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I don't want to give out information here... Because obviously you're all going to use it against me. It's alright, I live in a cardboard box and I move it around a lot, so you'll never be able to.


Well, things have leveled out. But it isn't like the enemies of Equestria to go too long unnoticed (because let's be realistic, they probably have some ego issues). And in context, the stuff that the Elements went up against before, hell, even the war didn't ever really prepare Rainbow Dash and Jason, or Equestria itself, for the maelstrom of chaos that's going to be released. And Discord is still a rock, so that's quite the accomplishment.

The third and final story in The Winds of Change story arc (first one located HERE, second HERE). Also the one where all of the clichés of writing in the first one are explained. Because somehow thinking about how to fix a situation for long enough actually gives you ideas on how to fix it. Or maybe I should just give writing a rest.

Excellent art by Shadow Bolt

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scoots gets to go with em hmm thats intressting

dam I wanted 2 b first 2 comment. o well 2nd.

The storm is brewing... Prepare thy anal cavity b/c here comes the shit storm

Muffled hoof steps approached, as Rumple pushed his way into the circle.

Rumble? Your "b" is upside down.

Oh man, that upside down b key, I don't even know why they put it in.

:pinkiegasp:*puts on goggles,rainsuit,and face shield gets on a tug and lights corncob pipe*"some major shit waves are coming says i":rainbowdetermined2:

theres 3? so i have to go and read 2 other ones before this? or am i reading this wrong

So Jason has been introducing modern military things like guns and radios to Equestria?
Maybe now we get some good fire fights during this hunt for Bob.
So I guess Equestria is turning into a military super power with the new tech and the leftover soldiers from the war.

Yup. Two others. Sorry. Or congratulations.


ah.....thnx......which is the first?

The Winds of Change.
Nothing attached to the end. Go through my user page, because there's another story by the same name that isn't mine. If you search for it, you may get completely confused.

>> AgentSnail

oh.....ok thanks i guess i start on it later

YES! Time to read this bad boy!

AH yes, The Winds of Change, the one where Jason is a changeling, and The Winds of Change where DASH is a changeling and Jason is a no show... yup... confusing. :ajsmug: and yet I both in my favorites.

Hah. the Hexagon. Still gets a chuckle outta me.
Jason's being quite good to Ferris, isn't he? I mean, he gets all the New tech first to replicate, and he even runs the main manufacturing process for all of equestria? Looks like that stallion is set for life!
Nice start to the third installment. Good mix of comedy (making stuff up to confuse Twi) and the serious stuff (war on Bob).
Hope you get everything on a roll like usual, cause I can't wait to see where you take it this time. Good luck, and I'll see you at the finale!

Comment posted by Shadow Bolt deleted Nov 11th, 2013

But hey, it was always better to have too many guns than too few. Eh, there was no such thing as too many guns anyway.

:applejackunsure::applejackunsure: This comment disturbs me. The problem with having too many guns is that not only will it be easier to fight your enemies, It will be also be easier for your enemies to kill you. With too many guns, the easier it will be for the bad guys to get some and they don't wont care you gets hurt in the crossfire.

Idk for some reason I felt this was rushed(maybe it's just me). That's all I got to say bout this first chapter, so I will be awaiting for the next one.

Eh, you may be right. The idea was more about having the resources to fight concerning his side, not the broader world. Even if there were fewer guns, it still wouldn't be hard to concentrate them in two opposing factions.

Right(which part?), but shouldn't he have thought that someone like Bob or Chrysalis could get their hooves on these weapons and used them against him before he allowed them to be made?

I suppose the chances of that happening are much less than one of them just accusations things that come through. The whole gun smithing operation is somewhat under wraps anyway.

Woo chapter update.

Texas is pretty awesome when it comes to overall competence from those in ruling positions, compared to any other state in the union. There is a reason why their economy is still growing at faster rates when a lot of others are on the decline.

Here, please take my total agreement.

Coming from the fact that I live in California, it doesn't take much to say that other government people are better, really…

I really liked the place when I visited, minus the fact that I kept melting.

I feel tech is progressing far to fast at the moment, Electricity may be possible to come up with ideas and what not but the actual designing of light bulbs, creation of infrastructure, and further tweaking to get things up and running would take years. Even the case of their being a guy with some knowledge of the stuff; he wasn't an electrical engineer. Plus their economy would have been far more geared to rebuilding damaged territory and trying to pay the massive army's salaries.

The Hexagon would take years to build, so hopefully only a part of it is done.

Really, other than that the story is nice thus far. I guess I'm just a stickler for that sort of stuff :twilightblush:

Well this chapter didnt give me the feeling of being rushed. This one had a good flow to it.(like a calm before the storm type of thing)

Also, Texas is one of the best states to live in(not just saying that because I live there:derpytongue2:) if you can stand the heat.


If you can't stand the heat stay out of the Texas? :derpytongue2: :rainbowwild:

As for the chapter, I love Jason and Dash's moments together; they certainly have an interesting relationship to say the least.

