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Hearts and Hooves Day; a holiday reserved for ponies to express their love for another, whether it be with a bouquet a of roses or just a simple box of chocolates. However, for the former King of the Crystal Empire, it's only a source of annoyance and rage.

But, for Pinkie Pie(who has been tasked to reform Sombra), it's a way for her to finally show just how much she loves to make everypony happy. Will Pinkie be able to pull Sombra out of his hate for the holiday?

Coverart by: Kelisah on DeviantArt

This is a side story to "The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie". No, it does not need to be read in order for this story to make sense.

Comments are appreciated, whether they be critiques or compliments~

Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to all my faithful readers and commenters in my previous stories with this pairing. You've inspired me to be a better writer and I wouldn't have nearly as much writings if it weren't for all of you. Have a very loving and caring Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony~

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Comments ( 41 )

Way to go Sombra! You've captured Pinkie Pie's heart for good! Now take good care of her. :heart:

This story was soooo fun to write and your comment made my day!

I love the song!:pinkiehappy:

This is quite possibly one of the greatest romance one shots I've read on this site. You did a fantastic job, and my heart melted at the end. (Sombra kind reminds me of Mad King Gangrel if you've ever seen FE: awakening. Bravo to you!

3886491 I like the idea of a mad king being an awsome villain, and then turning into a super snarky loner good guy. :twilightsmile:

Yay! I demand more!

I will not be that person:fluttershyouch:.I will not be that person:fluttershbad:.Iwill not be that person:fluttershysad:.I will not be that person:fluttercry:......I WILL BE THAT PERSON!:flutterrage: I DISLIKE THIS COUPLE!!!!:raritydespair:

Then why are you commenting on the story?

At what point would this story be in "The Not-So-normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie"

Soon~ I'm only going to reference it, however. I will not address it directly.

You have no idea

3897265 Just check your phone.

That cupcake has nudge Sombra and Pinkie along the right path to happiness and love, eh. It's the simple things in life that makes life vunderful, eh?

Also, King Sombra was awesome with him cheering up Pinkie on a day that fills him with great disdain, eh.

Yep, Sombry made a good move with Pinkie! Now he just has to make sure he won't lose her!

3900303 You never know. He might screw up, eh. :trixieshiftright:

3901373 Well it is King Sombra, eh. I'm just expecting the worse out of him, and that what makes it fun about him in stories such as these, eh. :trollestia:

3886384 If he doesn't, I wonder what Dark cupcakes taste like.:pinkiecrazy:

I have a hard time seeing where this fits in cannon with your main story...

It is mentioned, but ignored. It's kinda like in the movie InuYasha 2: Beyond The Looking Glass how InuYasha kisses Kagome and they never address it directly, but it's existence is still there.

4087519 But still super vague, I think I saw the reference actually. It was conincidentaly when I put the main story down to see what happens in this, then picked it back up and the reference was made then and there :twilightsmile:

Omigosh I love this story, by far the best SombraPie story I've read!

Now I just need to read the sequel :)

Somehow I knew your fics were inspired by Rainbow Bob's.:twilightsmile:

Adorable. Absolutely Adorable. I didn't think a pairing like this could be pulled off, and by most anyone else, it cant be. You, however, are not everyone else.

Very well done, cute, and badass Sombra vs asshole ex? Sombra ALWAYS wins.

Seriously, keep these kinda of fics up. Really good. Another nice oneshot might be Sombra proposing to Pinkie, and the slew of thoughts going through his mind.


Damn. That made my heart just melt completely...lovely story :pinkiehappy:

LOVE IT!!! But I skipped the Buttonbelle part becausr Spikebelle is my OTP and Button :pinkiehappy:is the enemy.:moustache:


Seriously, though. This was the most adorable freakin' thing I've ever read. You, ma'am, are officially my favorite writer of all time. This was too cute!! :rainbowkiss:

*Before reading*
Meh, what's the big deal? :applejackunsure:

*After reading*

3886389 WHAT!!! No Sinatra on that list?!?!

sombra should destroy baritone and piss on the ashes...:pinkiecrazy:


This was pretty good.....oh who am I kidding this was super sweet and cute. I have never come across this paring before but it's super cute and they work off each other nicely. Good job sir or madam

This is a great love story between reformer and villain I wasn't so sure at the beginning of the story but by the end of it I was hooked. My hooves go out to you amazing writer I appreciate your lovely writing talent looking forward to more.

I really like this pairing too. They really compliment each other really well. I absolutely love this entire series, you did such good thing writing this!

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