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A routine space patrol leads the man of steel to a peaceful planet where ponies are the dominant species. At first, the ponies seem fine with some one like him helping out and protecting the ponies. But as they learn more and more about his power, the more some begin to fear him. For what do you do against one who is like a god? Will you learn from him and become stronger? Or fear him and do everything in your power to bring him to your level?

Not based on a particular Superman, but will have elements from the cartoon and comics, with his most known strength's and weaknesses.

I OWN NOTHING! Please comment and critique.

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FINALLY! A SUPERMAN FIC!:twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay::heart:

Sweet I really have been looking forward to this. As for the theme, I figured this was going to be it since its one that has constantly been seen in superman

fuck yes!!!!! first batman which was fucking awesome then shazam which was ok but not my cup of tea and now another awesome dc hero superman!!!

Was something wrong with your Hulk fic?:unsuresweetie

Don't get me wrong, Superman is awesome. But why did you post this when you only had one chapter of the Hulk fic done?

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, SWEET JESUS THANK YOU! um...... uh.................. Sorry I am a huge Super Man fan. Plus this is actually good!:pinkiehappy: I love it! seriously......:pinkiecrazy:

I find the first paragraph kinda funny since Batman did make a plan whenever Superman turns evil.

thank you....:fluttercry: thank you so much...

You keep making these amazing stories and then you end them on a cliff hanger. You are very good at writing.

What's with the sudden influx of superheroes traveling to Equestria through space?

First Hulk, now Superman.

The chapters will alternate. Hulk, then Superman. I promised people on my last story that I would give them both Hulk and Superman.

Oh COME ON! Hulk and Superman ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY? Isn't too much work for you though?

Two days and both stories are written. What do you think was doing in the three months between batman and CM?:raritywink:


Touché my friend, Touché! But it's the same day here!

Another question! Are you going to do a massive crossover of your crossovers while you make crossovers because more crossover would crossover your crossovers!?

I'll rephrase: Are you going to do a crossover of your stories as a whole?

I might crossover some crossover while not crossingover crossovers that crossover....Maybe.:raritywink:


I noticed a gigantic pattern here! Except in the Hulk stories, the CMCs are the focus of the heroes since the 1st chapters, especially Scoots! I'm a Scootaloo fan don't get me wrong and keep up that style!

*sees Dash as one of the lead characters* ... Dash, my most hated pony, is going to be the focus of this? Let's see how this goes!

Question; any intended incidences of him getting extra power from celestia's "yellow sun"?

No, it will be similar to our sun.


That's not quite what I meant. I meant was I was just curious if you intended to use that as a cheap joke at some point.

He walks past Celestia, shortly after she raised the sun. He stops and turns, looking at her.

"You radioactive or something?"


"Nothing... I guess."

6 pairs of eyes? Or 6 eyes?

Oh, yes there will be a sun joke.


Good. Last time I read a superman crossover, there were SO MANY set ups for so many jokes about that, and the author never realized, it drove me insane.

2802367 The whole sun concept and the fact Celestia controls it made me realize she could totally screw Supes if she so chose to. :trollestia:

Superman he's faster then a speeding bullet more powerful then a Goku and scarier then Batman to ponies.

Magic goes straight through supermans defenses like ignores all of his powers. Twilight could destroy him.

You keep infusing my mind with awesomness! Its gonna explode man!!

Oh I got my facts from this, it goes through all of supermans powers and weaknesses.


She'd need some Kryptonite to even leave a mark on him. Granted, I only know a little about Superman, so perhaps I'm missing one of his weaknesses...

I've seen this, I liked it. Oh, and incase anyone tries to start this argument, I don't want the comments turning into Goku vs Superman. If you want to argue that, do it else ware please.

He is right in saying that Superman has no resistance to magic, but he needs to be hit with it for it to effect him. It's not like kryptonite where being by it drains him.

2802540 He's weak against magic.

Remind me, what can Celestia perform? :ajsmug:

2802557 you're right he still is extremely fast and strong.



she raised the sun and the moon, she can create enchantments on objects to keep the GOD/SPIRIT OF CHAOS from stealing them, we know she can negate spells ((as seen in lesson zero when she cancelled TS's affection spell)) We know she has attack magic from when she battled with chrysalis, she can apparently banish individuals into the nearby reaches of space ((when she banished NM to the moon)) aaand we know she can teleport.

Given that superman is vulnerable to magic, it'd at least make for an interesting fight if I do say so myself. ^^


Oh, that makes a bit more sense.


