magic to draw on at the moment, it was the perfect spell.

Sadly, it seemed to be a waste of time. Although there was magic present in the immediate area, due to the tiki heads, it seemed that beyond the showers the rest of the room was ordinary. Meaning it was devoid of anything that would allow him to sense beyond the room he was currently in. With his eyes still shut, he took advantage of the small range of "vision" he had and focused on the spell. Like an echo, he sent out as small a wave of his magic as he could manage, without making it pointless of course, and waited for it to return. As he waited, bare naked and leaning against the warm metal of the tiki shower for support, he again heard the sounds of the locker rooms twin doors opening, then quickly closing.

His magical echo returned just as he heard the doors swing shut, and with it he felt out the room. Like a black and white picture painted across his mind, he studied the details of the shower room, attempting to discern if anyone who may have entered was near him, or if they were even still in the room. Having only sent one small wave through the area, it was a quick and simple image to study, and therefore did not take long for him to discern that whomever was in the room (if they still were) was not currently in the showers with him. This told him that if he wanted to maintain any form of privacy, now was the time to exit the showers, and quickly.

He ended the spell and opened his eyes. A single step forward reminded him of how little magic he had left in him, as his knee's wobbled under their own weight and threatened to buckle. Keeping his slowly approaching limit in mind, he shuffled over through the waterlogged floor of the showers and, stepping over the ankle high metal block that separated the showers from the locker area, set his feet upon the bare tile. Were it anywhere else, he'd never dare set his newly cleaned feet upon an obviously unclean floor, but his locker was a mere few feet from the shower and if necessary he'd cast a cleaning spell on his feet later. Right now his priority was getting dressed, before whomever might be in the room saw him butt naked.

Bearing the thought of another person possibly in the locker area with him, the first thing he snatched when he reached his locker was one of the white towels, and swiftly wrapped it around his waist. Next he went to work drying himself with the second towel he'd brought. He scrubbed his hair with the rough fabric, it wasn't painful or anything, but were he not in a rush he'd have been more gentle with his scalp for certain. He felt the softness returning to his emerald hair as he roughly dried it, rubbing his face around inside the dampened cloth like he was head banging to rock music.

It only took him a moment to hear it...but in the end that second made all the difference. Once more, the twin doors opened, he heard it clearly this time as he was now in the locker room with his back to the doors. This time though, he did not hear the doors close quite as quickly as they had before. He knew what that meant even before he'd removed his head from within the towel. Though, no matter how sure about the situation he can never truly be prepared to see some eight people staring at you, as you've just finished coming from the shower. Granted he'd been out for a few minutes now...but still the point stood. It was uncomfortable...and not just because it was the same group who had blocked his path to get in to the shower room to begin with.

His eyes narrowed, and fell upon the boy, Stormchaser, who was once again at the head of the group. Though it appeared to have shrunk some...possibly by two, since earlier.

"Which means they're either guarding the door, or they chickened out of whatever's about to happen here."

He glanced over the students faces once again, they were indeed the same ones as before...but this time, one more caught his eyes other than just the boy. There was a young girl, obviously the youngest among the group...probably too young to even be at this school, standing more towards the back and doing her best to hide herself amongst the small crowd. Her hair was a lighter blue color than Rainbows skin, but that was all he could really tell about her from his current angle. She was doing well at hiding most of her body from being seen, but it seemed she couldn't help standing on her toes to look over her group at him. It was like she needed to see him or something.

He smirked

"Stormchaser was it? Ya know, this is a boys locker room. I'm pretty sure that means your friend hiding back there isn't allowed."

Stormchaser smiled back at him. His smirk was very unnerving considering Daybreak had watched him start crying not much earlier.

"You think one less person in here will help your situation. Even if she leaves, it won't change what's about to happen here. Besides, she's here for the same reason I am, and she needs to see it."

"Well, I should have known it was too much to hope they were all in here for shower. Great...of all the rotten timing."

"And what, pray tell, is about to happen here that she needs to see?"

"I think you already know the answer to that question, don't you?"

Stormchaser motioned with his head, gesturing in Daybreaks direction. As soon as he did, the group of seven behind him began to spread out and attempt to form a large circle around Daybreak. To do this, at least three of them had to step inside the steamy shower area, giving Daybreak a small idea of how to, at least slightly, change the odds in his favor.

After encircling him, they stepped back, extending and spreading the circle as widely as possible. The three in the shower area even moved back enough to be inside the standing water of the steamed room. This struck Daybreak as odd, considering if they were about to jump him, one would think they'd wanna be as close as possible. Regardless, he had more important things to currently worry about than their plan of attack. He had to think fast if he wanted to avoid this situation getting anymore hopeless than he already felt it was. He focused on keeping his calm look, and making sure his confident smirk did not fade from his face, or Stormchaser's line of sight.

"So, what then? This is your biiiiiig revenge, or something? Jump and corner me while I'm half naked in the showers. Hardly impressive. In fact, I'd call it downright cowardly."

"My best option here is to stall and keep him talking until I can think of a way out of this mess. With next to no magic to call on and even less strength, if I get into a fight right now I'm likely to get the shit kicked out of me...huuuum...and Rainbow Dash promised I'd be left alone. Although, I can't blame her for not being here to help like she promised...even I didn't really see this coming so quickly. I mean, I've been back an hour?"

Stormchaser's right eye twitched slightly. "I'm not here to get your approval for how I go about my business. I'm...we, are here to make you pay for the things your father has done-"

"Oh here we go again! With the whole speech about my father and his crimes and how I'm evil and I should pay and blah blah blah blah blaaaaaah. Do you have even the slightest idea how many times I've heard this speech. Seriously, do you? Cause even I have lost count at this point. Oh and f.y.i, everyone before you thought they had me cornered too. Notice I'm still here."

Although his words did not seem to phase Stormchaser, they clearly had an effect on some of the others. A few looked around at each other, one even moved a bit farther back from the rest, making their circle around him lopsided. Daybreak chuckled to himself.

"Looks like they're afriad of me, and clearly they don't know I'm running on low battery life at the moment. Maybe...just maybe, I can get out of this with sheer luck and looks like Stormchaser didn't even flinch...I hope I've got enough stamina for at least one fight, it may come down to me and him if I can scare away the others."

Stormchaser seemed to also notice his group stirring at Daybreaks words. He practically snarled as he looked around the room.

"Come on all of you! He's bluffing! If he were really so unphased by us, he would have swatted us aside with his magic the moment he felt threatened..." He turned back to face Daybreak and pointed at him "Your not running on a full charge at the moment are you? You're weak right now, I overheard your little talk with Princess Twilight and her friends."

"Dammit!...Well...there goes my best chance at walking out...I gotta salvage this somehow..."

"You know..." He raised his voice slightly, making sure everyone in the room could hear him and making sure that his bravado showedr through his words. You'd be surprised how hard that is to do, when you're standing in the middle of a room surrounded b angry teens, and wearing only a towel. "Princess Twilight's friends have gotten to know me pretty well, especially Rainbow Dash. Her and I are good friends. I think you already know that Stormchaser, that's why you waited until I was alone to try anything. Imagine how Rainbow might react when she finds out what you're trying to do here."

Again, the students stirred, this time much more so than before. Daybreak even saw the girl, who was the closest to Stormchaser in the circle give an obvious shift of discomfort, and look away from him after he spoke. He smiled as he watched Stormchaser's face turn red with anger.

"Oh please! You think any of Princess Twilight's friends will lift a finger to help you? I saw and heard how she was talking to you. It's extremely obvious to anyone with eyes that our princess hates you, probably more than anyone else. Not that I can blame her, you're a wretched person, I can't even imagine what you might have done to her. You deserve what's about to happen, and if Rainbow Dash has a problem with it, she can take it up with me afterwards!"

"I really wish you'd stop talking...he's making this much more difficult than I can deal with right now...If I can deal with Stormchaser, than I'm pretty sure I can make the others back off. They don't seem as set on this as he does. And then there's the girl...why is she even here? Other than this being a male locker room, (and I have no idea how she just walked in here unnoticed like that) she looks the most uncomfortable with this whole thing...and the most innocent. It's clear she doesn't want to be here...something's amiss."

Stormchaser's words clearly had the opposite effect of Daybreaks on the group. Where as Daybreak's words made them reconsider what they might be about to do, it seemed Stormchaser's reassured them. That was a problem. Sadly Daybreak didn't have many good solutions for it. But that didn't mean he wouldn't try.

"So...If you're so set on doing whatever it is you're gonna do. Why not tell me what this is about then? It must be pretty important if you're willing to risk all these students being expelled for it."

The word "expelled" seemed to catch the attention of everyone in the circle, in a vary alarming manner. Suddenly everyone seemed to be shifting in their places, and the girl actually turned to leave the room. Before she could make for the doors though, Stormchaser's voice rung throughout the locker room.


" that's her name. Seems people around here are very worried about getting kicked out. It figures, since this place is so well known and liked, being expelled from here can't be appealing to anyone...and yet still this boy..."

His voice rang with anger around the room, shocking everyone still in there places. Daybreak was about to smile at his inevitable victory...when he spotted a sight that made his blood run cold. As he looked back into Stormchasers eyes, preparing to give his signature, ever mocking grin of victory at the unrest he had caused...he saw them...his eyes.

They were Sapphire blue and slitted like a snake.

Fear. Pure, unadulterated, cold, mind numbing fear. That was the feeling that traveled up Daybreaks spine as he looked into Stormchaser's gaze. He struggled not to panic, but he was unable to maintain his false smirk under the weight of his own fear.

"F-Famine...she's affecting them too?...Of course...she's making everyone act out on their own deep desires and wants, randomly it seems. This boy hates me for some reason...he has a deep desire to make me pay. I have no idea what kind of other changes having her influence coursing through him may cause...but I've no chance of easy escape now..."

Stormchaser's eyes narrowed as he watched Daybreaks smirk falter and vanish. He found himself smiling, further increasing the menacing affect his eyes had upon Daybreak. He struggled to hold back laughter

"That's it was it...that's what you were trying to do. You must really be weak right now to resort to trying to scare us away..." Stormchaser threw his hands out wide, as if he were trying to embrace the room "My friends! You don't have to worry about anything after all. Daybreak has no strength to fight back! He's just been trying to scare us away with his petty threats this whole time! You all followed me in here for a reason! Now is not the time to back out! If we back down now, from what we all agreed was justice for what was done to us, how will any of you live with yourselves. This is our chance. Discord took away our friends, our families, our loved ones, Some...he took much more. Now here, in this room with us, is his son, who as you all have seen, doesn't care a bit for out plights. Not one shred of pity or remorse for what his father has done. Princess Twilight hates him, any of you who were close when he came in saw it for yourselves. Princess Twilight has never treated anyone that way before...there has to be a good reason. And we all know what it is. He's as bad as his father. Discord isn't here for us to bring justice on...but his son, who is clearly just like Let's let him feel our pain, the pain of being deprived of our lives!"

It was like his speech brought out the worst in those surrounding Daybreak. All at once, everyone's fear of repercussion, or retaliation seemed to melt into the air. The students around narrowed their gazes and clenched their fists. Except oddly enough...the girl, Flitter. She looked terrified all of the sudden, but she dared not move from her place. Daybreak knew it was too late now for her to make any difference...for him to make any difference.

"Tch...Damn...Well...guess that means I've got no choice now. With Famine's power in his head like this there's no way talking will help anymore. And his little war speech certainly seemed to pump them up. With things the way they are, it's likely that they might get the blue eyes soon too. I've got no chance of victory here...and they are blocking the only door. And to add a cherry to the tip of this cake of shit...I'm still only in my towel...fuck my life..."

