Back in Tartarus after his latest defeat, Tirek is cursed to spend countless years within the worst prison imaginable. Luckily for him, Discord is here to change that. With the magic of friendship and board games, Discord becomes Tirek's new roommate, and thus his newest thorn in the side as well in a bid to reform him.

Now Tirek's imagination is stretched to its limit with just how horrible Tartarus can really become.

Thanks to the great bearded one known as Obselescence for all his help editing!

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Heck, even a mariachi band had appeared, with Discord now jumping about shaking maracas while his sombrero did the same atop his head.

oh gosh, the accursed bad roommate


...thank god I don't have my sanity anymore! It was reeeaaallly annoying.

Whelp, time to go build a Minecraft castle in real life!

callous bitch

And this is Everyone rated? Well, everyone does need a sunbutt of their own.
Edit: Now I noticed that it's Teen. Poo.

In neat order the guards disengaged from forcing Tirek down.

There should be a comma after "order", mate.

Other than that, rub my tits and call me Sally. Excellent job.

Demons are always chaotic evil. Heck, they're made of chaotic evil. They are the expression of what the collective unconscious believes chaotic evil to be.

Thus, in order to reform one, its mind and will must be utterly broken and reshaped, like a bone that has been allowed to mend out of alignment.

I'm not sure if I should be disappointed in Discord for doing something that makes sense, or concerned that I was able to make sense out of Discord. In either case, thank you for another installment of the "Villain Reformation, Bob Style" series. :twilightsmile:

Tirek, you baby. Discord would be an awesome roommate. You could prank the other monsters in Tartarus and have fights over who gets to watch TV. I'd take him over my shitty roommate my first semester of college.

Though cheating at Jenga is not tolerated. Seriously, Discord, I thought you learned your lessons in friendship. Bastard.

This was beautiful.

Oh gods, this is hilarious!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This was wonderful. Tirek is officially a broken man... pony... centaur... Whatever he is, he gone.

Tirek doesn't sound quite right.

Oh wow, poor Tirek. I absolutely hate him as a person (Love him as a villain) but not even he deserves... that!

... and someone needs to make that Discord-meta straw.

4582133 I'll join you in that castle! It should be floating in the sky with no supports! I'll get started by punching some trees.

There was plenty of "goddammit..." to be had with this story.
All of it was good "goddammit," though, so don't fret.

You probably wouldn't either if Discord moved in with you.

Ohhh this is just hilariously terrible. Also, so wonderfully unique I must say!! Please produce some new chapters for this soon <3 <3

Perhaps we can get Princess Cadence or Twilight in on all of this Chaos? >=)

This is the best thing.
You win the internet

4582133 oooooooo, can I join in? I'll bring some creepers and a portal gun! :derpytongue2:

Discord the guidance counselor. Guaranteed to find some way to drive you so insane that you stop your bad behavior.

4582123 That video fits perfectly considering that Q is the same person who voiced Discord, and they act the same.

This is so weird.

Im sure Ive seen this scene before.

Is this guy folowing me around or something?

Admitidly its more like an armoured hoodie and I do try and wash it when it starts to fight back, but even so.

I know, lets play Battlestar Galactica, the board game. :pinkiecrazy:

Strange how crooked minds may bend to one's whim through twisted ways.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh my Celestia! Discord, what have you done to Tirek!?

Sequel! ASAP!
uhm if you don't mind that is..

I was expecting an ending more along the lines of:

"Gee, Tirek, what do you want to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night, Discord - try to take over Equestria!"


*Wheez wheez wheez*
Damn!!!! I completely lost it! :rainbowlaugh:
He cheated at Jenga!!! My poor face muscles! They hurt from laughing so hard!
Damn. That deserves a fave and a like so much it's not even funny anymore. :pinkiehappy:


Oh no Bob, WHAT DID YOU DO?!!
actually, I'm okay with this:twilightsmile:

Damn you... for that idea is brilliant!
*intense typing intensifies*

Oh Celestia! What have you unleashed onto the world! Very good work! :rainbowlaugh:

Tirek muttered, “Plus, he cheated at Jenga.”

Discord is the annoying player who always ruins the game for everyone.


4582867 Don't leave me out of this! I'll grab my pickaxe and mine some diamonds! :pinkiehappy:

“Because she’s an callous bitch

>an callous

You did a grammar, Bob

Discord, you can’t stay in the castle any long,

any longer

Well, this was by the numbers, but still funny. personally, I would have liked to have seen more of Discord's breaking of Tirek, but what ever.

..You are a true monster.



Oi reforming villains and making them live with Celestia is my gig
I tell you what m8 I'll kick yer ass I swear on me mum.

