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Thrust headlong into a strange new world, Solaire of Astora must make amends before he can continue with his mission. Unbeknownst to them all, a shadow from his past approaches.

Grossly Incandescent

A Dark Souls / MLP Crossover

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Wow, It finally updated. This is going to be good.

I had an idea for a Dark Souls/MLP story, but didn't want to actually put effort into it, so without reading this story, I will just assume that my idea is turning out well. It was based entirely around a little scene idea I had.
A knight, bearing the symbol of the sun on his chest, rests his hands on the hilt of a sword, its tip in the ground, with his head bowed.

"My Lady of the Sun, I present myself to you so that I may serve the will of the great light."

I just got updates for this story, what did you just do? :rainbowhuh: Something seems different about the first two chapters... something bad.

\o/ Now I can only hope for some more Jolly Co-operation!

This is good. The sun will be praised this evening.

Holy shit.

I don't really know what to say, except...

Praise the Sun!

YES. BY GWENEVERE'S TITS, YES! IT LIVES! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Crack, you magnificent bastard. You see, you said you were rewriting the story and that made me sad, because I oh so did love the original.
But this is great, fantastic, AWESOME. I like the build up, and the soul magic concept, and SOLAIRE IS GONNA DIE BUT COME BACK AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO FREAK OUT. I LOVE IT. :raritystarry:

If you don't keep this story up, I'm going to pull a Solaire.... fall from a great height right in front of you. :ajbemused:


Okay, so we've got a Dark Souls crossover, but I don't remember faving this. I remember faving a comedic one where some dude in a Solaire cosplay came to Equestria, but not this.

I like your picture lol Leon'qu is awesome!

I kept an original of this story, he changed it and how they interacted. Though not for the worse but just different less mysterious like the original. In the first iteration solaire and a character had reached gwyn and had killed him. Said character betrayed him and had killed him darkwraith style, leaving the blade embedded. Nothing about soul magic just twilight and Celestia having tea while Celestia made the flames. Said flames then spawned Solaire with the sword still inside of him and meeting twilight alone. She was cautious and aided him in pulling out the sword, using his magic he healed it. unbeknownst to either Celestia was outside with a magical flare calling for help. She had come back in to see twilight with the creature (Solaire) and had told her to go outside. Celestia and Solaire have a chat while in comes Luna from the shadows. Solaire hates luna for casting a dark field around the place, due to its association with the darkness, she then goes away after teasing Solaire. Solaire then thinks Celestia is succubus, begins attacking her and having Celestia cast an attack. Said attack shouldn't have hurt Solaire as badly as it did. He then states he is undead and she then says its impossible. She then tries to prove it by casting a spell to see into how a creature has died, Solaire pleads her not to after realizing her intent. This was the last of the original.



(I am very pleased with the new beginning...the Equestrian bonfire seems a lot less contrived, the soul magic raises a lot of questions, and the writing feels much tighter.)

I was a huge fan of your previous take on "Grossly Incandescent", and was pretty bummed when it went on hiatus.
That being said I really got engrossed by this "reboot" of the story. Overall I think it's a definite improvement over the original, what with the additional focus on the Equestrian side of things helping make the story a more rounded experience.

It's a shame that time is distored in Lordran, as the next installment couldn't come soon enough in my opinion :ajsmug:


It's a shame that time is distored in Lordran, as the next installment couldn't come soon enough in my opinion :ajsmug:

Oh, that's clever. :pinkiehappy:

For the love of Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Buddha, Moses, Noah, and any other religious figures I cannot remember at the time to name, please update this on a regular basis from now on. Please. I don't even play Dark Souls, and I couldn't put it down the first time, and I couldn't do it now. This has to be continued. It's really, really, really good.

Really good. Really.


Im glad to see this brought back from beyond the grave. And the old and new are both enjoyable here. You've added a ton more depth in this one, over the previous, and a lovely guesswork to what happens next.