Despite knowing the futility of his situation, Daybreak dropped into a low fighting stance regardless. Stormchaser let loose a low chuckle, none but Daybreak could recognize the second voice that seemed to echo along his own, like both Famine and Stormchaser were talking along the same pitch.

"You really think you can fight your way out of this? You're as overconfident as your murderer father."

Despite the urge to correct him in the fact that Discord himself had never actually taken a life, his army had...Daybreak resisted and instead glared at Stormchaser.

"What? Were you expecting me to except my situation and roll over for you. You know nothing, stupid boy. Just like you know nothing of real pain. Whatever tragedy you wanna blame me for, can't even compare to my pain. Don't bother with some retort now, I've already seen there's no more point in talking with you...let's just do this."

Stormchasers lips curled into a menacing sneer. His hair and body began to fizzle with tiny yellow sparks of light. The golden streak of color that traveled through his hair ignited in a radiant light as his aura sparked to life around him.

"With great pleasure."

Despite his plentiful experience in fighting with the odds against him, Daybreak knew he had next to no chance of winning this fight. Knowing that, he excepted the reality that he was about to receive an epic beating. With that thought now formost in his mind, he was sure he was prepared for what would come when Stormchaser attacked him...and that was his mistake. He expected Stormchaser to attack him first, and that cost him dearly.

From behind, someone struck the back of his head with a fist, sending his senses into a spiral and sending him stumbling forward. Wet floors, combined with no shoes and him being only in towel, spelled disaster for Daybreaks balance. So it was hardly surprising when he fell face first to the ground from such a simple punch. Nevertheless his pride was wounded from being made to look like such a pathetic weasel, especially when the punch hadn't really hurt that much, despite sending his eyes spinning in their sockets.

Two boys from the crowd closed in on him, both made to kick him in the ribs while he was down. Refusing to allow such a humiliation to occur a second time, he quickly reacted. Pushing on the ground with his hands, he spun his legs around on the wet floor and swept the first of the two boys' legs out from underneath him, which sent him dropping to the ground, and fortunately for Daybreak, right into the other boy. Daybreak instantly took advantage of his small opening, and jumped up from his back to his legs with one, sit-up like motion. Spinning on the wet floor to face the boy who went down under the other, Daybreak swiftly side kicked his face just beneath his jaw line, knocking him unconscious instantly. His face hit the wet ground with a satisfying plop.

"One down" He thought, hopnig the rest would be that easy.

He was hardly given time to enjoy his brief victory though. As quickly as he'd dropped that one, the other was already back on his feet, followed by everyone else in the room surrounding him, save for Stormchaser and Flitter. Both of them stood at the back of the room, Flitter seemed to be cowering near the doors, while Stormchaser just seemed to be watching, yellow sparks of energy continuing to gather around his body.

The boy who he'd sweep kicked a moment earlier, grabbed his arms from behind, and attempted to put him in a headlock. He was successful long enough for another student to land an underhanded punch to Daybreaks gut, but that was it. After that, a burst of adrenaline shot through Daybreaks body, and he quickly retaliated. With a burst of fleeting strength, he pushed off the ground with both his feet, propelling him and the boy currently head locking him backwards on the slippery floor. With his captor off balance, Daybreak took his chance and planted his right elbow in the boys gut, which, combined with the wetness of the floor, sent him tumbling back, pulling Daybreak down with him.

Daybreaks elbow landed in the boys stomach a second time as they both hit the ground, knocking the wind out of his captor and causing him to release his hold. Quickly scrambling to his feet, Daybreak brought his head up in time to receive a firm fist to the face. He leaned back in pain, but his instincts guided his hands up to his attacker, and allowed him to grasp him just under the elbow while his arm was still extended. Using the very fist that had hit him for support, Daybreak yanked hard on his foes arm, pulling himself up and pulling his enemy right up to his chest.

For a singular moment both their eyes met, and Daybreak was able to see the fear that was now swimming in the younger boys eyes. But, even though they were not glowing sapphire, Daybreak no longer cared. With wrathful and merciless force, he jerked the boys elbow up, and slammed the center of his palm just under where his two joints met, then shoved his elbow bones further straight up, while chopping downwards with a knife hand strike higher upon the boys arm with his other hand! There was a loud cracking sound...and then an even louder snap! as the boys arm completely dislocated along his elbow! Daybreak wasn't done with him yet though, as the boy cried out in pain, Daybreak took his chance to immobilize him for good.

On the same arm he'd just dislocated, Daybreak grabbed him by the wrist and gripped tight. Tears of fear swam to the surface of the boys eyes, somewhere in the distance, Daybreak heard him cry out for mercy...but again...he no longer cared. With ruthless fury, Daybreak twisted his wrist a full ninety degrees, and slammed another open palmed strike down where the joints met, but this time, instead of it simply dislocating, he heard the boys wrist bones break like a tree branch!

Fortunately for the boy, Daybreak had no time to finish him off, for before he could plant a rib crushing kick in his...well...ribs...Daybreak was tackled to the ground by two other boys, and found his arms spread and head pinned to the floor. He snarled out like a mad beast and tried to call forth some kind of spell, any kind of magic he could bring out...but his batteries were spent...he was out of power. His last bits of stamina had been wasted on mutilating the boy now whimpering on the floor, he was now at the mercy of Stormchaser and his gang. The ones who were still standing at least. He was pretty sure he'd knocked out two...and crippled one.

Stormchaser himself now approached the scene, fizzling full of bright yellow light and energy. Without a word he approached Daybreak and planted a firm palm jab in his gut. Although Daybreak felt nothing, he was instantly aware of what had been done to him, and what kind of magic user this boy was.

"Great...another weather if I wasn't already screwed enough as it is."

His whole body went instantly limp as several volts of lightning hot electricity coursed throughout his nervous system. The two boys holding him also collapsed to the ground in small spasms, but they seemed only mildly effected, as they could still move afterwards. Whereas Daybreak, Daybreak was now completely helpless...and Stormchaser knew it.

Knowing victory was his, the young weather caster let his lemon colored energy fade and fizzle out. He motioned to the remaining members of his small group.

"Pick him up and put him on his knees, make sure he's looking at me. Spread his arms out like wings, I need his back fully extended for this part."

That hardly sounded like good news, but sadly for him there was nothing he could do about it. He felt himself being grabbed by the hair and several pairs of hands pushing and pulling him to his knees, then spreading his arms out just as Stormchaser had commanded. Miraculously, his towel had managed to stay in place during this ordeal, and one of the boys even took the liberty of making sure it was still tucked in properly at his waist when they drug him to his knees.

"Guess they only need my back bare...or maybe no one wants to feel awkward holding down a naked if this towel really makes my situation better. Though I suppose I prefer it on at least..."

As his neck hung low like a limp piece of meat, he felt a firm hand grasp hold of his hair and pull his head up, forcing him to look up at Stormchaser in the eyes. Although he wanted nothing better than to avert his own, so as not to give his new enemy the satisfaction of seeing his defeated expression, he knew he should keep looking. If only so he could see what was coming next. Plus, looking Stormchaser in the eyes also helped him to confirm that they were still glowing sapphire. Not that it made him hate the brat any less, but it was still knowledge to have.

Stormchaser's lips parted in a smile of satisfaction that looked like it could light the streets of Las Pegasus. There was way to much joy in his smile for Daybreak to not be worried. He crouched down, bringing his face level with Daybreaks.

"You know, you said you don't care who I am, and I believe you. But...and this is the part that kills me...I do. I need you to know who I am, to remember me. Or rather, remember my father. And remember what yours did to us. To my family!"

In a surprising fling of anger, Stormchaser lashed out and struck Daybreak across the face with his fist. It was a quick punch, but that didn't make it hurt any less. He'd struck him just below the jaw, nearly dislocating it. Daybreak slowly opened and closed his mouth, testing to see if it still worked, then hacked up a wad of blood and spit it at Stormchaser's feet.

"Go fuck yourself, stupid weather brat." HIs lips dripped with blood as he stared at his new enemy, meeting his hateful gaze with one of his own.

He expected his defiant attitude to earn him another strike to the face, but instead Stormchaser merely smiled. He reached forward and gripped Daybreak by the jaw, perfectly cupping where he'd just struck him. He leaned close to Daybreaks face, so close he could almost smell Stormchaser's breath. But all he could really focus on was his ice cold blue eyes, staring deep into his soul.

"It feels more like I'm staring at Famine again, rather than this boy" The thought frightened him greatly. Being able to influence someone was one thing, but if Famine could actually posses people...anyone with a Desire or Want could become his enemy.

"My name-" the boy continued, drawing Daybreak from his thoughts. "-is Stormchaser. My father's name is Stratos, and my mother was Pollenpoint. They were an ordinary, loving couple, they worked in the weather factory for years during the thousand year war...and were later parents of a one year old boy...Until your father's final strike on Canterlot!"

Daybreaks eyes flared briefly. "The sounds so familiar..."

For a moment, he recalled...a stormy night in the Canterlot streets. The sounds of a young boy being pounded into the muddy pavement echoes through his mind. He remembered...

A large man with black spiky hair and yellow streaks streaming through the center of his head stood over a collapsed child. The boy lay, unconscious in the mud, his normally emerald green hair stained with the stick of his own blood and the grime of the street, while his assaulter stood over him, confronting another man who had come to stand against him.

"I'll say it again, get lost. You and I both know what this brat is, he deserves every second of it!"

The man that had come to the boy's aid slowly lowered his hood, revealing a rainbow assortment of hair that shimmered in the dark light of the stormy setting.

"He's not the one that killed your wife Stratos...let it go. He doesn't deserve that."

The memory stood firm in his mind. Daybreak remembered, he remembered the face of the man who had caused him the most pain as a child. The man's features blazed across his vision...especially...his hazel full of hate. That was Stormchaser's father. Daybreak slowly raised his eyes back to Stormchaser's.

"I know who you are."

He watched Stormchaser's sapphire eyes narrow with rage "Oh do you?"

"Yes..." Daybreak knew his situation was hopeless now. It was like he was reliving his childhood all over again. "Your father, Stratos, was a citizen of Canterlot that used to know me when I was a child."

He heard Stormchaser give a grunt of satisfaction. That ignited a spark within Daybreak, that he couldn't help act on.

"Actually...maybe 'know me' isn't the correct way to put it. I should be saying: he was the main citizen who used to beat me and assault me every day and night of my life as a child. From beer bottles to bricks, or maybe just his own fist, he and the other Canterlot citizens made sure I never knew a day of peace as a boy. He blamed me for your mother's death, took his anger at my father out on me for years...and he was a monster!"

That time Stormchaser struck him, hard. Daybreak felt his nose snap out of place, then warm blood began to trail down his face, pooling at his toweled and soaked knees. Although no one moved to help him, he did notice several of the boys shift uncomfortably when he mentioned his childhood.

"The only monster here is you! Do you have any idea what your fathers men did to my mother. I was too young to remember at the time, but my father saw the whole thing! And the pain I remember in his gaze, for as long as I've been alive, that I will never forget!" His gaze swam with tears of anger and hate.

"So what? I should pay for it? I wasn't even alive at the time, yet you're blaming me for what my fathers men did. As if I had some influence over them? You're just a stupid brat whose so obsessed with his own self pity, you can't look past your own pain to see others. Hence, my statement from before stands, you aren't worth my time."

Another fist found his face, and the steady stream of blood that had been running from his nose, now poured down him like a dam had broken inside him. Stormchaser took a step back, waiting for the two boys gripping Daybreaks hair, to raise his head. As they did, Stormchaser reached into the right sleeve of his shirt. Before withdrawing his hand, he curled his lips into a sinister sneer.