Lol, I was assuming you meant directing the sun's energy at him, not the actual magical aspect of it. Can't believe I forgot that. :facehoof:

2802696 And she can perform dark magic like in the season 3 opening.



That too, but she doesn't like to seem to use it.

Hoo, boy. Had to make a choice between an update for My Little Wesker and this new fic. It was one of the most excruciatingly painful decisions I have ever had to make. But, Superman is Superman, and I had been waiting for a Supes crossover for a long time, so... Anyway.

YES! FINALLY! Sorry, had to get that out.

So, they're gonna be afraid of him, huh? The Elements of harmony shouldn't pose a threat to Superman, 'cause he technically isn't evil... Wonder who's gonna be his worst enemy later on.

Separate tag for RD? First thing that comes to mind is shipping, but Superman already has Lois Lane. Racing, perhaps? Friendly competition, or frienshipping in other words? Either way, looking forward to it.

"Not based on a particular Superman"
I'll just call him Arkham Superman then...:raritywink:

I have not seen a single MLP/Superman crossover get posted on fimfiction.net before. From the way I see it, it looks like you're off to a good start.:pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work, I hope to keep reading it until the very end. Hopefully this story might be the inspiration to post more Superman stories, especially because of the release of Man of Steel.:moustache:

I just hate it when people discuss what would happen if *Insert DBZ character here* fights *Insert random character here*
DBZ characters are overpowered, just leave it at that.

Not too bad of an intro, however I think you might have Superman's character off a bit. He probably would just raise an eyebrow in surprise at the ponies speaking English, and he'd probably chuckle at the discovery of equines being the dominant lifeforms, not total hysterical laughter.

Superman is the guy who would approach any situation calmly and peacefully, only resorting to using any of his strength when necessary. He is the ultimate good guy, boy scout, and messianic like character. He does have a scene of humor and he does like helping others. He's seen other dimensions, places and beings which defy our laws of existence, and Eldrich horrors from beyond. But these experiences have not changed him, only given him more opportunities to do the right thing and correct wrongs.

Writing Superman is a difficult task, and will be one of the hardest things for you to do. My suggestion? Find an editor who knows his comic book trivia.

Good luck.


Finally? There have been like three already.

In response to the question in the beginning, I would accept him. He's freaking Superman, the Epitome of Justice not only in the DC universe but even a figure in the real world, he doesn't need stopping.

With that answered, I am stoked for more of this story :pinkiehappy:

Going by the description it seems like a flawed concept. The whole "will they fear him" thing seems kinda hollow because they probably could stop him. Celestia controls the source of his power and incredible magic which he's weak to, not to mention Luna, Cadance, the elements of harmony and possibly even Discord depending on when this takes place. And thats a pretty reserved estimate as it assumes Tia couldn't just rip the solar power out of him leaving him powerless or some other magic macguffin that could weaken him, which could be added without breaking suspension of disbelief. I just really can't see anywhere for this story to go.

The man of Steel in the land of ponies... :twilightblush: Hope he doesn't get in to a fight since he doesn't do all that well against magic XD.

Superman's relationship to magic is complicated. Back during his "juggle planets like tennis balls," phase he was indeed especially weak to magic and would be hit harder by a spell than an average human. The writers gave him this weakness so they wouldn't have to resort to kryptonite all the time to give him a challenge.

But it hasn't been that way for close to 30 years now. These days the writers say he's "vulnerable," to magic the same way a human is "vulnerable," to bullets. As in his powers give him no special defense against it. But on comic panel he repeatedly fights Arch-Wizards, Demon Lords, Evil Gods, Eldritch Abominations, et cetera and has taken multiple high powered spells, curses, and supernatural attacks that would reduce an ordinary human to jelly. In DnD terms Superman has no Magic Resistance or Immunity but his Fortitude, Will, and Reflex Saves are through the damn roof.

One other potential complication. Back during the early 2000s DC tried to come up with a "system," of magic to make it feel less arbitrary and plot-devicey in stories. It ultimately didn't stick. But at the time DC magic was heavily into Symbology and using representative symbols to connect magical concepts together. A couple Superman stories noted that he was an international/intergalactic symbol of hope and heroism and that being "the Last Son of Krypton," carried its own symbolic baggage as well. As such Superman could be considered a being of great magical significance but it all had to do with his actions as a hero and history as the last kryptonian and nothing to do with his powers.

I know this story has a Rainbow Dash tag which implies that it mostly revolves around her. But I kinda think that Superman would get along with Applejack due to them both being raised on a farm.

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