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I just · 3:38pm Dec 21st, 2014

I just reread some of my old fics and *throws up in mouth*

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I can write stuff here

I have a really cool gif I found but I can't directly upload so yeah ;-;

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how can i love you if you AREN'T HERE

damn, some ponies here never think:duck:

Hi Probably! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

1570818 Mine be more like
1. Teto
2. Rin
3. Luka
4. Len
5. Yuki
6. Haku
7. IA
8. Otherses
I like Miku and everything, but she's kinda overused.

1567092 I can stop cussing whenever I dang well please thanks you very much >:V

Also, IA is like my third fave Vocaloid and Mayu does deserve more attention yes definitely.

I have like, a list of my favorite Vocaloids, LET ME FIND IT.

It's something like

1. Hatsune Miku
2. Megpoid Gumi
3. IA
4. Kagamine Rin/Len
5. Mayu
6. Megurine Luka


  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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This bio is 10 times more interesting than any one of my fics.

Hi. I'm Spots, the super stupid idiot extraordinaire. I don't like ponies anymore, but I come here to practice my writing (and read awful fanfiction). In any case, I'm a 15 year old loser girl, I like anime, Pokemon, anime again, Vocaloid music, drawing, and occasionally writing shitty fanfiction. I like talking to people, though, so don't be shy, and if you ask reeeally nicely I'll give you my skype or whatever.

Anyways, have a NICE FUCKING DAY!