"Tell me Daybreak. Do you know some of the tortures your fathers men used to inflict on the subjects of conquered nations and cities? I did a little research before I confronted you today, and thought of all the things that I should do, that you'd deserve. But...even as I read through some of the worst atrocities ever created in war...I just kept coming back to my mother...and the pain my father described her in. So I decided, for a bit of poetic justice, I'll do to you, what they did to her."

As he finished, he withdrew his hand from within his dampened sleeve, and Daybreak saw that he was gripping a small hilt within his closed fist. As it came into the dim light of the locker room, Daybreak found his eyes resting on a small ridged blade. It was the size of a kitchen turkey knife, but shaped nothing like it. The hilt alone, was ominous. It was clearly carved from some kind of animal bone and looked like the blade had been forced onto it, almost painfully. The blade itself, held teeth on either side, razor sharp and lining its entire length. The blade shimmered in the dim light, but not a silver color. Despite the blade itself being silver in color, when light struck across the thin sides, a reddish flare flashed off its shiny surface. Daybreaks heart skipped a beat.

"A cursed blade...I thought all of them were destroyed by my mother after the war...How can this weather brat posses one?"

Stormchaser watched his eyes enlarge with fear. He smiled, his eyes glowing brighter by the minute. Soon he would be a suitable replacement for a lamp if his eyes became any brighter than they were now.

"You recognize what this is I take it?" He chuckled, twirling the blade along his fingertips. "After many battles during the war, Discords men would drag all manner of people out into the streets and carve them up with these cursed blades. Of course they never killed anyone with them, at first. They just took them out into the most public place they could find, stripped them of any clothing covering their backs, and carved vile words into their skin for all to see. Usually things that fit the supposed 'crimes' the person had committed against Discord. The cuts from this blade can never fully heal, leaving very visible scars that last a life time..."

He turned away from Daybreak for a moment, his voice faltered as he looked over to Flitter, still cowering near the entrance.

"Your...Your fathers men...they came and took my mother. Took her for no reason, out into the street and carved the word Whore into her back...For an entire day, my father had to watch her suffer about the house, in unending, agonizing pain as the curse inflicted from the blade refused to allowed her bleeding wounds to heal. Then, when it seemed she could bare no more, the soldiers returned the next day. They took her out into the streets again, and tried to rape front of everyone. But she fought back...and...and then they...they..."

Daybreak could see the scene in his mind. A woman, looking similar to Stormchaser...maybe sharing his hazel eyes and yellowish hair, being dragged out the Canterlot city square, where the most public events took place. He could almost see his fathers men, tear the back of her shirt, and begin carving into her skin with the blade that was now before him in Stormchasers hand. Then he pictured them returning later, dragging her out again and...even he felt the need to look away at the coup de gras.

"They killed her? Is that what happened?" Daybreaks voice lacked sympathy, for he felt none. However he was curious.

Stormchaser turned back around, his hand gripping the bone hilt of the blade so tightly his knuckles were whitening, more so than they already were. His eyes faded back to hazel for just a moment, as tears began to form in them. But only for a moment, then the sapphire was back, along with the rage.

"Yes they killed her. Ran her through with the cursed blade when she resisted them. Because of that...because they killed her with the blade..the curse never faded. Her body did not stop leaking blood until she was completely dry...and the words carved into her back were their until my father burned her body. Do you have any idea what that's like...Having to burn the body of the person you love? Having to watch them keep bleeding endlessly, even after they're long dead?...Well do you?!"

Daybreak watched Stormchaser grow angrier and angrier off his own words, staying silent all the time. He was pushing his rage beyond the point of return...until he finally snapped! With a shriek he walked up and roughly placed the blade against Daybreaks neck

"I'd kill you right now, if I thought that was punishment enough for what you've done to me! But it's not! You deserve to suffer forever for this!...Hold him still! Just in case my spell starts to wear off."

Making sure to kick him in the ribs as he passed, Stormchaser walked around Daybreak and stood directly behind his back. Even without looking, Daybreak was able to hear the swift fwoosh of the blade as Stormchaser flipped it around in his palm. Now he was holding it like he intended to slam it down and stab a table. Stormchasers breathe tickled across his ear as he whispered to him.

"Now you can experience the same pain she did, before his men took her from us!" His voice hissed with venom.

"This...This is going to hurt..."

No amount of training, no amount of reading, studying or build up...could prepare someone for the kind of pain Daybreak felt next. The moment he felt the warm tip touch his skin, before it ever pierced him, it felt like his body was on fire...and it only got worse. For a moment, the blade simply lingered upon his back as if testing his skins toughness. Then, all at once, he felt it push down...and it split his back like it was cutting butter.

The pain was unimaginable, it burned and froze at the same time. It was like he felt nothing all over the rest of his body, but his sense of that singular impact point was magnified a hundred times! All of the training and endurance Daybreak had gone through until now, all the pain he'd experienced throughout his life, it all left him. He could think of only one thing, one singular thing as he crushed his own teeth down on his lower lips to keep from screaming out in agony!

"I have to get away!"

New found strength, second wind, adrenaline rush he didn't care, he drew on anything and everything he had left in a desperate attempt to fling off the two boys holding him down. With a roar of primal rage, He jerked both his arm forward, feeling a surge of strength, and feeling freedom...for a single, fleeting moment.

Then reality crashed back down when, possibly a hundred volts of energy surged through his body, turning his arms and legs into limp noodles instantly. Half way to his feet, Daybreak collapsed back to the soaked floor, which was now starting to flood from the three showers still going off in the next room, making the room almost hazy in sight. His face now half soaked, he had no strength to resist when he felt his body dragged back to it's previous position.

Stormchaser actually had the nerve to laugh at him "Ya know...That wasn't a bad attempt...and if I hadn't been here, it might have worked. But sadly for you, I am here, and I'm better."

Daybreak didn't know what was worse, being caught and tortured like this, or having to hear this brats obnoxious voice. He didn't get much time to think though, for seconds later, he felt the blade reenter his open wound...and push deeper. He couldn't tell how deep it pushed, it was like his eyes bulged so big, they broke. He nearly blacked out...and even that didn't dull the pain. He felt every, agonizing, slow inch, ripping through his skin layers as the blade buried itself deeper and deeper in his back.

After an eternity, he felt it stop pushing. Daybreak hoped at least some of the pain would subside temporarily now that the blade was no longer moving...but it did not. Now it only felt worse. Because now, with him no longer focusing on the pain of the blade pushing deeper in him, he was able to focus on the pain the curse was inflicting upon his wound. He felt every fiber, every nerve, being lit on fire, then frozen over, and ignited once more. It was never ending, and he knew it was just the beginning. Then he heard Stormchaser whisper words that would have chilled his blood, if that weren't already happening anyway.

"That was the first cut, two inches deep. Now we can start carving the letters. Both of you-" Daybreak realized he was talking to the two boys that must have been holding him again. He wasn't even aware they were there. The whole rest of his body had gone numb, all he could feel was the leaking of his own blood down his back and the burning, endless icy pain in the singular wound that had been inflicted upon him. "-Hold him tight. It has to be one continuous cut from here on out, or else the curse won't take full effect. The next time the blade leaves his skin, I need to be finished. He shouldn't be able to move now, with my magic, and the blade's, inside of him...but just in case, be ready."

Only two of his words really had an impact on Daybreak. But they hit him hard, as he realized just how much more of this Tartarus level torture he must endure.

"T-that...that was one! That was the worst pain in the world and all he did was poke me...I can't...I can't take this..."

Whether from shock, or the sheer level of pain coursing through his body, Daybreak felt his eyes go black and his world go dark.

"Why...why does this always happen to me...No matter where I go.....No matter what I do, I can't ever escape from this. I thought for the first time...I thought I'd finally found somewhere I could be peaceful...Why...Why is always me who suffers..."

His thoughts were jarred away as a new tidal wave of pain coursed throughout his body, extinguishing all else but itself. His eyes, bloodshot now and tear lined, shot open as he, once again bit down on his lips to keep from screaming. He pressed so hard he felt his lips tear open. The taste of his own warm blood flooded his tongue as he felt the blade, once again begin carving into him. This though, it was even worse than before. How that was possible, he had no idea, but it was. It felt as though it was being dragged, like a hand going against shark skin, or someone shaving their face against the grain rather than with it. His skin no longer split and cut like he felt each slice, like it was being force to pushed through his skin, or like the blade was dull instead of razor sharp.

"Good, that was the E. Now we can move on to the next letter." Stormchasers voice barely even registered to him anymore. Too much pain dominated his body to leave room for him to think or feel anything else.

It occurred to him that, this feeling may just be another effect of the curse that the blade held within it. He had only limited knowledge on many of his fathers war weapons, and even less on the war weapons his army had. Many of his men had just been common thieves or bandits before joining. Very few...sane people, had been in his army. After all, what sane person, would follow the Lord of Chaos unless they were desperate?

He suddenly choked for breath as the blood pooling in his mouth found a way to the back of his throat. Sputtering, and gagging, he was lucky one of the boys holding him momentarily leaned him forward, so he was able to throw it all up. He was only held like that for a brief second though, and all the time, he still felt the presence of the blade in his back...never once being lifted. He could feel it now, being forced through his skin, like it was attempting to turn around a curve, ripping and tearing at his raw flesh.

Another electric surge of pain coursed through his spine. At first he thought it Stormchaser sending more of his magic into him to keep his muscles from waking...but then he realized it was worse. Stormchaser was turning the blade, as if trying to trace something along his back. Daybreak felt the teeth dig into the sides of his skin as the blade attempted to make sharp curve, but take his flesh with it. With one long and painful-to-hear riiiiiiiip the blade made its full turn...and Daybreaks restraint over his cries finally broke...all his anger, frustration, internal and external pain came flooding out in one long agonizing and bloodcurdling scream!

Stormchaser barely seemed to hear it. Instead he looked down upon his work with a grin.

"Now we've made the X. Your new title will be finished before you know it. Then I'll let you go, so that the entire University can see what you are." Daybreak hated him, he was certain somewhere in his mind he hated him, underneath all the suffering that dominated his mind he knew he hated this boy. Yet, even deeper than that, he could detect the hints of sadism in his voice that had not been there before. This boy was being pushed to the brink of his desire to cause Daybreak pain for what his father had done. It was all Stormchaser's doing...but he had to remember that Famine was at some level, also responsible for this. The problem no longer felt that way...or served as any comfort to him.

His eyes rolled up into his head, and he passed out again. This time however, his mind retreated him so far inside himself...even the horrendous pain of the cursed blade could not wake him. On the outside, his body continued to yell in cries of agony...but they were unconscious yells. He wasn't there anymore.


"Why...Why me..."

"It's not fair..."

"I've never...I've never hurt these people...why am I being punished...again"

"I just wanna go home...I don't ever wanna come back here...Never ever again..."

Inside, he felt like nothing more than a child once more. His days in the streets of Canterlot had returned upon his life. It seems there is no escaping them. For every time he went to a new part of the world, or returned to an old. His past waited for him. Sometimes, it took months, once, even a year. Here, it took barely a week. But no matter where he went in the world. His identity brought him pain and suffering. Gryphons to Dragons, Zebra Tribe to Centaurs. Everyone hated him and everyone knew of him. Discord was too far known in this world for his thousand years war...for his son to ever find peace.

"Rainbow Dash said she'd keep this from happening...and I believed her...just like stupid child believes his parents when they tell him the tooth fairy exists...or that his goldfish went to a better place. I believed because I wanted it to be true, even though knowing all along it wasn't, and never was."

His mother, his father...because of them, he'd never be able to live anywhere happily.

Because of them...

