Often called a psychotic, meth dealing hillbilly with a habit of untamed violence and murder sprees, Trevor Philips is someone that no one wants to mess with. The body pile he leaves behind and then sets on fire just for the heck of it proves that. But after a particularly deadly drug deal gone wrong, Trevor finds himself in a place even his disturbed mind has difficulty comprehending.

The feeling is mutual for the ponies.

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Trevor In Equestria: Because Screw You!

No, screw you!
I'll make my own GTA V crossover! With blackjack and hookers!
You know what? Forget the blackjack! And the hookers!

Mmmm... Grand theft auto vee...


Wow, a story by RainbowBob that doesn't make the feature box by the next a day. Jee wilkers! I think you know what it's like to be a writer of an under-appreciated story once more!

Should've waited a bit longer in my opinion, but, all well. Hope it turns out well.

I think RainbowBob might actually be Trevor in real life.


Nope. Inferences will be made, but I'm writing this story specifically in the sense of someone who hasn't played the game being able to get right into the story. :derpytongue2:

You had me at "Trevor" FAV, LIKE, COMMENT! AND NOW READ!:rainbowkiss:


>> Well, you're RainbowBob! You post something, everyone knows and just likes it. Don't play coy, everyone knows who will always hit the feature box: You, Skeeter, TittySparkles, Draconic soul. and some others. You guys are more of the Elite side of the writers. So, you'd hit the feature box in like thirty seconds compared to us smaller writers.

Well, I used to be a small time writer as well, bro. My first story didn't even get featured until a couple of months later. And not everything I write gets featured. It's not a rigged system or a guarantee. It depends on what readers want. I just write for fun and to improve, not to get popular.

3274124 But, you just have over a thousand followers? That was totally not rigged in the slightest?

Nope, that's from writing. How else can I get followers? For everyone who complains about not having enough followers or not enough recognition, there's a really simple solution to that. Do some writing. Then keep on writing. Improve from your mistakes and make your writing as a whole better from it. That's really all you need to do.

3274090 Don't listen to him, the day JUST ended..... don't listen to the non-believer:pinkiecrazy:

3274133 So, you write for fun and not to be popular. So, that somehow landed in the like, the Elite Section? I've seen people work tirelessly to become popular on sites like these, and they'd land maybe a few dozen followers each story, maybe. Could you at least admit you put in a great deal of a effort in to become popular and not treated it like it's just for fun.

If you, if you dare make Trevor even remotely less of a psychopathic murder, I will break into your house, cut you in half with a chainsaw, eat you heart, blend together your brains and eyeballs into a smoothie and drink it, grind down your bones and snort it like cocaine, cook up your flesh like steak, make leather clothes from your skin, and piss on what's left of your body.:pinkiecrazy:


It's not "rigged". Bob's published 52 stories and done collabs with others, as well as editing and pre-reading for others. He's worked for the followers, views, comments, faves, and upvotes he has.

If you want to be more popular on the site, the first thing you need to do is take responsibility and write quality fiction, rather than bemoaning your current status.

And Bob *doesn't* hit the box every time. Trust me. I read all of his stuff, whether it's well-received or not. I've hit the box four times myself, but ten times, I haven't. Small-time or beginning writers get Featured as well. My second story was Featured, and I had only been writing on the site for a week. There is no "rigging". It's a matter of your story draws attention or not. Obviously if you have 1K+ followers, there's a ton of people who like your work and will read it. But everyone starts at zero: me, Bob, Draco, Titty, and even you.

Also, I'm pretty sure nothing Skeeter has written has gotten Featured yet... but he deserves it. He's an awesome guy. Maybe you should take some time to get to know these writers. They are very cool people.

See, that's the problem. Trying to become popular. I don't write a story on the intent to get featured or popular. Sure, I do admit that popularity is a nice part to writing. Having fans are a good motivation tool as well. But when I write a story, I don't care about it being featured. Because then writing wouldn't be fun, and I wouldn't be able to write. I put effort into my stories on the basis of me writing a scene from my head and putting it into the written word.