Also 10/10
Would play Jenga Again

Yikes, that line Discord dropped way back in season 2 has suddenly taken on a torturous new meaning.

a truly state of the art idea :) can't wait for more :D

dark days are coming for Equestria....especially to the Princesses...

4582133 Can I join? I can defend it from creepers!

4584144 Yea John Delancy is pretty Cool, also I agree with him when he states that they should have an episode on clop.

Also loved the chapter, I could'nt stop laughing after Tirek said that discord cheated at jenga.:twilightsmile:

Discord is worst roommate. Poor Tirek! :rainbowlaugh:

“Oooh, even better!” Discord squeezed Tirek tighter, the cracks being heard either Tirek’s spine, ribs, or both. “That means I don’t have to get a job! We can spend all our time together! Forever and ever and ever, until you’re finally reformed!”

Tirek's pupils shrank into teensy little black points of abject horror. "Are you sure you wouldn't reconsider the whole 'killing me swiftly for revenge' thing?" he squeaked.

Discord squashed up against Tirek with the most simpering, nauseating bedroom eyes imaginable, "I would only kill you softly, with my song..."

Tirek committed suicide with his secret cyanide pill. Which was Trollestia's plan all along. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Scowling while hugging Celestia’s hoof closer to himself, Tirek muttered, “Plus, he cheated at Jenga.”

Celestia hmm'd, "Well, that all sounds pretty annoying, but it's not as bad as I-"

"And he forced me to watch endless reruns of "The Twilight Saga"", Tirek whimpered, curling into a small traumatized ball.

Celestia's contemplative expression was instantly replaced by one of shock and horror. Her neck creaked like a rusty gate as it slowly swung toward Discord, gutteral tones of disgust and revulsion emanating from her throat in a gurgling croak, "You vile monster! How could you?!"

Discord was labelled the most evil creature in the universe from that day forth.


I always wanted to do this for a Bob story, Literary Sins: EVERYTHING WRONG WITH:
Reformed Roommate for Rent. by Rainbow Bob
Spoilers inbound Please read the story first!

“You’re so busy with the entire ‘take over the world’ scheme and then the most practical stuff just slips your mind.”

Coming from the one who more or less told them where the weapon to defeat him, was. Ding!

Tirek lifted up his dukes, indicating with two fingers for Discord to approach. “Let’s get this over with.”

Tirek actually expects discord to fight directly, or even by conventional means. Ding!

“Because she’s a callous bitch who always comes out on top, no matter what the situation, by having others do all the work for her?”

Tirek manages to sum up Celestia in one perfect sentence. Ding!

Heck, even a mariachi band had appeared,

Q reference Ding!

But nevertheless, I want you to—wait… is that the last pudding pop? Are you seriously eating the last pudding pop? That was supposed to be for me you inconsiderate, asinine, downright—’”

Discord is dick to pudding pops.Ding!

Or heck, even a drain de-clogger!”

Somehow, that's the scariest thing that I've read so far. Ding!

“Aha, here it is! Arkham Horror! How does that sound?

This sin is for bringing that game to my attention. I looked it up, playing it really is worse than death. Ding!

Sticking the sticky stick on a near replica of herself made entirely from popsicle sticks,

Celestia has a stick up her plot Ding!

He played his music at all hours of the night on full volume, never cleaned up his side of the cage, left his weeks old Chinese food out to grow mold, never bothered to wash the dishes even once, ate everything in the fridge even when it was clearly marked with my own name as mine, and he always got to pick the movie for movie nights! It drove me insane!

Tirek just accurately stated what I said about my last room mate verbatim. (literally word for word.) Ding! Also, supposed torture method leaves out the torture of watching the Twilight Saga. Ding!
Current Sin count: 10

I actually feel bad for Tirek. Wow. :twilightsheepish:

"Celestia frown" should be past tense

Poor Tirek, he's done gone insane, and honestly, I don't think I could blame him. Being roommates with Discord, yeah.

Discord is my roomy and I feel just fine. But if amyone can tell me how to get rid of that sheep in my bathtub. It ate all the pizza.

Fantastic! I can easily see Discord tormenting Tirek. :rainbowlaugh:

Funny. Definitely in-character for Discord.

Discord scratched his chin, or rather, his beard [was] doing it for him.

Discord hopped out of his chair, and with a snap and a spin, he was outfitted with an utterly ridiculous flamboyant vest and that sparkled like a diamond had thrown up on it, and leather pants so tight they may we well as had [as well have] been grafted onto his skin.

Once there, he put out a hand without looking and caught Tirek in his arms and abruptly ending his spinning dilemma.

Couple ways to redo that, but really awkward as it stands. A couple other minor errors/stylistic things.

:rainbowlaugh: I have no words for how funny this is

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