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I should be dead. The chances of me surviving the explosion were 999,999 to 1. But despite the overwhelming impossibility, I live. And yet, I live in a world that I cannot understand, that defies all of the scientific knowledge that I have spent my life accumulating. They tell me that friendship could be a form of magic. I can not believe them. But with nowhere else I can go, I must either make peace with these talking magical ponies...or be destroyed by them. But I know this. The Crystal Empire and those who dwell within it are not ready for the freeze I bring.

My name is Victor Fries. And I am in Equestria.

Mr. Freeze will be based on BtAS and Beyond version. And yes, almost all the chapter names will be terrible puns. This will be shorter than most my stories, but I still think it's just as good. Written after season three.

Chapters (21)
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Instafav! Haven't gotten around to finishing the green lantern story yet (it's sitting comfortably in my read later list though, near the top), but this should be exceptional. :pinkiehappy:

Cool story (pun intended)

Woo second comment ; :yay:


I thought you might go for the Arkham version of Mr Freeze as you use the Arkham Batman in your other stories. I'm not complaining though, I loved the BTAS Mr Freeze and the Batman Beyond episode was one of my favourites.

This cool story is freezing me with excitement.

Another Batman related tale from everyone's favorite author. Gives me something to look forward to.:rainbowkiss:

I'm just glad that you didn't use this version of Mr. Freeze:

This seems like it has potential. I think I'll keep my eye on this little "Diamond in the Rough".

Okay now that I have actually read the chapter, there's a couple silly things near the end.

It was almost like...an empire made of crystal?

We know it's an empire, but honestly, what exactly about a bunch of small houses and a tower in the middle looks so much like an empire to an outsider? I don't think the word empire would ever come to anyone's mind when looking at the Crystal Empire unless they have been told the name specifically.

wondering what he should do if the humans tried to stop or arrest him.

Again, we know it ain't gonna be humans, so this seems as a set-up for a big surprise for Freeze, but we shouldn't be told this to know that he expects humans and not something entirely different. Logically he probably would have called the hypothetical natives simply people in his mind.

Other than that, seems as intriguing as I expected!

I know. Older story and I've always seen Freeze as someone who's mind defaults to more...human ideals then say magic or aliens. Despite him living in a world of them.

Mr. Freeze, his back story always makes me pity him. :fluttercry:

Ah. Mr. Freeze. One of the best DC villians of all time :-) This is a good start. I look forward to seeing this develop. A like, favourite and follow from me :-)

Hmm, done with proper characterization of Frieze, this could be quite interesting.

Of course, there must be a reason he's in Equestria.

I am rather unforgiving of lazy crossovers that throw another character into a world 'just because.'

The 'why' of such a complex and precise event is very important to internal plausibility.

4693584 He'll live on through the chapter titles.

Comment posted by Windbuck deleted Jul 14th, 2014

4693584 4693507 4693481 These puns seem to follow Fries where ever he goes. Even Equestria. I can already tell they'll be columns of them.

4693936 You have predicted the future sir, maybe they saw Batman and Robin.

There are only two Batman Villain I like more than any other villains. Mister Freeze and the Joker (Him, for obvious reasons. mmh Joker as a villain Protagonist in a MLP:FiM? I might actually go that route for my Batman fic. I've just got to Finish my Superman verses Darkseid FIc [which is the setup fic for my DC pony universe] and My pony!Flash fic)

Since The BM:TAS version is also my favorite version of Bats, you went with my favorite version of freeze as well. Insta Fav'd

The most powerful force in the multiverse threw him in Equestria : The Plot.

Also, crystal ponies are freezable but not shatterable, isn't it?

You beautiful person! I've been waiting for a Mr. Freeze crossover.

4693956 Noo! Windbuck deleted the comment, now it will curse me forever! :raritycry:

"I was reborn as a man who could not live under sub-zero temperatures"

That should be over instead of under.

As for the rest of the story, I'm looking forward to it. Will he lean towards apathy, being reasonable, curiosity, or anger; this is the mystery: though anger seems to be the least likely.

After reading your green lantern and now this, I'm thinking about checking out your others.

Is this a shitty humanized?

You know, to capture the mood.

Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see how things go, but I can totally see Fluttershy and Cadence reminding Victor of Nora. But Freeze has always been my most sympathetic Batman villain since his goal is to revive his wife.