Skeeter is the best guy ever. If anyone deserves to be featured, it's him. There's no one else on this site I know that reads so many stories and leaves so many comments for so many other writers to get motivated to keep on chugging out words. Heck, he deserves to be a mod as well. If there's one guy's opinion I hold some of the most regard and attention to, it's him.

... And fuck, now I sound like a sap. :applejackunsure:


Putting Trevor in Equestria is like putting Trevor in a cage filled with kittens that won't stop meowing.
I use "Trevor in a kitten cage" as an analogy because honestly; bears, sharks, gorillas, tigers, wolves, and other large animals probably can't compare to this psycho.

...maybe Krieg...

Just got Grand Theft Auto V, so this is perfect.

Although, why do I imagine Trevor actually liking My Little Pony?

Your problem is that you seem to believe we don't write for fun, and only do it to get popular. You also seem to care more about popularity than actual quality of writing and just doing what you like.

I can tell you right now that you are wrong about every story the authors you listed being featured, as many were not. It's not a guarantee every time he writes something that he'll get featured, and he legitimacy worked to get his followers, as did everyone else you mentioned. How about instead of bitching, you focus on your own stories and keep writing. We all started small time kid.

And before you go spouting that elitist bullshit, you do realize my first fic and a recent fic I did wasn't even featured right? Not all stories interest; the ones that do bring in views/faves.

3274240 Well, you aren't really in the Elite Section even though you write good things. You were just a name that was at the top of my head.

Even if I was, would that really matter? Status is what blinds people; worrying status is what gets people like KoS and Mallajong in trouble.

My status, nor RainbowBob's, TittySparkle's, or any other fanfic writer you mention does not matter. What matters is what we write and how we write it.

So, instead of worrying about the status of others, worry about your own works, and just write cause you love to. Trust me, whining about other people getting featured ain't gonna help you draw in your own crowd.

3274158 Well, we all start at zero. It's just same get higher numbers faster, eh? I've seen better stories (No offense intended) go completely unnoticed. And I've seen people go completely PewDiePew and rape the Feature box and post complete shit, not that you're a PDP or anything


You guys know how to bring a tear to my eye, you know that?

I love you both. I mean that.


You should just chill, you know? It's just fan fics. And like 3274251 says, who cares about status?

Write what you want. Act how you want. Be yourself and all.

And these guys? They all got that down pat.

So just chill, sit back, and enjoy an amusing fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3274277 I wouldn't be thinking like this if I didn't know you were all great friends with each other. Then, I thought, some kind of syndicate is going on or something. No random groups of friends work so well together.

It's something called Skype. Instantly connect with all the writers of fimfic. Pretty useful, in fact.

3274141 I was going to bitch about Merlos for stealing my avatar that I've had for over a year :raritycry:, but the art work isn't mine so I decided to roll with something I made myself. :coolphoto:

3274297 So, the best and brightest are the bestest of friends? Doesn't anybody, anybody, think that's just a little strange?

Interestingly enough, I shall be writing a story using that artwork. Expect to see it in the near future real soon. :raritywink:


Wanna know how I became friends?

I was myself.

And this ain't a syndicate. This is just a group of friends who are doing exactly what the site is for...

Goofing off and having fun.

Actually, call us that. Call us a syndicate. We're a group of tight knit friends who want to have fun and enjoy ponies while plotting our eventual takeover of the site. And so far, we're succeeding.

And for the record... I've never been featured. Hell, I've barely 2k views on my stories...

~Skeeter The Lurker

3274251 I never once and you can read over all of my comments, said that they whine about it. They pick themselves up and throw themselves at the wall again, and again, and again. Ever so once, planting a crack with their broken bodies. I'm asking the more Elite to at least admit you poured in hours in to achieve popularity, instead of just saying things like

It's so easy, bra keepin' trying.

I just love how Rockstar made it so he's Canadian. See, everyone expects Canadians to be all nice and pleasant because of internet memes like this.


But Trevor said fuck it to the stereotype and fucks hookers and kills pedestrians just for the heck of it! :rainbowlaugh:

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