"I thought I'd excepted that a long time ago. Then I came here and that lowly spark of hope from my child life found me again. Rainbow Dash truly made me believe for the first time that I could fit in somewhere. She's meant more to me than anyone ever has. But now I see the truth...out there...where my body is being mutilated for a crime I wasn't even alive long as this world that hates me exists...I'll never be free...this world...the people ruling it...governing"

Thoughts faded into whiteness as his mind slipped deeper within himself. Shielding him from the endless and eternal pain that the curse was gifting upon his body. He wasn't even sure he wanted to wake from it. Eventually dreams would find him in here, and he could dream of the only thing that had made him happy...the only thing he could ever remember making him happy, and the only real reason he didn't think this place had been a waste of his time...Here, eventually Rainbow Dash would find him.


Meanwhile, outside the twin double doors of the locker room, another conflict was making itself known throughout the gym. As Rainbow Dash struggled while her friends attempted to force her back onto her mattress, she flailed her arms about, attempting to free herself from the grip of both Applejack and Rarity and nearly punched the latter in the nose. Rainbow was attempting to rear up on Twilight, who was also being held back from attacking Rainbow Dash herself, by Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy. Both girls had different forms of enragement flowing through their veins, but in that moment, it seemed like each one wanted nothing more than to clobber the other!

Twilight struggled against Sunset and Fluttershy, attempting (poorly) to muscle her way past them rather than stoop to using magic on them. She flailed her arms about, and like Rainbow, nearly whacked one of her friends upside the head. Sunset Shimmer ducked just in time to avoid the swing, fortunately.

"I ASKED YOU A QUESTION RAINBOW DASH! WHAT IN TARTARUS ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT NECKLACE?! AND WHY DO HAVE ONE OF YOUR OWN AROUND YOUR NECK! I WANT AN ANSWER, NOW!" Her voice rang with an authority almost equaling that of Princess Luna's Royal Canterlot voice!

Bits of purple aura sparked and jumped from her skin as she felt parts of her clothing begin to tear while she attempted to claw her way towards Rainbow, through her friends. Rainbow was just as persistent, but instead of trying to claw her way towards Twilight, she was trying to force her way past her friends and towards the locker room doors. Somehow, someway...she knew Daybreak was in trouble.

Her necklace had glowed all sorts of colors before, and she'd come to understand (at least partially) what some of them meant. Rainbow, Emerald, Violet...she'd seen countless colors like this appear within the lightning bolt cloud chain he'd given her...but never before had it burned against her skin. Not just some mild heat either, it had actually hurt keeping it against her chest. And never before had she ever felt his own necklace do that as well and start buzzing in her pocket like a cell phone. Both had been glowing a bloody red when she withdrew them from her neck and pocket. (Truthfully, she'd forgotten she even had his necklace with her until it heated her hip, and was now reminded that she needed to return it to him once he was out of the shower).

She knew, in her heart, something was wrong and he needed her help. But then Twilight had spied the necklaces...and for some reason had lost her mind. Now she was desperately trying to attack Rainbow and kept demanding to know where she'd acquired them from. Rainbow wasn't sure if she should answer honestly, or lie. But Twilight clearly recognized them, so she wasn't even sure if she could lie. Truthfully, she wasn't really sure Twilight wanted the explanation, it looked to her like Twilight just wanted to hit her in the face right now.

She had no interest in hurting Twilight, but her friends seemed convinced that once Twilight had lashed out at her, and she attempted to push past them, that she was trying to get to Twilight as well to retaliate. Now they were holding both friends back, from the other, and Rainbow could feel the necklace burning more and more by the minute. She could feel that she had to get in there soon. She wasn't even sure why, but it felt like she had to.

"He's been in there way too long anyways. It doesn't take over an hour to take a simple shower...something is up and I need to get past everyone and find out what. Come on Rainbow're smarter than this...just simply pushing and shoving isn't gonna work can I get out of this?!"

She'd spent most of her life just rushing into situations head on, full throttle, and that had always worked for her...with some minor consequences along the way. Now though, just like with the magic duel, she had to remember what Twilight had been teaching her up till now. She had to think, she had to have patience. She knew she could think of something. If she just focused.

She relaxed in the grip of Applejack and Rarity. The end to her resistance was so sudden, both AJ and Rarity nearly fell forward with the amount of force they'd be using to hold her back. Realizing that Rainbow had relaxed and stopped fighting, both of her friends lowered their hands and stood up straight. Rainbow put up her own hands, in a mock surrender stance.

"Look guys, I'm not trying to fight Twilight here...I just...I gotta get into the locker room ok? Something's wrong with Daybreak in there."

Applejack, still did not move from her path, but her gaze did soften slightly. It was like she was suddenly sympathetic, but Rainbow had no idea why. "What makes ya think that hon? Why all of the sudden? Why the moment Twilight starts getting all worked up do ya suddenly gotta go check on him...there something your not telling us Rainbow?"


"SHUT UP TWILIGHT!" Rainbow yelled, cutting across her before she could finish her sentence. She locked eyes with AJ, and slowly brought her hands back up, not necessarily hostile...but she definitely showed intent.

"Look AJ, get out of my way. We can discuss my necklaces later, we can talk about whatever Twilight wants...later! Right now I need to get in there. You have to trust me please! I know how it sounds, but I just know there is something wrong going on in there, and Daybreak might be in trouble. So let me by!"

For a moment, AJ and her locked eyes. Something unspoken passed between them. Perhaps she understood what Rainbow was truly trying to say, or perhaps she just recognized that she wasn't gonna get anywhere with trying to stop her for long. Stepping aside, she said

"Alright Suagecube, I'll-"

A cloud of dust motored past her, engulfing her lungs and cutting her off before she could finish as Rainbow Dash bolted past her! It was also at that moment that Twilight managed to outmaneuver Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy by backing up two steps, then feigning to the right, and teleporting past them. She too, bolted after Rainbow Dash, but no where near fast enough to catch her before she reached the locked room doors.

Rainbow ran fast enough to leave dust behind her in swirls, her exhaustion and developing cold completely forgotten the moment she saw the means to escape. She'd hardly even realized that Applejack had actually agreed to let her pass, and truthfully it didn't matter, she was going whether AJ let her not. It wasn't even seconds before Rainbow found herself closing in on the twin double blocked by two students. She skidded (literally) to a halt in front of the two students, she recognized both of them from her magic class, but beyond that, she didn't remember there names. They both glanced at each other as she approached, noting the skid marks she'd left on the gym floor on her way over. With some kind of silent communication they seemed to agree that, despite who she was, they had to stop her from getting through. Each one taking two steps forward, the larger of the two boys folded his arms in an intimidating manner and said

"Sorry Rainbow, the locker rooms are all occupied right now."

Rainbow looked directly at him, eyes narrowed. She didn't even having to verbalize her thoughts to him, her gaze said it all. She was calling his bullshit card on that one.

"Dude...seriously? You're actually trying to tell me that every shower and every locker in the room is occupied? No one's gone in there but Daybreak. Let me in. Now!"

Her last words seemed to spit out like venom, instantly communicating her intentions if these two jocks didn't scram. Before either of them could react or retort though...a blood curdling scream pierced through the walls of the locker room and easy filled the gym over any other noise! All eyes, including Rainbows approaching friends, came to rest on the entrance to the locker area.

Rainbow recognized the voice behind that yell, and her blood boiled.

They both moved at the same time, possibly to try and stop or subdue her...she didn't wait to find out. Like lightning, her aura flared and she moved past them, barely even appearing as a shimmer of an image, planting her elbows in both of their kidneys at once, fueling her blows with magic and rage!

The two built athletes crumpled like they were made of paper, just in time for Twilight to catch up with their friends right behind. Twilight came to halt and Rainbow half expected her to try and attack her again...but instead she just leaned over and gasped for breath. Apparently she'd run out her anger, although she still appeared plenty annoyed, her panting indicated she wasn't going to be doing anything physical for awhile. Rainbow was happy she'd never gotten to teaching her athletics like Twilight had been teaching her athletic Twilight would be scary.

Despite her exhaustion, she still managed to give Rainbow a raised eyebrow and narrowed eyed look. Her signature look whenever Rainbow got into a fight at school. It practically screamed "Was that really necessary?"

Rainbow rolled her eyes and nodded just as AJ and the others showed up at the scene. She strode up to the door, and with no held back force (save for her magic) she front kicked it straight open and strode inside. She stopped before she fully made it in...and felt the color literally drain from her face.

The sight before her caused too much to occur within her for her to move. All at once she wanted to vomit, explode with anger and rush inside to the air of her friend.

Twilight and her friends entered just behind her, stopping at almost the exact same spot. All of them stood, horrified by the sight before them. Rarity actually screamed. But it was Twilights reaction that threw Rainbow off. As she stood, her rage pooling teal energy into her fists, she saw the air around Twilight change...turning almost black. Her voice came out cracked and scared, a version of her Rainbow had never truly witnessed. Both of them spoke at the same time, half yelling half whimpering.


There, before all seven of them, lying face sideways in a pool of shower water and blood, with his emerald eyes glassed over...was Daybreak. A boy Rainbow Dash recognized as Stormchaser, a Sophomore in some of her classes, stood over him clutching an odd looking blade in his right hand. He was covered in blood as well

Rainbows eyes fell upon Daybreaks exposed back...and the words carved into it. Etched blood red from both his own bleeding, and a shimmering, eerie red mist surrounding his torso, was a word she recalled Daybreak once using to describe himself. Her rage and self control broke as she saw what this boy had done...and she launched her self forward with a primal scream!



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Rage. Pure, indomitable, rage. It is a feeling almost indescribable, and incomparable to any other. Such a state where one can focus on nothing else, but a single source that drives them to be so blinded they see nothing but red....that is true rage. A feeling experienced by a seldom few. A feeling of pure emotion, uncontrolled and unrelenting and natural. A feeling...of bliss and freedom.

That was the feeling that Rainbow Dash was now truly experiencing for the first time in her life.

As her eyes fell upon the unconscious and bleeding body of Daybreak, face sideways in a pool of shower water and his own blood...something inside of her broke. Maybe even shattered!

A scream like no other loosed from her diaphragm, causing literally everyone; from her friends, to the group gathered in the locker area, to turn and gaze upon her in fear. Her aura poured off her body waves, fully visible and coiling like an angry serpent around her legs! Her rainbow hair began to sizzle and glow with radiant power, power she had only felt on a rare occasions before. This time though, it was not her Element empowering her, but blinding red fury!

She stood still for only a moment after releasing her yell, a singular moment for everyone to absorb the feeling of her overwhelming energy swimming through the air! A moment where even Twilight Sparkle gave pause to her own building anger, to take in Rainbows immense feelings...then, in a flash, Dash was gone.

Like a flash of light, Rainbow Dash appeared directly in front of the boy, Stormchaser, who was standing over Daybreak and wielding the odd looking blade. With no hesitation, or anything held back, she planted a side kick firmly in the center of his gut. His eyes went wide, and he folded like paper, all air leaving his lungs. At first, it seemed to be just a normal kick, despite the blazing teal aura that had been behind it moments before. For as she stood there, with her foot practically folding him in half, there seemed to be no more than natural force behind it. Until, that is, he gathered the ability to look up and meet her eyes. That's when it happened.

It was nearly invisible to anyone not paying close attention...but as he looked up with a pained expression adorning his previously smirking face, Rainbow gently flexed the end of her foot. The instant she moved, a huge burst of energy built and released between her foot and his gut, propelling Stormchaser back completely through a set of lockers into the shower room itself, to slide and smash against the tiki shower heads! As he crashed he remained completely still, eyes frozen wide with surprise. He slid down the tiki, slumping over to his side in the flooded room, the cursed blade splashing away across the floor to rest at Twilights feet.

