When Sombra, ex-ruler of the Crystal Empire, is discovered alive and well, Twilight has her hooves full keeping the tyrannical king in check. Instead of the original plan of throwing him in a dungeon or banishing him to Tartarus, Celestia decides to go with the plan that worked out well enough for Discord.

To reform Sombra.

Pinkie takes the job, and gets right to work in helping Sombra become a better pony. Will Sombra finally change from his old, wicked ways and reform? Or will he instead strangle the annoying, pink menace known as Pinkie Pie?

Thanks to the awesomely talented Mickeymonster for letting me use his art! Check him out for even more spectacular artwork!

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Huzzuh! It's out!

Oh goody. Another one that most likely will be abandoned. How jolly.


Love this line!

“So, this is Tartarus,” Sombra reflected, staring up at the door with a mix of dread and anxiousness for the delectable treat known as ice cream. “Much pinker than I imagined.”

Ice cream is the new Kryptonite, it seems.
Also, your backstory for Sombra's return kinda sounds like Cell's regenerative ability.

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I suspect funtimes to be had!!!

Also.... That last line NEEDS TO BE A THING!!!!!

This is gonna be fun.

How has this not been done before

oh god, the potential. i am laughing thinking of the possibilities

This is very interesting. Read later definitely!


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I cannot wait to see how this turns out! So awesome! :rainbowkiss:


It's here, and what a fun time this ship will be...

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is going to be one heck of a ride. The idea is wild and completely original. I look forward to your updates on this.

Alright, this is off to a great start. :rainbowlaugh:


These guys have a point. 3144486 3144515

Bob, I love ya, bud, but...you have thirteen incomplete stories at the time of me writing this comment.

Maybe focus on those instead of one-shots for a while? :pinkiesad2:

You're an awesome author, and you'll do what you see fit, but maybe it's something you should consider. I'll still follow you and read your awesome, lulzy, random, sexy shit no matter what. :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

To the library!

I do believe that Pinkie and Sokka would get along :pinkiehappy:

having just read the description i can easily imagine this continuing onto other major villains that have came by or will come by, each of the elements reforming a villain. however if the same person or even the show did it it would become monotonous fairly easily. however at this point there would be one 4th wall breaking joke that would just have to be made

*Newly defeated villain, time for reforming*
:pinkiesmile: Welp guess its Rarity's turn!
:rainbowhuh: What in Equestria are you talking about?
:pinkiehappy:Well fluttershy reformed discord, i reformed sombra, you reformed sunset, twilight reformed the nightmare, and Applejack is just a background pony...
:ajbemused: HEY!
:pinkiesmile: So it just HAS to be Rarity's turn!
WHAT A :twistnerd:
Turns out it was Applejack's turn.:ajsmug:
:pinkiesad2: but but... that cant be right... i looked at the script....

....yeaaa that kinda had its own train of thought...


And so it begins....

Cant tell if ship, torture, or just random.

"I'll reform the stuffing's out of him" :pinkiehappy: Fantastic line

Okay, this looks like it's gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

Out of curiosity, did anyone else read Sombra's lines in Morbo's voice?

I'm loving it so far, very funny. But why does everyone have this misconception of Tartarus? It was a place where everyone went to, regardless if they were good or bad.

So totally gonna read this later tonight :D

Personally, I prefer Sombrashy, but I'll give this a read :pinkiesmile:

Edit: Looks like Sombra knows how much of a force Pinkie can be :pinkiecrazy: But now I'm curious as to how it would play out...:trixieshiftright:

*Sees romance tag*
*checks characters*
*adds to read later*
Dis gon be... interesting.

I don't know why, but I just HATE it when one of the Mane 6 makes threats to anyone. It's just so out of character.

Anyway, the gods demand you write more!

“So, this is Tartarus,” Sombra reflected, staring up at the door with a mix of dread and anxiousness for the delectable treat known as ice cream. “Much pinker than I imagined.”

Oh, God, my sides :rainbowlaugh:

So a thousand year old dictator gets revived (again) and he's already stooped to rummaging garbage bins? That's.....just sad to be honest. I'd expected something like going on a eating spree on the apple plantation. Also, Sombra in a speaking role and not once saying crystals? Wow he must be really desperate!

Looking forward to how this plays out

“Where can I find chains in this town without looking conspicuous?”
“The same place you bought rope, a gag and chloroform from.” Spike snickered, going back to shelving to avoid Twilight’s glare.

You know, I would like the cartoon bothered in showing Spike´ sarcastic/realistic side more often :moustache:

Awesome, I had kinda the same idea for a story when I saw that image. But I guess many people did is well, that image is like taling story by it self.

Funny first chapter. Sombra is in for one heck of a ride.

Poor Sombra. I almost hope he gets his powers back.


Sombra, I do believe you have no idea what is in store for you... not just simple tartarus, thats for sure... more along the lines of;
:pinkiehappy: im gonna love and tolerate the stuffing out of you Sombry!

3145614 ... you agreed, damn i wanted you to say no so I could use this.

This looks awesome, but...I'm going to wait until it's done before reading it. One of my biggest irritations is when I get into a fanfic and the author ends up stopping halfway through it, and I don't want that to end up happening. :pinkiesad2:

“Okay, bring back the others. Anyone. Even a dungeon is more preferable than being with her.”

:pinkiecrazy: Even SOMBRA thinks Pinkie Pie is crazy.:pinkiecrazy:

“So, this is Tartarus,” Sombra reflected, staring up at the door with a mix of dread and anxiousness for the delectable treat known as ice cream. “Much pinker than I imagined.”

Welcome to Tartarus Sombra. Yes it is very pink here.:pinkiehappy:

This is interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes

God damn rainbow! the amount of good stories you pump out is insane!

3145337 The future? your name is so yesterday.

3146640 here I'll just give you a present. Don't fuck with the time line with me bro, rule #1

Wow... another? I love all of the amazing stories you're providing me to read,... but I'm kinda worried none of them will be continued.

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