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Wolf Brethren are everywhere. We are in the Shadows. We are in the Light. We are even in the minds of foals. We Are The WolfPack!

7111769 eh? What is that supposed to mean? O.o

7111842 It's the motto of the wolves on fimfiction.

7111850 That's cool. Though, Vlka Fenryka have their own things x3

Awesome story night claw I hope it continues

7111947 Oh, it will.... Just gotta finish working on a few things and complete something else... Then, those other stories you all been craving for will be continuing x3

7112970 Oh, it'll be updated whenever I've finish my little... Story plot?

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Apr 10th, 2016

Out of curiosity, just how big can a Charger get?

Comment posted by Titan Commander Sebaste deleted Apr 10th, 2016

7113413 No worries, man xD I deleted his Comments.... Guy seriously thought I was going to let him just tear the story apart like that? Construction criticism is BEYOND welcomed.... But if you actually try to rip the story apart, and ruin it for everyone else? Well then.......... SAY HELLO TO MAH BANHAMMER! SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER!

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Skip to 16:33 for the reference...



Nice! Love the story so far!

Scootaloo has a cutie-mark.

7114189 When this story was made, Scootaloo did not have a cutiemark. If wishing for proof, then check out my FanFiction account x3



that last line in the chapter. Don't you mean daemon?

7113413 To answer your question about Charger size? They can get to Celestia's height, depending on who they were, armor type, and what happened to them. Example? A Dreadnought made Charger would be the same height as Celestia with -very- heavy armor, so would a Primarch but he'll be an Alicorn instead of one of the three pony types. A Terminator would be just short of her height. One in Ayden's case would be... Hrm... Just below her cheek, at the top of his ears?

I will gladly look more at this story and I love the space marine

At this moment Hoops realized he fucked up

I can't help but think that Morning Star was a Blood Raven because of the DoW opening cinematic.

Wow, I would have loved to see the pony version of a wulfen.

What the Helheim is a borgboy?

7329546 an Ork Nob that's more machine than Ork now. Like, 80% of their body is Ork Mech

Kind of makes me wonder what their kids will be like.

7329546 Off the top of my head I'd say it's an ork with extensive cybork parts replacing his normal limbs/organs. Either that or his line about the words coming out wrong was true and he really meant to say Mechboy, Warboss (who often have cybork parts), or Mega 'Nob (who are, to the best of my knowledge, grafted into their suits of orky terminator armor).

Scarab red armor? A Unicorn Charger? Hmm... methinks you have not one but two new characters that have appeared...

I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter. I don't have any problem with you bringing in another marine to the story, but a member of the Deathwatch should have been trying to kill the 'foul xenos' at a borderline psychotic level. If he had the same talk with the Emperor that Ayden had I could understand it, but it seems like he was pulled directly from a battlefield without any warning. He should be going on a rampage right now.

Also, the red charger was the last charger that was recorded in Equestria I'm guessing.

Now this is a story it's awesome

7380586 Things would have gone that way, had it not been for Moon Howl, who is Ayden and a former member of Squad Imperialis. Hence why Azress called him "Brother". If he hadn't had been there, Azress would have attacked Celestia.

I'm guessing the unicorn charger is from a Spess Mehreen chapter that likes Steel Rehn.

7380628 I get that, my point is that he seems way too calm about everything. He didn't even question why he was now a pony, didn't get at all angry about it, just went "Oh, that you brother? Cool, never mind then, I'ma just go admire my new heretical xenos body and hit on the xenos ruler that is responsible for my change now."

Considering how anti-xenos a normal Space Marine is, there just seems like there should be a least a little angst or anger. Some yelling, some insults, even just a "What the Hell man!", something other than blase acceptance.

I'm not dumping on your story, I like it and I want to see where this goes even if you don't show the freak out that should be happening, I'm just pointing out it seems a little off.

7382190 Azress JUST got there, realizes he's in a new body, and his character type does the first thing it can to cope: Flirt. He'll freak out, but later on. Seriously, I despise giving away what I'm planning to help people understand something >.>

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