He'd been knocked clean unconscious with a single blow, that realization took a moment to sink into his group. But although their reaction time was slow, the reactions themselves were perfect. As soon as it sunk in, his entire gang tried to rush for the doors, intent on escaping the raging blue devil they now felt trapped with...but none ever made it out. The doors shut themselves before anyone could escape, surrounded by midnight purple aura. It seemed that in their flurry of panic, everyone had forgotten that Twilight Sparkle was also present, along with her friends.

Their was no fight to be had after the doors shut. It took only a matter of seconds for Twilight to round up every member of Stormchaser's gang within a series of magical bubble barriers. Her own rage had been brief, overtaken by surprise when she'd seen Rainbow Dash move. The change had been so brief, that none but Sunset Shimmer seemed to have even noticed that she too, had yelled for Daybreak when witnessing him on the floor. No one but her had noticed that Twilight's aura had been momentarily black. It did not matter though that only she had seen, for she was enough, and she now knew Twilights true feelings. But she would never utter them aloud.

Rainbow Dash did not wait for Twilight, or any of her friends to help. Once she saw that Stormchaser was incapacitated, she dropped down to Daybreaks side immediately. With little more than a whimper, she placed her hand on his back, and recoiled away in pain. His back burned hotter than fire! Her aura went out like a candle in the rain, fresh tears pooled into her eyes as she watched Daybreaks wounds continue to stain the floor crimson. It took all she had not to cry or growl in anger, to simply dive on top of him and attempt to shake him awake. She knew that would not help right now though, she had to get him out and find the Headmistress. That was the only person who might be close enough to help.

Without words to her friends, Rainbow gripped Daybreak underneath his right arm, and hoisted him to his feet. Without a reaction or any attempt to stand from him, she was forced to practically try dragging his legs from the wet floor, and pray his towel managed to stay up. Until that is, Applejack took notice of what she was doing and grasped up his other side, giving the fabric of the towel a gentle tuck along his waist as she held him, tightening it against him. Now supporting him from both sides and assured his towel was reasonably well held up, the two girls were able to slowly make their way back towards the doors with only the bottoms of his feet dragging. Twilight and the others quickly made way for the pair as they shuffled towards the exit silently. Rainbow watched each of her friends as they passed them by. Not one of them seemed able to come up with the right words to say, it was possible they knew nothing that was said could quite make the situation better.

Twilight stood closest to the door, seconded only by Sunset Shimmer, both of whom were counting the number of students Twilight had trapped inside her orbiting spheres of magic. Rainbow regarded her with half a glare as they passed, then stopped when she saw her eyes. They were shimmering, almost like glassy orbs, and her hands were shaking, clenched at her sides.

"Twilight...are you?"

Rainbow couldn't find a way to voice her thoughts, or maybe she was scared of the answer she'd receive. She knew Twilight well, and knew that look from past experience. She was sad...perhaps not even that, she looked...depressed. Regretful even? Rainbow wondered what she could be thinking about or feeling to make her look that way.

Unknown to Rainbow Dash, or any of the others, Daybreak was already very much awake. He'd awoken the moment Rainbow had knelt down touched him. How or why, he had no idea, perhaps it was because he recognized the feeling of her hands...or because her touch had been the first feeling since the blade that hadn't caused him terrible agony. Either way he was awake, if only just. He kept his eyes so close to shut, they might have well been. Although still able to see through his eyelashes, many things looked a bit blurrier than usual. But even he could never mistake the look that was plastered across Twilight Sparkles face as they passed her by. He knew there was no way she could be aware he was eyeing her, given his eyes appeared to be the look he was seeing was genuine.

Regret. He knew the look perfectly, because he'd seen it so many times as a child. Every time he'd volunteered to be her test dummy for magic in fact. She'd accidentally wound him in some weird way during the attempted spell, and then that look would appear moments later, followed by him reciting his ever practiced words "It's fine Twilight, just try it again and you'll get it for sure".The look was so familiar to him, it was almost nostalgic to see now. And that was how he knew what she was thinking about. There was only one real reason for her to look regretful right now. As the new wounds on his back seared in endless pain, he remembered what she's said to him in the Doctor's classroom just a few days prior.

"I don't need to follow you, I'll be able to tell if you're up to anything from where I am now. And, as an added precaution, I'm going to tell people who you really are, Son of Discord. They have a right to know who they're going to class with..."

"Well seems I won't have to go looking for trouble. Once the school knows who I am. I have a feeling trouble will find me. I hope you're prepared to deal with the repercussions of that."

"Anything that happens to you, you'd deserve."

Any other time he would have laughed at the irony of it all. If he wasn't so blinded by this endless pool of pain and anger at present.

"How does your revenge feel Twilight? Is it everything you hoped for? Don't worry, it soon will be. You don't have to see me ever again...You all can fight Famine yourselves, I'm done trying to play nice."

He let his head hang limp from his neck as he felt Rainbow and Applejack half drag, half carry him out into the gymnasium. He had no desire to hear the things people would yell as his back was spotted by everyone in the school. He didn't care that he was leaving a trail of blood behind him as AJ and Dash frantically pushed past the horde of students attempting to gather around them. He didn't care when they found the Headmistress, or the sympathetic look in her usually stone features as she saw him. He didn't care when she tried and failed to numb or heal his back with a spell, in a language he'd never heard. He didn't care when the headmistress took AJ's spot under his arm and escorted them to her office, and he didn't care when she made them a personal portal straight back to his house, using a bit of his blood and another spell he'd never heard before...right in the middle her office. He didn't even care that she told Rainbow to go home with him for what was, the second time now and miss the rest of that school day too.

He didn't care because he'd been right all along. The school had learned his identity, and just as he said, they'd attacked him when he came back. Now he'd have to bear yet another painful reminder of his alienation from the world, except this one couldn't be hidden. He'd learned his lesson, and he wouldn't be making the same mistake twice. He looked up for just a moment as Rainbow hobbled with him through the newly formed portal, and took in the sight of the headmistress. She looked truly sorrowful, the wrinkles around her eyes seemed to drop as she looked towards the floor instead of at him. She must have been feeling guilty as well, since she was practically the cause of all this.

"Good...serves her right...none of this would have happened if she'd just left me...alone..."

He wanted to raise his head and give the headmistress a significant piece of his mind, but before he could manage the act, he felt the portal swimming around him...and his eyes scrolled up to view the back of his head once more.

Apparently either Rainbow or the Headmistress had forgotten that when ones uses a portal, they offer up a slight bit of magic as they pass through. Usually it was so minor that it's unnoticeable to all but a few people anyway. Not even worth mentioning most of the time since most peoples magical stamina would recharge before they even exited the portals other side (that's how little it takes). The problem for Daybreak was, he had no magic to give at that moment and when the portal tried to harvest from him, it probably took from the little stamina he had keeping him conscious. Then, he was out cold once more. Not that it really mattered considering they thought he was unconscious anyways. Although, as he felt the embrace of sleep grip him, a thought occurred.

"How is she gonna get in my house?"



With a barely audible entrance, Rainbow Dash felt like her body was being squeezed through a tube. The world had suddenly shrunk down to the size of a small cylinder, that she was now being pushed through against her will. There was no way for her to inhale, and probably no air for her to take in even if she could. The world had gone dark once the rift in the Headmistresses office had closed behind her. Now she couldn't see, couldn't breathe, and could no longer even tell if Daybreak was still with her or not.

Her lungs screamed for air, burning inside her chest for relief. She felt as though she would pass out before she reached the other side...then in one swift popping sound, she was suddenly pushed through the darkness like a tube of toothpaste...and spat out directly in front of Daybreaks house, flat on her butt. She immediately began rubbing her sore tush with her free hand and looked towards his home. As if her experience in the portal hadn't been weird enough, she saw Daybreak lying face down, a few feet away from her...his towel still in perfect condition around his waist (somehow).

"He beat me"

She'd gone through the portal holding onto him, and she'd actually been conscious the whole time. How was he the first one through...?

"And how is that towel so freaking durable...seriously...I don't remember any of mine being able to withstand so much as a single flight of stairs...why is his so special...?"

Her answer (or at least one of them) came as she peered around his home, looking just a few feet back behind her. A shimmering aura glistening against the wind with eerie emerald light, surrounded the house, extending a good twenty feet beyond it on either side. She felt a smirk on her lips despite the current situation.

"I get it, his storm barrier must also keep people from trying to teleport in here, that's probably why he beat me here. Wonder how I got in then...maybe cause I've still got his sun necklace in my pocket?"

A small groan a few feet away reminded her of a more current problem. Swiftly to her feet, she scrambled over to him.

"Theories later...boyfriend now!"

Her first instinct was to flip him onto his back and get his face out of the dirt, but upon eyeing the crimson trail still flowing like a river across him, she decided against it. No point in causing him more pain than he was already in. The real question now was, how to get him inside?

Gathering her strength, she got herself squatting next to him, and with a massive grunt of exerted force, she hoisted him up onto her back like a piggy back ride. Gripping him around the bottom end of his towel just below his hips, she took a single step, and felt her knees wobble beneath her.

"Yikes...heavy son of a bitch...where is all that weight coming from? He's as skinny as me yet it feels like I'm trying to carry around Bulk Biceps again!..."

Feeling the strain through her entire spine now, she trudged towards his front door. Each step sent small spikes of pain down her back, it probably didn't help that she felt exhausted as well. Lack of energy combined with picking up someone she was sure weighed at least one seventy, wasn't easy. Sure she was plenty strong, but she was close to empty at the moment, from trudging through the storm earlier, and felt her muscles simply aching for a break to relax.

Once reaching the entrance to his home, her first instinct was to try and kick in the door...but knowing Daybreak and his carnivorous backpack probably wasn't a good idea to try and kick his house, lest it try and possibly kick her too. Plus, she didn't even really have the strength for an effective kick anyway.

Luckily for her, she seemed to have the next best thing. A key. Or rather what passed for one at least.

As she placed her palm on the handle of the door, she felt a small vibration coming from within her pocket. Already sure she knew what it was, she reached her hand through her (still mildly) wet clothes and withdrew Daybreaks sun necklace. Just like before, when she'd known he was in trouble, it was vibrating in her palm but this time it wasn't emitting a red aura, it was just moving. That in it of itself was weird enough as it is. Nevertheless, she had no better ideas, other than maybe putting Daybreaks palm onto the door to see if that opened it...but she was curious to see what things this necklace did. And, it really didn't seem like a good idea to involve Daybreak in anything that might require magic at the moment, all things considered. So, taking the chain in her hand, she slowly extended it towards the door...and watched the magic. Literally.

The instant the silver sun dangled forward and lightly clacked against the doorframe, a series of locks could be heard clicking out of place from the other side. With a smile, Rainbow pushed open the door and stepped inside, quickly pulling it shut behind her and watching it relock itself.

"Great, so it's a necklace...and a key? Wonder if it does anything else cool? Just another thing to ask him when he wakes."

With the door finished it's self locking process, Rainbows next assignment was to stop Daybreaks bleeding any way she could. At the very least she had to wrap him in bandages. She knew he had to have that much lying around somewhere. Speaking of lying around, she just noticed that his t.v was flipped on, and muted. The picture was still active, but the volume had been turned to silent.

"Weird...he didn't strike me as the type to leave his t.v on...where's the remote?"

She gave the living room a quick glance over, but saw nothing. No remote and nothing out of the ordinary, except that the cushions on the couch looked messy, like someone had been laying on them...or maybe in them from the odd position they were in. It occurred to her that maybe when he'd come back here from looking for Fluttershy he might have sat down for a moment...but to watch t.v? That seemed off.