You know, just because it would be amusing to see his reaction, I have to wonder if this crosses over with It Runs In The Family and For Her Mistakes just so we could see Scootaloo tell her dad that one of his villains is in Equestria only to have Bruce say he just put Mr. Freeze in Arkham. Probably not going to happen, but as I said it would be amusing and a way to make sure Victor had access to some tech to keep his suit repaired.

as soon i've heard there was a mr.freeze story i thought it was the freeze from the arkham game series, but this one is good as well.:twilightsmile:

4694339 wait... he has a green lantern one!? :twilightoops: I MUST READ IT! :twilightangry2:

4693584 HEY:flutterrage:! Arnald made a good Fries:twilightangry2:
Now, if you'll excuse I'm needing to read this

Edit: So Victor was brought to this tima and space to save Caddie for the time being and other stuff to be found out later? Cool. BAD PUN, BAD PUN!:facehoof:

I think you've done the impossible Onomonopia. As far as I know, as of today, all of you stories have been featured. Normally, that just means you a good writer. However, What make this and impossible feat is the fact that all of your Stories are crossovers with comics and in one case a video game.

And all of them are not shared universes like Avenging-Hobbits' (Marvel) or Iowaforevers' (DC) Crossover Universes'. This feat proves your are a great writer.

This got featured? Yay!

4694677 :eeyup: It's in the feature box right now.

4694520 I'd give it fifty/fifty chance of happening, but definitely not until the story where all the different champions come together to fight... something.

4693911 Well, it's almost certainly the Silver Mare from his other fics, but being that it's taking an oddly long time to actually get much information on her, you could consider it a crappy explanation if you want.

4694410 How... How does humanized even enter your mind after reading the first chapter? And how does shitty enter your mind also?

4694739 Cadance and Shining Armor sequence mentioned shoulders. That terminology is solely for bipedal creatures. If this isn't 'humanized' then Cadance would be leaning on Shining Armor's 'withers'. Humanized stories: Stories where the Equestrian cast is human by birth, (think Equestria Girls), are generally shitty. It's sort of a cop-out. It's also a crossover...a DC crossover. I haven't seen a single good one of those on this site for all of the three years I've been here. Not that I had to answer you.

4694886 I'm sure the author simply got his terminiology wrong. He has never written a humanized story before, and I really doubt this is an exception. Additionally, the summary of the story refers to "talking magical ponies". In regards to the crossover part, that is what this author is known for. He has written several DC crossovers, one Marvel crossover, and one Bioshock crossover.

They're not humanized. The pony skeletal structure has always been weird and I always assumed that they had something close to shoulders, as indicated by the way they can move their limbs. If I'm wrong, well it's an old story and not something that'll come up too often. But i'll change it.

4694936 Find a proofer perhaps? And an editor. They'll help you catch these atrocities, (exaggerating), before they can occur.

I still think their skeletons are weird. Problem changed though.

4694981 What. No. What? What do skeletons have to do with proofreaders and editors?

4694981 Actually. They do have shoulders. So the scene is correct in that reguard.


Aren't the shoulders what you meant by atrocity?

Hah! Thank you good sir. Changing it back!

4695005 Sort of. Yeah, I generally meant errors that would either confuse or alienate your audience.
4695002 You don't have anyone to hug, do you?

Okay. I'll have to contact my proofreader then if they're that many errors.

4695049 Hmn. Maybe...around 30 at most. General stuff, not counting characterization and styling flaws. I don't really feel the ice-cold aura of Mister Freeze.

Batman Beyond Mr. Freeze, eh? Now this'll be cool... :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, man. Fluttershy is gonna give him hell if she ever finds out about that bear... :twilightoops:

4695018 What does 'not having anyone to hug' have to do with anything (I do have some one to hug FYI)? I saw you comment saying Shoulders mean the ponies are humanized, I looked up horse anatomy to see if you were right or wrong. You got proved wrong, but I didn't single you out for it. I simple posted that so the Author didn't have to change the scene because of a simple misunderstanding.

I doubt you knew horse/pony anatomy (I don't either, but I do like learning new things). Now you know shoulders aren't exclusive to humans, so next time, you won't make the mistake of Assuming the human tag means the ponies are human. Good day sir (Stopping this before this becomes an argument. Not trying be mean or anything, just don't want to be banned over something as stupid as pony biology which as nothing to due with this story outside of one scene).

reading the description i heard the Freeze once known and Kang in my head.


Find a proofer perhaps

Da fuck is a proofer? Maybe you need a proofreader

4695113 It's not because of that. Of course ponies have shoulders, it's just in the wrong location for the actions described in the Cadance/Shining scene. If Cadance had lain her head on Shining's shoulder as a horse, it'd be the human equivalent of laying your head in someone's lap or hip. There's nothing against you, it's that I've wasted a couple hours on the equivalent of a single awkward description. You pull up this overly serious graph of horse parts when it wasn't necessary.
...I don't even know why I'm answering you, it's pretty clear that I've wasted three hours on comments for a style of story that I don't even like.

4695149 It's shorthand for proofreader. If you don't know that, I suggest looking up online abbreviations.

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