Oh and Jason's neighbor has began wearing tinfoil hats due to the strange disappearances of items in their circle.

You keep trying to push this weird neighbor stuff on me. *grumble*. Too bad it's working. Still not sure what to do with him though.

Welp, another grand chapter to lose myself in. Y U SO GOOD? XD
And one thing… the part about Dash joking(?) about getting her own horn? Well now, that would be cool if that actually happened :D
May I suggest it if it's not already planned? It could be made to work; if you give someone an organ that they didn't originally have (i.e. sex reassignment surgery), it can still function, however limited…… weird example, but it works, I think :S
But anyway, depending on how Jason figures out the science of magic, Dash could somehow be given a horn through genetic modification or other means and be able to harness unicorn magic :D
I don't want to 'intrude' on your story, just offering something; feel free to ignore if it's a bit retarded XD

Hooked on this. Have one request if that is acceptable :twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

kill bob slowly :pinkiecrazy:

3504694 I messed with Texas and won :pinkiehappy: me ;one :Texas; zero

Forgot it reply to this, but feel free to say whatever you want. You're not intruding in the slightest.

Something tells me this will be a good story. Considering your others. :moustache:

I forgot, has Jason tried to see if he has internet access yet

I forgot, has Jason tried to see if he has internet access yet



Geez, I would've answered the first one…

3543561 oops it posted twice, but if he did have access to the internet that would be interesting

Oh crap, that isn't good. Hmph, figures those jerks (especially 'Bob') is forcing innocent ponies to do their dirty works. And, now Luna is capture (doubt she is dead, but something is telling me she is in a worse position than that). And, to make matter worse, 'Bob' probably has Earth-bound weaponries and explosives.

Short C&Cs: (Note: These errors appear more than once.)
> It is posed to be 'Cheerilee', not 'Cherilee'.
> Capitalized 'corner' of 'Sugarcube Corner'.

cheers to one year of fanfic \o/

I've always enjoyed reading the new chapters because of the way things are portrayed... government, ideals and ethics... and actually..
Any chance you will go to everfreeNW 2014?

I'm assuming that's like a brony festival thing?

If so, probably not. I'm not much of a brony, really. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I really just enjoy the universe that I can write in, and the fact that I can do just about anything with a story. That's why I'm kinda critical of a lot, and center my stories away from anything canon. If you've seen my more recent story that drives my point home (not that I'm plugging myself). It's probably why I suck at slice of life, because I get bored when I'm not world building. Though I think I do a good job writing about emotional trauma, actually. That's about the whole potential of slice of life right there.
But I really don't like the show, so I wouldn't have much to talk about or do anyway. And I'd also have to admit to people that I do this whole fan fiction thing. *shiver*

I'm really glad you like my writing though, because I try to make it as different as I can.

Not sure where I'll be in a year though, really. Geographically, I mean. I'm not sure if I want to meet the people that read my stuff anyway. You might have really high expectations of me that I probably won't meet. Sometimes I play Xbox, so if you're really interested… I dunno, still feels weird.

Ha, having been to everfreeNW 2013... its not about expectations as much as having fun. It is a little weird talking to everybody by the screen name they have... its kinda like "Hey, AlexS, loved that song you played at the rave a bit ago, wanna have a drink over it? All I have is fireball at the moment"

Not quite like that, but sorta. Its like a weekend of a very large meetup. Only there is enough people and subgroups that you will almost certainly find a group that would be fun to hang out with. Thats mainly why I go.

All I have to say is...
*puts on a sailor cap and a pipe*
There be a shitstorm a'brewin.

Its been a whole year already...... :rainbowhuh:

Damned terrorists, they need to eat their daily serving of what Green Beans can give them! :rainbowdetermined2:

I love airsofting
Ive got an electric L86A2 myself

I read the Chapter Name "The clot Thickens." I'v been playing too much Vladimir.

Looks like Hippogriffs may be a thing before too long, eh?

So now things are starting to heat up. I think I mentioned in the first chapter about something like this might happen.(AND IT LOOKS LIKE I WAS RIGHT!:pinkiecrazy:)

"Dash, this is a twenty-two." He replied. "No recoil, and even if you got shot through the eye you could still end up surviving. It's barely even a gun."

Erm, I suppose its kinda possible, as there are documented cases of almost everything where things normally lead to death end up surviving. At the farm we use a .22 in the forehead of a dairy cow to kill it. I guess it is very common for a bear to survive a .22, then again its a bear (I also heard of people hunting bear with a .22... they get close make a weird barking noise and shoot the bear in the back of the head when they stand up to look around.) I guess I'm just saying be careful when you throw around a sentence like this.

I suppose it also depends on the make, and the type of twenty two bullet, because there are at least a few to choose from. I may tone that down, but it was meant to sound somewhat exaggerated for effect.

You really get that tiny bullet through the skull of a cow? Isn't the forehead like, the thickest part? I don't doubt you, but I feel like we're talking about different things. Maybe not, but I've heard a lot of stories of people getting hit in the head with those things and walking away. Yeah, you know what, I'll edit that tomorrow.

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