Regardless, she didn't have time to worry about that. The sticky liquid that was now running down the sides of her hands from the top of his back, reminded her that he was still bleeding everywhere! She quickly rushed into the kitchen, frantic to find somewhere to lay him where he wouldn't ruin the furniture with his own blood! She almost managed a chuckle. If Rarity could have ever seen her worrying about something as dumb as stains on a couch, she'd have had a heart attack.

Normally she wouldn't have cared about something so trivial...but with his house...guess she felt like she should give anything here a second thought. He'd treated their dorm room with care (for like, the one night he'd been there) so she should do the same for him.

Finding nothing but the dinner table that would be long enough to support his entire body, she roughly ripped the cloth from its top. It was so quick it almost kept all the silverware in place...almost.

"Wait...silverware?...and a that toast crumbs on the plate...the fuck Daybreak? Did you stop here for a meal and pop on the t.v in the process? Something is very weird here..."

She didn't waist time wondering, quickly clearing what little silverware had survived her failed table top trick, she gently set Daybreak upon the table, belly down. After retrieving a pillow from the messy couch and turning his head so he'd be slightly more comfortable, rather than having it smoother him...she went through his drawers. His kitchen drawers to be precise.

She went through everything, nothing survived the lightning quick searching that was a frantic Rainbow Dash! She pulled out drawers, emptied cupboards, she even tore through his supply closet (ya know, that one closet everyone has in the kitchen that seems to be for nothing but random supplies and the occasional can of Chef Boyardee, yeah that one). Eventually, she found what she sought. Bandage wraps. A large assortment of bandage wraps. They were literally in the last place she looked, the cupboard under the sink. She didn't understand why they'd be there and not in the supply closet, but she also didn't have time to care.

With her boyfriend causing the wood on his own table to start turning red, she didn't have much time to think about anything else. Tearing off several long strands of white gauze, she starting mashing them on top of his wounds, then tying several other strands around his torso to hold them in place. It was a challenge to be sure, especially when trying to wrap around his lower back since his towel kept getting in the way. But she couldn't just take it off him, despite how much easier it would make things, since he was bleeding everywhere. Better he bleed all over his towel, than down his torso.

Another bothersome detail, was keeping the white strips of fabric in place as she slowly turned him to his sides when she went around his body, applying and wrapping each strip separately to ensure they stayed in place. It was a huge pain in the ass, and it took her the sum total of twenty minutes to create a successful method to do it.

With his constant, and seemingly non stop bleeding, she was forced to create a way to keep him from bleeding straight through his bandages in a matter of minutes. Which happened as soon as she thought she was finished wrapping the first time. So she was forced cheat in a way, as she applied the next set of gauze. It didn't take her long to realize that whatever the weird looking blade had done to him...wasn't normal, and so, probably wouldn't heal without abnormal means. So as she applied each layer of fabric, she gave them a small enchantment of her own creation. One that she was still proud of to this day and had even been used to impress Twilight Sparkle. Though, luckily it hadn't been so impressive that Celestia would think to make her a princess like Twilight, she had no desire for that. Using her own unique Weather Magic, she had created a way for certain objects to be transmuted to carry the effects of, or completely become, things from the weather that they partially resembled. The gauze she was currently wrapping around Daybreaks back was a perfect example of this.

The initial layer on top of his wounds was just the many pieces of fabric thrown on like before. But the layers that she wrapped around each one after that, they were different. Each wrapping had been given her special spell, which gave it cloud-like properties. This included an extra softness the likes of which no other bandage could know, and more important in her mind, a clouds ability to absorb several gallons of liquid before releasing it. Combining that with an extra layer of wrapping for each specific letter carved into his skin, meant that he'd be set for awhile with these bandages.

It was hard work to be sure, and exhausting on her mental stamina. Her magic reserves were already low, and although her spell didn't take much to perform, it was still a tireless process. She was sure Twilight could have easily found other applications for her spell if she'd ever taken the time to teach it to her. For now, she was just glad it had finally come in handy for something...other than making her an amazing pillow.

Once she was finished, she took a step back and admired her work. The gauze itself looked like it had been tied by a third grader who was practicing their shoe laces...but it was tight and doing its job, so that was all she cared about. Sure someone like Rarity could have probably put her to shame, but with her spell acting on the wrappings it didn't matter if it looked crappy, when it probably felt amazing, especially with how much pain he must be in.

Even while she watched him grimace and groan in his sleep knowing their was nothing she could do, she still longed to find a way to help him...if only just a little.

"Maybe...If I put him in his bed rather than this hard table...that would have to feel a little better, and now that the blood won't seep through anymore it should be ok to change him out of this bloody towel...that's at least something."

Another sigh escaped her, the strain of carrying him before still prevalent in her mind...and her back. She didn't bother complaining though, she just got her arms up under his belly, and hoisted him onto her back from the table with a quick surge of strength. It wasn't any easier than the last time, but at least this time she didn't have as far to walk...every positive counts right?

Moving as quick as her strained legs would carry them both, she hiked her way over to his room. She stared down at the door handle, contemplating within her mind how best to open it without using her hands. She was barely able to carry him with both her hands right now, so there was no way she could manage with just one, not even for the second it would take to let go, grab, turn the handle, and catch him. So how was she to open it?

Determination surged through her as she slowly extended each of her feet, ideas flooding through her brain at warp speed...each one probably more ridiculous than the last. With the force of a mighty wind, she flung each shoe "miles" across the room (not simultaneously of course). Then, with slow and careful precision...she leaned her body and his, against the wall. While balancing on her left foot...she attempted to extend her leg and wrap her right foots toes around the door handle, to twist it open. Despite her own flexibility, and having stretched out in much weirder ways during training sessions...she still found she was unable to turn the handle. Her foot easily made it to the handle, and her toes managed to partially wrap around it...but she just kept slipping right off every time she tried to turn it.

Her temper already short from the mornings events, she didn't bother with the rest of her crazier ideas. She just bent over, gripped the handle in her teeth (after painfully head-butting it by accident twice)...and twisted her neck in the most uncomfortable manner imaginable. She twisted and turned, waiting and rejoicing when she heard the distinct click that was the door handle popping loose. As it swung open she celebrated to herself, the end of her back breaking journey and the time for another long nap. That is...until she took two steps inside the room and saw who was already asleep on the bed.

So surprised was she, that Rainbow Dash actually let go of Daybreaks legs. He dropped off her back like sack of potatoes, nearly taking her down with him as he fell. She managed to dip down and pick him back up under the arm instantly, with some mild guilt about dropping her bleeding boyfriend. Her main focus though, was the million other thoughts racing through her mind as she saw a young orange girl that she'd come to care for and mentor...asleep on Daybreaks bed!

Her voice cracked like whip through the air! Leaving a lingering echo throughout the very walls of the room!


The angry question had escaped her lips before she could even try to with hold it! The formerly asleep girl rocketed upwards from the bed as though a bomb had gone off underneath fear covered her face. Were it anyone else, Rainbow would have looked away in embarrassment when Scoots jumped up so quickly that her overly large shirt shot up over her head, exposing her nude form beneath and obscuring her top half from view. But since it was Scoots, and Rainbow had seen her naked like a thousand times during various camping trips with their friends...she didn't really feel the need anymore.

That said, she quickly leaned forward, slumping Daybreak from the side of her shoulder down onto the bed. Scoots sat in momentary silence once she finished pulling her shirt back down, seeing both Daybreak and Rainbow splattered with blood rendered her briefly speechless with thought. She stared as Rainbow moved to the right side of the bed and pulled Daybreak up until his head was resting on the tip of the pillow nearest the frame. She was even silent as Rainbow pulled off Daybreaks towel (without flipping him onto his back) and went into his cabinets for some boxers to replace the bloody fabric. Although Scoots was surprised that Rainbow would pull off his towel in front of her, he was on his belly so it's not like she could see anything anyway...and she'd already seen him nude earlier...but Rainbow didn't know about that part yet.

After watching Rainbow retrieve a pair of skin tight athletic underwear from the drawer, and slip them on Daybreak (as though she'd done it a thousand times before), Scoots found herself just staring at his bandages. They were wrapped tightly around his back from the start of his tail bone to just below his shoulder blades, and covering everything in-between with wrappings. They didn't look so tight that they were uncomfortable, but she still had to wonder...what could have happened to her adopted big brother in such a short amount of time that he'd need something like this. It wasn't until she noticed Rainbow was taking off her own top as well, that she felt the need to speak up.

"Umm...Rainbow Dash...W-What are you" Her voice came out more frightened than she'd intended. She didn't even know why she sounded scared. Perhaps because, despite all the times Rainbow had seen her undress and change, Scoots herself had never actually been around Rainbow when she did the same. Rainbow did not pause or regard Scoots question until her chest was free from the confines of her dampened shirt, and she'd tossed the wet clothing to the side of the bed.

Eyeing Scoots with a raised eyebrow, Rainbow climbed up on the bed to Daybreaks left side where there was still plenty of room for her. She patted the sheets directly beside her with her palm, like she was calling a young puppy. Scoots understood it to mean she should join her. So she did.

Mounting the bed herself, she crawled over to Rainbow and laid down beside her, while attempting not to look at her exposed breasts. Which were literally right next to her face. Rainbow laid down on her side, placing her elbow on the sheets and using it to support her head while she rested it in her open palm. She let her eyes travel up and down Scoots before saying anything to her again.

Scootaloo looked significantly better than she normally did, like she'd taken a shower recently, and Rainbow could smell a strong cologne emitting from her XL shirt. Oddly enough, other than the dark orange shirt, which would no doubt manage to extend down past her knees if she stood up, Scootaloo was wearing no other clothing. No bra (not that she really needed one being an A size anyway), no underwear...nothing. If she so much as jumped, like before, her young and nubile body would be exposed to the entirety of the world. Heck, a simple bucket of water would be her mortal enemy right now. For anyone else, this would be suspicious in a very wrong way. But considering the type of person Daybreak was...she was pretty sure it wasn't the obvious first thought most girls would have. But that still begged the question...

"What are you doing here Squirt? That's the real question. Are you like...staying the night here or something?" Her voice was much calmer now than before, and the mildly tender tone she often used with her young protégé had returned. This made Scoots feel much better about explaining what had happened, and why she was nearly naked. She shifted on the bed so she was lying on her back, the titan sized shirt moving up to slightly to expose her orange tummy as she did. She held a light blush on her cheeks.

"Well Rainbow Dash...umm...ya see..."


It took her a total of five minutes to explain how she'd ended up in Daybreaks home during the storm. Within that time she explained how he'd come to her aid in the rain and offered her safe haven for the night, but after hearing about some of her life he'd suddenly offered to let her live there permanently. It had surprised her at first, having just met him...but a permanent home with someone who seemed likely to treat her better than most, she couldn't turn it down. She also went into great detail telling Rainbow how kind Daybreak had been to her when they had arrived home and just before he'd left. Telling her he'd allowed her the use of the t.v and whatever gaming system came with it, and of how he'd told her the fridge was hers to use at her leisure. Also, she added the part about him getting her new clothing...but the shorts were even more ridiculously large than the shirt, although he'd made her wear them so he wouldn't feel awkward around her...she'd ditched them the moment he'd left the house. Rainbow simply nodded and listened for most of her story, only commenting with slight smiles and chuckles whenever Scoots mentioned Daybreak or how odd he seemed. She only broke her silence when Scoots told her that Daybreak had practically adopted her as his little sister. Then she found herself leaning forward on her elbow with a bright look in her eyes.

" he's your big brother now Squirt?...What does that make me huh?" She gave Scoots a smirk along with a playful shove in the shoulder. Although Scoots seemed to be making extra effort not to look at her, she heard the chuckle in her voice as well.

