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The entirety of Golden Oaks Library has been demolished by Tirek's hand and while Twilight and the others are searching through the rubble for anything that survived the attack, they're all horrified to find Sombra caught up in the rubble.

Now in the hospital, fighting for his life, Sombra lies unconscious with little chance of waking up. During his sleep, Pinkie waits for him to awake as she reflects on everything they went through together as a couple, including the fight they had not long before Tirek's destruction of the library.

Sometimes you don't realize how important things really are until it's too late.

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This is a side story to The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 55 )

..How long was Sombra awake?

If he was just being an asshole..

god that part when pinkie was making that speech...
but at the end i had big stupid grin.

Amazing story as usual.:twilightsmile:

I could feel my tears getting ready. They were like::fluttershysad: and I was like::ajbemused:no... and they were like: :fluttershyouch: and I was like::flutterrage:NO, and then Sombra woke up and I was like::ajsmug:knew it... and then they were talking and I was like::moustache: and then NO ONE UNDERSTOOD THIS COMMENT:derpytongue2:

All I could think of when Sombra woke....
"Like a boss.." :rainbowlaugh:

4448792 It's Sombra. He was probably awake.

4448828 I did, but it was probably due to my mental state.

*falls over, clutching heart*
Okay, who shot Pyriel with the feels arrow this time!?


*all of us (me and my side characters) stare at you*
Cool story bro.

Glad ya liked it~! It took me AGES to finish it!

4449038 yea, and I'm sure your very proud of it. You should be. I'm kinda surprised you submitted it to the under rated story group, though.

Da worries... :fluttershyouch:

Da flashbacks... :pinkiesad2:

Da cute moments.. :pinkiesmile:

Da relief... :pinkiehappy:

Da feels... :raritycry:

I liked this story... a lot. Great work Harmony.:twilightsmile:

Great story :yay:
I'd love to see Sombra's reaction to the new castle :derpytongue2:

You love your side Fics don't you.

My feels have severe whiplash from that ending. LOVED IT!!!

Another great one shot Little Mare keep them coming!:pinkiehappy:

Since you have included the finale as canon to your fic here, can I assume that this is set after the conclusion of 'The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie'? Or is this non-canon to your other fics?

This took you ages to finish?
You realize that it was maybe 2 days since you held that vote?
And that most authors on this site upload <5000 word chapters on a MONTHLY basis?
As one of your more recent followers, I have to say that you are now undeniably my favorite author on this site.

I wish I could relike it.

That was a very sad:raritycry:, but very good story:twilightsmile:. Fave and liked.

If you turn off your mature setting you'll find this story is being featured.

4450330 Isn't that the truth.

This takes place after it, but I actually have yet to finish up that series. It's real close, though.

Comment posted by OrionMLP deleted May 26th, 2014

Freakin rad this story got featured. :pinkiehappy: We crack shippers must stick together. There is never too much SombraPie.

Damn it you made me cry. :fluttercry:

How did he wake up?! fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/288/4/2/impossibru_by_lavosvsbahamut-d4cvnrr.png

Or maybe it was... THE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!! *Large computer monitor slams into Sombra's head and the heartbeat monitor lets out a long continuous beeeeeeeeeeeep*

"And tell me more about the things you want to do with your position as a delegate for Equestria or whatever it is you do. I'd like to exchange ideas... amongst other things."

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowwild:

I was about to close my computer and then I barely noticed that you added an Epilogue. I'm glad I caught it! What a wonderful read to end my day on!:pinkiehappy:

4458806 And then, well, you know how it goes. :duck:

4458960 oh nu, Sombra has political power!

And then they fucked

Okay, he asks for it.

You simply must do a chapter where he finds out Pinkie is... you know. The P-word. :unsuresweetie:

4459630 She already did something like that, unfortunately it was a joke. Although to be honest, with all the bone jumping these two seem to do i'm surprised that Pinkie isn't pregnant yet.

(Reads epilogue)
...God I love these two.

Another masterfully written fluff fest, not surprised it made it to the featred page wth the sheer quality of the work that you do.

4460714 They must really understand the meaning of protection.

This is quite possibly one of the feelsest fics I've ever read! I felt so sad reading this, but that ending was just the right about of cutesy to make it that much better! Great job with this fic, I'm glad I gave you the idea for it.:twilightsmile:

Sombra wants crystals.

4495210 Actually I believe that he want to P P's P with his D.

Looks like Sombra found a way to sneak back into a seat of power, eh. :pinkiecrazy:

4459630 He might find out during the newest story. The epilogue of the last one and the first chapter of it's sequel is heavily hinting that she's pregnant given her craving for pickle hay fries and still being hungry after eating a train worth of them on the way to the rock farm.

Someone has to start the slow clap...you sir played those heartstrings like a harp. It was evil, devious, crazy and above all damn good writing. I am impressed. :pinkiesad2:

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