Darth Vader is one of the most despicable forces in the galaxy. Once a powerful and respected Jedi Knight, he betrayed the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order for the dark side of the Force. The newly christened Sith Lord was apprenticed to Darth Sidious and quickly became a master of the dark side. Vader was soon the scourge of the Jedi, continuing the Great Jedi Purge by slaughtering all remaining Jedi.

An extension of Emperor Palpatine's will, the Dark Lord was constantly on the move, traveling throughout the galaxy to defeat rebel uprisings and kill any surviving Jedi. This mission brings him to the edge of the Outer Rim into the Unknown Region of the galaxy, in an unknown star system. High above an unnamed planet he duels with one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy in a starship battle. But during the battle his ship is damaged, and he crash-lands on the mysterious planet.

With his connections to the Galactic Empire severed, Vader must find a way out the land known as Equestria, inhabited by the strange creatures known as ponies. That, or he could take it over.

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~Darth Skeeter

Use the force to get this to the feature box, Luke!




Screw Luke. Vader and his dark side badassery.

~Darth Skeeter


Dark Vader

It's Darth! Omg can't wait to read this :o

Also, you put Dark Vader in the description...

By the way, very first word "DARK Vader"? Darth Vader

I could've sworn I fixed that in the description before I submitted it. :twilightoops:


What did we see? Also, gunna add this to the small group I admin if that's cool with you :rainbowkiss:

2695338 Didn't see what? What the heck are you talking about? :trollestia:

Oh dear, you actually made this?
Bobby, i swear to god... You deserve all the win this site can muster!
Keep writing!

Sure, go ahead bro. :twilightsmile:

God, I hate fimfic sometimes. :ajbemused:

Hmmm... "Cutie Mark Crusader Jedi Knights, yay!"

Well, alright, no cmc tag, and no Jedi to teach them. Pity...

Okay, I only found one error I think

Eta-2 starfighter, from the days before Order 66. It was a v-shaped fighter pilot

I think that it's the Delta-7 you're thinking of.


I told him to start the story off with that image.

I'm so glad he did.

~Darth Skeeter

I liked your first chapter: short, sweet, and to the point.

Give him another lightsaber...no, five, FIVE LIGHTSABERS to slaughter ponies with!

The only problem I had with this is the fact you call the planet equestria when equestria s only the country the ponies are from.

Fuck me sideways, hell yeah, OMFG FUCK YEAH!


Did the show ever explicitly say that? I don't recall it saying that anywhere, although I haven't watched an episode in a few months.

2695659 Yes they did in the ending of "Dragonshy" Also your first chapter is missing some words.


Too bad for them, he didn’t intend to be made a meal of tonight.

Especially since he's... well... mostly machine.

will they be timber wolfs? manticores?
either way, i feel sorry for them...

Oh yes. This is good, very good. I so want to read more of this. Keep the chapter coming dude. I mean if that's ok with you.:fluttershysad: Loved the chapter. Haven't read a crossover with star wars before so I have no idea how this could go. Things could go very bad very quickly for Ponyville.

2695659 the one where the horses from saddle Arabia came, celestia said she welcomed them to the country of equestria.

His broken starship crashed through a kind blank, vaporizing the vapor instantly.

Whoa he just vaporized vapor...

attempted to explain to Pinkie stars don't do that.

>attempted to explain to Pinkie that stars don't do that.

Who was still having a stare contest with the sky at the moment.

>having a staring contest

crashed through a kind blank, vaporizing the vapor instantly.


reason he hasn't died already.

reason he hadn't died already.

Hopefully he will be fighting Manticores, because Timberwolves wood be no challenge to him. Also, why would he start killing ponies at all? If Sidious was able to infiltrate the government and convince Anakin/Vader to trust him, he would have needed at least some skill in diplomacy and at least acting nice. Darth Vader, as his right hand man/cyborg/thing should at least have some training in talking to new species without resorting to threats instantly.

Vader should at least be able to convince the ponies that he's a 'good' guy when no one else is around to refute whatever story he makes up. Maybe he could act similarly to how Captain Barbossa did when he came to Equestria. Give the ponies the whole "I was chasing a government criminal who was part of a group of terrorists" propaganda spiel.
Also, Lyra might get ideas for building cybernetic hands.

equestrian betta get ready to suck a crispy dick cause vaders comin to fuck everything up! :moustache:

Thanks for the help, bro! Also, really nice suggestions there. But I will keep my devious plans a secret until the right moment. :trollestia:

First Star Wars crossover worth reading since Grievous is magic.

Does evey damn story on fim start with a meteor shower? Real original.


Hopefully he will be fighting Manticores, because Timberwolves wood be no challenge to him.

Pfffffft, hahahaha. :rainbowlaugh:Oh god, you made my day.

First off it was a shooting star show, ad secondly it's a traditional part of the Winter Moon Celebration when the moon is new and allows the greatest visibility in the sky to see the stars (FYI, I totally pulled this out of my ass :trollestia:).

Not bad, better than a lot of Star Wars crossovers I've read. Good luck with the next chapter!

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