"You're still my big sis Rainbow Dash! Duh!"

"But, me and Daybreak are together. Isn't that kind of weird? Ya know, like incest and stuff?" She let out a mischievous chuckle, but heard Scootaloo inhale a gasp. An obvious shade of crimson crept onto her cheeks (easily noticeable due to her orange skin) and she quickly looked away again. Just like she kept doing each time she accidentally looked at Rainbows chest...but this time it was much more rushed.

"Y-you two are a thing? H-have you...ya

Rainbow cocked an eyebrow, then after a moment felt heat rush to her face. She nearly exploded into stutters herself, which Scootaloo easily picked up on.

"W-well...not exactly...I mean we've, ya know...done a bit of this and that...and we've...f-fooled around a little...but not...but I'm still a...I mean I still haven't..."

"Oh my gosh Rainbow Dash! You totally wanna bang him don't you!?"

Rainbows face flooded with color, she practically dove on top of Scoots, smushing her onto the bed and smothering her beneath her chest and belly!

"Oh my gosh Squirt shaddup! Who even taught you such language anyways...t-that's no way for a kid to be talking...!"

After managing to poke her head out from under Rainbows side, Scoots stuck out her tongue and blew her a raspberry "Says you! How can you be such a hypocrite? You're the one I learned words like that from in the first place!...And I'm not a kid...I'm sixteen!"

"Yeah well you and I both know I can't be held responsible for anything I say, so there!"

"Then why shouldn't I do the same things you do!?"

"Cause I'm supposed to be teaching you to be better! Duuuuuuh!"

"By constantly doing things right in front of me that you know I shouldn't do?"

Rainbow went silent for a moment. "Yeah....Well...ya know what....screw you..."

Scoots smirked, finally freeing herself from beneath Rainbow Dash's body...though half her shirt stayed behind as she did so. She came out with the left side of her chest still covered and one arm still sleeved. For a moment she felt her face flush and nearly attempted to cover herself...then just, stopped. She looked at Rainbow, who was now stretching out next to Daybreak, arms wide with one hand anchored over his head, gently ruffling his hair. She was fully exposing her chest to both Scoots and Daybreak, should he awaken. She wasn't exactly making an effort to close her legs fact...she looked more like she was contemplating taking her shorts off too.

With her being so chill about it, Scoots saw no reason she shouldn't too. She found it a little odd, but also kinda awesome to be able to see Rainbow like this. All that athletic perfection on display right next to her. It was only fair. Rainbow had seen her nude plenty of times, even pretended to tease her a bit once she was mature enough to play was only fair she got to see her at least once right?

Nodding mostly to herself, Scoots let the rest of the shirt slip off her body, then gently set it off the side of the bed. She started to snuggle next to Rainbow, but felt two hands gently push her away. She looked up to see Rainbow pointing to and patting the bed on the opposite side of Daybreak, with a warm smirk.

"Lay on this side Squirt, he could use the warmth of two sexy girls right now, don't you think?"

Despite her face wanting to flush when Rainbow called her "sexy" Scoots simply nodded with a smile and crawled over top her sleeping brother. Once on Daybreaks right, she scooted up close and started digging her hands under his chest, so she could squeeze him in a hug without touching his bandaged back. A wet splat sound to the side caused Scoots to instinctively shoot her closest hand down to cover her neithers, fearing the door may be opening. But it turned out to just be Rainbows shorts smacking the wall as she slid them off and flung them. Apparently they were still wet enough to leave little droplets when they hit, and slid down the wall.

Scoots couldn't help her curiosity, withdrawing her hand from in between her legs she returned to her half hug/half snuggle of Daybreak. She slowly attempted to raise her head ever so slightly from the pillow. She just needed to get up enough to see Rainbow...Luckily for her, Rainbow Dash was still making no attempt to maintain any form of modesty. Laying with her legs...not spread, but definitely not closed either, as she lay on her side facing Daybreak. It almost looked like she was staring him in his closed eyes, but Scoots couldn't tell. She was only focused on one thing, capturing the current image of Rainbow Dash in her mind forever. From; the sleekness of her figure, to the firm yet softness of her skin, her ample round breasts, to the tenderness of her inner legs, right down to her perfect and yummy looking lips (you figure out which ones). She retreated her head back down the moment she thought Rainbows eyes briefly looked up and caught her staring. She refused to raise her head again after fact, she might not ever move again if Rainbow commented on her peeping. After a few moments of stillness, she heard Rainbows voice float through the air to her ears, in a much softer tone than she was used to hear coming from Rainbow Dash.

"Well Squirt, I think this is the perfect time to take a well deserved nap. How about you? I can't wait to see his reaction when he wakes up. It'll be so aweeeesome to see the look on his face........if he doesn't start screaming in pain that is..."


Scootaloo, unable to fight her own curiosity, almost raised her head up to ask what had happened. But instead, she gently set the hand she couldn't fit under his chest on top of his bandaged back. Rainbow Dash seemed to know what she was thinking.

"Listen Squirt...I know you're probably wondering what happened, even though you haven't asked yet. And, normally I'd tell you right away. But this time I gotta keep it to myself for awhile, alright? He might not want it being discussed..."

Even though she knew Rainbow couldn't see her, Scootaloo nodded her head into the pillow. Rainbow seemed to get the message somehow.

"Thanks Squirt. When he wakes up, even if he's beyond grumpy and angry, help me out, cool? Then we'll talk more."

Again Scootaloo nodded into her pillow "O-ok Rainbow Dash. I'll try."

Rainbow smiled to herself, bringing her own free hand to the front of his face, and gently beginning to caress his cheek.

"Good...Now, let's get some sleep. I don't know about you, but I'm freakin tired...G'night Squirt."

A small feeling of pleasant warmth welled up within Scootaloo as she heard Rainbow wish her goodnight, and she couldn't hold back the happy smile that invaded her cheeks. She felt herself snuggle even tighter against Daybreaks side.

"Goodnight big sis, goodnight big brother."


"It hurts...My body, I think it's on fire...What happened...?"

Daybreak felt his thoughts return from the murky haze of sleep. A sharp stabbing in his spine reawoke his numbed nerves...a burning pain that was ever present and familiar. It was the pain he'd felt before passing out, but now it was...lessened. It still hurt, it still burned, burned like hot metal was being pressed into an open wound...but it wasn't as bad as before. He felt he could stand to stay conscious this time, despite the pain.

Feelings began to return to his body, he could tell he was no longer wearing his towel, and that his body was lying on a softer surface than before, soft like a cloud. It was so soft, a small bit of comfort mixed with the pain flooding him, added ease to his condition. He was briefly aware of small sounds echoing around his ears, but they felt so far away. It was as though he were still asleep, and only beginning to wake. Almost like he was in the state between sleep and consciousness when one is aware of background noise and change, but feels they are out of touch or influence of the world around. Daybreak could feel the numbness of his muscles wearing off as the pain returned. The pain seemed to burn away the cold tingles in his body, like a wave of heat melting the ice within him. It certainly wasn't a pleasant heat least...not on his back.

There was a few spots though, where he could swear the heat felt...almost nice. It wasn't painful like his wounds or the cursed magic flowing through his was a comforting warmth, like a certain friend of her hugs. He felt an itch on his nose, and softly twitched his face...something had tickled him. A small gust of air flow, but even more subtle.

It happened again. A small stream of air crept across his nose. This time he almost felt a need to sneeze, but repressed it. He wasn't ready to move around much quite yet. In his mind, he wanted to will closed whatever window was open and daring to disturb his slumber. He didn't actually try it though. His body already ached enough without him summoning any need to make it any worse if he tried...or possibly even return himself to the world ending pain that he'd felt earlier.

Earlier...He remembered what had happened to him earlier. The incident in the shower room and the events following replayed in his mind like a movie relapse. He'd been beaten, broken and humiliated all over again...just like when he was a child. He'd been at a disadvantage without most of his magic to call upon at the time, but regardless of his had happened. Now...he was permanently marked for the rest of his life. His back burned the more he thought about it. How much earlier had this actually taken place? Had he been out cold a hour, a day...a week? He had no idea, but he knew some amount of time had to have passed after the event, since he felt partially rested. Not necessarily rejuvenated or restored, but better than before for certain.

Again, he felt a small stream of air tickle across his nose, this time he opened his bloodshot eyes, intent on moving whatever object was interrupting his attempt at relaxation. The sight that greeted his return to the world, was not what he expected to find...and it managed to halt him in his metaphorical tracks. Rainbow Dash, bare naked and sexy as ever, was laid down directly beside him with a look of absolute bliss across her sleeping face. She let loose a small breath, and Daybreak felt the same small tickle of air from before, crawl across his skin.

"Figures it's her breathing on me...Dammit Rainbow...I was sleeping...get off."

He inhaled the scent of her breath. The smell of cherries, sweat, and rain, flooded his nostrils, renewing his tired senses. Feeling her hand on his back was a comfort...but it felt...different. Like something was between her and his skin. He focused on his back without turning to look at it. Much of him still burned with pain and so it was hard to recognize any other feeling or force that might be affecting him. After sorting through his light haze of pain, he did detect some kind of light fabric wrapped over his wounds.

"It must be the medical gauze I keep under the sink...I'm surprised she managed to find it. But it feels so different from the last time I used it. What's this extra feeling I'm detecting back there? Maybe it's just my wounds leaking...but it feels oddly wet under the fabric...hmm...weird..."

Ignoring his wrappings for the moment, he refocused his eyes on the closed lids of Rainbow Dash, mere inches from his own. He felt a brief surge of anger sting the back of his mind. There was a good portion of him that wanted to blame her for this. If it wasn't for her, he'd have never gone back to that place, and this would have never happened. He wanted to get mad and yell at her, blame her...but he knew he couldn't. As much as he wanted to blame someone and let his wrath flow...he knew it wasn't her fault. He'd agreed to go, and he'd known the likelihood of the consequences.

"She just wanted me to stay with her, she wasn't trying to get me's not her fault."

Although the throbbing in his back put up a good argument, he decided to ignore it for now. Besides, he didn't have to worry about it happening again. He'd already decided he wasn't going back, and this time, one passion filled moment wouldn't change his mind. He could consider leaving the town altogether...but he'd just gotten used to his house...and Rainbow Dash...he hated to admit it, but he would miss her too much if he left. He didn't wanna be alone anymore, and he really cared for her. Then there was Scootaloo, his new stay-at-home roommate who...wait a second...home?

Horror struck his mind as a realization dawned on him.

"Oh sweet mother of I...home? Oh gods I'm in my bed! We're in my house! Where the fuck is the Shrimp?!"

As if on queue, he felt a rustling to his other side. Instinctively he turned his head. Wouldn't ya know it, the little Shrimp was asleep against his hip. Now he would've been perfectly ok with this, if not for one small detail...she was as butt naked as Rainbow Dash. The shirt and shorts he'd given her before leaving, had been abandoned (somewhere in the room no doubt), now she was stark nude and snuggling against him like a lover.

"I question how this situation is even possible. Both of these two, naked on either side of me...and snuggling like nothings wrong...what the fuck happened while I was unconscious...And how did these two decide stripping and cuddling me was a good idea.........and why am I so ok with it...What's wrong with me lately...Oh gods! This doesn't make me a player does it...?"

Now that he knew she was there, he was suddenly aware of how naked he felt. His towel had been replaced by his black athletic boxers, which he usually wore for sporting events...and were way to tight against his skin to be laying with two bare skinned girls. Scared that the slightest movement might wake his sleeping companions, he decided to simply lay there and enjoy the sight of his sexy girlfriend sleeping next to him...and try to forget that Scoots was there as well. He stared at Rainbow as she slept, even though she was so close he could have tasted her nose if he wanted, he still felt too far away from her. Knowing she was there, close to him, all he wanted was to reach out and embrace her tight. Like she had done to him the last few nights.