Also, I am hoping that Gravelord Nito isn't completely finished in this story.
Out of all of the gods, the first of the dead should have a high chance of surviving, no?


Do you even lift praise the sun?

this is awesome and i love it.

It lives? Praise the sun!

I like this version a little bit more than the original. Though I wonder why Twilight's soul snatched Solaire.

Here's hoping you continue updating.

If something is broken, fix it, if something's fixed, brake it, repeat until it's indestructible. ~ Anonymous Sayings.
A wise man once said that fire can cleanse the body and mind, but only darkness can truly reach your soul. ~ Anonymous Sayings.
Looking out over the Eiffel Tower my one and only thought was "I wounder if my death will be quick." Fear, makes you think grim things. ~ Shade (Me, I was in Paris not long ago.)
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If you want to live, you've got to know what it's like to die. ~ Anonymous Sayings.
Those that fear the darkness have no idea what the Light can do. ~ Unknown.
The smarter a person is, the more likely it is that they'll commit suicide, because true happiness requires ignorance. ~ Karon, The Mischievous Trickster.
Death brings change, good or bad. ~ Unknown.

Karon is from Machinations of a Trickster
by Deviance.

This is an amazing rewrite. It's not often that happens. Awesome.

Ecstatic! :pinkiehappy:

Brave soul, wandering in the dark, prithee take a seat at yonder bonfire and give us your tale.

3882669 I'd say that this is a vast improvement, actually. Balances DS and MLP much more effectively and has kicked Twilight up into a competent protagonist level. The rest of the MLP cast is a lot more involved now (a soul-destroying fire on a Canterlot balcony is so much more dramatic an emergence than a Ponyville fireplace, neh?), and it's nice to see Solaire not immediately flipping out trying to kill Luna.

I'm not a Dark Souls player, but I have to say I quite like the way this story feels so far.

Heh, trust me you get way more story out of these first two chapters then the entirety of both Demon and Dark Souls. Those games are basically the definition of vague and lore to fill in the gaps. 3883326

3882668 That's pretty much how the first iteration went, but this remake seems to have scrapped it and is a lot better so far. You should definitely check it out.

“Save your tears and save your words,” Solaire said. “You may think me insane, but I promise you… we will speak again.”

I hope that's the truth there, Solaire.
I can't wait to see the ponies reactions to him appearing good as new at the bonfire.


This is amazing and I find myself wanting more.

praise the motherflipping sun.

It's time for some jolly crossover fanfiction!

I have a theory...
Did Twilights soul act as a firekeeper's soul? If so, then it would turn Celestia's flame into a bonfire, which also means her soul is now connected to it, right?

Any how I'm very happy that this turned out like it did, much better than the old one. Thank you.

3882822 Dude, you're mistaking stories, this one was made back in November '12.

I waited for this so much. After the first chapter I see you made a great change of the story. Great work.

ALSO! New headcanon!

Praise The Sun!
I may have accidently disliked your comment because I'm using a touch screen. Apologies.

To hell with the sun! The moon can go burn with it, too!

On a scale of 1 to 10( ten being a lot), how much knowledge of Darksouls do I need to get this story? Or is everything explained in the fic?

The Sun has rewarded us for our loyalty brothers and sisters. Bask in its gift!

3883962 you'll have needed to play the game. Or at least look up the wiki.

My, my, my. What have I been following? This has undergone a MASSIVE revision to the point that I'm reading an entirely new story. Goodness, I'm intrigued. It's much different now. I wonder if he still has the Lord Soul or if this will be the drive to return to ... that place (I can't spell it for the life of me.)

Good show.

I'm almost afraid to start reading.:fluttershysad: For if I do, it will vanish back into hiatus once more.:fluttercry:


Does that cover my feelings on the fact that this has been rewritten into something that can only be explained as pure awesome?

I also love the change in exactly why the betrayal came about. It wasn't because she became a soulless monster, but because their goals were such that conflict was impossible to avoid.

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