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Post birthday post · 4:34pm Jan 4th, 2015

Uh yeah happy birthday to me and I suck.

I'm sorry for the lack of anything but I was waiting on editing and let time slip away. Since I'm now shopping for a new editor, I'll just proofreading my own stuff and thus releases may be more forthcoming. That being said they may be of lesser quality.

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I declare this writer dead, may he/she find his way to a peaceful place where he/she rests...

I noticed you logged on recently, are you back, or is it just an appearance?

Come back plz. . . . :fluttercry:

How has your past few months been?

Don't suppose you could do a blog post quickly recapping what went on in WCBB could you? Maybe have it in spoilers so newcomers don't ruin it for themselves. It would mean a lot, I always wanted WCBB to update but to read a 23k word chapter now would throw me off completely as I've forgotten a fair bit of what happened, I just have sketchy memories. Thanks!

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