Without moving anything but his head, Daybreak let his eyes crawl up and down Rainbows sleeping form. Her arms were pressed together across her chest, squishing her breasts together in the cutest way. It was apparent she'd been trying to hug him before passing out (evident by the way her arms were positioned) and that only added to her adorableness factor. As his eyes drank in the sight of her silk smooth skin, especially over her chest area, Daybreak felt a sudden warmth well up inside him.

"Why does this happen every time I see her like this now...I feel like I just wanna...wanna..."

His body seemed to move on its own, reaching out for her with his arms, he gently wrapped Rainbows lower belly in an embrace. Pulling her tight against his own body, he felt a familiar urge well up within his gut. Warm and urging, he felt the tightness in his chest willing him forward, especially his lips...forward...forward, until his mouth was resting against hers.

Part of him still wanted to be mad, even angry, to deny any form of enjoyment after what he'd been through in the past few hours. But as he saw her so close to him, and so content...he just felt his resistance melt away...and then he was kissing her. His chest pressed against hers, further sparking the growing warmth within his gut to become a small flame. A flame that wanted nothing more than to just give in to itself. To simply throw himself on top of Rainbow Dash regardless of her reaction or the pain that would certainly follow his movements.

He kept in control though...for the most part. He did not launch himself on top of her...but he did get a little rougher with his kisses. Gently he forced her mouth open, licking around her tongue, and nibbling on her lower lip. He felt an odd comfort in pressing his lips to hers. He knew she'd wake in matter of moments if he kept up his assault, and part of him wanted her too. As much as he'd love to just lay on his stomach the rest of the day, he needed some kind of explanation of what happened after he'd passed out. Especially concerning his little orange friend, asleep next to him and cuddling at his hip. But mostly...mostly he needed something else. He needed her. Right now, he needed her awake, looking at him.

He couldn't explain how he was feeling, but he felt a river of emotions swimming just on the edge of his mind. Like he was waiting to overflow and burst at any random moment. He hadn't cried when his skin was being carved like a ham, and he hadn't exploded with anger yet either. It was like everything was being pressed down inside of him and held back. So much he wanted to just throw himself on his Dashie. Kiss her, hold her, and cry into her chest how much it hurt. How much everything hurt; his back, his pride, his hope for a school life and hope that he could be accepted. Everything that he'd for hoped had shattered inside him the moment the blade touched his back.

He wanted to react...but couldn't. That was why he needed her. He knew she'd draw out his emotions and feelings on the matter. Whether it was by talking, kissing, holding him, or just being there for him. He didn't understand it, but he knew it was true. Rainbow Dash affected him like no other, there was no denying it.

Then there was the Shrimp, Scootaloo. They hadn't exactly gotten to know each other yet...not like him and Rainbow. Yet here she was, butt naked and asleep next to him with Dashie. Knowing Rainbow Dash, this wasn't that hard to believe, but it was still undeniably awkward. True he'd barely just met the girl and had already adopted her as his little sis...but he didn't feel for her like he felt for Rainbow. He didn't think he even could feel that for anyone else. He wanted to do things with Rainbow and experience life, things he would have never thought of doing before. But for Scootaloo, a girl who he'd taken in only hours earlier on a whim, he viewed her as his responsibility...not...whatever this was that was happening right now. Yet, despite these facts, he couldn't bring himself to push her off or to wake her. She looked almost as happy as Rainbow Dash, all snuggled up beside him.

" for now I'll just...let her be and we can discuss this whenever she wants to get up...I don't feel like arguing right now anyways. I'd rather just enjoy Rainbows company."

With his attention back on Rainbow, he returned to his kisses. Seemingly the only thing that helped him draw attention away from his burning back, was her. He deeply kissed her once more, pushing his tongue down on her own and entangling them together in her mouth. He'd hoped doing this would wake her like the many other times before, but she seemed intent on staying asleep this time around. A slight twitch in his eye, Daybreak felt his annoyance level spike...much quicker than usual.

"Alright Rainbow Dash, you wanna play hard to get. Let's play!"

Pushing her out of his embrace a little rougher than intended, Daybreak pulled himself over and laid on top of Rainbow. As he moved he felt twinges of pain shooting up his back. Feeling the raw bits of his skin rubbing together, sparked the burning agony now shooting across him yet again, but for the moment he ignored it. He was focused on only one thing right now, waking up his skittle haired girlfriend.

Now fully on top of her, Daybreak felt a multitude of sinister ideas coiling their way into his mind...and unlike before, he welcomed them.

Dropping his head just below her jaw line, Daybreak ran his the tip of his tongue from the base of her neck up to her ear. His warm breath tickled against her earlobe, giving her a rough shiver beneath in response. He planted a quick nibble of his teeth on the soft skin of her neck and made to nip her again...until he saw her arms slowly raise, wrapping themselves around his chest and back. From beneath him, and still asleep, she'd unconsciously reached up to hold him. He watched her shiver again, then press herself even tighter against his chest.

A little flutter of warmth spread across his face as he looked down at her. He could feel her hands gently running across his bandages, then up to his shoulders to embrace him tighter without hurting him...almost like she knew where she could squeeze. These little motions made Daybreak choke up, he found himself resisting a smile.

"D-Dammit Rainbow Dash...Stop doing things that make me feeeeeeeel....only you can get me all gooey and mushy like this...stupid feelings...Now I just wanna squeeze you like a plushy...Well...maybe not just (bold) squeeze you..."

Warmth flooding his cheeks, Daybreak drew his own palm across hers, interlocking their fingers and caressing her soft skin with his. Using his free right hand, he crawled his palm down between Rainbows legs. He could feel goose bumps forming across her skin as his fingers softly danced down her toned thighs towards his target. He extended his left hand outwards, keeping both their palms interlocked, while putting their arms above her head on the pillow. This allowed him to lay on top of her more comfortably than before. Then, once he was in a position that did not cause his wounds any extra pain, he hovered his right hand just above her neithers. As he slowly inserted his middle and index finger into her sex, Daybreak pressed his lips against hers once more, feeling her give the lightest of moans into his mouth.

Sparks of glee (and pain) traveled through his body as he felt her lips moan against his. He couldn't help but increase the speed his fingers started to move inside her, as though he knew that was what her moan asked for. He alternated each finger thrusting in and out of her wettening lips, feeling her body begin writhe under his own. For a brief moment, his eyes darted over to Scootaloo, just to ensure she was still asleep. It was a cruel act of fate that the moment he looked over at her, she chose to turn in her sleep, spreading her legs wide for him to see. Heat raced up his face and he sped up the rate of his fingers without noticing. He had to force himself to tear his eyes away from the young girl next to him.

"I am not a pedophile. I'm not a pedophile. I'm not a pedophile...if I just keep thinking it eventually that sight will stop bothering me...right?"

Another, louder moan, emitted from beneath him, instantly drawing his attention back to Dash. He looked down and found his eyes meeting hers, open wide with mixed emotions swimming in them. He spotted pleasure for certain, along with mixed embarrassment and the slightest hint of subtle shyness. Probably from the fact that Scootaloo could wake up at any time and see them like this. Her most notable expression, other than overwhelming pleasure, was a mischievous smirk that was creeping it's way across her face at an increasing rate. He spotted it and retuned a snicker of his own to her, filled with as much lust as he could show. It was like he was challenging her with his smile, daring her to do something in retort to him molesting her in her sleep.

Rainbow reacted the instant she spotted his expression, rocketing her free hand to his boxers and shoving it inside. He felt her grip onto him like a viper, and her smirk became a near silent snicker when his eyes bulged to her touch. She brought her head up to his ear

"Someone's very naughty, touching a young athlete like myself in her sleep without permission...and while he has a guest in the house too. You. Are. Such. A. Pervert."

He swallowed a lump in his throat, he wasn't sure what frightened him more; the tightness of her grip in his boxers, or the evil smile she was giving him right then. He felt her hand start to slowly stroke across his shaft, and his body wobbled in pleasure. His knees became jello under her masterful fingers, along with the rest of him. The speed of his fingers thrusting dropped significantly while he struggled to focus on something other than her hand. But he couldn't. Each time he felt her palm run the length of his skin, he had to bite his lips to keep from moaning louder than she did. He was like putty in her grip...and that wasn't even the best...worst part. No the worst part was...she knew it too.

He could see it as she looked at him, a sneer that said everything. Even though she was underneath him, she was clearly in control now that she had woken a bit...and she hadn't even moved yet. Struggling evermore, he kept his fingers moving and pushed them a bit deeper to make up for the loss in speed. Although he saw her eyes shake along with her body as euphoria raced through her veins, he knew she still had much more control than he.

Their eyes met, so close they could feel each other blink. He stared at her and she back at him...and it was clear that she owned him. With one exaggerated stroke, he melted in her hands. He let out a long drawn out moan, and losing what little control he had left, fell off her chest. He rolled to the side, withdrawing his hand from her wet sex and laying on his hip to keep from falling back onto his bandages. Rainbow however, did not lose her grip, but used his new position to take complete control of the situation.

Once Daybreak was off her and on his side, Rainbow gripped him by the boxer shorts, and yanked herself to him. Her breasts crushed against his chest as she came as close as physically possible, without literally merging with him. Her iron grip on him loosened, but only long enough for her other hand to grip his underwear and yank them down his legs. His first instinct (other than to blush) was to retrieve them, knowing Scoots was right beside him...but Rainbow wasn't having it. The moment the underwear was out of the way, she went all out on him with her hands. Her slow strokes became fast faps and her free hand went under him to cup his balls, massaging them while she played.

His face must have been priceless, because Rainbow was practically laughing as she pleasured and tortured him at the same time. He kept crushing his eyes shut each time a fresh wave of euphoria shook his frame, and so did not see her continued smirk of victory leering at him the whole time. Not that it would have mattered even if he had, he had no chance of doing anything about it anyways. But he did hear her seductive and alluring voice lick across his ear, literally.

"How cute, big scary Daybreak is my personal play toy. You aren't even putting up a fight hot stuff. Where's all that fire you had last time? Oh wait...I owned you then too."

He forced his eyes open and shot her a nasty look, she barely held back a laugh.

"Aww, what's wrong grumpy pants, is this not enough for you? Maybe I should kick it up a notch then."

Her voice dripped with seductive poison...and he couldn't help but drink it all in. He gave her a whimper of fear mixed with anticipation, only fueling her bravado even more.

"Guess that means yes huh? Weeeeeeell...since you are the most awesome guy I know...aaaaaaaand you're the only boy that's ever given me any real competition on the track...I guess you deserve a reward. Ya know, cause I'm a nice person like that."

He would have laughed, or scoffed if he had the ability, but she never gave him the chance. Once she finished speaking she dropped her head past his chest and down to his crotch. There wasn't even a moments hesitation in her actions, she just brought her lips to his member and attacked him like he was made of honey. His eyes bulged in his head as he felt her lips wrap around his sensitive skin. He released a moan the moment she made contact with him, all but squealing when he felt her tongue travel up the full length of his shaft, teasing at his nerves. It tortured him in the worst and best of ways.

His own tongue rolled out of his mouth, leaving him panting like a mutt on the bed. He watched her run her tongue up and around is length as though he were a lollipop...though she was clearly more into this than the candy form. She giggled as he twitched beneath her, and each time he struggled to move away she'd only pull herself tighter against him, pushing him even deeper inside her awaiting jaws. She retracted his member for just a moment, licking her way up its sides as she spoke

"How is this big guy? Do you like the feel of my tongue hmmmmmm?......If you don't answer I might have to get a